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#26 ~strawberry~

Posted 16 June 2009 - 03:54 PM

Bron - Good luck for your stall. I plan to have one once William stops BFing throughout the day. Be interesting to hear how it is at the new venue. So much further for me to go though!

Nic - Sorry you're not feeling well. We've all had colds here, and Ella has had an ear infection (her first ever!) so all quite miserable.

Mishy - I have been sewing for only a couple of months so hardly one for advice! If you want to do classes, they are in Reid through CIT, or the Sewing Bug in Belco runs some too. I don't know of any southside (except for quilting). If you want to meet up to sew one day, I'd be happy to original.gif (we could invite the experts aka Anne and Michelle and pick their brains!)

Caro - Poor Gus, he really has had a rough trot lately. Sleep deprivation is a killer, I hope he lets you get some better sleep tonight.

Ingrid - In high school we made a pic cushion and a potato print oven mitt. Seriously, potato print! No wonder I was completely put off sewing until recently. At least boxers are usable!

Deanne - The cake is gorgeous! Eileen, you are so talented.

Anyone going out to Spotlight later this week? I am planning on going Thursday morning if anyone wants to meet for a coffee...

We did a massive clean out of the shed on the weekend, and have been selling some things off. I can't believe how much our shed has grown, it actually has a floor now! Now, does anyone want to buy a cross trainer  wink.gif  I also got off my bum and got a heap of nappies listed so that's keeping me busy, then I get to sort through clothes and work out what I am going to do with them. After lots of bags to Vinnies also, I am feeling quite clutter free at the moment! Wonder how long it will last...

#27 trebambinibelli

Posted 16 June 2009 - 04:09 PM

Oh Nic you poor thing... at least you're able to get some rest - wiggles do come in handy!!

Sam - awww shucks thanks blush.gif it's amazing how well concealer can hide the shadows and bags wink.gif It was lovely to catch up with you yesterday...

Lara - no worries.  Lily had her photos done with natb the other day - some are on her blog if you want to have a look, I'm so pleased! Hope you have a wonderful birthday next week.

Madkat - I've also taken up knitting, trying to knit Lily a cute jacket for her.

Caro - aww poor Angus sad.gif  he's had such a rough trot lately.  Hope your work is understanding

Mishy - I'm not the best sewer either unfortunately.  My MIL tries to teach me each time she visits but I'm not very good

Oh this one-handed typing thing is too slow for me, I'm too impatient!  I have one gorgeous little girl in my other arm.  Got my first taste of sibling jealousy last night - Riley started hitting Lily with toys on her head while I was trying to feed her, with Simone trying to wrestle him off us!  Thankfully Lochie is laidback about it all.  May have to pull out the wiggles myself for their distraction, esp once Simone goes.  How will I cope without her help?? wacko.gif

#28 shelly1

Posted 16 June 2009 - 04:13 PM

- Poor Angus and poor you. Hopefully he gets used to all the daycare germs soon. I think I spent half of my first 3 months at work on carers leave, I didnt have an understanding boss though and also kept getting sick myself (I can honestly say it was the worst time of my life). I hope everything settles down again.

- Cant do it. I like the look of all the sewing the lovely ladies do here but I dont think I would have the time to do it ATM

- I hope you get lots of rest. The flu whilst pregnant must feel that little bit worse.

- I live right near EPIC and I am sure it will be bigger than what was at Woden CIT. The timings colide with the Farmers Market but there should still be plenty of parking. I might walk Jade over in the pram and then put her in the Ergo when I go inside.

- It does make it a long trip for those coming from Tuggernong way. I thought Bus Depot was a good location but I guess it cost a lot money to hire. I am happy though less time spent in the car with Jade is always good LOL

and on that note about a week ago I realised that my driving was a little bit "on edge" I always seemed stressed about Jade crying and in a hurry so I decided that I had to take it easy and if she cried she wasnt going to die but if I kept driving the way I was I could hurt us (also factor in Jade crying and Maddy doing 1 million questions whilst trying to concentrate) Well it was too late - yesterday I got a letter "requesting" a $250 "donation" for going through a red arrow. I am so dissapointed in myself it is my first fine in 14 years of driving and obviously $250 is so much money.

