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#26 ~JASB~

Posted 18 June 2009 - 03:00 PM

Hi Guys... Relle here!

Hope you are all well, I have just arrived in Bne and am, as usual, springing a visit on Kayla... luckily she loves me!

Life for me has been busy, I live in Dallas now and purchased a house there just before Christmas so am keeping busy getting settled.  My Dad passed away in April so was home with Mum for 5 weeks - 3 before and 2 after and am heading off home to Mum's again after next week.

Morgan is 6 (gee, bet you are surprised to hear that LOL) and has just finished Kinder and will be starting first grade in August (he is very excited about that).  Matilda, or Tilly, turned 2 in April and is a very busy little possum... I blame everything on her being American! wink.gif Cameron would rather I didn't reveal his age these days but is going well and currently hiking the Kokoda trail with his Dad and brother. And me, I am well and enjoying a day with my dear friend who I miss so much and love to catch up with when I am home.

Oops, .the boys have a playstation problem so I better go and help them out.

hugs to you all


#27 Keropi

Posted 18 June 2009 - 05:54 PM

Hi Relle waves.gif Wow you sound busy, makes me feel jealous that I'm too gutless to move overseas!!
I was watching a bit of a docu on the Kokoda Trail today - I hope that your DH and FIL have a great experience doing it.  You'll have to pop up some photo's of them.  Good to see you on here!!

Nic - glad you have a Tresillian date and glad you are getting a bit of sleep.  Not too long to wait now.

Michaela - how nice to have a visitor this week!

Me - have ordered a nice big gate to hide my carport, should be on in 2 weeks.  Still feeling shakin and really down.  I can't wait for this week to be over.  Had a bit of a blue with Ethan yesterday that I feel crappy about too.  Plus I shattered a champagne glass over my hand.  OK going back to my rock now.

#28 FloralArrangement

Posted 18 June 2009 - 05:55 PM

Relle here I think you might be just what the dr ordered for Michaela.

Busy am doing a course through foster care about trauma and the brain hug your kids tight tonight and tell them you adore them xx

#29 ~JASB~

Posted 19 June 2009 - 12:08 PM

bbighug.gif Julie

Yes Gina, she was just what the doctor ordered yesterday original.gif  They arrived here around 10:30.  Tilly had chucked in the car on the drive here, Relle was really thrilled about that wink.gif  So we washed her carseat cover in my washing machine and it was hanging on the line drying.  I don't have a convertible carseat anymore, so we had nothing to put Tilly in for the car to get some lunch.  So we decided to walk to McDonalds, about 15 mins walk each way.  Was nice though original.gif

Then we came home, Relle stayed here with her two, plus Shawn while I went to pick up my other two from school (that's when she posted here - hence her fixing the playstation lol).  She wanted to see Josh and Adam before going again, so hung around till after school wub.gif  We had a great day catching up original.gif

Morgan is growing up and is now taller than Josh ohmy.gif  Remember Josh is 20 months older than him LOL.  Morgan towers over Adam - and which one of them was the premmie? roll2.gif

QUOTE (Gina)
hug your kids tight tonight and tell them you adore them xx

yyes.gif  Every morning and night original.gif

Edited by ~JAS~, 19 June 2009 - 12:09 PM.

#30 MichelleM

Posted 19 June 2009 - 01:24 PM

How lovely for you Michaela, bet it was a great day!  I've been meaning to tell you how much I love your sig too.

Hi Relle!!  I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad, biggest hugs to you and your family.  Hope you have a wonderful time over here and that Mogan has a great start to school in a couple of months time.

Gina I bet that course would be very confronting and sad.  

You alright Julie?  It does suck when your world has been invaded and like you guys we ramped up security when we got our first break in.  We've now got heave duty security screen on all doors and windows (not the grill type!).  Would love a gate over our carport or even a rollerdoor but some really crackpop builder built our house and made the carport too short for a standard car so we wouldn't fit a car inside!

