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November 06 Parents # 132

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#51 Chelbean

Posted 02 November 2009 - 06:36 PM

Hi girls,

Stacy - My god, can I come with you? That place looks awesome! How long are you going for? Really sorry to hear about the BFN, it  must be so hard trying to be happy for your sister at the same time. Not sure what to say but I really hope you are okay. The holiday sounds like the perfect way to relax.

Tracey - As I said on facebook sorry to hear about the news. Really hope she doesn't need surgery! Where are you heading to for your holiday?

Tam - Oh my I would be cranky as well! Hope you are okay. I LOVE that photo, it is so definitely your mum. Hope you are coping okay.

Sorry thats all I can manage tonight. I think, like lots of people, ive had a nightmare week the past week. I think i posted last tuesday and I didn't meantion I had gastro, well it continued till Thursday so i didn't work at all. I was useless at home and i HATE that....i might sound weird but i feel so much better when i get things done, go to work, do study, organise stuff....so when im sick i not only feel like crap because of the illness but I also feel like crap because i cant do anything.

Our weekend was okay though. I took Allie to the doctor on Saturday to get referals for hearing tests and to see a developmental pediatrician. Just made the appointments today hearing test in december and seeing the pediatrician in early Feb so thats good, was expecting id wait forever for both of them! Its basically just to make sure theres nothing else going on.

Anyway i now have a toothache as well, and am so over it. I hate my teeth!!! I think its an abscess and I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon and im just praying he doesn't have to pull it. Ive been googling my symptoms and that is never a good idea!!!

Didn't work today either because the little boy i look after is sick now! Poor thing! We haven't had a good run lately and because i was sick last week i didnt see him and I miss him! Hopefully back to work on Wednesday though.
Speaking of I put an ad out for nanny and casual babysitting. Just wanted to get some extra cash and what not because i'll be going down to one day at work next year, and while we will be fine i just feel i need to do something to give us that extra bit of money. Got a response from a lady who needs someone to look after her 20 month old so am meeting her on the weekend.
Just thought I'd mention it in here in case you Brissy girls ever need a babysitter.

Matt and I are thinking of getting our own babysitter! A friend i used to work with said she will do it for a reasonable rate, just once a month or so so matt and i can go out on our own. Not sure how it happened but we just don't have anyone else to leave her with. We used to leave her with matts best friend but they've grown apart a bit and we dont see him as much and there is just noone else I'd leave her with!
I am going slightly crazy from being with her all day every day.....i do love her but i never get a break! Daycare next year will be good. My dad is coming up this weekend  and he'll take her while matt and i get our christmas shopping done early!

I, like everyone i think, need a holiday SO badly! Matt and I have decided to splurge and we are going to spend two nights down the coast the week before christmas. His work is renting a house on the coast as their christmas party, but we are going to get our own motel room, the one we are looking at is gorgeous and has an in room spa, so i'll never want to leave and includes breakfast etc. We really need to get away just us. We are also going camping in Jan for two weeks but thats with Allie and my parents etc so the two nights down the coast will be good for us i think.

Okay better go, screen giving me a headache. Hope everyone is well. Seems like this year is really getting to us all...cant wait for it to end.

Take care


#52 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 03 November 2009 - 08:37 AM

Morning girls

Stacy - we are going to Port Douglas for 10 days.  It is such a nice resort we are staying at and I can't wait.


This is the link to where we are staying.  I so need a holiday - haven't had one since September last year, so it will be nice to get away and relax and not have to worry about anything.

Rach - good luck today.  Let us know how you go.

Well that's my personals since yesterday.

Us - took Hayley to the physio yesterday and he said that he couldn't do anything and that it looked like she had some form of trigger finger and that we should see an orthopedic pead.  So I rang my pead and they gave me the number of who they refer to generally.  So I rang them and have an appointment for Thursday to see what they can do - if anything.

I tell you I am soooo over it all.  Just wanting it all to stop.