Oh well I did deserve it.

Anyway we are off to take the dogs for a walk. Have a nice evening

#29 samagard

Posted 16 June 2009 - 04:21 PM

Nic Good to know Alex is resting with you. When I was exhausted while pregnant Sienna kept herself busy. She did of course manage to find the presents I had hidden in the hall cupboard a week before christmas.

Bugger about the fine Shelly. I know how you feel though. Last week Isobel started crying cause she was hungry, and I was on my way home from visiting my mum. I ended up taking my ford focus off road to get somewhere I could park and feed her. That sound is so distressing. Sienna tried to help by singing her lullabies  wub.gif , but Isobel wasn't interested.

Isobel has been sleeping on my chest for an hour now because she has been randomly waking up and crying. She doesn't seem to have gas. Maybe nightmares about milk running out?

#30 *Caro*

Posted 16 June 2009 - 04:36 PM

argh, lost post!!

hope you feel better soon nut yyes.gif nothing worse than being sick whilst pregnant  nno2.gif

#31 Marvel

Posted 16 June 2009 - 05:03 PM

purpleoj - I think that sounds like a plan, maybe if I find some simple patterns to have a go at... I'll let you know when I have been out to look at patterns  original.gif

Have finally got rid of this cold and am back at work today - it felt like an eternity at home!!!  wacko.gif

#32 darnie

Posted 16 June 2009 - 07:06 PM

Hi All! waves.gif

Well, I have a p00ping, barking baby and my glands are aching. cry1.gif I've been home with Alice since lunch time (DH did the morning shift wub.gif ) and since she slept for most of the time, I kind of tidied up, cooked a yummy curry and had it all ready and waiting for DH & Erin when they got home, as well as having fed Alice and bathed her. I haven't felt quite so organised and in control well.... forever! laughing2.gif Of course, then Alice vomited all over her nice clean pyjamas and we had to start again from scratch, but it was good while it lasted! laughing2.gif

Nic: I hope you are feeling better soon.

Shelly: Bummer about the ticket.

Everyone else: Hi! hhugs.gif wub.gif

Better go. I have told myself that tonight is the night to do some writing.

Take care and have a great night everyone!


#33 samagard

Posted 16 June 2009 - 09:00 PM

I spent 1/2 hour with Sienna doing the invitations for her birthday next month. Everything neatly written with extra notes on the back about treat bags, and just realised I had written monkey magic instead of monkey mania. Frick frick frick!!!! Will have to get new invites now and do it all over again.

#34 sot

Posted 16 June 2009 - 09:15 PM

Sounds like we have lots of sick kiddies around at the moment.

Caro - Poor Angus and poor you, hope he is managing to get some sleep.  Hope your boss is understanding about being sick from the sounds of it they are all sick when they first go to childcare.

Shelly - Sorry to hear about the ticket.  Is Jade still crying in the car, must be so hard for you

Deanne - hope you and Alice are feeling better adn you get some writing done tonight

Jo - yay to being organised.

sienisob - maybe you could put mania in brackets, and make it like a joke?

Nic - there is nothing worse than being sick when you are pregnant and can't take anything, great news Alex is being so good.

Tanya - maybe you could try some special toys for Riley to play with while you are feeding so he doesn't get so jealous

Mish - good luck with the sewing.  I just sew but don't actually know how to do it very well, so don't make anything too exciting. (nappies, cover for the portacot).  I made an apron at school and a cushion, think I still have a cushion.

- another fabulous cake.  you are so talented!

Hi everyone else waves.gif


#35 wrappedup

Posted 16 June 2009 - 10:38 PM

Hi everyone...

Deanne is she any better? Caro, how is Angus?

I have a sick kid too - Charlotte - third bout of tonsilitis in 6 weeks. Am giving her probiotics now to try and balance out all the antibiotics. Urgh.

