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"Oldies" Support Thread # 4
"Oldies" Support Thread # 4

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#26 morgansacre

Posted 10 July 2004 - 01:48 AM

Hi Ladies,

I haven't been here in ages, sorry for the long delay.

I have just hit my 20mth TTC sad.gif I can't believe its been this long. I am taking all the B6, B12, High dose Folate and asprin for the m/c's so hoping this helps, not so far though sad.gif

OH well time will tell. I have been busy with my youngest DD, she's 7, and we have just found out she has Mild Cerebral Palsy. It explains heaps, so she is now seeing a physio every couple of months and we are doing the exercise's at home.

I have finished my course after 2 1/2 years of study, all for nothing apparently. The course I did was not accredited, so was a waste of time :mad: I am going to fight to try and get some of my money back, as I was misled from the begining. Damm

So as you can see life is in turmoil here at the moment sad.gif

I will post more later.

Lynn 42
Les 59
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#27 Snagglepussed

Posted 12 July 2004 - 07:08 PM

Here I am! I was MIA with a crook back! Still hurts but I'm back and work and as long as I don't sit for more than 15 mins Im fine! Pity I work in an office eh?

JB - I sent you a message but my thoughts are here for you too Hon!

Minni - thanks for reminding me about my veins! wink.gif
Bloody awful is the answer! New ones popped out yesterday behind the other knee and they hurt (like a small electrical current) so it's support hose all waking hours every day for me I fear! sad.gif
How ugly will my legs me after this pregnancy???? Thank God I'm already married eh? ;p

All going well otherwise apart from a few worries about lack of movement in Titch! May go to hospital for a check up later on if I feel nothing! I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to Yours Truly!

Ciao all


Rebecca Jade - 18/07/01

Little Titch due 17/11/2004

#28 Mergie

Posted 13 July 2004 - 12:19 PM

Hi There

Just popping in quickly.

I'm feeling really good at the moment. Thanks for your kind thoughts about me feeling crap about my EDD.

AF is due Thu/Fri, FF moved my O date from CD17 to CD20 which was a bit confusing.  Either way I'm covered as we BD'ed every 2nd day this cycle.  I've had cramps since Friday and tingly boobs so not holding out much hope again this month.

Hope everyone is doing well, I'll speak to all again soon.

Take care

ME 41
DH 41
DS born 23/11/02
M/C 24/11/03 8 weeks
5th Clomid cycle

#29 Jahbee

Posted 15 July 2004 - 01:09 PM

Hi Girls,
back from Tassie.  Tassie rocks, i love it there so much. The weather was perfect, it's so peaceful and pretty there.  Interesting trip though taking my parents and Analeise, made me realise how much they have aged sad.gif (late 70's)  Sunday we were out at Port Arthur and it was somewhat challenging pushing 2 wheelchairs and a toddler in a stroller around!  Luckily i had put a lot of effort into pre organising things as you can't muck around with oldies and a toddler.  

We went out for a romantic meal last Friday night on constitution dock and low and behold if i didn't have fertile mucas (ok probably too much info, but as it was only like CD14 i was really suprised for me).  So we came home and bonked in the lounge cause we were sharing an apartment with my parents and sharing our bedroom with Analeise.  I was half expecting my dad to come in and spring us just like 20yrs ago LOL but i guess his hearing is not so good now!!  I don't really expect it to work but it's like tattslotto you've got to be in it to win it right. original.gif

WISHINGSTAR is all ok with you now?  That doens't sound right to me bleeding around that time, perhaps you should see your Dr.

MERGIE, thanks for the info on Chlomid, much appreciated.  I'm sorry about your EDD passing by, it is such a difficult day.  I've gone thru a few without being pregnant again and you just need to get thru it as best as you can.  Seriously hope AF stays away for you today and tomorrow and for the next yr or so.  Good luck.

GIROLAMA, welcome back, missed you.  Hope your back is better.

MINNI, any news in your 2ww, fingers crossed for you.
GUMMYBEAR, where are you up to?

