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Hong Kong BG # 28

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#51 Jane01

Posted 05 February 2010 - 02:33 PM

Weekendwarrior - we had to kick in a bit for Matilda too.  DH's medical cover is odd but good.  It covers anything above a certain amount, so essentially if something goes wrong, you're covered, but otherwise you're not.  It gives peace of mind because you know exactly how much you'll be up for.  My work coverage is particularly pathetic @ HK$15k, but between the two of them it wasn't too painful on the wallet.  Realistically, what else are we going to spend money on except our children?

I'm a 5* girl and I just couldn't face a public hospital, but others love them.  

Many, many women return to Australia to deliver.  I suppose they go down a month or so early and their DH organises leave for about that time.  

As for drs, if you don't like the bedside manner of Dr Ghosh, don't try Dr Lucy Lord.  I've heard scary stories, but she is apparently the person to go to if anything goes wrong.  My lovely Australian OB has now retired back to Australia, so I can't recommend him.  

If you're in a private room @ Matilda you won't see the other patients much, so don't worry about the mainlanders.  The ones I spoke to were very nice.  The poor girls had their families stay almost the whole time, I felt a bit sorry for them.

#52 BlondieUK

Posted 14 February 2010 - 12:58 PM

I used Lucy Lord for both my pregnancies, and delivered both my boys at Queen Mary Hospital. If your pregnancy is in any way complicated, or you have a chronic medical condition, then she's the one to go to. QMH - well: the medical care there in terms of birth is very good, but there is almost no personal care there at all. Having said that, I had Jack in 2005 and Sam in 2009 - and it was much, much better the second time around - more nurses etc etc.
As for the 'mainlanders' - you'd be hard pushed in most cases to tell the difference between a HKer and a mainlander in terms of 'social norms'. In all honestly, everyone is just too focused on themselves and their babies for it to make the slightest difference. If you're in a public ward, it's only an issue during visiting hours. If you're in a private hospital in a shared ward, ditto. There's a lot of hype about mainland mums and hospital beds - but in my experience at QMH, whoch person was loudest/rudest/pushiest/most demanding had nothing to do with ethnicity or nationality.
The reality is that if you want the nest care (especially for an emergency) - you're better of in the public system. 24 hour anaesthetists; 24 hours staffing.
I would love to have given birth at a private hospital, and we were booked into Adventist for our first: but the reality was that they could not guarantee a surgeon if an emergency CS was needed (and I needed an unscheduled CS both times), an anaesthetist or a pediatrician. So we went public.

KungHei Fat Choi / Gung Hey Fat Cai, ladies!

#53 0zeKid

Posted 24 February 2010 - 11:41 AM

I have organised for St John’s Ambulance to come to Discovery Bay and conduct their 1 day First Aid & CPR Course. Space is limited. 18 March, 9am-4pm $250 per person (this is cost price for St John's). Contact me to book you or your helper in.

#54 Jane01

Posted 01 March 2010 - 01:14 PM

Hi HKers

Just wanted to share my experience on the weekend - the Standard Chartered Marathon, actually I did the 10km.  It was brilliant !  Really well organised, lots of fun, a real carnival spirit.  As you know, HKers are known for going to bed late and sleeping in.  It was quite a surprise to find 60,000 of them at Victoria Park at 5am on a Sunday.  There were about 20 DBers on the 4.20am ferry.  The route was lovely - along the harbour towards North Point, then back again to Causeway Bay.  There was mist on the harbour in the early dawn light.  The actual running was hard work - it was hot and crowded, particularly the last 3'ish kms.  I finished the race about 7.30am and was home by 9am - the girls hardly noticed I was gone.  Overall, a very enjoyable HK experience.  I highly recommend it.  

Have to say I was completely knackered last night after being up since 3.30am and running a hard race.  But still fun.

#55 rachelemma

Posted 02 March 2010 - 04:31 PM

Congratulations! 10km is a huge effort.

#56 reneelovescraig

Posted 19 March 2010 - 09:31 PM

My 2-year-old DD and I so excited to hear that the Wiggles are coming to Hong Kong!

They're doing three concerts at Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre (Star Hall)

1 Jun   2:00 PM   6:00 pm
2 Jun 11:00 AM

If you are a Toys R Us Star Card member, you can buy tickets now, otherwise I think you have to wait until April 1st.

www.hkticketing.com  or call 31 288 288

So who's going to join us?

