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February 03 Parents # 160

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#1 Sandra

Posted 30 April 2009 - 08:42 AM

New thread time ladies.


#2 Keropi

Posted 30 April 2009 - 04:38 PM


For a change.  Not much going on, have an interview scheduled for next Tuesday night.

#3 ~JASB~

Posted 30 April 2009 - 09:22 PM

Julie, how's the interview work?  Is it a live feed over the net or something?  GOOD LUCK!!

Shawn ate dinner tonight, I'm very excited lol.  He's a terrible eater, usually eats nothing at dinner.


#4 Jet07

Posted 03 May 2009 - 01:04 PM

Good luck Julie! Scott's been offered a few jobs after phone interviews in the past. One was a call from USA which he took while sitting beside the Pacific Highway just south of Port Macquarie, on way home from a baseball tournament, knowing his current boss was about to drive past us as he was at the same tournament / resort! We pulled around a corner so he wouldn't see us and think we'd broken down, and Scott left the car so Shea wouldn't distract him, but then he had the sounds of traffic whizzing past! Still got the job  grin.gif .

Michaela - I think I replied on FB but congrats to Shawn! Shea's still trying new things too.

My life is same as usual. Fundraising for school. Fundraising for Tainn Hunter. Publicity and charity stuff. School gardening and coffee mornings.

More exciting news - I've been nominated for a Pride of Australia medal! I won't hear until late May whether I'm a finalist or not, and the medals are awarded in July, but it was nice to be nominated  tthumbs.gif .

Other news - Shea is having a gastroscopy on Thursday to look for reasons for him complaining of button pain although we're tending to agree with the surgeons that it may be when he is anxious.

Also Shea started golf this morning! I was worried whether the Pro would cope with him in a group lesson, but Shea actually listened and hit a whole bag of 100 balls when other kids only got through 30-50 in the time frame given. Now he's having a rest before an informal Maccas party at arvo tea time (not in party room just meeting the birthday boys family there and they're taking a cake in themselves).

Hope everyone else is having a nice relaxing weekend?

#5 Keropi

Posted 05 May 2009 - 12:05 AM

Jannette- so why did DH knock back a US job?  Good for him getting it though!  And yay on Shea - sounds like he is the next Tiger Woods tthumbs.gif
And congrats on your nomination...WOW!  I hope you win!!! yyes.gif Lord knows you deserve it.

Michaela - how is Shawn's eating now?  Glad that he is doing well.

I'm getting nervous now ffear.gif On top of that I'm exhausted.  Both dogs have a tummy bug and of course it starts at witching hour time and it is midnight and I'm still doing the rounds with them.  Hopefully their tummies settle soon.  Can't believe I'm sitting here with them both with towels.  It's like dealing with children!  They want to go to bed too in their usual spot - the kids room.  I don't think they will be happy when I keep them sectioned off in a non-carpeted area of the house.  

Had a lovely weekend.  We took the kiddies to the city again to see the Mammoths and Monsters vs Aliens at Imax.  The weekends are always too short now.

#6 Jet07

Posted 05 May 2009 - 11:02 AM

Julie that job was in Sydney but was an American company just setting up. He'd had the initial interview in person before our holiday, but had to speak to the bosses in USA to confirm everything. That was the job he was retrenched from in 2000 when they closed the Sydney office again. He was one of the first and one of the last people working in their Sydney office! When we were moving here in 2006 he was interviewed for jobs in New Jersey and somewhere else, but I put a stop to it as I didn't want to be always fighting health funds for Shea's needs over there.

Hope your doggies are feeling better today, and good luck to you for the interview today  nno2.gif . That emoticon is because I'll be sorry if you go..

#7 Keropi

Posted 05 May 2009 - 01:08 PM

Ah I see Jannette.  Don't be too concerned yet.  I feel I am yet proving to be full of hot air again yyes.gif I'm getting cold feet already.  
Mind you I am freaking, couldn't sleep well last night, heart is racing today, I can't eat.  I'm seriously freaking.  

Dogs seem better today, haven't fed them yet but did call the vet who said to try this afternoon, so I will shortly.  But I've done a tonne of washing, bathed the dogs, cleaned the house, put away clean clothes from our trip.  Anything to avoid getting ready for the interview!  However, I did turn on the computer to check the webcam view behind me and make sure everything looks OK.  Better go have a few more things to do before I pick up the kids.  Gee it feels funny having a day off.

Edited by Keropi, 05 May 2009 - 01:08 PM.

