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February 03 Parents # 162

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#26 FloralArrangement

Posted 13 August 2009 - 04:00 PM

My excuse is that I have had/have the flu. Been foul not swiney at all lol.

Not much to report really.

We are off to QLD 22-29 August am nervous and excited never been with a baby on a plane any hints would be appreciated. Other than that all is well.

Julie must be busy teaching.

Michaela I have sent you a PM on facebook


#27 Nics

Posted 13 August 2009 - 09:30 PM

Michelle - CALL THEM!  Thats the only advice I can give you.....  your life will change dramatically once you have a baby that sleeps through all (or most of ) the night.  And you will notice a change in the other kids too - you may think they arent affected but it may just be in your daily goings on - once mum gets a full nights sleep and is rested there is a completely different life around home!  So just do it... they wont do anything you dont want them to do with Scarlett - and really what I sent you might sound hard/tough but it really wasnt.. as Ive said to you before I noticed the difference in Ellie from halfway through day 2...  and same will probably go for Scarlett - they need good sleep overnight too to be able to funciton properly - so do it for her as well:)  
Cant believe that ECHN was so rude!!!  Dont beat yourself up - at the end of the day its your 3rd child and you have been doing whatever works!  I dont think blaming you is the right thing to do.  

Anyway give them a call and get things underway - cant recommend it highly enough...

gina - we too are off to Qld mid September to visit my dad and his partner.  However I am flying with all 3 kids ON MY OWN... so not looking forward to the flight  ohmy.gif  

speaking of which - Michaela - I think we may be a little too far away for you this time to catch up  - dad is at Mooloolaba and Ill only have our car the weekend (DH driving up from Gold coast to meet us for the weekend but then has to go back for work) so I should imagine those 2 days will be fairly busy sad.gif  

US - not much news - its just so busy!  Dh is travelling a lot over the next 6 weeks and the past 2 weeks so Im single mummying it a the mo ...  tball season has started so both boys go to training on different days, Aiden's speech therapy has started plus the normal school stuff and swimming etc...  I find it hard to keep up!  I am thinking I would like to go back to work - I just feel like I need a break from hom - probably because DH is away so often so Im having to do it all - but then I think that will still be the case even if I do work and will be even harder trying to organise 3 kids for daycare,preschool and school .... arrrrgggghhhh what to do????  I just need to use my brain again and need something more than baby/kid talk 24/7....  

Ok need some sleep so chat soon

#28 ~JASB~

Posted 14 August 2009 - 07:03 PM

LOL sorry Michelle tongue.gif  I guess I figure I see everyone's status on FB so I don't check in here as much anymore!  I should try to remember!  I'm pretty much only on EB for TTC groups and my local gals these days!

Michelle, lucky she didn't say that to you with Isabella - maybe it needs to pointed out to her how much she could affect some mums?

Gina, just replied to your FB pm original.gif

Nic, I'm enjoying using my brain again wink.gif  Have you all read on FB what I'm doing?  I'm really enjoying getting out and doing some non mummy stuff - first time in 8 years! ohmy.gif

#29 MichelleM

Posted 14 August 2009 - 07:15 PM

I just knicked over to FB to see what you were up to Michaela!!!  Congratulations on your new business venture.  I too am ready to start trying to kick my brain back into gear but I can't even manage a full session at the gym most times so I can't see myself doing any more than that!

Nic you are soooo good to be able to do it all alone so often!  I know that I count down the minutes before Brett arrives home from work, I couldn't imagine weeks of no respite.

Gina sorry but I did laugh at your flu joke!  Hope you are feeling better now.  Did you all get the flu jab?  I didn't jab the kids but Mum is pazzing out saying that they NEEEEEED it ASAP!  She's been watching too much TV and getting sucked in.

Anyway just popping in.  We have a household here tonight so am waiting for people to arrive.

#30 Keropi

Posted 14 August 2009 - 10:15 PM

ARgh, second post I have lost this week and am over it!!

Love to you all!  I'll do it again another day.

#31 ~JASB~

Posted 15 August 2009 - 07:12 PM

Thanks Michelle original.gif  I'm hoping it takes off.  Money is great!  I'm really busy this week original.gif

#32 Keropi

Posted 18 August 2009 - 07:35 AM

That's great Michaela - starting off is fun and it is a great little money earner.  All the best for you!

Up early waiting on a lift to work.  Damien is working from home today because the kids have a science fair and he will be going.  I on the other hand have 2 meetings today and am tired!  Roll on Friday!

#33 FloralArrangement

Posted 22 August 2009 - 10:07 AM

Off to the Gold Coast today ... May never return... 17 here 30 there....


#34 Keropi

Posted 22 August 2009 - 03:48 PM

Woohoo Gina!  Have a great time.

Where is everyone else?????