Yay for you Nic, you just need to get through 3 more weeks!  I was seriously thinking about the same thing last night myself.  Scarlett is driving me nuts now, I'm over the acceptance, babies don't sleep through get over it, bla bla bla - I REALLY NEED sleep now too!  For the past week she's not only woken several times over night, but she's stayed awake, wide awake jumping around, talking, pulling my hair, gouging my eyes out, you know, the lovely stuff bored babies do in the middle of the night!  I'm about to start hunting on line for the "No cry sleep solution" I've heard about on here to try first.

It's not only Scarlett's sleep that's driving me nuts now though.  She's got separation anxiety REALLY bad.  I can't be less than a metre away without her crying and most of the time she wants to be held and cries if I put her down.  She loves going out but won't go down and play at other peoples houses and most of the time she won't even go to Brett!

She's asleep now and I should be doing housework but after no sleep last night I just can't be bothered.  I even feel like putting my head down but I know that as soon as I do she'll wake up.

#31 Jet07

Posted 22 June 2009 - 09:30 AM

waves.gif  ninja.gif  ssorry.gif

That's my efforts at saying sorry for disappearing for a while there. Have read this thread and most of you sound like you need  bbighug.gif .

As I said on FB - congrats Ping - Ava is beautiful!

I have Shea home sick today due to severe nappy rash LOL! He has had diarhea since about Thursday night (still sent him on Friday wasn't I naughty as he seemed ok then), and has slept in dirty pullup every night since, even though Friday night I changed him at 11pm when I went to bed. He won't let me put cream on which would help it improve quicker. Have skipped half his tube feeds for last 2 days but worried about hydration and weight loss. We're seeing gastroenterologist in Sydney on Friday so it will be amusing as he's always checking for blocked bowels from constipation LOL! Also seeing cerebral palsy Dr on Friday to see if we need more plastering or botox but physio doesn't think so yet. Now Scott is up in bed too as he thinks he has Shea's bug. Talon probably had it a week ago but I blamed it on him eating a packet of apricot delight  grin.gif .

Suggested to my family seeing as we'll be in Sydney in the middle f a month of 4 birthdays that we have a combined party, so that's on Saturday for my brother, two nephews and my neice (will be at Castle Hill 10:30 to 1:30 Julie but no time to call in as we're heading back to Canberra for a school friends party here at 4:30pm!).

FIL Is coming down Saturday too as we're having an internment for MIL at the local crematorium here on Monday - her first anniversary. That's burying the ashes in the rose garden and putting up a plaque in case you're not familiar with the term.

Was thinking of spending some time at Mums during the July holidays but may not now as it depends how our NEW PUPPY settles in! We have welcomed to the family a 14wo Staffy puppy called Nitro. Only had him since Friday night so he's still settling in. Worried that Talon is scared and Nitro seems to know it and keeps rounding him up. Trying to nip that one in the bud. About to call around for puppy classes and re-register him etc.

Other than all that we're pretty much same old same old too. Fundraising for school and Tainn Hunter is about to ramp up again for this year. Working on a feature member story for here too. Therapy, Drs appointments etc.Oh yes - am becoming addicted to Farmtown on FB too. Take my advice - don't start! (or in your case don't come back Gina LOL).

Better go - boys fighting, I'm not dressed and Nitro wants a walk ...

#32 Nics

Posted 22 June 2009 - 09:23 PM

hey girls

just a quick one as Im trying to pack... yes Tresillian phoned this morning with a cancellation for TOMORROW so we are off until Saturday  ddance.gif  DH managed to rearrange his work schedule and take some time off to look after the boys.  So its all action stations here  wacko.gif

Aiden and Ellie had their allergy testing today at RPA - good news is that Ellie is allergic to NOTHING  tthumbs.gif  bad news is that Aiden hasnt improved  nno.gif  actually his peanut allergy is slightly better which is a good thing because that is the SEVERE one but we are bummed that egg and dairy are also still high....  nothing we can do about it though so just keep on doing what we are doing!  She did say hes a healthy boy though so we must be doing something right...

sorry for the me post but got to finish packing bags now  waves.gif  BB Saturday

#33 Nics

Posted 23 June 2009 - 08:24 PM

Me again - I am at Tresillian so have to be super quick...

