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#26 MichelleM

Posted 13 May 2009 - 10:59 PM

Julie I did German from year 1 to year 10 at FOUR different schools!  It didn't help me much though, all I can say is excuse me (Entschuldigung), "I am 12 years old" (Guess what age I was when I learnt that  roll2.gif ) and can count to 100.

You have been so busy this week.  I have been sooo slack!  I am trying to catch up on my washing tonight but it's a looong sloooow process.

Jannette my heart breaks for you and Shea with the play centre issue (Grrrr I would have been furious!)  and also with him becoming aware of his limitations.

Ping I am very excited for you too!  I am really looking forward to seeing a birth announcement BUT hopefully not for a few weeks!  Great to hear that you had a good Mother's Day too.

Gina you sound like me, LOVE my own kids but looking after others would drive me nuts unlike my sister and Mum who both have done child care for years!  So, let us know about this new venture......

Is anyone still having major attitude issues with their 6 year olds?  Josh is not accountable for anything, no matter what happens it's always mine or Brett's fault, never his own.  He's also talking back and has picked up some choice words from school which he was yelling out in our back yard the other day!  OMG I almost died of embarrassment when I heard him (inside Scarlett's room with the window and door closed so the neighbours would def had heard it!).  Thankfully he is still going well at school and is extra well behaved there!  

His eczema is terrible at the moment which IS my fault  cry1.gif   I thought he was growing out of it because it's been great for months so I've been using fabric softener since Sunday.  This morning I caught him when he got out of the shower and his belly is red raw as is his legs and arms.  I feel terrible and have had to rewash all of his clothes.  He didn't tell me though.

Isabella is little miss attitude too at the moment, today I asked her to do something and she simply said NO!  I asked her a couple of times again and again she said NO!  She went into time out after that lol!  She went to school without knickers on Monday too  oomg2.gif laughing2.gif  I got a call at 9.30 from her teacher to bring some to school but the funny thing is that she wasn't even aware that she didn't any on, when the teacher asked her if she was wearing any, Isabella had to have a look!

She's also being a major drama queen!  While in time out she was wailing about being in the wrong family, that no one loves her, that she needs to go away and find some one that cares rolleyes.gif  I didn't think this started for a few years.

Scarlett though, she is my delight.  Yes I'm her Mother BUT she is the brightest, funniest, happiest baby ever (ever people, EVER!).  She always says Ta when handed something, she has been waving and saying ta ta for months and now does the actions to twinkle twinkle and even says star!  She also eats anything which, after two very fussy kids, is sooo fantastic!  Even revolting concoctions like tonight was beans, carrot & zuchini with chicken sick.gif  I was very hesitant giving it to her but she liked it so I made a batch and froze it laughing2.gif

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#27 ~JASB~

Posted 14 May 2009 - 12:27 PM

Hello all!

We ended up going to Scott's work for Mothers Day dinner original.gif  So he cooked for me at work laughing2.gif  The most delicious steak with mushie sauce and veggies.  YUM.  Then took the boys to Baskin Robbins for dessert - another YUM.  They have dairy free sorbet so it's a good dessert venue for Adam!

As for my baby #4 making ... have now started on aspirin and also went to see a naturopath for the first time ever on Monday.  He was really, really good and I now have faith.  He's got me on a bowel detox and mineral supplements as well as a different probiotic.  He seems to think that my bowel 'issues' is related to my uterus unsure.gif  Anyway, we'll see.  He was telling me what my symptoms were without me telling him first, just from the tests that he did on me.  Quite bizarre!  Wish me luck original.gif

Jannette Poor Shea sad.gif  that is heartbreaking sad.gif  What an awful little boy in the playcentre sad.gif

Michelle Thankfully no attitude issues here.  Well, not from the 6yo anyway.  the 3yo on the other hand ... well ... laughing2.gif
Hope Josh's skin settles down again!
Thanks for thinking of me on MD, I appreciate it wub.gif  Adam's game - Stradbroke Island - it's about 35-40 min drive and then an hour on the barge!!  Then the same in reverse!  So yep, quite a trip for footy.  Thank God we have a home game this weekend LOL.  Actually this Sunday is awesome - Adam plays at 9am and Josh at 1pm.  I get to watch both of my boys games! eexcite.gif  Adam is at home, Josh is away, but only 15 mins drive.  So I told the boys we'll have an early lunch somewhere inbetween the two games.

