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June 06 Parents # 265

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#26 laraq75

Posted 22 October 2009 - 06:08 AM

Rach - two more sleeps until we see you again.  DH is the photographer in the family so I will get him to do the photo.

We are off on our road trip on Saturday.  We are driving to queensland to have a holiday and see friends and family. It should be an interesting experience.

#27 Guest_philbysgirl_*

Posted 22 October 2009 - 01:45 PM

What are my Junie pals up to this week?

LOL Cass my DD plays the same game.  

Lara I hope you have a fun trip to QLD. original.gif

Rach I think the shoes might actually have been $75 each, so $112 for 2 pairs.

Edited by philbysgirl, 22 October 2009 - 01:46 PM.

#28 MacFeral

Posted 22 October 2009 - 03:03 PM

Hi all,

It seems everyone has lives now  biggrin.gif  that or our children prevent us from using the internet.

I've been going to the shops sporadically, making some presents for my new nieces, going to the gym (not a lot happening on the losing weight front but I am a lot stronger so I figure I am building muscle mass) and starting to fill up the calendar with events between now and Christmas. It is starting to get crazy already.

We will be meeting my 3 week old niece this weekend (hopefully).


#29 laraq75

Posted 22 October 2009 - 04:28 PM

Kira - love the new sig, very cute

Leah - well you know what I am going to get up to in the next few weeks.  

#30 4littlemonkeys

Posted 24 October 2009 - 07:15 AM

Hi ladies waves.gif

Kira - I don't really have an exciting life.. but I am busy as usual! roll2.gif  

Leah - Even at $75 each if they last all year, i think they are a good deal!! I will chat to you more in January about it! I did my exam and it seemed ok, so lets just wait on the results now.. *sigh*

Lara - Yay can't wait to see you all this arvo! wink.gif

Well DH got home from Adelaide, and is VERY happy to be home! wink.gif  This morning kids and I are off to a friends for morning tea.  My friend lives near us and has a great outdoor area - which they just had filled with cement, so the kids are going to have a blast! wink.gif  Then this arvo the lovely Lara and her family are coming to stay overnight!  Tomorrow afternoon kids and I are off to another friends for a play, so that will be fun! Monday is the boys first school orientation session cry1.gif - I can't believe my babies will be in Kindy next year! sad.gif  Then just working Tues/Wed and trying to get all my study done.

I have to get DH's birthday pressie (as he is 40 on the 8th Nov), so am thinking something to do with Geelong! laughing2.gif  I have to get my sis to order it though and pay her cash (so she can do it on her Credit Card), so I can keep it a surprise from DH (as we have joint bank accounts!).

Okey better go - hope you are all having a lovely Saturday! wink.gif

#31 friendly68

Posted 24 October 2009 - 11:21 AM

Rose - thanks for your help with that yummy Roast Lamb in the slow cooker.  Was soooo nice - I do love my lamb.  biggrin.gif  DH was impressed too, although he was having a go at me for having never made gravy before in my 40 odd years of life (not that I can remember anyway).  I reminded him it was very special to be getting a roast dinner on a Friday night rather than pizza!

Lara - have fun on your trip.  Our weather is beautiful up here at the moment, we've got the pool cover off and intend to use it this weekend.  If you get out this way maybe we could all catch up with Rose and Lisa etc.  Although the play cafe out this way closed down.

Rach - wow boys at Kindy, gee they grow up so fast.  I'm thinking of trying to get Caden in to something next year if I can, so he gets a chance to play with more kids his own age.  I think he gets bored with mummy all day long.

Kira - lovely new siggy.  Meeting a new baby, be careful....

Leah - we're not doing much, I've just cleaned the ensuite and I think we are going to clean out the garage this arvo.

I've been selling some baby stuff the last week.  Sold both the bassinets, and our singleton pram, plus a few other bits and pieces.  I'm sure I will find some more stuff over the weekend.  Sold some of it on here and some on Ebay.  It feels good to have a clean out, although a bit sad to sell the baby stuff.

Better go, the girls are due to wake up soon.

