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#51 FloralArrangement

Posted 30 November 2009 - 10:39 AM

Just grieving Julie, Tyler thought it was pretty normal. It was a huge howl freaked the girls out lol.

Why did he stay in the car how weird?

D and L were 9 when we recommended using deoderant.

His parents are on their high horse maybe like this one

what the outlaws are on


#52 Keropi

Posted 30 November 2009 - 04:30 PM


#53 Keropi

Posted 05 December 2009 - 07:14 PM

Hi everyone!  Hope y'all having a nice weekend.

We saw Where the wild things are this afternoon, it was such a good film.  Ashie cried because she thought it was sad, which it was.  So so good.  Went out last night for a much needed girly night with good friends and gearing up for school finishing.

#54 MichelleM

Posted 08 December 2009 - 12:32 PM

Hi girls,

Julie I want to see that movie but I fear that it might be a bit much for Isabella, she gets frightened easily, even one the class dances to Thriller at the school assembly scared her the other day!  Weird that your brother sent his daughter in with his partner, but obviously he still trusts you and knows that you are a good person despite his own issues otherwise I'm sure he wouldn't have left her with you.

Josh and Bel wear deodorant now and it's helped so much.  Scarlett lines up to get hers on too so I roll it on with the cap on and she's happy!

Gina I hope you're feeling better about your new freedom away from the inlaws.

I should be cleaning up but am procrastinating!  I have mothers group in an hour at a friend's house and Scarlett is asleep so I'm having some 'down time'!!

#55 Keropi

Posted 14 December 2009 - 12:36 PM

Hi Nic - how are you??  Hope all is well.

Have a day off today, Ashie got a special award at school.  Poor Ethan wasn't selected for Prefect at school and he is quite upset.  He found out at the school assembly, I ended up bringing him home.  So he is chilling with biccies, toasted sandwices and the Wii.
Had a lovely weekend at Soldier's Point for a new family tradition.  Every year we will meet some friends there for Xmas.  We have all been having Xmas Eve together since 1997, but since half of the group now live in Newcastle we needed a new date to get together.  Had a blast.

#56 Nics

Posted 14 December 2009 - 12:37 PM

I know its been ages since I posted and I apologise... life has been crazy!!

The not so good news first....  my good friend passed away on Friday - its tragic and sad and so so sudden .. still coming to terms with that and trying to cope with the grief.  She had breast cancer BUT was due to have her masectomy on 3rd Dec - a week before that went to hospital in a massive amount of pain - was told cancer had spread to her liver through her blood and there was nothing they could do treatment wise (mind you she had a CT scan done  weeks prior which was all clear) so this was a major shock to all...  she was let out of hospital last Tues - I spoke to her wed morning and was going to see her Friday afternoon - her daughter phoned me Thurs morning to say she was being taken back to hospital in an ambulance - she had a heart attack in the ambulance they revived her but she only lived for another 24 hours.  The one consolation is that she was surrounded by her family for the last 24 hours.  But its a major shock to all - this all happened within the last 2 weeks!  No time to prepare for anything...  anyway no funeral arrangements have yet been made but its likely to be this week sometime - certainly not a pleasant time leading up to Christmas.  

DH's mum was diagnosed with cancer about 5 weeks ago - its in her blood and she has it in her liver, ribs and backk.  She started chemo last week and is responding well.  her prognosis is 5-8 years.  

Dh and I.. well I commenced counselling on my own in October - Im feeling much stronger within myself and have noticed a difference over the past month.  Although Im not sure it will continue - I think hes doing a "bandaid" approach however time will tell...  

The good news

Kids are brilliant!  Jarrod won his tball grand final on Satuirday and has also been selected for the under 10 boys Georges River tball rep team - he commenced training last week for that - 5 hours a week!  But he is thoroughly enjoying it and is so proud of himself - as are we - its an oustanding achievement for a 6 year old boy....  we got his school report last week and it was fantastic!  What a week he has had!

Aiden - had his milk challenge at RPA last Monday and he successfully had 100ml of milk throughout the challenge with only a slight skin reaction.. which means he still has to be classified as allergic to dairy BUT we are now able to introduce milk products into his diet - we also have successfully introduced cooked egg (in cakes or crumbed chicken etc) and he has had no reaction.. but once again is still classified as allergic to egg - but it opens up a whole new world in terms of food - he can now have biscuits off the shelf and tasted his very first Oreo this morning!  We still have the peanut allergy and they want to challenge that one the end of next year so we cant do away with the Epipen as yet - but due to him having no reactions with the milk and egg they are confident he will at least outgrow these 2 fully within the next year (possibly 2 years)....  He is geared up for big school next year and is going great guns!  