Not sure how BLW weaning will go here.  Summer tried pumpkin (steamed sticks) on Sunday - did not like it and dh and I didn't cope too well with the gagging.  She had rice cereal last night and was okay with it, today she couldn't get enough of it!  So we may stick with it for a little while... I did buy an avocado and will let her mess with some of it tomorrow perhaps. She has her next immunisation tomorrow *sigh*.

Talk tomorrow...

#36 Barky

Posted 17 June 2009 - 09:41 AM

Good morning everyone  waves.gif

Samantha- sorry to hear Charlotte is sick! Ryan got tonsilitis twice in a row and was so miserable. It is horrible. I hope Summer is ok after her needles. Owen had his on Monday and has been so sooky the last two days.

Sienisob- what a bummer about the invitations. I think monkey magic sounds cute.

Deanne- sorry to hear that Alice is not well. Seems there is  alot going around once again. I hope she is on the mend today and you get some writing done.

Shelly- Oh no about the fine!

Caro- sorry to hear Angus is sick. I think it takes about 12mths for a childs immune system to get used to all the germs from other kids. I hope your little man is on the mend.

Sewing- I can't do it for the life of me. I tried in Year 9 home tech but was hopeless. I use my inability to sew as an excuse not to sew buttons on any if hubbys shirts. Has worked so far, no point in learning now lol.

As I mentioned above Owen had his needles on Monday. Since then he has been so sooky and has now developed a cold. I have to remind myself why we immunise  wacko.gif . I have managed to get Ryan booked into a preschool for term 3 luckily as only one place had a spot. Next on the agenda is schools. It is hard to pick as I am not familiar with any of them.

Have a great day.

Edited by Barky, 17 June 2009 - 09:42 AM.

#37 darnie

Posted 17 June 2009 - 12:43 PM

Hi Girls!

Thank you for your concern re Alice. She is getting there. Hasn't poo-ed since this morning, so that's a positive. Still barking like a seal though. DH is about to come home and let me go to work for the afternoon. I was planning on getting heaps done but someone has booked a meeting ddoh.gif

I hope that Charlotte, Angus, Owen & any other sick children are on the mend hhugs.gif

sienisob: ddoh.gif Don't you hate it when that happens! I always get confused and call it Monkey Magic! blush.gif One of my friends did something similar when Alice was born. We'd said all along that the baby would be Ava Rose or Benjamin Robert. So we changed the girl's name at the last minute and didn't tell many people. My friend saw the email announcing "Alice Rose" but didn't read it properly and read it as "Ava Rose" So, she wrote out the card, congratulating us on the arrival of Ava! roll2.gif Luckily, she rang to see if we were going to be home and I happened to say that I was going to quickly duck out and buy Alice some clothes. She asked who Alice was and then it clicked. She managed to change Ava to Alice quite easily.

I'd better go. I need to stew some apples and find some clothes for work.

Take care,

Edited by darnie, 17 June 2009 - 12:45 PM.

#38 wrappedup

Posted 17 June 2009 - 02:20 PM

Deanne - that's cute original.gif I'm part of a Christmas ornament exchange with a bunch of friends and last year I'd said that the baby was going to be Elspeth and the friend who had me (it's a secret swap) made gorgeous decorated letters for all of us for the tree (first initial of each of our names). We were meant to open the presents the Friday night I went into labour, so I didn't do it til a few days after and inbetween I announced that the baby had arrived and we'd called her Summer.  My friend, lovely thing that she is, then made her a new "S" ornament, but I still have the "E" one and I will put it on the tree each year because I will love telling Summer the story about her name (we decided against Elspeth after trying it out on a few strangers who then couldn't pronounce it at all and one said to dh "but what if she has a lisp?" and also because having found out  at 35 weeks that we were having our 4th dd, we decided to be a bit hippy LOL).

Charlotte is SO much better today.  She's being lovely  wub.gif I tell you she is such hard work when she isn't in a good mood but when she's in a good mood she is the most wonderful little person.  Very much her father's daughter! wink.gif Thanks for the well wishes...

Summer was just quiet for the 30 minutes I was having a chat to my boss, bless her.  But now she needs post-needle booby and cuddles. wub.gif   Dh and I go the whooping cough vax today too, we both have sore arms!

