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"Oldies" support Thread #5
"Oldies" support Thread #5

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#1 Snagglepussed

Posted 29 July 2004 - 01:28 AM

I dared to start one! :eg:


OK, here's the list so far. Be sure to add to it girls if I stuffed up!!!!

JB - downreg on pill X IVF STIM #6, Aug 04

MERGIE - Meeting Dr 28/7 to discuss IVF

GIROLAMA - 24 weeks pregnant!

MAZEEE - 25 weeks pregnant!

GUESTY - 24 weeks pregnant!

LYNNYP - Little Siobahn born June 04

SEAHORSE - Ethan born 19th Jan 04

GUMMYBEAR - BFP!!!! EDD: 01/01/05 But this ain't no April Fool! wink.gif

KFOGO - BFP!!!! EDD: 04/04/05

MAMADOM - 2 days overdue and everything crossed wink.gif

JANEL - EPU 29/7 - 15 follies - waiting on results

MORGANSACRE - 20mth TTC No. 6 Popping B6, B12 and Folate - everythign crossed

MINNI - Need update Minni!!!!



Rebecca Jade - 18/07/01

Little Titch due 17/11/2004

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#2 seahorse

Posted 29 July 2004 - 06:52 AM

Thanks for that Kim! I haven't been able to get on to EB as much lately and kept getting confused as to where everyone was up to. There are quite a few of us when you look at it aren't there?

We are going to start TTC again in August so it will be weird doing the whole opk again. No point temping because of often getting up for Ethan around 4.30am!

I started back at work last week for 1 1/2 days and am absolutely loving it. DH is home on Thursday so he has Ethan so I have only had to put him in childcare (couldn't get into FDC and ended up finding someone privately through a neighbour)for Tuesday afternoon. He seems to enjoy it which is great. DH is able to reorganise his hours this way until Christmas so I am making the most of it!

I haven't checked out the old thread yet so not sure of everyones latest news but hope all you preggy ladies are doing well and fingers crossed for everyone TTC.



Me: 40
DH: 39
Ethan Karl born 19th Jan 2004

#3 SportySpice

Posted 29 July 2004 - 08:59 AM

Hi Ladies
Kimmmmmmmmmm - you legend mate - my EDD is 12 Nov - I'm currently wk 25 - love your work!

Love all your support in relation to the DK'H.  I really appreciate that I can "air" some yukky stuff here and then manage to have a laugh and smile on my face after reading your comments!

Mamdom - re the voodoo doll - go to www.pinstruck.com - now that's a fun site - it's all tongue in cheek but very very clever!!!

Gummybear - sorry baby brain just got me - something you said made me laugh - full moon thing......

Anyway - sleep - last night I was lucky to get about 3-4 hours - the little bubba - I swear, was either on the netball court doing footwork drills, or in the water doing kick drills!!!  Having a bit of a growth spurt at the moment and it's all feeling very tight and awkward!!!

Kim - headed to the gym last night - not my usual - jumped on the scales and I may have taken off 3-4kgs.

Went and bought another "frock" for the wedding this w'end - just coz I felt like it - from David Lawrence - a size 12 and the lovely girlie offered to make alterations to the frock after the bubba's here to make it smaller!  Good one!

Saw South Pacific....... very good, had the toes tappin'.... the DK'H came along and enjoyed himself.... and he was very nice and "gentlemanly" throughout the evening.... schmuck!!!

Anyway - hope you're all well, fingers are crossed for "postive waves" to you all, big big hugs and take lots of care..........

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#4 mamadom

Posted 29 July 2004 - 09:33 AM

Hi chicks,

Kim - that's great that you have taken on list duties. You're
certainly the best one for the job Ms. 2081 posts, lol.

ok just I quick update, rushing out the door, Af is still not here
so I ran to Coles for a hpt, but it was BFN......  :quest:

Doesn't make sense but that'll teach me to get my hopes up.

Sorry, I so didn't want to start the new thread with a bad vibe.

angel Antonia Annie Jackson
born sleeping 10/01/2004 38.5

#5 Jahbee

Posted 29 July 2004 - 04:12 PM

Kim, youre a love!  Thanks for doing that!  WIll have to update mine.  I wish i was stimming July 28th (this is the part you start injecting to overstimulate your ovaries) but unfortunately you have to downregulate first for a couple of weeks on the pill and nasal spray sad.gif  Looks like i start stimming on my birthday (Aug 14) but won't know till i have a blood test days before.