Julie Thanks for reminding me of the cheque in my wallet needing banking LOL.  I am waiting for another one to come though, I wish it would come and save me a second trip to the bank!  I had to get a serviceman out to repair my pool filter.  $77 callout fee for a "installation error".  Not happy Jan!  So I got in touch with the pool builder and requested reimbursement!  Thankfully they agreed (I would have fought tooth and nail through the appropriate dept if they'd denied it!), but I haven't seen the chq arrive yet  wacko.gif

Nic Are you reading?  I hope the kids have all recovered from their illnesses!!

Josh has a big week at school this week with the NAPLAN testing.  3rd and final day of testing today and today is his favourite subject, maths.  His teacher gave me some feedback this morning and he's done awesome the first 2 days.  The teachers have been looking thru their papers before sending them in.  Josh was top of his class for the writing/spelling test on Tuesday.  Yesterday was reading and comprehension - he didn't do quite as well as Tuesday but still up there near the top original.gif  As today is his best subject I have high hopes original.gif  But of course he knows we're proud of him no matter what.  We're just very lucky that he loves his school work!


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#28 Nics

Posted 14 May 2009 - 01:47 PM

I did type a huge post before and then my computer shut down (well internet explorer did anyway) and now have run out of time again  nno.gif

Just quickly Ellie is starting to recover - she had a virus in her lungs which she was on 4 hourly ventolin with a mask for... and gee wasnt that fun every 4 hours trying to keep a mask on her face  wacko.gif  She was daily monitored and just this morning her dr said we dont have to go back until Sat and can go to X3 a day for the ventolin - yay I may get more than 3-4 hours sleep tonight (thats been the average for the past couple of weeks)...  so Im utterly exhausted!  At least my baby girl is going to be fine though!  Jarrod got a virus last week that knocked him for six - and ended up throwing up as well... Aiden then got diagnosed with a middle ear infection after getting over his cold and cough - and had his first dose of antibiotics EVER... not bad in 4 years!!!  So I feel like Im about to have a breakdown  cry1.gif  I do however have my girls day/night on Saturday - 5 of us have booked a hotel room at Bondi and are meeting there at 4pm - drinks and nibbles then a nice dinner in the City and then hitting the town - although I will be back to the hotel room early Im sure...  so DH has the 3 kids on his own  ddance.gif  BUT I do hope Ellie returns to her normal self - he just doesnt hve the patience to deal with sick kids and I dont want to spend my night worrying about how hes dealing with her  ssorry.gif

Apart from that no other news although Michelle I most definitely have a smart alec 6 year old...  OMG the answering back is just hideous...  and he just doesnt seem to care oomg.gif  

Ellie is still not crawling but starting to pull herself up so Im thinking she may bypass crawling altogether - she rolls and commandos backwards - just cant go forward!  She claps hands, waves bye and says a few words including Vroom Vroom - can you tell she has big brothers  Tounge1.gif  And even though she is grumpy and miserable atm - she is just gorgeous!

Anyway time for a rest before school pick up!!  Will catch up soon on everyone's news!

#29 Keropi

Posted 14 May 2009 - 05:29 PM

Michelle - the garden looks great!  And why didn't Josh tell you his skin was sore, poor thing!

Nic - wow, you are in the wars aren't you?!  I bet you are looking forward to your night out.  Hopefully all goes smoothly.

And on 6 year old attitude, my Ashie is good as gold for me and her teacher.  However she was a toad for the photo man and for the babysitter a couple of weeks ago.  So not sure if that counts as attitude?

