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#26 My3kiddies

Posted 13 November 2009 - 09:44 AM

Thinking of you today Tina, you poor thing. 40 degree's :0 Hope you get though today. Its pretty warm here today too, going to be 29 so can't complain.  rolleyes.gif

#27 natw

Posted 16 November 2009 - 09:26 PM

Had my U/S today. All looks great with baby. Here are a couple of pics..

#28 LittleDCJ

Posted 17 November 2009 - 05:27 AM

Just gorgeous Nat  wub.gif

#29 ~cackleberry~

Posted 17 November 2009 - 08:39 AM

Aww beautiful Nat!   hheart.gif  So happy to hear all is well with bubby.  How was your weekend away?

Suz, I saw your pics on FB of the Wiggles concert.  Looks like heaps of fun.  The look on Amelie's face was priceless!  original.gif  Hope Ryan is feeling heaps better now.

Hope everyone is well.  waves.gif

Thanks for everyone's replies to the meet up both here and FB.  I'll get a list together and start organizing the details closer to the time.  original.gif

William has had a really bad cough for the past week or so.  It's slowly starting to get better now.  Now I have a terrible head cold.  Can't stop sneezing and blowing my nose.  We had a great weekend camping with the cubs/scouts.   It was a family camp and it was a great opportunity to try out all of camping gear.  It was lovely and relaxing.  Some pics are on FB if you'd like have a look.  So exhausted this week though.  The boys have been tired too, as they have swimming with school this week.

Heading off to playgroup with Caitie now.  Hope everyone has a great day/week.  original.gif

#30 2forSuz

Posted 17 November 2009 - 01:44 PM

Nat - aw, what a gorgeous little bubba!! bbaby.gif  Glad your scan went well.  How are you feeling?

Karen - your camping weekend away sounded like heaps of fun.  It's a nice idea to have a 'family' weekend rather than just the cubs/scouts going camping themselves.

Tina - has the heatwave eased off a little?  Day after day of those temps must have been very draining. Bet you're glad you have your A/C!

We had a blast at the Wiggles on Saturday biggrin.gif  Amelie was actually quite shy when they first came on the stage and hid her face in my shoulder LOL but after that she was so excited!  I even caught Ryan doing some of the movements tongue.gif

Very busy few weeks coming up.  It's Ryan's 8th birthday on 29 Nov and we're having a party at a local pool for him.  I need to organise a cake, party bags and some extra food (they supply most, but I will still take along some extras - 8yr old boys are always hungry!).  In between we have the Hobart Christmas pageant and school activities.  I'm exhausted already happy.gif

#31 tomkatsmum

Posted 18 November 2009 - 11:47 AM

hi everyone.

Hope you are all travelling along ok. I have been a bit slack in getting in here. sorry.

Suz  WOW you guys are busy!! Glad the wiggles was fun. Ryan's party sounds like a blast too. Boys love pool parties.

Kaz Hope you guys are all feeling better. The camping trip sounded like fun.

Nat Thanks for posting the u/s pics. just gorgeous. we have our first u/s next Tuesday. i cant wait.

Tracy How are you going with the hot weather?

Tina Hope you haven't melted yet!! Have been watching the news and you guys are really doing it tough with the heat.


Well i am starting to feel a little better, but certainly not fantastic. hanging out for the end of term as work days just make me exhausted. Yesterday i feel asleep on the floor watching Rafters. Didn't see hardly any of it. sad.gif

We have our first u/s next Tuesday which i am looking forward too. hoping everything will be OK. SIL had an appt with her o/b yesterday and her due date is 26th june. we haven't told any other family apart from our parents, so i doubt she will be happy when she finds out we are due in June too. i am trying to keep it under wraps, but DH thinks that by the afternoon i look pregnant already:( i didn't show with tom until 12 weeks and katelyn at about 16. this is way too early!! I will make an appt to see my boss and tell him after we have seen my ob dec 2nd.

The kids are going well, tom has his second orientation day this friday. He is now just grumpy that he can't start school NOW!

Katelyn is going well, although her tantrums and attitude have certainly got worse in the last few weeks. Hoping that improves soon!!

We won a pram on ebay the other day, we were just keeping an eye on things to work out how much money we were going to need next year, but we found a bargain int he next town so we just bought it. It's a valco rebel pram, with the reversible seat so that bub can face you or face away. It was in awesome condition and we only ended up paying $55. new these are $500+. the kids didn't even ask about it when we picked it up on sunday. Katelyn just wanted to ride in it. original.gif

we haven't told them yet, although they will be SOOOO excited. We are just trying to decide whether to wait until after our nephews first birthday on dec 6th as it will depend on whether we have told SIL by then or not. I doubt the kids will be able to keep a secret. wink.gif

ok, had better go. i need to have a bit of a snooze before we head off to swimming this arvo.

