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#26 mrsdingo

Posted 24 October 2009 - 09:00 AM

Morning all

Kat We had a small brown in the house when I was a kid, but this one was a python and it was in the kitchen when we were cooking dinner ohmy.gif . We were going to get someone to remove it but both DP and I are scared of them and didn't want to wait so got his bro to come down and get rid of it. Glad to hear Lara is feeling better! OMG what a rude cow at the u/s place. I had my scan done at 18wks with Mitchell, they wanted to wait till 19, but it didn't suit us.

Tracey Glad to hear everyone is improving.

Stacy Hope your sis is ok and can keep your neice cooking for a little longer!!

Mindy Hope you have a great holiday!

Not much to tell here. Have Mitchell booked in on Wednesday for his 2mnth needles ohmy.gif , it's gone soooo quick. Not looking forward to taking him though as Mum is taking me and the 3 little ones, fingers crossed Chelsea and David aren't too bad without DP there.

Only have 3 kids this weekend, Jennifer has gone to Mum and Grandma's till tomorrow. My BIL and SIL have offered to take all 3 for a few hrs tonight if we want but Mitchell has never had formula and I don't own a pump. We could probably leave Chelsea and David but then would have to find something we could do with Mitchell, so think we might just give it a miss, would have been nice though sad.gif .

DP has taken Chelsea and David to do the groceries so I'm off to get Mitchell to sleep and have a nice hot shower biggrin.gif !
Hope everyone is well

#27 hawkchick

Posted 24 October 2009 - 05:12 PM

Stacy - I hope your sister is OK! How scary for her, with her Mum being away and being pregnant etc. So did they decide to induce? Lucky she has you as a fantastic sister who will babysit for her. How's the 2 WW going? It's about halfway over isn't it? I bet you're feeling alot of excitement and trepidation. Did we decide to catch up? or are we just waiting to see how everything is with your sister/your health etc. - just let me know anyway. Whatever works for you.

Kat - you sounded much more positive and happy in your last post which is great. That u/sounds woman sounds like a cow! Don't pay any attention to her - just book it in for when it suits you.

Kirsty - I can't believe Mitchell's already having his needles. I say it all the time, but time flies by so fast. Keep the photos coming, he is just gorgeous!!!

Tracey - How's your Dad going? Kat's post sounded reassuring. Let's hope it all gets sorted out easily.

Mindy - have a good trip!

Us: Well, DH's first week at the new job went OK; DH turns 39 tomorrow so he and I are both on the count down to 40 (eek). I did lots of Christmas wrapping today - trying to spread the expense over a few months. Apparently we have to phone the liquidators on Monday to get paperwork to fill out to apply for the govt. GEERS program (Thanks Rach for pointing this out to me on Facebook). This is a govt fund set up to pay people who've been made redundant as a resolt of insolvency and who are owed pay by their employer. So it looks like we will get our money but will have to wait 16 weeks for it. I'm not sure about th the last 6 months of super though. I don't think Geers covers this and we didn't get paid any.

Elora's really testing my patience lately. She's whingey and throws tantrums and says "I hate it!!!" about everything. Just when someone asks me if I'm going to have baby number 4 and my mind gets all clucky, I have one of these days (like today) and I think "no way, I am so done where babies are concerned". I just lack the patience required sometimes. I feel myself muttering "I'm getting too old for this sh*t", like a little old lady!!!  biggrin.gif

Enjoy the rest of your weekends girls and Stacy I hope your sis is OK.

ETA: I don't know if I wrote this on EB before or not, but the company that made DH redundant two weeks ago collapsed entirely on Wed of this week just gone so now everyone's out of work...hence the Geers comments above...hope this makes sense

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#28 Stacymoo

Posted 25 October 2009 - 02:45 PM

Hi girls.

