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#51 Freyja

Posted 19 October 2009 - 11:16 AM

HAppy Birthday Sue!!!

Sharyn - WOW! Congratulations  ddance.gif It's meant to be  biggrin.gif  Owen was given to us just like that  wink.gif Will you stay on your meds? I came off medication pretty quickly once I found out I was pg and it was awful. Hopefully it won't be like that for you XX

5 little ducks - I hope all goes well with Malakai. Am I right in assuming ASD is for Autism Spectrum Disorder or do you have a more specific diagnosis like aspergers? That is great that he is toilet trained.

Tracy - Yay on 8 hours sleep! I wonder when I will get that again??? I say don't stress about the 3 month leases - maybe they will keep putting the renos off? With any luck...

Karen - Sorry to hear you've had such a bad financial run. It seems to happen like that - several things go at once. The fine is annoying  rolleyes.gif I hope this is the end of it for you XX

Nat - hey! How's the pg going?

Owen is good. We introduced the dummy a week ago as he just wasn't settling very well unless being held. It seems to have helped a bit although he still spends 1/2 the night in our bed.  I want that sorted out by the time he's 12 weeks so 9 weeks to go...He has had his scan on the hemanginoma and we are back to the paed next month but i think it is fine - getting a bit bigger though. Sophie is back to school today - thank goodness. Her and Rose have been at each others throats so the break form each other is much needed. DH and I are about to head out to lunch with 'the boy' while the other two kids are elsewhere. Gotta do it while you can!

#52 ~cackleberry~

Posted 19 October 2009 - 05:57 PM

Happy birthday Sue!  Hope you had a great day. xo

#53 tomkatsmum

Posted 19 October 2009 - 06:10 PM

Happy Birthday Sue.  hope you were very spoilt.

We had a new arrival this morning, another little lamb. We didn't even know our ewe was pregnant as she is our youngest and we thought se would have had another year before lambing. I found it by accident at lunchtime today when i was hanging out the washing. It's a little girl, white, and very small, but finally starting to feed from Mum, (after 2 bottle feeds) so hoping she keeps getting stronger.  

My whole afternoon has revolved around this lamb today so nothing got done. Oh well.

*perhaps there is something in the water here!*

Tracy YEAH declan. great sleep for you all.

Kristy I actually took myself off the meds about a month ago, and that was pretty shocking, but now, in hindsight i am glad i did it.  Still seeing the counselor though, and using the midfullness techniques to help deal with some of the issues. I still have good and bad days and i am a little scared about this pregnancy and birth but i am hoping i have enough resources to get through it ok.

ok, off to lock up the lamb and ewe in the chook pen and get these kids to bed.

love to all, Sharyn

#54 natw

Posted 19 October 2009 - 07:44 PM

Happy Birthday Sue!! Hope you had a great day!

Wow lots of birthdays in October.

Sharyn Congrats on the new lamb. Lots of babies at your place atm  wink.gif How are you feeling? News starting to settle in yet?

Tracy Well done to Declan. You must feel great  original.gif

Kristy I hope you and DH enjoyed your lunch with Owen. Must have been lovely and peaceful  happy.gif I'm feeling great pg wise. Have forgotten how awful m/s was already and am getting excited about being pregnant.

I have my book in appt this Thursday at the hospital. So far I haven't seen anyone yet or heard a heartbeat or had a scan (I'm 15 weeks) so I'm happy my appt has finally arrived.  

#55 LittleAnnie

Posted 19 October 2009 - 07:46 PM

Hi all, sorry I have been shocking at posting lately  blush.gif

So what has been keeping me busy lately?  Hmm, well Miss Isla has decied to start taking steps  biggrin.gif   Very cute!  She is now sporting a big graze on her forehead from headbutting the corner of the couch  wacko.gif   We have decided to buy a block of land closer to the city and build our "dream" home!  So am busy working out what we can afford etc.  I have also been offered a new role at work, which will increase my days to 3 days per week.  It's to do with improving processes in the business so it should be interesting - I have to go to the U.S. in Feb for a week's training.  

Woops, will have to continue post later - Fast Forward is on and I have to watch!  tongue.gif

ETA : Happy Birthday Sue!!!!


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#56 LittleDCJ

Posted 19 October 2009 - 07:59 PM

Hi girls

Beautfiful sunny day here but it just reminds how much I don't like the heat.  I'm already looking forward to to Autumn!!  At least we're getting our reverse cycle a/c installed tomorrow so we can keep the house really cool on hot days.  Next thing to do is get the pergola done as that will help shade our living area.  But it all costs so much, DH complains that there's always money going out and not much coming in.

