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Oldies Support Thread # 8 Late Oct 04
Oldies Support Thread # 8 Late Oct 04

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#51 minni

Posted 13 November 2004 - 08:42 AM

Hi Girls!
Thanks again for all the well wishes.

Kim - You've been quiet.... please pop in and let us know what is happening! Are you a mummy yet??

JB - How's your little one going? Has she settled down now and is back to her old self. It's been just over 2 weeks now since her op, so I really hope she has. How did the bonking with a house full of guests go? I can understand your indecision on the whole - will we give up or not idea! I know that whatever decision you and DH make, it will be the right one for you. Take care.

Mergie - How's things going? Did you test? I really hope that it was implantation cramps.

Kit - How's your jellybean going? Still going strong I hope. Give your belly a rub for me.

Tracy - Has DH felt Ziggy move yet?

Wishingstar - I'm so sorry for you. Rage and cry as much as you want. The ladies in here are wonderful and all here for you.

Stella - News? And what name did you decide? Pink or Blue? Please share as soon as you can. original.gif

Chrissy - The larger age gap between the children has been a bonus in my eyes. The older ones are there to help out (as occasionally as you can get a teen to help LOL) and they just love having a smaller child in the house. I've found that I'm enjoying motherhood this time around a lot more than I did with my older two because I'm older (obviously) and a lot more relaxed. So tell me, have you had your scan yet. I know how much you start to 'hang out' for the scans just to put your mind at rest. Hope everything is great for you.

Moop - yep, age is irrelevant in a lot of cases. I don't feel old in my mind but my body sure does crack up at me from time to time. original.gif

Gummybear - What a cheeky child you have not to play so nicely for you. original.gif Well, it all adds to the surprise at the end doesn't it? Hope you're feeling well and enjoying the ride.

Jane - Good luck this month. I really hope that this is your month.

Mazzeee - Wow! Isn't she getting big? You sound like you have your life sorted out now and things settling in to a routine. Good luck with everything and give that gorgeous little bub of yours a big kiss for me.

SLJ - Good luck this cycle. Glad to hear your body is functioning properly.

Well... my infection cleared! Yippee!!!
The bleeding has finally stopped! Yippeee again!
I feel like I can face the world at last and so the rollercoaster starts on the move once more.
Emotionally, the slightest little thing will set me off but physically, my body is pretty much back to normal.
Had a great night last night with DH. We sat in front of the tv playing Playstation (Golf) and having a couple of drinks and just laughing hysterically at the most stupid things. It was so great to actually laugh and enjoy myself with him again after the pain of the past couple of weeks.

Well have a great weekend everyone!

DD Hoping to make it to 3
Angel baby 26/10/04

#52 Mergie

Posted 13 November 2004 - 11:40 AM

Hi Girls

Just a quick pop in to announce AF arrived on schedule at CD29, Friggin B*tch!!!

Spoke to my Doc last night, he wanted to try O/I again this cycle and then start doing tests such as Dye Studies, Lap etc.  I disagreed for now and told him I wanted to try IUI this month.  I also told him I wanted DH to have another SA as it wasn't that terrific last time and if there is a problem IUI should do the job for us.  Thankfully he's agreed so it's SA for DH next week, US for me next Friday and IUI the week after that.  If we don't succeed this cycle we will break over Xmas and think about whether it's worth going through all the tests again on me or just give in and admit defeat. My Doc says I could have picked up a slight infection from my MC last year which may have caused a blockage or slight endo.  

The next couple of weeks will be hectic with the IUI and my DS 2nd birthday. I'm anxious about that week as I will be so, so happy on the Tuesday (his birthday) and then so, so sad the following day which is the anniversary of my MC. I'm not a religious person but I will be saying a special prayer to our little angel that day and trying not to let it get me down too much.

I must choof, I have a hairdressers appointment in 10 minutes!  

HI to everyone, sorry no personals this time round, will pop back at a later date for that.

Take care

ME 42
DH 41
DS born 23/11/02 (Clomid Baby)
TTC#2 Sept 03
M/C 24/11/03 8 weeks
6 Clomid cycles all failed.

ICI #1 Sep '04 BFN
O/I #1 Oct '04 BFN
O/I #2 Nov '04

#53 Jahbee

Posted 13 November 2004 - 08:55 PM

MERGIE, sorry she arrived again, it's just so exasperating isn't it!  You think how hard can it be really??!!!  Understand you mixed emotions on the 2 days from one extreme to the other.  Funny how our little cherubs will be 2 on the same day isn't it!  We are just going to have a family bbq, how about you?

MINNI, you are sounding just do much better!  I'm sure you still have tough days and moments but the worst is passed.

GIROLAMA & GUESTY, good luck if you haven't already had your little ones.

MAZEE, good to see things are going well with the gabster, you get the bad nights though don't you.

JANEL, you brave brave woman on stim 7.  You must end up getting your results close to Christmas then i expect.  Goodluck, your'e overdue for your turn!

