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#1 Georgie Boy

Posted 20 August 2009 - 12:23 PM

New thread

Link to old thread here

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05baby Brisbane
RubyRage Beenleigh
happy-mummy Oxenford
helenc Toowoomba
noo79 Brisbane Northside
*Princess-Coopers-Mummy* Sunshine Coast
Tpe Upper Coomera
Leisa-Jane Redlands QLD
Willow Angel Durack West Brisbane

Appletree- Blacktown
Dani2 - Blue Mountains, NSW
Jabekob Hunter Valley
jaredsmum Sydney
sugarandspice Moree
KathyL2 Central Coast
Kim85 Hunter Valley
Little Spark Hills district Sydney
Mumsbusycrafting (Kylie) Wagga Wagga NSW

joddic -ACT

Arcee-SE Melbourne
kadoodle-Wallan Vic
mymummyrocks Eastern Suburbs Melb
M2P country Vic


chuelchie STR Para Vista Adelaide
GirlAvon Adelaide


Sandoz Hobart
twinmumplus1 Northern Tasmania (Launceston)
rachel15 Kingston Southern Tas
tonimum Moonah Hobart

Alesha WA Kalgoorlie
JEANELLE76 Armadale Perth.
Julia - WA - Baldivis
Stacye Gideganup
mandycandy Midland WA



#2 will23coop

Posted 23 August 2009 - 09:34 PM

hi there,
i a so glad to see this thread. i always thought there is hardly any support from avon to try and improve representatives "business" other than the mag.
anyway add me to this. my name is jaime and i am in lake macquarie area near newcastle NSW. i have been a representative for just under or over a year, around this time last year when i joined and apparently i should get a 1 year congratulation email from the company. i have twin boys who r nearly 2. i have 2 territories right outside my front door. i am so lucky.
looking forward to getting support/advice and also giving them when i can.
thanks jaime biggrin.gif

#3 GirlAvon

Posted 24 August 2009 - 04:18 AM

I don't expect anything from Avon because I've found most promises given to me have been empty ones.  

There's the so-called training you're supposed to get. Well I'm still waiting for it *lol*  

The samples, brochures - ie. "starter kit" you're supposed to get? I landed 19 brochures for one campaign and one packet of shampoo samples and that was it. I'm expected to buy everything else. And they have the cheek to put a lot of trade restrictions on you and yet you only have to google or eBay and there are plenty of Avon resellers undercutting your brochure price.

Now, to add insult to injury, I've just discovered another person working my turf and to date nothing's been done about it...so that's infuriating when you have 50% of your area knocked off from underneath you because essentially you've paid $$ to be there by way of buying brochures, samples and fuel for your car.  In addition, when you're expected to not only maintain $$$ sales per territory each campaign and buy your own brochures as well, it's a kick in the guts when your area manager feeds you a load of bs and can't even be bothered following it up for you.

The latest excuse I've been given regarding the failure to follow up on things is "oh we have a lot on what with the advertising campaign on at the moment and all these stands we have to run and I'm running more than one division, I'll give you a call tomorrow... blah blah blah..." whatever the heck that means. Right now, I feel I'm dealing with amateurs and I'm seriously considering lodging a complaint with the ACCC for breach of contract not to mention misleading conduct. mad.gif

(Not whinging, btw, just telling it like it's been for me). bbaby.gif

I like this support thread too because there's not a lot of it out there for Australian reps (unlike, for example, the US market).  

I find that it's also heartening to know that there are so many passionate reps out there doing their thing each campaign because it keeps me motivated when you have days where you go to pick up your brochure and someone's ripped it up or poured liquid on it and left it out for you.

(Yes, there are some sad people out there who feel the need to do this rather than say, "Look, I don't use Avon so I don't need to see another brochure, thanks.")

Overall, I'm keeping an open mind about my Avon experience because I've met some great customers and I've done better than expected with my order total this campaign.

However, I'm not at all impressed with my Manager or Team Leader, certainly not a fan of territories (I plan to drop mine) and will instead focus 99% of my energy on networking with family and friends rather than cold calling because I feel I have better things to do with my time than be messed around by poor leadership and undercut by poachers! rant.gif

And further more, there's no rugby league down here!! mad.gif  wacko.gif

What about the rest of you?  
How are you all faring?

