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Oldies Support Thread # 7 October 2004
Oldies Support Thread # 7 October 2004

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#1 Jahbee

Posted 27 September 2004 - 08:44 PM

JB – TTC #2 IVF.  FET 2 lone Rangers - Nov.

MERGIE – This cycle - 50iu Puregon injections daily.

GIROLAMA - 33 weeks pregnant!

MAZEEE - 34 weeks pregnant!

GUESTY - 32 weeks pregnant!

LYNNYP - Little Siobahn born June 04

SEAHORSE - Ethan born 19th Jan 04.

GUMMYBEAR - BFP!!!! EDD: 01/01/05 But this ain't no April Fool!

KFOGO - BFP!!!! EDD: 04/04/05

MAMADOM – BFP on Father’s Day (EDD 7/5/05)  

JANEL - Transferred 5 (yep! 5) frosties 17/9  Beta ?

MORGANSACRE - 20mth TTC No. 6 Popping B6, B12 and Folate - everything crossed

MINNI - BFP! EDD 13/04/04.

WISHINGSTAR - TTC - Tracking begun

SYDPROD2001 (JONAIDEN) – BFP EDD 16/5/2005

TUXBIRD - How are things????

ESTEL – Long term suppressing to battle endo! Start stims early November.

BLUEMIST – 15 weeks pregnant EDD 11/03/05

GRACES_MUM – TTC No. 2 Grace 27/9/2003


INK-U-b8TR - 17 weeks

TTC No 1 27 months<BR>5 m/c's,<BR>3 PGD Stim IVF's  
Analeise Christine born 23/11/02

TTC No 2 since April 03
IVF PGD Stims 4 & 5
IVF STIM #6, Aug 04
IVF FET # 7, Nov 04
The 2 lone Ranger Frosties Live on to be transferred another day wink.giforiginal.gif

#2 Jahbee

Posted 27 September 2004 - 09:01 PM

Kit, congrats on the BPF, this thread has had a good strike rate lately.  Hope your pregnancy is healthy & stressfree.

Janel, how are you doing?  When's beta?  Are you feeling positive?

Good luck Mergie, all eyes and hopes are on you.

Ink-u-b8tr, i was very interested to read your thoughts on Chlomid.  My Dr prescribed chlomid for me last week and i am proscrinating on some not so good things i have heard regarding chlomid.  Seems to me just from reading around, if it doenst work within 3 cycles forget it, its not going too.  Are they your thoughts?  If it affects your lining and things you've got to wonder what else it does.  Is it estrogen or what, do you know?

Girolama, how are you feeling?  Can't believe you are in countdown mode now.  Have you got a name organised?

Mamadom, must be a scarey and exciting time for you now.  I can only imagine you would need your hand held now and lots of scans, tests and reassurance.

Estel, hope you are enjoying your holiday and come back refreshed and rearing to go.

I just had a desperately needed week off work.  Was so busy fitting in accountant, solicitor, hairdresser, draftsman, Dr, had stuff on every day.  Have been very worried about my daughter.  Long story cut short we think she has sleep apnoea (she stops breathing when she is sleeping), her tonsils are way too big for a 22 month old.  We are taking her back to Drs tomorrow to get a referral to the specialist.  We are so scared hearing her breathe at night cause you can actually hear her stop and then fight to catch her breathe to start again.  Really want this sorted out, it's scarey not to mention dangerous for her.

Went to my IVF Dr last week who asked me what i want to do and i said no more IVF.  I can't take it any more.  Last time finished me.  He said to transfer the 2 lone rangers i need to downregulate again ....on the pill, sniffing syneral, and i just can't take it anymore.  Anyway i need to finish this yr to fit in under the safety net so will try to push myself to transfer Nov.  He also wrote me a script for 100mg Chlomid a day whenever i want to start.  Probably ovulating sometime soon but couldnt' give a hoot.  Really lost interest in trying.  Trying to think in terms of one child as mentally not to mention physically i can't do this anymore.  3 stim cycles all negatives and working full time with a toddler has pushed me this yr.  Feel better than i did 2 weeks ago, but for now i need to concentrate on my daughter who is not well.

Mergie & Janel may the force be with you both.  You're both next!

