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#51 KylieB

Posted 30 September 2009 - 04:48 AM

PMSL I thought I'd pop in before doing the after rush clean up to check in, let you know we are still alive and lo and behold seems everyone else has done a pop in as well!

Of course, I also haven't read back. I'm pretty busy right now. I am out the door at 7:45 at the latest as I do over 200 kilometres a day getting Aggi to and from her school! Aggi is in Year 1 (for the second time this year  wink.gif ) and is in a combined 1/2 class. Sarah and Kirsty go to Kindergarten each morning from around 9:30 (after Aggis drop-off) until midday. I have only just now been able to leave them by themselves, due to them not speaking a large amount of Deutsch and the carers not understanding the girls English lol. But hopefully, now, I get a few hours in my day to get some things done like washing and some housework. Then we come home by 12:30 for lunch and sundries and out the door again by 2pm to pick up Aggi. Home about 4 then homework, and the night begins. Bedlam, I tells ya! DH usually does a week of earlies then a week of lates. And we get weekends off which is a novelty and has been terrific. Also, when you ask for leave here, they give it to you!

It is now Autumn and the leaves are falling from the trees. Oh and so are all of the nuts. By that I mean chestnuts and acorns. When it is windy they fall and hit the car with a loud thunk. When I first heard it I thought someone was hurling rocks at my car. It is getting cooler by the day. My feet were actually cold this morning. The days have been still fairly nice but you can feel the chill in the air and the sky is different, it is getting darker earlier and the sun is rising later so days are certainly shortening. There are a lot of fog banks here. No real pea soupers yet but it is common to see mist and fog every morning in Autumn, so I've been led to believe.

Rhys is going well. He is a toddler. Doing well and very sturdy on his feet. Vocal about any aircraft that he sees (thats ma boy!). "Bayne, bayne" he says. Very cute. ETA: Lucky he is cute as this little dude refuses to sleep through. At least 3 wakes a night. But hey, last baby and all so I'll suck it up a little longer. He doesn't really get the opportunity for day feeds of any length with how busy we are so maybe he makes up for it at night shrug.gif

June bug Kirsty is going well. She can actually do a good job counting to 10 in German. Very funny. Comes from hearing her sisters doing it, I suppose. I was a bit worried as I think she was the one affected by our move the most. She actually started pulling strands of her beautiful hair out from one side, so that it is noticeable. But I have noticed that she seems to have stopped it and she wants to wear her hair curly and I've told her I can only do it if her hair grows back again sad.gif You know what beautiful blonde hair she has. I was devastated to think she was so nervous/anxious about things that I didn't notice and that was her comfort sad.gif But I think she is back on track now.

Sarah is going great guns. She is very motivated to read and write so I'm attempting to get some time to dedicate to that. Over here she would be in Kindy until August 2011 (then year 1) but I'm attempting to get her tested to see if Aggis school can take her as of Sept next year as I think she will be bored at Kindy here. It is very play based. Though she would get a good base of the language. But she could do 2 years of Grade 1 instead. She isn't super smart or anything, average, but I think she would benefit from going to school before she was nearly 7! Well, of course I think she is clever lol But not gifted. Although she is a left hander (or dominant, yet to figure it as she does some stuff with her right hand but not sure if that is because she sees everyone else do it right handed , IYKWIM?) and I think her drawing is good. Aggi needed coaching on her drawing but Sarah doesn't.

Aggi has made some new friends which are girls. Yay. She has tended to be drawn to boys so far but it is great to see some little bonds with girls who stick together (thought I'm dreading the she said type of thing). And there is this one little blonde cute boy who keeps coming up and saying hello. She says "he wants to kiss me but I want to kiss Nathan" LOL Dearie me. At only 6. But she is the youngest in the class and the other girls can be 8 or so. Great. Just what I want he to be doing now rolleyes.gif

Anyway, life is good. Feeling a little like a squirrel or something atm as everyone seems to be in getting ready for the Winter mode. You have to put winter tyres on your car. Get your wood in. Get heating checked. We need rugs on floors to take away a bit of the cold. Make sure we have enough warm clothing and jackets (living in Brisbane you didn't need a lot of that stuff). Next I'll be storing food! Well, I have been storing fat  tongue.gif From all the stodgy food like sausages and potatoes.

That is us in a nutshell.

Hope you are well and I think of you often.