Love to all.


#32 natw

Posted 19 November 2009 - 07:37 PM

Sharyn Glad you're starting to feel a bit better. The tiredness is a killer though, isn't it? How exciting, not long till your u/s. I don't understand why your sil would be so upset. It's not like either of you knew what the other was doing  wacko.gif My sil is due at the same time as me and we were so excited to find out. Sounds like Tom is loving his orientation. I can just imagine him hanging out for school to start  laugh.gif

Sue The wiggles are great to watch, hey. This time of year is always so busy with end of year stuff, and then trying to squeeze in birthday parties too - it sounds exhausting!

Karen Hope you're feeling better with your cold. It's awful being sick when the weather is so hot. Your camping trip sounds like a lot of fun. Our trip away was fantastic! Considering we went with so many friends, it was so relaxing and enjoyable and the kids had a ball too.

Tina How are you managing with the weather?? Yay for A/C, hey?

DH is working day and night atm so we'll hardly see him until Monday now. He works a normal afternoon shift, but also has his own side business that is keeping him busy in the morning lately. It's just starting to really pick up which is good timing because I'm feeling quite well and we have a pretty good evening routine at home when he's not here. It's just a long day sometimes..

I would love to hit the shops and do some Christmas shopping without rushing around (and without kids  wink.gif ), but that doesn't seem to happen anymore. It's pretty sad that when DH is home I usually try to run out the door  rolleyes.gif

Now..I'm hanging for some chocolate and there is absolutely none in this house  cry1.gif

#33 LittleDCJ

Posted 19 November 2009 - 08:17 PM

OMG it is so hot here.  Reached a max of 43C today which was so awful.  Heading out to pickup Deakin from school at 3.15 was a pain in the butt.  Cool change meant to arrive at midnight with some rain and only 29C tomorrow and then cooling down over the weekend.  If this is November I am dreading the weather in February when we usually have our hottest days.  Bring on winter I say.

Nat - How about shopping online?  I am now doing a lot of it that way and if you buy a few things from a webstore then postage is very reasonable.  Stuff like books and DVD s are sooo much cheaper than in store.  I get such a buzz from the messenger post van arriving out the front to deliver my goodies.  So do you have a baby bump?  Feeling lots of movement?  I so miss being pg.

Sharyn - So glad to hear you are feeling better.  I would hold off telling the kids until the day you are going to tell your SIL.  Tell them that morning and I bet they will be so excited.  What a bargain pram you scored!!

Sue - I can't believe Ryan will be turning 8 already.  Party at a pool sounds perfect for him and his mates.  Did you manage to sort out vacation care for the kids?  Are you taking much time off work?

- How are you feeling now?  Hope you are smiling  original.gif

Not much happening here.  I hate the heat so we haven't been out too much.  Still busy doing my photography but I was really disheartened this week.  Getting all the settings right just isn't a natural thing for me and trouble shooting was getting me so stressed.  I knew things weren't right but I had no idea how to improve my pictures/exposure.  I guess it's just practice and more practice.

Kids are good.  Deakin is loving karate and his uniform arrived last week.  It so big on him but he looks o cute in it. Carter wants one and must be so sick of him wanting things and being told 'not til you're 4', not til you're 5'.  He must be so sick of being 3 and not being allowed to go to kindy or karate.  His speech therapy is coming along slowly.  He gets tired/bored of it after a while even though we have a 30 min session. We're going to take a break over the school holidays which I think will be a good thing for him.

Jarvis is such a cheeky guy.  I took him into the city yesterday and a shop assistant in **** fell in love with him.  He was so cute, would grin at her and the drop his chin onto his shoulder in a shy way and did it about 5x whenever she said what a cutie he was.  After a week of waking at 5.15-5.45 he's slowly sleeping a little longer this week and today didn't wake until 6.15.  His sleeps are great during the day so I'm a much happier mum.

When is everyone putting up their tree?  It was our xmas pageant last week so the boys are hassling me already.  We might do it on Saturday when DH is at work.  I'm just worried about Jarvis attacking it so I'll have to leave the bottow branches undecorated or he will spend all day playing with the baubles.