Hope i have covered everyone.  Drop by and give us an update when you can.

TTC No 1 27 months<BR>5 m/c's,<BR>3 Stim IVF's  
Analeise Christine born 23/11/02

TTC No 2 since April 03
IVF Stims 4 & 5 negative
IVF 6 (1st FET) Aug 04
Transferring the lone Ranger

#30 guesty

Posted 15 July 2004 - 08:39 PM

Hi Guys,

Well I have been MIA for a while. My work has gotten on top of me.

I have been trying to keep up with reading all your posts but have missed quite a few.  My work is so full on at the moment being this time of year.  I run a small business at home but I do have to go to a client's office 3 times a week.  I will be working at the client till a week before I am due and probably working at home till the day before.

I have just been plodding along not much happening no kicks or movements I have had the back pain.  I go to a chiro every fortnight and this has helped me a great deal.

We went for our scan today,  we had the 2D one to get all the measurements etc. then they moved us to the 3D/4D one, it was amazing saw the arms and legs.  Well we are having a boy...  DH did a dance when the lady told us it was so funny.  Mind you I am happy too, DH is over the moon.  

DH really wants the name Mitchell, I am unsure what do you guys think?  

To all of you still TTC good luck and I hope it all happens very very soon. I will try and come in more often to catch up with you guys.

Speak soon.

DD Alex 07.02.03
#2 EDD 15.11.04

#31 Gummybear

Posted 15 July 2004 - 09:55 PM

Hello everyone!
I have been out getting wood for my mum today and geez I'm nackered!I have things that ache I did'nt realize I had lol, but it was good fun though, I went and had a pap smear 'yuck' and blood tests yesyerday so hope its all ok (I do wish the dr would warm that tool they use up a bit though)
AF is due next week and feels like shes on her way too, the witch, otherwise evrything is ticking along.

JB your hols sounded wonderful, I'm glad you had a great time and had mucus as well!!! GOT IT ALL CROSSED FOR YOU original.gif

Mergie so glad to hear you are feeling better I hope those signs mean something else.....

Girolama Hope your back is getting better theres nothing worse :mad: hows Titch?

Whats happening wishing star?

Guesty Mitchell is a good strong name  lol at your hubby and his dance they are funny are'nt they
and to everyone else I hope everything is going well and may the heavans shower you in good mucus
bye for now P

#32 Snagglepussed

Posted 15 July 2004 - 10:09 PM

Guesty! How cool a 3D scan! Too backwards in Italy to have so many dotted around. Seems that heaps of Nov Mums gave had a 3D scan!!!! sad.gif Oh well!

Mitchell is a nice strong name. You sound unsure! Sounds good with Alex too!

We're thinking Alessia Ann at the mo!

GummyBear - Titch has started moving again so I think she was just a little concerned about a week home with screamin Banshee Big Sister jumping all over her so she went into temporary hibernation! Tounge1.gif

Back is better but I'm not holding out for a trouble free 4.5months left of pregnancy!!!!!
I've only put on 2 kilos so far! Way to go Old Mums eh? wink.gif But I am soooo ravenously hungry today so it'll be short lived Im sure.
We're even going to IKEA this evening to egt our kitchen organised for the new house! Moving our current one and need additional pieces so the Swedish Bistrot is looking good for dins! Swedish meatballs and potatoes here I come! wink.gif

ROFL about the heaven's raining good mucus! But a great cause none the less and I'll second it! Do excuse me if I put up my umbrella though! Have enough happening already! I'll divert it you TTCers ok?