TTC No 1 27 months<BR>5 m/c's,<BR>3 PGD Stim IVF's  
Analeise Christine born 23/11/02

TTC No 2 since April 03
IVF PGD Stims 4 & 5
IVF STIM #6, Aug 04
IVF FET # 7, Nov 04
The 2 lone Ranger Frosties Live on to be transferred another day wink.giforiginal.gif

#3 Snagglepussed

Posted 28 September 2004 - 07:11 AM

Thanks JB for the update!
Been really busy at work and my home connection is soooooooo slow!

Doing well! Had check up this evening and was told that my cervix had started to open! Hmmmm! I tend to be a Doubting Thomas with them now after the last time but it's jsut that I feel so damn normal!
However, I will err on the side of caution and be quiet an calm!!

name - At the moment we are thinking Alessia Ann but anything could happen between now and then!

KIT??????' I don't log on for a while and you get Number 7 happening! Oi! Girl! You go! wink.gif

Hope your babe is coming along JB! Nothing worse than worrying htat they'll stop breathing at night! DH suffers a little of this but when it's oyur child!! WOW! Not that I don't worry about DH but YKWIM!!!! ;p

Off to check the updates! What's goin gon mamadom????


Rebecca Jade - 18/07/01
Little Titch - due 17/11/2004

#4 Snagglepussed

Posted 28 September 2004 - 07:19 AM

Holy Moses Mamadom . what a horrid blunder for Dr to make! Cyber slap on wrist for him! :mad:
Twins! Wow now that WOULD be a double whammy! 8 weeks alredy! You're storming through too! Time just flies!

God guys! Sorry I've been slack but at JB is looking after us! wink.gif

Welcome Ink-u-b8tr and congrats on the pregnancy! What a long wait and well worth it! wink.gif

Now - up in my Expat thread we are all getting UP the Duff and dropping off the TTC wagon so I'm hoping it's my influence! wink.gif
Eber Expat jsut made the team too after ages and lots of probs so come on down girls and join the throng!

I rooting for Number 7 being lucky too! Always WAS partial to that number!!!!!



Rebecca Jade - 18/07/01
Little Titch - due 17/11/2004

#5 seahorse

Posted 28 September 2004 - 07:53 AM

Hi everyone,

Just trying to catch up on where everyone is at - thanks for the update JB!

Oh my God Mamadom - what an awful thing to have to go through! What a complete stuff up by the Doc - umbelievable! Hope everything is smooth sailing from now on in.

Gosh, all you 30 week plusses! You really are all getting into the final coundtdown aren't you? Love the name Alessia, Kim. Like you say, anything could happen with the name between now and then but I must say that it is a very pretty name!

I am in the 2 week wait again but am not feeling particularly positive about it. Nothing really specific but just don't feel like it will happen. I really am beginning to wonder how long we will try for #2 and how much intervention we will go through if necessary if this is how I feel at only the second month of trying. It all sounds a bit pathetic I know but I was so committed to doing whatever last time but now I am not so sure. Maybe I will change but who knows. Maybe I am just feeling my age at the moment!

Well, on that happy note (!?!?) I had better go and get Ethan's breakfast ready!

Big hugs to everyone,



Me: 40
DH: 40
Ethan Karl born 19th Jan 2004

#6 Guest_Ink-u-b8tr_*

Posted 28 September 2004 - 09:35 AM

Hi all,

It's me <i><b>again</b></i>!  My main mail server is down, so can't do any work (boo-hoo) so the plan was to do housework instead which I am very successfully <i>not</i> actually doing.

It sounds like a few of you need some cheering up, so I've composed this list for y'all:

The positive sides of assisted conception:

*  You'll never be embarrassed about having a pap smear again
*  Your partner finds out his sperm count - so he can either: a) boast about how virile he is, or B) claim it's low because of too much sex when he was younger (not true, but no need to burst his bubble)
*  It's ok if you don't feel amorous at ovulation time
*  You are on first name basis with the technicians at the medical lab
*  You get to know how your body works, and can show off that you can pronounce words like 'laparoscopy' and 'endometriosis' (but not necessarily know how to spell them)
*  You'll never be afraid of needles again
*  You can embarrass your partner by making <i>him</i> carry the little brown bag into the clinic.
*  You can get to see your uterus on a big television screen
*  You're already over the Medicare 'safety net' threshold!

Hope this has made you smile original.gif  

- Tracy.  

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#7 AMPSyd

Posted 28 September 2004 - 10:33 AM

Hi all,

Mamadom - Am I right in saying you may have twins!!! wink.gif
But what a huge blunder your Dr made.

