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April 06 Parents # 184

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#1 Sandra

Posted 02 October 2009 - 07:18 AM

New thread time ladies.


#2 LittleAnnie

Posted 02 October 2009 - 08:43 AM


#3 scuttlebutt

Posted 02 October 2009 - 08:47 AM

naughty me gets silver!

I am having a shocker!  Been up since 4:30am, so am feeling a little tired to say the least!  But on the plus side, just finalised our thailand holiday!!!! Can't bloody wait, 3 weeks today till we go biggrin.gif

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#4 LittleDCJ

Posted 02 October 2009 - 08:59 AM


#5 ~cackleberry~

Posted 02 October 2009 - 10:58 AM

NB: If you would like to be added to the list or have any changes please send me a PM as I will most likely miss your post in the general threads. Thanks!

Come join us for a chat on messenger, PM me your address and I will add.


23rd March 2006
LAURA CAITLIN ~ Sandra (peachkoala)
EDEN SIENNA ~ Susan (Cookies)
MALAKAI HUGHIE ~ Kerri (5*little*ducks)

28th March 2006
CAITLIN JANE ~ Karen (~cackleberry~)

29th March 2006
AMELIE MAYA ~ Sue (2forSuz)

3rd April 2006
CARTER SHEN ~ Tina (LittleDCJ)
MIA GRACE ~ Michelle (Sweetchild)

8th April 2006
RILEY KENNETH ~ Michelle (Shelldar)
LILY MADELINE ~ Kirsten (~Kirsten~)

9th April 2006
ALEXANDER LUKE ~ Karla (~Karla~)

10th April 2006
EYLEE RHODE ~ Deanna (Polaris)

11th April 2006
KALISHA ROSE ~ Mel (Kaleli)
CONNOR JAMES ~ Sulee (mummy2bailey)

12th April 2006
REUBEN CONNOR ~ Mel (Stumbles)

14th April 2006
AUSTIN MICHAEL ~ Kate (scuttlebutt)
ELII JOHN ~ Linda (LittleAnnie)

15th April 2006
TAYA JOY ~ Mel (princesstaya)

20th April 2006
GEORGIA PEACHES ~ Ange (mummagoobs)

22nd April 2006
ROSE LOUISE ~ Kristy (Freyja)

28th April 2006
WILLOW PAIGE ~ Tracy (**My3Miracles**)

30th April 2006
JOEL SEBASTIAN ~ Natalie (Natw)

3rd May 2006
KATELYN MARY ~ Sharyn (tomkatsmum)

9th May 2006

AMELIA ~ Tara (babyhugs)

19th January ~ SHARYN (tomkatsmum)
12th February ~ NATALIE (natw)
24th February ~ TRACY (**My3Miracles**)
10th March ~ DEE (Polaris)
31st March ~ TINA (LittleDCJ)
3rd April ~ MICHELLE (Shelldar)
6th April ~ KRISTY (Freyja)
21st April ~ LINDA (LittleAnnie)
26th April ~ KAREN (~cackleberry~)
8th June ~ SULEE (mummy2bailey)

12th June ~ SANDRA - (peachkoala)
30th June ~ KARLA (~Karla~)
10th July ~ KATE (scuttlebutt)
29th July ~ MICHELLE (Sweetchild)
26th August ~ ANGE (mummagoobs)
8th October ~ MELISSA (Stumbles)
17th October ~ MEL (Kaleli)
19th October ~ SUE (2forSuz)
21st October ~ MEL (princesstaya)

Congratulations!  ddance.gif

Nat (natw) ~ Due 11th April 2010
Mel (Stumbles) ~ Due 18th April 2010

Sharyn (tomkatsmum) ~ Due June 2010

Congratulations Sulee and family on the birth of Declan Jack babyboy.gif  Born on 22nd September 2009 at 9.39am, weighing 3760gms, 49.9cms length, 36cms HC

Congratulations Kristy and family on the birth of Owen Paul babyboy.gif  Born on 28th September 2009 at 12.20pm, weighing 3.88kg, 53cms length, 35.1cms HC

Ange's Angel Baby......Always Remembered

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#6 2forSuz

Posted 02 October 2009 - 12:57 PM

Happy Friday everyone original.gif

We finally made it to a new thread LOL, they certainly don't move along like they used to  wink.gif

Linda - well done on Gold!  How are things with you?

