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November 06 Parents # 132

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#1 Sandra

Posted 15 October 2009 - 08:48 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 15 October 2009 - 09:07 AM


First time in a long time I got gold laughing2.gif

Tam - oh hon I feel so bad for you.  You have had a horrible year (as have a lot of us).  I hope it gets better for you soon.

Rubiann - WHERE ARE YOU??????  Did you get my message yesterday????  Did you get my package?

Stace - oh hon, I so hope that they all grow to full term and that you get the most brilliant one put back and that it takes.  I will be praying for you and have everything crossed for you for Sunday.  Take it easy and try not to stress.  I hope something turns up for your DH soon.  Sucks being so up in the air.

Blish - any news on the job front?

Us - sorry I have been MIA for a little bit, but it has been hectic with everyone sick.  I have been sick for nearly 2 weeks and still have this lingering cough that just won't go away.  

Simon is now sick as a dog.  He has been on jury duty this week, so he has had to get up and go and hasn't been able to stay at home to recouperate.  Fortunately they have gone through the witnesses fairly quickly and have doctors booked in for next week, so they have today and tomorrow off and the Court are still going to pay them so he can stay at home and get better.

Hayley is now sick, after our little trip to the hospital on Saturday night, she seemed to get a bit better, but then on Tuesday night she got a runny nose and started to cough.  I took her to the doctor yesterday morning and the doctor said that it hadn't hit her chest yet and to keep an eye on her cause she didn't want to put her on any unnecessary ABs, but yesterday she woke up coughing and then last night she coughed during the night and then this morning when I had my hand on her back her chest felt a bit rattly.  So off to the doctor again this afternoon.

Kaitlyn woke up this morning and was all sooky and when I asked her if she felt sick she said "yeah" and when I asked her where it felt sick she pointed to her ear.  So I might take her with me when I go to the doctor just in case.

Mum is sick too, she is so sick she went to the doctor this morning and rang and asked if Simon could look after the girls today cause she was just too sick.  That is very unusual for my Mum.  She is on ABs now too and rang to say that they told the doctor about Hayley and the doctor said to bring her back this afternoon, so just confirmed what I was thinking anyway.

My Dad still isn't better.  He is on I think about his 4th lot of ABs in about 2 weeks.  He can't get up out of a chair without being breathless.  It is really concerning.

So I don't know what I have done but whatever it was it has given me some bad luck.  I don't understand why we are all so sick this year, it is really frustrating.  I am just waiting for summer and the warmer weather so that we can all get better hopefully.

Hoping that I get to catch up with Amanda tomorrow.  Still have to sort out the finer points, but I am sure we will get there.  Will have to remember to take my camera so we can get some pics of the girls.

OK well best be off.  Have a good day girls waves.gif

#3 Stacymoo

Posted 15 October 2009 - 02:20 PM


Hi girls.

Blish - I hope it doesn't happen, but it doesn't look good about DH's pay does it? sad.gif That is really awful of them to string you along like that. Do you have a buffer you can live on for a little while? I know how you are feeling. DH has now been rejected from 7 jobs & he is so depressed & can't believe that he hasn't got work quickly like he usually does. sad.gif It is very disheartening to look on the net & not see a single job in his field to apply for. We are trying to brace ourselves for the reality that he may not get a job until the new year as it is just the WORST time to be on the market. On a brighter note....go James!!! ddance.gif With my g/f's son having the same issues I know how excited you must be. And it's great that Elora has jumped too. Will get back to you soon with a catch up date.

Rach - good to hear you are taking better care of yourself. I think we all need to do that. blush.gif I have a goal of 5 kgs before we go to Bali for Xmas too. This week has been a write off with the IVF stuff leaving me pretty tender but I am determined to get stuck into it next week & have been eating ALOT less chocolate than of late. Don't you just love those sloppy wet kisses! laughing2.gif

Tam - I am so sorry about the loss of Pam. sad.gif You have a right to wonder why YOU & ask why this year has been so awful.  sad.gif You are in my thoughts & prayers.

