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Prolapse and Related Issues BG #5

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#51 luckymummy02

Posted 21 June 2010 - 05:16 PM

Hi everyone my name is Katie, and im hoping i can join this group too, if its still running.

Im a mum of 2, a 2yr old boy and a 2 month old boy. wub.gif  

I recently had a vbac birth after a long prelabour (10 wks) and a long pushing stage. As a result im now the not so proud owner of a broken fanny. cry1.gif

Im hoping to be able to meet some other women going through similar circumstances as its very hard to talk to anyone about this, especially any of my friends that are my age.
I have been seeing a physio and will be seeing a gyno in a couple of weeks to get a further assesment. I am hoping to have have surgery as im in pain every day with my prolapse and its really imparing my quality of life. (not to mention sex life!!) ninja.gif

i have a few questions that hopefully you girls might have some answers for:
My GP recomends that i use an estrogen cream, and my physio had me doing kegals also, has anyone had any sucess with these alone?
How long untill you were able to have surgery and what is it like afterwards?

Looking forward to chatting with all u lovely ladies

#52 jazie

Posted 22 June 2010 - 05:48 PM

Elaine, sorry I didn't see this earlier. Sounds to me as though you might have a prolapse - but you'll see your doc tomorrow anyway, so hopefully that will clear things up for you! I got my prolapse about 8 weeks ago, and things are much better now than they were at the start, both physically and mentally. Mind you, I did get a pessary - and it still doesn't feel right down there, especially when I've been walking for a bit - or picking up my four month old DD or getting down on the floor with her - which I do pretty much all day....but I enjoy that interaction with her too much to give it up.

LuckyMummy02, congratulations on your little boy! commiserations on your broken fanny. I have one of those too. And doesn't it make you feel kind of broken all over....I started physio about 8 weeks ago, and apparently my pelvic floor is much better now than it was (seeing physio again this Friday), and I have a pessary, which keeps everything nicely in. Still doesn't feel right all the time, especially when walking longer distances or being quite active through the day (mind you, active at the moment has a very different meaning to what it used to...hope to get back to that eventually though). The pessary is great, and makes me feel so much better as I was always worried things would just fall out before. Sorry to hear that you are in pain with your prolapse - but if you have to wait for surgery, you could discuss with your doctor, preferrably go and see a gyno or urogyno - getting a pessary in the meantime? I was a bit worried about doing the deed with my husband with the pessary in, but after making him wait for a very long time, I can finally report that it works well with the pessary original.gif I will probably have surgery after we have (fingers crossed) another beautiful baby.

#53 luckymummy02

Posted 23 June 2010 - 02:21 PM

Hello all

Elaine -  How did your doctors appointment go? Hopefully you will be checking back in with good news that it wasnt a prolapse, or at least only mild (fingers crossed). Oh and dont worry about TMI in here, i think its the only place where we can actually talk about our problems without freaking people out as we're all going through similar circumstances.

Jazie - Thank you for the congrats and commiserations on my broken bits, lol. I fully understand what you mean with feeling broken all over. I have never felt so un-womanly and un-sexy, honestly i feel quite disgusting and get very upset about it all. Good news that your PF is improving, ive been exercising mine really hard and have had some improvements too. Isnt it the best feeling to know that at least something is getting better after all our hard work! great to hear you can dtd with a pessary, thats something i can look forward to again! grin.gif

Good luck for all of you ladies with up coming physio and gyno appointments. Hopefully you will all be getting the results you wished for

AFM - Im seeing my gyno in a couple of weeks and he will asess me, i will ask him about the pessary, hopefully i can have one as im having so much pain and cant stand for longer than 10 mins without the pain starting. Ive been getting really depressed as i have been pretty much house bound for about 4 months now and its driving me crazy. I hope that once this is all sorted I can return to my previous active lifestyle. Sorry about the sook, just having one of those days ..


#54 ~A2~

Posted 26 June 2010 - 09:04 PM


#55 debster04

Posted 29 June 2010 - 02:43 PM

Hello ladies,

I am about to have my prolapse surgery blink.gif .....and was looking for some people to join me on this journey!