All doing well here.  Jarvis is such a cheeky character and keeping me on my toes.  Found him eating potting mix from a potplant in our bathroom the other day.  He also loves the wine rack so I've had to move all the bottles from the bottom 2 rows.

I'm taking Carter to see the Thomas and Friends show tomorrow.  I haven't said too much as I am sure Deakin will get upset that he has to go to school instead.  I hope he likes it, my only concern is if it's too loud as he's sensitive to loud noises and I can just imagine him sitting there the whole time with his fingers in his ears.

Nat - 15 weeks already, wow!!  Hope your appt goes well and you get to hear a strong heartbeat.

Linda - Well done to Miss Isla taking steps.  How exciting to be building your dream home, hope you find a great block soon.  Where abouts in the US will you be doing your training?

- Glad to hear that you and DH are excited about your pg.  So exciting about the new baby in your 'farm', hopefully she thrives and does well.  How is your running coming along?

Kristy - It's funny how days with just 1 child are now considered a luxury.  

- How are you doing hun?

- Hope you get another 8h sleep from Declan tonight.

#57 tomkatsmum

Posted 21 October 2009 - 10:17 AM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEL!!! hope you have a great day!

#58 LittleDCJ

Posted 21 October 2009 - 11:35 AM

Happy birthday Mel.  Hope you have a lovely lunch with your DH.

Sharyn - Love your new ticker, makes it so real now seeing that.  How are you feeling?  Did you have m/s with Tom or Katie?

Cleaning the house today.  Had reverse cycle a/c installed yesterday and now the house is so dusty.  Done the back half, now just need to do the bedrooms.  Jarvis is having a huge morning sleep so I've got lots done.

Trying to be organised and sort out all my xmas shopping.  Just ordered a trampoline for the boys.  Comes with a free tent cover which I am sure they will get lots of use from over the years.  I don't like camping so now they can go camping in the backyard, lol!!!

#59 2forSuz

Posted 21 October 2009 - 12:04 PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEL!  Hope you have a wonderful day original.gif

And thank you girls for my birthday wishes on Monday, both here and on FB  wub.gif

Flat out at work getting ready for a 3 day conference and with 2 co-workers conveniently away at the moment  glare.gif it's all fallen to me.   Nothing like stuffing 45 folders full of hundreds of lecture notes and doing all the catering organisation solo!  Oh well, at least I've earned my wage this week.

How did Carter enjoy the Thomas show, Tina? We saw it in Melbourne a couple of years ago with Ryan, he was enthralled!


#60 ~cackleberry~

Posted 21 October 2009 - 06:02 PM

Happy birthday Mel!  Hope you had a wonderful day!   cool.gif

#61 My3kiddies

Posted 22 October 2009 - 12:02 PM

Happy 6 Months Old to my BIG boy Declan!!!!
biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

#62 natw

Posted 24 October 2009 - 08:25 PM

Hi girls  biggrin.gif Is it time I joined facebook? I'm a bit scared  laugh.gif

Happy Birthday Mel for the other day!

Wow Tracy is Declan really 6 months already?!?!

My first midwife appt went well - and there is a baby in there  happy.gif Still no movements yet but belly def getting bigger.

My little 4 month old niece is in hospital atm with whooping cough. It has gone through their whole family but my sister has been banging her head against the wall trying to get the Drs to take her concerns seriously and test them (they refused to test and kept fobbing her off over several weeks  nno2.gif ) We have seen them in this time so they were told to inform everyone. What can the Dr do if we know we may have been exposed? My kids are showing no signs of being sick so should we take them to the Dr urgently or just mention it the next time we are there? (which will probably be this coming week so T can have his next needle).

I'm just not sure how urgent it is  shrug.gif

#63 ~cackleberry~

Posted 25 October 2009 - 09:56 AM

Hey Nat, glad to hear your first midwife appt went well.  original.gif  I would just run it by the dr when you get Tobias's needles done next week if your children aren't showing any signs.  I don't really know much about Whooping Cough, but how scary for your sister having it go through the whole family and not getting any help from the drs.  Your poor niece.  sad.gif  

Tracy, happy half year to your darling son, Declan. original.gif

Suz, hope you survived your busy week last week.

