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July 02 Parents # 73

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#51 Pickle81

Posted 13 August 2010 - 04:21 PM

Sorry to hear about your dad Lauren.  Hope they find a match soon for him, I'll have my fingers crossed for you xxx

Len, sorry to hear about your nana, but she had a great innings and enjoyed life right to the end by the sounds of it.

Not a great deal happening here.  We are still trying to move to QLD....the council is far from helpful and friendly I must say.  After meeting with them in May to find out about approvals for building our business we were so disheartened we nearly put the whole lot for sale again.  But we are trying to perservere and hopefully can get all our approvals through and move sometime next year.  We were hoping at the end of this year so that way the kids could start a fresh year in a new school, but that seriously doesn't look like happening.
I'm hoping to be up there, and have the house built by our 10th wedding anniversary so we can have a combined house warming/anniversary/vowel renewal party, but we'll see how we go.
In the meantime I'm starting off my photography business.  It's very slow to begin with but have alot of interest which is good.  I did a shoot a couple of weeks ago of a beautiful little boy which was fun.  Have a family shoot, our schools school photos to do and a wedding next month, and preschool yearly photos to do in October.  Have a few more who want to book, but are just waiting to work out when, and also for the weather to warm up a bit.

Stef's going great with his epilepsy.  No more seizures since he started his meds in Feb.  His bloods are fine the last check up, and just have a check up with the Paed Doc next month to see how he's going.  The paed doc wanted a 3 month check, but it takes months to get into him!  He played football this year....OMG are some of those teams coaches and parent competitive!  Geez, I thought kids sport was supposed to be for fun!  

Sienna is going great guns.  Is sooooooooo ready for school it's not funny!  Will be weird having the house empty next year, but am looking forward to getting my life back a bit.

Having the dramas of where to send the kids to school next year.  Our little school out here is great, but the principle leaves alot to be desired.  At this stage it looks like we'll send them to a different school.  Means early mornings for us all (kids have to get on the bus at 7.45am, we're usually still in bed at that time lol) but we'll get used to it.

Has anyone else found their 8 year olds incredibly hormonal??  Stef has been shocking for the last few months (nothing to do with meds, checked that lol).  hopefully this means the teenage years will be a bit easier lol

Good to see everyone updating original.gif  

(Note to self - update more often Tounge1.gif  )

#52 Juzz

Posted 14 August 2010 - 10:16 AM

While I haven't got time for more of a general update on Mitchy right now, I promise I'll try really hard to do so in the next few days  wink.gif

Lauren - so sorry to hear about your Dad's leukemia  sad.gif , I too have my fingers and toes crossed that they find a match.  The chemo sounds very intense - is the hospital where he's been treated close by, or are you also dealing with the tyranny of distance? How are your boys coping with the situation, are they close to your Dad?

Len - very sorry to hear about your Nana's passing - sounds eerily similar to when my Nan passed a few years ago (she was a similar age and had had at least a couple of strokes, had various things wrong with her including breast cancer which weren't being treated. I think it was a bout of pneumonia which finally took her).  Like my Nan, your Nan had a great innings and a full life and while sad, it sounds like it was her time to go - she's now at peace with no more pain...

Ness - as you know I look forward to seeing your daily photo  original.gif  Have you thought about selling prints of some of your photos, some of the non-people shots are just gorgeous...

Be back soon (well relatively soon rolleyes.gif )

Take care all,


#53 Pickle81

Posted 14 August 2010 - 03:48 PM

Funny you should say that Juzz, I had a freind order one of my photo a day pics off me last week.  I think it was day 30 that was all black and white except the pink and white flower.  
I have been thinking of having some stock photos to sell off original.gif  I have plans for a big panarama photo but it will take a few months to do just to take the photos and then I still have to edit.  But IF I can get it to work think it will be great biggrin.gif  But can't start it until next year now

#54 Miss Ireland

Posted 15 August 2010 - 01:04 PM

Hello Ladies

Firstly Lauren so sorry about your Dad.  I've got everything crossed for him and I hope you are coping ok.  It must be so hard for you xxxx

Juzz wow you are one strong lady.  Mitch is such a lucky boy he got you as him mum. I hope your Mum will be ok.  What a time you are having xxxx

We are all going good.  I think I hit rock bottom with the whole weight thing and was bordering on depression.  Ended up getting myself into a bit of a state and felt sooooooo unhappy with who I was.  That is so not the person I am - I am a my glass is half full kinda girl !  So I bit the bullet and joined a gym and the best news is I LOVE IT !  I've lost 5.8 kilos in 5 weeks and 28.5cm off my body.  I have a spring in my step again and I'm starting to like myself again.

It's quite amazing as I am writing a food/feelings diary whilst dieting and have learned that when I ovulate I get very hormonal.  I'm ovulating this weekend and I have cried over the silliest things and feel quite blue.  I'm gonna have to go and get my hormone levels checked.

Now my good news is I am going to Ireland on the 1st of September for a week by myself.  My Mam and Dad will be 50 years married and are having a huge party to celebrate and I just couldn't miss it. I am so excited to just hang out with them by myself.  I dread the whole saying goodbye to the boys thing but hey it's only a week !

