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#51 beaglebabe

Posted 06 July 2009 - 08:27 AM

Mish - WOW!  How exciting!  I'm sure you will have a ball.

Anne - I'm happy to host something here if people are interested in catching up - perhaps Friday? I;m braving Monkey Mania with some playgroup friends this morning, so will report back on what it is like.

Leonie - your photos are so cute!  You always seem to manage to get shots where all three kids look good - I think they like the camera!

Sam - well done on the toilet training.  It doesn't seem long ago that you were disparing that Lulu didn't seem interested.  It's funny how it can just suddenly click for them.  Good luck with the weaning.  Did your other girls wean easily?  And good news that you all seem to be on the mend.

Jo - did you end up going to Tidbinbilla?  We went once ages ago and both Toby and DSS had a great time - such a wonderful park for all age groups.  And how did you go with the piano?

Nic - how did the hearing aids go once they dried out?

Us - as Anne said, we had a good day yesterday and managed to juggle babies, feeds, and running a stall. It was nice to feel like we have achieved something and done something other than just be mums.  I feel like mothering consumes me sometimes, and it was a good feeling to do something different for a day.


#52 Nut

Posted 06 July 2009 - 08:33 AM

Lucky you Mish!!! Would love to see that original.gif

Michelle - Hearing aids are OK, but DH is going to contact the audio clinic and talk to them anyway about a report and such. Water exposure like that could cause corrosion internally and it may not show up to start with.

Glad the markets went well.

Love the new sig Leonie!

Sam - Good luck with toilet training!!

Us - Getting better. Not needing panadine at night to sleep anymore (was suppressing the cough) and Alex I think is on the mend. He's sleeping through again, nose has cleared up about 90%, though he still has a mild cough. I might postpone his needles for 1 more week just in case.

#53 *Caro*

Posted 06 July 2009 - 08:44 AM

Lurgies, lurgies - go away! Don't bother coming another day!

2 of Emme's preschool friends (and their mum's) are coming over for morning tea, so I better go and clean up this messy house.  Would love to curl up under the doona  ph34r.gif

Hi to everyone  waves.gif

#54 *Caro*

Posted 06 July 2009 - 06:06 PM

quiet day huh? Has everyone else succumbed to the lurgy?? unsure.gif  I shut my eyes on the couch for 5 minutes this arvo while the kids watched ABC kids - it made all the difference  grin.gif

Morning tea was nice - lovely mums  yyes.gif  - but one 4yo was a bit of a brat.  I hope she was just having a bad day, because she and Zahra kept coming to blows and I know Z is not perfect, but she is 18months younger... This 4yo is about to become a big sister for the first time, so I think her mum might have her hands full  ohmy.gif  ph34r.gif

Sad I missed the markets yesterday, but I was pushed just to manage the 'usual', let alone anything else  wacko.gif  Let me know when you are going next, ok? And maybe it won't be so cold then  tongue.gif

OK, gotta get some salmon mornay onto the table for these kids...

#55 Marvel

Posted 06 July 2009 - 06:19 PM

It is a bit quiet today...

Been busy at work today, but managed to get home a little early and have a hot shower and snuggle with the boys before organising dinner - it was lovely  wub.gif

#56 beaglebabe

Posted 06 July 2009 - 08:35 PM

Caro - I seem to have avoided the lurgy so far. I'm having blocked-duct issues today though, due to Lucia and her erratic feeding.  I finally seem to get one blockage sorted, and then I find more lumps.

Mish - what sort of work do you do?

Nic - good that the hearing aids seem ok for the moment - very sensible to still report it though.

Monkey Mania was good today.  Busy, but not overly so - still easy enough to get a table, and food service was quite quick.  There were some bigger kids there, but I didn't notice any problems.  Toby was playing with some 5/6 year old boys, and they were being so nice to him- was very sweet. We are going to try the War Memorial tomorrow - DSS is here, so trying to find things to keep both he and Toby amused.

I'm enjoying having a night without sewing  original.gif  Although I think I will be in bed soon... this sleep deprivation thing is catching up with me - Little Miss was up five times last night.

Oh, almost forgot!  Lucia's first tooth seems to be coming through - I can just feel the tiniest corner of it.

