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#51 ~Goggles~

Posted 28 September 2009 - 05:49 PM

Chris, i hope you can get things sorted out and he can get the help he obviously needs.
We are all here for you if you need to vent or have a chat about things.
Well done on removing yourself and the kids from the situation. Take care xo

#52 winterbaby

Posted 30 September 2009 - 04:00 PM

Karen - when you figure out how to deal with Tom's tantrums would you let me know roll2.gif.  Sounds like he is much like Ben - he gets very mad if we laugh or make fun at his tantrums.  time out doesn't work - he just works himself up into a mega tanturm.

All I've figured out it to tell him he's not getting what he wants by having a tantrum, then offering cuddles & talking calmly to him & trying to distract him... Seems to work eventually.

Chris - hhugs.gif  Sorry to hear things aren't going well for you guys.

#53 foxari

Posted 01 October 2009 - 11:36 AM

Hey everyone-
How are you all?
I know ive been a complete stranger for a long time...mostly cause i havnt been using eb, ive been posting on facebook..some of you know that cause we have had the occasional chat original.gif

I feel like im a foreigner here LOL its all so different..
I jsut wantd to pop in and say hi- i hope that everyone is doing ok?
Im headed out now but will prehaps pop back in tonight and say a better hello original.gif

take care-

aka foxari

#54 ~Perplexity~

Posted 06 October 2009 - 05:33 PM

Chris - hope all is going ok for you.

Hi Foxi, good to see you back.

I lost my grandmother on Saturday so did not have a very good weekend, there is a viewing of her body tomorrow (i am not sure how i will go with this but really want to be there for my dad) and then the funeral on Thursday.

#55 ~Goggles~

Posted 06 October 2009 - 06:07 PM

Oh fraggles i am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. Take care and hope the viewing and funeral go okay bbighug.gif Thinking of you wub.gif

Chris - how are things going? I have been thinking about you and hoping that everything has settled down. You know where to find me if you need to chat again xo

#56 wiggler

Posted 09 October 2009 - 08:17 PM


Chris - how are you going?? Remember to take care of yourself.  bbighug.gif

Fraggle -  hhugs.gif hhugs.gif  I hope yesterday was a happy memory of times gone by.

It has been quite in hear of recent times. Darn facebook

How was everyones long weekend?? We had fun - had friends up from Adelaide withthere 4 yr old and 1 yr old so James and Tom had friends. And we had adult conversation for lovely dinners. We went to the horse races saturday. The kids where enthralled by all the horses and people and noise. James got to ride inthe ambulance behind the horses and thought it was great. Tom just thought they where "wow fast mummy fast". Sunday we went bush walking. All the kids ended up in undies and tshirts chasing tadpoles and throwing rocks in little creeks. Bare feet and freezing cold water but they didnt care. Monday was the local show. The boys loved it. James went on the dogem cars with Chris and still keeps talking about it. There was loads of sheep and cows and trucks. I then had tuesday off to recover.

I wanted to ask those that had light weight babies (Helena, Danni) what do they now weigh?? Tom is my wee mite and he has just turned 2yrs old and is only 10kg. He is average height just light. James has slowed down a bit too. He is 15kg now at 3yrs.

Also looking at next year and considering a montessori preschool for James. Any one had any experience with these?? What is everyone else doing??

Has anyone thought about schooling much?? I think I will hold off starting James until he is 5 1/2 or 6yrs of age. What do people think of that?? We have played withthe idea of home schooling too. Mainly because we move a lot and think that it might be more stable if that makes sense. And not that it is an issue now but we are debating unisex all boy school compared with co-ed. What do other think?? I went to an all girl school and thrived there. There was no male "distraction" and school was for growing and learning. I have no idea what a co-ed school is like (I started all girls at the age of 10yrs). The school I went to was also private. I think we will go that way with the boys but unsure. Chris went to a public school but it was all boys.


#57 JoRiCo

Posted 10 October 2009 - 10:50 AM

Hi girls,

Yes looks like Facebook is taking over here Karen (I spend more time there as it's easier and quicker)

Fraggles- Hope you got thru the funeral, we lost my nan last year and it was very sad but nan didn't want a funeral so we released balloons with the kids which was lovely.