Its been a long time since I posted in here, but will go back and read to see where all you lovelies are at. here is my story.

DD is 6 - delivered via c-section in 2004, DS was delivered via VBAC in Dec 2007 - so this is when the damage was done I guess!

The discomfort was immediate, but I just assumed this was how one felt after a vaginal delivery-and an episiotomy! At the 6wk check-up the OB said everything was healing up fine and the 'heavy' feeling and slight bulge was normal - keep doing pelvic floor excercises, and breastfeeding and everything will be fine in time. I went to a 'womans' physio when DS was 4mths old, she said a similar thing, keep up the excercises - and gave me a few other tips on 'managing' the issue (rest, avoid lifting/straining etc)

When DS was 6mths, there was still no improvement so I went to see a specialist Uro-gyno..and I was told that I am indeed the proud owner of a Grade2 Cystourethrocele, the cervix decends to mid-vagina and a Grade2 Rectocele for good measure - nice! In his opinion pelvic floor excercises really wouldnt help me as the muscles that support the pelvic organs would need to be attached to something in order to be strengthened  ohmy.gif

DS was an IVF baby and we have frozen embryos stored, at that stage we hadn't decided on trying for a 3rd child- The Dr said its best to leave surgery until we have completed our family.

After 2 years of frustration and discomfort I've decided to go ahead with the repair. Im not in pain, but very uncomfortable and get frustrated at the limitations it puts on my physical activity. DH has no complaints, but I am not happy with the 'sensation' and it's definately affecting my desire to be intimate (translation - I really just don't want to!) My one wish is to hold in a tampon like the good old days lol!!  cry1.gif

We are 99% sure we won't try for another bub (I'm 38 and DD has Autism....I'm exhausted!!) but Im 100% certain I dont want to feel this way anymore. If we do change our mind - it just means a c-section and if the repair needs to be done again, then so be it eh!

SO - on Monday I have my pre-op consult and the surgery is booked for August 5th. I'll touch base after I see the Dr and let you know any further info I get....any questions you think I need to ask him? I have started a list, but might have forgotten something!

Has anyone had prolapse surgery yet? Would love to hear about it original.gif


#56 luckymummy02

Posted 30 June 2010 - 05:30 PM

debster04- Hello and welcome back to the group waves.gif I have a similar prolapse to you, grade 2 cystocele and rectocele aswell as the cervix being 1inch from the entrence when im standing oomg.gif Nothing like a broken fanny to eliminate your sex drive and confidence is there.
How did your pre op appointment go? Did you get many questions answered? One extra question I have thought of is after the repair will we be tighter down there? Thats great that you are getting to have surgery now, I bet its an amazing feeling of relief to know the end is near and you can once again have an active life.
Looking forward to getting to know you more and hopefully joining you on the journey to repair withing the next 6 months

AFM- I am seeing a psychologist on friday to help me with my depression, having this prolapse has really sent me backwards in that regard. Hopefully this lady I will be seeing can help me get back on top of my emotions and cope a little better. Im still waiting to see my gyno and have him asess me, im quite nervous about that, im scared he will tell me im too young to have surgery. I will be asking him about the pessary for in the meantime to help with the discomfort and pain. I end up having to lay down with a heatback every day and when ive had a big day Im having to take painkillers also to help with the pain, I just want it to stop cry1.gif On a positive note, my pelvic floor muscles have gotten heaps stronger, embarassing as it is we were able to DTD and both actually feel it, IYKWIM.


#57 Guest_janeygirl75_*

Posted 02 July 2010 - 08:56 PM


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#58 raven74

Posted 06 July 2010 - 02:18 PM

Haven't ben in for a bit, so HI LADIES biggrin.gif Really just trying to forget about El Brokino Fannio.

Meant to have another physio appt yesterday and forgot.  Stoopid!  I needed to see her too as she conveniently forgot to do my surgery referral.  In the grand scheme it doesn't really matter as I can't have it repaired until DD (14.5 weeks) is mobile.