Hi Rubes. waves.gif

Brooke - good to hear from you. Glad you had a nice time away. Bugger about having to find another therapist for Jordan. Good luck finding a replacement.

Tracey - bugger you are still sick. I was wondering if Simon ended up having to do jury duty. Hope he can get better over the next day or 2. Does seem very unfair that all your family is so sick ATM.  sad.gif Have a good catch up with Amanda tomorrow. She is so lovely & Holly is just gorgeous too. wub.gif

I am feeling better today. Had a good think about it & know that just to get 1 egg to fertilise makes the whole process worth it. Haven't heard any more news about them today.

Took Jaiden to CC at 9am, thank godness as I really needed the break & he needed the stimulation after being stuck inside with this awful weather for so long. rolleyes.gif Then I managed to get a last minute booking for a 30 min back massage & it was heaven. biggrin.gif Just a trainee so it only cost $25 but she was really good. I am still feeling pretty tender around the belly after the egg collection so no exercise for at least another day.

We are going out for dinner tomorrow night with all my family as mum & dad fly out Malaysia on a 2 week holiday at midnight. We are dog sitting their gorgeous golden retriever & Jaiden just loves her.

OK that is about it from me. Jaiden is refusing a nap today but happy to watch Pooh Bear while I have some EB time. He is probably only having about 3 naps a week now but I don't mind as he goes to bed much earlier when he doesn't sleep during the day. He really is such a good boy so I can't complain. wub.gif

#4 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 15 October 2009 - 06:05 PM

Hayley has asthma.  Not sure if it is just related to the cold/chest infection she has or if it is a permanent fixture.  Time will tell.  But for now she has ABs and a ventolin to have 3 times a day......poor bubba.

#5 hawkchick

Posted 15 October 2009 - 06:22 PM

Tracey - oh my goodness your whole family has been sick. You poor thing. I hope everything improves soon. And as for asthma - that's really scary. Is the ventolin doing the trick? Lucky you got it sussed out by the doctor so quickly.

Stacy - mmmm that massage sounds divine! I haven't had a massage in years. I know how you feel re the job thing - it's very scary out there in job land and Stu has applied for about 20 jobs just in the last fortnight and we've only heard back from one. All of them he's qualified for too - and still haven't heard a thing.
Can't wait to hear some BFP news from you xxx

Us: DH got the job that he had the interview for, but the pay is lousy. Really bad - about 13% lower than his last job and even that was pretty bad. He's now earning the same that I was earning 7 years ago as a secretary. I was raised to believe if you studied hard at school and got good grades and went to Uni you were (usually) rewarded with good pay in the workforce. I feel like telling my son Josh to drop out of school now and just work work work as all my friends who did that (dropped out at Year 10) are earning twice or more than what DH is earning. Sorry for the vent...and I don't begrudge anyone earning good pay for hard work, I just can't believe that a graphics programmer with 17 years experience is earning such a crappy salary. Sigh. My brother is a CIO for a public company and he said their offer was "insulting" so I think he worded it well. Still, a job is a job and beggars can't be choosers so he's going to accept it and keep looking around.

We had photo day at gymbaroo today. You should have seen the photographer trying to get a smile out of mega shy Elora. She was giving him this look as if to say "get away from me you weirdo" - it was priceless. Still, it would have been nice to get a nice smiley shot.

Kat - are you OK?


#6 k123

Posted 15 October 2009 - 08:15 PM

Hi all,

Thanks for the PM's they really mean alot to me.  

Doing a bit better, DH and I had quite the fight last night but has made things better at the moment.  I guess it was better than not talking at all which is what we had been doing.

Tam - i am sorry that you lost yet another family member.  I hope that you are ok.  3 weeks really isn't long.

Brooke I am sorry that you have to find another therapist.  i hope that you can find a good one.

blish - Thanks heaps!

tracy - probably not going to be able to catch up.  it is jsut to hard. Sorry.  Sorry to hear that kaitlyn has asthma.  At least you have a diagnosis and can now treat her with the appropriate drugs etc to help her not be so sick.  i hope Simon feels better soon.  We really need the weather here to settle and not be hot one moment then cold, then maybe we will get better!