Rebecca Jade - 18/07/01

Little Titch due 17/11/2004

#33 wishingstar

Posted 16 July 2004 - 01:37 AM

Hi all, update from me.  Went to gyno on Monday, explained the big bleed thing, he thinks result of abnormal paps been having last few years.  not concerned, so im not.  Well, guess what girls.  Turns out gyno thinks i either dont O or have blocked fal tubes, due to BFN on all Home O tests.  so been referred to clinic and going with DB tomorrow morning.  As far as i can understand they are going to track my cycle (by blood tests...great....I HATE blood tests), and im having some sort of procedure where they inject dye into me, and see if tubes are blocked or what.  So, after just a few months on this site, i well and truly need you all, for your support and your advice, think over the next few months, while these tests are getting done, i will need you all.  DB having sperm count done too, guess to eliminate.  Hes been great, seeing we have only been together a short time, hes been incredible.  anyone else been through these tests?  Will let you know how it all goes. pretty crazy here at the moment, so will fill you all in after my visit tomorrow.  fingers crossed

#34 SportySpice

Posted 16 July 2004 - 09:07 AM

JB - mucus girl - go you good thing!  The holiday sounds just like you needed it - and the good old bonk on the couch.... next you'll be in the back seat of the car!!

Kim - I still laugh at your comments - hope the back is getting better - mines just kicked in to be in sympathy with yours - how romatic???!!!LOL original.gif

Guesty - love Mitchell - coz I like Mitch as well.  Still reckon "we" (and the November due group!) have the best bunch of names!!!

To all those TTC - always having fingers - and everything else crossed......

Wishingstar - we're all here!  I can sympathise with the blood tests - I just hate them!  Can't help you too much with the O stuff but when DK'H and I were TTC, after 6 months we did some fertiility testing.  I was ok - he was a little..... well.... his ego took a bit of a hammering!  Anyway we went off to nutritionists and stuff - he did lots of zinc, bit of "free balling" etc etc, after 3 months, still not much happening - but the GP said that blokes go on a three month cycle with their little swimmmers.... anyway - about a week after seeing the GP and being told that it was "highly unlikely you'll fall pregnant naturally" (nice one) it happened........ I don't know.......... luck, persistance........  All I can say is get the tests done, try and stay positive (I actually did some visualisation stuff - from my old sporting days...) know that we are here and wish only postive results and good things for you!!!

Go and pamper yourself too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well - the DK'H is off for a buck's w'end - I'm off to the hen's night on Sat night - tonight will be cleaning the house, doing my tax, and I'll probably pass out at 8pm!!!

Oh - I wish I could help you guys more with the TTC thing - I'll keep you all in my thoughts.....

Lots of hugs and take care all........

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#35 Jahbee

Posted 16 July 2004 - 01:09 PM

Mazeee, back of the car LOL, ah takes me back 20yrs!!! wink.gif
Never did ask you did you find out the sex?  Any names decided on yet?

Wishingstar I'm kind of surprised you OB thinks you have blocked fallopian tubes cause you get BFN's on O test.  Those O test pick up a LH surge which is to do with your hormones not your tubes, maybe it was the way he described it cause it can get very confusing when you are new to this stuff.

I'VE HAd the test you mentioned (injecting dye into your tubes) however i had it under a general anaestic when i had a laproscopsy done as well to check out my ovaries, uterus and stuff, which i think is a good way to go.  I have a friend who just had the dye in her tubes and was wide awake, a bit unpleasant.  Don't want to scare you but forewarned is forearmed and not everyone is the same so it may be different for you.  I used to be the worlds biggest woz when it came to needles but when you do IVF you get over that.

Just on you having abnormal paps the last few yrs, wasn't this investigated further?  I had this about 10yrs ago when i lived in London and they did a biopsy to check and make sure, an abnormal pap smear is not something to leave.  Hope you can get things sorted out, are you going today for the dye test?

Guesty i think Mitchell is a strong name too, i like Mitch for short too.

Mergie hoping AF is nowhere near your place.

Now back to this mucas thing!!!  Yesterday i had more fertile mucas!  Like WTF?  DH says you told me that last w/e and i said well i've never had it like 6 days apart before.  You can't ovulate twice can you?  I know when you get older you can ovulate 2 eggs cause your body is getting the last of the eggs out in preparation for menapause in a few yrs.  Oh well time will tell.
Talk later.

