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June 02 Parents # 74

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#1 Sandra

Posted 30 April 2009 - 08:43 AM

New thread time ladies.


#2 nic74g

Posted 30 April 2009 - 09:44 AM


Just checking and couldn't resist!

Have a great day all.

Just got Aiden's soccer draw. He will be playing his cousin often (very funny)


#3 sallan

Posted 09 May 2009 - 09:34 PM

Hope you all have a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.
Its Dhs birthday as well, not happy about sharing Tounge1.gif
Have a great day

#4 Freckles

Posted 11 May 2009 - 09:24 AM

Hi girls,

Haven't been in for a while as life has just been crazily busy. I'm not even sure what it is that makes the days go so fast! wacko.gif tongue.gif

Patrick's school always does a Mother's Day concert when the kids are in year 1, so this year it was our turn. They had it on Friday and it was great. I went with my PIL while SIL stayed home and looked after Beth. PIL and I had a ball. It was incredibly funny (we laughed until we cried laughing2.gif ) and also very cute and heartwarming. wub.gif All the kids had done a picture for their mum, which the school laminated for them. It was a picture of their mum and a sentnce, 'my mum likes to...'. All my friends had things like 'my mum likes to cook everything' and 'my mum likes to ride her bike'. Obviously Patrick knows me very well because mine said 'my mum likes to drink coffee'! roll2.gif We had a picnic in the grounds with him afterwards and it was lovely. Next year they do a Father's Day concert (yr 2) so it's Andrew's turn then.

Other than that all is going well. Patrick is doing very well at school. He has been invited to attend Mind Quest, which is a program for gifted and talented students. ddance.gif It's actually running at Andrew's school (of all places LOL) in July and he's going to attend. It's $150 but it goes for 2 full days and looks really good. Beth is growing like a weed, it's her birthday in 2 weeks. Hard to believe that she is almost 2! Her vocabulary is growing almost daily and she's now talking in 3-4 word sentences.

waves.gif all round, hope you are all well and had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday. We don't really 'do' it as such, but Patrick's first words yesterday were "Happy Mother's Day Mummy, I love you!" which was pretty cute. wub.gif

#5 *l&k*mama

Posted 24 May 2009 - 07:24 PM

Hi girls! I'm Mandy and I used to belong to the June 02 group years ago!  I just had a quick read of the previous thread, and I remember Jane and Noah, and I remember Liam.

The talk of height and weight made me smile.
My gigantour is
Height: 130cm
Weight: 34 kgs
Shoe: 2
Teeth, four (2 top, 2 bottom) with 4 loose.

I am only 155cmm tall so it seems a bit rediculous that my 6 year old is up to past my chest.

Sounds familiar! I have a tall, slim but athletic nearly 7 year old in Kaiesha.  I too am only 154cm tall and she's up to my chest.  My 10 year old Leilani is 152cm tall, 55kg  oomg.gif and has a sz 8 ladies shoe!

Height: 128cm
Weight: 25 kgs
Shoe:   13.5
Teeth, five(1 top, 4 bottom ones first!) with other top one loose.

Kaiesha is in year two (NSW) at school. One of the youngest, but doing quite well.  She's not gifted by any means, but is bright.

Kaiesha is quite a talented dancer for her age, and we go to dancing 4 days a week.  She does about 9 hours a week of classes.  She also does eisteddfods (dancing competitions) on some weekends and holidays, where she dances a solo or as part of a troupe.  It's pretty all consuming, but it's what we do.  

Just recently returned to EB.  We've had a lot of upheaval in our lives in the past 3 years with losing our house to the bank, then moving into rental properties and having to move 4 times already!  School and dancing are our constants.

I'm a single mum too.

Hope to catch up soon!  
ps siggy is a little premature, Kaiesha is 7 in June and Leilani 11 in July.

#6 nic74g

Posted 24 May 2009 - 09:41 PM

Hi ladies, welcome back Mandy

We are a pretty quiet thread these days but it is nice to be able to catch up every now and then.

Mandy, very sorry to read about your recent times.I hope all is looking up for you and your lovely girls. You must be very busy with all that activity!

Aiden is in year one and going very well. I am a June 02 parent because I was in the due in June group however Aiden made an early appearance and his birthday is on 29th May. Can't believe it.I am actually a bit teary about it this year!

