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#51 hawkchick

Posted 02 October 2009 - 05:16 PM

Hi girls,

Thanks for your support.

Feeling a bit down this afternoon.
There are a few games companies in Melbourne but they laid off 30 programmers all at once, so they're all on the job market together. Plus none of the games companies are hiring anyway. DH has such a specialised niche job that we're finding it hard to find anything similar.
The programming language he writes in is kind of defunct now - only games companies and very few other types of 3d graphics modelling companies use that language.

Anyway I will keep you posted. Centrelink say we have to wait 10 weeks and more to get any money out of them.

We have some savings, but naturally I don't want to touch this Centrelink said that we have to spend all of this money first and only then will they pay us. Isn't that nice? We pay taxes all our lives, but we have to be destitute and have no money put aside at all for our kids education (that we've saved for over 10 years just to get a few thousand put away towards it) until the govt will help us.

Sorry this has been a selfish post. I feel bad whingeing when Tam has just lost her dear Mum.

#52 boo boos mumma

Posted 03 October 2009 - 09:17 AM

Hi Girls,

Thanks so much for everything.

I have to run as I have to take Aiden to the docs, very unhappy little boy yesterday and last night and its a long way till Tues to see someone so best go.

Mums funeral was the saddest day of my life and I lost it totally but I think i needed to. The priest told me that he is relieved i did cause he could see that I was organiser and hadnt had time to grieve. Wednes was just awful I couldnt stop breaking down. Yesterday a little better but last night I just couldnt cope when Aiden was unsettled and everything that needs doing is just too hard.

Ill be ok though.

Thanks again girls, sorry ive been MIA.

#53 ♥RUBES♥

Posted 04 October 2009 - 11:04 PM

Just a quick one for Tam, I have been thinking of you a fair bit this week and I totally agree with the Priest.

Hope Aiden feels better soon, I have 3 sick ones atm & think at least 2 will need another dose of AB's. xoxo

#54 hawkchick

Posted 05 October 2009 - 08:45 PM

Tam - I hope Aiden is better soon.

#55 boo boos mumma

Posted 06 October 2009 - 12:01 AM

Me again girls,

Rubes that was a sweet message, thanks so much....

Both kiddies are sick, Reanna more so. Arrghhh all night long we had to deal with Reanna waking up crying and trying to settle her was near impossible. DH came and got me about about 4am and said that he had tried for an hour to settle Reanna but couldn't and then whilst i was trying to settle her Aiden was having his go and wouldn't go to sleep.

Reanna has no voice, neither does myself or DH and Aiden isnt much chop either. So its not a happy family here sadly. I luckily got some sleep this arvo as both kids crashed for over 3hrs so i felt a little better and so Reanna and I spent a long while wrestling which Im glad I have found some strength to play with my children again rather than shouting at them.

I totally broke down last night to DH as the realisation that mums actually gone hits me every so often and pretty much paralyses me and I just cant believe it. I often think of my mum with just silly things like the going to the show and expecting to see her or I think that I need to ask her about something and then I soon realise that its not possible and it just stuns me. I was even thinking the other night that next time when mum is in hospital ill ask the nurses to check on her more often, BUT then I realise that there is no next time, thats it mums dead and gone and then thats what really paralyses me.
I still ohnestly am in denial cause the realistic factor is just too painful.

I told Dh that I may need professional help but time will tell i guess.

Thanks for being such great friends, I know im being a sook but I can't help it, mum was more than just that she was my bestest bestest friend.

KATY, I know loosing your dad has been hard so i know that you for one would understand what im going through.

#56 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 06 October 2009 - 09:59 AM

Morning girls

Tam - hhugs.gif sucks that you are all sick atm too.  Must be so hard.  You aren't a sook either, you just lost your Mum, I would be a mess too.  I don't know what I would do if something happened to my Mum.  I couldn't even imagine how hard it is for you atm.  Glad you liked the poem.

Blish - like I said before, sucks about Stu's job.  It sort of sounded like it was on the cards though with the fact that they weren't paying people on time.  Hope he finds something quickly.

