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#51 FloralArrangement

Posted 03 July 2009 - 03:33 PM

Congratulations Gina  R is definately in a wonderful family!

You never know what I am like in real life just ask Michelle  roll2.gif  roll2.gif  roll2.gif


#52 Keropi

Posted 03 July 2009 - 05:32 PM

Should I take it back?? Huh, huh tongue.gif

Man, I'm not sure if I am getting what the kids had, feeling a little run down, not feverish, but running a little hot/cold at times.  I hope not. nno.gif

#53 MichelleM

Posted 04 July 2009 - 01:22 AM

Honestly, if it's not one of my family keeping me awake it's another!  Scarlett I can deal with (sort of) but Brett was awake all last night with gastro (and spewing right next to my ear in the ensuite means that I also don't sleep!) and then tonight, I finally get Scarlett to sleep again when I realised that I haven't seen Josh's footy gear since last week and sure enough they were still stuffed in his back pack under his bed so now I'm waiting for them to wash before I can go to bed!  Minus his shorts though, I have bloody no idea where they are.

I am so furious at the moment and don't have anyone to vent to so you guys are going to cop it alright!  THREE seperate people came to Scarlett's party last week with GASTRO  oomg.gif   MIL called me up today saying that the reason she had to leave the party was that she caught gastro from MY house that day (in the half an hour she was there!) so some one I invited gave it to her!  She also said that BIL (who came to the party and who she saw the day/night before) was sick the night before with gastro but she didn't catch it from him!  My friend also came with the runs.  I am so angry, so ANGRY  rant.gif   Apart from Brett getting really sick from it, I have little compassion and even I felt sorry for him last night!  But also, Scarlett got it a few months ago and hasn't been the same since.  She's so little still and cannot afford to lose any more weight and they all know this so why on earth they felt they could expose her again I'll never understand!

That probably didn't make much sense but I guess all I need to say is why the hell would people go out with gastro in the first place and WHY on earth would they to a FIRST birthday party!

Nic I read your stuff and it all sounds really good and very interesting, especially the diet.  I can honestly say that Scarlett probably eats less over the whole day than they suggest for lunch!  However I have really been holding back on BFs and ofering them after solids.  She's still not eating much, dinner is pretty much thrown in my face every day(!) but she does eat a bigger lunch because I'm not BFing her as soon as she wakes after her morning sleep.  As for the routine, it fits in really well with us as she wakes or is woken at 6.30am and goes back down for a sleep at 9ish anyway, but it's a total no go on the afternoon sleep, she just wont go down!

Anyway, thanks heaps again and your experience has def given me the push I need to look into this all further.

Washing machines just finished and I'm wrecked so have to go.  Have footy and dancing at the crackers tomorrow so have to sleep!  Good night xox

#54 ~JASB~

Posted 04 July 2009 - 10:19 AM

Oh Michelle, of course any normal person would understand your vent about the gastro, but gosh for me, people going out with gastro and exposing others is VERY HIGH up on my vent list, seeing as how Adam's in hospital every single time he gets it.  I can totally understand your anger!! rant.gif  What is wrong with these people?  Gastro is not like having 'just a cold' rant.gif

Hope Brett recovers quickly and the kids don't get it!!  

Gina, awesome news on R wub.gif  I'm so excited for you!!!

Julie, you need to be on FB Tounge1.gif  Glad the kids are getting better, but oh I hope you're not getting it now!!

Nic, re my status the other night about Adam's reaction.  I think it would have been chicken nuggets he had at lunch.  I just didn't even think about it *sigh*  Really angry at myself when I realised!!  I've used ones at home before that are dairy free, but obviously the majority of them wouldn't be!

waves.gif Ping, hope all is going well for you.  Getting much sleep?

#55 FloralArrangement

Posted 04 July 2009 - 11:53 AM


We have all had gastro this week it has been foul, kuckily our house has a 3rd loo where dh went for his bit but I did share my bit with him in the ensuite lol. I think your MIL is weird thinking she did not get gastro from BIL as opposed to you don't get that argument.  Anyway it was p*ss poor of contaminated people to bring it to your house it sidelined our family the whole week.