Tina, yay for the new a/c!!  It will come in handy this next week.  I'm trying to get organised for Xmas as well, but don't seem to be getting anywhere at the moment.  I've asked my MIL and family to give me some ideas for presents, but they seem to be putting me off all the time (they probably think it's still too early to be thinking about Xmas).  So, if they don't let me know in the next week, i'm shopping for what I think.  Trying to get the boys to write their lists to Santa as well, so I can put some things on layby.

Linda, yay for Isla walking!!! eexcite.gif  They grow so fast!  Good luck with the organisations for building your dream home near the city.  How exciting!  We'd so love to build a home near here (Yarra Valley) with a bit of land.  Are you excited about going to the US in Feb?

Sharyn, how are you feeling?  Has m/s hit yet?

We are having a quiet day at home today.  Yesterday was fairly busy.  I took Cameron to the drs just to have his chest checked.  He has been complaining of soreness while exercising at school.  The dr said it was nothing to worry about, sometimes the cartlidge underneath the ribs hurt and it's unexplained as to why.  He gave him some exercises to do to help.  Michael had a bike ride with scouts yesterday morning to Warburton, it took them around 2.5 hrs.  It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, so when we picked him up we had a sit by the river and a paddle, it was lovely.

I should go get dressed I guess, then DH and I are going to catch up on a few taped shows on tv.  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Oh Mel (Kaleli), I saw some pics on FB of your 80's 30th b'day party.  So happy to hear you had a great night hun.  I kind of wish I had a party for my 30th, but Caitie was only 3 weeks old at the time and I didn't have the energy to organise it, lol.  I've lucked out for each of my big birthdays, for my 21st b'day, I was 5 mths pregnant with Michael

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#64 Freyja

Posted 26 October 2009 - 05:12 PM

Nat - Yeah - join facebook! It's time  yyes.gif

Mel - Ooh - you had an 80's 30th? My sister's 30th is in Feb and she is having an 80's dress up theme too! DH is going as John Mcenroe (sp?) but I need ideas for myself and the girls as well as Owen - (Aww, how cute dressing him up!). I'll have to get some ideas from you...

Kaz - quiet days are good original.gif although I never seem to get them with Sophie and Rose these days.

I am so time poor these days - gotta run as the kids are getting a bit crazy in the bath *sigh*

#65 LittleDCJ

Posted 26 October 2009 - 08:16 PM

Hi girls

Sick atm.  My throat is killing me and I have a bad chest infection.  Coughing so much it gives me a headache.  So disappointed as I have my Cancer council Race 4 Life 10km run this weekend and I haven't been running for over a week.   I tried to go on Sunday and really struggled.  I'll still do it but not push myself and will have to walk a lot more than I plannned.  I've raised $400 already which I am really happy about.  

Boys are well.  Deakin is loving karate, we've now signed him up as a member. Carter is as cheeky as ever but lots of fun.  He's got a girlfriend at childcare called Phoebe and I think she's broken his heart already.  All he talks about is her walking away from him last week.  I think he's going to be a sensitive boy.  Jarvis is doing well, crawling everywhere and into everything.  4 teeth already and keeps me on my toes.

Think I should grab an early night.

#66 ~cackleberry~

Posted 27 October 2009 - 07:56 AM

Oh Tina, hope you feel better soon hun.  And good luck this weekend.  Well done on raising $400!

Kristy, when I say a quiet day, I mean nowhere to go...in reality it's far from being quiet around here.   laughing2.gif How's Owen been going?  Sounds like you've been flat out.  It will be so fun to dress him up for the 80's night.  happy.gif

I'm off to playgroup this morning, then going to go visit mum.  She's still doing well in the low care home.  I called yesterday to speak to one of the carers to see how she's been and all is going well, except at times she gets confused and starts to pack her bags thinking she's going somewhere.  sad.gif  I really miss my mum.  I see her once a week/fortnight but it's not the same.  I miss our chats.

Trying to get organised for Xmas.  We are having my family here, even my brother is coming down from QLD.  eexcite.gif  I'm starting to collect one or two things each shop, so I get a little stash set aside.  Also trying to get the boys to write out Santa lists, so I can start putting things on layby.

Well, really must get going as Caitie is asking to get dressed ready for playgroup.  She's saying 'but mum, it's taking AGES!' lol.  Knew I shouldn't have told her she had playgroup today so early.  She woke at 4.50am this morning  yyawn.gif  saying that a mozzie was on her pillow, then her pink doggy and THEN her toes!   laugh.gif

#67 tomkatsmum

Posted 29 October 2009 - 08:53 AM

HI everyone,

This week has been a shocker for M/s, it has been all day for most of the week. Today is the first day i felt quite human so thought I had better jump on and say g'day.