#57 Marvel

Posted 06 July 2009 - 09:48 PM

Michelle - I'm a boring old public servant, and at the moment I proof read, spell check and double check legislation  glare.gif
I am acting higher duties at the moment and it just isn't as good as my old job, but I go back to my old job soon and I can't wait  ddance.gif

I actually have an interview for another department on Friday, so fingers crossed  hands.gif

*yawn* time for bed methinks!!

#58 It'sbeenawhile

Posted 06 July 2009 - 10:34 PM

Hello all
Michelle: the boys should enjoy the war memorial there is a good hands on kids section there, but we almost missed it when we were there, only stumbled across it while looking for the toilets. I was thinking about taking the boys to the national museum at somestage because ive seen people talking about it lately.

mishymilo: Sorry is your name Michelle aswell ( thought i read a post awhile back where someone called you Michelle?)
England for 5 wks! WOW what an experience, you sure will miss your boys though.

Caro: I'm glad that you're morning tea went well with the preschool mums, I met alot of good mums from Blakes preschool class last year that i am still good friends with and its just lovely!

Nut: We;ve all been sick aswell (well everyone except Blake!) and there was a case of swine flu diagnosed in Blakes class last week. I rang health first today to talk about our symptoms and they said that ANdy and i should probably see a dr and possibly go on the tamiflu(i think thats what the medicine was called!) more so Andy because he is a bad asthamtic. They also said though that because it is spreading so fast in the community that not all drs are even bothering testing now, just concerned for people with other risks (like asthma, other medical conditions)

Anne: You said you were thinking of a daytime meet, well i know this probably only suits southsiders but Fadden Pines park (in Fadden  tongue.gif ) is a lovely spot for a picnic if you can get a nice day. Lots of lovely green grass and some paths if the kids have bikes, and a play area great for little kids and a bigger one for bigger kids. We actually had Maxs christening party there and it was so lovely and relaxed.

Sam: thats great that Summer is taking more EBM, when you go back to work is it fulltime? What do you do with the girls?

Deanne: When do you come back? Hope Tassie is okay, more so the IL's!!

The boys stayed  at andys mums in Yass last night(only the 2nd time-ever!) and Max and i slept until 9:30  tthumbs.gif Havent done that in sooooo long! It reminded me of the days when i was a new mum to just Blake and had no cares in the world and just used to snuggle in bed with Blake for ages in the morning! I miss those moments, now life is so busy! BUT mum and dad are going to Nans on Wednesday for the night and have asked to take the boys! They are so excited, its kinda nice that they are old enough now to go away with them. I am a little anxious about them going so far without me (well its only ulladulla) but its my mum and i trust her! So im thinking another sleep in morning for me and Max on thursday!!

Hope everyone else is okay!

#59 Nut

Posted 07 July 2009 - 08:13 AM

A friend of mine had her little girl this morning at 34+4 weeks! She was due 2 days before me...

Might have to see if I can find a 000000 outfit and will go and see them in a few days when things have settled.

#60 beaglebabe

Posted 07 July 2009 - 08:25 AM

Nic - that must make it feel very real that you are going to have a baby soon!  Congrats to your friend - I hope her baby is doing well. How much did she weigh? Target is good for tiny stuff.  Pumpkin Patch have a 'preemie" size, but Lucia (at 3.55kg) fitted into it (only just!) when she was born, so it's not really that small.

Leonie - yay to some nights with just Max!  I love snuggling in bed with a baby - like you said, I got to do it lots with Toby, but I occassionally get a snuggle with Lucy if I've had a rough night and DH gets up with Toby.  I'm sure your big boys will have a lovely time (and your Mum will probably enjoy having them to herself too).  I might have a look at the War Memorial website so I can work out where the kids stuff is.  They also have an 'animals in war' exhibit at the moment that I thought the kids might like.

Mish - I'm a boring public servant too - I work at Health and Ageing (when not on mat leave). I'm thinking of looking at changing Departments when I go back though - I'm not too fussed on the job I was in, and somthing in the city would be more convenient than Woden.

Get together - Leonie's suggestion of Fadden Pines sounds like a good one if it is a nice day.  Should we try for this week?  Or is next week easier?

#61 Nut

Posted 07 July 2009 - 08:29 AM

Can't remember the exact weight, but she was around the 5lb 3oz mark so around 2.3kgish if my maths is right.