#32 ~gemma~

Posted 24 October 2009 - 12:07 PM

Shaz ~ if you are selling any girly clothes let me know original.gif

I applied for the house i want, hopefully hear back by Monday or Tuesday.

Meant to be going for a picnic 2moro with A, his GF and DD, but havent heard from him so dont know whats going on. He said his ex wife doesnt want his DD to know Kaitlyn sad.gif

#33 friendly68

Posted 25 October 2009 - 11:16 AM

Gemma - yep I do have quite a bit of girly clothes going.  I had some on Ebay, but pulled it down because I decided here was a better place to sell it.  What sizes are you after, currently I have lots of 0000 & 000 going?

#34 ~gemma~

Posted 25 October 2009 - 11:30 AM

Shaz ~ Just after a few 000 at the moment, Kaity doenst have many biggrin.gif

#35 MacFeral

Posted 27 October 2009 - 10:31 AM

Hi all,

I met my new niece on the weekend. Shaz, I wasn't at all clucky which is so not normally like me. Maybe I've been cured...LOL!

I've also been trying to get rid of baby stuff. With two new nieces I've given away all the non-special baby girl stuff and some other bits and pieces to other people I know who are pregnant. Even though it is sad it feels great to declutter. I'm about to start getting rid of toys because no doubt there will be plenty more following Christmas and the house isn't coping as it is.

#36 BelnBen

Posted 27 October 2009 - 04:59 PM

Hi all!

Gemma - sounds good with A, but don't go too fast.

Char - how is Seth and the colic?

Hope everyone is well.

Saw our Paed yesterday and he ordered blood tests for Grace - she has done what Ben did and dropped off the percentile scales! We started solids on Sunday - she was 5 mths old then too. He's concerned about a bit of 'waste' round her bottom and upper legs - and not taking much weight on her legs. Perhaps a Vit B12 deficiency.
Anyway, about an hour at the pathologist and 3 attempts (one arm, heel prick and finally the other arm), a senior path found her vein and they got what they needed. It was heartbreaking - she just screamed!! sad.gif

Otherwise, all is good with her development. Trying sw Pot tonight - if I can stop burning the steamer out!!! LOL

Had our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday - I got a lovely bunch of beautiful white roses.

Have had 2 castings in the last week - both for TV presenter type positions - will just wait and see now. I was happy with both and the guys filming were too.

Ben driving us nuts a bit lately - really pushing limits and checking boundaries lately - typical toddler behaviour I suppose!!

Anyway, best go.


#37 ~gemma~

Posted 28 October 2009 - 09:01 AM

Oh Bel, poor Grace having to have blood taken sad.gif Happy anniversary for the other day and good luck with the castings!


#38 4littlemonkeys

Posted 28 October 2009 - 07:13 PM

Hi girls waves.gif

NOthing much happening here.. boring indeed! wink.gif

Day off tomorrow - so my sis and I are going shopping to a big shopping centre near us.. trying to finish off my Chrissy shopping at Toys R' Us.  

Lara - Hope you are having a blast up north.. will text you shortly! wink.gif


#39 seepi

Posted 31 October 2009 - 08:30 PM

Just bumping us up.

I enrolled Adele in 6 swimming lessons today. She was unco-operative in the assessment, just wandering off when they asked her to blow bubbles under water. so she got in the total beginner class. but she is a total beginner, so that's ok!


#40 C.C.S.

Posted 01 November 2009 - 07:56 AM

A nice quiet Sunday here for us.  
Bel - Seth's started throwing up more with the wind still so no better but it's not major.  

Poor little fella has his Pavlik Harness (for clicky hips) on now, he has to have it on for 6 weeks 24/7 (no bathing just sponge down) then will be reassessed and will probably have to wear it for another 6 weeks but able to take it off for baths.  

All else is good nothing exciting happening here, though I'm hoping I won the lotto last night!  wink.gif

Take care.