KFOGO, congrats on the BFP.  Way to go, that's what we want to see in this thread.

MAMADOM, I'm sorry sad.gif  ALways so much worse when you get your hopes up and actually dare to get excited.

SEAHORSE, just about to get back on the horse again!

MAZEEE, good to hear all is well.

MERGIE, hope all went well with your appointment.

TTC No 1 27 months<BR>5 m/c's,<BR>3 PGD Stim IVF's  
Analeise Christine born 23/11/02

TTC No 2 since April 03
IVF PGD Stims 4 & 5 negative
IVF STIM #6, Aug 04
The lone Ranger Lives on to be transferred another day wink.gif

#6 Gummybear

Posted 29 July 2004 - 10:07 PM

Hi everyone just a quickie
Girolama my due date according to the doc is, wait for it, April the bloody 1st!(that will crack everyone up) but they go by my last af date so i reckon its 2 weeks out!
Mamadom I tested neg at the same time so keeping it all crossed
Wishingstar good to see everything is on the up
Jb Good luck for next month
Hope everyone is well!
Cheers P

#7 mamadom

Posted 30 July 2004 - 03:08 PM

Hi Girls

CONGRATULATIONS KAZ!!!!! Wow there really is a run
happening here.

seahorse - EEEW to the OB, does he think you are a
breeding heifer or something with those comments about
your CM? I remember I nearly threw up years ago after a pap
smear when the doctor asked me out on a date (that was in
Italy of course). That's great that you can be back at work
enjoying yourself. Good luck for August

Mazee - I can't get the voodoo link to work even by pasting
the address.
About the bubba kicking, ummm, sorry to say but you might
have to get used to it, lol. Some babies do that every-night for
the rest of the pregnancy, well at least mine did. Does the
new frock come with a leash for the DK'H? Try and have fun
at the wedding.

JB - There's nothing wrong with avoiding something you
hate. Does that mean you don't get to go away on your
birthday? sad.gif  Don't worry the new thread must bring you better
luck than the last one. I go nuts on the pill so I can imagine all
that down-regulating must play havoc with your emotions
and hormones. Oh and what does the progesterone level tell

Gummybear - Good one on the due date. Seeing you are a
bit of a joker maybe that is just perfect for you. I went back
and checked your post, dying to get my hopes up, but you
tested 2 days before AF was due, whereas mine was 2 days

Janel - hope the EPU went well and you get some great

Mergie - Hope the appointment wasn't upsetting.

AF is four days overdue now. Rang the GPs for the blood test
results, although not holding out much hope and guess what,
they told me my doctor is away and there are only 2 on duty
who won't have time to call me with the results, ring back
Monday! If that just isn't the most frustrating thing. Maybe I
should do another hpt again tomorrow like the GP
suggested. What do you all think? Or am I just stringing
myself along, BFN is BFN?

Have a good weekend all.

angel Antonia Annie Jackson
born sleeping 10/01/2004 38.5

#8 Snagglepussed

Posted 30 July 2004 - 05:10 PM

HPT are likely to give more false negatives than false positives.......
Wait until Sunday moring (if you can) and do another!

I remember I nearly threw up years ago after a pap
smear when the doctor asked me out on a date (that was in Italy of course).

That is just bewdiful!!!!!! ROFL!!!! ;p
Only in Wogland eh??????

I still haven't quite worked out what pushes a man to become a gyno/OB! I mean if they are married - the last thing he's want to do is play aroun d with Wifey's bits after a whole day of it!!!!! wink.gif
Maybe it's the money!
At €90 a pop my gyno is filthy rich! She's also a megalomaniac and her work has already ruined one marriage and one relationship apparently! cool.gifo:
Always working - and mostly on CASH payments (under the table). Not I! No sirree! I get the receipt to claim off my tax! Cool eh?


Rebecca Jade - 18/07/01

Little Titch - due 17/11/2004

#9 Mergie

Posted 31 July 2004 - 10:32 AM

Great work Kim!!

I haven't checked out the previous thread, (a bit slack I know) but I can tell from the list where everyone's at.  I will go back over it later though.