Love to you all,


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#52 MacFeral

Posted 30 September 2009 - 07:34 AM

Quick update and then some personals

Whooping cough turned out not to be whooping cough, they think it was a virus like whooping cough, but the antibiotics helped me get over the worst of it but I still have a cough here and there. Wisdom teeth, OMG when the locals wore off I was in agony. Panadol didn't do a thing so I went to the chemist and got some ibuprofen which I didn't realise you could take whilst BF but you can and boy am I glad because it took away almost all the pain - yeeha!

Bel: You have been very busy. It's amazing how kids just know you don't have spare items for them when they throw up or have a blow out. Ben sounds very cute on the plane. Ned is very quiet when we take off and land and it's hard to get him to say anything. We always have to ask him are you excited etc etc, but I think he just likes to take it all in.

KylieB: It sounds like you are all slowly starting to settle in. Don't be too hard on yourself, you had so much happening and were adjusting yourself you can't always be on top of everything. It sounds like Kirsty is OK now though. Your girls sound so lovely. Its good to hear your update on Rhys. I think boys tend to want more cuddles off their mums. Ned always woke a lot during the night until he was two and it was mostly for cuddles/comfort.

Hi everyone else. Off to make scrambled eggs for breakky...

#53 ~gemma~

Posted 02 October 2009 - 04:47 PM

cry1.gif ive gota move... Most of you would know already from Facebook. Owner wants to move in

Cant stay, FAK so BBL

#54 Xanadu25

Posted 02 October 2009 - 10:18 PM


Shan, you're famous tthumbs.gif

Oh no Gem, how much notice did they give?

#55 4littlemonkeys

Posted 05 October 2009 - 12:26 PM

Just bumping us up a bit! waves.gif


#56 MacFeral

Posted 05 October 2009 - 03:17 PM

For those of you in NSW/ACT, why is it that the Oct long weekend always seems to suck the big one weather wise..?

Not much happening around here as a result. We went to Manly fo the Jazz festival this morning but the weather looked awful so we came home just in time before the clouds opened up then we went for a bike ride this afternoon whilst the sun was out for an hour. Now we are watching thunderbirds for the millionth time this weekend. I so hope Ned decides to watch something else tomorrow.

Hope everyones weekends have been more exciting than ours!

#57 seepi

Posted 05 October 2009 - 03:42 PM

Yep - shocking weather all weekend - i don't remember it always being like this before. Poor old Floriade flower festival in Canberra has had terrible weather this year too. Lucky we went the first week when it was nice and sunny.

We went out to a reptile museum today, just to get out of the house - it is small, but that was ok - DD only has about 15-20 mins of good behaviour in her at the moment. then we had an expensive cookie and drink, fed some fat ducks and came home - 30.00 later. And we don't even have to pay for DD yet, and Jasper is happy with crumbs of our food - I dread to think how much an afternoon out will cost in a couple of years. I keep telling DP we need to make the most of it for the next 6 months, until Adele is 4 and starts to pay entry to things.


#58 KylieB

Posted 05 October 2009 - 09:15 PM

Just had a quick scan of things.

Cass - Yes! I agree. You do need to balance out the things that don't cost a lot with paid outings. I've had a rude shock after being in Brisbane for so long. I've had to buy clothing for sub-zero temps and it has cost me a sweet fortune! At least I can hand some of the clothes down. But by the time they get to Kirsty they are looking pretty average as my girls are major tree climbers and mud cake makers.

Where has this year gone? I saw Rach comment in FB about it being 12 weeks until Christmas and I'm wondering how I'll get to find some good pressies in time LOL

Got to dash. not long until the school pick up.


#59 friendly68

Posted 06 October 2009 - 12:09 AM

Hi Ladies,

To the girls who commented on FB, thanks for your support.  original.gif  Much appreciated.

We had our initial appt with the allergist today and ended up with some good & bad results.  I'm still getting my head around all that was discussed today, as I didn't realise it was a clinic like situation and we went from doctor to skin prick test, back to doctor and then the consultant doctor saw us just before we left - all up we were there just under 4 hours.

So the SPT results - which by the way were identical in both girls, the wheals were nearly identical in size, amazing the lady doing the tests.  They showed the girls aren't allergic to wheat, egg, apple, soy (good news), rice & tuna.  But it did show that the girls are anaphylactic to milk (obviously we know this) and peanuts (bad news).  Although the girls didn't test positive to rice, there is still something weird going on with them and it, so doctor wants us to avoid it for as long as we can.  However soy means we can introduce soy cheese & yoghurt to their diet and perhaps a soy formula.  