Slightly Frustrated GirlAvon bbighug.gif

Edited by GirlAvon, 24 August 2009 - 05:00 AM.

#4 will23coop

Posted 24 August 2009 - 10:09 AM

hi there,
GirlAvon, sounds like ur manager is not doing their job properly. i will call ur division manager and let her know about this one because it is not right at all.
my previous manager was not so good either apparently but i didn't deal with her much and i didn't know at the time that she was suppose to be following up on me until the new manager signed me up as an str and realise i know nothing. mind u in saying that i last as an str for about 3 months, that is a tough one and since then my manager seems to not care about me either.
avon has not sent me the cheques that i was promise for signing someone up and have been chasing this one up for about 2 months now and still nothing. i can tell u so many stories about avon and managers but i won't.
instead i'll tell u what i like. i like the idea of going out in my neighborhood and taking my twin boys with me (nearly 2) we learn so much in doing this and really if i don't take a territory, avon would not be worth the hussle because i hardly know people and having a territory outside my front door saves me a lot of petrol and all that as well. i still do have customers from other areas but i incorporate deliveries to those with my trips here and there every week.
what i really don't like r the "shorted" items and products that r in the brochure but it is discontinued, i rang about this and they told me that the brochure is printed in advance and sometimes this happens. well i think that is not good enough. what is the point of having clearance brochures if ur customers r not going to order from it because they have been disappointed so many time.
ok i'll stop here for now, now to check my little ones, they have gone quiet.
c u. Jaime biggrin.gif

#5 whydoibother

Posted 24 August 2009 - 10:16 AM

well I have jsut decided to discontinue dealing with Avon.
They are full of it-shorts in orders, products missing, no training, district manager unhelpful etc etc

I have been with them since 2007 and yeah have had enough!  rant.gif

Oh and NO you cannot make good money with Avon-by the time you buy brochures and samples etc etc unless you have 100 customers you won't make a decent amount!

Edited by Rough-Diamond, 24 August 2009 - 10:17 AM.

#6 brookychook

Posted 24 August 2009 - 08:58 PM

Wow, I know its bad, but I'm glad I'm not the only one getting d!cked around!
C18 will be my last campaign, unfortunately I had a couple of orders from family members that I will honour, but I still have been unable to contact my DSM since she didnt show for my 2nd training meeting on 3 August.
I sent head office an email complaining of her unprofessionalism and can you believe the reply?.............
I'm sorry we are unable to  help you with your enquiry, we have forwarded your message onto your DSM.

This has left a really bad impression of Avon with me and I have already discouraged two ppl i know from joining.
I have to wonder if DSM recruited more people even though it meant doubling up on Territorys because she would make money out of our first couple of campaigns before we found out????
DODGY  aannoyed.gif

Also I didnt get a couple of the gifts I earned, it said ''discontinued, do not reorder'' sad.gif

#7 GirlAvon

Posted 25 August 2009 - 12:48 AM

GirlAvon, sounds like ur manager is not doing their job properly. i will call ur division manager and let her know about this one because it is not right at all.

I think you mean to say "I would  call your division manager.." because you don't know who my division manager is.

Matter of fact, I don't know who she is either! laugh.gif

Brookychook, this is what happens when promotions are based on commission sales.  You get idiots who wouldn't know how to manage a root in a brothel. (Sorry if that's TMI but I'm feeling kinda feral today - must be all those hormones kicking in).  

But I did get a call from my manager today - I've got this dippy woman who's idea of training is a ten minute phonecall and the first thing she says when I answer the phone is, "Ready to take on a few more territories?"

So I tell her no and she asks me why not.  So, feeling a bit mischievous
, I tell her I have my own territories now because I got fed up with waiting for someone to give me the nod so I went out and got my own.

She instantly arcs up and tells me I can't do that.  So I ask her why not. And she says, it's against the law.  So I ask her which law.  And she sputters and says I signed a contract.  So I ask her who signed, witnessed and countersigned it. (No one).  And she sputters again and says I'll be stripped of my rights to sell if I continue.

Stripped. Ooooo.

What and miss out on $900 sales per campaign? I think not, I say to her.  So she gets really defensive and says that my obligations are in the contract.  So's weekly contract, a starter kit and initial training, I reply.


And - here's the clincher - she hangs up on me. laugh.gif

Ah, Avon. A lot of PR but no HR.