The appt went well.  The Doctor was great and he was not alarmed at all by DH SA.  He said the count was amazing and the 92% abnormal level is acceptable, they start to worry when it's above 95% and the levels are under 5 million.  DH is at 227 million so no drama's there.  Anyway, my Ovulation levels are great, and he wants to to a PCT (post coital test) next month to check whether hostile mucous may be the cause. This will take place on CD12/13 after a BD session the night before.  I could have had it this cycle except that I cracked it and didn't take Clomid this cycle and he wants to do the test on a Clomid cycle. ARGHH can't win, can I.  If it's something as simple as hostile mucous we will discuss IUI as an option before IVF. If hostile mucous isn't the cause he will then go on to check if I have any blockages in my tubes before deciding the next step.
The test includes an ultrasound to check the lining of the uterus, apparently Clomid can thin the lining and if this is the case I can change from Clomid to an injectable ovary stimulation treatment.

We did discuss the high levels of miscarriage in older women and he thinks I may have had an early miscarriage last cycle when I was 3 days late.

For the moment it's "back to basics" BD every 2nd day from CD10 to 20 and hope for the best.

I'm going to post a topic in Assisted Conception to get some feedback on the PCT.

Sorry, no personals as I'm running a little late today.  I hope you're all well and I'll pop back tmw to catch up a bit more.

Have a great weekend everyone.

ME 41
DH 41
DS born 23/11/02
M/C 24/11/03 8 weeks
5th Clomid cycle

#10 AMPSyd

Posted 31 July 2004 - 12:26 PM

Just a quick question. Is it possible to have a missed miscarriage - I know Mergie your doctor mentioned that you may have had one.

A couple of months ago I went through a stage where my boobs felt as though they wouldn't fit into my bra and were tender, however AF came. I've never had this feeling before or since that cycle.

Anyway, we are still chogging along. wink.gif

Kim, thanks for your post. It was great.

Hey, Mamadon - how are you going? Still no sign of AF???

Me 35
DH - 37
DS - 2/2/01
TTC no2 - since Feb 2004

#11 mamadom

Posted 31 July 2004 - 02:09 PM

Hi Jonaiden,

Good to see you're still around and still trying and
congratulations on the good uni results. I think missed
miscarriage is supposed to be pretty common at our age at
least according to all those people who keep rabbiting on
about our "old eggs".

AF is really teasing me, grrrr, it's now CD 31 - 5 days late, but
I have given up all hope as I tested this morning again and
got a BFN. WTF???? Maybe I had a missed miscarriage too?
How long do you all think the longest cycle could possibly

Kim - I thought you would find that funny, though I certainly
wasn't laughing at the time, being just a young thing I was so
embarassed. None of the eye-ties thought this was at all odd,
they kept telling me it was a compliment! I cannot imagine
how heterosexual male OBs can do that job. How did yours
ruin all those relationships? Do tell......
Can you please update me on the list to whatever you think
explains my situation?

Mergie - that all sounds so positive and it's great that the
doctor thinks there's so many things to try before IVF.

enjoy the weekend everyone.

Mamadom 37
^!^ Antonia 10/01/2004 @ 38.5 weeks

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#12 Jahbee

Posted 31 July 2004 - 10:42 PM

Just a quick drive by, was hoping there was an update from Jane on her Egg pickup, Thursday i think it was.  Jane thinking of you and hoping all went well and everything is going smoothy for a transfer Monday?

Mergie glad to hear your appointment went well and you can try a few options before IVF.

MAMADOM sad.gif  I'm sorry lovie i don't have any answers for you, i just hope its too early to test, just terrible being left in limbo like that.

Analeise and I went to my girlfriends 44th birthday party tonight (my dh is working) and i got talking to her neighbour who told me her and her boyfriend were going to start trying or a baby in a year and she was looking forward to it.  I said as innocently as i could 'so how old are you Belinda', she's 38, nearly 39.  Man WTF is she waiting for?  You know you dont want to ram things down peoples throats but i did say to her you know Analeise is an IVF baby cause i had so much trouble getting pregnant and keeping the pregnancies and she says 'Yes but you were 39 when you gave birth to her weren't you'......  Why don't women get it?  You are wasting precious time by waiting!!!!  I was always aware of my declining fertility with age but it seems lots of women are not.  I told her a womens egg quality starts declining from 27 and she was like no its 40+..... What do you do you know....

