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Oldies Support Thread May 05
Oldies Support Thread May 05

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#26 TwoGingernuts

Posted 11 May 2005 - 04:05 PM

Hi ... sorry to butt in ... but has anyone in here heard anything from Mamadom?

She hasn't posted in the Due In May group for ages and I noticed she posts in here sometimes.

If you see her around, tell her we would love to hear from her!


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DH 29
DDog b. July 03
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#27 vickilee

Posted 12 May 2005 - 12:25 PM

Hi girls,

Rain - it's good to have you back.

Cathy - don;t feel guilty original.gif those of us having trouble take heart knowing that oldies can have babies original.gif Hope your DD is OK

Mergie, I'm so sorry that you're feeling so bad right now - & familiar with how it feels. I don't really have any tips, just make sure DH knows that it's not him. You may want to go & see a counsellor at the clinic - other girls that have seen them said they're really good.
I felt like you did a while ago, I ended up giving it up for a year & feel much better this time. I know giving up IVF for a year isn't smart at our age, so maybe the counsellor is the best option?

Gummybear - congratulation on the safe arrival of Brock - your description of birth is truly scarey original.gif & your obvious happiness is lovely to read.

Cathy - glad your scan went well original.gif

as for me, I'm now officially in the tww as of yesterday. We had 2 x 4 cell embryos transferred yesterday, none left to freeze. The dr said they looked good, at the right stage of development and round plump cells. Though we've been told that many times before, so, all in all I'm staying optimistically pessimistic.

#28 SLJ

Posted 13 May 2005 - 04:30 PM

Hi All

Just a quick drop in today. Home miserable with a cold.

Had my recent drs appointment, my combined BT and NT scan results were very good.
Downs was 1 in 4040, and they other one (can't remember the name) was 1 in 25000, so pleased with those, considering my age.

Due date has been revised last scan said 28th Oct, and dr reckons 21st Oct (don't know if he just miss read the scan….lol) so looks like somewhere around the end of October. Making me at least a week ahead of where I thought. Have another scan in a few weeks, to check everything is where it should be and maybe find out the sex (we are still debating that one!  Lol)

Gummybear - Congrats on the arrival of Brock! Best Wishes

LVJ - hugs and best wishes to you, hope you are feeling better soon.

Cathy -  a girl! we are still debating if we will find out the sex.....sometimes we think yes, sometimes no...lol Oh well have a few weeks to decide.

Mergie - Vent away! I'm sure DH will understand you don't mean any of it, that it's the drugs talking. It will all be worth it in the end for both of you.

Vicki - Fingers crossed!!!!!

Stay Strong! Think Positive!


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#29 AMPSyd

Posted 16 May 2005 - 10:02 AM

Hi all,

Just wanted to post a birth notice

Philippa Louise
Born - 9th May
Weight - 3070 grams (6 pounds, 12 ounces)
Length - 50 cms.
Born - naturally - but with an epidural - I'm not that much into pain!!!!!!

Must change that signature


Me 36
DH - 38
DS - 4
No2 due 16th May 2005
old: jonaiden

#30 Mergie

Posted 16 May 2005 - 04:30 PM

Jo - Congratulations of the birth of Philippa, thanks for letting us all know.

Vicki - Thanks for your support.  I'm drug free today so will make it up to DH for the next couple of days.  I'll be a week behind you in the 2ww.  I have everything crossed for you, try and stay sane  (lol)

Cathy - I agree with everyone else, never, ever feel guilty.  Everyone is here for a reason and we all have different circumstances.  I hope your DD is OK.

Rain - How are things with you?

Hi to everyone else here, hope you're all doing OK.

I had my scan on Friday and there were 7 follies, 4 were a good size the other 3 a bit small.  I had 3 more  Puregon shots and triggered at 8.30 last night.  OPU is booked for 8am tmw morning and hopefully transferring Thursday. At this stage we're hoping for at least 2 to put back like last time.

I'll drop back later in the week.

Take care everyone.