Stacy - I hope that all of your little embys make it and there are some good ones to implant.

rach - Yay to Allies talking, lol Lara always wants a kiss on the lips!  At least she isn't like one of her friends who calles it a pash!

that's about all from me now.  Hope you are all ok, anyone I have missed I am sorry.  Going to bed now nighty night.

#7 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 16 October 2009 - 07:31 AM

And to top it all off my Dad was taken to hospital at 2.30 this morning......they are waiting to admit him to the cardiology ward and do more tests on him, so atm I am really down.  I am just over everyone being sick and just want the warmer weather to get here so everyone can get over all the illness.

I am also really p*ssed off too because I have to cancel on meeting up with Amanda.  I am so upset about that cause I was really looking forward to it.

Kat - I totally understand.  It is hard to get everyone together and to get to somewhere neutral.  Like I said, I can meet you at Ikea one day if you like, that is about halfway between you and I, and I know how to get there.  Like you said Sydney is a b**ch to get around.  It is Hayley with the asthma, thankfully Kaitlyn seems to be OK atm, looks like the Olive Leaf Extract might be doing the trick for now.

Blish - glad your DH got the job.  Like you say a job is a job.

OK well best be off now.  Going to work from home today and wait for Mum to ring me to let me know what is going on with Dad.

#8 hawkchick

Posted 16 October 2009 - 12:16 PM

Tracey - I did say that prayer for your Dad...I hope it works! I am thinking of you and your family. Hang in there honey.

Rach - thank you so much for your lovely comment on my Facebook wall today. I don't know what has come over me. Just feeling bereft of happiness. Thank you xxx

#9 mrsdingo

Posted 16 October 2009 - 03:04 PM

Hi all

Sorry I haven't been around lately, things are quite busy around here and topping up internet credit seems to get forgotten easily wwhistle.gif .

Tam I'm so sorry to hear about your mum and your SIL's aunt. Your family are in my thoughts!!

Tracey I hope your dad is alright!

Kat Hun I hope things get better for you soon!

Stacy Fingers crossed for a BFP!!!

Blish Yay to your DH getting a new job so quickly! DP took a pay cut when he had to get a new job too, it's hard, but as you said a job is a job.

Sorry guys that's all I can remember.

Well we're doing well. DP and Chelsea are sick atm and Jennifer has just gotten over a pretty bad cold, but other than that we are all good.

Mitchell is 7weeks old already, it just seems to be flying by. He has started to smile and "baby talk". Poor little thing keeps getting called David because he is the spitting image of both DP and David. Still going on the breastfeeding (this is the longest I have been able to feed any of mine), finding it hard energy wise, but DP is really supportive and tries to help out where he can.

Chelsea and David are getting heaps better. It's a little hard for them atm as they are stuck inside a lot due to snakes (we had one find it's way into our kitchen last week).

The pics of Mitchell I promised

Mitchell and Chelsea

David and Mitchell

Mitchell around an hour old

Ok girls have to run, will try to get back more reguarly!


#10 hawkchick

Posted 16 October 2009 - 03:18 PM

Oh Kirsty, those photos are just beautiful. Just what our little EB group needed to lift our spirits - some gorgeous pics of gorgeous kids.

#11 Stacymoo

Posted 16 October 2009 - 07:44 PM

Hey girls.

Blish - I am glad Stu got a job.....but yeah the pay stinks! mad.gif

Tracey - poor Hayley & your dad. Big hugs to you chickey. hhugs.gif

Kat - good to hear you are doing a little better. Keep your chin up. wub.gif

Kirsty - the pics are great. Good to finally "meet" Mitchell. He looks like a real sweety. biggrin.gif

Sorry just a quickie tonight as I am feeling zapped for some reason. Had a call from the IVF nurse this morning & the 2 embys they were watching didn't make it past day 1 & another 1 dropped off yesterday. sad.gif  So that leaves 4 going strong & she said 1 was a little "slow".....whatever that means. huh.gif Won't hear from her tomorrow so will just see her at tranfer on Sunday morning.