Ellie - my little terror!  Now 16 months old - running around and is trying so hard to keep up with her big brothers...  Im afraid I dont have muhc chance of having a "girly girl" - she is destined to be a tomboy original.gif  but she is still a great sleeper and we generally have a very easygoing happy girl there!  She is booked in to start daycare 20 Jan for 3 days per week as Im going to back to work!  I am however waiting to hear back re the job -  wont go into all the detail now but it looks like Im going back into banking for the NAB - one of the Southern branches so nice and close to school and daycare.

Thats us in a nutshell...  I often lurk but get interrupted when I go to post....  hope you are all well and have a fantastic christmas and new year!


#57 MichelleM

Posted 21 December 2009 - 09:08 AM

Good morning ladies!!!

Nic great to hear from you again however I am so sorry to hear of all the bad things happening in your life recently.  You must be so proud of Jarred, he is doing so well.  Fantastic to hear that Aiden's allergies are starting to ease up just a touch, much make you feel so much happier about sending him off to school next year.  Ellie sounds like a delight, just like Scarlett trying to keep up with her big brothers!

Hi Julie and Gina and of course everyone else - come back girls!!!

Things are pretty good here.  We are hosting Christmas which is pazzing me out!  Any other dinner any other day of the year doesn't have me in a spin but because everyone places so much importance on this day I'm under pressure to perform!!!  I think everything is organised . . . I've placed an order with Coles anyway!

Kids reports are in and of course I'm a very happy Mum!  Isabella is outstanding.  She reads as well as Josh, she can spell pretty much as well as Josh, tell her once how to spell something and she remembers (she doesn't get my memory that's for sure!).  She is an emotional little girl though and dramatic - running into her room and throwing herself onto her bed to cry is almost a daily thing!

Josh is doing really well at school too, he is reading at a 8 year 10 month level and is doing really well in his other subjects.  He is such a quiet child though, loves socialising with mates but at home will just sit quietly tinkering with things.  

Scarlett is our wildchild!  She is far too adventurous, playgrounds at parks are nothing for her which is total heart attack material and she is far more able to do things than the other 2 ever were!   She's just starting to talk slowly but uses her own version of signing which makes it very easy to understand what she wants.  She also has funny words like when she's hungry she touches the high chair and says 'eats'!

Anyway, I reckon everyone should have a catch up like this, let us know how your babies are doing.....
Better go rescue the presents under the tree, they've only been under there 11 hours and already she's driving me crazy with them.

#58 FloralArrangement

Posted 21 December 2009 - 10:28 AM

Hi there

All okay here. We got a trampoline with a net for xmas Tyler put it up yesterday and it is huge 12 ft. Rob thinks it is great put him in zip it up. Robert is talking a fair bit as well. Hullo Harry (our dog Harriet) he does a bit of signing as well especially if he wants to eat something. he is very clumsy and always has a knock on the head.

Michelle we are not at home for xmas this year off to my brothers. But I have a cooked/smoked turkey (Aldinga turkeys here are lovely) and you just slice it 10 mins before serving and heat in the oven. We need to get seafood on Thursday. We are off to the van for a week from the 27th so that will be fun, I hope.

We have also got the kids a wii and a card you put in the ds that has 71 games on it. I nearly didn't get Rose a toy but luckily i realised because she would have had none. Got a My little pony thing she loves that stuff and has doen since about 2-3. I got Lily this scrapbooking kit with album, Underwear and a good makeup set (mineral) for Daisy. I have made charm bracelets for them. Robert we have got 1 present a wooden music set. He gets stuff ALL the time and has way to many toys lol. Lily and Rose got some clothes as well. I have gone overboard this year never spend this much but the WII and the trampoline were essential lol.

Nic sorry to hear things are a big topsy turvey your way but you seem to be working toward some sort of resolution which is a good thing. The kids sound great good news about the allergies receding a bit.

Tyler's parents we have heard nothing she basically thinks we need to contact her I don't think she realises that Tyler expects an apology for telling us to **** ourselves and the carry on. I don't think she has ever been in this position before most normal people have I certainly have and I always apologised if I have behaved badly. Dh's sister has weighed in big time just excerbating the situation and keeping his mum wound up and in the right if you know what I mean. Oh well I have sent them a world vision card and a gift card to spend. Tyler went and saw his grandparents yesterday and they are fine so will catch up with them in January.