Edited by GirlAvon, 25 August 2009 - 12:51 AM.

#8 will23coop

Posted 25 August 2009 - 12:31 PM

avongirl, ur right i meant to say you should ring, my bad laughing2.gif
anyway i am not surprise that u don't know ur division manager. i only accidentally found out who mine is and i think my district manager is regretting that roll2.gif . i think district managers don't like reps to now too much in case they stuff up and u tell the division manager on them. which i think should be happening anyway, because i can see a lot of ladies here have really crappy district managers.
here is what i know about recruiting new people. district managers don't get extra money for signing up each reps but they do get incentives of some sort normally products. they get paid a wage just like everyone else but they do need to meet a quota per campaign apparently, and this is the same as the total sales in their district. oh yes they also get a company car. i want one of those please wub.gif my district manager is in everyone's faces when she is not quite their to meet the quota, i find it so funny when that happens. roll2.gif
i sent my division manager an email yesterday about my disappointment with avon products being shorted all the time and told her that i have met a few people lately that feels the same, still waiting for a reply wwhistle.gif . hopefully i will get one, fingers cross.
jaime biggrin.gif

#9 happy-mummy

Posted 28 August 2009 - 06:38 AM

I've been in Avon since March/April this year. Can't say I love it but I do it as a 2nd job as I work f/t. I originally did it to make some extra money but can't say that's happening. I do have a territory (1 street with 22 houses in it) but have only picked up 2 customers from that. I'm averaging about $120 sales/catalogue. Not alot but I usually just break even. I was all gung ho when I started and was ordering 25 brochures/campaign and lots of samples. Have eased right back now to ordering only 10/campaign, although I'm going to order alot of campaign 18 and again canvas my whole territory. I've found that if I leave the brochures out with a note stating that I will not be back to pick it up (saves my time) but asking them to please pass it along it usually works. I have picked up a few more customers this way. I'm also finding that the longer I'm in it, the more people know I do it and the more people are ordering. A lady asked yesterday at work for another friend of her's her wanted to place an order so I'm getting there.

I hate the $7 order processing fee the most, and do agree that you need a lot of sales and customers to really see any profit. I'm staying in it for the moment as I am making enough to cover a few beauty products for myself every month, which saves the money coming out of our grocery fund or me doing w/o. I also figure even if I only order for myself I'm getting a discount and I do like their products.

I do pop in from time to time. Hope all who are having dm issues get them sorted soon. Good luck with the current campaign.

#10 GirlAvon

Posted 30 August 2009 - 10:34 PM

Happy, I'm finding the customer part relatively easy.

It's the management that has me raising my inner eyebrow. They are absolutely shocking.

As for the $7, considering it would cost me much more if I had to pay postage for the parcels every order, I think that's an okay price. Our US counterparts pay more and they have a much lower standard of living than we have.

As for sales aids, I've taken to scanning the pages of my brochure and putting them online and I find that this saves me from having to purchase brochures too.

I'm still finding plenty of people selling Avon online - even Team Leaders etc - which is pretty disappointing but all this only fuels my ultimate goal: to run my own retail business.

All this is just experience.


#11 will23coop

Posted 09 September 2009 - 12:10 PM

hi there, hope eveyone is well, i just thought i'd do an update with the email thing that i sent avon in regards to shorted items and stuff. well i got a phone call from someone and she told me that they r trying to work on this issue and that they r very much aware that it is not good at all for this to be happening. so the usual. she told me that anyone who wish to do the same as me (send email) should do so, so that they have more things to show to the "management up the top". they sent me my shorted items asap as well with only a few missing, apparently they get shipment all the time and so it might not match ur delivery date but apparently if u need it in a hurry they can send it to u asap rather than waiting for ur next delivery date.
i also thought of doing an open house this month or next month but backed out of it at the end as i don't think i will get much out of it.
Question does anyone do advance order deals and if so do u find that it works or not? i am doing it for the first time with a x-mas deco (the book one with music and snow thing).
bye for now.
jaime biggrin.gif

#12 xerpa

Posted 13 September 2009 - 12:01 AM

Question does anyone do advance order deals and if so do u find that it works or not?
Some of the deals work, others don't.  Personally I find it depends on what my customers are buying - which is hard to predict lately.  When I first started they had a deal on the bronzing pearls + brush + multistylo etc and I ordered 2 as I had customers who ordered some of the products and it made sense to buy, then ended up ordering more the next campaign.  But stuffed animals and perfume aren't great sellers for me so I tend to avoid those.

