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April 06 Parents # 185

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#1 Sandra

Posted 31 October 2009 - 08:13 AM

New thread time ladies.


#2 ~cackleberry~

Posted 31 October 2009 - 09:28 AM

Ohhh yay.....GOLD!!  First gold in ages!   biggrin.gif

NB: If you would like to be added to the list or have any changes please send me a PM as I will most likely miss your post in the general threads. Thanks!

Come join us for a chat on messenger, PM me your address and I will add.


23rd March 2006
LAURA CAITLIN ~ Sandra (peachkoala)
EDEN SIENNA ~ Susan (Cookies)
MALAKAI HUGHIE ~ Kerri (5*little*ducks)

28th March 2006
CAITLIN JANE ~ Karen (~cackleberry~)

29th March 2006
AMELIE MAYA ~ Sue (2forSuz)

3rd April 2006
CARTER SHEN ~ Tina (LittleDCJ)
MIA GRACE ~ Michelle (Sweetchild)

8th April 2006
RILEY KENNETH ~ Michelle (Shelldar)
LILY MADELINE ~ Kirsten (~Kirsten~)

9th April 2006
ALEXANDER LUKE ~ Karla (~Karla~)

10th April 2006
EYLEE RHODE ~ Deanna (Polaris)

11th April 2006
KALISHA ROSE ~ Mel (Kaleli)
CONNOR JAMES ~ Sulee (mummy2bailey)

12th April 2006
REUBEN CONNOR ~ Mel (Stumbles)

14th April 2006
AUSTIN MICHAEL ~ Kate (scuttlebutt)
ELII JOHN ~ Linda (LittleAnnie)

15th April 2006
TAYA JOY ~ Mel (princesstaya)

20th April 2006
GEORGIA PEACHES ~ Ange (mummagoobs)

22nd April 2006
ROSE LOUISE ~ Kristy (Freyja)

28th April 2006
WILLOW PAIGE ~ Tracy (**My3Miracles**)

30th April 2006
JOEL SEBASTIAN ~ Natalie (Natw)

3rd May 2006
KATELYN MARY ~ Sharyn (tomkatsmum)

9th May 2006

AMELIA ~ Tara (babyhugs)

19th January ~ SHARYN (tomkatsmum)
12th February ~ NATALIE (natw)
24th February ~ TRACY (**My3Miracles**)
10th March ~ DEE (Polaris)
31st March ~ TINA (LittleDCJ)
3rd April ~ MICHELLE (Shelldar)
6th April ~ KRISTY (Freyja)
21st April ~ LINDA (LittleAnnie)
26th April ~ KAREN (~cackleberry~)
8th June ~ SULEE (mummy2bailey)

12th June ~ SANDRA - (peachkoala)
30th June ~ KARLA (~Karla~)
10th July ~ KATE (scuttlebutt)
29th July ~ MICHELLE (Sweetchild)
26th August ~ ANGE (mummagoobs)
8th October ~ MELISSA (Stumbles)
17th October ~ MEL (Kaleli)
19th October ~ SUE (2forSuz)
21st October ~ MEL (princesstaya)

Congratulations!  ddance.gif

Nat (natw) ~ Due 11th April 2010
Mel (Stumbles) ~ Due 18th April 2010

Sharyn (tomkatsmum) ~ Due June 2010

Congratulations Sulee and family on the birth of Declan Jack babyboy.gif  Born on 22nd September 2009 at 9.39am, weighing 3760gms, 49.9cms length, 36cms HC

Congratulations Kristy and family on the birth of Owen Paul babyboy.gif  Born on 28th September 2009 at 12.20pm, weighing 3.88kg, 53cms length, 35.1cms HC

Ange's Angel Baby......Always Remembered

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#3 tomkatsmum

Posted 31 October 2009 - 10:16 AM


hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather. I am over it already!!

love sharyn

#4 LittleDCJ

Posted 31 October 2009 - 10:39 AM


Hating this weather already.