ANywya getting onto bed time.

TTC No 1 27 months<BR>5 m/c's,<BR>3 PGD Stim IVF's  
Analeise Christine born 23/11/02

TTC No 2 since April 03
IVF PGD Stims 4 & 5 negative
IVF STIM #6, Aug 04
The lone Ranger Lives on to be transferred another day wink.gif

#13 wishingstar

Posted 02 August 2004 - 12:22 AM

Hi all, just wanted to get some good news from you all, coz I am bit depressed.  Thought AF had arrived over weekend which isnt usually a good sign when TTC, but if is was, it meant my tracking assessment with the fertility clinic could begin, which would be a positive move towards TTC.  anywya, turns out it just spotting again, and now i gotta wait to see if a proper AF turns up.  I just wish my body would co-operate with me.  Damn damn. Just wondering how many others here are trying for their first? JB, i appreciate reading about your journey, when I get down, like now, I read back on your posts and I feel better.  Thanx for being there everyone. Sorry my post was bit dpressing.  Kim, you forgot me in the intro girl! :quest:

#14 Janel

Posted 02 August 2004 - 11:18 AM

Good morning everyone

Well done Kim on the list – you are Fab

Mamadon – I hope you have the blood test results by now.  What a stressful time for you.

JB – Congratulations on making a tough decision.  You take good care of yourself and get lots of rest. LOL with the frequent patient points.  I would have just had a free cycle instead of the thousands I just handed over!!  I will be thinking of you on the 14 Aug – that is my DD’s third birthday – so it must be a special day

Wishing star – hope AF turns up soon and you move forward with the tracking – good luck

Kaz – Congratulation to you – hope you have a H&H preg

Mazee – hope you are getting a little more sleep and you survived the weekend with DK’H and the wedding

Gummybear – LOL at the due date.  Don’t worry they never arrive on the due date.

Mergie – good news on the tests

As for me I had EPU last Thursday and transfer on Saturday so I am now in the 2ww. My stats for anyone that is interested are as follows:

Eggs Collected – 26 (oh my god!!)
Mature Eggs – 22
Fertilised – 16
Transferred – 4 (yes this is not a typo I had 4 transferred)
Frosties – 8 (I think)

As you can imagine with so many eggs collected I am at high risk for OHSS – so at the moment I am drowning myself in water (at least three litres a day).  I think if I want to get some sleep I will just have to take my pillow to the bathroom and sleep on the loo. LOL – All for a good cause so I’m not complaining

Hi to anyone I missed


Jane - 38
DH - 46
DD - 14/08/01
TTC#2 - May 2002
6 Cycles AIH - all failed
5 Cycles IVF - all failed
5 Cycles FET - all failed

#15 Jahbee

Posted 02 August 2004 - 02:12 PM

you go girl!  I am so impressed with your egg count you mother hen you!  I never even heard you complain about being sore!  Once upon a time i would have been worried sick about transferring 4, but knowing what i know now after this many cycles it wouldnt phase me, i know the chances of even twins are not as high given our ages, but hey you never know!  Good luck, good luck, keep us updated on your symptoms in the 2WW.

Wishingstar thanks for your message, you have no idea how timely it is, so even if you didnt mean to or know it you've brightened my day. original.gif Thankyou.  I've still got your wish to use too!  Hope you get things sorted out with your cycle so you know where you are.

Hows everyone else doing?
No news here, just the boring old pill and more relatives staying at our place.  Oh and BTW i can't believe i never noticed before that Analeise is double joined!  The visiting rellies pointed out last night on both hands her fingers are double jointed, so what do you know eh!

TTC No 1 27 months<BR>5 m/c's,<BR>3 PGD Stim IVF's  
Analeise Christine born 23/11/02

TTC No 2 since April 03
IVF PGD Stims 4 & 5 negative
IVF STIM #6, Aug 04
The lone Ranger Lives on to be transferred another day wink.gif

#16 SportySpice

Posted 03 August 2004 - 09:06 AM

Hi Ladies
Mamadom - no leash with the dress for the wedding... and as it was a full moon - he ended up in the usual state.....but he was pretty good throughout most of the day.  The wedding was beautiful - 3pm on a boat on the harbour just brill - off the boat at 10pm and then headed to (of course) Cargo Bar.  I left around 1am and the DK'H came home around 4.30am - he had trouble getting a cab................