#30 FloralArrangement

Posted 15 May 2009 - 09:44 AM

Garden looks great Michelle. Just to note that my 11 year old has the attitude big time, Ms 15 is pretty good can be a tad hormonal (can't we all) and Miss 6 is a sobbing mess at the drop of a hat.

Nic your Dh needs to get some patience they are his children as much as yours and you deserve a good night out without worry. He will do fine, as he should.

Daisy is unwell again 2nd round ab's will take her to the dr sunday if not okay.

Robbie is a cheerful little imp shall I say. LOVES power cords must look for a toy that resembles that he would be in heaven lol.

Fostering thing dragging out until official drives me nuts but that's life. We started playgroup this week that was good.

Off to have morning tea with a friend in a moment. R just having his regular cat nap at this time hopefully a bigger sleep this afternoon.

How are you Julie? Michaela? Ping? Jannette.

Michaela getting to the Stradbroke games seems a bit much or is it an adventure. I saw a naturopath pre Rosie I did have a currette but she def. helped and diagnosed without talking to me and I was amazed very accurate. A lot of iridology diagnoses.

Jannette some kids are just foul and I just don't get the lack of parental intervention?????????????? IMO if there is intervention kids will get over being a bully and learn how to be a decent person, no intervention in my eyes means they become a grown up bully.


#31 ~JASB~

Posted 15 May 2009 - 01:15 PM

Thanks Gina, good to know the naturopath helped you!  I have some confidence original.gif

How old is R now?

Nic, ENJOY your night out, my God you deserve it!

#32 FloralArrangement

Posted 15 May 2009 - 01:47 PM

Rob is 10 months today  yyes.gif

#33 Keropi

Posted 15 May 2009 - 04:23 PM

Gina - sometimes it is funny to think of you with a baby!  It's like R has dropped from the sky!!  Happy 10 month birthday!

Good luck Michaela.

Me - ended up working today aswell.  Poor Ash though she was a bit sad I couldn't go to her school today, but she lost her first top tooth yesterday so the tooth fairy came and that was exciting.
I have work tomorrow too, I was enjoying unemployment for a change!
My poor Charlie dog is getting shaved as we speak, he got a tonne of knots on holiday and they just needed coming off.  I feel sorry for him because it is sooo cold now.
Not much else happening, kids are going to hook up on the webcam later with some relos.

#34 FloralArrangement

Posted 15 May 2009 - 06:48 PM

Babies do drop from the sky it is a phenomenon I had never encountered before I always got babies the normal way before, this way is not as painful unless baby drops on your head out of the sky of course.  roll2.gif  roll2.gif  roll2.gif

We think it is odd as well tbh. But he is a wonderful little guy.

#35 Keropi

Posted 15 May 2009 - 10:36 PM


#36 Keropi

Posted 18 May 2009 - 06:59 PM

I've been writing the 15/5/09 all day!  but it is the 18th ddoh.gif

#37 Nics

Posted 18 May 2009 - 07:52 PM

Well I got my night out and boy did I need it  tthumbs.gif  Didnt enjoy yesterday though (got home at 3am after dancing up a storm  ddance.gif )  but it was a really fun night with my girlfriends.....  havent laughed that much in ages esp yesterday morning when we had to relive it all and filled in the gaps so to speak!  

Couldnt wait to get home to the kids though  ddoh.gif  always the way!  Having a few issues with my DH AGAIN...  I really think the whole Ellie thing has brought on a midlife crisis... hes being very irresponsible and acting like a single prat atm.....  its all about him going out and honestly Ive just had enough.  I dont mind him going to watch 1 game of footy per weekend but not every single game of footy OUT and drinking along with it...  it just means the whole weekend is gone and he hasnt done anything as a family or with the kids  nno.gif  Its just not on ...  I didnt marry my father and dont want him to suddenly become a drunk and only interested in the kids when it suits him.  I do believe we both wanted kids so I dont see why all of a sudden having a "life" means getting drunk whenever and wherever and nothing else mattering....  Im really too angry still after last night - will fill you in next time but Im still not talking to him - thing is he knows he is in the wrong but just doesnt say sorry or talk about anything....  and I need to calm down before I can be rational and forgiving (by the way it wasnt anything Id leave him for - just irresponsible behaviour whilst our boys were there with him - hes lucky nothing happened!!)

