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#51 Nics

Posted 12 April 2009 - 06:10 PM

Happy Easter to all too...

Not long home from my brother's place (easter lunch) - he and his gf moved into their new place about 2 months ago and they are only 15mins from us now  ddance.gif  even better when we found out a month ago that they are having a surprise baby  oomg2.gif  (I dont think Imentioned it on here??) and then on thursday night they also got engaged  tthumbs.gif  so its all happening in that household  biggrin.gif  Unfortunately it means they wont be able to do all the renovating they had planned - double income will not be happening once baby is born but hey - since when is there a right time to have a baby?  Im just thrilled that Ellie gets a playmate/cousin fairly close in age  tongue.gif  Also means I can help my SIL (to be) out in the day - she hasnt been around many babies so isnt all that confident and her mum lives in Port Macq so wont be readily available when the need arises!  But Im more than happy to help and Id like to think I know a thing or two after having 3  unsure.gif  At least I know she will need some sleep so can help out there original.gif

Anyway we are off to visit our friends up in Bathurst for a few days so wont be online for a while but will catch up soon

Jet - my DH actually had Ellie for an entire day yday whilst I took the boys to the Easter show - he also had her 4 hours lasts Wednesday (whilst I did canteen) and didnt cope well so I wasnt holding out much hope..  BUT Im pleased to say he had a fairly good day and shock horror even seemed to enjoy  it a little  oomg.gif  probably because he got a nanna nap in too..

anyway catch up soon lovelies!

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#52 Keropi

Posted 12 April 2009 - 09:24 PM

Oh my goodness Nic and Jannette - miracles do occur  ddance.gif
My kids were at the Easter show yesterday too Nic

Not much happening here, easter bunny came, trying to hook up with my brother on the webcam but having trouble with sound...darn it

#53 Keropi

Posted 12 April 2009 - 11:07 PM

Just found out my neice is going to see the wiggles in London  ddance.gif How funny is that?

#54 FloralArrangement

Posted 15 April 2009 - 08:34 AM

Hi there

Will be back soon to update. Got home at 11 last night. I feel like I have had the biggest adventure. Denmark and environs was amazing, the wedding was wild, I got drunk  nno.gif (not at the wedding), went to Albany that is one amazing place AND of course I met Michelle and Scarlett (I called her Isabella to start with  ddoh.gif ) Michelle is shy and I had a cuddle of Scarlett. I will post photos and so on later.

My baby is crawling madly. His parents have disppeared so all coming to a head now. Daisy is VERY PMT and grumpy. I have not seen a computer of watched tv for a week!!!!!!!!!

Back later will read previous posts.

Edited to add now that I have read. Yes Michelle is short I am 5ft 8 and what sort of voice Michelle? We are at Hillary's Marina which is where Australia 2 orginally, so opposite to Freo., docked.

Glad you had good visits Michaela and Jannette and yes OMG Julie.

Going to upload photos now and Michelle my friends name is Angela xx


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#55 ~JASB~

Posted 15 April 2009 - 08:47 AM

Adam has gained 300 grams and grown 4cm taller!!!  I just weighed and measured him this morning - first time in 4 or 5 weeks.  I can't believe it!!  That's a huge amount for him!  First time he's gained anything in 2 years!  And first time he's grown in more than a year ddance.gif
We had already made the decision to put off doing the feeding button for at least 6 months.  I just wasn't 100% sure we were doing the right thing, and then having Adam flat out say he doesn't want one after seeing Shea's, just confirmed it for us.  I'm so excited that I now have a real reason to give the hospital for cancelling original.gif  I've also finally got him taking Pentavite with iron in the mornings - and he's tolerating it - unlike previous iron supplements - so hopefully that means no more iron infusions as well eexcite.gif  He's only had it 3 days now so I'm not crediting that with his growth wink.gif

I saw Adam's stomal therapist at the hospital yesterday - we were there getting Josh's cast off.  Only saw her briefly as we were walking into the plaster room.  I went looking for her afterwards to tell her we weren't going ahead with the button, but I couldnt' find her.  I'm glad now as yesterday I didn't really have a reason to give her iykwim?

Gina LOL at getting Scarli's name wrong tongue.gif  Although I once typed a personal to you as Rose ROFL  Look forward to hearing more about your trip soon original.gif

Nic Wow big news all round from your brother!  Congrats to them!

Julie Anything else happening re interviews??


#56 FloralArrangement

Posted 15 April 2009 - 09:48 AM


Scarlett & I


Michelle, Scarlett & Gina

#57 MichelleM

Posted 15 April 2009 - 11:57 PM

Michaela awesome to hear of the weight gain AND 4cm, that's huge!  Hopefully it's onwards and upwards and you (well Adam) avoid the button.  Big bummer on the car battery but I guess it could have been worse!  Sounds (and looks, going by the gorgeous pics on FB) like it was a great holiday.