Not looking forward to my run tomorrow, it was already stinking hot at 8am this morning.  Will just take it easy and not push myself.  Feeling better but still coughing a lot.  My grand total for sponsorshop was $460 which I am really happy with.

#5 ~cackleberry~

Posted 01 November 2009 - 09:15 PM

How did you go today Tina?  Well done on raising so much money for a great cause!  cclap.gif

Fairly quiet day today.  I actually got the afternoon to myself!   ohmy.gif  DH took the kids shopping with him.  I truly didn't know what to do with myself.  It was so quiet.  original.gif  I am feeling a little more sane now, I really needed that break.

#6 LittleDCJ

Posted 02 November 2009 - 05:43 AM

I did okay on the run.  I struggled since I hadn't done any training for the last 2 weeks due to my chest infection.  I ran the 1st 20 min and then walked/ran the rest of the 10km and did it in 1h15min.  I was so disappointed I couldn't do it properly as I really wanted to try to do it in under 60 min.  Oh well, always next year.  It wasn't as hot as predicted so I coped a bit better than I expected in the heat.  Must have worn myself out as I had to have a nana nap in the afternoon.

Nothing exciting happening here.  I am starting a 4wk photography workshop (online) today.  I've been really slack with my photography lately and I haven't touched my SLR since we moved in July.  So today's the day.

Jarvis has his alarm clock set for 5.55am every morning.  If only he could push it 30 min I would be much happier.  He is usually happy to lie in his cot and chat to himself but this morning he wanted company straight away.  Best grab a shower before the other kids wake.

#7 Freyja

Posted 02 November 2009 - 01:14 PM

Tina - Well done on making it to the end. I know you wanted to run it - I hope you get to next year! The photography course sounds interesting. Good on you making the time to do things for yourself with three kids! What's your secret?

Kaz - Yeah, I find myself lost when I get some free time to myself (which is hardly ever). Glad you enjoyed your break original.gif

Well - DH started is new job today. It's a consulting position, still with the same employer, slight payrise but lots of opportunity for promotion later on. oh - and no school kids! He works with adults. It's a lot further travel though :/ He leaves earlier, gets home later so more pressure on me with the school runs/daycare runs and afters school sports etc. It's all a bit daunting right now with Owen being so little but we'll see how it goes.

#8 ~cackleberry~

Posted 04 November 2009 - 12:06 PM

Wow, been so quiet in here lately!   mellow.gif

I'm being driven mad here lately by my boys.  They've been so hyper past couple of weeks and i'm finding it very difficult to come up with strategies to keep them under control.  I'm looking into their diet to see if that can be improved and see if that helps.  I even took them to the park the other day after school.  It was lovely while there, but they were so naughty when we got home.  Grrr!

Anyway, apart from that, we had a quiet day at home yesterday for Melbourne Cup Day (didn't back a winner, but DH chose Shocking - 1st place).  DH painted the rails on our new verandah extension and tried to go fix our car (that was hit by the kangaroo).  Still not fixed as yet, but getting closer.  

A few girls who have been on facebook have expressed an interest in another meet up.  I can try and organise one if everyone would like?  Are we thinking in Melbourne again or somewhere else?  In Feb next year so that it gives everyone a chance to get organised, or do you think sooner?  Looking forward to seeing everyone again.  original.gif

Nat, how are you going sweetie?  You will definately have to take the plunge and join Facebook.   cool.gif wink.gif  I hope the m/s is staying away.