Alison - with Hayley I went into labour and having not done that before I wasn't sure either.  It started off like period type cramps that lasted all day (had a bloody show as well).  Then by about 9.00 that night they were more regular - every 15 mins or so.  When I rang the hospital they said take 2 panadol, put a heat pack on and ring back in a couple of hours.  Well the heat pack made the pain go from 2 to 100 in about a second and that is when I knew I was really in labour.  The pain is unlike anything I have ever felt in my life.  It was like someone was ripping me in half from the inside.  My OB always said that if I went into labour before my c/s date then at least we knew the baby was ready to come - as it was she wanted out 5 hours early.  HTH a little bit.

Us - well I am sick now.  Had to happen I suppose.  I have felt horrible all weekend.  Simon let me sleep yesterday and I slept till 12.30, so I must have been sick. Today I can't stop coughing and am startting to cough up crap (sorry TMI).  My Dad has been really sick with the same thing and was about a breath away from being taken to the hospital a couple of times.  The after hours doctor even said to him that he should be in hospital having xrays and on a drip with ABs because his left lung was totally full of fluid.  My Dad being his usual stubborn self refused because he didn't think he was that sick.  As it was he couldn't breathe properly and I think Mum said that yesterday he finally admitted tha the was that sick and almost called the ambulance himself yesterday.  Honestly, I am so upset with him, he used to tell my Nan off when she wouldn't go to the hospital when she got really sick and yet he won't do the same thing.

I told Mum to just ring the ambulance and get him there, don't give him a choice.  Seriously I am so disappointed in him....I told Mum to tell him to think of his grand daughters as well.  I don't want them to grow up not knowing him properly.

Anyway, enough of a rant about that....sorry girls.  I feel bad going on about that when Tam is going through such a bad time.

Anyway, best go do some work.  Have a good day waves.gif

#57 hawkchick

Posted 06 October 2009 - 06:14 PM

Rubes - sorry, I didn't see your post where you said you had three sick children. I hope they are all on the mend soon.

Tam - poor Reanna and Aiden and poor you. I hope things settle for you soon. And you are not a sook! You lost your Mum!

Tracey - that is scary about your Dad. And I'm sorry to hear you're unwell too.

Sending Get Well Soon vibes to anyone not well.

I had to pick James up early from school today as he was unwell. I've thrown in the towel with Elora's toilet training. She just continues to have accidents and we're on day 18 now. I will try again in November.

DH's job interview went really well....fingers crossed something comes of it.

Stacy - are you OK???

#58 Stacymoo

Posted 08 October 2009 - 08:04 AM

Hi girls.

Sorry I have been MIA but things have been pretty low here. I feel terrible to whinge as it is nothing compared to Tam losing her dear mum  sad.gif but we have had quite a crap year & it only seems to be getting harder. cry1.gif I am an emotional mess ATM & I can only put it down to the IVF meds which can play havoc with your hormones. More family trouble from DH crazy side which I have just had a gut full of. mad.gif Anyway 1 good thing is that we have booked a holiday to Bali using our frequent flier points for 2 weeks over Xmas. I know this might seem dumb to do when DH has no new contract after next week but we think our little family needs some time away just the 3 of us to spend time together & emotionally & physically DH & I need it. If I get a BFN there is no more IVF until next year so we can comiserate & if I get a BFP then we will be celebrating. I am busy looking for accommodation now so probably won't be back on until that is done as rooms are getting booked very quickly.

Have 7 leading follies ATM & have a 3rd BT & US tomorrow with egg collection possibly Monday. My body has responded well to the drugs so it seems.................even if I am a mental case. rolleyes.gif Will keep you all updated.

Tam - big hugs for you darl. hhugs.gif I can't even imagine what you are going through right now. Will keep you in my prayers.

#59 hawkchick

Posted 08 October 2009 - 03:52 PM

Stacy -  bbighug.gif  you can whinge away all you like. Hang in there honey!
Are we still on for Monday? You said you might have egg collection that day...

Girls, I have some minor news, but exciting for us - Elora jumped for the first time today. Just a tiny jump, but the first time she has allowed both feet to leave the ground at the same time. Finally! Now to get her to run...