Sorry just a quickie again. Have Will back tonight so I am frantically cleaning today as I know I will get nothing done with him here this week! rolleyes.gif

Update on my sis - they are inducing tomorrow. She is a little disappointed as mum isn't here & she feels ok to carry on the pregnancy but they are saying now that she has a blockage leading to the kidney & the only way to pass it is to have bubs. So they are putting the first lot of gel in tomorrow morning then will do a second dose tomorrow night at 6pm so either by tomorrow night or Tuesday we expect a baby girl will be joining our family. wub.gif She was induced with Will & had him only after the 1 application & 2 hrs after they broke her waters.So she is thinking it will happen Monday night. We took Will in to see her & stay with his dad yesterday & my BIL is dropping him back off here tonight around dinner time. He has to work tomorrow for some reason.
I told my sis that we can keep Will here for the week if she wants to have a few nights alone with the new baby. We will just play it by ear.

Blish - this week is going to be flat out!  ohmy.gif I will make a date with you after my test results which is Friday. Only have 5 more days to wait. eexcite.gif I have kept busy which is great as it keeps my mind off it. I am feeling positive & just taking each day as it comes. biggrin.gif

Tracey - glad your dad is out & meds are going to help manage his condition.

Kat - you are sounding alot better which is great. wub.gif It's funny how you dodge the gastro. I seem to get sick if Jaiden is & DH doesn't & vice versa. Funny how these things happen like that.

Kirsty - great pics. That snake would have freaked me out! ohmy.gif

Melinda - have a great trip!

OK got to run. Making lasagna for dinner. Yum!

#29 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 26 October 2009 - 08:42 AM

Hi girls.

Kat - thank you so much.  Your post is reassuring and I will give you a call if I need to know anythng laughing2.gif  You are so great, even though you have your own problems, you have taken the time to give me all that information, thank you so much.  OK Ikea date - just let me know when and we will be there - Mon and Wed are Kaitlyn's d/c days so another afternoon, or a weekend day?

Stacy - oh wow, how exciting.  I hope your sister has a stress free, easy labour.  I can imagine how disappointing it would be not having your Mum here for it and I am sure your Mum would be disappointed too.  Have you spoken to them?  Are they coming home early?  How is the 2WW going?  I would be going insane by now.  How do you feel?  I know with Hayley, I just had a feeling and well it turned out to be right.

Blish - glad to hear DH's first week went well and that you can get your money from the old job.  Sucks about the super though, but I think they might have to pay you that as it is a legal obligation, not an optional thing.  Look into it.

Kirsty - oh 2 month needles sad.gif we have to take Hayley for her 4 month ones this weekend.  She was due last week, but because she has been sick we held off.  DH gets that job, I can't bear to take them for things like that.

OK well that's my page.

Us - well everything seems to be getting a bit better.  Dad is doing OK.  He is on a million tablets a day and has to keep getting blood tests and give himself those injection things, but like Kat said, they aren't forever, thankfully.  He is still fairly sick, but a lot better than he was.  At least he can get out of a chair without being out of breath.

Hayley is getting a lot better.  We are onto the second lot of ABs and I am just going to cut down the ventolin to 2 times a day till the end of the ABs and see how she goes.  Her finger is also rectifying itself which is great.  I left the splint off for about half a day yesterday and even though it still locks a little she can at least straighten it herself.  So I think maybe another week of the splint and she will be fine.

Weekend was really ordinary.  I did nothing but clean and tidy the place, not that it looks any tidier than what it started.  Simon bowled all weekend and Hayley did nothing but whinge all weekend.  Thankfully Kaitlyn was a good girl, but ended up with a black eye and a graze down her face.  She was running away from me and I grabbed her and she just collapsed and hit her face on the door of the wall unit and caught the corner join and now has a big scab on her cheek and a black eye.  She has school photos next week too!!!  Always the way.

Anyhoo, that's about all going on in my life.  Best go...have a good day girls waves.gif

#30 mrsdingo

Posted 26 October 2009 - 10:22 AM

Hi girls

Tracey my place looks like a bomb site and it was cleaned yesterday! rolleyes.gif ! Oh poor Kaitlyn, David's face is a mess too atm.

Stacy Hope your sister has a nice easy labour and delivery!!