For those of you who don't know this is the link to what trigger finger is:


the only common factor that we can see is the reference to rhuematoid arthritis which runs in both sides of both families.  So who knows.

Anyhoo, best get some work done.  Have a good day girls waves.gif

#53 ♥RUBES♥

Posted 03 November 2009 - 10:26 PM

Hi girls just popping my head in so as not to be totally forgotten.

Sorry no personals I have had so much going on it's not funny...Boog has been ill basically since he turned 9 back in mid Sep. Midget & TB are both on and off being ill too. Had to take Midget to hospital last week & returned with more AB's, TB woke screaming her ear was sore early Sat morn, in to the Dr yesterday another ear infection, more AB's. I swear I should get discounted rates from the company, in 1 month we have had 6 courses between 3 kids. Not sure how much longer I can keep this up, I think I have averaged about 2hrs sleep in the last 10 weeks, even a newborn isn't that much work! Added to that someone has basically stabbed me in the back, so I have been ill & stressed over that whole business too.

Sorry for the "Days of my life" story, I'll try to post back more often.

Cheers Rubes.

#54 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 05 November 2009 - 12:05 PM

Hi everyone.....

Wow quiet in here!

I want to say (even though she won't be reading this laughing2.gif)  GOOD LUCK ALI!!!

Alison's DH is going to text me when bub is born so I can update you all.....how exciting.  

Rubes - great to hear you got some good news about the carers payment.  Bugger that the kids have all been so sick.  I know how you feel there.  Seems never ending in our house atm.  hhugs.gif

Us - well we are off to the orthapedic pead today.  Will see what he has to say about Hayley's finger.  The GP thinks that he might just plaster it in place for a while to try and get it to stay straight.  I hope so, I am getting a bit nervous and am just hoping he doesn't say surgery or something like that.  I am getting a bit of a sick feeling thinking about it, so we will see.

Anyhoo, that's all I dropped in for.  Will let you all know how we go this afternoon.

Have a good day girls waves.gif

#55 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 05 November 2009 - 03:10 PM

Just dropping in to say.....



Back from the ortho and all good news (FINALLY)...

Hayley does have trigger finger.  He said it is quite common in children and they develop it anywhere in the first two years of life.  He said it is usually the thumb and is rare to be in any of the other fingers (Hayley's is her pointer finger).  He said it normally resolves itself and we have to go back in one year to see him to see if it has.  He is doing a study on the number of kids who have it and don't have to have surgery.  He said if it doesn't resolve then it will be surgery but it is really minor and only a day stay in hospital.

So finally I have good news.  Now just need to have good news from when Dad goes to the heart specialist next month and then I can wave goodbye to 2009 and welcome 2010 and hope for a better year.

Anyhoo, that's all I popped in for.  waves.gif

#56 ♥RUBES♥

Posted 05 November 2009 - 04:05 PM


Nice healthy size too I might add.

YAY Tracey glad you got some good news too...think some of us deserve abit of good news for a change.

#57 boo boos mumma

Posted 05 November 2009 - 07:51 PM

Welcome little Adam, thats my bro's name and I just love it :-)
Congrats Alison and family, looking forward to hearing your birth story!!

Tracey that is great news, nice for a change I bet.

All good. Im so tired such a big day sorting out tax with the accountant, it was so boring for me so can only imagine how boring it is for them, gosh.

Not much to say really other than boring crap.

HI Rubes though!!

#58 hawkchick

Posted 05 November 2009 - 08:31 PM

Alison - Congratulations on the birth of Adam. I love that name.

#59 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 07 November 2009 - 06:20 PM

Just popping in to say


Well done, glad he arrived safe and sound.....and I can't believe you are home already.

Wonder how Liz is going?

Well I am seriously contemplating chopping my hair off tomorrow.  The way it is falling out at the moment is driving me and Simon batty, so I am about a half a decision away from going to get it all chopped off tomorrow........hmmmmmm, think I will do it.  Simon thinks I should, which for him is a big vote for a yes cause he likes my hair long.  Suppose it is the right time of year to do it if I am going to do it.