Tracey - are you feeling any better?

Rubes - how are your kids going? Feeling any better?

Tam - how are your little ones? And how are you coping?

#60 boo boos mumma

Posted 08 October 2009 - 04:35 PM

Hi Girls,

Thanks so much for the support, all of you.

Girls plz plz don't ever feel that you can't complain about things in your lives, we are all here to support each other through everything it doesnt matter how minor or bad :-)

Stacy you have had a year from hell, for some reason alot of ppl have this year, its so bizarre. I have had had nothing but misery this year also with Aiden being so sick all winter and now loosing my mum, i can't wait for new years i can assure you.
It has been so hard for you with ttc again and you have alot more strength than I could ever have and I want to you to complain or you need to so we can also help with build on the strength :-)

Tracy GIVE YOUR DAD a big kick in the pants. I dont blame  you for being upset with your dad, he is being very silly and like you said its not just about him. Reanna and Aiden have lost their Granddad who they have never ever met cause i was only 12yrs old when my dad died and now they have lost their grandma and all Reanna will have is some photos and some video footage to remember my mum thats it, keep onto your dad and dont let that happen to Kaitlyn if you can help it even if you seem like a nag, its out of love.
My step dad Reanna has always known as Pa and she adores him so im nagging him about looking after himself at the moment lol cause I love him like my dad too.

I hope you get better soon Tracey.


We are ok girls thanks for asking.

Reanna has a chest infection and had me up at 6am with her hysterical and DH & I have laryngitus, oh the joy!!  It wouldn't be half as bad if my darling son would sleep at night, he has gone from waking 2hrly to even less than that cause he has some sort of virus too, he goes straight off to sleep usually after a drink but getting up so often has been doing my head in for months and Im so sick of it, he is 1yr old on Monday for GODS sake and other ppls newborns sleep better than him.

I know that i can help change his habits with ohnestly lately i just go with it just so i can manage which i know is wrong on my part but what can u do when you are sick? and so is the family and you are still grieving?? It sux really but we will manage of course.

I don't even have time to think about mum, i guess im always thinking that she is just on holidays or cause we are sick she cant visit, dont know if this is what its about that you dont have time to think of it so u just dont, or if one day you just burst into tears uncontrollably, not sure but it seems like my bros never talk about her anymore and i feel like my grieving time is up, prob not true but i know that when i mention her its like no one wants to hear it anymore like they are hoping that if they forget her, so will i then i wont hurt anymore, dont know.

Well Reanna is shouting out, prob trying to dress herself again and got the arms and legs mixed up as usual. Chat soon xxoo

#61 alybel

Posted 09 October 2009 - 02:21 PM

Tam - I admire the way you are coping at the moment with your mum's passing, I really hope that things look up for you soon.

Stacy - just wanted to wish you all the best for your egg retrieval, I hope that you get plenty of eggs and nice-looking embryos.

As for me, nothing much new.  I had a bit of dizzy spell yesterday and was checked out this morning at the hospital and all is fine.  Baby is kicking away nice and strong.  Just counting down the days now, 3 weeks and a few days until my c-sec.

#62 hawkchick

Posted 09 October 2009 - 06:25 PM

Tam - I can't believe Aiden is almost one! Gee, that went fast. Don't beat yourself up about not 'changing his habits' - you are grieving, you are tired, you have children who've been unwell - just do whatever you need to go get by. If that means putting him in your bed, then do that, if that means feeding him during the night, then do that - just do whatever works for you to make life easy. Just be gentle with yourself.

Alison - 3 weeks? That time has flown by fast too! I bet you're all so very excited. I hope the next few weeks go by without any difficulties. What do they think caused the dizzy spell? Try not to be superwoman and have a bit of a rest (well, as much as us Mums can) over the last few weeks.

Stacy - no worries re Monday. Good luck for your egg collection appointment on Tuesday. I will be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. I hope you're OK as you sounded really down in your email (as much as one can judge mood from an email). Anyway, I'm just a phone call away if you want to talk. Otherwise I'm just giving you your space, but I'm here if you need me.