Kate - ouch that's an early start, hopefully daylight savings will help.  Oh Thailand sounds awesome.
Hi Tina   waves.gif

- yeah I suppose I must be good for something at work if they're ringing me on my day off  Tounge1.gif  So glad to read your mum is doing okay and no bad news from pathology.  Must be a huge relief for you all that the op is over now.

Amelie's jumping around the room in her fairy dress with a charming purple singlet underneath dancing to the Wiggles  Tounge1.gif  I think we've seen this DVD a million times since we bought it, def a favourite (Wiggles Big, Big Show).  

Hope you all have a great weekend.

#7 Polaris

Posted 03 October 2009 - 08:10 PM

Just wanted to jump on quickly and say a big Congratulations to Kirsty and family on the arrival of Owen Paul.  He is absolutely adorable!!!

Some stuff going on but will post it another time.  Nothing to stress over.

hugs to all


#8 My3kiddies

Posted 04 October 2009 - 08:53 PM

OMG I am so busy I miss everything lately. Grrrrr

Congratulations Kristy on the birth of Owen!!!! He is very cute.  wub.gif Its a nice feeling isn't it to finally get a boy. I had that feeling when Declan was born and I was like, omg how I am going to look after a boy as I had 2 girls before. But once I brought him home I forgot all about it.  grin.gif Congrats again.

I am good, can't wait for Skye to go back to school tomorrow. Declan is good, he has been having such a good run atm. He has seemed to have turned the corner. Last night he slept for 7 hours in one go which is so good for him. I have started him on solids again. He has vegies at dinner and I think that is helping with his sleep. We also got him back on normal formula so he isn't lactose intolerant anymore which is wonderful news for him. original.gif

Sorry can't stay I am off to have a shower then to bed. Got to do school run in the morning.

Tracy original.gif

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#9 scuttlebutt

Posted 05 October 2009 - 12:37 PM

Hey guys,

Some of you may have seen my FB update. On Saturday afternoon we had to rush Elliott to emergency, he had an asthma attack, and we spent two nights in hospital till he was able to tolerate ventolin 3 hourly and his oxygen levels were ok (on sat night they were dropping as low as 78% and he needed oxygen)

So yeah, really scary, and very tiring, but he is very much on the mend, we just need to keep a close eye on him for the next few weeks.


#10 2forSuz

Posted 05 October 2009 - 12:55 PM

OMG how scary Kate!!   So glad to read Elliott's on the mend, poor little man.

#11 My3kiddies

Posted 05 October 2009 - 03:03 PM

OMG Kate, I know how you feel, Declan's stats dropped 80% when he was sick and everyone was rushing around getting him on oxygen. It was very scary.  ohmy.gif Glad E is doing better, maybe its all the dust around that triggered it off???

Dec is awake so better go and get him. My mum is picking up Skye from school for me today. original.gif

#12 LittleDCJ

Posted 05 October 2009 - 03:24 PM

Kate - Sorry to hear you had to rush E to hospital.  Has he shown signs of having asthma previously?  I hope he is feeling better soon.

Tracy - I bet Willow is missing Skye now that she is back at school.  Love your new sig.

Having a lazy public holiday Monday.  It was my turn to sleepin and I didn't wake up until 9.30am!!  I'd had 2 late nights so definitely needed.  We had a great time at the wedding on Saturday.  We then headed to our 20y high school reunion which was lots of fun.  Some people hadn't changed at all but others I had no idea who they were, but mostly because I never had anything to do with them at school.  So fun catching up on what everyone has been doing and also laughing at all the old school photos that were showing.

Kids are all good.  Carter is obsessed with transformers atm and loves Bumblebee so he's been wearing his bumblebee costume for the last 3 days.  Jarvis is a great sleeper now and his day sleeps are also really good now.  It took a while but we finally got there.  He ws so cute this morning when I woke up. I went into the loungeroom and said 'Hello Jarvis' and he crawled across the whole room, wriggling and giggling as he went.

No idea what's for dinner.  Better check if the thai takeaway is open as I feel like some phad thai noodles.

#13 natw

Posted 06 October 2009 - 10:01 PM

Hey girls

Tina Yay to your sleepin yesterday  happy.gif They don't happen often enough hey. We all actually slept in until 9am which was a miracle!! The only problem is that I'm finding it hard to get the kids into bed before 8.30pm since daylight savings  rolleyes.gif

Tracy Wow look at Declan in your sig! I can't believe he's coming up 6 months already! He looks a lot like Willow.