#31 Mergie

Posted 17 May 2005 - 04:35 PM

Me again

They managed to get 3 eggs again this time round.

It feels so different to my last OPU.  No pain whatsoever, I was wide awake and sitting up straight away.  I actually thought they hadn't done anything!! DH told me they got 3 eggs then had to go do his bit, my mind was racing and I started to think he was only saying that so I asked the nurses what was in my file.  The gave me the letter stating how many eggs etc but it still didn't/doesn't feel real.

Oh well, I'll know the fertilisation rate tmw arvo and transfer will be on Thursday.

Hello to everyone here.

Take care

#32 Chrissy38

Posted 17 May 2005 - 06:25 PM

Hi girls -

Sorry for not checking in for a while -  but since I have left work I just dont have so much time - I am trying to take it easier this week - I was just too busy last week. Makes me realise how much time I spent at work on EB - hope the boss never finds out.

Mergie - good luck & I have everything crossed for you on Thursday. "the lady of leisure is trying to learn to slow down - I know if I dont now I will regret it.

Gummybear - congrats on the birth of your little one - I am sure your little boy is bringing you so much joy.

Susan  - fantastic results on the tests - It just puts your mind a bit more at ease.

JB - my last day was really great  - but  a bit too busy they kept me working right up until home time. But we had a nice afternoon tea.

Vicki - best of luck to you too !!!! DH does the cleaning around here (most of the time) but now that I am not at work I am doing more.

Better go now & take up my spot ont he lounge before neighbours - (never used to watch it till DS got me back into it).

Have a great evening girls.


DH 39
DS 13
EDD 01/06/05

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#33 Bloomer

Posted 17 May 2005 - 07:15 PM

Fingers and Toes crossed for you Mergie for Thursday.

Just checking my ticker 20 weeks time to check into hospital..RPA makes you wait til 20 weeks.

regards Cathy

#34 Jahbee

Posted 18 May 2005 - 12:20 PM

Hello Oldies,
sorry i haven't been around, just so busy working and trying to fit in domestics after work and other stuff.  DId a full on Proj Mgmt course at work and i am also trying to gain accreditation for that so i can at least have one qualification.  I have an exam thingo tomorrow and have to provide samples of my work.  I am really keen to get this so on top of my usual work it's a lot.

I'm 26 weeks pregnant now and still feeling good, just love how the ranger kicks up a storm.  I have my Gestational Diabetes test next week so better cut out the choclates for the next week!

MERGIE, good luck for transfer.  Glad it worked out with Medicare, must have been exactly a month and your accounts people know what they are doing.

CHRISSY no nesting yet?  Bet you are glad you have finished work.  If it were not for being able to check EB at work, unless i look late at night i wouldn't find the time now either.

SLJ, great results for your NT scan.  Is your 20 weeks scan the next one?

CATHY44, are you having a 20 weeks scan?

VICKIELEE, good luck in this 2WW.  How are you feeling now?

LJV, are you going to do IVF again?  I read your post in AC, sorry i didnt reply, i am struggling to keep up even here.  It must be very hard having step children as well as on top of everything else.

GUMMYBEAR, congrats on your Brock.
SYDPROD2001, congrats on Phillippa Louise.
I will update the front list to reflect the births.
Its a shame Ink-U-.... never came back to update us what she had.
Anyone heard from Mamadom?

Hope I have covered everyone.  OMG i have to go i just got a reminder on my computeri am supposed to be at the dentist in 15 minutes and its at least 1/2 hr walk awya.  See i just cant keep up with my own life atm.

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Analeise born 23.11.02 after 3 IVF's & 5 m/c's.

4 IVF's later pregnant with #2.  Due 23.8.05

#35 Bloomer

Posted 18 May 2005 - 03:42 PM

JB, Had the 19 week scan last week think everything went well.  They didn't tell me anything was wrong.