Ak is doing great.  He is working hard and is travelling alot.  He travels around Asia and is gone for a week at a time.  It's hard cos I do miss him. He works long hours so I do it all so I am a single parent Monday to Friday.  It's just the chat and the comfort of having him home and talking when ever I want.  After all I am Irish and I do have the gift of the chat hee.hee...

The boys are doing great.  I can't believe we have 8 year olds tis scary.

I think we need to start thinking about a meet up.  We can pick a place and time and we can all save up etc to get there.  I think it would be amazing.  I think you girls rock !


#55 Pickle81

Posted 15 August 2010 - 02:10 PM

You've been very motivating Michele!   You managed to guilt me into gettting back on the cross trainer and eating properly after being slack and letting a few kilo's creep back on hehe.  Make sure you take plenty of photos of Ireland!!
I think a meet up is a great idea!  Given how scattered we all are across the country just need to find somewhere that suits everyone original.gif

#56 Nerual

Posted 16 August 2010 - 12:03 PM

HI girls,

Can you imagine the moderators thoughts with our sudden influx of posts. Amazing what a bit of (sorry to put it this way Juzz) gossip can do to get us all back in contact.

Thanks for all your kind thoughts re my Dad. He's an hour & 45 mins drive from me. I went down to visit him the day before his admission & chat to him on the phone every 3rd day. He's still allowed visitors but he's in isolation with strict hygine requirements in his room, all due to the wipeout of his immune system & the slow recovery it is making. At this stage, Chemo is providing him with a longer life but not a cure. Whats really hard is that his leukemia has been building over the past 7 or so years & we've known about it for this time, so the progression is just ticking off what's expected, although now the illness speeds up  sad.gif  Good news is that he's dealing with it well and accepts its out of his control so he can only manage it to his best ability. His courage and bravery is astounding.

I've continued my fitness frenzy & am running in a 10km race in September. I'm not out to win, just to clock a time under an hour. Have run the distance once a week for the past 3 weeks & am confident of a good time. The fastest women in my age group do the run 20 minutes faster than I!! It has been great over winter knowing that the race is in Sept as it meant I was motivated to train over winter. I've always been active, but last year, & probably most years, I ease off during the cold months.

I've also been working alot this year, still for myself & from home, and today is my first day off in ages. I only plan on baking, & preparing dinner this afternoon before school pick up, & spent an hour shopping this morning. Me time original.gif but you know what, I'm feeling guilty for it! I'm hoping that this week is a slow one & I can tackle the bathrooms later in the week.

Christmas last year we bought a block of land, beachside on the Sunny Coast & after it finally being registered & ready to build in June, we cannot decide what home we want to build. Alot of our indecision comes down to $$$$. We plan this to be the house we're in forever so we have to get it right. So do we stretch ourselves for the sake of appearances, or do we go for what meets our needs? All too hard. Might just start entering the lotto in a desperate attempt to have more $$$. cool.gif

Zane is going really well. He's hormonal in some ways, but not hard to deal with. He's really in this past few weeks, started to idolise DH. Where once only my decisions mattered to him, he's conscious of DH thinks & you can see he just wants to do what DH is doing. I'm trying hard to step back a bit, yet am his soft place when he's tried. He likes that. He's a quiet, confident "good" boy, & loves his soccer. He's loving surfing (thanks to the QLD weather went for a surf yesty) & is getting good marks in school. He's very stubborn though & has to have the last word. Don't know where he gets that from  cool.gif  wink.gif  

Nate is going well too. He & Zane are best buddies. Nate's very similar in some ways, but polar opposites & in most other ways.

Ness, good luck with the Photography. have you got some of your work on FB? I'll have to check it out. GLad to hear that Stef's health has settled. FIngers crossed for you that the move can happen soon.

Michelle, enjoy your time in Ireland. A week away will be good for you. Probably enough to boost your self that bit more. Congratulations on your weight loss.

Len, am sorry to hear of your Nana. I hope I can live to 94.  original.gif Well done with your work. Hope you can get something permanent.

You know, a meet up woud be great. I guess the first move is to decide what we want to do. Relax around a resort pool, long lazy lunch/dinners or hit the shops, long lazy lunch/diners. We obviously want affordable & central. Maybe we can check out some of the public holidays we all have & aim for a Friday & sat night away, home on Sunday.

Anyway, must end my novel here & get in for Dr Phil. havent watched it in a long time, whats the bet its a repeat & I end up cleaning....