Kim - love the name. 33 weeks - I bet a while ago you were not sure you'd made 33 weeks. DS was born at 35 weeks and bubs of this age are virtually considered full term - well full term being 37 weeks.

JB - fingers crossed for November. That is scary for you and your daughter re the sleep apneoa. I hope you get in to see a specialist ASAP.

Me - Drove to Canberra last week. Bad decision but nice holiday. DH doesn't have the sight to drive so the driving workload is up to me. I'm driving at around 100km/hr feeling dizzy and sick and it was the worst drive. But we had a lovely time - just have the tiredness of the early months.

Take care everyone and all the best to those TTCing. I'd best get back to some uni work now.

Me 35
DH - 37
DS - 3 and a half
No2 due 16th May 2005
old: jonaiden

#8 mamadom

Posted 28 September 2004 - 03:22 PM

GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS, LOL, stop it about the twins already!
You are all FREAKIN' me out! It's just that our resident
psychic Ms Kit is convinced. The thing that worries me is that
she has had twins herself so perhaps she knows something.
But Kit, what I want to know is, do you actually have any
talent for foretelling the future? Why do you think my odds are
so high? Perhaps you are confusing me with you, and YOU
are not only having #7but #8 as well, lol.

Ok, so I had my appointment yesterday (they said my beta
HCG level was completely within the 'normal' range and
never mentioned twins BTW) which was very reassuring.
They sat down and worked a plan out with me and talked
about what I would like to make me feel calm. I will only every
see one of three people who always consult each other
about each patient. They will monitor me really well and the
same doctor will be present at all my scans. I feel really
relieved knowing that I will be so well looked after. Lucky me.
I am having a dating scan tomorrow which is great as I truly
do not believe I am pregnant. I am not even expecting to see
one baby let alone two, lol. We will have to give Kit a special
award if she is right.

JB - Big hugs to you and your little girl. You have had a really
hard and rocky year, be proud of yourself that you have
nearly made it through. I hope your daughter is ok and I hope
the new haircut makes you feel pretty and like a new phase
is starting. I know this sounds silly but I always feel that a new
chapter starts with a new haircut.

Janel - Any news yet? I imagine you are probably trying to lie
low and concentrate on something else ATM. Fingers
crossed for you in lucky thread #7.

Mergie - anxiously awaiting good news from you after doctor
sanctioned 'doing it'.

Girolama - I love Alessia. It's hard work finding names that
work in Italian and English. Be carefull about that cervex
creeping open!  Can't have you popping out a daughter with
a star sign inferior to Scorpio.

seahorse - Did you have intervention to get Ethan? I guess
it's supposed to be harder at 40 but if you had Ethan no
problems it should be possible to get pregnant again. Two
months is nothing! I thought 6 months was average for under
35s, so you definitely shouldn't feel so disheartened just yet.
Besides in my experience 'feeling' pregnant means you are
not, so feeling the opposite is a good sign.

Sydprod2001- I so KWYM about the tiredness. I am just
wiped out everyday, can hardly get out of bed and seem to
sleep for hours. I am sure I wasn't this tired last time although
it's getting a little better. I am also worried as my (.)(.)s aren't
sore enough and I think I am not nauseous enough. What
about you? Have you had your Dr's appontment yet?

Mazee - are you ok hon? Hope you are getting that DK'D into
line at last.

Take care everyone else,

Mamadom 37
DD#1 - ^ˇ^ Antonia 10/01/2004 @ 39 weeks


#9 Mergie

Posted 28 September 2004 - 05:06 PM

Afternoon All

Just a quick pop in to catch up.

JB - Nice to see you again.  I'm glad you are "de-stressed" a little.  I am thinking of you and your DD, this must be so scarey.  I hope the Dr's can do something about it, you don't need any other concerns at the moment.  I thought Clomid was the be all and end all after falling pg with DS after only one cycle. My opinion has now changed as it actually worked against me this time. 6 failed cycles that thinned my lining and dried up my CM.  Will your Dr put you on Puregon injections and monitor your cycle instead, or do you want to forget all about injections for now?

Kim - Welcome back.  Love the name Alessia, hope it sticks once you meet her face to face.

Seahorse - We'll get through this 2ww together.  Try not to lose hope, 2 months really isn't that long, although when you hit the big 4 0, 2 days seems a long time, I know, believe me.  Let's see how we go this month lovey.