Us: Elora gets her big girl bed tomorrow. And she has her second swimming lesson tomorrow - I'm not sure if I mentioned on EB that she had her first lesson last week. These are lessons without parents in the pool, just the kids. She looks so cute in her bathers - I might pop back later and post a photo. I've also managed to remove the dummy from her mouth during the day 90% of the time. We still have our moments when she really wants it and I give it to her, but for the most part it's out YAY. She has it at night time...but it has really interfered with her speech. Elora can say pretty much anything, but I've noticed her pronunication has been affected by the dummy.

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#63 boo boos mumma

Posted 09 October 2009 - 09:51 PM

Hi Girls,

Blish, Reanna starts her swim lessons without parents really soon and Im so nervous about that but i think itll be good for her to learn to listen to the instructor as she is a shocka for running off still. YAY on ELora's big bed, how does she like it??
Im so sorry your Dh lost his job, I only read that tonight as i was going back through posts, how did his interview go?? I hope it works out for you, I can only imagine the stress you would be going through right now u poor thing.
Thanks for your support with Aiden and my loss of my mother, you are so lovely :-)

Alybel oh hun no no, no admiration necessary here (although flattering your comment), im barely hanging on to be ohnest but for my children ive managed to hang on by my teeth.
WOW not long now, so exciting. Im glad those dizzy spells werent anything.

Ok I guess.
Ive had  2days of close to leaving. Dh pushed me with his selfish ways and I had enough, he didnt see what was coming but he got an ear full and I was nearly on my way to Sydney to visit my nan. I sent him a text to tell him and he came inside and talked me out of it,he is very lucky its his bday on Sunday and also Aiden's party that day (and Aiden's bday on Monday) or very possibly may have gone and left Reanna with him for a few days. I still might yet, maybe next week if I chose to not sure. I just feel so, i dont know, so shut up in a box with my children and I feel like i cant escape it. I guess everything has just hit a wall at once, not just with mum passing but months and months of little sleep and Aiden being so sick so often.

IM ok though, I made Dh take Reanna so I could arrange Aiden bday cake and finalise his party food and i met up with my bro and chatted and then I got to go and see my mum at the cemetary and I just sat down and I told her all about what has been happening and I cried, I laughed and I cried again and I felt better for it so Ill visit her when I need to talk i think and tell her grave what I would normally have told mum when she was alive......my step dad said that he does the same which is nice to know.

Well Ive waffled on long enough lol, night girls.

#64 k123

Posted 10 October 2009 - 12:41 PM

Hi all,

Sorry haven't been back and read everyting so I'll keep it short.

Tam - I am sorry that you feel like this at the moment.  I felt similar after Dad died.  i couldn't believe that the world could actually keep turning without my Dad here.  It is such a hard time and you are doing much better than I did.  I didn't get out of bed some days and others I did but just sat on the couch and cried.  I hope that Sunday is ok.  i found birthdays really hard.  If you need some time out for you then take it.  I was lucky I have a good hubby who helped alot and he gave me lots of time for me, without that time I wouldn't be ok today.  You need it it isn't selfish or wrong, if you need it then you need it, you will be a better functioning person at the end of the day.  Do what you need to do to get through this and then worry about Aiden's sleeping etc later also.

Blish - I can't get the dummy off Lara for her sleeping either, I am hoping that the dummy fairy coming when she is 3 might work?!

Alison - Wow 3 weeks that did go fast!

stacy - Whinge away, that is what we are all here for.  I wish we could go on a holiday, we haven't been on one since before Lara was born (and that was only a weekend) our last proper holiday was in 2004.

Seems we are all a bit down at the moment.

Warning vent and woe as me post so feel free to skip!

