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June 06 Parents # 265

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#1 Sandra

Posted 15 October 2009 - 08:48 AM

New thread time ladies.


#2 *~*Kitty*~*

Posted 15 October 2009 - 08:52 AM


BBL!  tongue.gif

#3 roni29

Posted 15 October 2009 - 09:20 AM

And the lurker creeps in to steal silver! laughing2.gif blush.gif

#4 seepi

Posted 15 October 2009 - 10:08 AM

B r o n z e !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huh - you girls coulda let me have gold on my birthday!

#5 Guest_philbysgirl_*

Posted 15 October 2009 - 11:20 AM

Happy Birthday Cass. original.gif

#6 MacFeral

Posted 15 October 2009 - 12:26 PM

Happy Birthday Cass  biggrin.gif

#7 laraq75

Posted 15 October 2009 - 12:34 PM


#8 Xanadu25

Posted 15 October 2009 - 12:34 PM

Happy Birthday Cass biggrin.gif

Grr, job hunting sux.
How come all the part time jobs (limited too) need you to work every day.
May as well get a full time one as I would still have to pay full time childcare.

Just applied for a job about 1hr ago, fairly local and got a call within 1/2 an hour for an interview. Really liked my resume. Then the lady realised it was put in the wrong section (was now full time, not part) sad.gif Every reply I have likes my resume.
Either the money is crap or they ask if I have kids.
Also, with the medical course, those jobs already want you to have worked in a medical environment. How do you get experience if no one will hire you? How did those ppl start out. I think i am maybe too old to get a foot in the door.
All very frustrating.
Kids are currently in 3 days and if I let go any days, very good chance I wont get them back. Grrrrr. What to do.

Okay, vent over. Off to clean up mess from 2 little piglets who drop toys and food everywhere and bicker alot.


#9 MRT

Posted 15 October 2009 - 12:46 PM

Hi girls

Just popping my head in to let you know that I still exist! Been super busy with people away at work but they are back now so thinks are starting to return to the normal busy instead of ridiculous!

Susie - I have heaps of work I could get you to help out with 3 days a week - want to move to Adelaide???

Happy Birthday Cass

There was more I wanted to say from the other thread now but I can't remember.  Oh yeah except Gemma I'm with the others I can't see any value in letting the girlfriend meet Kaitlyn, good to see A is showing interest though.

Nothing much to report here, we have my Mum's 60th next weekend which is going to be fun because it's just my brother and his family, my family and Mum going on a winery tour and they are all staying at our place. It will be crazy but the kids will love it.

Hi to everyone.

#10 Xanadu25

Posted 15 October 2009 - 12:51 PM

LOL - okay. Do I have to bring the kids? Tounge1.gif

#11 MRT

Posted 15 October 2009 - 01:34 PM

That's entirely up to you Susie.....

#12 Xanadu25

Posted 15 October 2009 - 02:11 PM

Bugger, I am kind of attached to them wub.gif  lol

#13 C.C.S.

Posted 16 October 2009 - 10:41 AM


Just popping in to say hi, Chayse is at grandmas cooking biscuits and Seth is asleep and DH is out looking at a motorbike!  So it's lovely and quiet here.

Up until yesterday Seth has been quite unsettled, colic style I think - theres plenty of wind gurgling in his belly - been using infacol and not drinking coffee/eating chocolate (which is nearly killing me) and he has come good.

Chayse is good - mostly LOL as good as a 3 yo is anyway!

Happy birthday (belated) Rach & Cass hope you both had a great day!

but that's my cue - Seth is waking, have a lovely weekend ladies.


#14 MRT

Posted 16 October 2009 - 08:10 PM

Hi all

Well we had a nice day today, I actually got a proper day off (normally I am still working on something on a Friday) and we've been to Playgroup and done the food shopping as well as a few loads of washing!