#34 My3kiddies

Posted 19 November 2009 - 09:18 PM


Just a quick post again as I am off to bed very soon. I am just so tired tonight. Chris went to a work meeting tonight and he's only just got back. He is finishing putting the girls to bed now.  biggrin.gif

Declan is great. He will be 7 months old in 2 days time.  ohmy.gif Where has the time gone. Like you said Tina, I am a much happier mum too as Declan is sleeping so much better at night. No more of this waking up after 2 hours like he used too. He only does that now when he is sick or teething. Talking about teething, he now has his 2 bottom teeth.  rolleyes.gif So much earlier then the girls. They never got there first tooth until they were 9 months old. He is sitting all the time, hates laying down so I have put the bouncer away. He sits on a blanket with all his toys in front of him now for over half a hour now on his own. I get so much more done now.  biggrin.gif I don't seem to spend as much time on the computer now. Gone off of it now, must be because I never got the change to get on here for the last 6 months with Declan being so unsettled and not sleeping. Its a good thing as life is to short with children to waste it on a computer all day.  wink.gif

Girls are good. Only 3 weeks left until Skye breaks up from school. OMG how am I going to cope with her being home for 6 weeks. Chris is going to try and get 2 weeks off in January.

Tina:- Hope that cool change comes though for you. That is exactly what happened with that day we got 39.5 and then the next day it was 28. :0 I will put the xmas tree up a couple of weeks before Christmas. Luckily Declan won't be crawling so I won't have the problem of him getting the tree this yr. original.gif

natw:- I did a bit of my xmas shopping online this yr. I got my mum a photobook and keyring down though snapfish. Beautiful pics of your new bub, do you have any gut feelings weather it's a boy or a girl????? unsure.gif

Sharyn:- Wow I can't believe you are 10 weeks already.  ohmy.gif Sorry about the other day about f/book. I never even thought about it when I mentioned the m/s. blush.gif Hope things work out well with your SIL.

2forSuz:- Glad the wiggles went well. I saw you pics on facebook. original.gif I remember last yr I think I had Skye's birthday party on the same day as you did for Ryan. Well I am having her's on the 28th of November this yr.  laugh.gif Skye is having a jungle party.  wacko.gif

~kazdee~:- Hope you get over your cold soon. Saw your pics on f/book too, looks like you had a fun time.

Well that's it from me, Chris has just had a shower and now I am off to bed.Girls are already off to sleep so they were pretty tired tonight. Can't believe its Friday tomorrow again. Having a friend drop Skye off for me tomorrow so no going out for me at all. Going to love that, school pick-ups are getting a real
pain now.  blink.gif Should get use to them because I got heaps more to come over the next 10 yrs or so.  glare.gif

Tracy original.gif

#35 LittleDCJ

Posted 23 November 2009 - 03:28 PM

Sharyn - Wishing you all the best for your u/s tomorrow.  Hope bubs is grooving around and has a nice strong heartbeat.  Can't wait to cluck over a pic.  What would you do if there were 2 in there?

Not much happening over here.  Busy with my photography workshop.  Going to do a photoshoot with a friend tomorrow for my week 3 assignment.  I'm so nervous and feel like a total amateur.

#36 tomkatsmum

Posted 24 November 2009 - 06:40 AM

Thanks for thinking of me Tina, i am excited and nervous. Will be back in this arvo. Katie is hoe sick today so I'm not going into work. kind of worked out well.

Goodluck with yr photoshoot. I'm sure it'll be fine you are very good already!!

love to all.

#37 Freyja

Posted 24 November 2009 - 09:09 AM

Aww Nat - gorgeous ultrasound pics! You're brave heading to the shops. They are getting so busy already! Luckily I've done most of the kids shopping and can do some online so I don't need to be there for too long this year (well, one can hope!). HSC marking is now finished  so DH is around a bit more original.gif

Sharyn - Hope all goes well today *mwah*

Tina - Looking forward to seeing some of these pics you are taking! I'm sure you'll figure out the settings soon enough. Trial and error...have you looked in the photo forums on here for any help? Maybe post a pic and you'll get some advice.

Tracy - You've given me hope! Owen is not the best sleeper  sad.gif but maybe as he gets older he will improve. I've got him in a sling atm while I type as I just can't settle him in his bassinette.

- The wiggles are great! We did the Christmas concert last year but willgive it a miss this year. Might go next year when Owen is big enough to enjoy it.

- Thanks for all your hard work organising the meet original.gif It's very exciting!