I have been diagnosed with prenatal depression.  I don't want to take meds though so am having councilling, they can't change things though so I don't know how well it is going to work.  I lost Dad only 18 months ago, Liam has been a shocker with sleeping, we can't even afford to buy clothes for our children, we are loosing our house and having to move in with Mum, I hate my new job at work and they have cut my hours down as I am pregnant (I worked over my official hours when on the floor), my pelvis is playing up and so I am sore and "popping" all over the place again (Blish you will know what I mean) Mum's house looks like a bomb site at the moment due to all the crap in her house and she is no closer to it being child friendly at all.  My brother isn't moving out as soon as we thought he would so we have to stay here and struggle to pay the mortgage and put food on the table for longer (let alone the bills).  I am jsut so over this, I don't want it anymore and it is unfair that my brother has just bought the perfect house for us.  I just dont' understand why me, I don't want any of this and I haven't ever asked for it at all so why am I being picked on?  Oh and to top it all off my SIL said something about them not having any money as they now have a mortgage but "needing" to buy a new outfit for a wedding in 2 weeks and about how they are going to renovate the bathroom in the new house as soon as they move in although they don't need to.  Try living in my world love.  I haven't bought new clothes since I had Lara. (except socks as they all had holes in them)

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#65 hawkchick

Posted 10 October 2009 - 07:27 PM

Oh Kat, your post really made me want to give you a big hug. I hope things turn around for you soon.
I'm going to PM you....

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#66 hawkchick

Posted 11 October 2009 - 07:03 PM

Kat - how are you feeling today? I am thinking of you (not that that helps much).

We are hoping like crazy that DH gets offered this job he had the interview for. We have our interview with Centrelink tomorrow - so not looking forward to it, but we don't have any other options at the moment.

I hope everyone has a good week. Tam, Rubes, Kat, Stacy, Tracey - anyone else who has been unwell or feeling down. I hope this week brings you joy and happiness.

Here's a few pics of Elora's new bed.

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#67 amandas1st

Posted 12 October 2009 - 12:53 AM

hey girls!

its been a while... i have been really flat out and to be honest barely coping with everything. There has been a lot going on, much more than I have the time or energy to discuss right now.

My semester is almost over and I really cannot wait for it. This year has been really awful and its been hard enough functioning let alone all the assignment/exam stuff. Thankfully I've had really understanding teachers but I'll be lucky to pass this year.

Holly is going really well though, although like them all has her moments! I just wanted to let you all know that I think of you guys often (and check back!) and I'm sorry that I've been mia for the last 6mths.

I'm am going to sydney next week and hopefully meeting up with Kat and Tracey original.gif yayyy. I really doubt I'll be able to get back before I come home (I'll be there for a week) but when I return I will get back and hopefully be able to fill you guys in a bit. I am hoping the trip snaps me out of the downer I've been in because life has been feeling pretty tough.

Kat and Tam
I hope you are both feeling better! hhugs.gif and Tam if you do go to sydney let me know!

Hope Stu finds a job soon

#68 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 12 October 2009 - 08:35 AM

Hi girls

Kat - your post just made me want to cry.  I am so sorry you are having such a hard time atm.  I will give you a big hug if I get to see you this week.  Not that that will do much but at least you know someone is here for you if you need it.

Stacy - GOOD LUCK TODAY HON!  Let us know how you go.

Blish - fingers crossed about the job.  Let us know when you find out.  Love the bed.

Tam - hon the pain goes away over time, but it will never go away completely.  I still cry when I think about my Nan and she passed away over 2 years ago.  She was like a second mum to me and I was very close to her and I miss her every day.  I wish she could have at least met Hayley and seen Kaitlyn grow into a little girl.  She would have loved it.  But I know she is looking down on me every day and looking out for us.  I am glad you liked the poem, for me it said everything I wanted to say and more when I lost my Nan.

Us - well I have been sick this last week.  Slowly getting over it but it is a hard thing to shake.

We had our first ambulance trip with Hayley on Saturday night.  She lasted twice as long as Kaitlyn laughing2.gif  Long story short.....

She had been a bit flushed most of the day but the thermometer didn't read too high.  I actually have 2 and they gave me different readings, so I was a bit confused.  Anyway I am starting her on little bits of mushy fruit and I had given her some pear about 9.00pm and then she was due for a bottle about 10.  When I tried to give her her bottle she just screamed and screamed and then she started coughing and it was like she was gasping for air (like the first night in hospital when she was choking).  Scared the life out of me.  She then coughed up a little bit of clear mucous and then she just went limp and fell asleep instantly.  We were trying to get her to wake up which she did but she just wanted to go to sleep, that is when Simon grabbed the phone and rang the ambulance.