Blish Glad to hear your DH's first week went well and you should be able to get some money from his last employer!!  laughing2.gif at your reaction to having another baby. I was the same but, well, no 4 is here now and I love him to bits. I still have those days where I think "WTF have I done I can't do this", but then one of them does something cute and I'm glad I did!!

We have had the morning from hell here. One of the railings on our verandah fell off and BIL had put it back on, well sort of so I found out. We were heading down to put washing on this morning as my mum pulled in to take Jennifer to school. David was on the verandah and got excited leaning on the railing and well it fell off again. Poor little man fell off the verandah onto his head and neck cry1.gif  cry1.gif . We had to get DP to bring car seats home from work and take him to the dr. He had a graze on his forehead and down the centre of his nose, most probably a broken nose and concussion cry1.gif . He is just miserable today and of course his sister keeps annoying him and getting him upset. I know it was an accident but I can't help blaming myself for not catching him before he fell, I just felt so useless cry1.gif . Mum was upset seeing it too, but as she said boys will be boys and there was nothing either of us could do.

So now my day will consist of stopping Chelsea upsetting David, keeping an eye on David and looking after Mitchell. I'm not looking forward to the amount of housework I'll have tomorrow!

Better go and cuddle David some more. Hope everyone is well.

#31 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 26 October 2009 - 11:23 AM

Oh Kirsty....dont blame yourself hon.  Accidents happen and there was nothing you could have done to prevent it.  I can imagine that it would have all happened in slow motion for you.  It is horrible isn't it?  Are they going to do anything for his nose?

DH's cousin's DD fell out of her cot twice and broke her nose both times, she had to have surgery I think to fix it the second time.  I hope that it doesn't come to that for you guys.

Don't be too hard on yourself....it wasn't your fault.  I know easier said than done, but really from the sounds of it there was nothing you could have done.  hhugs.gif

#32 hawkchick

Posted 26 October 2009 - 01:35 PM

Kirsty - I hope David is OK. How scary for you all! Don't beat yourself up...we've all had our fair share of this type of thing.

Us - well, I have a full blown cold and no voice and my throat is so sore.

I spoke to the guy handling my DH's former company's liquidation this morning. He said we will get our annual leave/redundancy paid out but will have to wait 4 months. He said as for super, it comes down to them selling the company's assets and then splitting up the proceeds and dividing it equally amongst all the creditors.
The trouble is the company had no assets so I think we've lost our super. (6 months worth)

Also, I'm wondering if the company paid our group tax (PAYG) to the ATO. What happens if they didn't pay their BAS? What happens for us at tax time? Will the liquidators give us a group certificate?
I know the company took tax out of our pay but whether or not they gave this to the ATO as they were supposed to I have no idea... (?)

What a mess...

Elora isn't well today, looks pale, lethargic and complaining of a sore tummy

#33 amandas1st

Posted 27 October 2009 - 12:40 AM

i'm back! had a blast in sydney. a thousand things to do at the moment and not feeling the greatest. sydney was really awesome though!!! shame we didn't get to meet up kat and tracey sad.gif have to next time. not sure when i'll get back but i'll pop in when i can

#34 Chelbean

Posted 27 October 2009 - 05:48 PM

Hi guys,

How is everyone going? Sorry I havent been very regular,  I had a big assignment due and now am behind in my reading and weekly tasks so im feeling pretty stressed at the moment. Also have a touch of gastro today, thanks to alice I think who had it last week though i have know idea where she picked it up from!

Amanda - Glad you had a good time in sydney, did you get my million comments on your kittens, they are sooooo cute! Am going to send you a pic tonight or tomorrow if thats okay for a sig?

Blish - So glad GEERS can help you. They were fantastic for me, really informative and kept me up to speed with when i would be receiving the annual leave. Mine was about an 8month wait because the company was so big there were literally thousands of claims and they put them through all together.
The whole tax issue sounds like a big mess, not sure who can help you there but i really hope you can sort it out. Saw your status on facebook - i was sick today as well and couldnt stop doing the housework, i just dont feel calm if its not done, dont care how sick i am so i totally understand and hope you are feeling better.