Sounds like you had a blast Gina!  Was lovely to meet you and don't take offence at what I said about your voice, I have some crazy things going on in my mind sometimes laughing2.gif  The wedding looked very serene too.

Julie how are the jobs going?  Have you had an interview yet?  Happy anniversary btw!

Congrats on your brothers pregnancy Nic, must be very exciting to have a new baby in the family.  Fantastic to hear that DH and Ellie had some bonding time and had a good time!  Isabella was about the same age when Brett had her for the first time all day alone and it was the start of the Daddy/daughter bond.

Great to hear that you had some time out alone (although busy!) on the weekend Jannette.  Did all the boys enjoy themselves and did you get everything finished?  We have to oil our outdoor setting too but it's suuuuuch a boring task isn't it!

Awww Ping you have not had a good run this pregnancy have you!!  I hope you had some good rest over the long weekend.  I am terribly clucky but it's just not to be sadly.  I'll just have to live through my sister when she starts trying after her wedding next year!

I have two snotty and miserable girls at the moment.  I suspect Isabella has an ear infection but why oh why does it only rear it's ugly head at night time when you can't do much but panadol and soothing words?!  She also says that her mouth hurts (?) so she's laying in our bed with an icepack on her mouth at the mo.  Scarlett is just REALLY snotty and has a cough which I think is just because of the runny nose.  To be safe though I think they'll both have to see the Dr tomorrow.  Thank goodness for school holidays huh!

#58 FloralArrangement

Posted 16 April 2009 - 02:40 PM

Michelle I am difficult to offend although Ty's family think a lot differently they don't get that they are particularily offensive  original.gif I know I have a stunning voice lol. I had you down pat tbh just shy and cute. Glad Scarlett let me cuddle her.

R's father disappeared off the face of the university FamiliesSA about to go for guardianship until he is 18 (means he stays with us) yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeweeeeeeeeeeee.

More photo's now

Coast of Denmark, stunning

Albany top of Mt Clarence

Cottage we stayed in

Mum and my cousin Monique-Claire

Cousins Gina, Simone (the bride) and Monique-Claire

Lunch at Lakewood Winery I was too hungover to drink a drop silly girl


#59 micallep

Posted 16 April 2009 - 10:34 PM

Michaela, awesome news on Adam!!!!!

Michelle your poor girls sad.gif. Hope they get better soon.

Gina, that's great that R will have the care and consistency with you for a while at least  tthumbs.gif .

Wow, talk about pg hormones in overdrive, I just watched the little boy on Private Practice die from measles and bawled my eyes out  cry1.gif .


#60 MichelleM

Posted 17 April 2009 - 12:52 AM

Awww Ping, I'm right there with you on the crying thing!  How sad was it!

Wow Gina, so you could find out about perminancy pretty soon?  Like I said that day, Scarlett must have liked you because she doesn't let just anybody hold her!

Took the kids to the Dr today and Isabella has a pussy ear infection which explains her horrid night last night.  Scarlett just has a cold however has been crying for most of the night so far so I'm guessing I could be going back to the Dr again tomorrow.  Not that I'm complaining though, the kids have been the healthiest they've ever been in the last year, so much so that I couldn't even find my medicare card today at the chemist!

#61 FloralArrangement

Posted 17 April 2009 - 10:04 AM

Ping now I am glad that I didn't continue to watch PP I would have been crying too and I am def. not pregnant.

Hope the girls get better quickly. My lot all had cold while I was away Rose and Robbie are still not 100%.


#62 **LISA**

Posted 17 April 2009 - 02:24 PM

Hiya all,

Yep I have been MIA and I do hope to get back into EB once the kids return to school.  But I just HAD to pop in and tell you all I am an aunty again.... My baby brother (all of 25) and his partner had a gorgeous baby boy babyboy.gif He is a whopper though.  4.76kg (just under 10┬Żlb), 55cm long and 37.5cm h/c.  WOHA!! oomg2.gif  oomg.gif Laura went through 18hrs labour with not much progression to end up having c/s at 12.30am this morning.  All is well with both and I just can't wait to get to Brissy to meet the big guy.

Better go, I have to deliver Bec to her aunties for a special sleepover night, then all three tomorrow night.   roll2.gif  roll2.gif  roll2.gif  yyes.gif


#63 MichelleM

Posted 18 April 2009 - 12:39 PM

Yay Lisa!!  Welcome back, hope to get a big catch up post from you in a couple of weeks time ok!  Congrats on your new nephew too, what a whopper alright!  Have a fantastic night tonight.