Had a day from hell. sad.gif It was DH's official last day of work & they didn't even give him a lunch, drinks.  nothing. So rude. mad.gif He had to give back his laptop which means we have to share mine now. He had 2 calls from agencies today so we are hoping something comes from them. He is feeling ok about it all which I wasn't expecting at all. But I am glad he isn't in the dumps too much just yet as it's like walking on eggshells when he is like that. unsure.gif  

And to top it all off MIL was complaining about feeling dizzy so I had to take her to the docs. She ended up having a ECG done, plus bloods &  chest x-ray as the doc thinks it may be heart related. Great....just what we need to add to our worry plate. nno.gif

Sorry that all got a bit depressing. blush.gif

Hope everyone has a good weekend & I will check in after embryo transfer to let you know how things go.

#12 hawkchick

Posted 17 October 2009 - 09:48 AM

Oh Stacy, that is awful, about DH's old employer - what a bunch of pricks! After all the hours, travel and dedication he's given them....grrrrrr
I hope something fantastic crops up soon for him and pays at least double what we're getting  biggrin.gif
It isn't a great job market out there right now. We've applied for 20+ jobs (all of which DH is very well qualified for) and haven't heard a thing, other than this one offer. He starts on Monday, but our heart is not in it as we know we can't live on that salary for too long. Anyway, you know I am praying for you for tomorrow. Let's hope it all goes well and you get a BFP so you can finally have some fantastic news. And as for your MIL, I think now that DH is not working, he can handle her issues for a while - you just focus on Jaiden and you.

Off to have lunch with some girlfriends today. I so need some time out away from the household. Tomorrow DH is doing his 7th Around the Bay in a Day - it's a bicycle event where you ride 210kms from Melbourne Docklands to Sorrento then you catch the ferry to Queenscliff and ride from Queenscliff back to Melbourne. So I'll be housebound without a car, but that's OK - I think I need a bum around day of doing nothing.

Have a great day girls.

Kat - Are things still going OK? I'm thinking of you xxx

Tracey - how is your Dad going?

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#13 Stacymoo

Posted 18 October 2009 - 01:40 PM

Hi girls.

Embryo transfer went well today. ddance.gif They implanted a great day 5 blastocyst with lot's of cells dividing the way they should & the doc was really happy with the procedure. I got to see it go in again through US. Honestly, it is so amazing what these docs can do. They are looking at 3 hoping they make it to the end of the day to freeze. I am not getting my hopes up as we ended up with none to freeze last time, but keeping optimistic.

Now the dreaded 2 week wait. rolleyes.gif I will have to keep very busy. laughing2.gif

Will BBL for personals.

#14 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 19 October 2009 - 09:02 AM

Morning girls.

Stace - I am so hands.gif for you and keeping everything crossed for you.  I hope this one is the one for you and that you don't have to go back for more.  Sucks that your DH didn't get anything on his last day of work, they seem like ungrateful gits if you ask me.  And I agree with Blish, he isn't working now, he can deal with his mother.

Kirsty - photos are gorgeous.  Definitely what we needed to pep us all up a bit.

Blish - how are things at your end?

Us - OK my Dad is still in hospital.  What is happening is his heart was pumping too fast. When he walked to the ambulance on Friday morning his heart rate was 170 - they thought he was having a heart attack and nearly had the full siren and driving fast to the hospital. Dad thought that was pretty cool laughing2.gif

Then they admitted him to the cardiology ward that morning because his heart was beating too fast and out of sync. So one chamber of his heart was beating normally and then other was beating double time.  When he was sitting still and on the oxygen his heart would come down to between 110 and 130ish, which wasn't too bad, but as soon as he even wriggled a toe it would jump up to 168-170 which was concerning.  That was causing him to be out of breath.