Tracey - How is everything going? Sorry to hear you have had a rough couple of months with everyone being sick. How is your dad? Hope everyone is on the mend now. Take care.

Kirsty - You poor thing, I hope he is okay. Don't blame yourself. You remember me telling you about Alice falling off the change table....i turned my back to get a nappy or singlet or something for just a second and she just jumped off. God it was horrible but these things happen. Mitchell is so cute...my gosh he reminds me of photos of david!!! Felt like i was looking at the same baby!

Stacy - What happened with your sister? Has she had her bub yet? When do you find out if you are pregnant? Hope soon, my fingers are sore from being crossed for you. Thats awesome they got to freeze some this time original.gif

Okay thats all thats showing on my page.

Us - Well we are good. I have just had 6 days off work because my boss had visitors coming up monday tuesday. Thankgod i did as i had that assignment due and we were just busy busy.

We had a great weekend, we actually went to matts dads house and went for a swim in his pool, he has just moved with his girlfriend and they have a pool now. Most of the time when we visit him i hate it, matt and him have a very uneasy realtionship as he wasnt the best dad so the conversation is never flowing and its like torture with all these awkward silences.
Going swimming though was great - it was like it gave us something to do. I was impressed with how he was with Allie as well, she barely knows him but he was so excited because she was jumping to him in the water and cracking up and diving (bomb diving that is) off the side of the pool. He was getting his girlfriend to take all these photos. We will have to see him more often, even though im not fond of him (i hate how much he smokes, literally we got out of the car and i could smell smoke wafting from outside!) he is allies pop.

Sunday we tackled the garage. There was so much stuff in there that needed to be taken to the dump and the cars needed a major clean. Allie helped Matt clean the cars....it was so cute!
The garage is gorgeous now, well as gorgeous as a garage can be and when matt went out he bought me a PINK toy organiser for the car. Its the best present ever, i love storage and i love pink!

Had speech therapy today and it was really good. She is SO happy with Allies speech, the last few weeks shes really started putting everything together. So pretty much everything i say she repeats. The therapist was astounded.
For the first bit of the session she actually tapes me just playing with allie and talking to her. Today she let me look at the first session in April (we have only been to four sessions) and the difference is amazing. The first session she literally said no words, except for clapping her hands and squealing in an excited way. Whereas today she was saying "do drawing" "Train go down" "Teddy bears nose" etc etc.
From this point we are leaving the speech therapy till next year. In that time I am going to organise a hearing test and an assess by a developmental paediatrician, just to make sure there is nothing else we should be concerned about. Also getting her to listen more, when i say her name to look at me, a lot of the time unless i say something like "come have some chippies" or something fun she won't listen, and because of her lack of speech its hard to tell whether its because shes being a normal almost 3 year old and only doing things when she wants to or there is some mild hearing loss. She doesn't like making eye contact with strangers either. She doesn't know elizabeth overly well and at once point elizabeth was saying "alice alice alice" and alice wouldnt look at her. Although when elizabeth started singing a song Alice looked over and smiled.
We are also going to be working on her protesting appropriately. When a child in a social situation takes a toy off her alice will just sit there and go and find something else. When someone hits her she just stands there. We need to teach her to say "no" and "stop."
Phew sorry for that ramble! Anyway she has made A LOT of progress this year and we are really happy with it all. The stuff we need to work on now is mainly so she will be able to survive kindy when she goes.

Speaking of I actually checked out a daycare centre around the corner for her to go one day next year, just for some time away from me. Its a small centre of 21 children and all the children are in the same room! Its amazing! there are three carers in room and it just looked so nice. Small but not too small. The director is male as well which is a bonus for me, males in childcare are just fantastic.

Okay i think i have rambled on way to much. Better go do something productive!

Hope everyone is well!