Ok boys are off to bed  tthumbs.gif  so best run!  

gina - I didnt realise R was the same age as Ellie  ddoh.gif  Is he crawling yet?  Ellie will go backwards but that is it - she just doesnt seem to care.. although she is pulling herself up so maybe we will bypass crawling?  Dont think I have any need to be concerned though - in fact I should be very happy that she still isnt everywhere and into everything  unsure.gif  All kids are back to good health thanks goodness and Ellie is starting to fall back into good sleeping habits overnight (only 1 wake up last night  tthumbs.gif ) please please let it continue  dry.gif

#38 ~JASB~

Posted 19 May 2009 - 08:42 AM

Nic hhugs.gif  I don't know what to say.  We're here when you need to let it all out though.  I'm really glad you had a good night with the girls original.gif

I'm feeling awful today.  Lunchtime yesterday I started getting a sore throat, by 5pm I had no voice at all sad.gif  I can't believe how fast it came on.  I went to bed at 7:15 (and missed monday night footy  oomg.gif )  I feel awful sad.gif

To top it off, AF due today and BFN.gif this morning cry1.gif

I have all kids home today too - Qld teachers strike today.  It's raining, and I'm in no state to go out anywhere, so I dare say the whinging about being bored will start soon ddoh.gif

#39 FloralArrangement

Posted 19 May 2009 - 10:27 AM

Michaela wish I could give you a big cuddle.

Nic Rob has been crawling since 8.5 months and is nearly ready to walk, although he doesn't know it lol. He is having a rotten time with his teeth which in turn means Tyler and i have a rotten time. Sorry to hear that Dh has forgotten he has a family. Hope you can sort it to where you want it.


#40 MichelleM

Posted 19 May 2009 - 11:03 PM

Oh Michaela I'm sorry that you got another BFN  sad.gif   Also bummer that you're sick - did you survive the day with the boys home and feeling unwell?

The Stradbroke Island games seem like suuuch a mission, a huge commitment for junior sport anyway!  We are lucky in that our kids train and play at the one oval.  We have 300 kids in our suburb registered for football and they have an hour skills and then a 30 minute stratch match straight after.

Fantastic to hear that Josh is doing so well on the NAPLAN tests.

Gina R is going great guns with his development isn't he!  Scarlett has had teething troubles too which is a whole new world to me as the other two just popped them out.  When Josh was little, his favourite toy was a broken computer keyboard!  He loved it tooo much, they even still play with occasionally.  He also loved/s out old mobile phones, remote controls etc!

Nic firstly it's great to hear that you had a wild night out, I'm certainly in need of one of those soon!  Also don't be concerned at all that Ellie isn't crawling, Josh and Bel were soooo slow to crawl and I wish Scarlett was too!  She is into absolutely everything at the moment and is so fearless, she'll go into dark rooms, under beds etc on her own!  I can't leave her for a minute as she's so fast and I lose her in the house!

I am so sad to hear that Dh is going off the rails again.  I hope you can work through it soon.  Th sickness in the kids sounded like a hellish time too.  I am so glad to hear that at least you got to get away if only for a night.

Julie Josh just lost his top tooth too, looks right a right dag at the moment with a big gappy smile laughing2.gif  You'll have to knit Charlie a jumper now that he's had a haircut!  It's only just now getting cold in Perth now (it was 23 degrees today - brr laughing2.gif !) and ....... I totally lost where I was going with that comment....... roll2.gif

Josh's eczema is slowly getting better along with his behaviour.  I should have known, as his eczema flares, his behaviour gets worse, it happens every time.