I think it has all finally sunk in. I had an appt at my GP on monday and she has written out my slips for bloods and u/s at 12 weeks. have my first OB appt on the 2nd of dec.

we haven't told the kids yet, we are hoping to wait until we have had the first u/s.

trying to decide what to do about mat leave at work, so any imput would be greatly appreciated. Here is the options:

I *think* we are due about 16th - 20th of June, but it will be a schedualled c/s  sad.gif due to my past history. This is the last two weeks of term 2. I can either take leave from the end of term 1, which would mean most of my mat pay will be done by just after the baby is born (and in this financial year). Or i can work through until the middle / end of may. pretty much right up until the baby is born. this would mean having to write end of semester reports before i finish.

so what would you do? i just can't decide.

Kaz How wonderful that your family is coming for xmas. that is great. hope you had a nice visit with your Mum. It must be hard for you missing her so much.

Tina How are you feeling hon? I hope you are better. you are doing so well with your running. I haven't been doing any running as it feels like my (.)(.)'s are going to explode when i do they are so sore. Have managed to keep up my swimming though.

Kristy How are you going  hon? hope the kids are being good for you.

Nat Glad your appt went well. Poor little mite with whooping cough. that must be awful.

Ok, i am going to go and try and get some organising done, we are off to melb tonight. Mum and dad are going to have the kids and we are going to see John Farnham at the Palais. Woohoo. Bugger that we have to drive back tonight though as DH has to work tomorrow. Day care is closed tomorrow for their staff day (it used to be a holiday for our show day) so i have a day off to look after the kids. happy about that.

love to all.


#68 ~cackleberry~

Posted 29 October 2009 - 12:52 PM

Sharyn, gosh that's a hard decision about mat leave.  There is good and bad for both options.  Option one - going on mat leave earlier is great because it will take the stress off you for writing the reports etc, but option two could be good, as you may need the distraction near the end of pregnancy to help time go faster.  Also, the money is better in option two.  I guess it comes downt to whether or not you can afford to leave earlier or whether you think you'd be able to handle the workload of report writing if you stay on longer.  Sorry i'm not much help.  Tough decision.  Sorry to read you've had m/s.  sad.gif  Enjoy your night out to the John Farnham concert tonight! eexcite.gif

I'm just waiting for my MIL to arrive.  We are going to an art exhibition when the boys get home from school, as the boys have a piece of art each displayed.  original.gif  Then tonight, we are all going to a 'showcase extravaganza' evening at Michael's high school for next year.  It should be a good night out.

I took Caitie for her 3.5 yr old check up yesterday.  She did well, except for not knowing her surname (gosh, she's only 3, not quite sure why they wanted her to know that?) and she had to give the health nurse 5 blocks.  She counted out 9 and pushed them towards her.  The health nurse said 'no, can you give me 5 blocks?' and Caitie said 'yes, that is 5 blocks'.   laughing2.gif Oops!  She did manage to give her 3 blocks though and build a tower like the health nurse's one.   She is still such a little petite girl weighing in at 14.7kgs and measuring 95cms.  She is on the 25th percentile on the graph.

Well, had best go grab some lunch.  I've been too busy cleaning and forgot I hadn't had it yet.

#69 My3kiddies

Posted 29 October 2009 - 06:28 PM

Karen:- OMG what was that health nurse doing to poor Caitlin. A child of that age doesn't know how to do that stuff. (I used to work in childcare before having the girls/Dec and haven't seen any child of 3.5 know surnames and count blocks correctly.  ohmy.gif Willow doesn't even know her last name and she does count blocks out but gets most of the numbers past 4 mixed up.   wink.gif So I wouldn't be worrying about what the nurse said.  rolleyes.gif Willow is still very small to, she weights around 14kgs and is pretty short too. Declan is nearly half her hight LOL.

Sharyn:- Good to hear that things are going well with the pregnancy.  biggrin.gif M/S is good. I know that is not nice to hear while you are having it. LOL. I had really bad morning sickness with Declan up until around 19 weeks it left me feeling so horrible, I think its worse too when you are tired looking after other kids too.

Tina:- Hope you are feeling better now. Thats great that you raised so much money, you should be very proud of yourself.