Aiden plays soccer and goes to swimming lessons. We are getting him a keyboard for his birthday and he will have lessons as well. Ella is 4 and she does swimming lessons and gymnastics. Ella will go to school next year and will probably pick  up a weekend sport. Life with kids is busy.

Have just spent Saturday night in Sydney with DH and friends. It was nice to get away but I love coming home. Shame I have to work tomorrow!
Well, better go get some school shirts ironed.

Hope all is well. I will try and post some photos of my boy when he turns 7 (he is very excited although no party this year).

Hope everyone is well.


#7 sallan

Posted 25 May 2009 - 03:11 PM

Hi All,
Hello Mandy, wow its been a while. Your girls look lovely and so big now.
Was it my Liam you remembered? I think there may have been another one in this group at some stage.
We are going good.
My Liam turns 7 1st June. We are having a Slotcar party this year. The company and bringing the track to our home and putting it up in the garage for an hour and a half of racing!! tthumbs.gif
Both my boys are well into all that. It should be a blast. The winner gets a trophy, courtesy of my Dh. He does etching and will be able to etch `winner` on the trophy!!LOL
Liam cant wait. He is getting very spoilt this year as we will also have a little Mothers group party this weekend.
He is doing well in school and is at Grade 2 level for reading and spelling. He has at last decided he likes school, just not going everyday.
Owen my littlie starts school next year. He is such a lovely. Very tactile and cuddly, always telling me he loves me etc,
He is loving 4yr old kinder and has made some great friends. He does Tumble gym and swimming too.
Dh is still running his own business. He was quite sick for a couple of years so the business suffered and we are now struggling. Hopefully now he is on track he will get it up and running successfully soon.
Im having fun at home with Owen in his last year. I have just become a Kaszazz consultant and am loving it.
I am hoping to train to become a Teachers Aid in July and hopefully find some work next year.
Think thats about all out updates for now.

Hows everyone else? Hope nobodys sick, there seems to be alot of bugs going around at the mo.

Owen has kinder photos on Weds. Looking forward to seeing them. I hope they are better than last years. They were ok but not stunning as I had hoped.
Well better get a wriggle on its pick up time again, where does the time go
Take care all

#8 Freckles

Posted 29 May 2009 - 10:52 AM

Hi girls,

Apologies for my absence. Life as always has been crazy here. I'm just coming out of a mild MS episode, fist one in w hile. It came on very quickly but fortunately eased off very quickly too. Beth turned 2 last weekend - where has that time gone?? Very quiet day, didn't have a birthday party or anything. After all it's the same as any other day when you are 2! LOL Patrick is going well. He was recently invited to attend MidQuest which is a program for gifted and talented kids, so we're pleased about that. He's going to it in July ($150 thanks for coming, ouch!)

Mandy - I remember you! Your girls are so big and grown up now. Great to hear that they are going so well. I'm sorry to hear about your dramas. sad.gif Living in a rental is never as stable as having your own place. We have always rented and had a number of properties sold out from under us in the first few years. We've been in our current place over 4 years now, so I think it's  amatter of perservering and sooner or later you'll find a good place.

Sally - Great to read that Liam has finally decided that he likes school! Makes it much easier I'm sure. Great news on his reading level too. original.gif

Nic - HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIDEN!! Hard to believe that our crew are all about to be 7. Hope he has a lovely day today. original.gif

Not much else here, just busy busy as usual. Hope you are all well. original.gif

#9 nic74g

Posted 29 May 2009 - 09:58 PM

Well, my boy is seven :-0
He has had a great day, got awesome presents...a keyboard, lego and x-box games and we went out for Mexican (he LOVES tacos). Ella was tired though and fell off the chair head first and cried her way through dinner. She fell asleep quickly when we got home to so will have to keep an eye on her.

Emma, bummer about the episode, but glad it settled quickly. Wow, Beth is 2. I bet she is showing you heaps of personality.

I got fitted for some orthotics today to try and help my feet a bit as they have been buggers with the RA. I am thankful that I am not flaring a lot but the residual is annoying regardless. Also not real happy about being on methotrexate and worried about long term use. My bloods still show inflamation and they want to up medication. I want to wait and see.

Sally, Aiden is enjoying school more this year as well. I will be interested to see his school report. I still worry that he loses his temper.

Well, I have just made a birthday cake for family BBQ tomorrow and I am going off to bed to read.