So today they are going to do a couple of tests - one is a nuclear test which they call a stress test and the other is a tube down his throat to check everything is OK and that there are no clots. They said if they find any clots then they won't touch them because they will be likely to travel straight to his brain and cause a stroke.

They also said that he is a prime candidate for a stroke and will be putting him on either Wafrin or asprin tablets to thin his blood. But the good thing is that the infection he had is clearing up and he may be out today or tomorrow.

Have to take Hayley back to the doctor this afternoon to check on how she is going. The ventolin seems to be doing the trick though. She coughs a lot less when she has her puffs of ventolin which is great. She still seems a bit rattly so she might need another course of ABs I don't know, we will see.

Kaitlyn seems to be really really good. I have put her on Olive Leaf Extract and so far, she has been sickness free since her last bout of a chest infection whcih was a few weeks ago, so fingers crossed it is doing the trick. She has had a bit of a cough the last couple of days but it hasn't developed into anything, so I am hoping that I don't have to go down the naturopath route - will save a lot of money that's for sure.

So that's my weekend for you. I have had a headache for 3 days, suppose that's what you get when you are stressed

Sorry for the lack of personals. Everything is a big drama at the moment.  I too can't wait for the year to be over and for next year to kick in, can't be any worse than this year that's for sure. The only good thing that has happened is Hayley being born this year.

Well I had best get some work done girls. Have a good day  waves.gif

#15 mrsdingo

Posted 19 October 2009 - 11:26 AM

Morning girls

Tracey Am keeping my fingers crossed that your dad is ok! Hope they can figure out what is wrong soon! Hope Hayley is feeling better soon. Glad to hear Kaitlyn is well!!

Stacey Hope the 2ww goes quickly and you will be posting good news soon!! Bugger about your DH's last day.

Blish Hope your day at home wasn't too boring biggrin.gif !

We have had an eventful morning. Had to take Chelsea and David to the doctors, they both have had phlegmy, chesty sounding coughs and temps over the weekend. David went first and was great, dr thinks it's just viral and should clear up in a few days. Chelsea on the other hand only had her throat checked, after he used the toungue depresser she went into melt down and actually punched DP in the face and ran and hid in a corner ohmy.gif . Poor thing was scared sad.gif , the last time she went to the dr for being sick ahe wasn't quite 2 so it was something new for her and she hated it.  The dr was great, tried to coax her out and show her there was nothing to be scared of but she wouldn't have a bar of it, stubborn monkey. He ended up saying that if she wasn't improving in few days to bring her back and try again, but I don't like our chances of getting her there  cry1.gif !

Had a quiet weekend which was nice. MIL, BIL and his boys came over yesterday arvo and ended up staying for dinner. It was really nice having them here, we haven't done it in ages.

Have a pupil free day here today so have Jennifer home for the day which will be good. Means I can get things done while she plays with the other 2. DP is home too, he's still not well and I needed his help with the Dr visit (thank god I did have him there blush.gif ).

Oh well best get off my butt, haven't gotten anything done yet today and should really make a start while DP has Jennifer, Chelsea and David at his mothers.

Hope everyone is well


#16 hawkchick

Posted 19 October 2009 - 12:39 PM

Tracey  - gee, I hope they get to the bottom of what is wrong with your Dad's heart. How scary for you all.

Stacy - glad to hear the transfer went well. Good luck for an anxious free 2 week wait. We're all waiting with you honey!

Kirsty - hope Chelsea and David are better soon. There's alot of it going around.

Us -well, DH starts his new job today. My Dad is having surgery on his knee today and Josh starts "city school" today - just a week long experience where they have to do all these projects etc. based in and around the city.

It's so refreshing to see some sun shining in Melbourne.

#17 boo boos mumma

Posted 19 October 2009 - 04:02 PM

Hi Everyone,

Sorry me been slacko.

Just come in to say hi. A bit hard at the moment accept my mum is gone but I wont bore you all, ill get there just sometimes I just want to blame someone and I just wish that my tears would bring mum back. Anyhows.