MAMADOM, KFOGO & GUMMYBEAR, INK-U, KIT4KEEPS and others how are your pregnancies?

WISHINGSTAR, how you are going after your negative?  Are you going to try IUI again?

Hi to others i havent mentioned here. THis group is just getting too big to mention everyone individually.  Drop by and let us know how you are going.

Sydney visitors have gone and Analeise is well recovered from her tonsil operation.  Gosh what a difference!  I had just gotten used to never having a full nights sleep and now she sleeps soundly thru the night and wakes up rested and raring to go!  No more dribbling, breathing like she has run a marathon, gasping for breathe, snoring all GONE!  Her voice has changed.... the difference is amazing, who would have thought those nasty tonsils could do so much damage!

Well i asked for a package at work and they said no. Bummer!  I know if i hold out it will happen so i will hang in there.  Meanwhile i think i will take my long service leave at half pay next year so i can have 6 months off from February, even just saying it takes a weight off my shoulders. I have been so burnt out this year and i can hang on a bit longer.

Waiting for AF next week then will start progyvnona.  The time has come to transfer the lone rangers wink.gif original.gif I think they will be transfered around Dec 6th but it depends on my body of course.  Very nervous doing it cause i have nothing left after this and getting the results a few days before Christmas, well a negative is not going to be much fun is it.  At least this will be nothing compared to a full stim IVF cycle.  So here we go again....

TTC No 1 27 months<BR>5 m/c's,<BR>3 PGD Stim IVF's  
Analeise Christine born 23/11/02

TTC No 2 since April 03
IVF PGD Stims 4 & 5
IVF STIM #6, Aug 04
IVF FET # 7, Nov 04
The 2 lone Ranger Frosties Live on to be transferred another day wink.giforiginal.gif

#54 guesty

Posted 14 November 2004 - 01:42 PM

Hi Guys,

Well Jason Mitchell was born on 3/11/04 by c/s.  He was 7pd 12oz 48cm long.

I went into hospital on the day at 8am, they preped me, and wheeled me down, and then they were waiting around doctor was late.  They would not start the spinal until he arrived, so everyone was just waiting around and whinging about him being late.  He finally arrived and they started they gave me the local which always stings.  Then they tried giving me the spinal it didn't work then they decided to give me an epidural the doctor said that my back was full of fluid that is why they were having trouble, I tell you it was not fun.  Then within 5 mins Jason was born, he started to cry straight away and his agpar score was 10.  I could feel them tugging away and suctioning out all the fluid apparently I had heaps.  Really strange sensation as there is no pain.  Then within 10 mins I was in recovery, they also check my GD and it disappeared which I was wrapped,  then they wheeled me into my room and brought Jason to me.  

Well here he is 10 days old,  I actually forgot how the broken sleep can get to you.  I have been spoilt with Alex.  Alex has been wonderful with him, she comes up and gives him a kiss on the cheek and snuggles him she is so affectionate I am so proud of her.

Here are some photos

JB - I am glad that the surgery went well and that Analiese has recovered and it was sucessful.  Good luck with your transfer and I really do hope that it sticks for you.

Mergie -  I am so sorry AF has found you again.  I hope that this month is your month.

Mazee - I hope DKH is behaving and starting to realise how much he can miss out on and Gabby is beautiful.  I hear you on those restless nights.

Janel - Good luck to you for this cycle.

SLJ - Good luck to you too.

Minni - Good news on your infection I am glad it has cleared up for you.  It is good to have nights like that with DH.  It is great to hear.

To anyone else I have missed.  Good luck in TTC and to those with babes in arms all the very best.

Speak soon.


DD Alex Barbara 07.02.03
DS Jason Mitchell 03.11.04

#55 Mergie

Posted 14 November 2004 - 02:07 PM

Guesty - CONGRATULATIONS!!  to you all.  Great snaps, how cute. Is having a 2nd child as huge a shock as I've heard from other Mum's I've spoken to at Mum's group?  They all tend to look a bit edgey when I ask what it's like LOL.  

JB - It's all happening for you so quickly isn't it?  We are still undecided on DS's birthday.  We don't want a huge fuss like last year and trying to pick which weekend to have it on is driving me nuts, (the 21st or 28th?) I may just have a cake on his actual birthday, invite the families and see what happens.  The problem is both sets of GP's live and hour and a half from us in opposite directions!! I know it will all turn out for the best. I will probably be having the IUI on his birthday or the next day so the timing is an issue with trying to organise when to have it. Good luck to you and the lone rangers, I really, really hope this is your cycle and you have your BFP for Xmas.

Minni - I am pleased you sound like you are getting back to your old self (pardon the pun) Great news the bleeding and infection has gone.  I hope you're having as much fun this weekend as you had the other night.

SLJ - Bummer about your hectic work load, look after yourself and we'll speak again when you pop back.