I think Isabella's bladder infection is back again as she's wetting her pants again so off to the Dr for more antibiotics I think.  Poor thing, it must be really uncomfortable but she never complains.

Scarlett still has an ear infection I think as she's still putting on her ears and being grumpy.  Although she did sleep right through last night, amazing!

#41 ~JASB~

Posted 20 May 2009 - 08:08 AM

Thanks Gina and Michelle, the witch arrived just to confirm the BFN too sad.gif  Feeling a bit sad today sad.gif  

Michelle, hope your two girls are better soon!

Better get going to school.  I'm leaving earlier than normal today, after 2 days of heavy rain, parking around school will be a nightmare.  My pool is literally overflowing.  Can't believe how much rain we've had, and it's still POURING as I type.


#42 Keropi

Posted 20 May 2009 - 11:31 AM

Michaela hhugs.gif

#43 Nics

Posted 20 May 2009 - 12:20 PM

Hey girls

Thanks for all the comments (and for your pm Jules!!)

I havent really done anything as yet...  Im taking my time mulling it over in my head and trying very hard to work out the best course of action from here.  First and foremost I have to get him to realise that he needs to talk to a professional.. Ellie is 10 months old next week - surely it doesnt take that long to "accept" a baby into your family?  I realise it takes a lot longer than that to get back to where your life was without the baby - but can you continue to blame the baby for that?  Or is he resenting me for having our baby?  Theres just so many issues here and hes not dealing with them...  not to mention how irresponsible and "off the rails" he is right now....  a mid life crisis me thinks but its not something he is going to overcome on his own.  And I just dont want Ellie to get old enough to realise shes being treated differently (and in turn shes going to end up hating him  cry1.gif )  hmm sorry just getting thoughts out there....  I realise I have to talk to him firstly BUT Ive just been trying to get into a calm state to do that... everytime I think of the weekend I just get so bloody mad at him  ssorry.gif  Anyway I think the best course of action is to wait and see what the weekend brings... see what he plans involving drinking and footy and golf etc and then the conversation can go on from there...  Anyone offer advice?  I dotn want to offer ultimatums at this point in time but Im fearful of our future together if he wont seek outside help and work through this...  its not something I can really help him with.  I mean how do you get your husband to love your child and love them unconditionally regardless of how many times they get up at night or cry/whinge OR stop you from doing what YOU want to do??  Its all part and parcel of having kids isnt it?  

ARRGGHH I feel like Im going around in circles!!

Michaela - big hugs from me...  of course you are sad!  I wish there was something I could do for you....  

Jules - whats your workload like over the next couple of weeks?  Perhaps we can organise a Parramatta meet up?  

Michelle - loved your park pics on facebook.  Hope the kids improve for you...   thanksfully mine seem to be on the mend and OK right now.  

Oh one question for you all - Jarrod has been invited to a party next weekend for twins (girl and boy) now he isnt friends at all with the girl but plays with the boy.  The invite has invited Jarrod to "their" party - so does that mean I have to buy them BOTH a present?  Obviously the girl has invited all her girlfriends and the boy his boy friends (in year 1 they dont play with the opposite sex at ALL  nno.gif  ) but it has me confused...  probably like every other mother... what would you do?

#44 Keropi

Posted 20 May 2009 - 05:33 PM

Hi Nic - no idea about the pressie thing but due to the fact that the children are separated for play I would just buy the boy a pressie and maybe get the girl a token card and a sheet of stickers etc.  I think that is fair especially if Jarrod says that he is friends with the boy.

At the moment I am a day by day basis but maybe we can pick a few days and I'll let you know on the day if I can make it.  I have worked Mon and Tues but at this stage have nothing for the rest of this week.  Lord knows I hope work picks up especially if we are considering moving.
I do look forward to catching up though.

Just a quickie have dinner in the crockpot nearly ready to go as we have another language class tonight.

