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Oldies Support Thread # 7 October 2004
Oldies Support Thread # 7 October 2004

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#51 Jahbee

Posted 15 October 2004 - 10:35 PM

Mergie sorry to hear AF arrived and you are back to square 1 - but hey you can join me cause she arrived for me yesterday.  I know i say i don't give a rats anymore and at the time i don't but the mind games drive you crazy!  I can't believe after all these years i still believe i have a chance~!  But as i'm unexplained infertility and have fallen pregnant naturally before its hard to just cut off hope i guess.

Funny about AF and HPT's.  I was nearly 1 week late this time and was in Priceline on Wed and thought hey i'm late what say i buy some HPT's.  Without a word of a lie walking back to work and i could feel those AF twinges i start.  Needless to say i didnt even bother to test, just had to wait a day and a half and she showed off course, so if ever you need her just test.  IVF really screws around your cycles, i should know that by now, duh!

So what next Mergie?

I've decied to wait another month for my FET (frozen embryo cycle).  I figure if the normal embies i have put back have not worked then maybe my body needs a break from drugs for a full 2 months.  I am not going to do chlomid either cause i think you said it thins yours lining and this is not what i want for a FET cycle.  Only thing is if they make me downregulate on the pill and sniffing by the time i get my results it will be like christmas eve - the last thing i need a negative at the inlaws in Sydney for christmas, oh joy.

Wishingstar good luck for your IUI.

Mamadom how are you doing?

Janel, whats next?

Girolama where are you?  You've probably only got a month to go, gosh thats gone fast.

Mazzee how was your last day at work?

Seahorse what did Nick tell you to do next - chlomid?

Hope everyone else is doing ok.

Have the specialist appointment for my daughter next Thursday and it can't come quick enough as she's had tonsilitis again this last week.
Have a good w/e everyone.

TTC No 1 27 months<BR>5 m/c's,<BR>3 PGD Stim IVF's  
Analeise Christine born 23/11/02

TTC No 2 since April 03
IVF PGD Stims 4 & 5
IVF STIM #6, Aug 04
IVF FET # 7, Nov 04
The 2 lone Ranger Frosties Live on to be transferred another day wink.giforiginal.gif

#52 Mergie

Posted 17 October 2004 - 12:16 PM

Hi guys

Just a quickie to let you know where I'm at.

Start Puregon 50iu tmw morning.
PCT and Scan following Monday.
Depending on what the PCT shows, will be doing IUI with sperm washing this time later that week. I'm more or less going to demand the IUI and sperm washing, time is running out and I don't want to risk another cycle of wishing on a wing and a prayer to get me through!!

JB - I was asked in the AC thread why I had IUI without sperm washing last time, answer is Dr said my DH sperm was fine and it wasn't required.  This time I have asked for it and he has agreed.

G'day to everyone else, Kim!!!! where are you???????

Catch up again later.

ME 42
DH 41
DS born 23/11/02 (Clomid Baby)
TTC#2 Sept 03
M/C 24/11/03 8 weeks
6 Clomid cycles all failed.

IUI #1 Sep '04 BFN
O/I #1 Oct '04 BFN

#53 SLJ

Posted 17 October 2004 - 03:52 PM

Hi All,

I'm SLJ (Susan), I'm new to this forum.
I'm 36 in March, and my partner is 41, we are just starting TTC for our first.

I was a little concerned about my age when we decided to TTC, and never found a great deal on older mothers in my research, therefore I was rapt when I stumbled across this forum.

I hope to get to know the regulars in the coming months, and learn from everyone. My learning curve is very very steep at present and any help or advice is appreciated.


#54 mamadom

Posted 18 October 2004 - 12:21 PM

Hello everyone,

Janel, Mergie and JB, triple bummer for you girls, but glad
you have the strength to keep going for next time. I don't
know how you do it but good on you. I watched a doco about
genetic determination and they showed someone having an
embryo transfered. I was thinking of you girls 'cause I just
could believe the giant spotlight on the woman's 'bits' as she
lay in the stirrups and the Dr and about 5 others in the room
just casually looking straight up there! Not to mention the tv
cameras. JB, so lone ranger and Tonto could be xmas

Mazee - so I guess you're all curled up under the doona on
this rainy cold morning now that work is over? I hope your not
involved in any of that manic nesting where you feel
compelled to run all over the place buying things and getting
ready. So exciting for you now.