Mazeee - The joys of a restless night, arghh the memories are flooding back LOL. I hope DK'H is behaving this weekend for you and you and Gab's had a great lunch at Bondi.

Janel - I hope your scan went well today. Wow 7 stims you are a LEGEND.  Wishing you a BFP this cycle.

Kim - any news?  

As for me.... start Puregon injections tonight and then cross everything (except those legs of mine LOL) for a BFP for Xmas.

Take care all.

ME 42
DH 41
DS born 23/11/02 (Clomid Baby)
TTC#2 Sept 03
M/C 24/11/03 8 weeks
6 Clomid cycles all failed.

ICI #1 Sep '04 BFN
O/I #1 Oct '04 BFN
O/I #2 Nov '04

#56 SLJ

Posted 14 November 2004 - 02:45 PM

Hi all

JB - Good to hear Analeise's op has made sugh a positive difference. Good Luck with the transfers, I'l have everything crossed for you.

Mergie - Sorry to hear about AF's arrival, I'll cross everything for you this cycle too.

That's a lot of crossing....best keep a couple of things uncrossed... wink.gif

Guesty - Congratulations on the arrival of Jason Mitchell, very cute.

Minni - Glad to hear the infection has righted itself, good luck now you are back on track.

Will pop in when I can.


#57 kit4keeps

Posted 15 November 2004 - 01:13 AM

Hi everyone,

I have been reading in here often and keeping my fingers crossed for all the ladies going through assisted cycles and those who are waiting for AF not to arrive.

Mergie- I was really upset for you when I read AF had arrived for you, I even stamped my feet and hit the table with my fist's. I am saying a few prayers and asking that you are given you BFP for Christmas.

JB- I admire the way you can say to your Dr what it is you want to do and how you want it done. I think so many ladies just go along with whatever we are told and take it as gospel. Praying that the IUI works this time for you too.

Minni- So glad you are feeling a little better physically and the infection has been taken care of. The healing process mentally & emotionally is a different story and I truly hope that you will call out if you ever need us. Thank you for asking after me even when things have been so terrible for you, you are such an amzaing person in being able to do that.

Kim- I have been constantly reading the Nov thread to see if you have posted a" I am going to hospital" post..lol But nope not yet, not sure I could handle it if you went over time..can only imagine how you must be feeling right now!

Guesty- Congrats to you and your DH, such abeautiful name your little man has too. What a perfect weight he was!

No news here really, everything is going along pretty smoothly right now. Pretty happy about the fact MS is starting to ease and my first hospital appt is coming up on the 29th. Really looking forward to having the next u/s as the last one was the night of my bleed, so we haven't had it confirmed if the baby survived it all. But I am feeling positive about it.

Take care everyone

EDD 06/06/05

#58 Gummybear

Posted 17 November 2004 - 05:07 PM

Hello to everyone! I have 2 days off so I pooped in to catch up

Kit Good luck on your next scan I hope it all goes well

JB you must be so relieved that Analeise is back to her normal self and I will have absolutely everything crossed for you and the lone rangers, I think you made the right choice by having some time off, you can just kick back and the things  you really enjoy

Mergie bloody af!! I hope the next round goes better and maybe you should just check out whether there might be a blockage from your infection or not
Try not to stress to much this week original.gif

Guesty congrats!!!!  hes so cute looks like you have a little helper too lol

Minni so good to hear you are on the mend and that everything has cleared up and you are feeling well

Hows everyone else going good I hope? I'm feeling really well very much enjoying it all, I sometimes forget that I'm preggers! till I went to put on my fav boardies the other day and ohh back in the draw they went, so off into town to check out the maternity wear, geez talk about scary, I want to know who designed that stuff!!(they are about as talented as a dried out dog turd!!)  so I guess its off to the big city and see what theyve got
Well i guessI better be off and do something Take care everyone

<a href="http://www.snugglepie.com"><img border="0" src="http://www.snugglepie.com/tickers/tdb.php?tid=29692"></a>

#59 wishingstar

Posted 17 November 2004 - 10:50 PM

Hi all, work has kept me off here for a while.  well, Im so excited today..and no, it wasnt a BFP.  I am excited coz FINALLY i managed to get a pink line on a home ovulation test.  I know thats pretty lame, but was thinking somthing wrong with my pee for a while there!  So, gonna do the do 2nite and tomorrow, and see what happens.  Will attempt IUI probably again next month, but hoping this pink line is a good sign.  gotta fly, DB just got home from work and gotta tell him the good news..and get to it so to speak!

#60 Jahbee

Posted 19 November 2004 - 09:45 PM

locking.  New thread time.

TTC No 1 27 months<BR>5 m/c's,<BR>3 PGD Stim IVF's  
Analeise Christine born 23/11/02

TTC No 2 since April 03
IVF PGD Stims 4 & 5
IVF STIM #6, Aug 04
IVF FET # 7, Dec 04
Transferring the 2 Lone Rangers

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