#41 Guest_philbysgirl_*

Posted 02 November 2009 - 10:00 AM

Chaz 2 of my nieces wore the braces for the clicky hips too, and 3 girls in my original mum's group had them.  DD had the clicky hips but didn't need the brace as hers were not bad enough to come out of the socket.  It is more common in girls than boys isn't it? How is he going with it?
Did you win lotto? LOL.

Cass I hope Adele enjoys her swimming lessons.  DD & DS are going to do the intensive programs over Christmas.  DS has just finished an intensive program at school and progressed heaps in the 2 weeks.  DD come with me to watch his lessons and has been hounding me to do lessons too.  We took them to the pool yesterday for a play and they were in there for 4 hours and had so much fun.

Rach did you get any bargains at your Toys 'R Us shopping trip?  I managed to do nearly all of our kids Christmas shopping at a trip to the Mattel shop.  Lots of board games (like Junior scrabble) for DS and some Barbies and puzzles for DD.   DD has just started doing jig saw puzzles and loves them as much as DS did.

Lara how is your trip away going?  I read on facebook that Angus has  been unwell. sad.gif

Happy Wedding Anniversary Bel original.gif , ours is coming up soon too.

DD has been acting naughty lately. I think that she is getting bored and that three year old kinder will be very good for her next year.  DS didn't do three year old kinder but I was still meeting up with my IRL mum's group two times a week then, plus playgroup, swimming etc.  Most of our Mum's group have now returned to work so we only meet up once or twice a fortnight and special occasions for playdates now so DD misses out.  She does have a play date with her cousin two times a week but I think she needs more stimulation and gets bored with me trying to cram in studying when we are at home.

#42 4littlemonkeys

Posted 03 November 2009 - 10:29 AM

Hi girls,

I just got home from my boys second school orientation.  

I did my fitness test at work this morning - so have had a busy morning doing that and then racing home to get the boys organised!

This arvo I am planning on doing a little bit of housework and vegging in front of the TV, and maybe a little bit of studying..

Leah - I can imagine Chloe would be getting bored. Isabel would go nuts if she wasn't in daycare.  I think its the age for sure.  How is the study going?  When does your year end? At TRU I managed to get a scooter for each of the kdis - I got Izzy the 3 wheel pink razor for $47, and the boys the A1 scooter each for $47 each, so pretty good prices.

I have to get a few more things. I want to get the boys the "Cool for School" keyboard thing that you plug into your normal computer. They are so keen on that, and I am thinking of getting them a TAG Reader each. They are on sale at Kmart this week, so am thinking of that. DH will probably freak out as I have already spent a fair bit, but I have been good and haven't bought any small plastic things, as they just don't need any of that crappy kind of stuff. Isabel is getting a Dora laptop, so that is why I think the keyboard thing would be good for the boys. I  have also got them a slip  and slide and a sprinkler, and a orbit tennis which I think will be great. I saw a Volleyball kit at Rebel for $25 so think I might get that as part of their birthday pressie.  

Hi everyone else! waves.gif Gotta go and start on this housework.  It is going to be 36 degrees here today.. just ridiculously hot!

Okey better go

#43 4littlebirds

Posted 03 November 2009 - 12:43 PM

It's so freaking hot here today!

Just really wanted to pop in cos I have my first sig in ages, mostly because I can never get a pic of them all together!

I'm 33 weeks, I don't think I've told you guys the name we've picked out - Eva Faith. I really didn't put as much thought into this ones name as I did with the others, only because we both agreed really easily that we like this name so I put away the baby names book and haven't looked at it again!  roll2.gif  I usually find it soooo painful to choose names. I do have a couple of boy backups if it turns out that she is a he but I'll be very shocked if that is the case!

We are all getting so slack in here because it's so easy to update each other on facebook, well I'm worse than most  wwhistle.gif but you all know what I mean? This used to be our only means of contact with each other but facebook is so much more convenient. This is great when you don't want everyone you know to hear things, just us girls biggrin.gif

Hmmm, a bit of raving, it must be the heat lol


#44 Xanadu25

Posted 03 November 2009 - 01:18 PM

Hi all,

Emma- you're right about the updating when Fb is around.
Luv the sig. Your girls are very pretty.  I liked the name you guys have chosen. makes it easy when you finally decide and it just sticks - meant to be.