Ink - Loved the list, put a smile on my dial, especially the pap smear, gee I remember when I used to cringe with fright, now it's drop your pants, open them up and there you go these days isn't it.

Syd - You take care of yourself you hear!! and rest up.

Mamadom - you're a classic, I'd be freakin out too.  Good Luck with the scan tmw.

Hi to Mazee and Janel, hope you're both well.

Well we did what the Dr ordered last night and again this am. Not sure whether the swimmers the 2nd time round will be much chop after "doing it" 7 hours earlier, but anyway, you have to be in it to win it. I've had huge "O" pains today.  I actually did a Tummy,Hips and Thigh Class this morning and took DS for a little swim, I'm starting to think maybe I should have just stood on my head for the day to keep the swimmers up there!! LOL.

I'll pop back again soon, take care everyone.

ME 42
DH 41
DS born 23/11/02 (Clomid Baby)
TTC#2 Sept 03
M/C 24/11/03 8 weeks
6 Clomid cycles all failed.

IUI #1 1st September 2004 (failed)
Ovulation Induction #1

#10 Snagglepussed

Posted 28 September 2004 - 06:23 PM

Can't have you popping out a daughter with
a star sign inferior to Scorpio.

Eeee Gads! I hadn't thought of that! cool.gifo: NO No no!!!

But honestly I am a stern believer of children chosing their star sign and when to be born! Hence my inner anger at being induced with Bec! She may not have been Cancer afterall but Leo! And believe me she could vey well fit into the Leo character description!!! Tounge1.gif

Hey! All you other pregnant ladies! Where are you?????


Rebecca Jade - 18/07/01
Little Titch - due 17/11/2004

#11 AMPSyd

Posted 28 September 2004 - 08:22 PM

Go the Scorpios!!!!! wink.gif Scorpio is a great sign. My b'day 28th Oct - hee hee hee.

Mamadon - yep, have got the paperwork for tests and hospital admission forms from my Ob's midwife, have booked that nuchel trans (whatever it is) test for 1st Nov, and will see the Ob on the Friday prior to that. Oh those (.)(.) - I carn't even cuddle DH too close as any pressure on them is so sore. But I never noticed this with DS at all - pregnancies can be sooo different. I wasn't even nearly as tired last time - could work a full time job and still get to the gym after work - now, no way could I do that. I am very glad that you will be looked after so carefully.

Well, I never dod get to my uni work earlier so will order some books from the uni library (just decided to take a quick detour to EB first), and do some reading.

Me 35
DH - 37
DS - 3 and a half
No2 due 16th May 2005
old: jonaiden

#12 seahorse

Posted 28 September 2004 - 08:28 PM

Hi all,

Ink-u-b8tr, your list made me giggle - thanks for that!

JB, hope you get some good assistance from the Specialist for your daughter. It must be so scary for you all.

Mamadom, good luck with your scan tomorrow - how exciting - now we will see whether it is one or two!!! I didn't have any intervention with Ethan - I made an appointment with Dr Nick Lolatigis to talk about options if I didn't get pregnant and I found out I was pregnant the night before the appointment! I know I am being pathetic because we have just started trying again and when I think of what so many of you  guys have gone through I feel even more stupid but maybe my hormones are just playing up or I am just tired. I know I will bounce back again. Thank you for your warm thoughts.

Mergie, it is good to go through this 2ww with you! I love the image of you standing on your head to keep the swimmers up there! I remember with Ethan, I really wasn't sure which way to lie after BD'ing because I had a retroverted uterus and kept getting conflicting advice. I ended up with a pillow under my hips doing a bit of a rotisserie chicken thing....turning every 15 minutes or so until I had covered all the options......  Tounge1.gif

Off to bed for an early night now... nighty night!



Me: 40
DH: 40
Ethan Karl born 19th Jan 2004

#13 SportySpice

Posted 28 September 2004 - 08:54 PM

Hi.....I'm here!!!
Been slack on this thread - just trying to catch up with everything..... oh my gosh, twins, shagging, no shagging, new names, good news, sad news, I don't know where to begin.......

JB - go those lone rangers, sending you strength and hugs - not fully understanding it all, I'm just reading stuff real quick to try and catch up but my thoughts are with you.

Mergie - yuk with the injections

Kim - keep your legs together and rest up!

Go Gummybear, Go KFOGO, Go Mamadom, Go Janel, Crossing everything for Morgansacre, Go Minni.