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#9 LittleAnnie

Posted 04 November 2009 - 08:50 PM

Hi!  Should be getting to bed but I'm well overdue to post in here  blush.gif

Karen - I'll be in for a catchup if it's in Melb.  Feb's no good for me though, I have to go to the U.S. then for a week and am also going away for a week on a houseboat on the Murray!  My DH also backed Shocking on the Melb Cup!  Though he lost in all the other races  tongue.gif   I think he came out even!  Good luck with investigating the kid's diet - I'm sure there would be books out there on what to try eliminating first.  So is the deck finished now?  It would be great to sit out on on summer evenings  original.gif   Did you make up your mind on keeping your hair short or growing it long again?  I'm toying with the idea of cutting mine shorter - it's really long atm.

Kirsty - how did your DH enjoy his first day in his new role?  I hope you didn't find it too hard on your own!  I'm sure it will get easier once you've done it for a while.

Tina - congrats on completing your run and raising so much!  Sounds like you did great even after being sick beforehand.  6am is a little early, hey?  I hope he manages to stretch it out a bit for you.

Hmm, can't quite remember what was happening in the last thread!  I've been busy choosing a mortgage provider and looking at display homes to try and decide what house to build.  The land we want to buy will be released any day now so we have to make up our minds which house so we know what size block to get!  I swear all the display homes are starting to blur in my mind now and I can't remember which ones I like anymore  rolleyes.gif   Elii is going great, I will be getting his hearing checked though as when he speaks I can't understand him sometimes (he tends to leave off certain letters of words).  SO will get that checked just in case ( I think his hearing is fine though) and will then see a speech therapist to see if there's anything we need to work on.  Isla is a cutie - she's a lot stronger willed than the other 2, and less shy too (she will go to about anyone  rolleyes.gif ).  She's pretty happy most of the time (well, when she's not caught yet another bug from childcare that is!).  I will be starting my new role in a couple of weeks (business improvement leader) just waiting on the extra day at childcare to be free.  Aaliya is also doing well and loving school!  I wonder many years that will last?  biggrin.gif
Okay, better get to bed - visted the chiro today as I was waking up in pain from my neck/shoulder being out, and now I feel like I've been hit by a truck!  I'm sure it will be feeling better tomorrow though, might take a nurofen before bed to get rid of this headache!


#10 natw

Posted 06 November 2009 - 08:22 PM

Hi all

Thought I should check in. Have been a bit slack posting lately - just so tired of an evening. I've been feeling great in general though (at 17.5 wks). Life is starting to get a lot busier for me and I think it is preparing me for the start of the school years  wink.gif  Hannah has been going to kinder transition for the last couple of weeks (just one morning per week) and is really enjoying it. We've also had some afternoon ballet lessons thrown in so I'm not used to my weekdays requiring me to be places on time lol. It doesn't matter if you're late to preschool or playgroup!

A meetup sounds like a great idea but I'm not sure if Feb might be too busy with school staring late Jan?

Linda Good luck with getting your block of land. I'm sure when you see the right house you will know it.

Karen I feel a bit silly saying my life is getting busier when yours is probably crazy day in day out  blush.gif I can only imagine trying to keep three active boys in line and in a few years time all that extra testosterone...! Good luck with looking into their diet.

Kristy Congrats to your DH on his new job. How are you managing things mostly on your own? It's really tough especially doing the evenings on your own.

Tina Well done on doing the run. You still did a great time with having been unwell.

Hi to everyone else  original.gif Hannah is dancing at a local festival tomorrow morning. As much as she says she hates dancing, she was so excited telling me everything she has to do when I was putting her to bed tonight. We don't get to watch them practice so I'm looking forward to it.

#11 Freyja

Posted 07 November 2009 - 09:47 AM

Hi Everyone original.gif

Nat - Glad Hannah is enjoying kindy transition. Where is the dance festival on? Sophie recently danced in one at Joan Sutherland. So cute seeing her dance on stage - certainly bought tears to my eyes! SO far things have been okay with DH's job but he started HSC marking today which means he works Saturdays and until 10pm every night for a couple of weeks.

Linda - What a huge decision! Best of luck with it. No wonder your head is spinning.