#60 boo boos mumma

Posted 08 November 2009 - 03:39 PM

Why is your hair falling out Tracey?? That doesnt sound too great??  SHow us a piccie if u do. My hair is far too long now, Im not gonna get it short but definitely needs less of length i thinks.

All good here. I got a little drunk last night as I hadnt had a drink in nearly 3years. I was very well behaved though but we all had a fab time. Good old hubby was designated driver, good lad lol.
Im glad i let my hair down for a change, I realised I still have the nut bush and Macarena down pat ha ha ha.

Kiddies are good. Reanna was such a good girl sharing her cars with Aiden today and letting him use her car garage and car wash thingo, even let him play with the noisy petrol pump that he loves to turn on over and over again lol. She can be so sweet sometimes. Well untill he tried to lunge at her sausage roll and she shoved him to the groud by pushing force onto his face, hmmm not so great then lol.

Hope u all are well.

#61 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 08 November 2009 - 05:30 PM



Alison - love the pics of Adam, he is gogeous.

Ang - same same, love the pics of Lochlan.

Well done girls!!!  Wow I can't believe you all had November bubs....lots of birthdays in November for you all.

Tam - hair is falling out post pregnancy........I hate it!!!!  I did get it chopped off but the chick that did it butchered it and it is horrible.  I hate it.

I had a pic of what I wanted.  I wanted short at the back and then long on the top.  She did the back fine but when it came to the top she absolutely killed it.  She cut the top the same length as my fringe and then decided to brush it forward.  Then had the hide to tell me that mine was actually longer than what was in the pic which was crap!!!!  I was so p*ssed off and she knew it.

Anyway, no pics of it for now I hate it too much.  Maybe when it grows out some more......or probably when we go away at Christmas and when I put some pics up then laughing2.gif

Anyhoo......have a good night girls waves.gif

#62 Stacymoo

Posted 08 November 2009 - 08:56 PM

OMG I am not in for a few days & miss 3 births!! oomg.gif CONGRATS to Alison, Liz & Ang. ddance.gif I love all the names too. biggrin.gif 3  more November bubs.....awesome.

I will be back tomorrow for a post. Have had a few busy days. wacko.gif

#63 hawkchick

Posted 09 November 2009 - 07:46 PM

Congrats to Liz and Ang too....!!!!!

I love the baby names you've all chosen. I hope everything is settling well for you (you too Liz)

#64 rizzo

Posted 09 November 2009 - 10:28 PM

Hi guys,

Just popping in quickly to say thanks for the well wishes and on facebook too.
Got home from hospital today, but am feeling very blergh, day 3 blues, I was expecting them though, and I'm sure I'll be over them soon.
Will pop back in when I'm feeling more chirpy


#65 ang_w

Posted 10 November 2009 - 11:01 AM

Hi ladies,
Just popping in to thank everyone for the well wishes on Facebook too.  I do come in and read every now and then, just a slacker at posting.

Stacy - so sorry to hear you weren't successful the last time with the IVF.  I really hope it happens naturally for you soon.  
A big congratulations to your sister.  I hope she and your niece are doing well.

Blish - is Stu still looking for other work?  How is his new job going?  I hope things are okay with you all.

Tracey - sorry to hear about Hailey's finger.  Hope it sorts itself out soon.  I have never even heard of "trigger finger".  What a pain about your hair.  How disappointing.  I hope it grows quick for you anyway.

Tam - lol at you getting a little drunk the other night.  I think you were long overdue to let your hair down.  I hope you had a great night.

Hi to everyone else.  
Sorry, that's all the preview window is showing and Lochie is awake for a feed.