Susan and Jill - glad you have joined us.

Wishingstar - glad you are handling the jabs ok. Wishing you
lots of luck for your wee little egg this month.

Girolama - only 6 days to go for a scorpio! So have you
definitely decided on Alessia?

Well here I am, I've made it this far thanks to my new age
subliminal chill out cd. I have my NT tomorrow so I am pretty
nervous about that. Please, please let the results be good. I
am squirming at the thought of having to go through with a
dreaded CVS. Girolama, please tell me they didn't stick the
needle up your 'fragrant jade temple', please, please tell me
they do it through your tummy these days. At last I have
stopped feeling sick and now I can even spend an entire day
without getting horizontal on the couch. I am still giggling at
the idea of the tricky hiding twin. I'll let you all know tomorrow
if Kit was right Tounge1.gif.

Take care and fingers crossed for everyone else,

Mamadom 37 (ooooh nearly 38!!!)
DD#1 - ^ˇ^ Antonia, born sleeping 10/01/2004 @ 39 weeks


#55 SportySpice

Posted 18 October 2004 - 02:58 PM

Hi All!

Well first day of "maternity leave"!

Mamadom - sorry to disappoint but have been running around like a fool!!!

Last day of work was pretty full on, work had "drinks" for me on the Thursday and it was such fun... and Friday was just full on with a handover.  

Saw the OB on Friday and on my "yellow card" my "station" now reads 0/5 - which means the bubba is engaged....... and my EDD has been revised to early Nov..... This little one is "displaying" the characteristics of a wk 38 and I'm just over wk 36 so OB has revised some dates.....

So madnessssssssss!  Bubba's room should be finished in the next couple of days.... new car on Friday, get bubba capsule fitted next week (hiring one for 6 mths = $70 so that can't be a bad thing....)

Sleep - a little better.... I generally fall asleep and hit a "deep" sleep early on - ended up "dribbling" on the DK'H's chest the other night I was that buggered!!!!! LOL  Anyway.....

And the DK'H - well since hearing from the OB that it's all ready to go - he's been somewhat "amazing" - Kim I'm sure you'll have a brilliant comment on this one..... he's been very very good - bit of a change to his usual antics but I'm still not convinced and just riding this one nicely...........

So - here we go for the next couple of weeks - who knows what's gonna happen....?????  I'm excited by I'm bloody sh*&t scared!!!!!!!

Gonna actually put the TV on now and have a bit of a kip for about an hour..... may head to the pool this arvo for a bit of a float - but the weather is a bit yukky - so may just lie down for the rest of the arvo! hehehe

Sorry that this update has bascially been about "me" but it's all very scary at the moment.

take care all, big hugs

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#56 Guest_Ink-u-b8tr_*

Posted 19 October 2004 - 06:44 PM

Hi everyone,

I 'popped' out of the loop for a while - I spend so much time on this stupid computer so I try to keep away from it when I'm not working.

Mergie - So sorry to hear about nasty AF visiting you.  All the best with IUI and I hope those little buggers swim like heck (and that they scrub up nicely for ya)

JB - having a break from all those icky hormones sounds like a good idea, your body will appreciate that.  Don't even tell your inlaws you are testing,  that way they can't keep asking you over and over and .... (yeah, I know how annoying it can get)

Mamadom - how was your scan??  What's a CVS? - sounds awful.

Mazee - how exciting!!  you must be counting down the hours now. I've been meaning to ask you - what does DK'H mean?  (I could hazard a guess though)
Wishingstar - how did IUI go?  Now the hard part begins - the dreaded 2 week wait.  

Susan - hello and welcome.  I'm another first time mummy2b at 36 with a 41 year old DH.  Oldies but goodies (I still <i>feel</i> like a teenager even though my eggs are trying to tell me otherwise)  All the best TTC, I hope it's a natural conception for you  - much nicer than the alternatives!  

I only read the last page of this thread, will read everyone else's news later on.  Hope you all are doing well.