Me - home alone, Damien is off fixing a computer with the kids so thought I might vacuum - you know the riveting stuff.  I need to get Ashie's book parade costume ready too.  Feeling somewhat refreshed after a quick nanna nap.  

#35 FloralArrangement

Posted 23 August 2009 - 12:49 PM

Hi there very nice here thanks sitting by the pool it is hottish and humidish and I am debating whether to show off my stunning body to the masses ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Baby didn't sleep properly last night and I could have sent Daisy home on a plane before we got here. Lil and Rosie still coughing, got them some medicine.


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#36 Keropi

Posted 23 August 2009 - 09:05 PM

Lovely to sit by the pool....hmmmm.  Are you meeting Michaela?  Hope the ratty kids go soon to be replaced by angels.

I'm annoyed, my beloved eee pc has appeared to have carked it.  I love my little laptop!

#37 MichelleM

Posted 23 August 2009 - 09:55 PM

Gina I envy your weather at the moment (of course you too Michaela!).  It's freezing and been drizling for about 2 weeks straight now!  I am sick of doing the school run in the rain and Scarlett has almost grown out of her sleeping bags so it better start warming up soon!  Go for that swim for us ok!!!  Hope R settles soon for you and the sickies clear up in the warmth.

Julie I'm stressing about Josh's costume!  I've never had to make one before and boys are way harder than girls I think.  I probably should have thought more about it this weekend considering the parade is Friday!  Luckily there isn't a theme, just their favourite character out of a book.  Bummer on the lappy dying.  Brett's driving me nuts on my PC all the time as his is dead at the moment.

Michaela how is TW going?  I've been invited to another party and apparently there are new colours this month - pinks and purples?   So of course I'll have to go and check them out laughing2.gif

Nic, you surviving it with DH away?   Still haven't called them but Scarlett's had a pretty bad cold since I saw the ECHN so thought we should get over that first.

Although Scarlett's been pretty miserable and ratty the whole of last week she started taking a few steps Monday and every day since!  She's still def not a walker but today has started taking a couple of steps away from the couch on her own so I don't think it'll be long before she does walk.   I'm sad for sure but I'll be so happy that she doesn't get soaked when outside now that she'll be off the ground as she was when crawling.

#38 Keropi

Posted 24 August 2009 - 06:54 PM

Michelle - yay on Scarlett walking!!  Rain can be a real dampner hey?!  

Man - Ethan is doing my head in, his work is so careless and he just isn't getting how to not be.  I was cranky when I checked his homework last week to find all the mistakes I asked him to double check not checked.  He just doesn't see the circles around everything.  I have no idea how to get through to him - it's almost like he doesn't give a rats.

#39 FloralArrangement

Posted 26 August 2009 - 03:32 PM

Perfect day today. Went to Pacific Fair go clothes yay. Had to go to the dr with lil Rose and myself we are ALL on ventolin and ab's grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr as long as we feel better soon that ok I guess.

Wet and wild tomorrow now and Seaworld Friday. Home Sat arvo.

Cool Scarlett is walking Rob takes some steps but is very wary but it won't be too long.

Julie Rose is the biggest crankiest 6 yeart old u have ever met. i sent Mum a postcard saying she can have the kids when we get back. They got a talking too last night you would think they were paris hilton with the way they have been carrying on a bit better today. But don't it I want to go OS with them will see.

#40 ~JASB~

Posted 26 August 2009 - 04:27 PM

Gina and I had a phone chat this arv YAY!  We are going to try and meet up Saturday morning before they leave.  Fingers crossed!  I'm supposed to be in relative quarantine till Saturday!  I've been really sick this week, possibly swine flu ohmy.gif  Much better today than I was yesterday though, so hoping I'm bouncing back.  Yesterday was my worst day, my whole body hurt sad.gif  Gah!

Julie, hhugs.gif with Ethan.  I know not what to suggest sad.gif  Can you get your Eee pc repaired?  Not under warranty now I guess?  Scott has one of those too - he loves it, I hate it!  I can't type on it laughing2.gif

Michelle, the pinks are gone, but yes the purple is there original.gif  I like the cool lagoon (greens) laughing2.gif  Enjoy the party original.gif  Going well - had a super week last week, not so big this week and had to postpone a party tonight now that I'm sick.  Normally it would be given to another demonstrator but this party is for a friend, so obviously she preferred to postpone!
Yay on Scarlett's steps!  I just saw your sig in another thread and was amazed to read her age as 14.5 months already!  Can't be possible!!

#41 FloralArrangement

Posted 27 August 2009 - 06:35 PM

I hope you are better Michaela but don't push it if you still feel rubbish.

Went to wet and wild today Rose went on EVERY ride she has guts unlike her mother. She even went on this ride called the kamikaze.

I went on one long slide a couple of times.

Apparently it is the show here tomorrow and a public holiday and WE are off to Seaworld it will be packed I expect now.