#8 MichelleM

Posted 05 May 2009 - 09:33 PM

Welcome to the Jannette and Julie show  tongue.gif   I'll admit to being a posting slacker, but where is everyone else?

Julie the very best of luck with the interview and the deciding afterwards (because I know you'll ace it even though you are nervous!).  Poor puppies too, seems to be a bit of the chuck bug going around but I didn't know it extended into animals too!

Fantastic to hear about your nomination Jannette, you totally deserve the recognition for all of the work you do in the community.  How cute that Shea is doing golf!  Brett would love Josh to be involved in that.

Michaela how exciting to hear that Shawn had a good dinner time.  Has he done it again?  Meal times can be so stressful as it is so I can't imagine how it would be with a chronic non eater.

Nothing exciting has been happening in our lives.  Scarlett got over her chuck bug after 10 days, had half a week respite and now has the most revolting case of the runs which has blistered her bum, poor baby.  She seems to be happy enough though except for change time of course (which was every half hour today  cry1.gif ).  She is SUCH a delight though although VERY cheeky!  She has such a sense of humour already and we're really having a lot of fun playing all day.  This does make me sad though to think of what I missed out on with Josh and Bel, and very guilty.

Josh started Auskick on Saturday and Isabella is back at dancing.  Josh also starts tennis next week and Isabella is dying to start drama classes so here we are again, running from activity to activity every day.

Me, I'm still plodding along trying to lose weight which is proving to be a very slow process!  I still do boot camp twice a week and have been running twice a week for a few weeks now too.  That's more for fun though, am trying to psych myself up to do our city to surf in a couple of months.

#9 ~JASB~

Posted 06 May 2009 - 10:32 AM

Shawn ate dinner again last night - was one of the chicken roasts from Lenards (stuffed with something I can't remember lol).  First time he's eaten again since, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel original.gif
I don't worry about him too much because he does eat well during the day, it's just dinner thats a pita.  He still has his multivitamin every morning, which I wont stop until he's eating a decent amount of meat and veg!  At this stage the only veg he'll eat is carrots.  And of course having been through failure to thrive with Adam, I know that Shawn is fine, even though he doesn't eat dinner.  It's just annoying more than anything, I get so sick of "I don't like that" from a kid that hasn't even tasted it rant.gif

Michelle, ouchies for Scarlett's butt.  What are you using on her?  My best advice is a layer of vaseline over whatever nappy rash cream you are using - it just helps to keep the cream on her bum rather than it wiping off on the nappy iykwim?  Good luck getting it cleared up!  Gosh you are busy with kids activities!  I'm glad Josh and Adam both play the same sport laughing2.gif  Although it's going to be stressful getting them both to their games on Sundays now (Josh's first game back this sunday post broken arm!).  Adam's team is playing at Stradbroke Island on Sunday ddoh.gif  I can't believe we have to go over there on Mothers day again (when Josh's team played over there it was Mothers Day too can you believe that!!)  Scott has to work because it's Mothers Day, so the worst day for us to cop Stradbroke on the draw.  I have to get PIL to help us out with Josh's game.  Scott can drop him off but then has to go to work before the game is finished, so PIL are picking him up!

QUOTE (Jannette)
More exciting news - I've been nominated for a Pride of Australia medal! I won't hear until late May whether I'm a finalist or not, and the medals are awarded in July, but it was nice to be nominated  tthumbs.gif

ohmy.gif  Oh my gosh that is AMAZING!!  ddance.gif eexcite.gif
Congrats J!
Hope the gastroscopy goes ok tomorrow.  Will be waiting to hear.  In a way I hope they find something, rather than it just being from anxiety.  At least then it could be fixed huh?

Julie, all the very best for the interview!  I'm sure you'll ace it  tthumbs.gif   I had to laugh at you checking the view behind the webcam but I spose you have to think of that hey!!!  Hope the dogs are ok when fed again!  LOL at you cleaning them up like children Tounge1.gif

AFM: I finally went to the doctor last week about some troubles I'm having.  My bowel has not been 'right' pretty much since I had Josh ... so hmmm nearly 8 years now  oomg2.gif   It's off and on bad though, just weird.  Anyway I'm now being tested for coeliac disease ohmy.gif  I hate the idea of having to go GF, but if it fixes me then I have to!  I was also reading a site earlier in the week that said recurrent miscarriage is common with untreated coeliac disease ohmy.gif  That jumped off the screen at me as you could imagine.  I get my BT results tomorrow morning.



#10 micallep

Posted 06 May 2009 - 04:58 PM

Hello lovely ladies.

Wow, awesome news on the nomination Janette  tthumbs.gif!