Okay people keep telling us how lucky R is that we took him on. I don't feel that way at all in fact we feel very priviledged. Why shoud an innocent baby who deserves what all children deserve be lucky don't get it. Anyway we will be referring to him as our son as soon as the offical paperwork is signed. Taking the apparent stigma of fostering right out of the equation.

Grandma recuperating, this time, in hospital so off to see her today.


#56 Keropi

Posted 04 July 2009 - 01:57 PM

Well Gina this is where we are different.  I tell my kids all the time how lucky they are that they have such a loving mother and father! roll2.gif
Especially when it came time to talking to Ethan about his report, yes I know that he is in the OC but I expected results to be a little better.  But after arguments about homework and sloppiness I can see that what I see is exactly what his teachers are seeing.  So from now on, during school term, no nintendo products of any variety are to be played Mon-Fri.  To give him credit, the effort put in was noted as being very good to excellent tthumbs.gif
Aurora blitzed everything.  And Ashie did great too for her first kindy report that was written at the very beginning of the term because he teacher was going on leave.  So I don't really think it gives an accurate picture on how well she is doing.

I'm chuffed today too, I got myself an Aldi waffle maker.  Joy!!

Michelle - I would be majorly peeved too.  But your MIL oomg.gif Poor diddums wacko.gif And to all the other people that came ill rant.gif
People are morons, yesterday shopping there were so many school aged kids with their parents.  If you are sick frickin stay home!!!

Edited by Keropi, 04 July 2009 - 02:00 PM.

#57 FloralArrangement

Posted 04 July 2009 - 06:18 PM

14 year old daughters are foul  ddoh.gif  ddoh.gif  ddoh.gif let me scare all of you good and proper.

Jules I know I keep telling mine that I am a fantastic mum and they couldn't have done better.

Lil and Rosies reports were good/great. Daisy didn't fail anything but she can do better it is so hard when you know what the future holds and trying to make them feel it and trying to let them be kids and enjoy that as well.

I never want my Grandma to die she is so friggin brilliant with the kids she loves all of them has a particular soft spot for Lily. She adores Robert as well a woman ahead of her time I can tell you. I just know she doesn't want to leave us god old age sux.

Gina xx

#58 ~JASB~

Posted 04 July 2009 - 08:42 PM

So long as 14yo sons aren't foul, then I'm fine roll2.gif

Gina, R is unlucky that he didn't get what he needed from his biological parents, but he sure IS lucky that there are wonderful people like you willing to take on children as if they are their own original.gif  I think you're amazing wub.gif

Jules, we have a no playstation/Wii rule during the week as well.  They're only allowed to play it Fri arv and weekends.  Although they don't get to play it too much on Sunday as they are usually taken up with football laughing2.gif
Josh's report was excellent again, comments from his teachers were awesome, so we're very happy.  No report for Adam, they don't get them till grade one here, but I have parent/teacher interview early in the new term original.gif

#59 emm2

Posted 06 July 2009 - 09:08 PM

hi all.

just letting you know i am still around.

will do a loooong catch up post tomorrow.

are all kids enjoying school??  Jack is having a ball.

#60 Nics

Posted 07 July 2009 - 01:46 PM

jules - do you want to do a Parramatta meet up in the hols??  Tues or Wed best for us whilst Aiden is at preschool..  thats if we are going to Max's original.gif  there really is nothing for Aiden there and a bit dangerous for him (ie high exposure!!) actually a bit dangerous for us too - only due to the amount consumed  ddoh.gif

finalising everything for Ellie's naming day and `1st bday at the moment...  I still am undecided as to what to do for lunch/food... we will have about 40 adults and 15 kids....  obviously I dont want to spend all the time in the kitchen and I think a BBQ is going to be too hard with that many people....  Im leaning towards ordering some BBQ chickens (so that means the kids will eat that too!) and maybe getting some beef/lamb/pork and putting them on the weber/s??  that way no one really has to "cook" as such...  hmm just not sure what to do with that many people.  I think for the boys we did steak and chikcen on the BBQ but we have a few more ppl this time for some reason??

anyway I finally found the song Ive been searching for - although Im a weeping mess at home let alone on the day....  but thought you would all love it!  Its a beautiful song and is perfect!

OK better get a move on

Edited by Nics, 07 July 2009 - 01:52 PM.

#61 Keropi

Posted 07 July 2009 - 10:28 PM

Yeah, Nic that sounds great.  I'm looking at going to Newcastle first week before I get the work phone Thurs night so can do the second week.  I could even come to you if you like?