It is weird watching the news with all the wrong hosts and news not relevant to wehre you come from. Ty enjoying the rugby or whatever it is on foxtel.

Off to dinner now don't really need it

Gina xx

#42 ~JASB~

Posted 27 August 2009 - 07:01 PM

It is weird watching the news with all the wrong hosts and news not relevant to wehre you come from

LOL Gina!  I know!  We said the same thing when we were down in Sydney!  Have a good day at SeaWorld.  It's not public holiday in Brisbane, must be only the GC, so hopefully it won't be that busy for you.  Enjoy xx  I am feeling much better than I was, but Adam is in a bad way now sad.gif  Took him to doc today, we ummed and ahhred over putting him on ABs but in the end I said I was happy to see how he goes over the next two days.  ABs are just feral on his gut so I'm hoping we don't end up needing them.


#43 Keropi

Posted 27 August 2009 - 07:17 PM

Michaela, I hope Adam gets better soon.  The flu sucks.  How are you feeling now?

Me - Feeling lazy, not sure if I'm getting a head cold, but it's enough to make me feel lazy!
Trying to coordinate lifts for my kiddies to go to a full day music workshop next week.  One child down, one more to go.  My principal is being just lovely and giving me the afternoons that they are at the workshops off to see them play at the end of the day.  Ashie had her book parade today - she was Alexander from the Pamela Allen book, Alexanders Outing.  Too cute.
And I've lost my little Canon camera - I can't find it anywhere so had to lug the big one out.  Hopefully it turns up soon.

#44 Keropi

Posted 29 August 2009 - 10:38 AM

Gina and Michaela - did you meet up today???

How is everyone?  C'mon lurkers!

I'm siiiickkkk.  Just with a cold but it's enough to make me through in the towel.  I was looking forward to doing stuff around the house today - I really need to find my baby camera.  If I can't I may just buy a new one....darn it!
Good week at work, my kids have reviews and I didn't panic about writing them...amazing.  Got them done by yesterday afternoon, all is good.  Now for the meetings on Monday.

#45 ~JASB~

Posted 29 August 2009 - 05:12 PM

Unfortunatley we didn't Julie cry1.gif

Such a shame but we are still a house of sickness.  I was worried about Shawn last night as he seemed to be coming down with it - fever, lethargy, nasty cough and ASKED to go to bed at 6pm huh.gif  He seems ok today, but now Adam's gone downhill again sad.gif  Couldn't put off using the ABs any longer.  He's got a nasty ear infection now as well sad.gif

So sorry we missed you Gina, but you did say you'll be back - I hope it's soon!!!

#46 Keropi

Posted 29 August 2009 - 07:18 PM

Oh Michaela - sorry to hear to you guys didn't meet up.  Bloody lurgies!  Keep us updated on Adam....Probably better that he has the antibiotics with all that is going around and the havoc that these bugs cause.  Big hugs to you all.

I've successfully had a nanna nap today, but feel so groggy, no energy to talk.  I don't think I've watched so much TV in a loooong loooong time.  Thank god for digital TV.  Rage on Saturday afternoons is ace.

#47 FloralArrangement

Posted 30 August 2009 - 02:37 PM

Hi there

Had a great holiday, when the kids weren't freaking out or not sleeping. If you want to check out the Sands Turtle Resort up there we are thinking of going up this time next year, if we don't go OS. So if you want to join us for a get together. You never know we could do it!!

Julie you sound exhausted and busy take care of yourself. Nanna naps make me feel spaced out too.

Have to go Grandma in hospital again.

Gina xx

#48 Keropi

Posted 31 August 2009 - 06:22 PM

Gina sorry to hear about Grandma, what's going on with her?

Survived my reviews today!!!!  I was so nervous and of course my nose started dripping in the middle of my first meeting.  Department Rep seemed happy with what the parents were saying, she gave me some suggestions with my report writing for the future.  I have started a ball rolling on trying to do something with speech therapy in the school.  We have a private speechie coming in but are finding the parents can't afford the regularity the kids need.  I feel so good about bringing this some attention.

#49 FloralArrangement

Posted 31 August 2009 - 06:55 PM

Just an old lady Julie, she will be 91 on Wednesday and her heart is on its last legs.

It sounds like your review was very constructive as well.

How are the boys Michaela?


#50 ~JASB~

Posted 01 September 2009 - 10:11 AM

Adam is getting there, back at school today for first time since last Tues!  Poor kid had to miss a birthday party on the weekend.  He was still coughing a bit this morning, but I'm told that could hang around for months Eeeek!  So can't keep him home till the cough is gone!  Mainly just morning and evening he's coughing now anyway, and he's been afebrile for about 36 hours now original.gif

Shawn's still got a bit of a cough (that's all he had) and Josh survived without getting any of it!

Julie, glad you survived the reviews!

Have to run!

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