TTC No 1 27 months<BR>5 m/c's,<BR>3 Stim IVF's  
Analeise Christine born 23/11/02

TTC No 2 since April 03
IVF Stims 4 & 5 negative
IVF 6 (1st FET) Aug 04
Transferring the lone Ranger

#36 Gummybear

Posted 16 July 2004 - 07:42 PM

Its good to hear from you wishingstar I will be thinking of you over the next few days and fingers crossed it all gets sorted out.

JB wow you are just mucusing everywhere! I have no idea if you can o twice :confuse:
Just a quick pop in so I'll see yous all later
Cheers P
and everyone have a good weekend!

#37 wishingstar

Posted 17 July 2004 - 12:20 AM

Hi all, back from the fert clinic and feeling slightly lighter (they took 13 tubes of blood...ewwwww)...womdering if its a good way to lose weight??? just kidding.  well, didnt all go to plan as i will explain.  JB, Mazee and Gummybear, before i forget, thanks for your advice and thoughts!  DB did the sperm thing, and blood tests too by the way, was considerably impressed, he was great.  Anyhow, i must have struck the most obnoxious nurse in the whole world today, she was like just out of a horror movie!  she explined i will be having blood tests regularly, starting when AF arrives next.  also the dye thing will be during my next cycle. so now the waiting game.  JB, you are prob right about gyno, i got so confused with what he said, and most prob got it wrong.  the paps have been abnormal for sometime, and have had colposcopies to further investigate.  have all come back clear. have colps every 6 months, ewwww.  prob i have now, is how to tell boss i will need time off at random when AF arrives to get tests! eeekkk. male boss, we dont see eye 2 eye either. hmmm.  take care all.

#38 Mergie

Posted 17 July 2004 - 04:46 PM

Hi Girls

Well flippin FF moved my O date back to CD17, I give up really.


I'm late, yes only a day though.  AF hasn't shown up.  I have the worst cramps though and my boobs are so tingly.  I'm trying not to get too carried away (yer right).  I have a test in the wardrobe.  If AF doesn't show by tmw night I'll do it and of course let you guys know.

Thanks to everyone for wishing AF away for me.  Here's hoping it stays that way.

JB - Glad you had a great holi.  What a crack up, can you imagine what it would be like at our age getting sprung by your folks!!  LOL

Stella - The US sounds fantastic.  Did you want to know the sex or did it become obvious with the scan?  I agree with the others, Mitchell is a lovely name.

Alright I better go, our PC is out in the pergola area and I am freezing those tingly boobs off at the moment.

I'll get back to you with any news soon.

Take care

ME 41
DH 41
DS born 23/11/02
M/C 24/11/03 8 weeks
5th Clomid cycle

#39 Jahbee

Posted 17 July 2004 - 09:58 PM

ooowwwwwww Mergie that sounds promising, even i am getting a bit excited for you, plenty others out there would be wanting AF tonight so i hope she stays away.  FIngers crossed for you!

Wishingstar glad to hear all went well - well as well as can be expected with your tests, keep us up to date ok!

Have a good w/e

TTC No 1 27 months<BR>5 m/c's,<BR>3 Stim IVF's  
Analeise Christine born 23/11/02

TTC No 2 since April 03
IVF Stims 4 & 5 negative
IVF 6 (1st FET) Aug 04
Transferring the lone Ranger

#40 morgansacre

Posted 18 July 2004 - 04:14 PM

Hello Again,

Just dropping in to say I'm still around. I hope everyone is doing OK?

Sorry for the long gaps into between posting but my life is so busy, its hard to get into all the threads on EB.

Good Luck everyone.

Lynn 42
Les 59
DS 21yr<BR>DD 18yr<BR>DD 14yr<BR>DD 7yr<BR> DS (OUR ANGEL) 5-11-02<BR> M/C March 2003<BR> M/C Sept. 03<BR>

#41 Janel

Posted 19 July 2004 - 10:01 AM

Hi Ladies

Sorry I havent posted for so long.  Trying not to think too much about the TTC stuff.  But here we go again IVF cycle No. 6!  Started stims on Saturday with EPU scheduled for around 26th July.  Im with a new doc and clinic this time so hopefully this will make a difference.