#39 Puggle

Posted 17 June 2009 - 04:30 PM

Just a quick one, very busy day.

I hope all the sick babies and freshly immunised babies are feeling better by the minute.

Sam, I love the name Elspeth. Lisps are a tough one, as is the inability to pronounce the 'R...  'and 'Thr ...' sounds. DH and I are getting our WC vaccinations on Friday week. We are then going away for the weekend so I hope it doesn't make our respective arms too sore.

Lauren is waking even more frequently at night and her day sleeps are nearly non-existent, so I'm going a little tougher on her today regarding her naps in the hope it will help her sleep better tonight. OK, and in the hope I will sleep better too  blush.gif. I remember with Claire that the old adage about good day sleep leads to good night sleep was true, so I hope it works with little missy too. In other news Lauren is instigating games of peekaboo by either hiding her face into something or by pulling her muslin up over her face and then pulling it back down. She's so delicious!

I'm trying to let my fingers do the walking with regard to some shopping I need to do. I'm comparing buying from overseas with buying locally and my internet is sooooooo slow  aannoyed.gif. I think I'll buy locally to begin with (higher prices unfortunately) and then investigate overseas options if/when my little business starts turning a profit. But I am wondering how on earth people sourced products before the days of the internet. Trade shows I guess. No wonder there are so many home based and/or web-based businesses popping up these days, just so easy to find what you are looking for (if your net connection cooperates!)

#40 samagard

Posted 17 June 2009 - 07:31 PM

I just saw your reply in my post about keeping the house warm Tounge1.gif
I am sure I keeping the breast pad companies afloat at the moment Tounge1.gif
I change each feed to make sure I don't get split nipples again, and honestly I would probably shock myself with the electric blanket without using them. Got to love leaky nipples.

Does anyone here have tips about what exercise I could do. I had to give Isobel a top up feed, so used the changerooms in Myer. Got to see myself with those stupid mirrors while sitting down. I am 62kg at the moment, but now it looks like a little fat apron on my front sad.gif That combined with little love handles and chunky thighs, I am not feeling too good about myself.  cry1.gif  DP can forget getting any action in the next few months.

#41 shelly1

Posted 17 June 2009 - 08:04 PM

- I wouldnt worry about losing weight yet and I am pretty sure it is unsafe to exercise heavily so soon after birth. You will probably lose a few kilos over the next couple of weeks and as for your skin it will needs some time to "unstretch". How did you go after your first baby? I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight but my body shape is totally different as I still have abit of weight around my hips and tummy that wasnt there.

Anne - I hope Lauren settles down for you. I think daysleeps do make a difference (or atleast makes you feel better as it feels like you are atleast getting a small break)

Sam - I hope Charlotte and Summer are feeling better.

Deanne - Glad to hear Alice is doing better.

#42 wrappedup

Posted 17 June 2009 - 08:22 PM

Samantha - I'd love to be 62kgs!  Give yourself time, I wouldn't be doing anything more than walking at this stage. She's so new! I've been putting weight back on lately (due to feeling down) so am still 7kgs over my pre-pg weight at 6 months post-partum. Now that's atrocoius!

#43 samagard

Posted 17 June 2009 - 09:55 PM

I have been walking almost every day. I gained 17kg with Isobel. I am usually just under 50kg naturally, so I felt massive. I know it dropped off with Sienna in about 6 months, but I didn't really care about how much I weighed because it was just us. I don't want DP to see me like this. I think i will just stick to walking for now. Need to stop drinking macca's coke and drink more water. Stupidly addictive crap.

#44 darnie

Posted 17 June 2009 - 11:50 PM

sienisob: I, too, would be careful about exercising too soon after delivering your gorgeous daughter. I would go for light walking, and lots of good, healthy food while you are breast feeding. That said, I wish I was 62kg! I have about 20+kg to lose before I get to 62kg, and that's after losing 15-20kg by having Alice! laughing2.gif I'm sure your DP will understand that you have just had a baby, and will be happy with you just the way you are hhugs.gif

I've been putting weight back on lately (due to feeling down) so am still 7kgs over my pre-pg weight at 6 months post-partum.
I've been putting on weight too. I have put on about 4kg, through too much good living and being tired and rushed. Quite frankly, when I get home of a night time, preparing a good, healthy meal is the last thing on my mind. I need to get myself more organised. I am still below my pre-preg weight, but not by as much as I would like. And considering my pre-pregnancy weight was 100kg, I really need to be careful.