PING - if you are out there and reading... Ellie and I are at Tresillian at Belmore - I went for a quick walk this afternoon with her and saw an Ashfield sign... so I wondered if you are nearby?  I cant venture too far but I wondered if you would be up to meeting for a coffee sometime before Sat?  I know you have your hands full at the moment but just on the off chance you are really closeby I thought I should ask!

Hello to everyone else - so far so good although shes already woken once for them tonight and its only 8:20pm  nno.gif  glad its not just me  unsure.gif  They will be waking her at 10 (unless she wakes up again) for a "dreamfeed"...  Im not sure whether I want to start that or not - but I guess I have to trust the experts who say that is the way to break her bad habits right now and apparently they wil try her without the 10pm feed on night 3 and 4 once she has a day routine under control...   wacko.gif  jesus already doing my head in!  


#34 ~JASB~

Posted 24 June 2009 - 04:15 PM

Wishing you every bit of luck there Nic bbighug.gif


#35 Keropi

Posted 24 June 2009 - 10:13 PM

Congrats on the puppy Jannette - you'll have to pop up some piccies.

Nic - good luck.  Hope you get a good rest.  Keep us updated.

The usual going on here.  Poor Aurora had a bit of an upset this week as she wasn't selected for a speech that she was short listed for.  Ethan on the hand needs to pull his socks up and is now on a Nintendo ban Monday to Friday until his homework improves.  Ashie is flying along with her reading which is great.  I told the school that I work on Wednesdays at that I won't be doing it any longer as I turn down too much block work.  Hopefully they don't write me off for block work in the future though but if so it gives me the chance to look for work elsewhere.

#36 Nics

Posted 25 June 2009 - 10:08 AM

Hi girls

All going well in here!  Ellie has been sleeping really well - obviously weve had a few settling issues from time to time but last night she was brilliant  ddance.gif  its day 3 today which is apparently the "play up" day - they turn it on a bit because they are starting to realise its here to stay!  So we will see how tonight goes - but after 8 hours solid sleep for me last night Im feeling great!

Off to see Ping once Ellie wakes up - wont be a long visit as she has to stya in her routine and have lunch at 12pm but I can have a quick catch up and also lay eyes on the beautiful Ava...  

Michelle - once I get some time Im going to pm you the age appropriate routine - I cannot believe how much Ellie has changed and we are now doing 3X breastfeeds a day plus one "dreamfeed" at 10pm and that is it!  I cant believe I dont have her hanging off my breasts all day and night anymore!  And the amount of solid food she is eating here is unbelieveable!  Im also getting a copy of their menu plan so happy to forward all this info onto you if you are interested?  

OK chat soon

#37 MichelleM

Posted 25 June 2009 - 12:46 PM

Oh Nic I hope this is the answer and Ellie is sleeping beautifully for you from now onwards.  How are the boys coping with their bonding time?  I would certainly be grateful for any info you could pass on but I understand that there is probably a lot and you don't have a whole heap of spare time on your hands!  Any tips would be great.

Ah Julie, it must just be this end of the term as Josh is getting slack with his homework too!  Poor Aurora, hopefully she gets selected next time.

Congratulations on your new puppy Jannette he is gorgeous!!  Poor Shea, I hope he is getting better.

Hi Ping, Michaela & Gina!

I'm completely stressed out at the moment but I'm also happy, for the first time I'm completely pazzing out about a million things I have to do for this weekend BUT I'm not falling apart at the seams, I do believe that PND has been banished!  