Im gradually weaning Aiden, he only has 2 or 3 feeds at night but nothing during the day.
So lucky me got AF today didnt I?? I havent seen that cranky old bat for nearly 2yrs lol, funny how just cutting back on b/fs makes such a difference hey??

So DH and I will have to careful as im not in the right head space right now for a preg.

IM a little sad about AF as b/f has been such a wonderful experience this time so although its great that Aidne is growing up its also sad if that makes sense lol, but yeah i dont fancy when he latches on like a damn hiena, it bloody hurts lol.

Ill come in properly if im ever up to it. I miss u all though.

Tracey how is your dad??

Stacy im cheering for you to get that BFP hunni, now that would really cheer me up :-)

#18 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 20 October 2009 - 02:28 PM

Hi all

I don't think I said anything about our holdiay - it went really well.  It's been nearly 12 months since getting Jordan's provisional dx and now I find I don't feel so sad anymore and I think the holiday has helped with that.  We got to see him in what could have been a challenging environment but he really coped totally fine with it.  ANd I how have some typical kid memories of him running up and down the jetties, learning to ride a 3 wheeler and some of the speech that went along with it too.  So now I'm findoing that when I look back on the "pre dx days" I'm not sad like I used to be.

Plus Jordan can now say 'I love you'.  It sounds like 'ilowoo' but it's nice.  And it's got context too.  He says it at bed time and with a cuddle.  We're not going to push it, we want it to be natural.

Had an interview for a therapist at the weekend.  Liked her but she's not available Dec-Jan so that's no good.  Have a team meeting on Frid in Melb so that will be a big day.  Photos at Playgroup tomorrow.  A meeting at the EI centre tongiht.  A lot going on.  Plus I want to look into doing disability studies or something similar.  Jordan's funding will be cut after next year and we will still have 2 yrears of EI to go.  Plus with interest rates set to rise and Maeve being older I'll have to look at getting some work.

Sorry for no personals today

#19 Stacymoo

Posted 20 October 2009 - 02:31 PM

Hi girls.

Thanks for all the well wishes & prayers. It meas alot to me. wub.gif Had some more good news on Monday..........2 embys made it to freeze! eexcite.gif I was so excited when the nurse told me that you would have thought she to me I was pregnant. laughing2.gif It just feels like a bit of a load of for next year....if we need them ofcourse. I am trying to stay positive that it will work this time, but also reality tells me not to get too hyped up just yet so I am glad we will have a couple of frozen embryo transfers up our sleeve if we need them in the new year. Apart from that I am feeling great & walking everyday (cardio is off limits) & eating really healthy again. I feel terrific. biggrin.gif

Blish - DH had alot of agencies that he never even got a reply from too. I think that is rude. mad.gif He has another 1 in the pipeline ATM so fingers crossed that evenuates to something. He also has a course to do all of next week which he organised months ago which will give him another notch on his belt. Hope your dad surgery went ok today. And hope DH had a good first day at work.

Tracey - wow that is scary with your dads heart. ohmy.gif Hope all the tests turn out ok. Good to hear the girls are getting better.

Kirsty - hope the kids get better soon. Poor Chelsea. sad.gif  Doctors can be quite scary.

Tam - oh you poor thing. sad.gif  I feel for you love I really do. hhugs.gif You know we are here whenever you want to vent, cry, chat, curse .........anything at all.

Hi to everyone else. Hope you are all doing well.

Sorry Brooke - I must have been posting while you were. Your holiday sounds fab. Glad you had a great time & are feeling alot better. It's a shame we never made that girls weekend away, but hopefully we can organise something early next year.

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#20 mrsdingo

Posted 21 October 2009 - 09:56 AM

Morning girls

Stacy Glad to hear you have some embyos frozen, but hands.gif you won't be needing them!!

Brooke Sounds like a holiday was just what you needed! Glad to hear you're feeling better! Hope you can find a new therapist soon! Yay to Jordan saying I love you wub.gif !!!

Tam Oh hun we are here anytime you need, I'm sure no-one would be bored by you getting things out! Glad to hear the weaning is going well, bugger about AF!