JB Glad you had a great holiday.  Ive heard of 2 eggs being realised but a week apart???  Who Knows!

Mergie Have you tested??  I truly hope AF has stayed away.

Wishingstar It is such a pain going through all those tests but hopefully you will get some much needed answers.  Good luck and try to stay patient (LOL) Also good luck with you boss.  Mine is great - mention girls bits and he clams up, says yes whatever and runs a mile. Too easy

Kim and Mazee your pregnancies seems to be going so fast well maybe not for you but from where I stand it is.

I hope everyone else is well.

I will try not to be so much of a stranger and post a little more frequently.


Jane - 38
DH - 46
DD - 14/08/01
TTC#2 - May 2002
6 Cycles AIH - all failed
5 Cycles IVF - all failed
5 Cycles FET - all failed

#42 Mergie

Posted 19 July 2004 - 11:22 AM

Morning Everyone,

I finally tested at 8pm last night, only to get a BFN which was very upsetting as I'd more or less convinced myself this was it.  I mean the symptons were there, I was 3 days late, ARGHH.  I practically convinced myself the test might be a dud and was gearing up to test again in 2 days.  AF had other plans and arrived this morning.

I can't help but wonder if I was pg and it didn't stick again.

I have vowed to stop temping, stop FF charting and possibly stop the Clomid this cycle.  I've had enough of it all.  We still have our IVF appt next Wednesday and I'm no where closer to deciding if we will give that a go.  My gut feeling at the moment is to be happy with our DS and leave it at that, he's a happy, healthy bundle of fun and we should think ourselves blessed to have him. I have been so preoccupied (obsessed is probably a better description) with this whole ttc that I haven't given him or my DH much consideration lately and that is impacting on our family life which upsets me greatly.

Thanks for all your well wishes and hopes, they truly help in times like this.

I'll pop back and check up on you guys later and let you know where I'm at once we've decided.

Good Luck everyone, take care one and all

ME 41
DH 41
DS born 23/11/02
M/C 24/11/03 8 weeks
5th Clomid cycle

#43 mamadom

Posted 19 July 2004 - 03:09 PM

Hi Girls,

Sorry I haven't been around for a while, it's taken me ages to
get back online after moving. My new house is like a crazy
medieval castle made from found objects which is kind of
cool and weird but it's FREEZING and all the heaters seem to
be just ornamental. It's been pretty challenging to make our
furniture fit into the castle theme but we have been working
hard at it.  

I am in the 2ww after giving it a really hard shot this month
but don't really feel any different. My poor DH is recovering
and I'm letting him sleep a lot plus cooking up his favorite
foods just in case he needs building up for next time. I refuse
to do testing or even think about being pg unless AF doesn't
come calling next Monday.

I am looking hard for a new career as well. I am not sure how
I or my new employer would feel if I announced I was pg just
after starting the job but I guess I'll just have to deal with it at
the time.

JB - It must be so hard putting your body through all that and
trying not to get too emotional when it doesn't work. Good on
you for picking yourself up and making another attempt. Go
the lone ranger! I will be crossing my fingers and toes for you.
Sounds like you have your doctor eating out of your palm too.
I've definitely heard that you can ovulate more than once at
different times, but what would I know. Isn't that why older
women are more likely to have twins?

Girolama - How's it going with the support hose in the heat?
A bit sticky I bet poor you. I've been watching Italian news
and speaking to relos on the phone and heard all about how
hot it is there. Now that you have a bad back perhaps you
can make us all envious and lie on the couch cooling down
with lots of gelato.

MERGIE - Sorry about that b@#$% AF coming to you.
Sounds like you need a holiday or some total pampering?
Certainly a break from TTC obsession. You don't have to
decide now about IVF. Why not just go to the appointment
only because they are so hard to get, and make a decision
later when you feel up to it.