Saw Aurora's teacher tonight who had glowing reviews about my daughter ddance.gif She has been tested in reading at an aged 13 - 15 year old level including comprehension  tthumbs.gif .

#62 FloralArrangement

Posted 08 July 2009 - 12:16 PM

Julie that is what I read like and I ended up being a librarian. Daisy thus far is the only reader  oomg2.gif Although Rose is doing well now and coming along well.

Have to go on hols kids are nuts

#63 Keropi

Posted 08 July 2009 - 09:05 PM

Gina - are you trying to scare me? tongue.gif

Work is looking up for me next term hands.gif One of the support unit teachers has a transfer and is leaving so unless if the Dept. of Ed. replaces her I may get the gig.  That would be nice!  

I'm off - The Chaser is on.

#64 Nics

Posted 09 July 2009 - 07:39 AM

Jules - we had parent/teacher yesterday and J is doing really well!  We still have to encourage him as he gets lazy BUT they said he has tremendous ability and they are blown away by his maths!  Guess he really is going to take after his dad there (DH did 4unit maths and LOVES it  wacko.gif ) so another pleased mummy here!  We do have to work on his reading though - his reading level is absolutely fine but once again he gets lazy and relies a lot on his memory (which is why he doesnt have a prob with sight words or spelling) so we have to make sure he is sounding out rather than memorising!  His handwriting is still a struggle - but with his OT issues that is still going to be the case for a little while - its a work in progress.. its just so frustrating for him - all the ideas are there - its hard to get them down on paper - he needs a scriber!  

Quick question for all those that can remember (and Michelle - what what you do if you were weaning Scarlett now??) .. Im ready to start weaning Ellie - Im assuming I should put her straight onto cows milk - shes a good eater so doesnt need extra from formula and shes 2 weeks shy of 12 months (and has cows milk on cereal, custards etc) .. am I best to do it straight into a sippy cup??  She does have a bottle every now and again and enjoys it and she just seems so little to go straight into a big girls cup  nno.gif  BUT having had a child that didnt give up his bottle until 3 1/2 years - well Im hesitant to do it again ssorry.gif  so what do I do?  

I do intend to do it slowly not just cold turkey so will start with lunchtime feed, then dinner, dreamfeed is a bit up and down - if she has a bottle of formula she doesnt wake for it which tells me she fills up more on formula than bf ...  

Hmmm what to do???

#65 FloralArrangement

Posted 09 July 2009 - 04:34 PM

Nic go cows milk and go sippy cup. Robert will not go near either and I wouldn't either formula is really sweet icky to me but you know. So I have idea when we will wean him off formula he has dairy in other foods, loves weetbix.

#66 Keropi

Posted 09 July 2009 - 05:31 PM

Nic - I would go the sippy cup if you can or limit the bottle to a certain time of the day.  How is Ellie going this week?

I got a gig for the next term  ddance.gif Now I have to put my money where my mouth is. oomg2.gif I hope I can pull it off.  Little bit freaked, have stressed myself into headache mode now.  Meeting the old teacher on Saturday afternoon for a handover.  The only way it won't be for a whole term is if the dept backfills with a permanent position.

#67 MichelleM

Posted 10 July 2009 - 06:43 PM

Thought I'd get on here and say a big hello while EB is still up and running, just in case it all goes belly up I'll see everyone on FB and Julie then you'll def have to join up  tongue.gif

We have 2 little visitors over here at the moment for a sleep over.  They have all grown up together so you can imagine that all they've done all day is argue like brothers and sisters!  We're making our own pizzas for dinner tonight & have Bolt out on dvd so hopefully they'll settle down for that.

Julie how fantastic that you have a big block of work!  Do you think that could lead to a permenant gig or are you not looking at doing that at the moment?

Absolutely wonderful to hear that Aurora is doing so well, you must be very proud!

Nic at the moment I'm not weaning because it's too easy and Scarlett is too addicted!  BUT!!  If I was, I would go straight to cows milk and also to a cup.  Scarlett does have a bit of cows milk in cooking and also on her breakfast but once or twice a week if I go the gym at night Brett gives her a bottle of formula.  I guess it's just a hang over from when she was under 12 mnths (she's been having one or two bottles a week since she was 7 months and I started bootcamp) and she's so bad with sleep that we don't want to upset the applecart so to speak!