Silly me has booked a tupperware party for Saturday afternoon and Scarlett's first birthday party (yes I know very late!) on Sunday morning!  We also have dancing and footy Saturday morning and Josh also has a birthday party to go to Sat morning after football!  AND the inlaws are having a party at their house on Sat night as SIL is over so I don't have Sat night for cleaning or cooking for Sunday!

I'm stressed out about getting this house clean before Saturday arvo and then for Sunday morning and not to mention cooking for everyone!  AND it's going to be raining so where the hell everyone is going to sit is beyond me!

I have been sick but I put it down to extreme sleep deprivation.  I had two extremely bad nights with Scarlett and stupidly went for a run on one of the evenings just to get out of the house (it was a corker!  I did 6km in 30 mins which is a personal best!) but by Tuesday night I was so nauseas and had the worst headache so was in bed asleep by 7pm!  By some miracle Scarlett went to bed at 6.30 that night and slept through till 1.30am and then till 6am!  I thought I had gastro but I never threw up and after a good nights sleep I was fine again yesterday thankfully.

Last night I did controlled crying and, although it went against every fibre of my being and I hated hearing every minute of her crying, she was asleep within 10 mins (that's with me going in every 2 minutes).  She slept really well too so I might have to be strong and keep it up.

Pretty 'me me me' this post huh, sorry!  I just had to get it off my chest as Bret is unflappable and seems to think that everything will turn out fine with no dramas!  No dramas because I organise it all!!

Hope everyone is doing well xoxox

#38 Keropi

Posted 25 June 2009 - 05:30 PM

Nic - sounds like you doing doing great.  Hopefully your poppet has learnt to sleep now!  And of course you have the skills to go home with her and keep her in this new routine.

Michelle - wow, you are going to have a busy weekend.  Let us know how you get on.

Ethan's attitude is better today but it only day one after the blow up for this week.  He hasn't even asked to play the Wii thank goodness.  I got called in for work at 10 to 9 today due to the preschool teacher walking out after a disagreement with her aide.  Apparently there is alot going on between them.  But I guess that is good for me because I love working in the preschool.  Not so good for the kids though.
Catch you all later.

#39 Keropi

Posted 29 June 2009 - 05:21 PM

You know when your kid is sick when they fall asleep at 4.30 in the afternoon nno.gif   I have Ethan and Ashie at home today because they are both really sick, temps, dizziness, nausea etc etc  Poor things.  I have a feeling Aurora will be the same tomorrow, but I hope not.
Not much else happening here.  Did lots of gardening on the weekend.  Charlie is driving me nuts, he keeps weeing inside when he hasn't really done that before rant.gif Hopefully after being told off today it will stop.  No idea why.

How is everyone else?

Ping I saw a photo of Ava - too cute.  She looks really alert.

Nic, are you home yet?

Jannette - how is Shea's nappy rash?

Michelle - party weekend updates?

#40 Nics

Posted 29 June 2009 - 08:28 PM

yep Julie Im home - I used up all my EB time earlier pming Michelle some Tresillian techniques - I really hope it helps Michelle - cant tell you how happy I am with everything I got told and taught whilst there..

Ellie is doing brilliantly - I have a different baby.  I thought she was getting enough sleep previously but really she wasnt at all!  Shes so content now and sleeping like a champ!  I have to do a 10pm dreamfeed though which Id like to do away with BUT Ill tackle that one in a few weeks although she sometimes wakes for it sometimes not so Im guessing she will do away with it herself!  For now Im thankful I have a baby that sleeps!  

And I did get to meet Ava last week - shes absolutely gorgeous - just like a little doll. Of course I got to see Sienna and Jordan again too!  My havent they grown up - and you are lucky to get a word in edgewise with Sienna  tongue.gif
Anyway off to watch Desperate Housewives but thought Id let you know Julie that all is great and Id highly recommend Tresillian to anyone having troubles.  Even though they are fairly strict - its not about control crying and going in only at set times etc - they very much listen to you and go with your wishes as well as advising you if that makes sense!  I really should have gone months ago...  