Karen- Riley is still tiny, he only weighs 13.5kg. We were told as long as they are reaching milestones and that they don't looked starved then not to worry. Riley has always been a lightweight. Cohen is on the 25% for weight and 75% for height so looks like another lean and tall one too.
Riley will be 5.5yrs before he starts school, we currently have him in preschool 1 day a week which he loves so might put him in 2 days next year.

Not much new here. Riley is doing well and talking so much and is such a funny little man somedays. He is fully toilet trained during the day and wears pull ups to bed but has been dry for a few weeks. Cohen is 8 months old today and on the move, he has no teeth yet (don't mind as I'm still feeding) but I can see 2 in his bottom gum ready to pop thru.
We are taking the boys on our first camping adventure next weekend and I think I'll need a semi-trailer to carry everything we need  blink.gif. The boys are very excited.

Hope everyone is well !

Take Care

#58 Lee~XOX

Posted 18 October 2009 - 08:23 PM

Is there something strange going on with FB, or have I offended you Belinda?  I'm sure we were 'friends', and you have left comments on my profile, but I just went to check on you and realised we're not...  It took some looking to find you too unsure.gif

Edited for spelling.

Edited by Lee~XOX, 18 October 2009 - 08:24 PM.

#59 MamaCass

Posted 19 October 2009 - 03:35 PM

Lee Belinda has gone off my friends list too so not sure maybe she has deleted her FB profile? How are you anyway getting bigger? I feel huge already and have gained over 8 kilos eeekkkk. But excited none the less.

Hi everyone else.

#60 whydoibother

Posted 26 October 2009 - 06:14 PM

ye3p she has deleted me too but is still friends with 7 of you....
??? sad.gif
Cass: glad all is well original.gif

#61 Ducky*Fuzz

Posted 27 October 2009 - 07:07 PM

Hi all

Hope things are OK Bel.

Karen I had a friend grow up in the US and her dad was in the Airforce, so she moved around a lot while she was young, including a long stint in Germany.  She went to many different schools and found it very fulfilling, even though she moved so much.  Made loads of friends everywhere.

From what I have read it sounds like James is a really friendly and well adjusted boy, so he probably would love to have lots of little friends.  If he does find it is too much, you could think about homeschooling later.

Edited by ~*MESS*~, 27 October 2009 - 07:08 PM.

#62 gimmeguitars

Posted 30 October 2009 - 08:44 PM

Sorry to have been a stranger, so much going on here, most of you know what's been going on. Anyway I am back home now and things are...ok.. not you know over the moon but yeah getting better I HOPE!! s has given up drinking cold turkey. we had internet off but he got it put back on which is good as I can chat to you guys more now but part of our agreement was no ps3 ALL NIGHT like before. So not happy but tolerating it to keep the peace.

Jett has started swimming lessons, first lesson in he jumped in the pool when it wasn't even his turn an laughed his head off. he's such a thrill seeker, I am worried ladies!!!

Had lovely morning with Helena and the boys the other day, they came to my place. Thanks for coming, Hel.

how are you Cassie? how long to go now?

well done Cally on the wedding, not used to your new name popping up on my fb LOL!!

*waves to everyone else* hope y'all happy and well.

Can't think of anything else to write.

#63 Lee~XOX

Posted 07 November 2009 - 12:02 PM


Thought I'd stick my head in here and bump us up a little.  Bloody FB keeing us away roll2.gif

We have hopefully finally found someone to take over DH's Sydney work so that he can be more local and more of a help come December.  We're onto #9 in drivers.  The first 8 have all pulled the pin.  We're finding no one wants to work oomg.gif  Anyway, finally we have somone who is keen to start on their own .. a woman !!

Georgia is growing so much.  She's just about to hit 9kg at 9.5months.  Nice and average little miss.  She's going to come out of the car capsule this weekend and go into Campbell's SNS Meridian (RW still).  Campbell hasn't technically moved up, just into another 8-18kg seat, as he's still only 14kg anyway.  That now opens up the capsule for #3.  

My local hospital has turned me away as they consider this PG to be too high risk.  One of the problems with living semi-rural unfortunately.  Now we have to travel.  The major hospital is prepared to give Chris and the kids an on-site family apartment to ease the strain a little.  I need to organise Christmas shortly, presents and all that as I sure won't be doing it when I come home from the hospital!