Take care all. Hope you are all excited about upcoming birthdays



#10 Freckles

Posted 01 June 2009 - 09:29 AM

Happy birthday Liam! Hope it's a great day. original.gif

Nic - Sounds like Aiden had a great day! original.gif Pity about Ella though. ddoh.gif I'm sorry to hear that the RA is being a problem. REsidual effects can be just as annoying (and painful I guess, in your case) as the actual attacks themselves. Hope the orthotics help. And FWIW, my mum is on methotrexate for psoriasis (has been for quite a long time) with no serious side effects.

waves.gif all round, hope you are all well. original.gif

#11 sallan

Posted 01 June 2009 - 11:34 AM

Thanks for that Em,
Yes a very spoilt 7 year old here!!
Saturday he had Mothers group party. There are pics on FB, which some of you may have seen.
He got a few pressies then. He was desperate to open his new lego and announced at the end of the party that everyone had to leave so he could open it and make it- cheeky wotsit!!!LOL ohmy.gif
Today is the actual day and this morning Owen was up first waiting patiently to give Liam his present- soooo sweet.
He had got him a Mach 6 car because Liam lost his other one.
Owen told him he was the bestest big bro ever!!! Liam gave him a big bear hug. biggrin.gif
Tonight we are off to Red Rooster by request from the birthday boy.
Next Saturday is his Slotcar party. The company will bring the track to our home and set it up in the garage and the kids can have 1 and half hours of racing!!! Bliss!!!
Blimey dont parties go on for weeks now. When I had a birthday I was lucky to have a party and a cake at all.
That was in the very dark ages of course!!!LOL
Anyway better go and get Mr O from kinder.
Hope you all have a great day, I know we will!!

#12 nic74g

Posted 01 June 2009 - 06:29 PM

Happy Birthday Liam.

#13 Freckles

Posted 26 June 2009 - 12:49 PM

Hi girls,

As usual I've been very slack and haven't been in for a while. In my defence lots has been happening here. We got given notice to vacate our rental property as our owners want to move back in! sad.gif Fortunately we have been lucky enough to get a really great house very close by. We sign the lease today and move next week. So, lots to do with packing etc. New house has ducted air con (can't wait for that come summer!) and a big kitchen, as well as lots of other fabulous things. So, I will be even more scarce than usual while we get moved and settled.

Patrick turned 7 on the 19th. It was a Friday so he went to school. I did lolly bags for the class, which was a big hit. Very quiet day. We did dinner with my PIL and he got to stay the night there as a special treat. Then my bestie took him shopping on the Sunday for his birthday present and he got spoilt rotten. So it was a nice day all up. All his presents were Star Wars lego, which is very expensive, so he did pretty well I reckon! biggrin.gif

Hope you are all well and things are travelling along smoothly for you. original.gif

#14 nic74g

Posted 26 June 2009 - 08:42 PM

Hi ladies

Emma, sorry to hear you have had to move but sounds as though you have found something nice. Moving is so stressful so don't envy you in the least.
Happy Birthday (belated) to Patrick. Hope he enjoyed the Lego. Aiden is very big on lego now and I am amazed at how well he follows the manuals to create these incredible feats. Hope the move goes well.

My two have been creating havoc here. They get along really well most of the time but really know how to push each other s buttons. OMG some days I really think I am going to lose my mind. I actaully cried on the way to school this morning it was SO bad.

I am actually starting to wonder how Ella will go in school next year with the teachers giving her directions on what to do! We will see.

We have a70's  cocktail party to go to tomorrow which should be great fun. Kids are going to mums!

Hope everyone is doing well. Better go get the soccer gear ready.
Take care


Edited by nic74g, 26 June 2009 - 08:44 PM.

#15 sallan

Posted 26 June 2009 - 08:54 PM

Hi All,
Well done on finding a new home Em. Bet thats a load off your mind. Hope you are very happy there.
How long were you at the other place?

Nic- I know what you mean about Lego, my boys are obsessed. We have agents, miners, and now Bionicles.
Havent got onto Star Wars yet though. That will be next no doubt.
They are soooo good together and play really well. Im so lucky.
We are all sick here. Well the boys are better now, but Im like death. I had the worst fever I have had for a long time and nothing I took would bring it down.
Liam has a throat infection and he was the same, owen was up and down with it.
DH has escaped so far so I hope that continues.
He is taking the boys with him to do Working bee at kinder tomorrow. I was supposed to do Toy lib duty, but had to cancel that.
Well better get myself off to bed
Take care