In saying all that, it actually seems a bit better (grade 2 cycstocele, and while she didn't say it, my cervix is very low).  Why is it better?  I can only attribute it to the exercise she said I could NOT do.  I started my weights again at my gym, and because we are taught in a manner that has you lifting your pelvic floor up and in when you lift, I reckon it has strengthened the muscles.  Can't lift a lot of weight, but I can do some.  Some exercises are definitely on the no go list - sit ups, dead lifts and repetitive deep squats but the training I have been doing has done more then the bloody physio exercises.  Still having it repaired tho - just don't feel like a normal functioning woman right now.  
Debster - Please keep posting, I'd love to follow your journey.  Good luck with it!
janeygirl - I've been to her site and it was good.  I'm one of those that just can't live with it - too restricting.  So glad it has worked for you tho - sometimes surgery is NOT the answer.
Nothing like a broken fanny to eliminate your sex drive and confidence is there.

Hit the nail on the head there.luckymummy - is your DH understanding about this????  TG mine is.  It would be so hard to have a partner that didn't "get" it.  It is emotionally debilitating at times.
jazie - hows the pessary? Do you feel it in there much?  I think this may be an option offered... not sure to take it since we are not having more children.  I am glad that it seems to be going well so far for you.

Well DD is waking up so better go - take care ladies, and be good to yourselves.  I think we can let this take over our identities a little bit too much (I know I do).  It's all very well to say the reward of a beautiful child is worth it, but when your vaginal wall is hanging out and you can't poo without doing something that resembles a Cirque Du Soleil contortionist,  it 'aint much of a commiseration!  

#59 Guest_janeygirl75_*

Posted 06 July 2010 - 08:04 PM

Thanks for your reply, Mosma, and for not being annoyed by my post. I was a bit worried that i might offend people having barged in.  

I must say though that there are times (like at the moment) when it's all gone a bit pear-shaped - lower back and tummy pain, that funny feeling, even more trouble than usual with the loo etc etc that I feel a bit sorry for myself. But then the risks of surgery that were given by my gyno/OB eg constant pain, never having sex again (too tight), having to have repeat surgeries, not being able to carry more than 5kgs etc etc really turn me off (are they the same risks you have been told of?).  I agree that it can really affect your self-confidence though, and your emotional state (especially initially). I am glad that my DH is also supportive, although I worry that he might get sick of my moaning, even though I try not to mention it unless it's really bad (such as my freak-out moment the other day when i thought everything was going to fall out IYKWIM!).

Has anyone used sponges for support? I'd be interested to know how effective they are and if there are any problems.

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#60 Guest_Baking #3_*

Posted 07 July 2010 - 11:24 AM

I am very huh.gif at your reponce to the surgery. I have look at every angle of having mine done after this baby. No where have I seen that I can't have sex. lift more then 5kgs and have more then one surgery. Mine is a stage 3. (almost hanging out blush.gif Prolasp) and I was told it would be a straight forth surgery that will make it like it was before, and I could have more children.

The site that you posted about only says about having a hysterctomy as the only surgery that is offered. Which is a load of BS. The can and will pin/sew it back to where i came from allow for life to be as normal as it was before everything went worng. (I have been looking at it for just over 4 years now so I do know what I am looking at and what the DR are saying is true)

#61 Guest_janeygirl75_*

Posted 07 July 2010 - 01:18 PM

Decided too much negative information.

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#62 jazie

Posted 26 July 2010 - 09:55 PM

Hi girls,
Haven't been on here for a while - so Mosma, sorry, I only just saw your question. I'm still going reasonably well with the pessary. There are some days where it's better than others. When I get sick, it definitely still feels worse - can feel the bulging of the perineum pushing against my undies - but most of the time it's ok. Haven't done anything too active, but do go for walks with bub quite regularly and that's ok.

I have another gyno appointment this Thursday, this time with the Royal Women's Hospital - so will get a second opinion on how it all looks down there and also get some more info on the surgery option. Janeygirl, I can understand your concerns about the surgery - I guess it's just a decision everyone has to make for themselves, depending on their situation. I am still considering the surgery post next bub (fingers crossed) - but just depends on how things pan out by then! I am quite determined to get back to an active lifestyle, including hiking, skiing etc. and I'll most likely go down whichever path is most likely to get me there....so Baking#3 - I think you just need to do whatever is right for you after you've talked to your gyno and physio and got them to give you all your advantages and disadvantages!