Ahhhh Declan is awake. He still has his cold and waking himself up sometimes. But he's a lot better then he was in the beginning of the week. Ok will try and get back tomorrow. (will try) blush.gif

Tracy original.gif

#70 LittleDCJ

Posted 29 October 2009 - 08:12 PM

Hi girls

Still getting over my chest infection.  I'm so disappointed I wont be able to do a proper run on Sunday but I'm still going.  Will just jog a bit and see how I feel and probably walk most of it.  Plus it's going to be 36C and I don't cope well in the heat.  It's at 8am but will still be in the 20s by then.  Really proud of my fundraising, have been sponsored for $434 so far.  All money goes to breast cancer research and services so definitely a worthy cause.

Boys are well.  I don't think we've even told Carter what his surname is.  He does know his address and is very proud of that.  He's loving nursery school and childcare atm, really loves playing with other kids and keeping busy.  Jarvis was 9mo yesterday!!!  OMG where has that time gone?  Now he has been 'out' as long as he was 'in' me baking.

Tracy - Your new ticker is very scary.  I'm trying to be organised and do most of my xmas shopping in the next few weeks.

Karen - Don't stress about Caitie's assessment, she is fine.  How was the art exhibition and extravaganza?  

Sharyn - I would be tempted to stay working for term 2.  How have you coped working in the last stages of your previous pregnancies?  Have fun at the concert.  Sorry to hear you are suffering m/s but take it as a good sign.

#71 tomkatsmum

Posted 30 October 2009 - 09:38 AM


he is a seriously good entertainer. He played for 1 1/2 hours and was the only one on the stage that didn't take a break. He even sang Sade!!

I just had the best night with DH. We got home at 2.30 this morning after plucking the kids from their beds at mums at midnight. they were so good though and didn't even wake.

Kids and I are having a PJ day today, although we might duck into town and buy something nice for DH, who had to get up and go to work thismorning.

Love to all.


#72 Freyja

Posted 30 October 2009 - 12:03 PM

Hi guys,

just snatching a few minutes on here while Rose and Owen are occupied.

- You are on such a high! Glad you enjoyed your night out. I would be inclined to work longer and do the end of semester reports. In all reality you'd be asked to leave assessments/work of some kind for the teacher taking over your position anyway so you'll still have additional work if you finished in term 1. I know when I finished up I was run off my feet getting everything 'ready' for the new teacher. End of term 2 is a nice and tidy time to finish up with minimal transition for the new teacher so less 'hand over' preparation for you.

Tina - Yeah - where has that 9 months gone? Best of luck with your run on Sunday. Don't push yourself too much!

Hi Tracey!

- I am sure if you'd told Caitie her surname previously she would have known it  wink.gif. As for the 5 blocks - pffft! Some kids come into kindy (called 1:1 correspondence) without that and it's not too much of a worry. Just count things and point to items when the opportunity arises in everyday life (how many forks do we need for dinner? Let's count them etc). She'll get it by the time she's 5!

I went to a new playgroup today which was nice. They have a really good set up so will keep going on Friday mornings.

Dh recently found out that he got a job he applied for. It's a great opportunity for him in terms of promotion in the future etc but means he will be leaving home earlier, getting home later and travelling a lot further. For me it means I have to do all the pre-school drops, school drops and afternoon activities on my own, cook dinner and bath kids on my own every night *sigh* I know a lot of mums do this anyway but I'm used to DH walking in the door 4.30pm. It will take a bit of getting used to. I was/am supportive of this job but was kinda hoping he wouldn't get it iykwim.

#73 ~cackleberry~

Posted 30 October 2009 - 02:07 PM

Kristy, congratulations to your DH on his new job.  That's great news.  Definately a huge adjustment for you, since you're used to him getting in the door at 4.30pm.  Glad you found a playgroup you like.  I've been going to the one I go with Caitie since she was 5 weeks old now and love it.  The people are so lovely.

Sharyn, the concert sounds great!  He still has it hey?  How nice of you to buy your DH something lovely.  PJ day does sound great though.  I haven't one of them in sooooo long.  Even today when I thought I didn't have to go anywhere, I ended up having to go out to the bank...*sigh*

I wasn't really worried about Caitie when I mentioned the health nurse, just thought it was funny how she handed the 9 blocks over and was so adament that it was 5 she gave the health nurse, lol.  I was a bit surprised actually, as she counts ALLLL the time and can count to 10 quite easily, so it's all good.  original.gif

Hi to everyone else.  waves.gif  About to go on school run.  Michael has a sleepover party tonight...that boy seems to be having a sleepover every weekend lately.  All his friends seem to have birthdays near the end of the year and it's always sleepovers.  He's also going to one weekend after next.   rolleyes.gif  One day, I just 'might' get a whole weekend at home not going anywhere.  I don't really like my chances though.

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