#35 Stacymoo

Posted 27 October 2009 - 08:16 PM

IT'S A GIRL!!! babygirl.gif Ofcourse we already knew that. laughing2.gif Emily Irene (my sister & nanna's middle name) Robyn (my mums middle name) born 7am this morning weighing a healthy 3.76kgs & 51.5 cm long. Not bad considering she is 3 weeks early! My sis had a 8 hrs labour with an epidural no stitches or tears & is doing great. I went in to see them this arvo & she is just beautiful. wub.gif I am a very proud aunty.  biggrin.gif

Got to run as it has been a hectic day & I am knackered. Will be back tomorrow. waves.gif

#36 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 27 October 2009 - 08:27 PM

Yay Stace - I just came in to see if there was any news from you.  So glad your sister and bub are doing well and it was an easy labour/delivery for her.  Love the name too...Emily is one of my favourites.

How is the 2WW going????  Can't wait to hear your news....feeling very positive chickey.

OK off to bed now.  Have a good night girls waves.gif

#37 Stacymoo

Posted 28 October 2009 - 08:01 AM

Not good news Tracey. sad.gif  I started spotting yesterday & have full on red flow today. I am devastated. cry1.gif Again I haven't even made it to BT day. I am shattered. sad.gif

#38 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 28 October 2009 - 08:16 AM

Oh hon, I am sooooooo sorry.  It just isn't fair.  I can't even imagine how you are feeling atm.  Please be kind to yourself and take some time out for you.  Your holiday will be a welcome distraction I think (as will your new niece).

Thinking of you honey hhugs.gif

#39 hawkchick

Posted 28 October 2009 - 08:46 AM

Stacy - my heart is breaking for you. You know where I am if you need me, otherwise I will give you your space. This is just so unfair.  cry1.gif

#40 rizzo

Posted 28 October 2009 - 09:04 AM

Hi ladies,
Just a quick hello from me, letting you know I'm still around and reading, but also really struggling at the moment, hence the lack of posting.

Stacy - I am so so sorry to hear that. I don't know what to say except be kind to yourself.

To all the kiddies who have had birthdays and have birthdays coming up... HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I can't believe they are all 3!!! Where did the time go.


#41 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 28 October 2009 - 09:36 AM

Geez Liz, I can't believe you are so close to having bub!!!  How exciting.  I'll bet you are over it all by now.  Can't wait to hear of the new arrival.

#42 alybel

Posted 28 October 2009 - 06:31 PM

I can't believe i have missed an ENTIRE thread!!

Stace - I was popping in to see when your blood test is and to wish you luck but read your news.  I am so sorry, I know how that feels, at least you have some embryos for a frozen transfer.  Not sure if I mentioned it before but both Michael and Samantha were from frozen embryo transfers, i never had a fresh transfer...  Congratulations on your new niece!

We are having Samantha's birthday part on Friday so I will try to take some photos then.  Can't believe she is almost 3!

#43 Stacymoo

Posted 29 October 2009 - 03:07 PM

Hi girls.

Well I got the official phone call.......no pregnancy this time. But I was ready for it as I really knew in my heart that this was AF & she was here to stay. sad.gif I am pretty sad but just keep thinking everything happens for a reason & it must not have been our time again. I am now focusing on our holiday & really looking forward to getting away from everything. I am going to train hard & am determined to lose 6-7kgs before we fly out as I have put on around 3-4 kgs since starting IVF. DH is going to train with me as he needs to lose a fair bit of weight himself so it will be great to do it together. And I guess now I can enjoy a few cocktails, eat all the seafood I can stomach, go horse riding on the beach, get lot's of massages & do lot's of shopping in Bali. biggrin.gif The clinic closes over Xmas & doesn't reopen until the 11th of Jan so we may not do the frozen transfer until Feb. Really depends on when I get AF in Dec.

Thankyou for all your support again. You girls really do save my sanity as only close family know about us doing IVF. I am so happy that I can be completely honest with you all about the ups & downs. wub.gif

Blish - it will be great to catch up with you in a couple of weeks.  biggrin.gif

Liz - Oh my you must be ready to explode! Can't wait to hear all the details for your new addition. Good luck with the birth.