I went for a 19 week u/s today.  I was really nervous about this one.  Turned out everything is fine though.  I saw hands and feet and face ..  just like a little alien living in my belly.  It was <b>so</b> exciting (and a little wierd!)  All measurements were good, and the hearbeat was nice and strong.  We paid the big bucks for a speciatlist to do this u/s - but I figured that since this whole thing has made us broke anyway, there's no point in skimping now!  

Broke but Happy,
- Tracy.

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This message was edited by Ink-u-b8tr on Tuesday, 19 October 2004 @ 8:06 PM

#57 SportySpice

Posted 19 October 2004 - 08:31 PM

Hiya All

Ink-u-b8tr (and other newbies) DK'H = Darling KnuckleHead - coz he's not my Darling Husband, Darling much else really ............... just a Knuckle!

And as I said earlier - that I wasn't convinced by the fact that he's been "really" good since learing I'm bascially "ready to go" - he's just at it again...........  nevermind - Kim - he hasn't disappointed us!!! Anyway enough of him! Be gone!

Second day of "maternity leave" and still running around like a fool..... still lots to do, buggered, scared, happy, sad, excited....... it's all very confusing.

Wally update - one day at a time with her - no point in getting chemo/radio on her tumour, I'm just making sure she is warm, comfortable and eating lots of nice things.... (just in case..... she's got a tumour on her neck which is cancer and is secondary to some "shadows" she has on her lungs - oh Wally is my cat.... of 13 years and just the best!  "She" got called Wally - coz she's a Wally..... her nickname is Stunt cat....... she has certainly used up her 9 lives!

Anyway - heading off to clean up the house a bit and then to bed.......DK'H out playing sport.... should be home later - that's of course they don't go and have "beers" after the game.............

take care all, big hugs

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#58 kit4keeps

Posted 20 October 2004 - 12:26 AM

Hi everyone, I have also been MIA yet again( but have been lurking.)

JB - I agree with you that the IVF cycles really take it out of your body & taking a month out to recoop is a great idea. When I had my cycles they really pushed for them to be one right after another, and I found it very hard to cope with. I had 6 frosties(8 intially and 2 put in after the first couple of days,so never frozen)  and it was the last one(of two transfered) that stuck. I tell you I never thought for one minute that after the others that any would stick and I was wrong. You just never know!

Mergie- I felt my heart sink when I read AF had found you again. I could also feel how much it hurt you from you quick post. I am saying all my prayers that this cycle is the one for you!

Kim & Mazee- Not long now ladies! It is funny I don't know anyone from EB but I find myself getting so excited waiting to hear about everyones new baby lol I am asolutely hanging out to hear about your good news very soon.

MAMADOM- How did the scan go? I was looking for the update but see you haven't posted again yet. Hope everything went well and look forward to hearing all about it.

Hi to all the New ladies, it is great to see new faces(or sigs..lol) in here.

As for me. Well things seem to be as they should be,ms setting in and I start to whinge and then have to pull myself up short, and remind myself just how lucky I am to be pregnant. It took so long and so much heartache, that a bit of ms is not going to put a downer on me. I have my scan next friday the 29th and will be one day short of 8wks. I have a feeling that I will be a few days further along than that though. But we will see. As long as we have a heartbeat,nothing else matters hey?

Take care

EDD 11/06/05

#59 mamadom

Posted 20 October 2004 - 01:50 PM

Hi girls,

I feel a mega post coming on....

Well I had the scan with my favourite doctor. I had been
studying pictures of NT measurements on the net so I would
know what was going on. (I have a good link if anyone wants
it) I was so nervous at the start because I was thinking,
"WHERE is the heartbeat?" but of course it was there. I was
hoping for really small measurements but I knew as soon as I
saw them looking that I was not going to be so lucky. They
take about 10 then use the larger one. They were all under
2.0 except for the last which was 2.2. Safely under the
danger zone, but at the higher end of normal. Anatomically
everything was good and there was definitely a nose bone
(Downs babies often don't have one). My age risk is 1 in 116.
So I am pretty resigned that when they add the blood results
my risk will not be really low. I will probably be having CVS,
and yes, the needle goes wherever they need to put it, even
vaginally cool.gifo: cool.gifo: Can some of you girls who have horrid
proceedures a lot say some encouraging things about this?