Michaela, wow off course that would have jumped out at you! Let us know what the results reveal.

Julie, how was the interview??? Checking the webcam view is extremely organised........good on you for thinking of these details, it all makes a difference in the end.

Michelle, wow that is alot of activities. Poor Scarli, she's been through alot lately.

Me, I'm still hanging in here. OB will check cervix this Friday to see if my contractions are doing anything to the cervix. Slowly getting all baby stuff ready but for the life of me cannot find any 0000 clothes of S's so will need to go and buy some. Had morning tea at J's school this morning for mothers day which was lovely, really loving being at home with the kiddies:).

Julie are you dogs better??? Our dog who I am so not impressed with today decided she would go and help herself to S's bed and slept on it for half the night after S left it and decided to sleep with me  mad.gif!!!


#11 Keropi

Posted 06 May 2009 - 05:25 PM

I'm sorry Michelle, who invited you in! tongue.gif

Poor Scarlett, sounds like you might need Canestan for it, because it is blistered.  Hope she feels better soon.

Ping good luck at the obs, what has your dog done?  You'll probably say "slept in Sienna's bed", and if you do I will have to hang my head in shame because guess where my doggies sleep?!

Jannette - how was the surgery?

My interview was rescheduled. aannoyed.gif   After waiting an hour and a half, I have to go through all this again tomorrow night when it is scheduled for again.  I'm not impressed and can't help but think what it means.  Imagine if I didn't "turn up", I wouldn't have a foot in.

Doggies are a bit better today but haven't really fed them too much after sweetie was sick again last night.

Better go, it has been a trying day and then I picked the kids up to find out Ashie was a toad for school family photos today.  Not happy Jan!!

#12 micallep

Posted 07 May 2009 - 10:52 PM

Oh gosh, how annoying Julie talk about throwing someone off when you've psyched yourself up for it. Yes she slept in Sienna's bed and she is a labrador not a small little thing like your Sweety so her smell and fur was on the sheets which had to be changed, I was not impressed having to do that with my big belly when the sheets didn't need changing otherwise.

#13 Keropi

Posted 07 May 2009 - 11:29 PM

Ping - fair enough!  

Job interview went well.  Find out in a couple of weeks, and they need to find out whether the kids are able to attend.  The school is smaller then initially thought.  Only 48 children.  The people were just lovely.  I don't think the money will be enough though, I need to chat with my SIL about it and see what she thinks.

#14 FloralArrangement

Posted 08 May 2009 - 09:54 PM

Hi there

Didn't you realise I was was gone  cry1.gif  We had the blue screen of death last weekend and got the computer back from computer hospital tonight.

Michelle cannot I speak honestly and say you look fantastic having met you in the flesh and I hope you can work up to the city to surf.

Julie I hope the job situation goes whichever you want it too. Money to live obviously an important factor.

Hold in there Ping.

The R situation nearly at an end he will more than likely be in our permanent care but all the protocol has to be followed I fee for his Dad but R is not a game to be played and finalisation needs to occur. Won't even go into todays scenario. Suffice to say I know where tax payers funds go.

I am barely working and will be looking at a home based business (with proper advice) before too long.

Going to the van tomorrow Tyler's birthday mother's day, on which he was born, I had Daisy on Father's day (how sweet)

Jannette you deserve the nomination.

I with ease was at a meeting the other night and said I had 4 children, how weird is that?

G xx

#15 Jet07

Posted 09 May 2009 - 08:11 AM

Good morning all. I'm sitting here groaning as I'm the only one in the family awake, on the only day of the week I had a chance to sleep in!

Julie I'm glad the interview went well. There was a thread on here somewhere recently about small schools. The consensus seemed to be that they were great.

Michelle I hope that Scarlis bottom is better now.

Ping we are also guilty of letting dogs sleep on beds. At one stage we had a german shephard between us on top of the quilt and a kitten who used to snuggle under the quilt. I was always freaking about the kitten getting squashed. I can understand with a big tummy it would be a nuisance though. Not too long for you now. Hang in there!

Gina I had wondered where you where (as I said on FB LOL). That is sounding very positive news for both you and Robby! What sort of home business? FDC or something else?

Michaela - well I said everything I needed to say to you on the phone LOL!

Nic I saw on FB you've had sick kiddies. Hope it's nothing serious and you're just busy with activities as usual.