Tomorrow I am off to Marion Shopping Centre (really big shopping centre in Adelaide) to pick up Mum's birthday. We got her one of those circle of life necklaces.It was only $250 marked down from $500. I've had it on lay by paying my half off and my brother put his share into my account yesterday. Today I booked our mini bus, made the chocolate shards for the cake and called the winery so we are all set for her 60th next weekend. The winery has a playground and wildlife park so the kids should be well catered for. Apparently they can play in the playground while we taste the wines!!

I joined weight watchers on line today! I'm really feeling motivated now to shift the 4.5 kgs I want to get rid of before my cousins wedding in January. Two girls at work are doing weight watchers (attending meetings) and they showed me the on line tools during the week which motivated me to join up. Their on line tracking is a lot like Calorie Counter but obviously it's points instead of calories - I'm more used to counting points so think that will suit me better.  They have a special on at the moment $75 for 3 months so I saved $38 and it works out to only $6.25 per week which is a lot cheaper than going to the meetings.

A very good friend of mine has had a tough 24 hours. Her son in law collapsed at work on Thursday with a brain hemorrage. 4 hours of brain surgery later and he is now in a stable condition. What a relief, his wife and he have two kids, one is 5 the other is only about 6 weeks old. I can't imagine how stressed she must have been. Especially knowing his mother died of the same thing! Makes you really think about the important things in life and that you never know what life will throw at you.

Might log off now and watch Shawshank Redeption - I love that movie.

#15 4littlemonkeys

Posted 17 October 2009 - 09:18 AM

Hi girls,

Just on to say Hi waves.gif  My computer is being stupiid and I have been offline since Thursday night.. Kids and I are off to a breast cancer "girls day in" today at a friends house. It will be good fun - lots of games, drinks etc. I of course am not drinking as I will have the kids with me, but it will still be fun! wink.gif

BBL tonight for more


#16 ~gemma~

Posted 17 October 2009 - 10:33 AM

Morning girls, the day is going so slow today

Rach ~ Have fun

Mell ~ All the best to your friends son-in-law, i hope he is ok

I have a couple of houses to look at, one is through my R/E so im hoping that they will help me out a bit. Gota wait til end of next week before they are showing it though. Just not 100% on the area thats all, but its 4 bedrooms which is what i would like

A seen Kaitlyn 3 days in a row, he adores her. I think she will be good for him, might settle him a bit. I did end up meeting him and his GF the other night, only for about 40 minutes, she was ok, very quiet though. He wants to go have a picnic next weekend so that his older DD can meet her sister. The GF will be there too, which i dont mind.

Well better go, im still in my pjs and really need to go grocery shopping when K gets home so i can leave the 3 kids with him. He has been good about A meeting Kaity which is good.

#17 friendly68

Posted 18 October 2009 - 11:00 AM

Gemma - lovely to hear A is so taken with Kaitlyn.  She is a cutie!  original.gif

Leah - are you still around, hows the study going?  Are you doing any book work while you are studying?

#18 Guest_philbysgirl_*

Posted 19 October 2009 - 09:16 AM

waves.gif Junies,

I had an awesome time away with our Mum's group Families.  We hired an entire lodge (7 families) and had the best fun.  The accomodation was so perfect we are going to hire the same place again next year.

Yes Shaz I am still around.  I was offline for a week cause we changed internet providers so I have been slack posting since.  I am still studying, and have about 4-5 weeks left to hand in this years work so it is full on ATM.  If I get RPL's for 3 of the subjects I am enrolled in I will finish the Cert III this year and can start the Cert IV next year.  Originally I thought I wouldn't finish the Cert III til mid next year.   I am really enjoying it, however ready for a break now as it has been full on.

Gemma I hope the house hunting is successful soon, the uncertainty would be  PITA, especially with Tahlia starting school and not knowing where would be best to enrol her.  

LOL Mel food shopping and washing is not a day off!  Good Luck with the weight watchers, I have 5 kgs to loose, hopefully I will get motivated when my school classes finish for the year.

Char a colic baby is full on isn't it.  I hope it continues to settle down. It is so heartbreaking seeing them in pain and not being able to do much to help.