I know what those PM tests are like. I wish I had done them before DD then I'd have more recent qualifications rather than years of practical experience.  I assume it is the PMBOK?

regards Cathy

#36 LJV

Posted 18 May 2005 - 05:13 PM

Hi JB,

Yes we'll be doing another IVF cycle in July/August. We've changed Drs and clinics and are much more confident this time.

Wow, sounds like you have a lot on...hope your exam went well. Good on you for doing all of that! I think when I get pregnant I'll be wanting to meditate on a mountain top somewhere or spend my days thinking happy thoughts and playing the flute. I'm a recovered workaholic though, so in a different zone these days. Just don't push yourself too hard.

Vickilee - how's it going?
Mergie - thinking of you for transfer

Rain xxx

#37 Mergie

Posted 18 May 2005 - 07:26 PM

Evening Ladies

Transfer is booked for 1pm tomorrow.  All 3 eggs fertilised (hooray)

We will be putting 2 back again this time and hopefully we'll still have one left that's good enough to freeze.

I got the run around when I rang today.  I asked how many fertilised and they couldn't tell me.  I told them they told me last cycle so why is it different this time around?  I think the nurse had no idea and said 'we don't have that info and we're discouraged from ringing the lab to get it for you, but... you can ring them if you like' Well, I rang and held for ages and then spoke to ?? who told me in future the nurses will give me this info, I told her they wouldn't and it was all a bit odd.  She explained that circumstances can change etc which I understand but I told her that they are my eggs and I would like to know where they're at at this stage.  All in all it wasn't a 'narky' discussion but annoyed me somewhat.

I still can't believe I've had EPU, I don't feel any differently to any other day. Looking forward to tmw, not so much the dreaded 2ww though.

Hi to everyone.

Take care

#38 Mergie

Posted 20 May 2005 - 08:02 PM

Hi everyone

Just a quick update to let you know I have 2 embies on board, both were grade 1, 4 cells.

Our 3rd little 'tike' is in the freezer.  I was so excited when they told us we had 1 to freeze I didn't ask anything about it. I rang today and my file wasn't back from the lab so will call again next week for some details.

Well, 1 day down in the 2ww, only 13 more sleeps to go.

JB - did you make your dentist appointment?

Chrissy - I haven't watched Neighbours since Henry left   LOL, hope you've got your feet up and taking it easy.

Cathy - Wow the half way mark already. I'm glad everything is cruising along nicely for you.

Rain - Thanks for your thoughts and your lovely PM's, roll on July!!

We've just got back from Kmart, 25% off what a bargain, managed to get each of us a new ensemble!! Now we just need somewhere nice to go LOL.

Take care everyone, have a great weekend.

#39 Jahbee

Posted 20 May 2005 - 09:35 PM

Mergie, well done!  What a great result with 100% fertilisation AND a lone ranger for the freezer wink.gif  I have heard/read from other girls that go to MIVF they are very cagey about giving info out about your embies before transfer, thats one thing i do like about Monash that you can ring every day and find out how many cells each embryo is and the quality/status.  Good luck have everything crossed for you.

Rain, after i posted the question and i updated the roll call i knew you were cycling again, i was just too tired to come back and edit my post.

Cathy, what does PMBOK stand for?  I think our is just the Aust school of Proj mgmt.  I've nearly got the accreditation.  The course instructor guy came yesterday and i had everything but about 4 documents, so when i get these together and send to him he said he sends it off to canberra and they issue a certificate.  I wasn't so good on the Quality control questions, but we don't use this in our projects at work, so he prompted me so that helped!

No Mergie i didn't make my dentist appointment!  Had to ring and reschedule, how bad did i feel, completely forgot till the computer reminder went off 15 minutes before, wooops.  Just in the last few days i am starting to feel very tired and weary at the end of the day, i guess the 3rd trimester is close.

Have a good w/e everyone.

<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v249/catalyst1/adorable.jpg">
Analeise born 23.11.02 after 3 IVF's & 5 m/c's.

4 IVF's later pregnant with #2.  Due 23.8.05

#40 SLJ

Posted 22 May 2005 - 05:54 PM

Hi All

Not a lot to report here, just work. Although have had DP's Dad down from Queensland over the weekend, so it was good to see him again, have had a few family gatherings.