I took Owen to the paed last week about his hips and haemangioma. His hips just need monitoring - no brace or anything. However, he was talking about referrals to a plastic surgeon about the haemangioma    ohmy.gif  I was a bit shocked as I assumed it would go away by itself in a few years. Surgery seems like such a drastic step. Scary. I plan to get him into a dermatologist for a second opinion before we make any drastic decisions involving surgery. I am taking him to Bowen later today and I think that might even be worth a try on the haem.

Michelle - What happened with Riley's haem? I might give you a buzz on facebook to see what your experience was original.gif

#38 tomkatsmum

Posted 24 November 2009 - 09:21 AM

back from scan. All good, dates have changed, bub measured 9 wks 5/6 days. new due date of 23rd of june. Will have to go back for another scan in 12 weeks. original.gif

Makes things a bit better in terms of work and leave as i will work almost half of term 3 now, i think that will make the boss happy when i tell him ( i haven't yet) but it also puts us closer to SIL's due date which is 26th. (haven't told her yet either) so that will be even more interesting.

ok, have some stuff to do and then will be back later.

Love sharyn.

#39 LittleDCJ

Posted 24 November 2009 - 10:32 AM

Great news Sharyn.  When are you going to tell the kids? When are you seeing SIL to tell her?  It would be interesting to see how she reacts, her face will say it all.

I've got my friend coming over here for a photoshoot today.  For this weeks assignment we were given 10 words and we had to randomly choose 3 of them and incorporate them all into one photo.  The boys picked  mine out of a hat and I have: belly laugh, handwriting and dress.  With some inspiration from Kirsten on FB I am using my friend who is 36wk pg.  So I'll have her belly, write something on it and have her daughter kissing her tummy and wearing a dress and take a photo ofit.  Simple huh, NOT!!  Only problem is going to be able to capture a belly laugh without it looking fake. Wish me luck.

Carter and I put up the xmas tree this morning and he is SO excited.  He's been singing jungle bells all morning and saying 'that is so cool'.  I've had to leave the bottom row of branches fairly bare other than a few large baubles as Jarvis was instantly attracted to it.

#40 2forSuz

Posted 24 November 2009 - 02:09 PM

Glad your scan went well Sharyn! The kids are going to be soooo excited when you tell them original.gif  I would hope your SIL is equally as happy for you guys.

Tina - what an exciting morning for Carter, putting up the Xmas tree!  The temptation to 'touch' is just too strong for Amelie so I have to watch her like a hawk LOL.  She calls the decorations on the tree 'Christmas bubbles' hee hee.  Your idea for the photoshoot sounds wonderful, hope it all works out.

Kristy - that's great that your DH is around more now that marking is all finished original.gif  Yes it would be scary hearing the word 'surgery' in relation to your little fella, hopefully it won't come to that.   How are the girls enjoying life with their little brother?!

Tracy - can't quite believe Declan is 7 months old now!  I was reading on FB that he's been a little monkey with his sleeps lately, hope he settles down again soon.   You're right about computer time, I have to keep reminding myself that the computer will always be here but my babies are growing up way too fast.   LOL - Ryan's party is on Sat 28th this year, same as Skye's!  His actual b'day is Sunday but we could only get the pool party on the Sat.  Busy weekend coming up for us both eh?!

Natw - did you end up finding some choccie?!  Your DH is certainly working hard, it certainly is a LONG day when you're the only adult in the house wink.gif  So glad you are feeling better now.

Busy weekend coming up with Ryan's party.  Quite a few parents haven't RSVP'd which is a pain  glare.gif I always try to RSVP to invitations as soon as I can, isn't it just basic manners?  Anyway...Ryan's trying to stretch out his birthday celebrations with cupcakes at school on Fri, party Sat and his actual b'day on Sun.  Ah well, you're only 8 once LOL.  

Amelie and I have a big 'social engagement' wink.gif on Friday morning.  We've been going to a toddlers' music class and the teacher is the wife of Tasmania's Governor.  She has invited us to morning tea at Government House with toddler dancing in the Ballroom.  (click on Ballroom to see a piccie!)  Will have to break out the nice clothes (and tiara? laugh.gif ) for the occasion.  Let's hope all the toddlers are on their best behaviour!  Amelie will no doubt ask to use the Government House toilet hee hee.  Will get some pics if I can.

#41 natw

Posted 25 November 2009 - 08:35 PM

Sue Wow talk about an occasion for you and Amelie on Friday! I can just imagine that toddler noise echoing through the halls  laugh.gif I hope Ryan enjoys his extended birthday celebrations this weekend.