Campbell is TTing.  We're day trained with wees.  Mummy is being stubborn when it comes to #2s and it seems to be working.  He would normally hold onto it until I put a nappy on him for day sleep.  So ATM, he's just not getting a day sleep - or if he does, it's in undies.   Then we make the #2 he eventually does in the toilet a big deal.  Might be the harsh way, but I honestly could not take any more 3yo poos in a nappy.  He hides, doesn't tell anyone and by the time it's found it's leaked and is down his legs+clothes and wherever he's sat.

Georgia has started in MCN.  She's been full time for almost a week now, minus a disposable at night.  I haven't found the right night nappy combination just yet.  I also have no idea how I am supposed to get PJs over a night nappy!!!? roll2.gif

The renos are still half-done.  Hopefully we'll get there before the baby, but I am not holding my breath.  Chris has been busy, so he has an excuse at least, but it doesn't make living in the house any easier for me.  

Time for lunch...  MMm leftover pizza.  I am so over being PG - considering it's now almost been 18 months, but I will miss the guilt-free food original.gif

#64 Ducky*Fuzz

Posted 15 November 2009 - 09:59 PM

I thought I'd say hi to Lee so it didn't look like she was talking to herself. LOL

#65 whydoibother

Posted 16 November 2009 - 09:29 AM

laughing2.gif Hi Lee waves.gif

#66 :)Helena

Posted 25 November 2009 - 07:15 PM

heya girls & kidlets
It's sooo long since I've logged onto EB & although I catch up with a few of you on facebook, I miss you guys!!
I stopped posting here  due to lack of time & to help try and keep the peace by not venting in public online but man, I miss that release! I didn't realise how helpful it was to get things out here. I also miss the updates & stories about all the kidlets & yourselves of course, not to mention the sigs & photos!

Anyway, things are a bit better here though some days I still wonder!

THe boys are doing great, Caelan's grown up so much and is seeming to be quite a bright little spark, often surprising me with his vocab and memory for things. He cracks some major wobblies sometimes though & isn't so good at doing things the first time he's asked so he has a few time outs or toys confiscated most days! It's mostly when he's rough with Aedan, fortunately Aedan's a tough lil cookie and doesn't seem as phased as we do sometimes by his brother's rough behaviour. I think he's quietly plotting his revenge for when he's bigger! He's very close to walking (Caelan was a late walker at 15 months too) so I think once he's better on his feet, things might be somewhat easier.
He's a very chatty little thing too, much more than Caelan was at this age which I think is due to Caelan's influence & the fact he's never had a dummy. He says the usual mum, dad, budda (brother), nanny, pappy, car, ball, bath, and a few odd words like backpack (thanks Dora) tickle & carrot! He's still breatsfeeding which I'm quite proud of though it still means occassional night wakings and booby feeds to keep the peace. SLeeping through has become a lot more regular recently which is great. He's got all of his teeth, bar the 2yo molars, like Caelan, they all arrived at once & the eye teeth are just about fully through now. He's had a few nights where not long after settling he's been sick so a quick change of sleeping bag & bedding has been in order. I don't think he's been unwell, just a bit gaggy while teething iykwim. Neither of the boys are particularly chucky.
Caelan's fully toilet trained now, it only took a few weeks a month or two ago now, all in the timing I think. He's all set to start kinder next year now & I've put my hand up for the fundraising committee which should be fun, it's headed by an old family friend who recently moved back to Australia from Turkey & an old friend from primary school that I don't think I'd seen since 1986!!  There's another mum too but I don't know her yet but I'm looking forward to being involved with it all and getting to know everyone.

So yeah, that's pretty much where we're at atm, getting sorted for christmas of course and the usual dramas that go with that. I'm not as organised as usual so have to get on with it asap.
I hope everyone here's doing ok & all the preggy mums are keeping especially well. Cassie, Lee & Nic, I wish you all the best for nice easy labours & happy healthy bubbas original.gif Who's due first?

I will try n pop my head in here more often, once I've gone back and caught up a bit I'll try doing personals again,  or will we just relocate to the facebook group? hmmm

gotta go find some chocolate
:)hel xo

#67 Ducky*Fuzz

Posted 01 December 2009 - 05:32 PM

Glad to hear the boys are going well Hels.  Reading between the lines a bit, but I hope you are OK.

BBL. Em wants me.