Alex was 3.1kg and wore 00000 stuff for about 4-5 weeks so even 000000 will probably be too big, but it's a start.

#62 wrappedup

Posted 07 July 2009 - 09:08 AM

Congrats to your friend Nic!

Work - another public servant here. Caro and I work at the same place, govt agency in Civic.

Michelle - I'm going to take the girls to the animals in war exhibition later this week hopefully.  A friend took her kids on the weekend (9,3,1) and they enjoyed it. Sorry to hear about the plugged ducts.  Hope Lucia settles into a pattern soon.

Mishy - that's fantastic.  We have a friend about to go o/s for 3 months and he was here last night showing the girls where he is going on our globe.  I'm quite jealous, I've not travelled o/s (well one cruise but that doesn't count) and am getting pretty desperate to go!

Caro - Glad you had a nice morning tea.  And yep, it's hard re the behaviour issues with kids, I've seen long term friendships ruined because of kids not being very well behaved.  Hope it was a one-off from that 4 yr old!

Leonie - so nice to have a big sleep with bubby. Lovely!  And no, I'll go back 4 days a week. Quite frankly I don't intend to ever work full-time if I can manage it.  I went part-time after dd#1 and have had many jobs (and two promotions) since, so so far it hasn't been a problem.  My MIL used to be our carer with the eldest three, but dh is going to stay home when I go back until we're ready to put Summer into childcare (and get spots!) Dh did three months at home when I went back after #3 and didn't cope too well with the isolation but he thinks he'll do much better this time.  I hope so as ideally we'd like him to be home for almost two years probably.

#63 Marvel

Posted 07 July 2009 - 09:18 AM

So there are a few of us working in Civic then?? I am trying to get OUT of Civic, I want to be closer to home... Creeping ever closer, the interview I have on Friday is in Kingston, so baby steps...  biggrin.gif

#64 beaglebabe

Posted 07 July 2009 - 12:18 PM

Decided to wait until after Lucia's sleep to go to the War Memorial.  Put her down at 9.30am.... and what do you know... she's still alseep now!  But I've got lots of cleaning done, while DSS is playing with Toby.

Mishy - perhaps we can swap jobs!  We used to live in Kambah, and Woden was a great spot to work. But not so good from Watson - by the time I drop the kids at childcare, drive to Woden, find a parking spot and get into the office it will be 9am.

Nic - 2.3kg sounds like a pretty good weight.

Sam - My SIL is currently in Europe with MIL and FIL - and her 20 month old!  I think she is batty taking a child that age to Europe.  While I'd love to do some more travel, I don't think it will happen for a while.

Lucia is finally awake - she's had an almost three hour sleep!


#65 Nut

Posted 07 July 2009 - 01:07 PM

I think Paul is a little freaked about the whole friend having a baby thing. Given that we were due at the same time and all. He's starting to feel time slipping away and events creeping closer...

#66 samagard

Posted 07 July 2009 - 06:16 PM

Hi everyone...
Just a quick update.
Sienna lost her first tooth!!! Visit from the tooth fairy this morning, so she was pretty happy.

ps- Nut you don't even look pregnant Tounge1.gif
Can't believe you are due soon. You look so tiny

#67 darnie

Posted 07 July 2009 - 07:32 PM

Hi All! waves.gif

We're back! We had an awesome time away, but it is so nice to be home!

Caro: Too wet to play in St David's park, and we didn't get to the icecream place either. We did, however, get to Salamanca Markets (where Erin bought some hippy slippers laughing2.gif ) and we tried out a couple of eating establishments in North Hobart.

Anyway, we've only been home a few hours and I am tired and over it, so I might go and get Erin to bed before watching Packed to the Rafters and reading my new book!

Have a great week everyone!


#68 darnie

Posted 07 July 2009 - 10:36 PM

OK. So it appears that I am a smelly thread killer! cry1.gif roll2.gif

#69 Marvel

Posted 07 July 2009 - 11:15 PM

LOL, I tell you it is nice to know that I'm not the only thread killer!!  laughing2.gif

#70 wrappedup

Posted 08 July 2009 - 08:25 AM

Probably all the sick kids draining us original.gif  

I have some news: Summer can sit original.gif She's done it for a few minutes at a time the last few days. She then realises how clever she's being, gets excited and falls over.  Too cute!