Karen - sorry to hear your boys are giving you a hard time. Rose is giving me a hard time lately too sad.gif It's  like the terrible 2's has started at 3.5.

Meet up
- It sounds lovely and I'd like to attend one day but the reality of five of us getting to Melbourne is very low. I'm on a long stint of maternity leave so after our trip to Bali (planned before we knew I was pg with Owen) in January we'll need to be penny pinching.

#12 ~cackleberry~

Posted 07 November 2009 - 05:32 PM

OK, so maybe we could organise to have the meet up sooner then?  I don't know about anyone else, but i'm happy to travel somewhere else.  Doesn't have to be in Melbourne.  What does everyone else think?  The reason why I suggested Feb was that I figured most children would be at school and we'd over the 'rush' period of Christmas/holidays etc and it would give people time to organise.   If you could fill out the following questions, that would probably help.  I will fill out my preferences.

Best meet up time:
Going away in mid Jan, so early Jan/Feb/March suits.  Earlier if it's in Melbourne.
Place of preference: Doesn't really worry me.  If I have enough notice, I could book for a cheap airfare for Caitie and I.

Kristy, hey! original.gif  Do you have any updated pics of Owen?   happy.gif Bet he's growing fast.

Hi Nat, sounds like you have been busy.  As I tell Mel all the time (and it's similar for you, as you both have similar aged children and are both pregnant), I think she is amazing, having 3 young children at home and also being pregnant.  You're doing a great job!  At least I get rid of 3 boys during the day and only have Caitie at home.  original.gif  Now weekends are a different matter.   tongue.gif

, gosh I can only imagine what it's like to look at display home after next.  Best of luck finding one that is just right before the land comes up for sale.  Wow, good luck with your new role at work!  That's great, bet you're excited to get started!  My boys are still loving school, Grades 1, 3 and 6, so hopefully it will be the same for Aaliya.  original.gif

Just waiting for dinner to be cooked.  DH is cooking spinach lasange.  Mmmmmm!  I am on a weight loss journey....again....hoping to lose some (lots) of those extra kilos.  Doing Calorie King at the moment and all going well.  Lost 1.2kgs last week, yay!!  

Anyway, not much else to report.  Going to a festival in our town tomorrow.  It's a huge event that the school is involved in.  There will be rides, stalls, displays etc there.  The boys are doing class performances on stage.  Cameron and William's class are selling cupcakes (which were made by families and then decorated by the students) and Michael's class are selling jewellery they handmade in class.  original.gif  Should be a great day out.

Michael had a high school (  ohmy.gif  ) orientation day yesterday.  He loved it and made some new friends.  I found that I was all emotional, can't imagine how i'll be next year when it's the real thing.

Well, i'm off to grab another coffee while waiting for dinner.  All the kids (except Michael) are playing outside.  original.gif

#13 ~cackleberry~

Posted 09 November 2009 - 07:21 AM

So quiet in here lately!  Where is everyone?   ph34r.gif  I think i'll have to send a meet up note to everyone on FB.

We had an interesting and scary day yesterday.  While at the festival, Cameron started to sing in the school choir and very near fainted.  He stopped singing then his eyes started to roll and his legs went out from underneath him.  A lady helped me carry him over to some shade and he was so limp.  sad.gif  It was very scary, as i've never seen him like that before.  Water was poured over him and the medical volunteers came over from Red Cross.  They had to give him some oxygen after 10 minutes as he wasn't responding as well as they'd hoped.  The Red Cross volunteer suggested that she call an ambulance to have him checked.  So, off to hospital we went.  When we arrived at the hospital, Cameron was given an icy pole to re-hydrate him.  Around 15-20 mins after that, he perked up and was back to his normal self again, thank goodness.  I have never been so happy to see him being noisy and chatty, lol.  After around 2.5 hrs, we were given the all clear and sent home.  