#68 whydoibother

Posted 01 December 2009 - 09:07 PM


#69 gimmeguitars

Posted 01 December 2009 - 09:52 PM

Had lovely weekend- spent it driving around on Sat. Took the kids to an art gallery sat morn and had lunch there. Then off to Red Hill and we went to a cherry farm then a Strawberry farm. Kasey is having her 7th birthday party there and DP is running it (with some outside assistance from me, lol, as I will be at work that day). He's getting his mum to come and help. But I am sure all the parents will stay as it's too far anyway to drop off the kids and come back. Anyway after strawberry farm, dropped kids to my mums and DP actually agreed to come out for dinner with some friends of mine and we saw a movie- the invention of lying. It was on at 930 and OMG I fell asleep approx 15 times LOL, I simply cannot stay awake at 930pm screenings!
DP MUCH better- has not drunk ANYTHING since grand final day. So happy about that. He is still narky from time to time but I can at least reason with him now!
Sunday I spent the whole day playing with the kids, which was good, but tiring. Didn't do much housework until that night when I cleaned out the living room.
Well we had enrollment for mr J for 3 year old kinder tonight.... bring it on baby!!! bit worried how he will go as he's never been to daycare etc but he came with me tonight and was tearing around the place. I think he will struggle with listening and sitting still though. He's ok at storytime at playgroup but who knows?
Think I might have to take him to storytime etc at the library on the school holidays. Where else can I take him? Might see if occasional care is on over the hols, even if it's January. Just to get him used to being away from me. He goes only to family while I am at work.

#70 Lee~XOX

Posted 03 December 2009 - 07:58 AM


I too miss the little updates in here, which is why I pop in every now and then and bump us up roll2.gif  

I'm first!  At least it's not an end of summer baby like little Miss.  I think Nic's only a week or two after me and then Cass.  Must be time for the next wave...

Campbell is mostly TT now too.  He's day trained and nap trained, but we have him in a pullup overnight.  He is normally dry in the morning, but I'm not rushing into that.  ME thinks I'll be a little busy night feeding shortly and don't want to add toilet breaks too.  My little man still doesn't let himself out of bed without permission  wink.gif

Georgia is going through a stage of  waking once a night.  I am trying to just deal with it rather than change it, because if it wasn't for #3 coming, she'd get away with it, iykwim.  

I feel so horribly guilty about what #3 means for her.  She's so attached to me and is such a Mummy's girl and I feel sad that our time will be so limited shortly.  I know she won't remember and she will get over it, but that doesn't make me feel ANY better whatsoever.  

We had a trampoline on layby for Xmas.  I cancelled that roll2.gif  No way we're spending Christmas Eve putting that sucker together!!  Chris and I are heading to town tomorrow with just G, so I am planning on doing our Xmas shopping then.  

We're booked for the 21st to have #3.  I should be home Christmas Eve.  I'd prefer the 23rd, but being a C/S, we'll see.  Chris has holidays until the 4th.  After that, hopefully Barb will be here (she flies back from Canada on 26th) and then after her I'll be solo.  

We're still in the middle of renos.  Chris started laying the tiles in the toy room last night.  Says he'll be finished tonight hands.gif  Then it needs a door and a coat of paint and some touchups and he's onto the laundry.  We're getting once of those Bunnings cupboards for the laundry so not too much work there, just needs to empty it out and install basically.  And then... roll2.gif  

My Little miss is awake now. Best go rescue her wub.gif

#71 ~Perplexity~

Posted 03 December 2009 - 10:33 AM

Just popping in for a quick Hi.

Having a rough time at the moment with H having had his eardrums burst 3 times within 5 months.  Two of those times were within 2 weeks of each other and was the same ear, so we are all very worn out at the moment.

E is going really well, she is so cheeky and has now worked out that if someone says no to something she wants she will just go and find someone else to ask  rolleyes.gif   She is fully toilet trained and i have decided not to send her to 3 year old kinder as she goes to creche 3 days a week anyway. So she will be going to kinder the year after next.

#72 MamaCass

Posted 03 December 2009 - 02:39 PM

Congratulations Cally!   

#73 xfitpolemum

Posted 03 December 2009 - 03:48 PM

huge Congratulations Cally!!!!!   ohmy.gif

#74 ~Perplexity~

Posted 03 December 2009 - 04:17 PM

How did i miss that earlier.

Congratulations Cally

#75 Lee~XOX

Posted 03 December 2009 - 04:21 PM

LOL girls.  It wasn't there.  Guess that's the next wave I was waiting for.  Just PLEASE let me sit this one out roll2.gif

Congratulations Cally original.gif

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