Josh hated bottles from birth so as soon as he was 12 months we ditched the bottles and the formula and he loved a straw cup.  Scarlett also stopped having day bottles at around 12 mnths but still had a bottle of formula in the middle of the night for another 6ish mnths.  Again, more out of habbit than avoiding cown milk!

Nic you must be very proud of J too!  Isabella is exactly the same when it comes to not sounding out.  She has a large bank of sight words which means she is becoming a very good little reader but she either wont or can't sound new words out (once told once she's fine though!).

Ah Gina I bet my folks could have written the same thing when they got my report, competent but could do better if applied herself!  I don't envy teenagers these days though.  When I was at school it was all very innocent but kids these days have so many more issues to worry about on top of the usual friendship squabbles & popularity etc.  Doesn't mean that they can be foul though, I'm so not looking forward to the teenage years with the hormones that are already flying around this house!

Good going to Josh for his report too Michaela!  

Agh gotta go, another drama has arisen with Isabella running past exclaiming that this is the worst sleep over EVER!  You know what, I think it is too!

#68 ~JASB~

Posted 13 July 2009 - 08:17 AM

Isabella running past exclaiming that this is the worst sleep over EVER!

roll2.gif  She sounds like a teenage girl already!!  hahaha!
Thanks for the 'good going' for Josh too.  He really does love school which makes it easier!

Not much doing here, just thought I'd get in and say hi original.gif  Am 8dpo so please keep all fingers and toes crossed for me!  Not feeling overly confident but we'll see.

Booked Josh's birthday party yesterday.  He wanted a ten pin bowling party, it's $18.90 per child, and that's the cheap one ohmy.gif  They get one game of bowling, one token for the arcarde games, party food and a party host, so probably not too bad really.  We only do big birthday parties every 2 years.  The alternate year they just have a family party.  Although Shawn is a bit upset that he's not having a party!  His birthday is 3 days after Josh.  Told him he's having family over for his party - he doesn't have enough of his own little friends yet to have a 'friends' party LOL.  He'll have one next year when he's 5, he'll have kindy friends to invite then original.gif

Nic, I'd go straight to the sippy cup for sure!  Josh did at 12 months when he went onto cows milk and it was all good.  Adam and Shawn both BF longer, but they went straight to sippy cups as well.  Good luck weaning!

Our last day of school holidays today!!  Well student free day today.  I'm not looking forward to the rush again tomorrow morning nno.gif

Bye for now!

#69 FloralArrangement

Posted 13 July 2009 - 10:45 AM

hullo there

a bit modern is eb lol. R full of energy today he is off to access soon. Trying to do housework with him is nearly impossible. I am typing one handed he is trying to do circus tricks.

There he let me go trying to get cords and bin, haha I emptied it.

Rose and Lil still with Nanna waiting for them to come back, Daisy at friends, Tyler at work (meant to be on hols  aannoyed.gif

Robbie turns 1 on Wednesday and his party is on Saturday all organised,.

Gina xx

#70 Keropi

Posted 16 July 2009 - 04:04 PM

Happy First Birthday R!!  Hope he had a lovely day Gina

Jannette - if you are around so are we now!!  

Had a lovely week in Newcastle - a little tired - too much bubbly and Wii :whistle:

#71 MichelleM

Posted 16 July 2009 - 11:56 PM

Yay, EB survived the move!!

I hope R had a wonderful birthday Gina, it looked like he did in the photos, especially with his doting sisters!!

Oh dear Julie, sounds like you had a blast!  Good luck this term with your new job.

Jannette I caught a glimps of your FB status, a tsunami . . really!!  Wow, was it worrying, were you at all close?  I am so cut off from reality at the moment, have no idea what's going on in the world . . oh to watch the news!

Michaela we're going to a bowling party on SUnday!  They're kind of the rage here at the moment, everyone is doing them (or maybe it's just the age we're at at the moment)!  My kids love bowling too so they are so excited about Sunday.  So hows it going testing wise, you'll be coming up to that nowish hey?

Holidays have been pretty average here, we haven't done much.  We're supposed to go to the park with the school friends tomorrow but it's been so wet so I don't know if we'll brave it!

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