#16 Freckles

Posted 18 July 2009 - 09:11 AM

Hi girls,

Wow, it's been a while! Hope you are all well. We've survived our move but still have lots of boxes to unpack. We just came back from a week away on holidays and now have time to really get settled into the new place. Patrick had a ball on holidays, loved the pools (heated) and the beach. Beth wanted to swim all day every day. laughing2.gif It was a nice time. Now to survive the 2nd week of school holidays! biggrin.gif

Patrick got an excellent semester 1 report. We were very happy with it. He still thinks that he isn't trying his hardest (reckons he gets distracted by other kids talking) so we figure he's doing alright if he can get an excellent report without trying his hardest! tongue.gif Beth is going great guns. Her vocabulary is growing daily and we're now regularly getting short sentences. She seems to have taken an age to start talking but now that she is she never stops! biggrin.gif

Hope everyone is surviving (or has survived, depending on your location) the school holidays. We have a few play dates planned so that Patrick doesn't go stir crazy. We're busy getting Andrew a new scooter (moped) so looking forward to Thursday when Beth goes to daycare and we can make the trip to the other side of Sydney to order it! original.gif

#17 nic74g

Posted 18 July 2009 - 06:53 PM

HI ladies, hope everyone is well.

We are off on holidays tomorrow, after Ella has seen Disney on Ice with Nan.

We are going to Parkes to visit MIL and then to Canberra for a couple of days sightseeing. We are planning the War Memorial, Gallery, Cockington Green and Questacon. Hope the kids like it. I am really looking forward to getting away for a while.

Emma, glad you are settled after the move. As you probably know I am a tenant advocate and security of tenure has become a real problem right accross the board. Moving not of your own choosing sucks.

Aiden had a pretty good report although I really feel they are quite generic.
His oral reading is amazing and he really enjoys reading (so lovely).

I am going ok. The RA is not so bad, have some stiffness but my small joints are nowhere near as bad (not swollen or red) as last winter.

Well, better go get myself organised.



#18 Guest_Chadvikiseed_*

Posted 26 July 2009 - 02:56 PM

Hi everyone

It's been so long since I last posted. Chloe is going well, her report was really good and her teacher only had praise for her at her parent teacher interview. She said something about wishing her whole class was full of children like Chloe lol.

She had a reptile party for her birthday which apparantly had all the kids in her class talking about it for weeks. Even the adults all got in with it and where having photo's with the snakes. There are photo's here, I took well over 100, but only posted my kids or family. I still haven't taken to get her ears peirced, it was suppose to be her birthday present along with the basketball ring but we just haven't got around to it.


Nicole: How was your holiday? hope you had a great time.

Em: Glad you survived your move. We are moving from Melbourne to Adelaide at the end of the year. Probably will be just after Christmas as we don't want to move the kids before the end of the school year. We put their applications in for the new school, I very much hope they all get in.

Sal: Hoping you are all better now. We've been sick on and off since the start of June. First we had the swine flu which went through the kids school and kinder, the kids go to one of the schools in Melbourne that where shut down when it first hit Australia. Now we've had some 1-2 day virus which set of croup in some of my kids.

#19 Freckles

Posted 27 July 2009 - 08:31 AM

Hi girls,

Andrew is back to work today and Patrick is back to shool tomorrow. This school holidays has been pretty good but I'm looking forward to him going back I have to admit. biggrin.gif We're mostly settled in the new place now, just a few more boxes to go. the study looks like a bomb hit it and I think will be the last room to be fully organised!

Nic - Hope you had a great time in Canberra. Questacon is very cool. We used to do school excursions there when I was in primary school (I grew up in Canberra) when it was still a very small project run in a dingy office block. Now it's in a beautiful purpose built building and it's great. original.gif

Carmen - HUGE CONGRATS on the arrival of Edward! Think you're all done now? tongue.gif Lovely pics. original.gif We had a friend who had a reptile party and the kids loved it. original.gif

Better go. Hope you are all well. original.gif

#20 Guest_Chadvikiseed_*

Posted 02 August 2009 - 09:19 AM

Hi everyone

Chloe has her first calisthenics comp next weekend and I'm still trying to finish off all 12 costumes (4 for each girl). I'm not sure how I'm going to get it all done, but can't wait to see them all dressed up and performing on stage again. Chloe has improved so much with the new coach, she is so much nicer than the other one she had for 4 years.