Well as Michaela knows - the scope found no reason for button pain, not much sign of reflux (although he was still on his medication at the time), but has questioned coeliac disease again! It was questioned 3 years ago just before we moved, ruled out after a second negative blood test and a month long GF diet trial where he refused to eat anything at all as the limited foods he would eat at that stage all had gluten in them, but now they've taken more biopsies to test again as it looked like it to the surgeon  ffear.gif .  The surgeon said not to bother seeing him again just get the results from his paediatrician or gastroenterolgist who were both CC'd on the results request. We're not due to see them until mid and end of June though. Might have to see GP in meantime to find out then let paed decide what to do if it's positive.

I was just interrupted by SHea waking up. Just as well as his feeding pump only had 3mls to go and might have woken the others if it had alarmed. He is still meant to be getting 390mls @65mls ph for 6 hours overnight, but after getting up at 2am from November, I got sick in March and couldn't drag myself out of bed for 20 minutes to clean tubes every night, so I  started running it faster for first two hours, then slowing down for rest of night so he still gets half quickly, and still eats nibbles in the morning as he's not completely full. I've kept doing that with dietician okay for the sake of my own health.

The surgeon also cleaned up an old suture that had become infected 2 weeks ago, and checked his rectractile testes were currently okay. Couldn't check vocal cords though as Shea was intubated for surgery (ventilator down the throat). I think they forgot the thyroid blood test I wanted too, but we'll probably end up getting blood tests for CD now anyway.

Better go clean those tubes and connect his first water feed of the day....

Gee that took half an hour to type with the interuption!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY for tomorrow everyone  hhugs.gif

Edited by Jet07, 09 May 2009 - 08:15 AM.

#16 FloralArrangement

Posted 09 May 2009 - 09:12 AM

FDC  roll2.gif  roll2.gif  roll2.gif I don't like kids that much Jannette although it looks a little to the contrary. I will let you know more when I know more lol.

I was going to say something and it completely went out of my head.  dry.gif

I had to use hydrozole on R as he has had bad nappy rash from teething, finally got his first one.

G xx

#17 Keropi

Posted 10 May 2009 - 10:24 AM

Happy Mothers Day everyone!!

Hope you have a nice one. tthumbs.gif

#18 Jet07

Posted 10 May 2009 - 11:54 AM

Yes Happy Mothers Day everyone!
Even if I am sitting here with the two boys while DH is at work. I was made pancakes for breakfast, but without my usual OJ or cup of tea, took Shea to golf lessons and came home to find nothing cleaned up or put away, including the boys half finished plates still on the table  aannoyed.gif . Am debating whether to go for a picnic, go to a free government provided part in the park in the CBD (with an Abba tribute band LOL) or just to a play centre so I can sit and relax?

#19 ~JASB~

Posted 10 May 2009 - 03:47 PM

Oh Jannette, that would tick me off coming home to the mess!  aannoyed.gif  Scott made pancakes here too.  Adam and I left at 7:50am for his footy game (at Stradbroke Island - had to catch a barge over!!).  Scott took Josh to his game at 11am and then went to work, and PIL then took Josh and Shawn with them after football.  I came home with Adam at 2pm to a nice clean kitchen.  Sorry, I shouldn't rub it in LOL.  PIL dropped the other two home at 3 and I'm now trying to decide what to do about dinner.  Adam and I had KFC lunch so I really don't feel like junk again, but I don't want to cook!

Hope you're all having a lovely Mothers Day girls wub.gif

#20 MichelleM

Posted 10 May 2009 - 05:51 PM

unsure.gif  unsure.gif  unsure.gif  nno.gif  ddance.gif
See those smilies . . that is what happens when you leave the computer unlocked in our household - Josh comes in and starts playing!!  I had just opened up to reply but then Scarlett needed feeding so this post has taken me 30 minutes so far!

Good afternoon and happy Mothers Day to everyone.

I've been trying to get some motivation to clean my house today seeing that Mum and my sister are coming over for lunch tomorrow but as yet haven't started!  Brett's been busy all day outside and we've now completely finished the front and back yards, down to the numbers on the letterbox!  I sat outside and watched him laughing2.gif

Michaela I hope you get to have a nice relaxing day soon to make up for rushing around so far this MD.  How far away was Adam's game?  Taking a barge seems like you had to travel MILES away!  Thinking of you today too  hhugs.gif

Jannette I hope you took the relaxing option, espeially after having to clean up after your own breakfast!  I hope you get some answers soon about the CD, it's a big thing to have unanswered, especially after all this time.

Bah I have to go, Scarlett is very unhappy and I can hear their stress levels rising (Brett and the kids listening to Scarlett and Scarlett getting whingier by the minute).