Tina How did the photo shoot go yesterday? Sounds like it's challenging you in a creative way. (I'd be hopeless!!) I bet Deakin was excited when he came home to find the Christmas tree up. I'm going to try to hold off for a bit longer yet as I reckon it will just encourage Joel to tell me more urgently all the things he "needs" for Christmas. Honestly it's like a broken record  wacko.gif

Sharyn So glad to hear that your scan went well  happy.gif It's lovely to see your little one for the first time. I hope you're feeling well (as well as you can in that first trimester  original.gif )

Kristy How scary for you having to think about possible surgery for Owen. I hope you can find out a bit more info and put your mind at ease. At least it's not something that is urgent and you can get some more opinions.

Feeling a bit better about being organised for Christmas. Thanks for the advice about shopping online (should've been obvious to me, huh  rolleyes.gif ) but I'm not that adventurous online so it would probably take me twice as long. I actually managed to get out on my own yesterday afternoon and got a major chunk of present buying done, so the rest seems do-able  ddance.gif

#42 ~cackleberry~

Posted 26 November 2009 - 12:01 PM

Hi! waves.gif

Starting to feel a little better from my head cold, but still so so tired all of the time.  I have been getting headaches too and have been very grumpy with the kids and hubby.  sad.gif  Not sure what's going on, but I think I may need to go to the dr again and have a check up.  I just don't feel 'right'.  I should have more energy.  I wake up each morning feeling like I haven't been asleep.  I know I have silly dreams, maybe that's it.  I also think a lot of it is stress with Christmas coming up so fast and so much organisation to go into starting Michael at high school next year etc.  We are going away mid Jan to Mildura and I haven't been able to pay as much off the cabin as I would have liked as well.  Our tax is finally handed in though, so we are desperately hoping that comes in before Xmas.  Don't like our chances though.  Everything is breaking around the house too, last week BOTH of our toilets broke!!  We managed to get a toilet from ebay last night though for $5.50!!   laughing2.gif Just have to arrange to pick it up now, might go for a drive tomorrow night.

Nat, glad you feel a little better about Xmas.  original.gif  It does get stressful when you have zero presents.  I have Caitie's sorted, we got a Dora bike for her from ebay, just waiting for it to arrive.  I also have all her Santa stocking organised as well as a friend managed to get a huge box full of Dora headbands, hairties, combs etc and t-shirts with wings on the back - they are so cute!  I have William's toy on layby, so there is only really Santa sack toys for the boys and Michael and Cameron's to go.  I have part of DH's pressie, a DVD box set of Red Dwarf, but need to add to that.  Just have no money atm to do any shopping.

Suz, happy birthday to Ryan for Sunday!  Hope he has a great party!  Hope you and Amelie enjoy your morning tea at the ballroom tomorrow.  Sounds wonderful!

Tina, good on you for doing this photography course.  I'm like you, I can never seem to get the photo just right, no matter how hard I try.  I'm sure you'll learn more with practice though.  original.gif  Hope you enjoyed your photo shoot.

Sharyn, yay for seeing your little one on u/s!  original.gif  Very exciting!

, so glad all went well at the paed and Owen isn't needing any brace or anything.  Caitie had a small haemangioma on her cheek.  Well, she does have it, but it's a lot paler.  It's only the size of your pinky finger nail.  None of the boys ever had anything like that.

Tracy, how are you going?  I read on FB that Declan is getting sick again.  Hope he is recovering ok from his cold.

Cameron has gone on school camp until tomorrow afternoon.  He left yesterday.  He was so excited!  I'm sure he's having a ball.  Can't wait to pick him up and hear all about his first school camp.

William was invested last night at cubs, which means that he's now a proper cub with his uniform and scarf etc.  I have some pics on FB if you'd like to see.  He was so excited about it, he had his uniform laid out on his bed the night before, then he put it on straight after school.   happy.gif

Hard to believe Michael is starting high school next year.  He has an orientation day on the 8th December and his teacher is wanting him to get the full experience and catch the bus there.  They also have a parent info morning at the school, so i'll meet him there.  He gets to meet all the kids who will be in his home class next year.  Cameron and William get to have their orientation day on the 8th Dec as well, so they will know who their teachers will be.  It's all very exciting.

Caitie has 3 year old kinder next year on a Friday afternoon for 2.5hrs.  I can't believe i'll have a couple of hours to myself next year!   ohmy.gif It's going to be wonderful!  She's been so fantastic lately and says the funniest things.  She's been drawing a lot this past week.  Drawing people, horses, dogs, it's very cute.  She will happily just sit and draw for ages.  