As for my beef with Avon ... I find at the moment they're really pushing to recruit and this is more important than supporting the reps that do the work.  My manager is good, although I seem to be on the ignore list at the moment.  My team leader is good and overall it's a relatively cohesive team.  BUT, I feel that because I'm not recruiting - refused to become a Sales Leader - I'm basically ignored.  I did really well in my district last year, but this year so far is not good and I often think of giving it up.  It's not good when it starts to cost you more than you make and you're not even buying much for yourself - if at all.

#13 will23coop

Posted 13 September 2009 - 08:32 PM

hi there xerpa, u r so right about being ignored if u don't want to join sales leadership. i joined before it started and quit soon after as i find that it just takes so much time door knocking and other forms of recruiting and it is not giving me much returns at all. i pretty much spend my time for nothing. so i quit and now just focusing on my 2 territories.
question original.gif s:
how many territories do u do?
how long do u leave the brochures before u pick up?
and how come no one is writing their experiences lately grin.gif ? or is this thread just slow may be grin.gif , as i noticed it could be days before someone pops in? i think i have written most of the responses in this thread so far roll2.gif
thanks jaime laughing2.gif

#14 xerpa

Posted 14 September 2009 - 11:43 AM

Hi Jaime,

I'm not exactly sure of my territory count because the first lot they gave me was mostly parkland  wacko.gif   .  So, I count 3 but I think my manager said it's closer to 5.  But apparently she's been to told to limit territories to around 2 per rep I think - can't remember the exact number she said but it wasn't a lot.  The best territories to get are the ones that had a rep but they've stopped and it hasn't been canvassed in a while.

I would leave my brochures for at least 3 days - depending on when I was able to drop them off.  The lady I used to buy Avon from leaves it for 3 weeks and she's in the top 10.  I guess it really depends on your territory and the customers you have.  You'll find that some people need more time and others take it to work - which is a good thing, while others don't even take it out of their mailbox.

This thread isn't consistently used.  You'll find that it gets spurts of posts and other times it can be quiet for months.

The $7 delivery fee is cut down to $3.50 when you get in to President's Club.  But, as long as you're ordering enough your profit should cover it - the problem is when your sales are low.  As for the shorted items, what they told you is their standard line of how the brochure is printed in advance.  Well of course it is, and of course it's hard to predict the popularity of some products, but discontinuing a product on it's first appearance in a brochure????  Then no explanation as to why and the product is still advertised in the next several books???  Oh, and I don't need them to tell me which box each product is in.  They'd be better off spending the money on a daily update as to which products are on backorder/discontinued.  While I'm at it (sorry, this has become a vent  blush.gif ) you know how you open your box to find it's been packed like someone didn't give a @#*%?  Well, no one did.  It's packed by machine.  Basically the box travels on a conveyor belt and the products get dropped in.  So there goes the image in my head of big burly men packing little boxes of makeup until they're all squashed in, laughing at how mad i'll be when I  open the box.

#15 happy-mummy

Posted 28 September 2009 - 07:30 PM

Thought I'd bump this topic.

I have only 1 territory but also rep through work (where most of my customers are). I've had my territory since April but have only gotten 2 customers from it. For campaigns 17, 18 (christmas) and 1 I'm trying a different tactic of leaving the books with a note explaining that I'm not picking them up but to please pass them onto someone else. Will see if this gets me anywhere. Previously I was leaving them for 3-4 days.