Alison - thanks, that does give me hope that maybe 1 of our frosties will be lucky. blush.gif My nurse said the frozen transfer I do in the new year will probably be natural so here's hoping there is more chance of me falling in without having to take so many drugs. hands.gif Not long until you too welcome your little boy into the world. biggrin.gif

Katy - was thinking of you the other day & haven't seen a post from you in ages. Hope everything is ok & your little ones are just keeping you busy. wink.gif Hope Zac had a good birthday on Tuesday.

Brooke -  might be coming up the first weekend in December. Will let you know & see if you are free for a catch up.

Rubes - sorry I missed Ruby's birthday. Hope she had a great day.

OK going to for a walk with my little man. My folks are back on Saturday morning & Jaiden is so excited as he has missed them terribly.  sad.gif

#44 mrsdingo

Posted 30 October 2009 - 01:11 PM

Hi all

Just a real quick one today, have the cleaning bug today and if I stop for too long I won't get everything done rolleyes.gif .

Stacy Congratulations to your sis on her new little girl!! I'm so sorry about AF arriving, fingers crossed that it happens naturally between now and your next transfer!!

Mitchell's needles went well on Wed. I knew he was growing well but after seeing his weight and height ohmy.gif , he is a big boy!!! He weighs 6.3kg and is 62cm long! Since birth he has put on 3kg and grown 10cm, no wonder I'm soooo tired all the time!

Ok back to my cleaning, will pop back soon for personals. Hope everyone is well!

#45 boo boos mumma

Posted 31 October 2009 - 12:38 AM

Oh stacy  sad.gif  sad.gif I was really hoping you would get that BFP this time. My heart is also breaking for you hun.

Kirsty you poor thing, how devastating when David fell. YOu do what u can to prevent things but yeah sometimes you just cant. How is he doing now??

Tracey is your dad ok?? What was Kat talking about??

Blish I put in for my redundancy months ago, still waiting. Who knows when or if ill get anything. Hope u get your pay soon, I wasnt owed pay or even holidays i was just entitled to money from years served.
I often wonder how I could ever consider another bub too lol.

Ok sorry girls my mind has gone blank.

We are doing fine. Aiden had his 12month needles yesterday and did so well surprisingly.

Reanna is doing well, still cheeky as ever but such a clever girl.

I have something to share with you all from Aiden's 1st bday party. My friend took this pic and was shocked by what she got....

That orb is right where my mum would normally have stood for a family pic. Freaky hey??
A pic seconds before it was taken with my step dad looking right up but no orb there untill the next pic, it doesnt appear to be from his glasses at all.

Not sure really but Im certain my mum popped in for a visit for Aiden's bday, well at least its nice to think.

#46 Stacymoo

Posted 01 November 2009 - 06:34 AM

Hi girls.

Kirsty - glad Mitchell's needles went ok. Wow he has grown alot!! ohmy.gif

Tam - Oh my goodness! That pic is amazing. I truly believe that has to be your mum there chickey. wub.gif And it's lovely that you are all laughing & happy. Happy 1st birthday to Aiden. biggrin.gif

Sorry I have been a little quiet. I am finding times when I am ok & then I just break down & start crying. Poor DH must be thinking he is married to a nutter.  sad.gif  I get teary when I think about Emily & then happy the next that she is in this world safe & sound. It just hurts so much to remember back to in Feb when my sister told me she was pregnant & I was on Clomid & now she has gone through the whole process & had Emily & I am doing IVF & still no success. cry1.gif  It just isn't fair. sad.gif  

Friday we visited Erin & Emily & I baked her a lasagna, a beef & veg casserole & banana choc chip bread. I also cleaned for her for about 3 hrs. She needed some help to get on top of things. My BIL is back to work tomorrow & then I think mum has another 2 weeks off in a week or so. I am glad that I can be around to help her out.

Yesterday we picked up my parents from the airport & they were so rapt to see us all. Mum said dad missed all the grandkids the most but especially my DS as we spend alot of time with my folks. We got back to there place & they told us about their fab trip to Sabah & gave us heaps of pressies. My mum spoiled me with a new handbag, some casual shoes for summer, some Estee Lauder products I use & a beautiful silk scarfe. She asked if I had some good news & I was happy that I kept composed telling her no luck this time but I was ok & we will have a break now. She was ok too until we were leaving & she kissed & hugged me & broke down crying. cry1.gif  Ofcourse so did I then. I feel for her as she must feel so conflicted as well.......a daughter TTC for 2 years with problems & the other daughter welcoming baby #2 with no difficulty at all. Again I say it just isn't fair.   sad.gif

Anyway enough of depressing me...............here are some pics of my beautiful new neice.