I think the contrast between me and someone else is pretty
funny though. Most people are gushing on about how cute
the baby is, etc, I was having none of that. They were
pointing out things to me and I was totally just wanting to get
down to business! Bubby DID look like a boy though. I am
quite calm about having further testing though, it's just what
you have to do if the results warrant it. I will be very happy
with anything over 1 in 200ish.

Tracey, a CVS is similar to amnio, but they take solid matter
from the placenta instead of amniotic fluid. The advantage of
this test is that you can have it done much earlier so if there is
a serious problem and you decide not to continue it's much
easier than at 20 weeks when you would be induced and
have to give birth to a baby that would die in your arms. I'm
glad your scan was good! That is the most important one and
well worth getting a specialst.

Mergie - glad to hear your spirit isn't broken yet and you are
still telling your doctor what's what! I hope the sperm washing
will make all the difference this time.

Girolama and Mazee - I realizeI only know you guys from the
internet but I am getting nervous for you. I know it's dumb but
I can't help getting worried when people get close to full-term
because that's when I lost Antonia. I was just like you Mazee,
racing around all over town, had my SIL and nieces staying
from OS, my mum in town driving me nuts, so much to do,
and what I really feel bad about is that I didn't chill out, lie
around and listen in to my baby enough. I know I am a dag,
but can you do some of that for me so I stop worrying? (you
too Girolama, and where are you?)

JB - you will be ok finding out Chrissy eve. If the news is bad
there will be PLENTY of good quality booze to slug down
unashamedly in front of the in-laws. And if it's good news
everyone else will be pretty merry and not notice that you are

Wishingstar - Isn't your IUI around now? Fingers crossed for

Kit4keeps - Glad you are back. Good luck with seeing a
perfect heartbeat next Friday. Maybe two??? Perhaps twin
girls this time, LOL. Try the preggo pops for m/s.

Bring on the pre-x-mas BFPs and Scorpio babies!

DD#1 - ^ˇ^ Antonia, born sleeping10/01/2004 @ 39 weeks

#60 Mergie

Posted 20 October 2004 - 03:06 PM

Just popping in briefly to check on you girls!!

Mazee - this is the time for relaxing my dear, not running around like a looney!!  take some time out for yourself you'll be a busy little beaver once bubs arrives!!

Mamadom - Can't tell you much about the CVS, I opted for the amnio, this was bad enough.  I know Kim has some horror stories about CVS's. Good luck with everything.

Kit - good to hear from you.  I bet you can't wait for next week, how exciting for you.  I hope the ms doesn't hit you too hard.

Ink - I loved your signature, it bought a smile to my face.  Don't worry you'll be broke for the next 18 years or so now!!

SLJ - Welcome, we're a great bunch of 'ol bags in here so you'll be well informed and entertained at the same time.

Nothing much happening my end, just jabbing and waiting until my PCT and scan Monday.  This time next week I'll know exactly what the go is so bring it on!!

Take care all

ME 42
DH 41
DS born 23/11/02 (Clomid Baby)
TTC#2 Sept 03
M/C 24/11/03 8 weeks
6 Clomid cycles all failed.

IUI #1 Sep '04 BFN
O/I #1 Oct '04 BFN

#61 Gummybear

Posted 20 October 2004 - 08:10 PM

Hello I just saw this artical and thought I would post it here I dont know if its of any help or not for the ivf girls
cheers P

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Our summary of:
Harper K, Proctor M, Hughes E. Growth hormone for in vitro fertilization (Cochrane Review)
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Some evidence that growth hormone before IVF may improve pregnancy rates for women who have had unsuccessful IVF attempts in the past

Before starting an vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle, some women need help to ovulate. Growth hormone (GH) therapy is sometimes used in women who do not produce enough follicles in their ovaries. This aims to reduce the use of gonadotropin therapy to stimulate ovulation, a hormone that can cause multiple pregnancy. The review of trials found no evidence that growth hormone helps improve birth rates in women who are undergoing ovulation induction prior to IVF. However there is some evidence of increased pregnancy and birth rates in women who have a history of poor response to IVF. More research is needed.