Kate How scary for Elliott  ohmy.gif and you. I hope he is okay before your holiday. Has he had asthma symptons before?

Hi Dee hope all is going well.

Sue Aha that's a wiggles DVD we haven't seen yet! It would be a nice change from the ones that have been played to death in our house lol. It's a bit embarrassing that the first thing Tobias says each morning is "DVD"  rolleyes.gif

Hi Karen and Linda  original.gif

I seem to have turned a corner and am over my m/s  ddance.gif I actually look lovingly at my belly now lol.
Joel is still in undies during the day. Just have to make sure I'm on to him to go to the toilet but he's doing well. Tobias talks soooooo much and tries to say everything. He is such a little boy and constantly has bruises on his forehead. Hannah is charming one minute, challenging the next  rolleyes.gif She kisses the baby goodnight before bed each night  wub.gif

DH has the next two days off which will be nice happy.gif

Night all.

#14 tomkatsmum

Posted 07 October 2009 - 09:03 AM

Hi everyone,

Just quickly popping in to say hi.

It's my Thomas' 5th birthday today!  cry1.gif  Boy did that go way to fast. He was so cute this morning, got up got himself dressed (nice jeans, collred shirt and even dads batman tie!) and was in my room a6 6.30 saying "who wants a hug from a 5yr old....?"  Yep, he's very excited.

he's nt having a party but we had a family day on saturday and all went to the movies to see UP and then out for lunch. We also all went to McDonlds for breakie this morning before  had to go to work. (tom's request). now he is sitting watching his new spongebob squarepants DVD's that Katie choose for him for his birthday.

I am off to the drs at 11, as i did something to my wrist at work yesterday( playing volleyball with the yr 7's blush.gif ) and now it is very painful, i can't rotate it and it has a huge lump  at the top of the bone.  hopefully it is nothing, but thought i had better get it checked anyway.

ok, i will be back with some pics of my 5yr old and personals this afternoon.

Much love to everyone.

Sharyn. xoxox

#15 2forSuz

Posted 07 October 2009 - 10:14 AM

HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY THOMAS!! Hope you have a wonderful day original.gif  
Hope your wrist is okay Sharyn  unsure.gif

#16 My3kiddies

Posted 07 October 2009 - 12:05 PM

Happy Birthday Thomas!!!!! Hope you have wonderful day. original.gif

#17 natw

Posted 07 October 2009 - 07:34 PM

Happy 5th Birthday Thomas!! He sounds like such a funny little character Sharyn  laugh.gif I hope your wrist is ok.

#18 LittleDCJ

Posted 07 October 2009 - 08:35 PM

Happy 5th birthday Tom. Turning 5 is such an exciting time and I hope he has had a fantastic day.

Sharyn - Hope your wrist is okay and nothing too serious.  How are you doing now?  What did the kids think of UP?

Nat - Glad to hear that the m/s is easing up.  Loved the descriptions of your kids, they all have their moments don't they?

Just finished a huge pile of ironing, DH had so many shirts but at least they are all done now.  Carter spent the day at childcare and fell asleep after dinner in his bumblebee costume.  Deakin spent the afternoon with a kindy friend so I got most of my housework done this afternoon.  Jarvis is really cute and his 3rd tooth (top, middle) has just cut through a tiny bit.  He has the best smile, it just lights up his face when he sees you and grins.  8 months already, where has my baby gone?

#19 ~cackleberry~

Posted 08 October 2009 - 10:09 AM

Happy birthday Mel!  Hope you have a great day today.  hheart.gif

Happy 5th birthday Thomas!  Hope you had a great day yesterday.   biggrin.gif

#20 2forSuz

Posted 08 October 2009 - 03:37 PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEL!!  original.gif  Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Wow, Tina - I can't believe Jarvis is 8 months old already oomg2.gif  what a cutie he is.

Hope everyone is well original.gif  Gotta run, stinky kids need a bath laughing2.gif  DH has tennis tonight so I'm flying solo, want to get baths/dinner out of the way early!

#21 Freyja

Posted 08 October 2009 - 07:18 PM

Happy birthday Mel!

Happy birthday for yesterday Tom!

Sharyn - How is your wrist? I hope you wrote you notified your injury  wink.gif

Kate - Glad Elliot is now okay but how scary for you all  ohmy.gif How are you travel plans going? That is really exciting.