Michael, William and Caitlin stayed on at the festival with DH.  They had rides, ice-cream etc and had a ball.  DH got Cameron a show bag to make up for missing out.  They are all having the day off school today to rest after such an exhausting day.  It's going to be a quiet one at school anyhow as the principal suggested that students can stay home today if they wanted.  They were so busy at the festival helping out at stalls etc.  It's going to be a hot one, so we are spending the day indoors.  I have heaps of housework to catch up on.

Well, hope everyone is well and had a great weekend.  original.gif  Best get stuck into this housework and washing.

#14 tomkatsmum

Posted 09 November 2009 - 07:48 AM

HI everyone,

sorry i have bee MIA, M/S has really kicked in this time and i have been feeling less than wonderful.

Kaz How scary for you hon. So glad to hear he is ok now. The hot weather is here to stay i think! just a tad early.

Kristy How is the gorgeous Owen going? Your trip sounds like it will be wonderful.

Nat How did Hannah's dance concert go? Katelyn has been at me to take her to learn dance. I am holding out until next year. I know she will love it though. Glad you are feeling pretty good. Can't believe you are almost half way.

Linda Hope your visit to the Chiro went well and you are feeling better.

Tina Good on you for even finishing the run when you were feeling so unwell. I haven't been for a run for ages and i feel worse for it i think. I have managed to keep up my swimming though. Doubtful that  will be doing the Sussan run in dec now.


Well, as i said MS has been terrible this time around. I had almost none with Tom and some with katie, but not this bad i don't think. Dh has gone on grade  6 camp to canberra today and wot be home until Friday so will be a big week if i can't shake this "blurgh" feeling.

We had to say goodbye to our gorgeous puppy yesterday, which i was a total mess, with the extra hormones racing around at the moment. i have been too sick to walk her, and DH just doesnt' have time, and i can't see things getting any better. We found a lovely family who will just adore her, so i wasn't sad for her, but just for myself.

We had a phone call from SIL on cup day to tell us that she is pregnant. And YEP she is due in June. We haven't told them yet, we have really only told our parents and a fwe close friends, so i am dreading the fallout when she finds out we are due a week before her. She is very competitive and i think she will be quiet upset. Anyway, it's DH's job to tell his family.

OK, i am going to go back to bed for a while, kids are at daycare and i am going gto ignore the house work today, esp as DH isn't going to be home until friday!! wink.gif

Love to everyone,


PS:  I would def be in for a meet up. I am pretty easy for next year i think - i will just go with whatever suits the majority. original.gif

#15 LittleDCJ

Posted 09 November 2009 - 09:42 AM

I'm still around but super busy.  I started an online photography workshop last week so I have spent all my time reading my camera manual, reading the coursework and taking lots of photos.  I'm really enjoying it and already understand so much more.

We're up for a meet.  Melbourne or Sydney would suit us best as we are hoping to travel to both places sometime next year to catch up with family and friends.  DH is invited to a wedding on Jan 16 in Melbourne but we haven't decided yet if we are going or if all of us will go.

Back to my studies........

#16 My3kiddies

Posted 09 November 2009 - 08:52 PM


Sorry I am still around too, just been busy as usual.  ssorry.gif

A update on us.

The girls are doing great, Skye is loving School, I can't believe she is in grade 1 next yr. :0 . Willow is good,  I have booked her into daycare 2 days a week starting May 2010. She can't wait.

Declan is going so great, he is just getting so big, he's loving his solids ( 9kgs now ). And we all love him to bits. He is just such a beautiful boy and his little personality really starting to come out. Still no teeth and not that interested in rolling but loves sitting up. He is finally starting to sleep around 8 hours at night solid and then wake up for a bottle then back to bed in half a hour until around 7am. At long last that is all I can say. Its great to be finally getting off the rollercoaster ride we have been on for the last 6 months.  biggrin.gif Here are a few pics.

My big boy sitting up. original.gif

Proud Daddy.

The girls and Declan.