Debster04, great to have someone on the forum that's actually going to have the surgery soon! Crossing all my fingers and toes for you so everything goes well and you have a good recovery!! Looking forward to sharing your journey!

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#63 ~A2~

Posted 05 August 2010 - 02:19 PM


#64 Guest_Baking #3_*

Posted 05 August 2010 - 07:59 PM

I have since found that my Prolasp has came up 2cm! Does anyone know why that could be? I am thinking it might have been from the baby, but I have no idea. do any of you know? I have 2 weeks before I see my OB again, so if no one knows, then I will ask him original.gif

#65 littlepoppet

Posted 12 August 2010 - 10:22 PM

Baking #3- Hi. My prolapse also lifted during my pregnancy with #2. Even immediately after DD's birth I felt fantastic as though I was cured!! I had a normal, pretty easy vaginal birth and couldn't even see where the prolapse had gone. Unfortunately, it's reappeared and is sitting just inside opening again. It was definitely just the positioning of the baby that moved things around. It took about 3 months for it to go back to position. Very sad as I was starting to think maybe things had improved. The only positive is that it doesn't seem to be any worse than it was after pregnancy #1.

HTH  original.gif

#66 Missmischievious

Posted 20 August 2010 - 08:44 PM

Hi there,

I am hoping I can join your elite club of broken fannies? I have a low cervix for which I see a women's physio and I am doing pelvic floor exercises. I think it was partly caused by long protracted posterior labour resulting in a csection and a 9.10l boy, and partly genetics. My nanna and an aunt have had the same problem and both had various ops, and finally removal of their uterus'. My physio says some women get their bits from David Jones, others get theirs a cheap as chips. It's a pity, as I like to shop at David Jones!

Anyway, I'm pregnant, as you can see, and I am concerned about mode of delivery. My physio says c/section. I'm not sure. I'm a bit scared about the VBAC though. I'm meeting with the ob next Tuesday to be reviewed and I guess I'll wait to see what he has to say about it all before making my mind up fully.

Oh, and sex, nuh uh! I feel very unwomanly and it is such a total turn off, but I try for dh sake. The things we women have to go through.

So, if anyone has any ideas or support about my mode of delivery, they would be very welcome, either way.

#67 ~A2~

Posted 25 October 2010 - 09:37 AM


#68 meeskamouska

Posted 01 November 2010 - 09:48 AM

Hi Girls, haven't been in forever...sorry...I too like to not think about El brokeno fannio.
For ages now I've really struggled with deciding whether to go ahead with the surgery.
I've since had my app with the urogyno & have decided to go ahead. There are alot of risk but in the end I can't live my life like this.
I'm on the waiting list for recto repair, cysto repair, hysterectomy & a repair to the top of the vjj. Beautiful....can't wait for the lovely experience!! NOT!!! But hey anything has to b better than how things r.
Hell I want to have sex & actually enjoy it without feeling tense & crying afterwards. And yes one of the risks is a narrow vjj but there r risks for all surgical operations. They told me before I had my jaw surgery I may be left with a numb sagging face but it didn't happen. They are only low % risks I'm willing to take.
Anyway, will keep u updated with when/how things progress for me.

#69 raven74

Posted 05 November 2010 - 08:23 PM

Gosh I haven't been in for ages either BUT
ddance.gif  eexcite.gif  ddance.gif  eexcite.gif
I have absolutely no need for surgery.  In fact, I am not even bulging any more.  There is still a slight weakness, but that looks like it will also resolve in time.
I just can't believe it, my grade 2 progressing to grade 3 cystocele is almost totally GONE!  I am deadlifting nearly 100kg's again, I am skipping rope, the works. I am so happy!!!!!!!!!

meeskamouska -   bbighug.gif I understand re the sex.  I'd only do it in teh morning before it all hung out for the day.  Plus there was so little sensitivity I wondered what the point was.  Surgery sounds scary, but you will be a new woman - I hoep you don't have to wait too long.