#16 samantha1170

Posted 28 September 2009 - 10:47 PM

I leave brochures at all the homes in my territories (I have 3) unless they ask me not to leave them.  I have the brochure/orderform in a plastic bag with handles (I buy the Multix ones from the supermarket as they're cheaper than the Avon ones) and leave them on everyone's front door knob.  I found that when I left them in the mailboxes that I didn't get most of them back.  Even though it's more walking to go to the front door, I found that people had no choice but to look at them or just place them outside their front door (which means I can then reuse them for another territory) original.gif

I think that if you ask people to contact you that sometimes people feel intimidated to do that, so maybe try putting the brochures at the front door and you'll find that once people get used to you that they'll start to order - I'm in my 8th campaign now and still have new people ordering for the first time original.gif


PS:  I leave my brochures on a Monday and pick up on a Thursday (Friday if Thu is a crappy day)

#17 will23coop

Posted 30 September 2009 - 10:37 PM

oh my goodness oomg2.gif , unbelievable but believe it because it is true yyes.gif . for campaign 17 i only have 2 shorted items, amazing i always had around 5 or more most of the time and i really do not like that at all rant.gif . but then who does? roll2.gif
anyway i agree, leave the brochure at the front door, it definitely works better. actually my district manager who trained me for the first 4 campaign told me that and explained to me why that is.
jaime laugh.gif

#18 will23coop

Posted 01 October 2009 - 08:53 PM

ok i know i was the last one that posted but i am really annoyed with avon at the moment and i just need to get it out.
promo during campaign 17 with the calvin klein sunglasses, didn't realize that i had to order the sunglasses separately (well it is my fault for not reading the ordering requirement thingy). but anyway I rang avon today and explained this but they told me that just for this one thing (the sunglasses thing) they cannot send it by itself to me because the company have made a new policy just for this thing (the sunglasses) that it is not to be done. that it will be sent to representative who made this mistake with their next campaign order which is 3 weeks away. in the mean time my customer is itching for it and now i have to explain that i have made a mistake and avon couldn't be bothered to help me.
how stupid is that though i could tell them that i need other products asap and they would send it to me but not this sunglasses. avon has some stupid rule.
ok i feel a lot better now. thanks
jaime laughing2.gif

#19 xerpa

Posted 01 October 2009 - 11:30 PM

Yep, I realised it had to be ordered separately just as I was about to submit my order - got lucky.  I wish they'd be more consistent with the campaign update.  Sometimes it's stapled to the statement and sometimes it's not.  You really have to watch out for that stuff and read the instructions because it's very easy to get it wrong.

#20 Arcee

Posted 05 October 2009 - 12:12 PM

Woohoo, very happy as I had no shorted items in this order and all my back ordered products came in and only 1 item discontinued so a great campaign for me.

And I love my new reps beauty case.  I wont have to stock on samples and goodies for a while now.

I leave my brochures at the front door, Im lucky as I only have my street as a territory, so I pretty much have a few regular customers now and I know which ones dont want them so it makes it nice and easy.

ETA: I too only picked up that you had to order the sunnies separately too just before I submitted my order, thank goodness I double checked.  And Im pleasantly surprised that they werent put on backorder.

#21 happy-mummy

Posted 05 October 2009 - 08:01 PM

I also leave the brochure at the front door but am not going back to pick it up for a few campaigns. I've only got one street in my territory with 20 houses so not huge. Hoping for a few extra customers!

#22 nayes

Posted 11 October 2009 - 03:35 PM

Do Avon still do lipstick samples that are tiny little lippies with a clear see through lid?

Can someone pm me if they do?  I have some stuff someone may be interested in for free, I used to do Avon back in the 90's.  Way too much work for the pitance I used to get so gave it up.

#23 samantha1170

Posted 11 October 2009 - 03:46 PM

They sure do have the samples, i have the Ultra Colour Rich and Pro to Go Lipstick samples - they're so cute!!!


#24 nayes

Posted 11 October 2009 - 06:17 PM

In that case...

I have 4 lipstick sample boxes to give away.  2 are pink with Avon written on the top and holds 32, the other 2 are clear with Avon Colour written on the top these hold 50 tiny lippys.

As I am in WA I would prefer to have someone collect these, either from Leeming, Bentley or Bedfordale, I dont really want the hassle of posting as they are bulky.

Anyone one interested?  Please pm me if you want these boxes as I dont frequent this area so wont see your posts.


#25 xerpa

Posted 28 October 2009 - 10:13 PM

Ahhh, it's the famous 'shorts' season. So I finally got around to bagging my orders (been busy potty training 2yo) and realised that they've sent "apology gifts" for some shorted items but not for others. I have a customer who has 2 items shorted and one has no apology gift but the other does.  unsure.gif   Oh, and why is it nearly always a 99c lip balm?

Also, has anyone got the light up Christmas book yet? I might have to sell mine at cost IF they arrive before Christmas.

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