Other than that - have a really bad bad bad sore throat and ear ache, bubba is moving around heaps and heaps!  Making sleep not very pleasant!

Still got some "fankles" happening... yuk!  Seeing the cario and OB on Thursday for check ups.  Heart still being a little silly but nothing serious.....  bought some cozzies to take up the coast in Sept so I was happy with still getting into a size 10 and 12 for the bottoms, but ballooned out to a 14 in the tops!!!  Weight gain around 10kgs - and it seems as though its all bubba - still manage to confuse people depending on what I'm wearing though!!

Work is absolutely flat chat and I'm usually exhausted by about 3/4pm in the arvo's!  Madly working on so many events...... I have to be so so careful not to get things mixed up with old "baby brain" going on! LOL

Anyway  - hope you are all well, those that are TTC etc - may you be doing heaps of shagging and enjoying it all and trying to stay relaxed...... to those who are carrying those bundles....... may you be resting up as much as possible!

Lots of big hugs to all, take lots of care....

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#17 Mergie

Posted 03 August 2004 - 01:17 PM


Thanks for all your lovely thoughts, they are much appreciated.

Jonaiden - I think it's definitely possible.  My boobs were really tingly not so much sore but tingly and I could feel them brushing against the my arms, (Anna Nicole eat your heart out LOL), I'm fairly regular so 3 days late seemed a bit odd.

Mamadom - has AF showed yet?, if not I'd be doing another test if I were you, good luck.

JB - couldn't you just slap some people, gee's where do they get their info from. I just caught up with where you are at, I think you made the right decision, good luck, I'll be following your progess with all eyes! (get it, eye's not ear's  ha ha ha)

Wishingstar - I hope you're feeling a little better.  We've all been there whether it's our 1st, 2nd or 3rd, it doesn't get any easier.  Places like this are a God send.  We are all here to listen and help.  Chin up.

Jane - Goodness, I don't know a lot about IVF yet but that sounds outstanding.  I didn't realise they transferred that many, judging by your signature I'd say you had a lot of say in it.  I have everything crossed for you, (well I will have once the BD fest is over LOL), seriously, good luck, I'm thinking of you.

Mazeee - Hope you're feeling better.  I envy you in a size 10 cozzies, gee those were the days.  Try and get as much rest as you can, just as you are suggesting to others.  I'm probably being rude but what does DK'H stand for, sorry, from what I've read you don't sound too happy with him from time to time.

As for me, nothing to report.  CD16, don't know if I've O'ed or not.  BD'd CD10,13,14 & 15, will probably squeeze another couple in by CD20, then just wait, pray, hope and see what happens around Aug 16th.  My birthday if Friday Aug 13th, hopes that's not a bad omen!!

Take care everyone

ME 41
DH 41
DS born 23/11/02
M/C 24/11/03 8 weeks
5th Clomid cycle

#18 SportySpice

Posted 04 August 2004 - 12:54 PM

DK'H = Darling KnuckleHead..... oh he's getting a little better each day - he's just still wanting to be such a LAD!  We've certainly had a rocky road these last few months but he generally is a very good guy - and at the end of the day - I'm in love with the big fella - drives me crazy.... but he's trying his best - and I must admit - I'm probably a massive bunch of hormones too!

And... I'm very lucky to still be getting into regular size 10's etc.  I have a big background of sport and fitness training and at the moment it seems to be paying off!  All the weight is basically bubba stuff - people still don't recognise that I'm preggers at times!

And..... this throat and ear ache - geeez I hate it!

Nevermind - have given my notice of intended maternity leave today - I'm hoping to stay on till week 38..... it's probably cutting it fine - but I can then come back a little later - all I'm doing is taking 14 weeks off...... we are just that busy with work - and I do really love what I do - so it does make a difference!

So - back to planning more stuff for work - OB and Cardio tomorrow!  I'll be in touch!

Big hugs to all and take care!

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#19 mamadom

Posted 04 August 2004 - 03:03 PM

Let's see if I know how to write quick short posts...