Proud aunty & cousin  biggrin.gif

Emily looks just like my sister as a newborn

And I couldn't resist this one of Jaiden's baby cino face! laughing2.gif

#47 hawkchick

Posted 01 November 2009 - 09:13 AM

Stacy - I think all your conflicting feelings are perfectly natural and understandable. You are such a beautiful person, even through your own grief you are being such a great sister to your sister.

Tam - wow, Aiden's first year flew by didn't it? Happy Birthday little man! And I definitely agree that your Mum was present when that photo was taken. How lovely.

Happy Birthday to any of the November babies turning 3 already. We're having a party for Elora on 20th November - just a few friends who have kids roughly the same age.

We're off to Scienceworks today to see the Star Wars exhibit. I fell asleep at 7.30pm last night that's how tired I was. DH had to wake me up from the couch to go upstairs, where I continued sleeping. I was supposed to go grocery shopping this morning but couldn't wake up. Didn't wake up until 8.45am! Don't know what's going on with me...(no I'm not pregnant)

#48 boo boos mumma

Posted 01 November 2009 - 10:39 PM

Oh Stacey, it must be so hard for you hunni. I really really hope u get a bfp soon hun. Loved the piccies.

Blish I think you won't slow down, so your body is doing it for you  original.gif  original.gif  I want to slow down, but my kids won't let me  Tounge1.gif  Tounge1.gif

Gosh don't know whats up with Aiden,  he just won't settle, ive been in a couple of times.
He has been b/f a little more often then i wanted to, he just doesnt like to give it up completely yet arrghh.

I got a bit cranky with DH yesterday. He conned me into a BD in the morning and the bloody sh*t head forgot to pull out WTF!!!  He knew that I had AF a week ago and we have to be careful and we would discuss bub #3 after each month untill I am emotionally able to cope with a pregnancy that involves weeks of me barely being able to lift my head off a pillow not to mention all the other crap that has been going on. He is usually so good so Im not sure it it was a genuine miscalculation on his part or if he is secretly hoping for a bfp....maybe he is hoping something like that would take me mind of missing my mum??? Silly idea itll actually prob more make it worse as I wont have mum to share my thoughts with about it all.

At breakfast yesterday I had a go at him for what he had done and told him that we are at big risk of a pregnancy. His answer was 'Well at least you will be really busy'.
I said 'Yeah at least YOU will be really busy when I'm too sick to look after both our children'.
He thought that through for a moment and yeah the silence told it all I think.

Of course if this was a slip up Id be excited to be preggers....we did always discuss possible this time we would try again but with loosing mum and the shocking year Aiden has had health wise Im happy to wait till sometime early next year before even contemplating it.

Best go, Aiden still a bit cranky.

#49 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 02 November 2009 - 08:43 AM

Morning girls

Stacy - again I am so sorry honey.  I know you will have a BFP soon, I just wish I knew when.   Maybe you will get a BFP naturally between now and your next transfer.  I hope you do!  You are such a wonderful considerate person the way you are helping your sister out, even though you are in so much pain yourself.  Chin up honey, it will happen. hhugs.gif  Love love love the pics!  Just gorgeous.

Tam - WOW that photo is awesome!  I definitely think it is your Mum there taking her place and saying hello.  What a wonderful thing....rant.gif at DH.  Do you want the whacking stick?

Oh and Dad has a heart thing where his heart won't beat in sync like it is supposed to.  So he is on all sorts of tablets, has to take warfrin to thin his blood as with this condition you are at risk of a stroke.  He is kinda down about it all which is understandable so I hope that he gets through it and things settle down for him soon.

Blish - how did you find the exhibition?

Sorry that's about all the personals I can do atm.