Wishingstar - Sounds like you are staying positive. Good luck
with the test results and telling your cross-eyed boss that you
need time off for AF!

Mazzee - Hope everything is going well with bubs and your
heart. Stay away from Krispy Kremes! They are delicious but
I've seen evidence in the US that they make your bum look
like two puppies fighting under a blanket. Truly. I am so
impressed that you are already doing your tax on July 16!

Gummybear - getting wood? Like gathering it in the forest?
Sounds amazing to someone living in the middle of the
stinky, noisy city. Good luck for this month.

Minni - Isn't your 2ww over? Any news?

Janel - good luck with cycle 6.

Running out of time, sorry to everyone I've forgotten.

Good luck to all of us.

angel Antonia Annie Jackson
born sleeping 10/01/2004 38.5

#44 Jahbee

Posted 19 July 2004 - 08:52 PM

Mergie I'm sorry AF arrived, maybe you are right and are falling pregnant and then having what is defined in IVF as a chemical pregnancy (you body shows a low blood beta reading which more often than not does not hang around).  You would not know you were even pregnant cause your period arrives as normal except when you are doing IVF you are monitored more and tested earlier.  Why don't you still go to the IVF appointment next week just to keep your options open, you don't have to do anything you don't want but at least you will have been able to cross it off your list if need be.

Welcome back Mamadom....your house sounds fascinating!!!  What State do you live in?  Good luck in your 2ww.

Jane, good to have you back and have everything crossed for this cycle for you that you never have to do this again.  Thanks for you input on my FET thread, really appreciate that.

Hope all is well Lyn.

Well i think i will be transferring the lone embie sooner than i thought!  I swear AF is knocking on my doorstep already, so much for the Hobart bonk!!  Still that would be right my lousy 11 day luteal phase would make it due around now.  I have such a back ache, have a hot water bottle on my back now, so that's a sure sign.  I rang my Dr today and he said i can transfer the ranger in a natural cycle or downregulate and do the whole ho hah of the pill, sniffing spray, blah blah and he recommended i go this way!  Buggar this for a joke if i am going to downregulate i may as well do another stim cycle.  I only have 1 embryo and that may not defrost so i am not going to put so much into it in case it doesnt.  I feel it's too soon to do another full stim cycle as it's only a month since my last and i think my poor old ovaries are still recovering.  I hate when you are ttc so long everything is measured in time isnt it.  You wish your life away waiting to get your period, counting down 2 weeks, counting down being on the pill when you are doing an IVF cycle, counting down injections whilst overstimulating your ovaries, everything takes time.  I honestly can't imagine whats it's like just to have sex and get pregnant like that!!!  But then neither can you girls either cause you've all been trying awhile too.

Well looking forward to the Apprentice tonight!
Talk soon

TTC No 1 27 months<BR>5 m/c's,<BR>3 Stim IVF's  
Analeise Christine born 23/11/02

TTC No 2 since April 03
IVF Stims 4 & 5 negative
IVF 6 (1st FET) Aug 04
Transferring the lone Ranger

#45 Gummybear

Posted 20 July 2004 - 05:18 PM

Hi everyone I have been getting a bit excited the last few days I'm coming up to day 26 of my cycle and have been very nuseaus and my boobs are different I asked dbf if he noticed anything and he said he only squeezes them and doesnt really look, gawd!! ive also had this taste in my mouth which makes my milo taste like s*#@t and a tightness in my stomache oh and my sense of smell geez I reckon Id give my dog a run for his money in detecting smells! I never get any signs when AF turns up so its not usual but a funny thng happend last night that I just have to tell you about I woke about 4am and was very off in my stomache and immediatly started to think about when I could test and wether it would stick stuff like that anyway I fell asleep again and had a visit from my grandma (dead grandma) yeah a bit freaky and she told me to be patient I wanted to ask more ?'s but my eyes closed and wouldnt open an when they did she was gone I really wanted to know the lotto numbers!!! oh well but someone said that sometimes you get these symptoms and it doesnt stick and I get the feeling this is what it is, theres 2 days to AF so I guess I will soon find out sorry bout the long epic  lol

So sorry mergie and like mamadom said just go along to the appointment and see what happens.