AF did finally show on CD32. Don't ask me what that means.  
Maybe one of you more cycle enlightened ladies can offer
some opinions? I know in the past she loved the full moon,
but since I had Antonia I have had perfect 26 day cycles until
now. Anyway back to TTC again. My DH caught me red
handed viewing that lovely photo essay on infertility that
someone posted a link to in AC. Ooops. The first month trying
didn't work and now he must think I am losing it. Really, I was
just curious and trying to understand what others experience.
But last week has taught me how frightening I will find it to be
pregnant. I was seriously crazy so I will have to try and chill
now and make it less life and death IYKWIM. Thanks for all
the encouragement though girls, it really helped.

Mazee - Glad everything is going well and DK'D is doing the
best he can. Don't worry, as you get bigger you will just LOVE
being alone in the bed and be hoping for scarce taxis

Janel - Wow, that many eggs sounds very impressive. Good
luck, fingers crossed for the four transfered. I must say the
descriptions that you and JB have of popping pills, swollen
ovaries, sniffing, injecting and the drawn out waiting make
me wince. It must be very painful physically and emotionally
not to mention the $$$ and I really admire you both for
having the courage to go through that again and again.
Seeing this is our new positive oldies thread, here's hoping
you will both be doing this for the last time.

JB - That girl sounds like a complete tosser. You can't save
people from themselves.The most annoying thing about
people like that is that when the time comes they often do
obliviously proove you wrong. Just be glad that you are not
that ignorant and uninformed.

Wishingstar - Hope you finally got AF so you can start
everything else. I am trying for my first to keep if that counts.

Mergie - I've got everything crossed for you so you won't
need the hostile mucus test, it doesn't sound like fun. We
need another BFP in here.

Gummybear - hope you've managed to keep your head out
of the bucket lately.

^‘^ Antonia 10/01/2004, 38.5 weeks

#20 tuxbird

Posted 05 August 2004 - 01:41 PM

Hi Everyone

Can I join this list?

I'm 38 and a couple of days ago I got my second pink on the HPT (or should I say many of them).  This will be #2, had first bub when I was 36 - I'm a late starter original.gif

Live in Melbourne (eastern subs) and work from home as systems support engineer.


me:  38
DS   29/10/2002 original.gif
#2   due 14/04/2004


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#21 Gummybear

Posted 05 August 2004 - 09:04 PM

Hello to everyone!
oh bloodyhell I have just spent like forever catching up and lost my post somewhere!!! I couldnt believe it! I still can't oh well better get over it, my phone line has been down for days now and hopefully telstra have finally got it fixed but I doubt it as apparently we are hooked to an exchange that is 100 years old!!!!
Im going to try and be quick and hopefully wont lose this post

Mamadom i raced through your posts and bugger! But I do reckon people do misscarrage early as I had all the symptoms of being preggers then got af I reckon its more common than what you think

wow Janel all those eggs more than 2 cartons!!

Mergie that coital thing sounds a bit scary but would be the easiest to fix
Jb that woman is in for a bit of a shock when she starts ttc shes obviously not well informed good luck on the 14th

Wishingstar hope all is going well and AF has showed

Mazzee that wedding sounded beautiful and hope you feel better soon geez a bloody size 10!! and I had to laugh when you have balloned out to a size 14 if my boobs continue on the way they are going I'm going to have to throw a counter weight over my shoulder for balance!

Oh and a big congrats to kfogo whoohoo!!!!
Hi tuxbird and congrats to your BFP!!
I hope I have caught up with everyone I will have a good look tomorrow
A quick up date on me Im really good which is a bit scary I've had no morning sickness for a ages now but my boos are very tender! my mum said she never had any MS with any of us so hopefully I take after her! otherwise all is good so far better go for now take care all
Cheers P

#22 Mergie

Posted 08 August 2004 - 03:13 PM

Hi everyone

Hope you're all having a good weekend.

Jonaiden - how are you going, where are you at these days?

Mazee - I'm glad to hear your DK'H is treating you well. How did your OB appt go?

Tuxbird - A big HI and congrat's to you.

Gummybear - Good to hear you probably wont suffer from ms, that's a blessing in disguise.  The PCT is similar to a pap smear so I'm not at all worried about it.

Mamadom - Sorry to hear the witch found you.  I hope your wait isn't a long one.

JB - How are you?

Kim - How's the European heat treating you.

I hope I haven't missed anyone, apologies if I have.  I'm using DH laptop and I HATE it, I can't spell on this and it's taking me twice as long to post.
I'm at CD20, only 8 more days, Gee I hate the 2 ww.
Didn't manage anymore BD'ing after CD15 so I don't hold out much luck, especially if I o'd late.