I can't believe Caileigh is 3 today!  It's gone soooo fast.  I told her yesterday that we'd have a little party for her when Holly got home from school and DH was home from work and she told me "NO, we'll have a BIG party"  lol.  So instead of just having cake, balloons etc, we're having the works with party games, party bags etc.  It'll only be the 3 girls but with Holly having a big party with friends in a couple of weeks and Lochie's birth....I thought it was only fair to spoil her for the day.  She was just lying on the floor singing "Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me-ee, happy birthday to me"   laughing2.gif

Anyway, hope everyone is well.  Off to feed the boy (who I keep calling "her"  lol ).  So hard to get used to saying HIM!

Edited by ang_w, 10 November 2009 - 11:03 AM.

#66 mrsdingo

Posted 10 November 2009 - 12:02 PM

Hi girls

Sorry just another qiuck post, there are definately not enough hours in the day atm!

bbabyflip.gif  babyboy.gif Congratulations Alison, Liz and Ang on the arrivals of your boys! Love all the names! babyboy.gif  bbabyflip.gif

Have 2 kids who are "sick". Hand, foot and mouth disease has sone the rounds of their cousins and we thought we had missed it, but then MIL bought one of our nephew's over on Sat and he still had it so of course Chelsea got it and gave it to David. Seems we've gotten lucky and they both have a very mild case, they can both still eat fine and aren't itchy at all, thank god. It's just a pita keeping them from kissing and touching Mitchell. Have had to keep Jennifer home until at least Thurs to make sure she hasn't got it too. Oh well it could be worse.

Other then that we are all doing well. Mitchell has started to have a comp feed once a day. He is still feeding 2hrly during the day and it was really starting to take it's toll on me. Thank god he sleeps from 7:30/8pm till 5am, I really couldn't cope if he was feeding all night too!

Better go see how big a mess these kids have made in my room!  Hope everyone is well

#67 boo boos mumma

Posted 10 November 2009 - 01:02 PM

Congrats to Liz and Alison, so sorry i missed the births, not sure how.  Gosh so many boyz have been born in our group since 06 have u all noticed?? me, kat, katy, Liz, Alison, Kirsty...all boyz...has anyone had a girl since 06 besides Tracey?? funny hey?

And soon we will be all celebrating Stacy having another bub, OMG Stacy I'll be so excited for that one!!!! Ill be doing cartwheels for you....it'll happen and I'll be here for you the whole way cheering you on!!!!

Not bad, had a bit of a pita day yesterday missing my mum...funny how you are fine then bamm its like you are back 6weeks ago crying....its so strange hey?? I get so sad when I want to tell my mum something exciting but I can't...I don't have anybody to talk to like I used to with her, u know everything was just said without judgement whereas although Im close to my SIL there is just some things u dont discuss in too much detail iykwim??

Aiden played up big time last night, he is getting wind and tummy pains...im not sure if its caused from the rissoles last night, and roast beef the past two days....or if its from too much weetbix....he has 2 weetbix in one day which isnt a prob but late at night he is often hungry so ive given him two more....so not sure if too much wheat??? My money is on the mince and beef, prob will have to cut it back so no beef for a few days and see if eliminating that will help...fingers crossed!!

KIrsty:  I hear ya on the 2yrly feeds...Aiden was like that ALL NIGHT LONG and this went on untill oh about a month ago IM SERIOUS!! WHen he was getting sick all the time I was lucky to get 1hrly naps at a time at night, it was crazy. 2hrs is so long but its not when you are feeding all the time hey??
arrrgh to your MIL bringing around your sick nephew, is she not the full 6 pack or something??? I hope the kiddies get better soon, i dont envy all the disinfecting  you have to do...ickkk.

#68 k123

Posted 10 November 2009 - 09:05 PM

Hi all,

Just a quick one.

Wow congrats to Allison, Liz and Ang! Hope that you are all getting some sleep and that your little boys are fitting in nicely.

Tam we will find out if we are having a girl or boy next week.  We have decided that we will find out this time as it might just be easier for us! We are hoping for a girl cause we cannot possibly agree on a boys name!'

Tracy - Sorry that your hair has been butchered by that woman. I hope that it grows out soon.