Em: Glad you like your new place. No, we aren't done, but probably need to have a bit of a break. I have a grad year to complete, hope to do a post grad in midwifery and we really need to save to buy a new car as another child would mean 9 seats needed. Considering we'll be paying off 2 houses, probably going to take a very long time to save. And DH wants to buy a third house in the next couple of years, just a cheap one in a rural location on the way between Adelaide and Melbourne. You can buy houses already tenanted for around $70-100,000 and could stop off on the way to do the inspections. I'll see what it's like being a landlord first before worrying about more lol.

#21 Freckles

Posted 16 October 2009 - 07:29 AM

Hi girls,

Thought I'd better bump us up a bit. It's been months since anyone posted in here! We must all be busy having fun. biggrin.gif

Lots happening here. Patrick lost his first top tooth last night and is now officially a gappy. biggrin.gif I'll post a pic on FB in the next few days for those of you who are on there. original.gif We're all settled into the new palce now and it feels like home. First inspection went well which was good. original.gif Patrick is doing well at school. I can't believe that our babies have nearly finished year 1! Back to school on Monday after holidays. Beth si growing like a weed, chattering around 19 to the dozen. Think we might be getting close to toilet training here and I have to confess that I'm getting all excited about being a nappy-free household again. LOL

Carmen - Sounds like you have lots going on in your life! I'm impressed that you fit study in with so many kids. Well done you! original.gif

waves.gif all round, hope you are all doing very well and that our babies are all doing well too. original.gif

#22 nic74g

Posted 23 October 2009 - 07:34 PM

Hi all

It has been quiet in here. I only come on every now and then. EB has changed so much since 2002. I cannot believe how malicious and nastly some poster are. I also cannot believe that some people are so sick that they make stuff up! It is not nice stuff

Anyway my kids are good. Ella starts orientation for school next week! Aiden is growing and growing and growing. His behaviour at school is still an issue (bugger bugger bugger) but academcically he is great (go figure_

Hope everyone is going well. DH and I are going to a music festival down the street on the weekend which will make me feel OLD OLD OLD :-)

Take care all


#23 Freckles

Posted 15 November 2009 - 06:55 AM

Hi girls,

It seems like we only drop in here to psot news now! LOL The new here is that Patrick's other top tooth has come out, so he is now a double 'gappy'. He looks like someone who has forgotten to put their dentures in! laughing2.gif He's still doing really well at school (pretty much top of the class I reckon) and doing swimming as his only sport ATM. Must be time to do a comparison of sizes I think, after Nic's post about Aiden. biggrin.gif Patrick is 120cm tall and 22.5kg, so not particularly tall and pretty slim.

Beth is doing well, chatting away non-stop and growing like a weed. She's in a bed now and the dummy is gone, as has the day sleep unfortunately. Looking forward to getting rid of the nappies too! original.gif

Nic - It's good to hear that Aiden is academically doing very well, to make up for the behavioural issues. Maybe he just hasn't had the right teacher yet! Hopefully he'll get someone next year who can rein him in a bit. original.gif

waves.gif all round, hope you are all well. I expect that, like us, you are all starting to get ready for end of year concerts and the like. How exciting! Our babies have nearly finished another year at school, hard to believe hey? original.gif

#24 nic74g

Posted 25 November 2009 - 05:52 PM

Hey Emma, the whole tooth thing can be hilarious. I'm sure everyone is singing "All I want for chrithmas" to himQ

Aiden seems to be a bit more on track. I hope he gets a strong teacher nexit year. He is loving piano lessons so that is good. Playing with 2 hands, so cute.

Ella starts school next year and we've had orientation for that (OMG)

Aiden is still a giant. 135 cm and 38 kgs (0n the heavy side). I'm only 155cm so scary!

Hope everyone is doing well So not ready for it to be December next week!

Cheers all

#25 Guest_Chad~Viki~Seed_*

Posted 27 November 2009 - 09:53 AM

Hi everyone

Nic: Kitty is doing her orientation as well, just came home from it. I'm not sure how tall Chloe is, but compared to her twin siblings she's a giant. There is only 16m between them and she's in size 8 and they are in size 4.

Em: I think Chloe would be around the same size as Patrick. She has all her teeth at the moment, all the ones she has lost have grown.

As for Chloe, she seesm to have a bit of an attitued problem at the moment. You can't ask her to do anything without her whinging and carrying on. She also seems to think she's Neds second mum, wont leave him alone and keeps on taking him out of his cot and taking him into bed with her  glare.gif. I've had to go and put him back quite a few times.

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