The ambos came (they are so lovely) and took her temp and it was up a bit so we gave her some panadol and they said that there was no harm in taking her to the hospital to get her checked out so we did.  They just wanted to hold her laughing2.gif  Her temp came down and they checked her out and said that they think it could be a viral infection or an upper respitory tract infection but that because her temp was down and she was eating then she they were happy to send her home with us monitoring her and of course if her temp went back up and didn't come down and she got lethargic and wouldn't drink anything etc. to bring her straight back.

Well ever since then she has been fine.  I have been a wreck but she has been fine.  So it is a mystery as to what was wrong with her.  She hasn't had a temp since and has been her usual fine happy self.

I know I sound like a panicy mummy but OMG it scared the crap out of me when she was coughing and looked like she was gasping for breath.

Anyway that was my crappy weekend.  Best go do some work.  Have a good day girls waves.gif

#69 hawkchick

Posted 12 October 2009 - 10:46 AM

Tracey - how scary for you all! I'm glad she's ok now. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Amanda - {hugs} for you too - sounds like a few of us have had a rough time lately. Have fun on your trip to Sydney. Are you flying or driving?

Stacy - thinking of you with your egg collection.

Kat - thanks for the chat last night. I hope you have a great week.

Well girls, we're off to Centrelink at 1pm today. We were hoping to hear back from that company about the job interview DH had last week but haven't heard anything yet. Well, they did email us on Thursday to ask him to supply some references, so that's a good sign. Just playing the waiting game now. There's nothing else on the horizon so fingers crossed something pans out.

#70 amandas1st

Posted 12 October 2009 - 10:02 PM

we're flying blish!
can't wait!!!

talk to you all when we return!!!!!!!!!

#71 Stacymoo

Posted 14 October 2009 - 08:56 AM

Hi girls.

I am feeling alot happier today..................they collected 15 eggs yesterday!!! ddance.gif We are so excited & I am hoping this is a great sign that things are getting better for us. hands.gif I have been very down lately & feeling like this year is never going to end. I will get a phone call from my nurse later today to tell me how many fertilise. We are growing them to day 5 again so here's hoping at least half make it.

Blish - thanks for being so understanding. I will contact you soon to make another time to catch up. Busy trying to book some accommodation for this holiday. Once I lock something in I will relax a bit. We are looking at renting a house instead of a usual hotel room but they seem to be booking out fast! Elora's bed is gorgeous. It's great that she has settled in to it so well. Hope Stu get's this job. DH still hasn't got anything lined up either & he finishes on Friday. sad.gif

Kat - I am soooo sorry you are feeling so low. I wish I could give you a big hug. Hang in there darl. hhugs.gif

Tracey - thanks for your support chickey. wub.gif How scary about Hayley's ambo trip. ohmy.gif It's awful when something like that happens & you don't know what is wrong.

Tam - big hugs to you my friend. I hope each day brings you something small to smile about. I have an idea for you that might help you get through each day. My IVF newsletter had an idea that I am using to help through this emotional journey. It is called a "Gratitude Diary" & each day you write something in there that you are grateful for..........and it is amazing how it can make you feel a little better when you really think about the everyday things that happen to us that we gloss over but they are signifcant. Just writing about watching Jaiden sleep before I go to bed makes me smile even if I have had a crappy day. Might be something like that which will help you deal with day to day life without your mum. wub.gif

Alison - wow only 3 weeks to go. Hope they whizz by for you.

Amanda - have a great time away. Talk to you when you get back. waves.gif

Sorry will have to leave it there for now. Hi to everyone else & hopefully I will be back soon with some good news. biggrin.gif

#72 Stacymoo

Posted 14 October 2009 - 04:56 PM

Me again.