Like every month, I'm hoping like hell that I'm PG, aren't we all!!!

Good Luck to everyone, wherever you are in your cycle.

Take Care

ME 41
DH 41
DS born 23/11/02
M/C 24/11/03 8 weeks
5th Clomid cycle

#23 AMPSyd

Posted 08 August 2004 - 03:52 PM

Hi Mergie, Yes I'm still around and still TTCing - thus far with no luck.

We visited a friend yesterday who had a bub 5 days ago - a little girl 2.8 kilos - I love smaller babies. Last month we visited another friend in hospital whose son was close to 4 kilos and he was huge in comparison. DS was 2.1 kilos (born 35 weeks) so smaller babies are my thing. I so don't remember how small a baby can be - she had her DD on the bed and she was so small and really cute. DH would love a daughter and I had bought some baby stuff from pumpkin patch - I rarely go into the girls section of Pumpkin Patch - girls can get some really cute stuff.

Well, DH just caught me typing and says the reason we are still TTCing is that I'm on the computer too much and how about --------!!!! ;p

Me 35
DH - 37
DS - 2/2/01
TTC no2 - since Feb 2004

#24 SportySpice

Posted 09 August 2004 - 01:18 PM

Hi Ladies!
Janel - good luck with all the eggies.... WOW - big effort!

Saw the cardio and OB last week ....
Cardio - all is going well with the ticker.  No enlargement of ventricle or of the heart itself.  Leak is still there but hasn't got any worse so all ok.  He did his usual u/s to see the blood flow etc and then just couldn't help himself and wanted to check out the bubba..... so the bubba's heart is going really well... THEN he said do you wanna know the sex.... this is my CARDIO!!! original.gif
Ohhh not really...... but I had a quick peak and I "think" I know.... but I'm not saying..... and his rooms are directly across the hallway from my OB at RPA Medical Centre - so it's all a bit funny there!!

OB appt - all good.  Bubba weighing in at 951gms.  Fundal height 26cm - so all tracking well.  Weight..... 10kgs..... but still people can't work it out if I'm preggers or not!  BP was good.  Had a bloods done on Friday for GD and other stuff and should be getting results for that either today or tomorrow.

W'end was pretty good.  DK'H has been pretty good.  Very tired, bubba moving heaps and heaps.  

Hope you're all keeping well, take care and big hugs

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#25 Snagglepussed

Posted 11 August 2004 - 07:47 AM


JB - Stim August 14 (To be confirmed)

MERGIE - PCT next Clomid Cycle. HAPPY Birthday for Friday

GIROLAMA - 26 weeks pregnant! And in the middle of hectic home move! ARRRGGHHH.

MAZEEE - 27 weeks pregnant! D'KH coming round, Ticker behaving, bub's dancing - all going well!

GUESTY - 26 weeks pregnant!

LYNNYP - Little Siobahn born June 04

SEAHORSE - Ethan born 19th Jan 04.

GUMMYBEAR - BFP!!!! EDD: 01/01/05 But this ain't no April Fool!

KFOGO - BFP!!!! EDD: 04/04/05

MAMADOM - AF arrived CD32 :mad: Onwards and upwards!  

JANEL - 2WW - 26 eggs cool.gifo: - 16 fertilised cool.gifo: cool.gifo: - 4 trasferred cool.gifo: cool.gifo: cool.gifo: - 8 Frosties cool.gifo: cool.gifo: cool.gifo: cool.gifo:

MORGANSACRE - 20mth TTC No. 6 Popping B6, B12 and Folate - everything crossed

MINNI - Need update Minni!!!!

WISHINGSTAR - TTC - Waiting for AF to start tracking assessment.

JONAIDEN - TTC - Sprung by DH on Computer instead of BDing! Oops! blush.gif

TUXBIRD - WELCOME! original.gif And congrats. Another 38 yo preggers! YEAHHHHHH! 5 weeks.
Sorry to forget you love! blush.gif


Mamadom - my Gyno is a WOMAN and managed to ruin a marriage as she is a complete workaholic. When she had her first baby (not with DH but BF . who then apparently lef ther!) she was bak at work 15 days later! cool.gifo:


Rebecca Jade - 18/07/01

Little Titch - due 17/11/2004

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