Above summary by Informed Health Online
Published: Thursday, 5 February 2004

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#62 Gummybear

Posted 20 October 2004 - 08:34 PM

Hello everyone geez my last post was huge shoulda cut some out

Mamadom good luck with your tests I was lucky I had good results in the lower risk end and dont need any of those other tests the dr who scanned me said that the nasal bone is very important so try not to stress too much

Mazzee so sorry tohear about your puss I know how you feel I have a few furries here and they are like my kids you get so attached to them and have a rest will you!!

Inkub8tr Good to see your scan was ggod Im going for my 20 week one  on the 4th
anyway a big hi to all I missed Im scared im going to lose this post like alot of others
Good luck and hugs
Cheers P

#63 Jahbee

Posted 20 October 2004 - 09:48 PM

Hi Girls,
Is anyone else suss of Girolama?  Do you think she may have had no 2 already?  Its not like her not to call in so if you lurk by let us know your'e ok.

Mazzee make sure you get lots of sleep in these final weeks, you'll need all the energy you can in the first few months.

Kit4keeps i didnt realise you did IVF too, or maybe i did and i have forgotten.  There's so many of us in this thread now its hard to remember isnt it.  LOVE that the frosties worked for you, thats the good news story i need to hear to keep me going.

Mamadom glad to hear the scan went well, so many hurdles to get thru arn't there.  Ignorance is bliss isn't it. When you've had a loss, especially one as great as yours you are going to worry all the time and never look at pregnancy thru rose coloured glasses again.  Keep us updated with the CVS.

Mergie at least you are doing something active each cycle.  I decided i have to be disciplined and give my body 2 months break, 3 stims cycles with the colorado drug protocol thrown in as well has been a lot on my body in 9 months straight this yr.  The lone rangers will be transferred soon enough.  Sometimes i almost change my mind and go oh go on just do 1 more stim cycle but i just can't do it all anymore.  I'm scared too of loosing the frosties, cause once they go i have nothing, they are like my final gameplan...  I'll give the chlomid a go for 3 months and thats it.

Gummybear thanks for thinking of us.  Not sure exactly what growth hormone they are talking about though.

Inkub8tr, good to hear your scan went well.
Janel how are you doing?

Finally we have Analeises appointment with the specialist at the childrens hospital tomorrow for her sleep apnoea and tonsils, hoping to know where we stand tomorrow.

Today Analeises carer told me she wont be doing childcare from next Jan as she is getting back with her ex and moving to his place quite a way away.  Happy for her but shattered for us.  Its really hard to find someone you trust with your child and know she really cares AND lives walking distance from your house.  I think things are going to have to change with me working fulltime.  Buggar why cant good things like this last forever?

Does everyone want to give updates so i can close this thread soon and post an updated rollcall on another.

TTC No 1 27 months<BR>5 m/c's,<BR>3 PGD Stim IVF's  
Analeise Christine born 23/11/02

TTC No 2 since April 03
IVF PGD Stims 4 & 5
IVF STIM #6, Aug 04
IVF FET # 7, Nov 04
The 2 lone Ranger Frosties Live on to be transferred another day wink.giforiginal.gif

#64 kit4keeps

Posted 20 October 2004 - 11:36 PM

JB- I went through IVF a few years ago now and my DD is now 5 yrs old. There is not a day goes by that I don't think about just how special that little girl is, and what miracles took place to bring her into our lives.
It would be nice to think that Kim has had her little one already,but I saw her online last night..lol I think her little bubs has a couple more weeks growing to do yet(but of course I could be wrong).

Mamadom- I just want to wish you all the best for the tests you will be having. I can only imagine just how scared you must be feeling right now. I sometimes gets me all rawled up seeing how the medicos can get you all worried with their percentages and stuff. I have a good feeling about you and your baby and I am sure everything will be just fine original.gif

Take care everyone

EDD 11/06/05

#65 minni

Posted 21 October 2004 - 07:39 AM

Hi Guys!
Checking in again.

I've forgotten to take notes through this thread but check in every few days to catch up with you all. Have noticed Kim's absence as well.