Hope your kids are better too...  speak soon!

#41 Keropi

Posted 30 June 2009 - 11:47 AM

Nic that is fabulous news ddance.gif

Well all three kids at home by default.  Ethan and Ash still have their fevers.  Aurora stayed home because she didn't wake til 9am and I didn't wake till 10.40am!!  

Hope you all have a nice day.

#42 Keropi

Posted 30 June 2009 - 08:26 PM

Poor Ethan has taken a dive, temp 39.8.  Dr squeezed us in and issued him with Tamiflu.  Hopefully it stays away from Aurora and I, Damien I think has already had it.  Dr suggested flu shotting all of us for next year later in the year.  Do you guys flu shot your children?

#43 MichelleM

Posted 01 July 2009 - 01:11 PM

Ok I think I finally have a few moments to post, the last week has been hectic and I have had an EXTREMELY clingy baby to contend with as well!

The parties went off without a hitch although I was stressing for a while there!  Scarlett woke up that day with a rash covering her whole body so I was set to cancel but it was only family and they all still wanted to come.  I think it was just the viral thing she's had hanging around for week coming to a head as her nose has cleared up and she's been a bit brighter.

MIL cracked the poos again and left early, I'm very nearly ready to never invite her to anything ever again as she hogs the baby (she's done the same thing at all of their first birthday parties!), has a sour look on her face and then makes a big dramatic exit.  People don't even look up from their food anymore, everyone is over her dramatics but it still completely urks me!

I left the cleaning till Monday as our lasts guests left at 7.30pm and Scarlett is a horror at night.  Monday however a friend asked me to visit which I did and then Scarlett was super sooky all arvo so couldn't do it.  Cleaning was then set for yesterday but I discovered that Josh had headlice  oomg.gif   Finished treating all of us just after lunch when Brett came home unexpectantly with a new computer for me and starts pulling apart the study!  He emtpied the whole room out and then was called in for a directors meeting so we didn't finish putting the house back together till late last night.

So finally this morning I got to the housework!  Cause you all wanted to know that right laughing2.gif

Nic I have your PMs but haven't been able to read them yet (although that's where I'm headed after this!).  THANKYOU so much for the info!  I have been seriously thinking about Ngala which is our Tresellin (or however it's spelt!) after your success.  Has it been hard to do it home though since you've been back?  I've also thought a nurse that comes to your home might also be good, that way it's all done here and Scarlett should get used to sleeping in her own bed..... Decisions!

Goodness Julie, Ethan doesn't sound too good, I hope the Tamiflu knocks it over for him.  Have you guys been given it too as a precaution?  I don't give the kids flu shots as they've never actually had the flu although my Mum is horrified, she thinks everyone should have it!  I'm not against it though, I guess I'm just a woos with needles!

Julie, just cause you don't have faxebook I'll add some pics from the birthday (although you really should get it!)

Scarlett's usual pose hanging off my leg!

The cake that was whipped up last minute on Sunday morning!  It's supposed to be flowers but everyone seriously thought they were boobs considering I'm feeding Scarlett so often still - righto!

#44 micallep

Posted 01 July 2009 - 06:21 PM

LOL Michelle at your boobie cake!!! Looks yummy, gosh my sweet tooth is in overdrive these days!

Julie, has Ethan got swine flu, is that why they gave him the tamiflu? A guy from M's work has swine flu, I hope M doesn't get it. Hope your kiddies start feeling better soon and no my kiddies haven't had the flu injection. No obvious reason, suppose I've just never really felt the need to???

Nic, gr8 to hear Ellie is still going well with her sleeping at home original.gif. It was great to see you and Ellie, she is just as gorgeous as her pics.