Rach and Leah - I was Xmas shopping at TRU too. Almost got a scooter but instead got a combined present for both kids. A picnic table with umbrella as I was getting sick of finding little chairs around the back yard and a clam shell sandpit/pool. just need to go get some sand for it. Olivia also has got a pink Cozy Coupe and Jack has got a Finley Fire Engine, Lego and some Ben10 clothing. He is Ben10 mad at the moment. Something he picked up from daycare as we had never watched it before.

Chaz- I had Olivia tested for the hip thing to cos her legs looked apparently uneven. I suggested the uneven lines were just fat cos she has quite chubby thighs. No they said.  Almost $200 later on xrays, she just had fat legs. Best to be sure but still.

Bel- good luck with the castings. Also congratulations on your anniversary. Goes so fast.
DH and i are coming up to our 10th early Dec. I have booked a night at crown Casino. Somewhere we both havent been. First time out without kids in almost 4years. Mum will be babysitting so i have been warming Jack up to the idea. She has Wii and Foxtel so he should be right at home -lol.
I have also got my anniversary present early. Fair enough since I went and bought it -lol.
its a 3 diamond trilogy ring. Nice and shiny tongue.gif

A few have mentioned the trying behaviour of 3 year olds. Putting that nicely too.
Jack is such a bugger and really pushes the buttons sometimes cos he can. Olivia is coming along well. pretty much running around now. Cheeky little thing too who just loves to dance.

Not much going on here. Jack's a bit unwell with gastro. Not sure what caused it but we have discovered about a third to half a block of Cadbury Caramel block missing with little teeth marks in it. I guess that wouldnt have helped.
Also some big horse race happening apparently. wink.gif

Might go and enjoy that hot cuppa while both kiddies are having a nap.


My bet for the Melb Cup is "My Little Pony"

#45 4littlemonkeys

Posted 03 November 2009 - 03:25 PM

Hi girls,

Emma - Eva Faith is a gorgeous name. wub.gif DH's mate just had a baby (well his wife did!), and they called her Eva. I adore the name! wink.gif 33 weeks! ohmy.gif  OMG! original.gif

Susie - Your chrissy pressies sound great! ROFL at the chocolate with teeth marks.. that definitely wouldn't have helped Jack in the toileting department.

Well DH just arrived home with our 3 little people. I have to run out to the shops to get some groceries for dinner, and also to make some muffins to take into work for morning tea tomorrow (as well as for the kids to take to CC for morning tea).  


#46 MRT

Posted 03 November 2009 - 03:59 PM

Thought I'd pop in while I'm having a bit of a 'slow' day - read unmotivated! I'm supposed to be working from home but really haven't achieved a lot!

Eva Faith is a LOVELY name!

Christmas - I haven't even started yet! And that is so unlike me normally I am completely finished by now. I really don't wan to be shopping in december so I need to get cracking. We are going to get Zoe a bike so I need to get that on layby. Not sure what else we will get her, need to have a wonder around a toy shop for some ideas. Of course everything she sees on TV she wants! She's right into books so I will certainly get her a book or two and maybe a Hannah Montana DVD.....

Her toileting is still not that great. I asked our GP about it and she thinks she is not getting enough fibre because her poos are really really hard. Hence putting pressure on her bladder. Anybody know any easy (read here sneaky) ways I can get fibre into her? She eats cereal for breakfast most days and we use grainy bread. I've also been trying to get plenty of fruit into her, she loves fruit but obviously doesn't want it every snack time!