Wishingstar - summer's coming - lots of nice things to try and think about...... try not to be sad....

Go Jonaiden, go Ink-u-b8tr......

And everyone else who is new(?)  welcome and go the oldies I say!

My quick update - DK'H - nothing new - still a knucklehead..... some of his mates reckon he'll "change" when he sees the bubba - I'm not convinced......

Otherwise I'm ok - getting tired really easily in the arvo's, still working pretty hard at work and then more at home - gotta get this house done!!!  Life's just going crazy.......

I'm getting impatient with DK'H and his lack of concern for my feelings - I mean he's great with working on the house, but I have to beg for a dinner out on a Sat night.... never know it may interfere with a beer drinking, boy thing or whatever...... I must stop this.......

Anyway - this little bubba is getting its feet up under my ribs and being a little cheeky!  Year of the Monkey I guess - just like its Dad - Heaven help meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonna get going now - DK'H due home any minute and I wanna get in the shower and ready for a bit of a sleep - and a bit of pizza..... bad mazee!

Take care all and big hugs to everyone out there.... sorry if I've not been to personal with responses, but you are in my thoughts and I just wish you all happiness in your journeys......

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#14 kit4keeps

Posted 28 September 2004 - 10:47 PM

Oh gosh I never said I was a fortune teller...lol
It is just that ladies in the higher age group(like us all here Tounge1.gif)Have a higher instance of twins and while your hcg level falls within the normal limits ,it is still on the higher end of the limits. i have no intention of having myself another set of twins..have very little sanitly left to lose..lmao
I head off for my blood test on thursady and hopefully will have the results on Friday morning. The DR is going to laugh at me for being so eager as I am only 3 wks and 4 days today., & already I have known that I am preg since Saturday.
Anyway, thank you to everyone for you congrats again. I really appreciate it.

BFP!! EDD 10/06/05

#15 minni

Posted 29 September 2004 - 08:06 AM

Just popping my head in again today...

JB  I don't know what to say to you because I have no idea what you're going through but I am thinking of you. Take care hun.

Mergie  Standing on your head. LOL Hope you weren't contemplating it at the swimming pool though! original.gif
What a wonderful dr to give you permission to 'do it'! Hope it works for you though.

Kim  I like the name you have chosen. Take care and keep you legs closed. She can't escape if you don't let her. Tounge1.gif

Mazee  I really hope DK'H does come around for you. Good luck with everything. Maybe seeing the baby will change him but what happens when the novelty wears off? Okay, didn't mean to be a downer. The most important people in your relationship are you and your baby. Take care of both of them.

Mamadom  Good luck today. Let us know how you go.

All other newly pg mums  Hope you're all coping well with the m/s, tiredness and sore bb's. I also hope your DH's are supportive of these pg side effects. I don't think my DH really understands why I'm so tired all the time just yet.

Me  12 Weeks today!!! original.gif original.gif
Now, I just want to get through the next week or so, so I can start to breathe again. It's getting hard holding my breath for so long. I'm seeing the OB again next week and I'm so scared that something is going to be wrong. My m/s is all but gone now and I'm feeling more energetic during the day. My bb's (especially the nipples - aaarrggh) are really sore still. I had a beautiful dream last night that I was holding a gorgeous little baby boy with the darkest eyes and a mop of dark hair. He was perfect in every way. (Another concern of mine since I opted for not having the NT scan or further testing). I'm taking it as a good sign.

Well big hugs and belly rubs to you all. Take care.

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#16 wishingstar

Posted 29 September 2004 - 12:11 PM

Arrghhh!!! Dont you hate it when your post that took ages to wite is whisked away into cyberspace!! thats just what happened to me.  I was going back to reply personally to all, but somehow, what Id written has been sucked up somewhere!  So, will have to keep this short, coz if it happens again, I will throw this laptop!!  :mad:  Looks like im starting injections if AF finds me this week.  On the downhill run now of 2WW, fert clinic wants to give me jabs if no luck this month.  By reading posts, Im guessing they are the same ones many of you have gone through.  Anyhting I should know?  Side effects?  Hows this, the nurse goes, hmmm youre 38 now, cant mess around much longer, lets get the drug thing happening.  Thought it amusing.  Well, Im n ot going to attempt to write personals, since i lost them last time, just all take care, I know 7 is a lucky number, and keep all the positive vibes a-coming to all of us ttc, and those with rounded tums!