Mamadom - good luck with your tests. Thinking of you.

Well, I'm just over 15 weeks now and sometimes it all seems so unreal. We were ttc for almost a year before falling with this one (I know - not as long as some others) and I'm so scared that something is going to go wrong. Some of the other April mums-to-be are feeling movements already but I'm not. Although when I lie down I feel 'tightenings' so not sure if that counts. original.gif
Morning sickness is fading away and I feel great. If I could stop my skin breaking out I'd be a lot happier. LOL
I have my next OB appointment on the 1st and my next big scan on the 22nd of next month. Holding my breath for that one as we chose not to do any testing earlier. DH is really looking forward to it and is trying to get the morning off work to come with me. I don't think it's real for him yet - apart from my whinging and moaning. LOL

Well take care everyone. Mazzee and Kim - let us know how things are going.
To the others ttc - good luck with this cycle.

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#66 AMPSyd

Posted 21 October 2004 - 09:39 AM

I haven't posted here for ages - although have been lurking.

Well, I'm 10 weeks with a NT scan on 01/11 - the Friday before will be my first visit to the Ob. I'll just see how things go from there as to Amnis etc. However, CVS doesn't sound too great at all - although I do hate needles and a mega needle in my tummy isn't all that exciting either. DH and I have discussed things and say 'what will be will be'. My way of thinking at present is if we do have a 'downs' bub it will be loved just as much as DS. I guess having a moderately autistic brother is making me open to whatever happens happens. Despite the medical issues a 'downs' bub has. OK, that was getting a little too meaningful.

Anyway, I'll leave here as DS and I need to go grocery shopping - after Playschool. I couldn't tear him away from Playschool just yet.

Isn't the rain great - just sooo hope that Warragamba got a decent fall last night - cause the rest of Sydney did.

Me 35
DH - 37
DS - 3 and a half
No2 due 16th May 2005
old: jonaiden

#67 SportySpice

Posted 21 October 2004 - 10:31 AM

Roger that LADIES - Resting up!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh!  

Mamadom and EVERYONE who is looking out for me (and Kim) thanks soooooooooooooooooo much - I just love "chatting" with you all, and those still on their own rollercoasters..... thoughts and big hugs are always with you......

Saw MW this a.m. (and will be seeing OB later this arvo).  Bub's is going great guns.  Heart beat strong and clear (and mine too!) My BP 100/60, all going well.......  Raced around on Mon and Tues, rested ALLLLLLL DAY yesterday - taking it easy today - have a massage booked in for the later arvo.

OB has revised EDD to 7 Nov - bubba growing at a great rate...... very very very very SCARY!!!!

OB appt 2 wks ago - "station" of bubba was 0/5..... MW said the next time she sees me I'll be in labour.... lovely..... OB and I have a "bet" going - a bottle of champers" - he thinks I'll "deliver" wk early wk 39 - I'm speculating early wk 38 - and I'm wk 37 tomorrow...........

Wally update - she's resting well on the bed upstairs at the moment - she was resting very well last night - so well that she fell off the bed... poor little love - I jumped up very very quickly and gave her lots of cuddles and settled her back down.... DK'H suggested we put her in the cot...... haha!

So - now just starting to take it easy - only coz I find I'm just buggered!  Guestimate weight for bub puts it at about 500gms ahead of "where" I'm at weekly....... Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Anyway - seeing OB this arvo and will post another quick update later.  All is well.....

DK'H - is just that - one day he's wonderful, next day HE stresses out......... nevermind - we'll manage it somehow..........

Thank you all for your concern and well wishes, I really wish we could all met up somehow - there really is a certain "sisterhood" thing that happens and I'm just very lucky to be part of this wonderful group of amazing women.............

be in touch, big hugs.....

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#68 mamadom

Posted 21 October 2004 - 01:28 PM

Pheeew Mazee! Glad to hear you are resting just a little. Are
you getting a little mushy and emotional, lol?????