Blish Hope your DH's first day and your Dad's knee surgery both went well!! Wow Josh's "city school" sounds like fun, they never had anything like that at the high school I went to!!

Well Chelsea is improving, thank god, I sooo did not want to have to try to take her back to the Dr. David is still coughing up a lot of phlegm during the night (might be TMI), it's that bad he is actually vomiting it up. Am thinking he may have to go back in the next day or two.

Not much else to tell here! Mitchell is doing well, he has started to sleep between 7-10 hrs at night which is wonderful. The down side is he is feeding 2 hrly during the day, but I am not going to complain I'd rather that during the day then him feeding all night!! He is becoming such a little porker though wub.gif .

I'm doing ok! Even though I'm getting plenty of sleep I'm still quite tired. I forgot just how much breast feeding takes out of you, not to mention how warm it has been up here lately!

Those pics of Mitchell were a little old so here is a recent one

Ok off to feed the baby again! Hope everyone is well

ETA another recent pic of Mitchell

My wonderful BIL and the snake that was in my kitchen the other week ohmy.gif !!

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#21 *Mindy*

Posted 23 October 2009 - 08:11 AM

Just a qucik one, i have been reading but i never seem to get a post in!

Stace - congrats on a successful transfer and some on ice, fingers srossed u won't need them til lu want another one!! Hope your DH gets a job soon.

Kirsty - wow he is beautiful, David looks like such a big boy now, i guess they all do but the last time i saw him they were all just toddlers

Brooke - sounds like u had a nice time.

Blish - yay on the job i hope he finds something better soon but at least there is $ still coming in

Tracey - i am exhausted just reading you posts, i hope you all get better soon, hope you dad is ok.

kat - did u get my 2nd pm???

Ok i better go have to get ryan to kind and i'm not dressed yet and i doubt the kids r either.....

we go away on the 27th so may not make it back b4 then.....

#22 Stacymoo

Posted 23 October 2009 - 09:20 AM

Hi girls.

Just a fly by from me for now. My sister was admitted into hospital with a kidney infection Wednesday so we have had Will here for 2 nights so far. She is now 37 weeks along so the doc said yesterday that if she was no better today they may induce her today some time or Monday! ohmy.gif My parents are still in Malaysia on holidays & my mum will be so upset if she misses the birth....but what can you do. sad.gif Plus they have had their own troubles. They were at the docs in Sabah all day yesterday for dad as he had terribly sore ears. He always gets swimmers ear whenever they go away somewhere hot & he swims alot but this time he had that ear candling done as well & the doc thinks too much wax got sucked out. sad.gif Anyway he got a shot of anti biotics & they are off to Turtle Island & to see the Orangutang monkeys today.

So I should hear more from my sister soon. We may have Will here for at least the weekend if Ez has the baby. I can't believe I may get to meet my neice this early!

Got to go. Will update later.

#23 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 23 October 2009 - 09:24 AM

Hi girls.

Melinda - have a fabulous time away.  Don't forget to post some piccies when you get back.  I am still in love with your siggie, just gorgeous!

Stacy - I have SMSd you before, but YAY ddance.gif ddance.gif ddance.gif ddance.gif  Can't wait to hear how it is all going.

Kirsty - eeeewwwww, snakes make my skin crawl.  Hate them!  I would absolutely freak out if I had one in my house......love the pics.  So cute.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JAYLEN for Tuesday (I think)...sorry sad.gif

Us - well after our eventful week last week, it seems to be settling down a bit.

Dad came home on Wednesday afternoon from hospital.  He is on about 20 different medications some of which he has to take for the rest of his life.  He has to take Wafrin to thin his blood as they said he is a prime candidate for a stroke.  He also has to give himself 2 injections a day for it as well.

He is still fairly ill, but I think he is a lot better than he was.  At least he is home now.

Mum is still quite sick and can't seem to shake it and I am coughing still.

Hayley is getting better slowly.  I have to get her second lot of ABs today and she still has to take her ventolin.