Expecting a visit so will go now.


#59 ~JASB~

Posted 29 December 2009 - 07:59 PM


OMG I'm so sorry girls, I had no idea this thread was still going blush.gif  I feel terrible.  My Aug 05 one pretty much stopped due to FB but now that I think about it, I guess Jannette and I are the only real regulars on FB.  Michelle I see you pop up from time to time on there too original.gif

Julie, I'm really sorry to read what has happened with Aurora, poor girl.  I'm sorry if you've already said, and I've missed it, but why can't she have surgery?  Why does her age matter?
How's Ethan now about missing out on Prefect?  Scott's nephew only just missed out on school capt - he was devastated too.  Worst part is the boy that got it has been in trouble many times this year and on detention!  Doesn't make any sense!!

Michelle, awesome to hear about your kiddies' report cards biggrin.gif  Josh's was amazing again too, we're so proud of him.  Adam doesn't have report cards yet, they don't issue them in prep, but he's doing really well according to his teacher.  On the deodrant:  its funny I should read about that in your post - I wonder if that's what subconciously brought me back in here - just to read that LOL   Because I've been wondering if I need to start it with Josh as I've noticed he's getting a little bit eww under the arms lately!  Only just noticed it recently, but I thought he was too young for deodrant!!  What do your kids use?

Nic, knew about your friend from FB.  I'm really sorry sad.gif  How you holding up now?  Hope things work out with you and S too.  Wow at Jarrod and his t-ball, sounds like he's doing amazing biggrin.gif  Fantastic on Aiden and the milk too!

Gina, I've missed why you were having a cry?  I know it was a month ago blush.gif  I hope everything is ok!  Sounds like your kiddies did very well in the present dept!!

As for us:  All ok here.  Adam has been started on a new med to help slow down his bowel overnight, and it's working!  So he's staying clean at night on this medication - very exciting for him original.gif  I'm not sure if it's something he'll be on permanently or if we'll be weaning him off it or what yet.  Will find out at next gastro appt in Feb.  He also finally started growing biggrin.gif  Currently at 18.7kg bare.  He still looks skin and bones but has avoided the tube feeding route that we were looking down the barrel at 6 months ago.

Josh as I said to Michelle has had another great year at school and moves into year 4 in 2010.  He is a real little mathematician - can't get enough of maths ohmy.gif  His teacher told me she's really going to miss him next year wub.gif  Says a lot I think original.gif

Shawn goes to Kindy next year (pre-prep here) 5 day fortnight.  Every Thur & Fri plus alternate Wed's.  He's looking forward to it, and he's ready to go.  But me, stressing about my baby going to what is realistically the start of his schooling, and wondering what I'm going to do with my time!

TTC #4 is still a rollercoaster.  Been 3 years now sad.gif  IF I'd known it was going to be like this I would have settled on my 3 and never started trying for another.  But I can't just give up on the idea now.  I just can't.  Still hoping it will happen soon.

That's pretty much it for me!  I will make sure I check in here more often wink.gif


Edited by ~JAS~, 29 December 2009 - 08:02 PM.

#60 MichelleM

Posted 30 December 2009 - 09:10 PM

Michaela it's been a long time but I've been quiety keeping an eye out on FB (stalker!!).  I'm seriously bummed for you that you haven't got your fourth gorgeous baby in your arms yet and I'm crossing everything that you get this wish this year.  The boys sound like they are doing fabulously at school and I can't believe that Shawn is starting school this year, time has just flown!

Grrr always pulled off here when I try to post but have to go again!  I just wanted to say hi Michaela and big hugs and HIIIII to everyone else!  Hope everyone has had a great Christmas too.  Ours went well considering it was our first year to host (scary but we pulled it off!).

#61 Keropi

Posted 07 January 2010 - 06:44 AM

Hi everyone!!

Merry Xmas and happy new year.  

Nic - big hugs to you.  Bless your friend.  That story is heartbreaking.

And we are moving!  Signed a contract on a house but it isn't a done deal just yet.

#62 FloralArrangement

Posted 07 January 2010 - 02:45 PM

Hi there

Where are you moving to Julie?

All okay here another batch of 41 degree days oh what fun ho hum.

Michelle, My friend Angela from Perth is coming to visit me tomorrow yippee, You met here at the marina.

Nothing much to report had a week at the van and new years there as well a tad hot we need to build our airconditioned annexe sooner rather than later.

All is good otherwise.

#63 Keropi

Posted 07 January 2010 - 04:51 PM

Gina 41 isn't fun at all, but enjoy your friends company!