#45 samagard

Posted 18 June 2009 - 09:40 AM

Thanks for the advice girls. I loved having my big round belly, but it isn't so nice when deflated.
oomg.gif  oomg.gif Is being up until 1am with a crying baby good for weight loss!
Second night in a row. Am going to the drop in clinic today about it, and the fact her eye is still getting sticky.
I tried to give her a dummy to settle her down. She was ok for a little bit, gagged and then threw milk up  cry1.gif So tired.

BTW is anyone else heading to the BKM? Is it better to get there before 9am?

#46 Puggle

Posted 18 June 2009 - 04:20 PM

Somehow I ended up 5kg below my pre-pregnancy weight 3 or 4 weeks after having Lauren. Quite remarkable given I put on 18kg with her. But I have put several kg back on since then (still below pre-pregnancy weight - I hope  unsure.gif). And I swear I have put on weight since all the leftovers of dessert night ... Tounge1.gif. Today I started a week long quest to not have sugar and/or chocolate and/or too much fat. I need to go cold turkey because I have no self restraint.  Once I get through the first week I find the insatiable urges settle down and then I will start setting myself some goals. I need to get walking again, but I can't go fast enough with Claire in tow, and it is too dark when DH gets home. Maybe I will have to buy a trailer for my bike so I can ride instead. You still selling that cross trainer, Jo tongue.gif?

Got to go, making potato and zucchini soup for tea. MIL and I had some at Tulips cafe a few weeks back and it was delicious.

Edited by Puggle, 18 June 2009 - 05:41 PM.

#47 ~strawberry~

Posted 18 June 2009 - 05:05 PM

Anne -  yyes.gif

#48 beaglebabe

Posted 18 June 2009 - 07:58 PM

So much to catch up on again, but don't have time for much, so will just do personals for what I can see in the ten posts below and any other ramdom things my brain can remember.

Deanne - glad to hear that Alice enjoyed her party.  The cake looks fantastic (well done Eileen!),and I'm sure all the planning etc was worth it.

Eileen - how long now until your move?

Tanya - lovely photos of Lily - NatB is so clever isn't she? I think Lily looks like Riley in the first shot.

Anne - good luck with the sugar free thing. You are a stronger woman than I am! How are Lauren's day sleeps going? Lucia is sooo much better if I stay home for the day, as if I am out she naps in the car and then doesn't want to sleep when we get home.  I am trying not to drag her out and about too many days in a row, and spend more time at home so she gets the chance to have decent sleeps. But it's not always possible.

Samantha - Lucia always gagged on a dummy too - she's just not a fan.  She also had frequent crying episodes in the evening/overnight when she was a newborn - I think she had a lot of wind as she struggled with my letdown and coughed, spluttered and gulped a lot.  It cleared up once she was six weeks or so.  Hang in there!

Sam - How's Summer doing after her shots?  Lucia had a mild fever with the first two lots, but was fine with her six month ones.

Jo - nice to see you, ever so briefly, at Spotlight today.  I ended up being there for well over an hour!

Nic - how are you feeling?  Any better?

Us - Toby has been stuffing around at bedtime lately, so I am trying to be a bit more strict with a dinner/bed routine.  I always seem to be running later than planned at the moment, and then DH and I get distracted by Master Chef, so I think Toby is going to bed later than he needs to. And then once he gets into bed he is overtired, so he doesn't settle easily, and gets all silly, and I get sick of the delaying games, and then he gets upset etc etc. Tonight went well though, and I had them both in bed asleep by 7.45pm.