So, seems like Kim is around but we are too boring for her or
something. ;p

My very solicitous doctor called me yesterday afternoon with
the results as soon as they came in. Down syndrome is only
1 in 767 thanks to my good blood result! He pointed out that
the other Trisomies are still risky but I am not at all worried as
it's not really evidence based, just my old bag age factor (1 in
190) with a couple of points knocked off because the NT
measurement was on the higher end of normal by 0.1mm. So
looks like I have reasoned myself out of needle up the vag,
lol. PHEW. He will give me an extra scan to double check for
anatomical signs of the other stuff. He is very thorough!

So then after all that I woke up this morning with some brown
spotting cool.gifo:. This baby sure is a practical joker. I was going
to call the hospital in a panic but I lay down for a few hours
and made myself calm instead. It seems to have stopped
now and I certainly don't have any cramping, in fact I think I
can sometimes faintly feel bubby moving. I know I am not
supposed to be able to yet.

Sydprod2001 - Good luck with your scan, you sound like you
have the right attitude. I didn't say hi to you in the 'due in May'
group as I think we posted at the same time. The rain is
fantastic. I love the sound of it falling on the roof over my
head while I sleep. I can almost hear all the plants outside
going 'Aaaahhhhhh'.

Minni - wow 15 weeks already. Glad the bleeding stopped
and all seems well. Thanks for thinking of me. Aren't you glad
you avoided all those tests?

Kit - Thanks for the nice thoughts. I am not worried by those
dumb numbers. I know anything can happen and everything
is random. My doctor has a great way of explaining things
rationally and I can feel he is trying his best to make sure I
safely bring a healthy baby into the world. He said to me
when he told me the results, "Remember, I can only think like
a scientist." So what about you, have you had the scan where
they discover more twins yet?

Gummybear - glad you are still around. Are you studying

JB - I hope all is well with little Analeise and the appointment
gives you some reassurance. I'll ask my little joker to have a
word to Lone Ranger & Co. about getting their sticky bits
primed for Chrissy.

DD#1 - ^ˇ^ Antonia, born sleeping10/01/2004 @ 39 weeks

#69 Jahbee

Posted 21 October 2004 - 10:07 PM

Mamadom, glad to hear your results came back low, what a relief and another milestone crossed off your list.  That would be good for the joker to talk to the 2 lone rangers and ask one of them to stick around, thanks!

Went to the specialist at the children's hospital this arvo and Analeise has to get her tonsils and anedoids out next Wednesday sad.gif  He said her breathing is unacceptable.  I thought he was going to say this and i thought i had gotten my head around it but now I'm scared.  She's our only child & probably will be and I feel frightened, panicked and sad to be putting her thru this. Know its for the best for her in the long run but i guess my reaction is normal for a parent eh.

Analeise made the local paper today! Not such a great photo (she had a puffy eye & face at the time) and they spelt her name wrong but she's there and I'm proud of her. The article was supposed to be on lack of funding for the local toy library but somehow the focus changed onto the safety of the building!  There she is on some toy and they are discussing the building past its use by date!  oh well.

Good to hear Girolama is still around and ok, hope she pops by soon!

Mazeee have you started washing all the babies clothes?  When i did that and put them on the line i howled, i still couldnt believe i was really going to have my own baby wearing them!
Well better go.

TTC No 1 27 months<BR>5 m/c's,<BR>3 PGD Stim IVF's  
Analeise Christine born 23/11/02

TTC No 2 since April 03
IVF PGD Stims 4 & 5
IVF STIM #6, Aug 04
IVF FET # 7, Nov 04
The 2 lone Ranger Frosties Live on to be transferred another day wink.giforiginal.gif

#70 SLJ

Posted 23 October 2004 - 04:22 PM

Hi All

Thanks for all the welcoming words.
I'm back at work this week after a few weeks holiday, so haven't had much time to make another post.

As a follow up to my first post, my implant has been removed, now I just have to wait  (and I'm not good at waiting!) to see how quickly my body will fall back into a cycle, and how regular those cycles will be. Doctor seems to think it won't be long as I was having what appeared to be cycles in the last couple of months of the implant.

The last three or four days I have been experiencing a lot of strong symptoms, normally when feeling like this  AF is full bore, however nothing as yet. I guess I just have to wait.....

Mazee best wishes for the imminent birth.

I hope to get to know everyone, and their history soon, then I'll be able to contribute more to the discussions.


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