I have no more answers on why they vomit so much when on solids, whether it is an intolerance thing or it could be just a reflux thing, or something else altogether not related to their allergy.  The consultant wants to see us again for more skin prick tests in 2 months rather than the normal 6 months.

Anyways I am back to trying more stuff tomorrow - chicken will be their first go at meat.

Well better get to bed.

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#60 BelnBen

Posted 06 October 2009 - 09:53 AM

Wow, two times in the one page!!!

KylieB - sounds like you have a busy life in Deutchland! Hunkering down for the winter sounds like a big deal. Good to hear that your brood are all doing well, making friends, learning German etc.

Shaz - Good to hear that you at least got some good news about the girls. Hope you can find out what's causing the solids probs soon.

Gemma - that sucks!

Had a busy week with Grace on the breast a lot - best fix for the pains she seems to be having! Not sure if just teeth or a combo of that and some kind of wind. Also trying to work out when to start her on solids - maybe she is looking for more? Not taking too much notice of us eating though.

Anyway, best go,

#61 C.C.S.

Posted 07 October 2009 - 03:14 PM

Just a quick stop to say hi..  I think Seth has colic or something similar, will be at the Dr's next week for a check up so will get it looked at then, also think he has a belly button hernia (or similar) which I will get checked out.  I am quite sleep deprived atm with his wind problems.

Other than that all is good on our front!

I did read back, glad to read up on Bel, Shaz, Cass, Lara & Kylie and everyone else!


#62 MacFeral

Posted 10 October 2009 - 07:11 AM


Shaz: At least you have things you can try with the girls now. Hopefully with regular check ups the list will increase.

Char: Glad to hear things are going well and I hope you get answers at the doctors with his colic etc.

Hi everyone else  waves.gif

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#63 ~gemma~

Posted 10 October 2009 - 05:51 PM

Hey Char i think its time to update your sig Tounge1.gif

#64 laraq75

Posted 11 October 2009 - 05:35 PM

Hi girls,

It has been a bit of a ghost town in here lately.

Gemma - have I told you, your sig is gorgeous.

Char - I hope the colic settles down soon.  Angus had it for quite a few weeks.  He screamed every night with it.  But it did settle down.

Kira - how are you feeling?



#65 MacFeral

Posted 12 October 2009 - 05:52 AM

Much better, antibiotics helped clear it up. I even managed to go to the gym last week - hooray first time in over a month. So I'm back to "normal".

OMG - Gemma I can't believe Kaitlyn is already a month old!!!

Yep it has been quiet Lara but facebook hasn't helped with that because we can see what it happening.

Happy Birthday for the other day Rach!

#66 4littlemonkeys

Posted 12 October 2009 - 06:27 AM

Hi girls,

I have been crazily busy as usual! original.gif

Yesterday I had a bbq at  my place for some close friends to get together plus to have a birthday cake laughing2.gif and it was great! original.gif  Aidan must have over indulged on the chocolate though as he has been sick all night, and we are home from daycare / work today.  I still sent Keenan and Isabel as they were raring to go, and thought it would be nice to just have the day with Aidan.

Kira - Thanks Kira! Its actually tomorrow - we just celebrated early cause DH went away today for 2 weeks to Adelaide.  Its amazing how getting back to the gym really makes you feel better doesn't it!

Char - I hope Seth's colic settles down and you start getting more sleep! I hope the doc gave you same answers!

Gem - Anything happening with looking for a new house?

Better go look after this boy.  I think we are going to spend the day under the doona on the couch watching Nick Jnr.  laughing2.gif

#67 ~gemma~

Posted 12 October 2009 - 09:17 AM

Morning, thought id jump on quickly while i wait for the community nurse to come weigh Kaitlyn, last weigh in today(well last time nurse comes to me)

Lara ~ Thankyou wub.gif

Kira ~ I know, how quickly has the last month gone, its just flown by for me. I was thinking last night,  "11 months to go"(til her 1st birthday Tounge1.gif , counting down already!)

Rach ~ Nothing with the houses yet. There is nothing around here, there are heaps of nice houses in places ive never heard of  rolleyes.gif Hope Aiden is better soon.

Nurse just left and Kaitlyn is another 280g up in 6 days, lil chubba.

All going ok here apart from the house thing. I can stay with Kevin if i dont get anything in time, but then i will probably lose motivation to look for anything else. I dont want to move back with him, not just yet, so i better get cracking on finding a place.

#68 ~gemma~

Posted 13 October 2009 - 05:44 PM

Aaron met his daughter today.