The latest thing is that we have to splint her pointer and second finger on her right hand as her pointer finger locks at the knuckle and you have to physically straighten it and when you do it pops back into place.  The doctor said we had to splint it otherwise it would stay like that and really the only way to get it straight is to have it operated on and broken and set, so to me a splint for a week or so is no big deal.

We are allowed to let her out for 2 hours a day and then we put it back on when it is time for her to be wrapped at night.  It seems to be getting better.  It still does lock but she can get it straight herself if she tries, rather than it staying curled.

Otherwise everything else is going on as normal.

Have a good day girls waves.gif

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Posted 23 October 2009 - 07:29 PM

Ok just a few quickies!!

Tracy your Dad has what's known as AF or atrial fribrillation.  It really isn't a big deal once they know what it is and what drugs will manage it for him.  Up to 30% of the population have it and can lead normal lives.  (that wasn't meant to sound mean if it did, just see it all the time! and wanted to give reassurance that it is all going to be ok)  he may have to take a blood thinning drug if they are unable to stop the AF all together or hopefully they will be able to get him back into a normal rhythm full time.  If you want more info give me a call I am a nurse specialist in cardiac.  Would love to do an ikea date, just let me know when!

Stacy - hope all goes well and I hope the 2ww doesn't drive you to nuts.

kirsty - Awww cute photos.  How proud of himself does David look!?

k that is all from the first page, onto the second in a mini.

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Posted 23 October 2009 - 07:47 PM

K back for the second page, I am so unorganised!

Stacy - that is awesome news hooray for 2 to freeze, that is fantastic!  hope your sister is ok.  i am sure that your mum will understand, but I do hope that she is well enough to be able to wait for your mum.

tracy - I hope that everyone gets better soon.  The injections won't be forever with your dad just till his INR (the measure of the warfarin) gets to between 2-3.  he should be able to wean off most of the meds soon.

mindy - No I didn't I will go and check again but nothing is coming up.  thanks again for the first one!  Arrrgh just realised that i had a pregnancy moment and got you mixed up.  SORRY!

katy - Wow that is a huge snake, when we first moved in we had a 2m brown snake living under the house,  the NPW guy was a nutter and just went in after it!  I wa freaking out thinking he was never going to come out!  I usually love snakes but that one, no thanks.  Oh and I usually love them cause they aren'tin my house!  Lara used to do that as well.  Feed constantly all day and then go all night. Makes you think you are going to explode by the morning huh!

Brooke - that is amazing, that sounds like a great holiday.  yay for some words and also those wonderful memories of his childhood, I am sure they will help you so much when things are a bit tough.

tam - Sorry AF found you again, I just hate that!  Do be careful I should know!!!!!

Blish - Thanks.  Am going ok at the moment.

us - well lara and daddy had there annual gastro bug this week but then Lara just didn't get any better.  Took her to the docs today and apparently she has had some sort of bug that gives her pneumonia as well as gastro?! WTF?  At least that would explain the temps of 40 degrees plus (after panadol and neurofen!) that she has had all week.  So after taking her to the docs and everything today at 6pm she is running around the house like a mad woman telling me she is better now and would like pasta for dinner thanks!  It is amazing how quickly kids bounce back huh!  So now we are just waiting for Liam to get it.  I have avoided it again 4years in a row now!! Am starting to wonder if I have a stomach or if it has been replaced by something artifical?

K well I am off to bed.  Almost 17 weeks now finally booked my scan and had an arguarment with the woman on the phone as I want it done at 20 weeks not 19 as mum will be away at 19 weeks and she has asked to come.  When I asked why it needed to be 19 weeks she told me that "if something is wrong you can deal with it easier as it isn't classed as a baby until 20 weeks so you don't have to register the birth etc"  I jsut didn't know what to say.  OM*G is she honestly telling people that I was so angry and just said point blank that if something was wrong I would want some time to tink about it and my options anyway so then she said oh well i guess it doesn't matter then! Arrrgh some people don't have any idea.  And this was from a womans ultrasound place.

Ok actually off to bed now.  nighty night I have some sleep to catch up on.

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