Feels like my belly has exploded in the last 2 days….lol  just feels much bigger and firmer, don't think it looks much bigger just feels that way, maybe the tadpole has shifted around…..I had to break out my bigger jeans, normal ones were getting uncomfortably tight and sitting around with the zip down wasn't a good look ..lol, lucky I kept my clothes from before I lost weight, hoping I won't have to buy a lot in the way of clothes for me.

Cold has reduced to sniffles, other than that feeling tired but otherwise good.

We are still debating whether we will try to find out the sex of the tadpole at the next scan or not, having my 'morphology scan' (sounds scarey  lol) on the 2nd of June, also have my first appointment at the hospital on the same day (was going to have to have a day off work so figured I'd do them both on the same day). Will just on 19 weeks then.

Put on Half a kilo last week despite all the junk….was trying to be good…..lol So I'm still a couple of kilos short of the ideal, still I have plenty in reserve if needed…lol

Jo - congrats on the arrival of Philippa Louise.

Mergie - Fingers crossed for the dreaded 2ww.

JB - Hope the GD test goes well.....Quality control...now that's my specialty....quality control and quality assurance...lol 26 weeks, looking back it seems to have gone so fast (although not at the time!)Doesn't seem that long ago we were awaiting the outcome of the LR.

LJV Good luck with July/Aug.

Stay Strong! Think Positive!


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#41 Bloomer

Posted 22 May 2005 - 07:52 PM

JB PMBOK - The Project Management Body of Knowledge has all the different sections in it. Oh how long it has been and it will be a little while before I think I am ready to face it all again.

SLJ Yes clothes are a problem at the moment hate anything on my tummy.  Dug out the maternity jeans tonight they are a bit big and baggy but comfortable.

Went to toddlers proms today it was fun but hard to keep 2 year olds interested, GF 2YO son just was more interested in the water cooler.

Getting over cold and tiredness just need more sleep...

regards Cathy

#42 vickilee

Posted 24 May 2005 - 03:25 PM

Hi girls,

thought I'd send a quick update. Unfortunately it's another BFN for us, they're certainly piling up. I shouldn't find it surprising as I know the stats for my age mean the chances are minimal, but I'd started to think it had worked the last couple of days, no AF or pre AF cramps, slight nausea yesterday & today & my pre-AF zits didn't make their usual appearance. All to make the let down worse.
Sorry to be a voice of misery here today - anyway I'm leaving work early to go home & be miserable there original.gif


#43 Jahbee

Posted 24 May 2005 - 10:14 PM

Vicki sorry to read of your negative, so hard when you have your hopes up cause all the signs are here.  I'm sorry take care of yourself, i know how flat you must feel.

Hi to everyone else, no personals, i am too tired.

#44 LJV

Posted 25 May 2005 - 10:26 AM

Oh Vicki, I'm so sorry to hear that sweetie. Even though the stats are there looming over us all the time, it is so hard not get our hopes up isn't it? It's just so painful, there are just no words that can help. Take good care of yourself. Sending big hugs, Rain xxx

#45 Bloomer

Posted 25 May 2005 - 11:38 AM

Vicki I'm so sorry I know nothing helps, look after yourself.

#46 Mergie

Posted 25 May 2005 - 01:45 PM

Vicki - Sending you big hugs.  We all know how you feel and know nothing said really makes it any easier.  Just know we are thinking of you and we'll chat again soon.

Hi to everyone else.  I've been pretty quiet of late.  Loads of things happening on the weekends and then an overnight stay at my parents Monday night.  Nothing much happening this end.  I have a couple of twinges and slight sore bb's but I get that each cycle around now so trying not to read much into it (again!!) I had my last Pregnyl shot this am, I nearly forgot all about it and remembered around 9'ish.  I've decided I will bite the bullet and do a HPT next Wednesday if AF hasn't arrived, she's due on Tuesday.  I rarely ever do a HPT but thought what the heck, I'm tired of playing the waiting game and want to know sooner rather than later.  From what I've read the effects of the Pregynl shot should be out of my system by then. So it's 1 week down and 1 to go.