Missmischievious - LOl welcome.  Bit slow here, but we do visit.  I also had a posterior labour, a bit drawn out, no C sect.  i think it was the pushing phase that broke my bits.  I'd been so *ahem* tight before then that the middies could barely do any VE's.  From slinky to sloppy ffear.gif  Have you looked through the VBAC thread?  They will answer many q's I am sure.  Do you know how much a vaginal birth will affect the prolapse?  

Hang in there ladies, and big hugs to any out there feelign a bit down.

#70 threeplusone

Posted 06 November 2010 - 08:10 AM


OMG I can't believe there is an EB buddy group for this, I am glad I am amongst friends  biggrin.gif

About half an hour ago I just came face to face with my cervix for the first time and am now sitting here in shock so it is good to see Imay be able to get some advice.

I had DS2 7 months ago natural birth (episiotomy) after DS1 was an emergency c/s.  Since DS2 birth I have felt pressure down there and also a strange pain down the back of my right leg sometimes, not sure if that is connected but anyway this morning I decided to investigate as something feels weird down there and sure enough I see my cervix just inside the opening IYKWIM.  Now I know why wearing tampons has been so uncomfortable and they have been coming right down.

DH and I have been occasionally BD'ing but it did feel a bit painful, now I know why.  I have a few questions if anyone could help that would be great:

What do I do now???  Go see a GP I suppose.  Will they examine me or just refer me to someone?
Does it move up and down?  It doesn't always feel uncomfortable.
Is there anything I can do immediatley?  I suppose pelvic exercises?  
When would this have happened?  I had a pap smear at 8 weeks so I presume not immediately after the birth then


Hang in there ladies, and big hugs to any out there feelign a bit down.

This made me laugh I'm literally feeling a bit 'down' this morning and am also 'hanging' in there!!! biggrin.gif

#71 meeskamouska

Posted 02 February 2011 - 10:08 AM

Just thought I'd share I have a surgery date for the 23rd Feb.
Excited & scared all at once.
New woman here I come!!

#72 ~A2~

Posted 22 February 2011 - 09:51 PM

Just bumping this back to the front page again and wishing meeskamouska all the best for your op tomorrow.


#73 littlepoppet

Posted 27 February 2011 - 07:34 PM

Meeskamouska - hope your surgery has gone well and I would love to hear how you are feeling now.

I may need to go done this path in the future so am interested.

#74 meeskamouska

Posted 02 March 2011 - 12:54 AM

Thanx girls.
The surgery went well. I did however have a negative effect with the anesetic and pain meds but the op itself seems to have gone good. (Bloated up, vomiting, nausea, pain etc.)
I'm one week post op now and could probably handle alot more around the house etc. When I first came home though I was completely shattered and pretty was stuck on the couch most of the time.
They didn't end up doing as much as they thought which was pleasing as my prolapse was only mild in the end. So a hysterectomy plus a front & rear repair.
6 weeks check up to get the all clear.
Hope sharing this may help someone else as its pretty embarressing..LOL.

#75 moose2

Posted 02 March 2011 - 01:47 AM

I think I also suffer from prolapse, but think it is largely rectocele. My youngest is now four and my eldest is 11. All the pain and discomfort I have been having, I just assumed where the wonderful benefits that came with pregnancy and childbirth.

When my son(11) was born he was 9lb. It was a 2 hour delivery that ended in a third degree tear. My other two children where 8lbers and 2-3 hour deliveries. I too was old that things would eventually return to normal. Sorry for the TMI, but tampons do not stay in. I get a dull ache and a swollen sensation at times in and around my vagina moreso when AF is due.

Rectocele - as a nurse, I am embarrassed to admit this, but I have kept this to myself for a very long time - knowing something was not right, but not knowing who to see, or what to do about fixing this. I only have problems intermittently - again feelings of fullness, pressure etc...sometimes which is exacerbated by exercise.

How do I start the process of getting this sorted out? Who do I see first?

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