Did anyone see the Food and Wine section of the Canberra Times today?  OnRed (Nics suggestion for our dessert night the other week) was reviewed, and they had a picture of the dessert I was going to order *insert drooling emoticon*


#49 *Caro*

Posted 18 June 2009 - 09:20 PM

Michelle, i read the Onred review too - that dessert looked delish!  DH and I actually went to Onred a few months before Angus was born.  My mum and dad were here, so they babysat while we went out for a last hurrah.  The restaurant was lovely and the food was exceptional, but I must confess I didn't have a particularly good time, mainly because we ordered a bottle of wine to go with dinner (good food needs good wine  yyes.gif ) and I of course only wanted a taste, which left DH drinking most of the bottle, plus i think he'd had a beer or two for pre dinner drinks, so he was tanked and I had to drive home, while he babbled in my ear  wacko.gif Some nights it would have been funny, but that night I was tired, sick of being pregnant for the 3rd time in 4 years, and wanting to stick that bottle of delicious wine right up his back side  tongue.gif  wwhistle.gif  dev (6).gif

Tomorrow is DH's first day with the kids, while I go to work.  I can't wait! I am so looking forward to 'being a man' and being able to walk out the door without 3 kids in tow, without needing to pack 3 bags for school/childcare, without needing to drop anyone off anywhere - and hopefully without sticky finger marks all over my suit!!  tongue.gif

Anne, I am amazed that you can go a whole week without sugar.  I can barely manage a day!  I try to restrict sweet treats to the evening, and eat well the rest of the day.  I'm slowly loosing weight, without losing my mind, so I guess I have the balance right...  I actually find its relatively easy to loose weight whilst breastfeeding and not working.  I can get some exercise by powering along with the pram at the shopping centre, or chasing the kids at the park or bouncing on the tramp with them.  I'll struggle at work though - too much sitting around, and too many social events that revolve around food  rolleyes.gif  And I have nooooo will power!  (Maybe I should buy Jo's cross trainer  ddoh.gif )

DH was really late getting home tonight, so I still have chores to do.... better get onto it...


Edited by *Caro*, 18 June 2009 - 09:21 PM.

#50 Puggle

Posted 18 June 2009 - 09:48 PM

QUOTE (Caro)
Anne, I am amazed that you can go a whole week without sugar.

I'll be amazed if I do it too  roll2.gif. Today I had a headache and the sugar shakes hit me after I got home from picking Claire up from Playschool. No wonder though, as I hadn't had anything but a coffee since breakfast  ddoh.gif. So I did have some jam on a couple of scones  ddown.gif. But no chocolate or lollies, and no cake at the cafe this morning either so I still think it was a good start. If I can have porridge without brown sugar like I did this morning (natural sugars in some sultanas and some chopped turkish apricots with some chopped pecans instead) then I start my day without that sugar high and can generally maintain it. Once I cut the sugar I find the fat gets reduced automatically. I still have about 10kg to get back to pre-Claire weight, and I'd love to lose 17kg in total (but not sure what on earth my overstretched tummy will look like after that!) I lost a stack of weight on Optifast just prior to conceiving Claire. Not the way to do it but it was a nice surprise for DH - we were apart for three months while he moved back to Perth to start a new job and I stayed behind to pack up the Melbourne house. It was a good start to TTC  tongue.gif. I'm also trying to get to bed before midnight for a week in the hope I can gradually (over a month or so) get my bedtime back to something reasonable blush.gif. One night down ...

Oh and Caro I hope your DH copes OK tomorrow! And three kids in four years and you can jump on a trampoline? Kudos to your pelvic floor wink.gif.

Michelle, Lauren is still a shocker for day sleeps but today she had a decent sleep from Spotlight to Playschool, and I got there early so she napped in the car for another 15 minutes. This afternoon I tried putting her in her cot for a nap but I had to go rescue her after she got too upset. Two minutes on the boob and she went back in the cot quite easily though, just whinged for a minute. Claire woke her up earlier tonight but Lauren resettled which was great. She'll get there in the end, I know, she'd just taking longer due to no thumb/dummy (other than me, that is  rolleyes.gif)

I have to go find these photos of Lily that Michelle is referring to ...

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