#45 Nics

Posted 01 July 2009 - 09:37 PM

Michelle - I too looked into getting someone here (and paying for it) but I just didnt TRUST them if you know what I mean - and I couldnt afford for them to stay for 4 nights!  And Id really suggest 3-4 nights is what you need to be confident to keep it going etc at home.  And no it hasnt been hard implementing at home - the 1st night she slept all the way through - I think because she was glad to have HER cot back original.gif  but the hard work is day 1 and day 2 - after that each day gets easier.  Dont get me wrong she isnt perfect - but I dont think she ever will be.  And Im still working on it but I cant tell you how much easier it is - each day is the same routine wise and nights are easier because apart fro the odd wake up which she will usually self settle within 5 mins she is waking at the same time every day - I found the hardests part with Ellie prior is not knowing what to expect each night and each night being so different - sometimes 1 wake up (rare!) but could be 6 times a night!

So go and see your clinic/nurse and tell them you are not coping anymore - the other kids are affected by the constant night waking and the family is not happy!  In the meantime read through my pm and see if you can put it in place yourself.  At least you know from there what routine she "should" be in at her age!  

Ok Im going to bed - fingers crossed she doesnt wake for her dreamfeed tonight cause Im buggered!  DH is away too otherwise Id get him to do it!

#46 Keropi

Posted 02 July 2009 - 11:47 AM

Michelle - love the cake! roll2.gif Yay on the new computer!  Hope your house gets back together soon.  Don't stress too much.  What's with MIL?  What did she get shirty over?  Are you on Damien's facebook by anychance?

Nic - glad that Miss E is still being well behaved for you!
I don't know what flu Ethan has as the Dr said that they aren't testing for swine flu anymore.  They gave him Tamiflu as his symptoms were quite bad the other night when I rushed him up there.  They are issuing Tamiflu to peadiatric patients whose symptoms are severe, so I didn't need to pay for it.  But man I am exhausted, both Ethan and Ashlen are waking a few times each in the night.

#47 Jet07

Posted 02 July 2009 - 12:51 PM

Julie - they're still testing here but have a special clinic set up you have to go to. Was chatting with a Dad waiting for resuilts for him, his wife and child who's been hospitalised!

Hope you're kids are all better soon. I've had a head cold requiring antibiotics, and got really dirty looks at the GP near Mums when I went for the script in Friday night. One guy even moved chairs LOL!

Trip to Sydney was exhausting - being sick, driving up and back, and celebrating 6 birthdays in 2 cities on Saturday. Then had FIL here until Tuesday, so still trying to catch up.

Only have a sec to check in so better keep moving.

#48 Keropi

Posted 02 July 2009 - 01:25 PM

Crikey Jannette - you germbag! tongue.gif
A little one is hospital  nno.gif Hope they feel better soon.  And I hope you do too!  How did you manage getting around so much on the weekend?

Blog updated with general stuff if anyone wants to see.

#49 FloralArrangement

Posted 03 July 2009 - 10:22 AM

Hi there

Yes I am around . If you are on FB you may have read that Tyler and I are going to be made R's legal guardians so he will not be a ward of the state (guardianship of the minister until 18). This is not a usual thing and WE are thrilled.

Other than that my Grandmother (90) had another turn but has pulled through.

School hols after today thank god although Daisy has decided she is going to do some bronze medallion through swimming so early starts for that in the first week.

Booby cake yum yum  oomg.gif  tthumbs.gif  we are going to try and make a giraffe one for R's party on the 18th.

R is taking steps now and talking well individual words def a smart little pea.

Julie sorry to hear you are going through the flu.

Jannette try and relax so u get better

Have to go R emptying bin.

#50 Keropi

Posted 03 July 2009 - 11:01 AM

Congratulations Gina tthumbs.gif R is definately in a wonderful family!

Kids are getting a little better, Ashie is more active.  No panadol issued today so that is great.

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