Nat - That is great about your ms. How many weeks are you now?

Suz - How is your solo night going? Dh is out tonight as well but I said there was no way he was going anywhere until Rose was asleep in bed. She is so hard to put to sleep these days.

Tina - 8 months already! *gasp* You are good to iron Dh shirts. I haven't sat and ironed since forever...

All is going well here. It's pretty much a battle just to keep everyone in clean clothes, fed and into bed each day but we're doing it. As for anything extra getting done - it's hit and miss. I'm so grateful to have DH around for another 3 weeks or so!

Owen is sleeping well as long as he's in our bed  rolleyes.gif . Although I put him in his bassinette an hour ago and he has slept soundly  - that's his first proper sleep in there! I hear him grizzling now so I think an hour is going to be it.

#22 tomkatsmum

Posted 08 October 2009 - 07:21 PM

okay i finally mde it back. LOL.

Sorry it took so long.

WRIST: not broken, but tendon damage. Dr said i would have been better to break it. grrr..... still sore, but not much i can do bt keep it strapped.

Thanks everyone for Tom's birthday wishes, he was so impressed to keep reading his name on the computer both in here and on FB. he had a lovely day, and we spent tonight making a stegosaurus cake for kinder tomorrow. i just cant believe he is 5.

i put a few pics up on the blog if anyone is interested.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEL!! hope you had a great day - can't wait to see a sneek peak of your new bub.

Friends of ours had a little boy this morning. Their 3rd child, 2nd boy. Remy George. Can't wait to go and see him after work tomorrow.

SUZ Hope bath time went smoothly. original.gif

TINA Jarvis sounds divine. You certainly have 3 gorgeous boys! Thanks for asking about me, i am doing ok atm. still a bit of a day by day thing though. Next appt with councellor is next tuesday, so xfingersx until then.

KAZ Hi. How are you going hon? tell us more abou tthe audition....sounds exciting. (orry i think that was a FB update??)

Tracy How are you travelling hon? How is that gorgeous boy of yours going? I can really see both the girls in him in your sig.

NAT Gad to hear you are finally over the m/s. WOOHOO!!

ok, have to run, love to everyone. have a lovely Friday

Love sharyn

#23 LittleDCJ

Posted 08 October 2009 - 07:24 PM

Happy birthday Mel. I hope that you had a lovely day and all went well at your scan.

Kristy - I so know how you feel but you slowly establish a new routine that works for you all.  How are the girls adjusting to having a baby in the house?

Sue - It's Thursday night so I'm on my own as well.  DH works til 9 and then heads out to dinner with some pharmacy mates and wont be home until about 11.30.  Jarvis is asleep, Carter fell asleep on the lounge at 6.30 (and is still there) and Deakin is in bed playing DS.  I can't be bothered cooking for me so I've just ordered a chicken yiros pizza, yum.  I am not even going to contemplate how many calories is in that.

Chat tomorrow.......

#24 natw

Posted 08 October 2009 - 07:59 PM

Happy Birthday Mel!! Hope you had a great day.

Tina I can't believe Jarvis is 8 months already either!

I'm on my own tonight as well. I had leftover minestrone for dinner, but the kids just had baked beans - their choice. It certainly ain't worth cooking them a lovely meal when DH isn't home with the whingeing and refusing to eat that goes on  wacko.gif

Sharyn Your DH is probably right, it would have been better to break your wrist. I hope it gets better soon. Enjoy your newborn cuddles tomorrow.

Kristy Hey as long as he's sleeping  wink.gif  Well done sounds like you're going well. Enjoy this time with DH home. How are the girls adjusting to Owen's arrival?

Hannah has a practice ballet exam tomorrow. The actual exam is in two weeks. A bit ridiculous I reckon  blink.gif I mean they're are 5 year olds. But the teachers are very serious  huh.gif  This is her last year though as she finds it a bit boring (and wants to do gymnastics - she does cartwheels everywhere). She is quite good though and is a bit of a perfectionist so she is leading the group of girls. I'm secretly glad she's got it out of her system  wink.gif  

#25 LittleDCJ

Posted 08 October 2009 - 08:22 PM

Just wanted to let you know about a thread from Karla in the venting section.  She's still having lots of medical problems with the twins and they need numerous tests and surgeries to hopefully give them a diagnosis.  What a tough 2 years she has had.

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