#71 beaglebabe

Posted 08 July 2009 - 08:36 AM

Deanne - don't you know the thread always goes quiet when you are away!

Sam - clever Summer!  Lucia is still not interested at all -she refuses to bend in the middle and insists you hold her in a standing position instead.

The War Memorial was excellent - all three kids liked it, and Dad and I had a good time too.  There was lots to interest all ages.  Sam, if you are going to take your kids, I'd suggest putting Summer in a sling, not a pram.  The A is for Animals exhibition has display cabinets at an excellent height for hiding toddlers behind, and I was forever losing site of Toby if he strayed more than a metre or so from me - by the time I weaved the pram through the crowds he could have gotten a good distance away.  Luckily I had Dad to help keep an eye on him.  Also, the main lift is broken, so you have to keep finding a staff member to let you in the staff-only lift.  Having said that, the staff were wonderful!  At one point I was looking for a baby change room - one guide gave me directions, and also radioed through to guides further down to let them know I was coming and to help us with the lifts - they were waiting for me when I got there.  Pretty amazing service considering they were so busy.

So who is coming to dessert on Friday night to farewell Eileen?


#72 ~strawberry~

Posted 08 July 2009 - 08:40 AM

Yep, very drained here. Ella was vomiting throughout the night and then William started the day at 5.30am.

I need some advice. Ella is over two and a half years old and she has never consistently slept through. She can do it, has on occasions, but I am at a loss to get her doing it regularly. I've tried talking to her about not crying out if she wakes, it happens year round so I don't think it's a temperature thing, she doesn't seem to have nightmares (well she might, but I think it's more than that)... She goes down fine, and will generally resettle fine, but just won't stay asleep.

While I'm at it, any ideas to get William sitting? Everytime I put him into a sitting position, he leans forwards, into a crawling position and is gone! He's nearly 10 months old, surely he should be sitting by now?

#73 darnie

Posted 08 July 2009 - 09:39 AM

Sam: Yay to Summer sitting! eexcite.gif wub.gif

Jo: Hmmmm. No tips re Ella's sleeping. You could try a reward chart. Not sure if she is too young or not. At a similar age, I said to Erin out of pure frustration: "Ok, it will be bed time soon and tonight there willbe no waking until 7am" When bed time came, I said "Goodnight" and Erin said "Goodnight and no waking until 7am" I said "That's right" (thinking yep, sure). Anyway, she slept until 7am exactly! oomg.gif I think that was pure coincidence considering she had no concept of time, but you could say something like that, then when she wakes, say "It isn't 7am yet" and see if that helps. Re the sitting - not sure. Is it just that he won't sit because he is too active, or that he can't sit?

Barky's farewell: I thought I had something planned for Friday but now I don't think I do. I am still not sure. I would love to come along if I can.

Everyone else: Hi! waves.gif

Me: I am still on rec leave until Tuesday next week. Erin has ballet rehearsals today, tomorrow & Friday and is on school hols Mon/Wed/Fri at the moment, so I thought I'd take this week and Monday off so that I can take her to ballet and do some things with her. That way, I only need to rely on the generosity of friends to care for her fo two days during the school hols - next Wed/Fri. We've just come back from ballet rehearsal, so we are having a little rest before heading out to see Ice Age 3 at the cinema. Alice is at childcare. Tomorrow, both girls will be at childcare, so I might tidy up and/or do some writing.

Better go.

Have a great day!


#74 Nut

Posted 08 July 2009 - 09:43 AM

So the farewell is Friday? What are the details again???

#75 *Caro*

Posted 08 July 2009 - 09:50 AM

I'm having a sick day  ohmy.gif  I can't seem to shake this bug and I'm not getting enough sleep at night to get over it.  I feel a bit guilty (missing meetings etc at work) but I just can't push myself any more  nno.gif But in good news, I am still in my jarmies, the breakfast dishes are still on the table, there are no kids in the house, and I think I might go back to bed  wink.gif

Jo, I have a nearly 5yo who still doesn't sleep through with any regularity  wacko.gif  I've been using a sticker chart for about a year with both girls (so started Zahra when she was about 2).  Its had some success, but when they have earnt enough stickers to get their 'treat' they just revert to waking up and calling out  wacko.gif  So, I can't really help, sorry!

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