Gina hope R&R are feeling better soon.

We had an eventful night last night with Scarlett which ended up at the children's hospital.  She's had a cold but last night couldn't keep anything down, didn't want to feed anyway and wanted to sleep, even while throwing up.  The thing that worried us though is that we couldn't really wake her up, we changed her several times, gave her 2 baths and shower (power chucking so was all over herself and her sheets etc several times) and she slept through them all.  The Dr said that she her throat was red but not red enough, her glands were up but not bad, she was dehydrated but not enough to worry and her temp was elevated but not enough!  So I guess she's sick but not worryingly so IYKWIM.  

She's finally (fingers crossed) kept down a feed about 30 mins ago and is still asleep so hopefully she doesn't throw it up and can sleep it off.  At least I got to mop the floor - for once I am glad we have tiles through out although the house still does smell (Brett doesn't think so but it's up my nose).

BUT to top off our night - Brett went to put the first set of sheets in the washing machine last night and the damn thing broke down again - exactly the same problem that it had the last time it broke down - the week Scarlett was due!  I'm soooo annoyed, the washing has piled up with 3 sets of cot sheets, our sheets (she woke me up this morning with a lovely vomit all over the both of us) and all of her all in ones!  I laughed when I got home from picking up Josh and Bel and saw that Brett had dressed her in a particularly frilly pink all in one that I bought but decided it was too tacky and fairy floss, even for a baby to wear!  But hey, he was desperate I guess!

Hmmm she's just woken up.  She's like a time bomb, I don't like to move her because she vomits when held!

#64 ~JASB~

Posted 18 April 2009 - 12:57 PM

Oh no Michelle!!!  What a time for the stupid washing machine to break down!! rant.gif  

Sorry to hear about poor Scarli, gosh she sounded terribly unwell.  Good to hear she wasn't sick enough to admit, but she sure sounds in a bad way, poor little chook sad.gif  Hope she's ok soon and that you can get some washing done!! ohmy.gif

Hey Lisa!!!  Great to hear from you!  Congrats on your nephew!  Which hospital is he at?  When are you visiting?  let me know wink.gif  We need a big post from you very soon woman!

Ping I don't watch Private Practice.  I'm glad I didn't see that one sad.gif  Would have been terribly sad sad.gif

I'm currently cooking marinated chicken kebabs on the bbq for lunch.  Bit OTT of a lunch I know for only me, Josh and Adam LOL (Shawn won't eat them grrrr), but we all felt like having them original.gif

I have an over active smoke alarm in the house though - I just had to stand under it waving a newspaper at it because it didn't like the bbq being on outside wacko.gif  At least I know it works!!

#65 Keropi

Posted 18 April 2009 - 09:33 PM

Hi Ladies,

Sorry to hear of little ones being really sick.  My love and hugs to them please.

Michaela - just a quick one to say that unfortunately we won't be coming down your way.  Sorry sweetie.  With the potential of moving in a couple of months the kids grandparents are lapping up every moment with them which is just beautiful for them and in not so many words they suggested that we are more then welcome to stay and not go. wub.gif

Hope everyone stays healthy and I'll see you in a week.

#66 Jet07

Posted 19 April 2009 - 08:42 AM

Hi all,

I'm sorry to hear about the sick kids and broken washing machines too!
Michelle I'm sorry but reading your description of Scarlet sleeping through everything reminded me of when Shea's shunt last blocked and his hydrocephalus came back. Hospital would have checked for that though so don't panic! When I read Isabella's mouth was sore I thought of hand, foot and mouth, but the GP should have checked for that too.

Well I've finally got a house without houseguests after FIL and my parents have all been and gone over the past week and a bit.  My parents were investigating the family tree in a town near here and in the National Library records, and have found all sorts of skeletons in closets - including an unsolved murder from the late 1800's, and a mystery over my grandfathers early years and where he resided.

I have a date of 7th May for Shea's gastroscopy to check for causes of button pain but am leaning more and more to agreeing with the Drs that it's psychological after all. At least we're getting them to check latest reflux status and take a blood test while they're at it as it's been 3 yrs since anyone checked the reflux damage internally.

Got my first school grant application in last week - after more specialist equipment for the "inclusion support" ie special needs kids. About to send a bulk mailout to businesses looking for more sponsorship too. We have a wishlist worth hundreds of thousands - if you include the hydrotherapy pool and bus with wheelchair access  tongue.gif . Without them probably close to a hundred thousand.

Off to a school gardening working bee today. Hopefully I'm not the only parent again, but at least today the church group that hire the hall are meant to be all helping and putting on a lunch when we finish, so we should get a lot more done.

Anyway I haven't eaten yet so better keep moving.