Out of the 15 eggs, 14 were suitable for microinjection. Out of that only 6 have fertilised with another 2 on close watch to hopefully make it. I feel a little cheated. sad.gif See how this messes with your bloody head. cry1.gif I was so hoping at least 10 of them were going to fertilise. But I should be more than happy with 6 right?  Anyway keep us in your prayers that all 6-8 make it day 5 with the best 1 put back into me. Embryo transfer is scheduled for Sunday at 10am.

#73 hawkchick

Posted 14 October 2009 - 07:16 PM

Stacy - I had pencilled in Monday, but considering you have your medical appointment on Sunday, as you suggested - you can just give me a buzz when you're ready to catch up. I've got everything crossed for you to get pregnant this time and for DH to get a job. You are in my thoughts...

Girls, I'm feeling a bit worried/down. DH's company were supposed to pay us his payout tomorrow - this pay out is 6 weeks wage plus 2 weeks unused annual leave. Again they have no money to pay us and say at this stage that they'll be "at least" a week late. I have this awful feeling that they're never going to have the money to pay us which means we have been paid about $2K since 1st september's pay to live on. Also we have absolutely no job news at all. sad.gif

James had a school excursion today to the zoo. It rained all day but he had a lovely day. More importantly (to me) and *TMI* warning....he did a poo in the toilet at the zoo. I know this sounds a bit of a weird thing to be excited about, but after 3.5 years of poo problems (James suffers with encopresis), we are finally there - he's been accident free since December but this is the first time he's 'gone' whilst out and about. I just had to share my excitement with other Mums who might understand.

Kat - how is your week going? Are you feeling any better? worse? the same? I'm thinking of you...

#74 boo boos mumma

Posted 14 October 2009 - 07:48 PM

Hey Girls,

Gosh when I read everyones posts it just breaks my heart as most of us are doing it tough some how. What is it with 2009?? Why is it a bad year?? Is it cos its an odd number??? Keeping us on our toes before we no longer have two 00 in each year?? Instead itll be 2010, 2011 ect ect...??

Did we all walk under ladders and smash mirrors?? It totally sux hey??

Blish my heart is totally breaking for you. All the excitement 2009 has brought you with the completion of your new home is just being ripped away from you piece by piece. I really really hope your DH gets that job, my fingers are really really crossed for you.

oh crap gotta go, more devastating news. SIL is on phone, jesus christ. Not another funeral

#75 Chelbean

Posted 14 October 2009 - 08:53 PM

Hi girls,

Tam - more devastating news? Hope you are okay!! I have no words that will help you - i wish i did, it must be so hard and im sending you so many hugs.

Blish - I was so sorry to hear about your DH's job. Did you have income insurance? I have been looking on facebook for news about that other job - fingers are still crossed for you. Must say though GO JAMES! Thats so great to hear he did a poo in the toilet, you must be stoked with Elora jumping as well original.gif

Stacy - Fingers crossed for the other two eggs, it all sounds very confusing and very able to mess with your head. Stay strong.

Kat - Im so sorry to read what you are going through  - i really hope you see a light at the end of the tunnel soon, just try and take care of yourself. I dont know what else to say, words wont help anything just know we are all here for you.

Alison - Bit delayed but YES that would of been me at the plaza! Thats so weird you saw me! I hate that food court there is nothing there!

Sorry girls for being MIA i feel like i dont have time for anything much over the last few weeks! Been so busy with uni and work and allie and friends!

We are well here, Allie is going well with her speech - though i have some depressed days where i think of what she isnt doing rather then what she has accomplished this year. Its hard to see kids a year younger then her communicating so much better! She is doing so well though. Shes been big on kisses the last few days everytime i turn around shes saying "kiss please mummy" and it HAS to be on the lips!!

I have been looking after me for the past couple of weeks by doing more exercise and eating A LOT better. Im not doing a diet - am so over them! Just planning my meals and cutting back my portions. Also going swimming once a week - went tonight and its just heaven having forty minutes to myself - and also doing the bike twice a week. Have lost two kilos and feeling good. My goal is to loose another 10 before we going camping at the beach in jan.

Other then all that everything is much the same - we are just very busy!

Better go, uni work to do. Promise ill be online more for you girls!

Take care of yourselves,


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