We are moving to Hervey Bay, Qld.  I wonder if that means I have to support Qld in state of origin?? LOL  Michaela what are your thoughts?

#64 ~JASB~

Posted 07 January 2010 - 08:58 PM

Woah Julie!!  What brought on that move!!??  Or have I missed that earlier ??!!

And sure you can support the maroons tongue.gif  No way I'd ever support the Blues though, even if I did have to move down there for some bizarre reason wink.gif

#65 FloralArrangement

Posted 08 January 2010 - 04:29 PM

It's hot on hot here. Did I forget to say it is flipping hot.

Yeah Julie why the move? How far is that from where you live now? Are the kids excited? Starting new schools? What are YOU going to do?

Gina xx

#66 MichelleM

Posted 08 January 2010 - 10:48 PM

Holy cow Julie, how did that come about?!!!  Fill us in!  Very exciting though, I have such ichy feet (thanks to being an ARMY brat for years!), 3 years in this house and I can't wait to move again!

Wow Gina, must have been quite hot at the van.  It's been boiling over here and we get about the same weather.

I have a sick little girl here.  Poor Scarlett hasn't eaten a thing all day, has barely spoken a word and has slept for most the day anyway.  I thought she had another ear infection which she get's every couple of months but this time it's a infected throat.  Not that it's her fault but, because she's been feeding every minute she's been awake, she's blistered me so it hurts every second feed!  Dispite still feeding 19 months on, I'm such a crap breastfeeder still getting grazes and blisters every month or so!

#67 ~JASB~

Posted 10 January 2010 - 08:32 AM

19 months Michelle!  I don't think you can dare call yourself a crap breastfeeder LOL!!  How's Scarlett doing now?  Hope she's getting better!

Julie, c'mon, I wanna hear about this move!

Gina, it's a looooong way away.  It's about 3 hours north of me, so about 15 hours north of where Julie is now!

#68 Keropi

Posted 14 January 2010 - 12:08 PM

Sorry been offline due to painting the house.  We want it on the market next week.  I am so exhausted.  18 hour days are killing me, but hopefully it will be worth it.
As you all know I have had itchy feet for a while.  We went to Hervey Bay to see Damien's dad for Xmas and thought that we would just check out the real estate market to see what we could get for our money and ended up finding a house that we love.  There are a few issues with it though that we found out last night but we will try and negotiate some money down to fix the problems.  We don't have jobs yet but that will sort itself out.  I think this is the lifestyle change we all need as a family.  We feel so drained here and stressed.  I love my little house, the kids school etc etc, but it is time for a change.  We are just so happy up there.

#69 FloralArrangement

Posted 14 January 2010 - 05:27 PM

You are both very brave and I dare not show Tyler your post as he would love to do a runner to Ardrossan. Can you show a link to your new place? (OH and link to your place when it is on the market  wink.gif ). Better to know the issues if they are resolvable before you move in rather than after.

That is very exciting.

Went to see Fantastic Mr Fox today, it is a bit out there, Rose thought it was boring but Daisy, Lil and I thought it was not bad.

#70 Keropi

Posted 15 January 2010 - 07:46 AM


Here you go Gina - Go to the Virtual tour it shows more.

Michelle - hope Scarlette is feeling better today.

Better go more packing to do and painting.  Will be on later though.

#71 Jet07

Posted 17 January 2010 - 08:11 PM

Howdy strangers! and a Happy New Year to you all!

Michaela sent me in to reply to a SN post, and couldn't not check in once I was here.

Julie I must say I picked up something on FB about a move but didn't expect to find it would be to Harvey Bay!  Wow! Now you really need your own FB identity so we can keep up with each other. I really don't have time to get on here much any more, and all the others are on there!

Not sure if Michaela filled you in - but she was decent enough to invite us for dinner and a swim on NYE! Was a great way to spent the evening, even if we did head home very early after doing Sea World that day too.

Oh well, I can hear my very late dinner being served so only had a minute but glad I said hello.

#72 Jet07

Posted 17 January 2010 - 08:17 PM

Wow Julie - love the house! What will you do with all the space - 4br and a granny flat!

#73 ~JASB~

Posted 17 January 2010 - 08:32 PM

Julie, that looks amazing!!  Very, very nice indeed.  One thing, is the pool fenced?  I can't see any fencing??  If not, make sure you make them fix that before settlement, you have every legal right to make them fix it.  Other than that, it looks brilliant!  Can I come visit one day? tongue.gif

Jannette, was lovely to have you guys here on NYE wub.gif

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