#67 micallep

Posted 19 April 2009 - 05:05 PM

Kisses and hugs to all the sick kiddies.......especially little Scarli, she sounded terrible Michelle!

Janette ooohhh how exciting to be finding out about your past. I would love to know more about mine, especially my mum's real side, she's adopted but unfortunately no records were kept back in the good old days of China.
You're incredible with all this fundraising stuff  tthumbs.gif . I seriously need some tips on how to get some good donations of prizes from local businesses........we're planning to hold a trivia night for J's school so need to start collating prizes esp. nice big ones that will fetch good money in auctions. If you have any tips on how to go about getting good prize donations PLEASE PM me.

Julie, how do the kiddies feel about the potential move and what about Damien?

Lisa, congratulations aunty!!! What a big bubby indeed  wub.gif.

I've been having a bad time with contractions last couple of days. Went to the ballet with Mum on Friday night, took ventolin just as we got there as contractions were coming too close.......unfortunately didn't stop them and was getting them every 5mins so decided to ring the hospital during 2nd intermission. They rang OB who told me to go home, take another dose of ventolin and lie down. Fortunately that worked, but missed out on the last ballet sad.gif. Yesterday stayed in bed most of the day and still getting contractions every 15-20mins however eased up in the evening. Whilst this is all quite restrictive and I'm feeling very sorry for my kiddies when I'm shacked up in bed.............it's better than the alternative which is potentially having a premmie with 2 other kiddies to look after.


#68 micallep

Posted 21 April 2009 - 05:17 PM

Very quite where is everyone???????

#69 MichelleM

Posted 22 April 2009 - 01:17 PM

Oh Ping I hope the rest did you good and you don't take on too much with the trivia night.

How many people turned up this time to the working bee Jannette?  How interesting about the family tree.  I love hearing stories about my family although I don't think I'll ever have the patience to sit down and research it.

Oh Michaela I kebabs now!  Instead I'm making pancakes for lunch soon!

We've been through the wringer the last week.  Scarlett ended up throwing up for 4 days which was worrying but apparently nothing I could do about it except ride it out.  Then on the last day I started throwing up and then the next day, the day Brett took off work to help look after Scarlett while I died in peace, he came down with it!  Mum and Dad took Josh and Bel over night on Monday night and so far they are fine and I have cleaned and bleached every inch of this house and toys so hopefully the bug is gone!  Although Scarlett has an over active gag reflex now so I'm still going through a fair bit of washing.

We ended up buying a new washing machine just to get through!  There is no way I could have gone 3 weeks like I had to wait last time, as it was Brett and I were on our last set of sheets and every towel in the house had been spewed on!  Now to get the old one repaired and hopefully sell it!

So there's three's - the laptop broke down last week, the washing machine just after it and then the landscapers cut though the phone cable yesterday ddoh.gif  Poor guys, now they were spewing!

Must go start the pancakes before Scarli wakes up (oh the good thing about her being sick, and I'm going to regret typing it cause it'll jinx us, BUT Scarlett has started sleeping through or only waking once or twice which is just as good as sleeping through YAYAYAYAY)

#70 Keropi

Posted 27 April 2009 - 08:36 PM

Howdy All!

Back from our holiday, had a lovely time.  Will update blog when I can.  How is everyone?

#71 ~JASB~

Posted 28 April 2009 - 04:22 PM

I shouldn't really be here  ph34r.gif   Just finished helping Josh with homework though so thought I'd check in wink.gif

Julie, anything happening on the move front?

Michelle, sorry to read of all your dramas!!  Is Scarli feeling better now?

I have to run, just saying a quick hi.  Been catching up with Jannette a fair bit on FB, but need to hear from the rest of you too Tounge1.gif

#72 Keropi

Posted 28 April 2009 - 07:37 PM

What's Jannette talking about on FB that she ain't saying here? tongue.gif

On the move front just emailed the schools who want to chat to schedule interview times.  I'm freaking a bit now  oomg2.gif  I have no idea what we are going to do with our stuff that we don't want to sell.  Might have to call in a few favours, heaven knows we have been a storage site for many people over the years.  And my doggies, who will have my beautiful doggies....anyone....they are kid friendly!
So we'll see how it goes, I have to find out how much I will definately be paid before we would consider making the move.  I'm not in the position to lose money in the move.  The kids still want to go.  If it doesn't work out at least we have talked about a plan for the future and know what we want....for a change  tthumbs.gif

The kiddies are back at school tomorrow and I will miss them.  We have really enjoyed all hanging out these holidays.  Even Damien and I are getting along wonderfully which has proven to me that his job is what causes the stress.  So if we don't move he will be looking into other options because these 50 - 60 hour weeks are killing us.

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