Declan just before swimming. He hair is getting so light like Willows. Think he is going to be blonde like her. :0

I am good, finally starting to feel like I can handle things again. Wasn't really coping that well in the past. Thought I had PND a few times as I had all these feelings and mood swings. Think it was just stress related. Not having Chris home until after 6.30pm is so hard too as I have to do everything myself. Baths, cook dinner and get Declan off to bed in a space of 2 hours.  I have been feeling heaps better the past few weeks, like I felt before I had Declan.  tthumbs.gif

Meetup:- Can't see me making it down there as money is so tight for us atm.  ssorry.gif We have also been told by the owners of this house we have to be out next yr probably next February because they want to renovate.  nno2.gif We really love it here and we were so sad when they told us this. Anyway will worry about that next yr. I have had so many offers that people offer to help out with looking after the kids and cleaning and moving so feel so much better moving now.  yyes.gif

I better get to bed, Declan will be awake at 3.30am and then I have to be up again at 6am to get Skye ready for school and get to school so I can order some new dress's for school next yr.

Promise I will post more in here, just been busy with everything.  oomg2.gif

Tracy original.gif

#17 Freyja

Posted 10 November 2009 - 01:05 PM

Hi there,

Just grabbing a quick few minutes on here.

Karen- Oh, that would have been terrifying for you all! Thank goodness it was a good outcome, huh.

Tracy - It seems like not long ago you moved. Maybe I'm mixed up??? Take up all those offers for help! You'll feel a lot better for it original.gif

Sharyn - Is this SIL 1st baby? I feel for you with ms. It's the pits. Best of luck coping with the kids on your own.

Tina - Happy studying!

Best meet up time: Anytime except Jan 8-15th as we'll be away
Place of preference: I will definitely come of it's in Sydney but am unlikely to make it if it's elsewhere. I'll do my best though original.gif

I will have to download some pics of Owen - but not today. I'm feeling too tired  ssleep.gif

DH started HSC marking this week so isn't getting home until 10pm each night. Luckily Mum took some leave from work to help me out during dinner/bath/bed time each night. Otherwise I'd still be doing everything when DH walked in the door.

It looks like Owen has a shallow hip. He had an ultrasound yesterday and is to the paed next week to see about both his hip and haemanginoma. I'm not really sure what it means but think it isn't too big a deal.

#18 shelldar

Posted 11 November 2009 - 11:49 AM

Hey girls, just short and sweet as I'm super mega busy at the moment.
Things are going well with Hire for Baby, have had lots of clients coming and going.

Just wanted to quickly reply to Kristy.  Sorry didn't realise earlier that Owen has a haem or would have come to offer my support earlier.  Don't know if you remember or not that Riley had/has a large one on his head too.  Ry's grew very fast and very big in the first three months and it did get ulcerated.  If you need any advice/help/support please let me know.  I've run the gammut with all of it!!

As for a meet up, I'm in of course!

Best meet up time: Probably not Jan, but Feb or after should be ok if I have plenty of notice.
Place of preference: Happy to travel if I have lots of time to arrange clients around it.

Hope everyone is well and happy and not too stressed out with this heat.
Love to you all  wub.gif  bbighug.gif

#19 scuttlebutt

Posted 11 November 2009 - 05:45 PM

Hey all, I am here, got back from Thailand last week and have been busy trying to get the boys back into routine.  Austin started at his new Daycare center today and loved it.  Elliott cried though, he didn't want to leave his big brother.  The play together heaps now, its so cute!

As for a Meet.

Best Time: If it is in Melbourne, then during the F1 would be best for me, cause DH is going to go down then anyway, so the rest of us could just tag along.  Otherwise, whenever

Best Place: Well Sydney, would be best, then Brissy, then Melbourne if its in March as above.