#57 Coffeegirl

Posted 13 April 2010 - 07:58 AM

Hi HK Mums!

I need some info on Hong Kong,  DH's company has always talked about him going to Singapore and we have friends there (she works at the AIS too!) so I was a bit prepared.

Now his new company has it's headquarters in HK.  He's going over in June to 'meet' the big bosses and they are hinting at him being transferred there.  I'm not holding my breath as we've heard this all before - but something makes me think this could happen.

I know nothing about HK.  I've had a quick scroll through your thread and I'm guessing I would prefer AIS for school (DD is 9 and in an extension year 4 here  and DS is in year 1).  Plus if it looks long term I would probably think of sending DD back here for High School and possibly boarding her or having her stay with here grandparents (For stability in her schooling)

My questions would be where to rent?  What are the average rental prices?  Do you rent through agencies like here or is it more private like Singapore?  Are the apartments as big as Singapore (resort style grounds, pools etc) Food prices?  Is it just Aussie style meat that is expensive?  

His company has three addresses in HK - so I'm not sure where he would be Island East, Harbour City, or Tsim Sha Tsui so I guess we would look for accommodation near his work.

What's public transport like?  I got the feeling from your thread that ex-pats don;t tend to have cars?  Will I need a work visa?  I work FT here and I'm not sure how I would go not working (thought sight seeing without kids sounds good! wink.gif )

Any tips, hints or warnings would be greatly appreciated.

#58 BlondieUK

Posted 09 July 2011 - 10:31 PM

I'm not even sure if any of the long-timers still visit this thread, but just in case.....
....we have left HK after 13 years, and moved to London. We did this because we couldn't get a school place for Jack in HK.
I am on facebook under my real name, which some of you will know!

Good Luck to you all xx

#59 0zeKid

Posted 10 July 2011 - 08:05 PM

Have not been in here for ages. But I was pleased to see your message on the digest BlondieUK!

The DB Forum will not be the same without your witty comments!

All the best overseas. A is going to miss S.

#60 Jane01

Posted 15 July 2011 - 04:13 PM

Best of luck in London Blondie !  We are really enjoying being back in Australia.  I said to A the other day, that I couldn't go back and live in HK.  I love the clean air, extra space, outdoor lifestyle, fresh food, my job, the girls school, everything !  I do miss friends and our lovely helper.  I spent the first 3 months feeling like I was on a nice long holiday, but it does feel more 'normal' now.

#61 BlondieUK

Posted 03 October 2012 - 07:08 PM


I don't know how often anyone reads this: but if you are still in HK, I would appreciate any publicity you can give to the concert as detailed in the link.

To put it bluntly, Kenzo will die unless he gets a lung transplant soon. I have known his parents for 15 years: I have known Kenxo since he was a baby.

If you can go to see the concert, please do. If you can make any kind of contribution, please do. My husband and I have just been devastated over this new turn - Kenzo has fought so hard and through so many setbacks and it is breaking my heart that we are too far away to help.

#62 jenayds

Posted 04 October 2012 - 11:50 AM

Hi Blondie,

Luckily I am still on notification. I have posted this to my Facebook wall with a shout-out to all my HK friends. What a terrible situation - to have battled leukemia for so long and now to face this. My heart goes out to Kenzo and his family.

Hope you are going well in the UK,

#63 shelly05

Posted 06 October 2012 - 12:08 AM

Hi BlondieUK I don't have time at the moment but have you considered putting this on the Hong Kong mums facebook page? Are you a member at all or is was it set up after you left? I'll have a look around the link and see what I can do. I had a brief read and that's an incredibly tough family. I wish them all the best.

#64 BlondieUK

Posted 06 October 2012 - 12:11 AM

jenayds - thank you!
shelley05 - I don't know anything about a HK mum's FB page: I'll have a look, but if you are a member, could you post it for me please?
We just heard from his parents last night - they are trying to move him to Japan (his mum is Japanese, and apparently he has better odds of finding a matching donor there), but e is too weak to move at the moment. My heart is saying he can make it. I hope my heart is right.