Mamadom your house sounds really cool do you have a draw bridge and mote I saw it happen to a house on a show called viva la bam looked wicked and good luck for this month
we go out into the bush and get wood, I live out of town on 20 acres I think I would go mad in the city, gotta have my chooks and cows and horses,dogs and cats and the occasonal roo, Im working on dbf for a ostrige I would love one but he thinks im queer!!!

Jb Good luck with the lone ranger hopefully you wont need it.
I hope everyone is going good big hugs to all
cya later P

#46 wishingstar

Posted 21 July 2004 - 09:18 PM

Just a quick hello from me.  Gummy i have everything crossed for you.  I have this really good feeling about the meeting you had with your grandmother.  I lost my mother a couple of years ago,and when she visits me in dreams, she always brings good news, or soemthing good happens.  wish she would appear soon for me with good news!  JB, hows it all going?  Ive been keeping up with your journey, but have to admit, i get confused sometimes, this is all so new to me!Mergie,  damn damn damn that AF. Mamadom, so glad you are back, and yes, know what you mean by the moving.  Might be doing that sometime soon. Have just been out and about looking at houses these last few weeks, and DB and i have put in an offer for a house, which has been accepted.  Just waitng for bank to approve.  With all the ttc stress, i needed to focus on somehting else.  By the way, where are all you located?  Im in WA...guess you are all "eaterners".  anyway, better get going, just thought id say hello.

#47 Gummybear

Posted 22 July 2004 - 05:48 PM

Hi all! Thanks wishingstar I should know one way or the other by next week, I had a test sitting in the cubbard the other day and couldnt help myself and tested but it was neg, I have a day or 2 before af arrives so I'll test again on the weekend if I hold out that long. its hard coz its like a block of chocolate sitting in the fridge you just know your going to touch it lol, Good luck with your new house, it is good to have something else to focus on well better go and do something I guess  
Cheers P
ps i live in WA too

#48 SportySpice

Posted 23 July 2004 - 09:13 AM

Hey Ladies!
So much to catch up on......

JB - don't know the sex of the bubba - names - chicks = Giselle, Eleni, Eloise.  Monsters (boys...) Alex/Alexander, Charlie.......

Wishingstar/JB/Mergie/Gummybear (and anyone I've missed...) good luck with all the tests etc and bugger with all the negatives...... Everyone seems to be trying to stay positive - I reckon you should all go and spend some $$'s on yourselves and have a pamper - I did last weekend and it works a treat!  Did the massage, manicure, pedicure, bought some clothes........

Didn't start the tax as I had hoped last week - cleaning the house took longer than I expected!  The DK'H has been a delight these last few weeks - he's out tonight - but he seems to be getting used to the idea of it all - the bubba and stuff.......  Most of his close mates are either getting married, married, TTC or about to start to TTC......  now he's feeling pretty "chuffed" with himself coz he's the "leader"....... go figure - men - he's acting like some puffy chested rooster!!! LOL original.gif But I love it!!! hehehheee!

My heart stuff is going well.  My weight gain is about 7-8 kgs - no Krispy Kreme's for this little lassie - no big bottom on me I say!!!!  wink.gif  Haven't done any type of shopping stuff for the bubba - my bro and SIL have lots of stuff in storage (I have a niece 5 and nephew 7) so I can raid that!  The house is coming along - backyard nearly finished and then we'll start the bedrooms upstairs......  all appts with OB and midwife are going well.....

Kim - sorry to hear about the heat there and the support hose and the back stuff and veins......

Sorry for this but.... anyone else feeling a little extra toey???? I've been one horny little thing lately - much to DK'H's delight..... anyway...... gotta focus on work!!!LOL ;p

Anyway...... work and then the w'end beckons.....!!  Hope you're all well, sorry if I've missed anyone TTC, getting AF or anything else - you're all wonderful - I wish we could all have a big meet up somewhere central (in the world????!!!)....