Us - well I had a sh*tty weekend.  We took Hayley for her 4 months injections on Saturday.  Whilst she was there the doctor looked at her finger again and we now have to take her to the physio or a pead to get her finger corrected as it isn't really working.  That is booked for today.

Hayley and Kaitlyn were great on Saturday.  They both slept and gave me some time to sit and do not a lot.

Then I noticed Pepper's (Kaitlyn's cat) eye was starting to flare up again, so rang the vet to see if he could come up.  $150 later and more ABs for her.  Hoping it clears up this time.

Then Saturday night/Sunday morning Hayley got all hot from her vacs, so I was up at 3.00am standing in front of the fan and giving her Panadol to get her temp down.  She fussed around all night and I hardly got any sleep at all.

Sunday morning Hayley just wouldn't settle at all.  It was Simon's sleep in day and I had to get him up earlier than what I would have because Hayley was doing my head in.  When he got up I just started to cry cause it was all getting on top of me.

So I went out and did the groceries and went to Big W and got nappies that were on special and bought myself a new handbag (which was the highlight of my weekend).

It was my Nana's birthday yesterday too, so I don't think that helped.

By the time I got home Hayley was awake again and she just wouldn't settle at all all day.  She was whingy and grumbly and horrible.  By the time we got her to bed last night both Simon and I were just cranky.  The Kaitlyn decided it was time to be naughty.

Oh on top of all that I discovered our other cat Lynx (Hayley's cat) has what I think is tapeworm!!!!!  Jesus it never ends.

So this morning I am in a mood, have been crying already because my Dad said to Mum that he has to "get things done because he doesn't have much time left".  I mean sh*t, now he is talking like he is dying.  I am just over everything atm and really need a break.

OK sorry for the rant I just had to get that off my chest, not that I feel much better sad.gif.  I just so can't wait to go away at Christmas.  Another 6 weeks and we will be going on a holiday and I soooooooo need it.  

Anyhoo, I came to work for a break laughing2.gif  Best go do some work that I have.  Have a good day girls. waves.gif

#50 Stacymoo

Posted 02 November 2009 - 04:37 PM

Hi girls.

Blish - sorry I had to cancel on you for next week. Looks like we all are going to need a few needles before we go on this trip to Bali. rolleyes.gif I didn't think of all that when we booked. And now I am feeling bad that Jaiden will probably have to be jabbed at least once for the swine flu but I think all his other immunisations from birth will be ok to carry him over eg. tetunus, diptheria, Hep B etc. Our doc is really thorough so DH & I are having blood tests to check our anitbodies for Hep B & tetunus & then we will get the other shots too. I don't care at all, what with all the injections I have had doing IVF, but DH is a little freaked out by needles so it will be interesting to see how he handles it. laughing2.gif Hope you get some energy back soon. You body must need a big rest chickey. hhugs.gif

Tam - oh my, you would be one busy mum if that little accident appears. oomg.gif

Tracey - thanks my friend. wub.gif We are always hopeful that a natural miracle could happen while taking a break from IVF too. I do ovulate every month so there is always that hope. hands.gif Hey where are you going at Xmas? I must have missed you talking about a holiday. Sounds like a rough weekend for you indeed. Hope this week is better.

Well we paid the final balance on our Bali villa today. eexcite.gif Here is the link with some pics of the villa if anyone is interested:


I can't wait to get there. We still haven't told my family yet. I think I will do it during the week. I probably sound like a bit of a coward but I just know there will be some comments made about going away for Xmas & I just can't deal with them right now. We have made a doc appointment for next Monday to go through all the needles we need & then it is just a matter of buying Jaiden's little snacks & stuff that I can pack to take. I have started a list of things to pack so I don't forget anything. biggrin.gif It's alot easier seeing as this is the 3rd big overseas trip we have done with him.

OK that's about all from me today. We are staying home for the cup tomorrow. We are not really interested in racing so didn't bother organising a BBQ or anything. Will just enjoy a nice day at home.  biggrin.gif
Good luck to anyone that has a bet though. wink.gif

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