K that is it from me.  I am just tired at the moment.  Off to bed, moving last weekend has taken it out of me.

#69 boo boos mumma

Posted 11 November 2009 - 05:33 PM

Hi ya girls,

Gosh its so damn quiet in here now hey??

#70 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 11 November 2009 - 08:55 PM

Hi guys.  Been busy here.  Congrats to all the new bubs.
Have had a new therapist start so I've been with her a lot.  Plus we seem to be at a transition point with Jord and his program, so lots of discussions regarding therapy direction.  He seems now to be wanting to speak more but doesn't have the skill.  A bit of frustration but more concern from me that with this new found enthusiasm for speech he will learn to speak poorly (bad articulation).  Have a consult this week with the American consultant (big bucks bloke) so probably not a bad time to get a fresh set of eyes looking at him.  Madly been putting together a funding application.  Panel met today so fingers crossed we will be successfull.
Also have had everything in our house break:  air con, car, dishwasher and the phone - not internet thank god.  Need to get a docs appt for a pap smear and I can't even do that coz the phone doesn't work, but my GP only works 3 days/week and with mum away I need DH to have the kids - of course 2 of her work days are DH's busiest unavailiable days.  Can't yet leave them with the new therapist.  Been going in to DH's work to make calls.

Maeve's still a munchkin.  GOt into the flour the other day.  Start to talk,  Still not walking (yay!)

Orff to bed

#71 Chelbean

Posted 11 November 2009 - 08:59 PM

Hi girls!

Congrats to Liz, Ang and Allison...well done, all beautiful boys with beautiful names! Hope you are all doing well and settling in at home.

Tam - Hope you are doing okay, sounds like getting drunk the other night was just what you needed!

Sorry thats all i really have time for. Been so busy lately. I have an assignment due next Monday and I am still stuffing around with it. Matt has an assignment due monday as well so we have been doing nothing but study sleep and work!

Feeling a bit sheepish finally bit the bullet and asked my cleaner to do my ironing on weekly basis as well. She cleans fortnightly but has always said she could take the ironing home for a bit extra. Ironing is matts job and lately its been taking him about 3 hours each sunday night to do it, combine that with study and work and it's just too much.

Allie is doing well, crazy as ever. IS completely obsessed with mickey mouse all of a sudden, though still loves the wiggles. Also is getting into Dora, though im not a big fan of that show!

Back at work this week, the little boy i looked after was so sick last week so only worked one day. Good to be back into some kind of routine again as well.
Have had a good response from my babysitting ads and met with a lady who might need me next year for a few nights a week which would work out well. Also babysat for matts boss last week, which was good, the kids were 7-11 so we played monopoly and had a great time.

Also there is a position going at the gymboree i take allie to. Does anyone here do gymboree? Its like play,music and art classes. The job is for next year 1-2 days a week...9-2pm are the hours, which would just be fantastic. Experience with children is a bonus so i am dropping my resume in on Friday. All training is provided. Not sure if it will work out, because we go on holidays at the end of jan and that is set in stone but it would be good if it did.
I'll still be working one day as a nanny for the family i work for now and of course study will take up a lot of my time, but i just feel like if i do only work one day ill feel guilty, even though we would are okay financially and everything. Also i want Alice in daycare one/two days a week to get used to being in that environment again and i think it will be good for her development so i think id feel better if i was working.

Anyway thats enough of my ramble, better get back to study. Take care everyone,


#72 boo boos mumma

Posted 12 November 2009 - 01:08 AM

That job sounds fab Rach, would be perfect :-)

Not sure when I will actually go back to work officially. My old boss has now just stopped asking, its just been a bad year so since DH is earning well from our business I don't need to return to work yet I'm happy to remain casual for the local preschool and hopefully one day something part time will come up and then I'll prob just jump at the chance.

I should go to bed but I'm enjoying the free time lol.

Kat I can't wait to hear what sex the bub is. How many weeks are you now?? How are things at the moment?

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