#65 shelly05

Posted 12 October 2012 - 12:46 PM

I have tried 3 times to post that link for you and I have no idea what it's doing. Each time I went back to check it it was gone again. I was typing this to you about 5 mins ago to let you know I can't get the damn thing to work on Facebook but I notice someone has now put it up on the Hong Kong Mums facebook forum....Now to fix my facebook! I've posted links before with no issues so I really don't know what the problem is....frustrating.

I hope someone can help Kenzo....it's just tragic for he and his family to be going through this.

#66 BlondieUK

Posted 30 October 2012 - 06:18 PM

Hi all,
Just thought I would pop in and let you know how the fund raising concert went: they raised over 1 million HK (which is fantastic, but much of it will go to pay bills already incurred - the photo/light treatment Kenzo is on at the moment has already cost in excess of 600,000......).
They are hoping to get him to Japan for a lung transplant within 12 months, if he survives that long. He has been able to get home, but he is on 24/7 oxygen support and is bedbound.
Thank you all for your kind thoughts and support.

#67 Snagglepussed

Posted 09 March 2013 - 10:56 AM

Hi all!

Just bumping this back up in case there are still HK Expats out there who want to join this group.

I love HK! Would love to get there for a holiday soon!

So, what took you there?
Do you have children and how have they adapted?
What do you do? Work? Study? Shop? LOL


#68 shelly05

Posted 09 March 2013 - 12:37 PM

Still here.

3 children who have all settled in beautifully. They have made some really great friends which is fantastic.

Here for my husbands work but we're on a 'local' contract meaning we're here for 'good' We have a 10-15 year plan...not sure how well that will go as we love it here.

We moved here last May and I spend my time running around after the kids. We had a helper for a couple of months but it didn't work out. It was a horrible experience so for now I'd rather be flat out than have that stress. I WISH I could spend my time shopping ha ha

I am really surprised at how much we all love it here. I had never had any inclination to live in Asia as I thought I'd hate it, I am claustrophobic and the idea of crowds made me ill at the thought. I'm used to it now and I now love the hustle and bustle.

Hope to hear from some others. This isn't our first expat experience, it's always good to hear other peoples experiences too original.gif

#69 Snagglepussed

Posted 16 March 2013 - 09:55 AM

Wow Shelly - there for the long haul eh?

I have recently started working for a company with a very big AsiaPacific office in HK and would love to wangle my way in somehow! LOL

On can only dream eh?

#70 BlondieUK

Posted 22 December 2013 - 07:32 PM

I don't know if any of the people I knew in HK still read this thread, but just in case.......

Merry Christmas!

Love from all the BlondieHK/UK family here in the UK x

#71 0zeKid

Posted 28 December 2013 - 07:20 PM

Happy Holidays Blondie!

Still subscribed to this thread but not so much EB these days.

Hope the UK is treating you all well!

I have both kids in DBIS finally and working but studying - so not that different here.

#72 shelly05

Posted 29 December 2013 - 05:42 PM

Hi Ozekid,

We're also in DB. I thought for some reason you were Island side. Hope you're staying warm its been cold out.

#73 butterfli

Posted 21 July 2014 - 01:57 PM

I'm not sure if anyone in HK still uses this. I just wanted to say that I'm coming back!!!!!

I'm bringing my daughter and my Husband, I don't know when exactly as yet, but I'm just so excited that I'm coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I
ABSOLUTELY loved my holiday in 2009, can't wait to come back! <3

#74 shelly05

Posted 06 November 2014 - 05:20 PM

Butterfli, are you in HK now?  I've come back to oz to give the kids a break from a schooling mistake but am also heading back v soon.  Husband is still there now.  If you're back hope the move went smoothly if you're not there yet yell if you need to know anything. There's a few feisty Facebook forums you can join for I guess entertainment? They're very knowledgeable but it does get heated at times.

#75 butterfli

Posted 08 November 2014 - 02:51 PM

shelly05 - Only 43 days left until my next HK holiday, and I can't wait!!!! It's so exciting, mainly cos I get to bring my DH & DD this time!!!!! I would absolutely love to move to HK, I don't think it will happen tho! My aunty live in HK, that's why I have been/am going there!

This time with DH & DD, we're going to Disneyland, Ngong Ping, markets, Macau, my Uncle is going to take my DH gambling, my DH would like to go to a fishing village, my DD(10) has even agreed to try the different food and I can't wait for yum cha!

I am super excited!!!! I think this is going to be a fantastic life experience for my DD, show her that there's more to life than just the way that we live!

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