#20 LittleDCJ

Posted 11 November 2009 - 08:18 PM

Yay, I am so excited.  I just got my critique back from my first assignment for my online photography workshop with Sheye Rosemeyer and I was blown away.  We had to take a photo that represented our past, present or future.  I took a photo of my wedding within my wedding bouquet as it was our 6th wedding anniversary last Sunday and was when I was doing my assignment.  She said that the composition was spot on and that my image was 'as good as any high quality wedding photography shots I’ve seen'.  Yay for me!!!

So hot over here, we're in the middle of a heatwave and it's not cooling down until Monday.  I hate the heat and 39C for days on end is unbearable.  At least we had our r/c a/c installed 3 weeks ago so that's keeping us cool. I was watering the lawn tonight and the boys had a ball running through the spinkler with just their jocks and sandals on.  It was so funny to watch them. Carter would run through with his eyes closed and face all scrunched up.  We can only water on Wed and Sun so I'll get the camera out on Sunday and take some shots.

Off to start reading for course notes for week 2.  I'm such a nerd, I love studying and doing assignments.   I think I could be a f/t student.

#21 tomkatsmum

Posted 12 November 2009 - 07:20 AM

HI everyone.

well our chooks arrived last night and they are now settled in to the chook shed. he kids named them very creatively, blackie, goldie Dora and boots.  Anyway, i was up ridiculosly early this morning so i have been out and clipped there wings and they are now happily darting around the water tans hunting for snails (of which there are plenty)

Dh is still away on camp but luckily the kids have been really good. I am so tired and havent been feeling flash so it has been great that they have been happy to play together and entertain themselves for a bit.

Tom has his first Prep orientation session tomorrow which he is very very excited about. I cant believe he is off to school. But in saying that he is SOOOOOOOO ready, it's driving me nuts.

ok, will pop back in later for some personals.

Love sharyn

PS: chookie pics on fb and here: www.hendoshouse.blogspot.com.au

#22 ~cackleberry~

Posted 12 November 2009 - 08:12 AM

Meet up:  How about I make a decision and tentatively book in Feb 21st/22nd for the meet up.  Since we haven't had a meet up in Sydney, how about we have it there for a change?  Can you please write your name below if you think you can make it?  I know few people will miss out unfortunately, but it's so hard to organise a time and place where everyone will make it.

When:   20th/21st Feb 2010
Where:  Sydney

Karen (kazdee)


Once we know who can or can not make it, we can start making the final plans/booking airfares if needed etc.  original.gif

I have William home today, he has a shocking cough.  sad.gif  I was going to go to the Target Sale to get some Christmas shopping done.  Not sure when i'll be able to go now, as we have a cub/scout family camp this weekend.

I have lost 2kg in the past 2 weeks.  I'm very excited to see the weight finally starting to drop off.  original.gif

ETA - Oops, thought the weekend was 21st/22nd Feb, but it's actually 20th/21st Feb 2010.  Sorry!

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#23 LittleDCJ

Posted 12 November 2009 - 12:26 PM

When: 20th/21st Feb 2010
Where: Sydney

Karen (kazdee)
Tina (90% sure)



Karen - Well done on the weight loss.  Thanks for trying to organise a EB meet.

- Great to hear that the kids are behaving and giving some time to rest.  I bet Tom has a blast at school orientation.

Too hot, it's so awful.  Yuck!!

#24 2forSuz

Posted 12 November 2009 - 07:27 PM

Hi girls - sorry I've been a stranger around here  mellow.gif  I guess I'm around Facebook a lot more often these days but I should make more of an effort here in our little Apr group happy.gif

Exciting news about the 2010 meet-up original.gif  I am a 'maybe' at this stage, not too sure if the budget will stretch to a Sydney trip as we are trying to get to QLD in the Sept school holidays.  Depends on what great airfares might pop up, also accommodation.  I would LOVE to come and see you all again (and meet you other girls who couldnt make it to Melb) plus see Sydney, as Ive never been.   Thanks for starting the ball rolling and organising things Kaz!