Susie any jobs worth applying for this week?  I applied for one a few weeks ago and they rang me same day to set up an interview.  It would have been good experience but it was all day Saturday, Sunday & Monday which would have been too hard on the family so I cancelled the interview.

Rach any luck with msn yet?

#19 4littlemonkeys

Posted 19 October 2009 - 11:13 AM

Leah - MSN is working! ddance.gif  Your email changed didn't it?? Can you PM me your new one and I can add you?? I am looking forward to Junies chats like us girls used to have back in the good old days! roll2.gif

I am also studying.. I better get back to it.. I have a few assignments I want to submit today, as well as study for my exam on Friday.  I also have to drop into the school the boys are going to next year today.  I want to check out the uniform situation as well as hand some forms in.

I roughly calculated the boys getting the full summer uniform each (which includes 2 pairs of shorts each of normal uniform, and one sport shorts each, plus 5 tops each - for every day laughing2.gif, plus 2 jumpers each, 2 hats each (as they lose them), and a raincoat each (as umbrellas are not allowed) and it is just over $500 all together.. ohmy.gif  Then of course we have shoes on top which won't be cheap. They have to wear black shoes for both sport and normal so I am going to get them good black joggers that can be worn normally - so I don't care if they are a bit more. I have feet issues (i wear orthodics, so I am so paranoid about them wearing decent shoes when they are at school).

Then of course after that initial outlay I will have to buy their winter uniforms on top of that.  Oh well. I guess when I look at it I would spend more than that on their clothes usually - but this way I can spend a lot less on their normal clothes as they will be at school most of the time! wink.gif  The thing that annoys me is we are only here for next year, so the start of 2011 they will be at a new school and I have to buy them all again!  

Anyhow that is my whinge for the day!  Better get back to this studying!

#20 Guest_philbysgirl_*

Posted 19 October 2009 - 12:55 PM

Rach I got DS black school shoes from Myers.  They are black Clarks runners with velcro straps.  If you wait til after New Years they have a special each year buy one get the 2nd pair half price. $150 for 2 pairs and they have insoles in them that you can remove as they grow so you should get a full year out of them.
I don't think I changed my email address on msn, I will check and also email you my new address. original.gif

#21 seepi

Posted 20 October 2009 - 07:21 PM

First decent sunny day here today - gorgeous!

I've been outside weeding all day and we had homegrown vegies for dinner - I feel very virtuous.


#22 ~gemma~

Posted 21 October 2009 - 07:17 AM

Tipped to reach 35 here today ohmy.gif i cant like that very much LOL. Kaitlyn didnt do too great yesterday at 32, but then we were out all day so thats probably why. Its beautiful now, wish the day could stay just like it is now!

Picked up my pram yesterday ddance.gif gota put it together today.

#23 seepi

Posted 21 October 2009 - 03:38 PM

ouch Gemma - 35 is no good at all - it isnt even summer yet.

We had a nice sunny,
breezy 24 yesterday and similar today - lovely.

I have bought DD a new wiggles dvd which is keeping her busy thankgoodness.
Her latest thing is 'you are the child mummy and I am the mummy' and then she bosses me around....


#24 laraq75

Posted 21 October 2009 - 05:06 PM

Did you all see what the wonderful Nat did for me:


#25 4littlemonkeys

Posted 21 October 2009 - 09:21 PM

Gorgeous pics lara.. This weekend I am going to try to get you to take a nice pic of BJ, me and the kids for our christmas cards.. Lets hope we can get one! original.gif

Gem - What sort of pram did you get? It was 36 degrees here today so I hear you on the weather. So hot! I don't envy you having a little bub with this weather!

Leah - Thanks re: the shoes. I will hold off and look there in January in the before school sales to try to get them some good Clarks ones too! original.gif

Gotta get to bed.. kids are at CC tomorrow and i will be studying (cramming) for my exam on Friday... Fun fun! laughing2.gif At least once its done its my last exam for the year, and all I have to do is 5 more assignments in 3 weeks which is do-able if I don't slack off! I just have to remind myself how much less work I will have next year if I get all this done! original.gif

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