#17 mamadom

Posted 29 September 2004 - 03:32 PM

OH cool.gifo: cool.gifo: cool.gifo: NO  cool.gifo: cool.gifo:!!!!

KIT honey, kiss your sanity good-bye, looks like
YOU are the one having twins, LOL......................

So there really is a baby in my blubber-belly! I am amazed,
but there is only one. I was so scared, had forgotten the
rescue remedy and could feel a panic attack coming on but
then the minute we saw the little one and that shimmering
heartbeat on the dlido-cam I was head over heels in lurve.
So much for trying to hold back.

I was a little worried about the twins scenario, especially after
all that teasing. You're all such stirrers  Tounge1.gif. I am sure I ovulate
twice sometimes thesedays and I DID have those strange
dreams and yes my levels were up there, but it's not to be this

I am really getting the royal treatment at the hospital, wow, it's
amazing. I am so glad I made the decision to go back there. I
get hugs and cups of tea in every department.

Sydprod- Go scorpio girls, they are very superior specimens
(Nov 9th).

Girolama - Hmmm not sure but I think you were lucky with
Bec, Leos and Scorpios (your one too right?) do NOT mix,
and cancers are gorgeous people. But Bec looks like she
has that Leo mane goin' on... Anyway, you're right, Titch will
be what she is destined to be no matter how much you cross
your legs.

Minni - Good on you for chosing no testing. I had genetic
counseling today and they really try and put the fear into
you, so it must have been hard to stick to your guns.

Mazee - yay you are alive. Glad to hear your not letting THAT
BOY keep you down.

seahorse - LOL at the rotisserie. Now I wonder, everytime I
have been pg I have no symptoms except I turn into a tired
crabby hormonal psycho b@#%h, could you be????

wishingstar - hope that evil AF won't find you and you'll never
need the injections.

As for you girls injecting all that stuff, I really admire you. I am
SHOCKING when hormonal and have just no control over my
emotions or what comes out of my mouth. I blame it on the
Italian genes which wears thin after a while, but you girls
must really have it tough with hormones constantly out of

Look after yourselves everyone else and stay positive.

Mamadom 37
DD#1 - ^ˇ^ Antonia 10/01/2004 @ 39 weeks


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#18 Guest_Ink-u-b8tr_*

Posted 29 September 2004 - 05:52 PM

Just a quick note to say CONGRATS to Mamadom.  That's wonderful news, am <b>so</b> happy for you!!  (would have a beer in your honour, but... you know..)

Wishingstar - I found the mood effects from the 'jabs' far less than with the oral drugs, but it could be that I'm just a b*tch anyway original.gif  Your nurse is right though, we can't mess around too much with our horrid maternal clocks - so best to get things mooooving right along.   All the best!

- Tracy

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#19 Snagglepussed

Posted 29 September 2004 - 06:09 PM

Mamadom - fantastic news. It really makes everything REAL once you see that little sac on Dildocam eh??? Tounge1.gif

Yep! I'm a scorpio too! And DH!!! cool.gifo: If Titch is too then Bec has no chance bukco!!!! :eg:
I'm 17th Nov and DH 11th! Our wedding anniversary is Scorpio too! 21st Nov!

I know Leos and Scorps don't mix - my Dad is a Leo and we clashed like Kilkenny Cats! Now we get along like a house on fire - literally! LOL

Yep! I too have great admiration for you AC girls! Injecting hormones when I was already a raving lunatic once a month would not have been good!

Mamadom I keep forgetting you have the Wog Genes!!! wink.gif
I think I've grown them living here!!!!! ;p

Ciao all


Rebecca Jade - 18/07/01
Little Titch - due 17/11/2004

#20 kit4keeps

Posted 29 September 2004 - 08:29 PM

Wonderful News Mamadom..but don't you know that twins tend to hide one another for a few more weeks yet???? Tounge1.gif Lmao. Seriously though, I am so happy that you saw your little one today and that everything is A ok.