Big big hugs to all

<a href="http://lilypie.com"><img src="http://lilypie.com/days/041112/0/21/0/+10" alt="Lilypie Baby Days" border="0" /></a>

This message was edited by Mazeee on Friday, 23 July 2004 @ 12:11 PM

#49 Snagglepussed

Posted 23 July 2004 - 11:45 PM

Gotcha Mazeee - caught red handed copying and pasting posts! :eg:

"I'm watching you!" said in voice of really ugly woman in Monsters Inc. (?)

Hi Girls! All well here! The heat is seriously driving me batty! Last night I slept buck naked with no sheets on and the windows opened and I still woke up form the heat!
Having Bec in the room with us doesn't help keep the heat down - she's a human heater like her Mum! blush.gif

Thank God it's Friday! I am going home, ripping of support tights and throwing myself in Bec's blow up pool!

Mergie - honey! I'm sooo sorry to hear about your BFN!!!! sad.gif
BUMMER Big Time!

I know this may sound trite and it's not to! But my sister had problems falling pregnant with her DS1 and DS2 - she was charting and all that and had preliminary tests etc. In the end - after about 24 mths trying for the first and 18 for the second that it was ridiculous, she was obsessed and voila! Pregnant!
Her two DD's came afterwards as total shock horror surprises!

I know that these stories don't help in the heat of the moment but I believe in the power of the mind! Our bodie are amazing machines and part of these bodies is our brain......
Take a break - pamper yourself to the hilt and sip on a G&T or 2 or 3 (for me!) wink.gif
But go to your IVF appointment OK?

Mamadom - the heat these last few days has been atrocious! 38 but with a humidity factor that causes it to feel like 40+!
The gelato is a definite goer but even sitting in air con in the office at the end of the day gets hot, as you tend to acclimatize and the heat seems to infiltrate through the pores of the walls! Bleagh!
Your house DOES sound amazing. I admit total ignornace and didn't even realising you were in the process of moving. We have to move this August (read: Stifling heat - THANK GOD I'm pregnant and can feign delicacy!)...
Good luck for the 2WW!

JB - you're sounding a little more UP which is good to see.
Good luck with what you decide for the Lone Ranger LOL

Gummybear - "I asked dbf if he noticed anything and he said he only squeezes them and doesnt really look" Typical MALE eh?
All your signs are there Dear. I was a veritable WOLF when I was first pregnant with Bec and Titch! I could smell freshly baked cookies one day in Outlaws house and MIL informed me she had made them 2 days prior! How's that for WOLF? cool.gifO:
The METALLIC taste was and continues to be a bummer! Anything that puts you off your MILO should be banned ;p

Damn - I read you tested and it was neg! Naughty Girl! NEVER teset before AF is due!
I waited 8 days after! How's that for denial? original.gif

Got everything crossed for you!


Rebecca Jade - 18/07/01

Little Titch due 17/11/2004

#50 Mergie

Posted 24 July 2004 - 12:17 PM

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and wishes.

I am definitely keeping the IVF appointment!!  We have decided to "de-stress" this cycle, no temps, no clomid, no CM monitoring, absolutely zero.  We will BD during the fertile stage but won't obsess over it like I have been previously.

My DH wanted to whisk us away for the weekend to a B & B, he is so thoughtful.  I'm not the spontaneous type of person who can just do that without notice so we are planning it in a couple of weeks to coincide with my birthday.  I love him to death for thinking about it and researching places to stay.

I seen a new born bubby girl this week and was so so clucky over her.  I can't remember to when DS was so small, it's amazing how quickly they grow. I'll pop back with an update after the appointment.  Good luck to everyone wherever you are in your cycles.

Kim - I'd kill for a bit of your hot weather, it is freezing here at the moment.

Take care everyone.

ME 41
DH 41
DS born 23/11/02
M/C 24/11/03 8 weeks
5th Clomid cycle

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