#57 Pickle81

Posted 22 August 2010 - 05:03 PM

It's a dilemma trying to work out what house to build isn't it Lauren lol.  We were thinking kit home, but honestly, for the quality, the size, and the amount, it's not that cheap.  And we couldn't find one that felt like 'us' IYKWIM.  We fist decided on this http://askhomes.com.au/plan_details.php?id=30   But the cost is a bit steep to begin with and as we are not sure what our income will be like with setting up the business we don't want to get stuck in a hole.  So we now decided on this http://www.sheds.com.au/process/catalogue/...categoryId=1279  It's the 14x14 one if you want to check out the plans.  Downstairs we'll have 3 bedrooms (media room will actually be a bedroom in our plans) and upstairs will be our room, plus my studio.  Lots of room for us, and will be a good resale if we decide to sell when we retire.  
We figure by by doing it this way, we can have the bottom floor all ready for us to move into, and finish the upstairs once we've moved in.  Then if all goes to plan we'll put the spa in (will be on our upstairs balcony) and the pool when the business starts going well and we are on our feet properly.
Would be so much easier if we were walking out of one job into another with a definate known income :/

#58 EsmeLennox

Posted 09 September 2010 - 12:02 PM

Hi Everyone!

Juzz sent me a message a while back, and I did come in and read, but then lost track again. For some bizarre reason I woke up in the middle of the night last night and thought about it, so here I am!

Juzz, so sorry to hear you and Grae split, but like the others, not particularly surprised. Hope you are going along OK. How is your Mum - I read on FB that she has been in hospital?

Lauren, sorry to hear about your Dad. That must be very difficult and a constant worry.

Len, sorry to hear of your Grandma's passing.

Michele - you must be living it up in Ireland (or perhaps you are back!) - nevertheless, hope you had a great time.

Sounds like all the kids are going along quite well. My three are all doing well. Jeremy has had a few ups and downs at school socially. He is a very reserved child and ultra-sensitive, so any little comment from another child can upset him. He has quite a bit of difficulty at recess and lunch times because he is too shy to ask other kids if he can play with them. It's hard to explain - the other kids like him, that's not the issue, Jeremy just doesn't seem to have the confidence to just go and join in the way other kids do. He does have friends, but if he doesn't catch up with them at the beginning of lunch or recess he'll spend the whole time alone rather than go and catch up with them. And then there was one kid who was calling him names (Which frankly, any other child probably would have just brushed off) which upset him a lot and has seen him withdraw even further. So we are trying hard to develop his confidence and ability to be assertive ATM. It worries me that he tends to keep things to himself and isolates himself. On the other hand, he's going well at school academically.

Ness, he can be a bit 'hormonal' at times - very sensitive, we really have to watch what we say to him as the slightest little thing seems to be a huge deal to him!  

Harry is doing well, finally settled into school after a tricky start. I wouldn't say he loves school, but he is happier there now. He seems more interested now he's getting to the 'real' learning (from his perspective). I think cognitively he was ready to do the reading/writing thing and seems to really enjoy that side of learning now. Socially/emotionally though I am not sure he was really ready for full time school at the start of this year, which was really unforeseen, as he was raring to go, and had no problems at kindy, but he has managed to settle into it now.

Sam is off to kindy next year. I can hardly believe where that time has gone! He is our very vocal child - I guess perhaps it is a youngest child thing, but man he's an opinionated little thing!

We are still doing the same things. I am working 3 days a week now, and I have finally just about finished the contract writing I was doing (Just have to edit the last book - hooray!). Admin staff at work want me to do more and keep asking me, but my answer has remained a firm no. The only way I would do more is if they can find a way to decrease my teaching load and have it become part of my responsibilities at work, rather than being a contract for a small amount of money (love job really) that takes up a lot of time at home, and causes a considerable amount of stress! I just find it's too much on top of 3 days teaching, and all the associated take home work that has anyway. I have also gotten a lot more involved in online teaching at work, which has been fun. It's been a new challenge and something to keep me interested when I was becoming a bit bored with the work routine.

DH is still working long hours, and yep, it's still causing conflict. If I am brutally honest our relationship is quite unstable. At this point I don't know where we're headed. I really can't go into it too much here.

We are in the process of fixing up the backyard a bit as it has become a bit of a nightmare with kids & dog! So we are getting the paving done that has been on the cards since we moved in and re-doing the garden etc. Putting in a couple of large cantilevered umbrellas for summer shade. rather than a pergola so the kids will have a bit more flexibility and the yard will be a bit more 'multi-purpose'. At the moment it is a mud/sand-pit, and it's only going to get worse before it gets better as we have to remove a heap of lawn. I am considering banning the kids from the yard in an effort to keep some of the mess outside!

Anyway, great o have a bit of a 'catch up'. Will stick my head in from time to time.


#59 ~brighteyes~

Posted 09 September 2010 - 07:37 PM

Hi all,

Not going to post much here, as have suspected my ex of checking out stuff on EB in the last 12 months, so tend to not post here now.

Aleisha is definetly hormonal. She has her first pimple today on the side of her nose for heavens sake  rolleyes.gif

Happy to update anyone on FB if interested.

#60 Gin and Tonic

Posted 14 September 2010 - 12:03 AM

maybe its time we moved our discussion to facebook?
We all seem to spend more time there anyway and we can talk less publically?
Im going to start a discussion now.  Feel free to join the other gals that I dont have as my friends

#61 EsmeLennox

Posted 26 October 2011 - 06:47 PM


Who's still around?

Lauren, we've lost you on FB, is everything OK?


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