Hope you're all travelling OK, will catch up again soon.

ME 42
DH 42
DS 2.5 (clomid baby)
TTC#2 Sep 03
M/C Nov 03
6 Clomid cycles BFN's
Surgery for Endo Dec '04
ICI  Sep '04 BFN
O/I  Oct '04 BFN
O/I  Nov '04 BFN
IUI  Nov '04 BFN
IUI  Jan '04 BFN
IVF  Apr '05 BFN
IVF  May '05 2 on board

#47 Jahbee

Posted 26 May 2005 - 12:36 PM

Mergie, thinking of you, the 2nd week is SSSoooooooo hard full of doubts, what if's, yes this is it type thoughts, hang in there you know we are all cheering for you.

SLJ, i think i need you to complete the quality control/assurance part of my assessment!  I am procrastinating on this part, but i'll get there!~

WIsh we heard how mamadom went, guess we may never know.

I'm 27.2 weeks now.  Went for my Gestational diabetes test this morning, don't know how i went, guess i will in a few days.  All is well with me and the baby.  Dr said i can have scans at 28 weeks and 32, but i know i have no hope of getting in in a week and as everything is fine i can probably wait a few weeks.  I am just amazed how much healthier/better this pregnancy has been than Analeise, with no problems or stress - touch wood!

How's everyone else?   Chrissy how about you?
Better choof.

#48 kit4keeps

Posted 26 May 2005 - 11:43 PM

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to pop in while I had the chance and let you know I am being induced tomorrow morning!! It just doesn't seem real..lol

Mergie- I have everything crossed that this cycle takes and I get back a read that you got your BFP! God knows you deserve it.

JB- Your pregnancy seems to be flying by from where I am sitting! Hope you are enjoying every minute and your test comes back clear for diabetes.

Chrissy- Any time now hey? I have read most of your post's in the June group, but as you know I hardly ever post, but I have been thinking of you.

Hi to minni and mamadom, hope you are both doing well.

ok I must go and finish these last few job's around the house before the morning(as if I am going to sleep anyway..lol)

Take care everyone

EDD 06/06/05
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#49 Mergie

Posted 27 May 2005 - 05:39 PM

Kit - I hope you are cuddling your darling little son by now.  Oh, this is exciting, thanks for letting us know.

JB - I remember that fizzy drink, dreadful isn't it?  hope it all goes well.

I was going to do a HPT yesterday just to confrim the + result due to the Pregnyl shot so I'd be sure if I got a - next week it would be correct but I've stopped myself from buying one!  I haven't had near as many cramps as I  did last cycle so am still driving myself nuts with all the what if's.  We don't have any plans this weekend so will have to try and keep busy with boring household stuff.  I've got painting I've been putting off so I might as well bite the bullet and get that done.

Have a great weekend girls.

Take care

#50 minni

Posted 28 May 2005 - 08:12 AM

Hi Everyone!
Thought I'd just put my head around the door and say a quick hello!
Mergie, I have my fingers crossed for you. I hope the stress of the 2WW isn't doing your head in too much.

Hello, to everyone else.

I've been having an EB break but now that I have ADSL (woo hoo and happy dancing), I'll probably be dropping back in again a little more often.
I'm in the process of trying to destress my life a little so I have quit the scrapbooking design team that I have been on for the past 3 and a bit years. But I have been digital scrapbooking and designing and I have been taken on as a designer for a new aussie site and had my first sale a couple of weeks ago. Okay, I only made $2.25 out of it and I'll never get rich, but it's satisfying nonetheless.

Here's to a great June everyone!! Take care.

DD 3
Angel baby 26/10/04
M/C Dec 2004 & April 2005

Everything I have learned about life can be summed up in three words: It goes on!
~Robert Frost~

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