I bit the bullet yesterday and sent him a pic, and he was actually glad i did. He fell in love with her. I was just feeling guilty that i hadnt told him. We spent a few hours with him today at the shopping centre, he held her for ages and wants to see her a couple of times a week. Spose we will see how things go. He wants his girlfriend to meet her tomorrow but im not too sure about that one, he rekons its not going to last long with her so i guess thats why shrug.gif

#69 MacFeral

Posted 14 October 2009 - 06:00 AM

Don't let him use you or your daughter Gem and keep your distance emotionally. BUT I would be trying to get him to help you financially, its the least he can do...

#70 laraq75

Posted 14 October 2009 - 07:01 AM

Gem - I agree with Kira.  I think if he wants to see her then he should be helping you financiall.  I think it is great that he wants to see her but I would also be warey of the girlfriend.  You have done all the hard work with the kids.  I don't want to see you get hurt.

Chaz - how is the colic going?

Rach - how is A? is he feeling any better?  Happy birthday for yesterday.

#71 Xanadu25

Posted 14 October 2009 - 04:36 PM

Hi all,

Gemma- Kaitlyn does remind me of Jordan in your sig. original.gif
But not as much in your other FB photos. Maybe just the angle she is sleeping looks very much like him.

I just popped in with a real scrummy simple recipe if anyone's interested.

Nutella puff Pastry Twists

Cut  1 sheet of puff pastry into 8.  
Spread Nutella down centre.
Fold in half and twist
Milk wash over top.
Sprinkle with raw sugar (optional)
about 10-12 mins in oven at 160 deg.
Then eat lots-lol.

Optional fillings-
peanut butter
grated walnut/milk/sugar

#72 4littlemonkeys

Posted 14 October 2009 - 05:45 PM

Hi girlies,

Lara - A is good - 100% better! original.gif  He went to CC today. I will try to catch you on FB chat so I can fill you in on the update!

Susie - Hmmm those sound great! original.gif

Gem - Good on you for telling A about Kaity.  Just take it one step at a time! original.gif

I was so busy at work today which is good cause it makes the day go fast..

I have to go - lots to do and not much time to do it.. DH being away sucks!

#73 friendly68

Posted 14 October 2009 - 11:59 PM

Hi Girls,

Couldn't help myself, I've entered the girls in the Bonds competition with a photo I took today.  If you are keen and have time to vote before lunch time tomorrow (15th), here's the links.



Rach - Happy Birthday, hope you had a good one, early thirties are cool.

Susie - that sounds yummy will have to try them and gobble them up when the girls are in bed.

Gemma - good that you let dad know about your gorgeous girl Kaitlyn, but I don't get why he wants new girlfriend to meet her - I think I'd say no to that one.

Chaz - hope Seth's colic is better, if it gets too bad, keep in mind that's how the girls allergies first presented.  Lots of wind/colic, and they didn't sleep well at all thru the day, started at about 3 weeks and the month prior to their bad reaction to formula was the worst - I was tearing my hair out.  Cows milk protein causes awful colic if your baby is allergic or intolerant.

Hi to everyone else I have missed.  I am reading, very easy to keep up lately.  original.gif

The inlaws all came over today to help me with the housework, they rang me Monday night to let me know they were coming over to give me a break/hand.  Adrian's 2 sisters, mum, niece in law & her baby (3 weeks younger than girls).  It was amazing, 3 baskets of washing were folded, another 3 loads washed, ironing done, my linen cupboard was sorted out to the most amazing order.  Girls got a feed (although Morgan wanted mummy to do it).  And a lovely yummy chocolate cake was thrown in too.  Caden was having a ball with all the visitors as well.  Then to top it all off the girls had a 4 hour sleep this afternoon - although I think that was catch up for the last 3 days of being out in the morning with Caden's kindergym, dietitian appt. etc.

Unfortunately I have to go out again tomorrow to get the girls weighed, see how they are going now that solids seem to be going well.  Then Friday is Caden's swimming.  I'm a little over going out this week, really is tiring getting everyone, everything in and out of the car.  My shoulders, arms and neck are killing me.

Anyways might quickly check out FB and then to bed.

Edited by friendly68, 15 October 2009 - 12:07 AM.

#74 4littlemonkeys

Posted 15 October 2009 - 05:57 AM

Shaz - That is so great that you had your inlaws come and help. How lovely. wub.gif  I have voted! The girls are gorgeous!

Well I realised yesterday that my licence had expired on Tuesday.. ohmy.gif So I rang my boss last night and am going to go to the RTA before work today and only do 1/2 a day.  So that will be good. tthumbs.gif

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