#21 Jet07

Posted 10 May 2009 - 08:38 PM

Yep - sat reading at the play centre for about 3 hours although not that relaxing with having to keep an eye on Shea. Found another boy (about 5yo I'd say) picking on him in the ball pit - including telling him to get up so the other boy could kick him in the stomach! Shea was not complaining but complying. Hhhhhmmmmm! I told the manager who spoke to the boy and his father.

#22 micallep

Posted 11 May 2009 - 05:05 PM

Happy Mothers Day for yesterday everyone.

Gosh Janette, that is shocking picking on by a 5yr old  nno2.gif . Glad you sort of got to semi relax.

Michaela, what a busy day you had! I would have gone junk again LOL, why not for Mother's day?!

I had a lovely day yesterday, for once I got to go out to dinner for me and mum  tthumbs.gif. All other Mother's days we've been to see MIL for dinner as M works during the day so I've never been able to celebrate Mothers day for myself on the actual day.

Oh gosh, I am getting really excited about meeting my little girl now.  A friend just had another girl on Friday night, saw her on Saturday and she is just gorgeous!!!! If I have this baby around the same time as S, then I only have 2.5wks left.


Edited by micallep, 11 May 2009 - 05:10 PM.

#23 Keropi

Posted 11 May 2009 - 05:57 PM

Jannette - that was shocking about that little boy.  Hearing stuff like that never fails to shock me and wonder where on earth they have picked it up from rant.gif   Poor Shea, did you talk to him about it? What did he say?

Michelle - yay on the yard.  We need photo's now!

Ping - I'm glad you enjoyed your mothers day.

Michaela - had did you go sweetie? hhugs.gif

Good day here, we went to the aquarium.  It was good.  I got a new camera bag for the DSLR and Madmen on DVD (it is on SBS on Thurs 8.30pm, fabulous show, so much so that I don't watch Grey's because of it!)  I have no teaching work booked for this week, am relishing being at home for a change.  Catching up on housework but taking it easy - back is sore for some reason.  Had coffee at the neighbours for a couple of hours - nice and relaxing!

#24 Jet07

Posted 11 May 2009 - 08:44 PM

Julie it's hard to get Shea to say anything about it but I just told him that the other boy wasn't being nice to him and if people do things that are not appropriate (a word they've been using at school so he should understand) then he should ask them to stop and tell them that it is not appropriate or not nice. I spoke to the manager who spoke to the child and parent, but I'd told her I didn't want a fuss just that she might like to keep an eye on him. I spoke to Shea's special ed teacher about it today as they have a social skills session which I thought she may be able to re-inforce it in. As I said to her the fact he was complying was what worried me the most, in case he's ever in a worse "inappropriate" situation - IYKWIM.

There was another situation earlier in the day at golf - Shea was using avoidance strategies not to participate, which I eventually worked out was because he's starting to become aware of differences and was frustrated that he could not hit as well as the older boy beside him who had been attending lessons for a while. He did try again after I explained that he (Shea) had only had two lessons where the other boy had been coming for lots of lessons and that Shea hadn't been taught how to drive the ball yet. I passed that on to his mainstream and special ed teacher too, as his behaviour seems to be getting worse as he becomes more aware of others around him and his own limitations. By coincidence this was a topic in BBE on the weekend!

Anyway - had a nice day today - spent an hour and a half with the Executive Teacher for Inclusion Support showing through some people from an Inclusion Technology company that we hope might donate some of the equipment we want. Talon was dragged along but was really well behaved. That's how I got to speak to both teachers  Tounge1.gif .

Dinners about to be served so better go...

#25 Keropi

Posted 13 May 2009 - 09:56 PM

Oh Jannette - your poor boy, doesn't growing up suck sometimes.  Shea is just amazing in our eyes so please tell him that we say Hi and can't wait to see how good at golf he is.  Gee, I don't even know what drive in golf means!
You are once again doing a wonderful job and it sounds like you have a wonderful school support system now too.

Gina - how is your little man going?

How is everyone else???  Updates please.

We went to our first German lesson tonight.  My head is spinning, so we are going to try and speak it when relevant to get into the habit.  Once again  ddoh.gif we should have done this before going over there.
My unemployment is short lived and I have been called for work tomorrow.  I have been trying to help out Ashie's class all week in reading groups but there has been heaps of changes due to the Naplan tests and everytime I show up they aren't on.  Poor Ash, I really think she could do with my presence at school.  However I have walked up to school all week so far with the dogs which they have loved.  I've managed to catch up on a few things this week like washing, cleaning the car (boy was that an effort), banking cheques which just sit in my wallet forgotten about etc etc.

Guten nacht!

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