DH finally finished his trial on the sleep machine, he ended up being on a 9 week trial as after 6 weeks the machine he had hadn't recorded any information.  Anyway the final 3 weeks he actually started to feel like it was making a major difference and in fact one night when he didn't have it on for long he really noticed how crap he felt the next morning. So we've bought a machine $2090!! But then what price is his life and our marriage! Apparently at times his oxygen was so low it was similar to a stroke!!!!! I'm hoping we will be able to claim it on our health insurance, apparently we just need the GP to sign to say he needs it to keep alive (why you would have one if you didn't need to I'm not sure)

I've been doing quite well with WW online, I'm in my 3rd week but have certainly made some changes to my eating and exercise habbits. I didn't lose last week but after all the eating I did over mum's birthday weekend that's not surprising. My new 24/7 gym opens next weekend so I'm really looking forward to that.

Our Office is closing down until 18th of Jan this year so I have to take an extra 2 weeks leave. I was really annoyed initially but now i'm looking forward to having 3 weeks off over the festive season. Works out well actually because I was scheduled to go back on the 4th but my cousin is getting married on the 3rd - at least this way I can have a few drinks at her wedding!

That's it for now, after asking Zoe 3 times if she needed to go to the toilet (as she was dancing around) she's just wet her pants, better go and clean her up!!!!!!

#47 ~gemma~

Posted 03 November 2009 - 05:38 PM

Emma ~ Lovely name. When i was about to go in to theatre with Kaitlyn the nurses all told me that the lady before me was expecting boy number 4(every scan said boy) and out came a little girl!! They were ecstatic wink.gif

Mell ~ My friend started WW 2 weeks ago(her 2nd metting is tonight) last week she hadlost 2.4kgs!! Am considering doing tit too once i sort my finances out

BBL baby crying

#48 4littlemonkeys

Posted 03 November 2009 - 07:54 PM

Mell - I have just PM'ed you on FB.. Need your help with something! wink.gif We are having issues with Isabel's tting.  She is great for wees, but keeps pooing in her pants! It is driving us mental!! I have warned her that we are going to put her back in nappies. I am going to discuss it with her childcare teacher tomorrow to see what we should do.

Gem - Hi! original.gif

Okey better go and get sorted for work tomorrow.. wink.gif

#49 MacFeral

Posted 04 November 2009 - 05:24 AM

Hi all,

Emma: love the new sig and the name you've picked. One of my friends little girls is Eva too, it's so pretty.

Char: I hope the brace thing does what it is supposed to.

Bel: Poor Grace, I hope they didn't leave her too bruised after trying to take the blood. Happy Anniversary.

Susie: i dubb you my VIC counterpart. Our 10yr Anni is in Dec too original.gif And you reminded me that I need o have two diamonds added to my engagement ring (I told DH this when we got engaged so it shouldn't come as too much of a shock).

Mell: Glad you have started to see an improvement with DH. Hope everything gets better and better. I'm also one of those people that think that if you are spending money to potentially save a life then that is money worth spending.

I've been trying to lose wright as well. The gastro that we picked up last week seemed to help with that but I wouldn't recommend it....not a fun way to lose weight  tongue.gif

Better go, lots to do today as I'm meeting up with friends for lunch I haven't seen in about 3 months.

#50 friendly68

Posted 04 November 2009 - 03:50 PM

Ahhhh.... Just had a frightening experience with Caden today.  He never puts stuff in his mouth, but today he decided to put a 10c piece in!  I was on the phone to mum when I heard this horrible breathy gasp and Caden half crying.

He came running up the hall to me and I could see he was choking on something, just had no idea what.  I kept hitting his back and he was gagging/choking and struggling for breath.  He'd vomited a bit already.
In the end I was on the phone to 000, got thru to them, told them what was going on, my address and phone number all the while still hitting him on the back and trying to get it out.  Next thing he vomited again and a 10c piece came out, just as I finished giving 000 our phone number.

So cancelled the ambulance and they advised to still get him checked out medically.  Thankfully he seems fine, needed lots of cuddles after, mummy had a cry.  He's had water, lunch and some icecream and then just before crawled up for a hug and went to sleep.  But he has been running around like nothing is wrong.  I've got an appt at the GP later just for a checkover.  

Sorry will do some more personals later - looks like there is some action back in our group.  Emma, Facebook is easier, but like you, sometimes I rather come in here to share stuff rather than share with everyone.   original.gif

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