#45 micallep

Posted 20 May 2009 - 06:03 PM

Oh Nic, big hugs for you. One thing I've realised over the years is that you can't 'make' them realise anything.........it simply needs to happen for them of it's own accord. I do think a professional will help S immensely but again this is his call and a very big thing for a guy to admit they need external help. I can only suggest to talk to him when he is also in the mood for talking and discuss both your feelings and what you want very calmly (ie, counselling etc). I know that I get nowhere trying to talk to M if he hasn't thought through something in his head and is ready to talk about it so often if I am having trouble getting him to commit to discussing a topic, I set a night with him that he is happy to commit to for that discussion to occur.
Also I do think in particular for men to make a proactive change about their lives they more often than not need to hit a 'rock bottom' which in everyone's case can be a different trigger. Anyway, my prayers will be with you Nic and I really hope things improve for you.

Michaela, big hugs for you too. Have you started with your naturopathic herbs?

Julie, any further news on job and moving front?

xxx to everyone else.

#46 Keropi

Posted 21 May 2009 - 05:18 PM

no job news yet!!!

#47 ~JASB~

Posted 21 May 2009 - 05:30 PM

Ping, yer I've been on the naturopath stuff for 10 days now and it's made a massive difference to me, really good stuff  tthumbs.gif   This skeptic is convinced LOL

Julie, when do you expect to hear?

Nic, pressie thing ... that's a tough one.  I'd probably buy something small for the other twin.  Maybe a book?  I've never been to a twin party before so have no idea really!!  I certainly wouldn't go empty handed for the other twin though - I'd have to give her something.

Thanks for the hugs girls wub.gif

#48 Nics

Posted 22 May 2009 - 08:40 AM

Michaela - I have a question for you... how did you survive Shawn and his constant wakings and early morning starts?  Ellie is absolutely shocking (which doesnt help things here!) She went through a phase of sleeping through (didnt last very long though!) And has been teething for a LONG time then got very sick and is now back to getting 2 more teeth... but her sleeping overnight has just gotten worse and worse.  She wakes 3 times on average overnight and then starts the day at 5am (5:30 on a good day).. Im just exhausted!  I dont mind getting up to give her a feed overnight but not 3!  She cant possibly be hungry and is now in a habit I think....  but I just cant keep going like this.  Its making life very hard for us all..  Im constantly tired and cranky and trying to deal with everything that 3 kids brings as well as marital issues - well Im just hanging in.  

Im fairly certain Scott didnt get up to Shawn much and you also had 2 kids to deal with and you did it for a lot longer than 10 months!  Please help....  I need some sleep or a break of something!  


#49 Keropi

Posted 22 May 2009 - 09:49 AM

Michaela - they said that I would hear around 2 weeks and it has been that now....stil waiting.

Nic - I feel for you.  Sleep deprivation is horrible.  When my kiddies were little I would try and catch naps when they did and also if they slept better with me I would let them.  Have you tried calling Tresillian for some tips?
A friend of mine got some over the phone I just don't remember what she was told.  I assume you are giving her panadol...does it help do you think?

Home today, going for a hair cut and coffee with my hairdresser.  We have some friends sleeping over tomorrow night and coming for dinner.  Should be good fun!  As well as giving DH some bloke time.  You know how it goes.
Also updated blog last night if anyone wants to check out what we have been up to lately.

Ping - how are you hanging in there?

Jannette and Michelle  waves.gif

#50 Nics

Posted 23 May 2009 - 08:04 AM

oomg.gif Im at my wits end... last night between the hours of 9:30pm and 7:30am Ellie slept for 20 mins every hour  cry1.gif I just dont know what to do and what the problem is....  I had to cop it until 4:30am when DH realised I was sobbing that he looked after her until 7:30 .. Im tired, frustrated, upset and fed up!  Im wondering at 10 months old whether she would still be a candidate for a sleep school - I think Karitane and Tressilian would have too long a wait so I may have to investigate a private one...  anyone know anything about this?

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