Hope everyone's well, I'm going back to have a good read and catch-up.  We're all okay, Ryan was off school on Mon/Tue with tonsillitis.  It really knocked him around over the weekend - vomiting, high temp, very sore throat.  He had a reaction to the 1st lot of antibiotics (itchy rash all over) so he's now on something else which seems to be doing the trick.  So I only worked one day this week (Wed), could get used to that!

Both kids are getting excited about seeing the Wiggles this coming Saturday original.gif  Should be fun.  Even DH is coming along although he's now saying ' why did I agree to that?' - party pooper rolleyes.gif

Sharyn - oh you poor thing dealing with nasty MS and DH being away all week, you must be exhausted!  Sounds like the kids are being very good for you though which is great.  Hope Tom has a wonderful time at Prep orientation tomorrow!

Tina - I've been thinking about you every time I hear the weather in Adelaide ohmy.gif  Wow, that is hot. We got to 31 degrees on Monday and that was more than enough for me.  Congrats on your photography assignment, it's certainly a beautiful pic!

Karen - poor William, hope he feels better soon.  Ryan's had a bad cough too esp at night which is hard as it means he's so tired the next day.  Well done on your amazing weight loss, that's great in 2 weeks!!  What's your secret? original.gif

Kate -  your trip to Thailand sounded amazing, bet the boys had a ball!  Would you recommend it as a good 'family' holiday destination?  That's great that Austin settled in well at his new daycare centre.

Shell - sounds like business is booming for you!  Loved your Tassie pics on FB wink.gif  It's not a bad old spot when the sun comes out lol.

Kristy - hope little Owen's hip issue is easily resolved.  How nice of your mum to take leave to help you out in the evenings - nothing worse than doing the whole evening routine alone.  I take my hat off to single parents doing that day in day out, it is exhausting!

Tracy - that's fantastic that you are feeling more like yourself again - you've had so much on your plate this year!   Declan seems to be such a good little boy at the moment for you, he's such a cutie original.gif  

Thats all I can see on this page but a big hello to everyone else  waves.gif

#25 natw

Posted 12 November 2009 - 08:46 PM

Hi girls

Sydney is fine for me too obviously  wink.gif

We are off to Kiama (south coast) tomorrow for the weekend. The kids are excited as we are going with our playgroup friends. There are eight families and we've all become really good friends over the last five years. Should be lots of fun and the weather has been lovely.

Sue Glad to hear Ryan is better. Hannah gets really sick like that with tonsillitis too. Enjoy the wiggles on saturday. I bet your DH secretly loves it  laugh.gif

Tina Lucky you got your a/c all sorted the other week! Sounds like you're really enjoying your photography. It's good to have an interest just for you that doesn't involve the kids  happy.gif

Sharyn Sounds like your week with DH away has gone pretty well. It's hard enough when you have m/s. I hope it's not knocking you around too much. How exciting for Thomas tomorrow! I bet it just makes him want to go to big school now  laugh.gif Hannah has really been enjoying her orientation over the last few weeks and she's already telling me she wants to catch the bus to school  rolleyes.gif

Karen Thanks for organising us with the meetup  original.gif I'm sooo not an organiser..lot more of a procrastinater lol. Congrats on the weight loss!! Once you lose that first lot hopefully you'll get on a roll and the rest will fall off. Makes you feel so good, doesn't it  happy.gif

Kate How cute is Elliott missing Austin  happy.gif Joel and Toby are really good little mates too. It's so cute to watch.

Shell Glad to hear the business is going well.

Kristy I hope things are going well while DH is working all hours. HSC marking seems to come around so quick each year, doesn't it? Is a shallow hip like a clicky hip? Hope his appt goes well next week.

Tracy Lovely pics of the kids. They are getting so big!

Looking forward to my 18-20 week u/s on Monday. Not finding out sex, just hoping for everything to look good with baby.

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