Take care

BFP!! EDD 10/06/05

#21 wishingstar

Posted 30 September 2004 - 11:21 PM

How exciting mamadom!  Not being pregnant before I cant imagine what its like to see a little bitty angel looking back at you.  Bring it on I say!  Just know thats the type of xmas present i want!  ;p  well, what a dummy i was yesterday.  Been feeling a bit down in the dumps lately,  thinking about having to start injections if AF finds me, and all that crap.  I decided to give myself a bit of a beauty regime, (havent done one for ages), and got the 'ol face mask out.  Well, i plastered the stuff on, and peeled it off, then my sis rang, and ended up talking to her for ages, forgetting that i hadnt washed the remnants of the mask off.  Well, today I have the most god awful red blotchy pimple like face!  that'll teach me!  had a huge reaction to the mask it seems.  Oh well, at least it keeps my mind off AF,  I must be thinking negative for this month coz I went shopping for tampons today, not good!  I gotta go out to tea with DB family on saturday so hoping this blotchy moosh is cleared up by then! sticky vibes and angel dust 2 all.

#22 Gummybear

Posted 01 October 2004 - 01:18 PM

A big hello to everyone!!! I have,nt been on for a while have been so busy!! wow what a lot I have missed I dont know where to start! I'm so happy for minni and mamadom! go girls oa ooo twins  lol I've been thru that theres twins on both side of the family and my mum was wishing for two and I was sh*&&ing myself how would I cope!!! but the scan showed one which totaly spun me out coz I really dont feel preg and to see bubs in there doing his thing was like 'wow' its such a relief to be able to tell everyone too but geez the advice is just pouring in....lol
oh and mazzee and girolama getting so close now its so exciting

JB I hope everything gets sorted out with your dd, its been such a long road for you I have to admire your strength through all this, a break from it all will be good and those rangers are still there for you  big hugs to you

wishingstar I hope af doesnt come and you dont have to have those injections and to all the new girls a big hello and to everyone I missed to I just hope this post makes it they seem to disappear into the great viod sometimes I will catch up again soon
hugs to all
cheers P

#23 Jahbee

Posted 01 October 2004 - 09:31 PM

Mamadom congrats on the see the hb, big step for you there. Great to read the hospital are holding your hands throughout this.

Janel any news?  I reckon your beta is around now.  Fingers crossed big time for you.

Mergie how you travelling?

We bought Analeise a cubby house this week for her birthday/Christmas that we have to paint and stuff so looking forward to getting that put up for her.  I think every girl should have a cubby original.gif
Have a good w/e.

TTC No 1 27 months<BR>5 m/c's,<BR>3 PGD Stim IVF's  
Analeise Christine born 23/11/02

TTC No 2 since April 03
IVF PGD Stims 4 & 5
IVF STIM #6, Aug 04
IVF FET # 7, Nov 04
The 2 lone Ranger Frosties Live on to be transferred another day wink.giforiginal.gif

#24 Mergie

Posted 03 October 2004 - 03:45 PM

Afternoon Ladies

Popping in with a quick update as my PC is giving me grief, it's new and keeps pestering me with one warning after another ARGHHH!!!

JB- I'm doing OK, I had the 1st HCG shot after the trigger on Friday night.  No drama's this time I managed to snap the ampule just right!!  I've been feeling off colour since then though.  Nauseous, tired, etc.  My boobs tingle alternatively and my stomach (ovaries) ache.  I'm only at CD19 so wouldn't expect these to be any type of sympton.  I have my ovulation BT tmw night along with my 2nd HCG shot.
I've read a bit about OHSS but don't think the pain is associated with this as I only had 2 mature follies before the trigger.  More importantly, how are you?  Hasn't the year flown, I can't believe our babies are going to be 2 in a few weeks!! The cubby sounds great, we're not sure what to get Josh yet, we have gathered a collection of Wiggles paraphanalia which is a good start!!!  he soooooooo loves those Wiggles.

Hi to all you other lovelies, hope all is well.

I'm working 4 days a week for the next 2 weeks so won't get online too much but will let you know how things are panning out, especially if I get a BFP, you'll be the 2nd to know!!!

Take care

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DS born 23/11/02 (Clomid Baby)
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M/C 24/11/03 8 weeks
6 Clomid cycles all failed.

IUI #1 1st September 2004 (failed)
Ovulation Induction #1

#25 klbseb

Posted 03 October 2004 - 05:00 PM

Hi, I thought I'd introduce myself - I'm currently 37 (will be 38 day after delivery) and 25 weeks pregnant with number 2.

I'm not sure how often I will get to post as dd #1, dh and work keep me busy, but the support will cetainly help as I don't have contact with many other "older" mums.

M/C 01/99
Katelyn - 15/03/2000
M/C 9/2/04
EDD - 13/01/2005 (C/S 10/1/2005)

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