Well, had better go get something done.  The day is slipping by once again.

#43 LittleAnnie

Posted 26 November 2009 - 03:20 PM

Hello all, sorry I haven't posted in a while!  Time just seems to get away from me ...

All good here, Aaliya is getting ready for Grade 1 next year (gosh, where has the prep year gone????), Elii is going to 3yo kinder next year and Isla gets to stay with me  biggrin.gif   Well, when I don;t work that is!  Speaking of Isla, she has grown so much, see below for a recent pic!

She is now walking everywhere, and trying to run (which results in lots of falls  rolleyes.gif ).

Woops, just realised the time - have to take Aaliya to performing arts class.  I'll come back on tonight once the kids are in bed (and I can enjoy  a coffee & chocolate  tongue.gif ) and finish this post!


#44 ~cackleberry~

Posted 26 November 2009 - 06:41 PM

ohmy.gif Where's your tiny baby girl gone Linda!?

#45 LittleAnnie

Posted 26 November 2009 - 07:18 PM

Karen - yes, she's definately not a baby anymore  biggrin.gif   Little miss independent that wants to do things herself already  rolleyes.gif   I'm glad you are feeling a bit better from the head cold.  Doesn't sound right you being tired all the time - have you had your thyroid checked at all?  Wow, Michael starting high school next year!  How exciting for all of you!  Elii is doing 3yo kindy too next year on a Wed.  It will be nice to spend some one on one time with Isla (though even better to have 3 hrs to myself  laugh.gif )

Nat - I loved the pic of your bubba, so cute  wub.gif   Good on you for doing a lot of your shopping, I have all of it left to go (incl DH's b'day present for Monday!)

Sue - Enjoy your "high tea" tomorrow morning  roll2.gif   I'm sure it will be a lot of fun!

Tina - I hope the photoshoot went okay!  Sounds like a great idea.  That's cute that Carter is so excited over the Xmas tree - we will be putting ours up over the weekend.

Sharyn - that's great that the scan went well!  Good luck with telling your SIL.

Kristy - how scary with the mention of surgery for Owen's haemangioma!  Hope it doen't come to that hands.gif   Isla has a small one on her arm - but it doesn't seem to be growing any larger.  Aaliya had the same sized one on her shoulder when she was born - now at 6 it has faded and gone flat which is good.

Us - I've got an awfully sore throat today and am very tired ( I snuck off to have a lie down when Isla went to bed and Elii was wathcing Diego  blush.gif ).  Hope it's all gone by next week - I have had to have so many sick days from work with Isla being sick so much (from childcare).  I'm hoping her immunity will be built up soon!  Elii is going well, looks like his "testosterone" surge has happened though - he gets so angry/frustrated at things these days!  At least half the time he can verbalise how he is feeling though - this was from him yesterday "I'm ANGRY at you mum (cause I told him off for something  laugh.gif )" and then followed by "I'm NOT your friend!"  Though this not being my friend business was forgotten 10min later when he was hungry  tongue.gif   I'm sure it's nowhere near as bad as it could be, guess I had it so much easier with Aaliya who was such an angel (and still is).  Isla will be a bit more of a handful I suspect, but will have to wait and see!
Okay, have dribbled on enough  laugh.gif   Have a good weekend if I don't get back in before then!


#46 LittleDCJ

Posted 26 November 2009 - 07:42 PM

Linda - She really looks like Elii doesn't she (but in a girly way!)?  Hope your sore throat doesn't turn into anything nasty.

Karen - I can't imagine having a high school boy.  I can't remember, did you end up choosing the school that had the gifted programme?  Well done to William being invested into cubs, will have to check your FB photos out.  Glad to hear you are feeling better.  Are you looking forward to school holidays or dreading them?

Nat - Glad to hear you have started your xmas shopping.  Probably best to avoid online shopping or you will become addicted!!

Sue - Hope Ryan's party goes well.  What are 8yo boys into?  Have a great time tomorrow with Amelie, you must share piccies.

I'm really struggling with Jarvis atm.  He's been waking 5-5.30am every morning and I am so tired and sleep deprived.  My mood is directly linked to my sleep so I really cranky atm.  I think it's the birds in the tree outside his room.  He wakes up in a grump and whinges in his bed until I get him.  This morning it was 4.30am so I am so tired now I'm heading to bed even though it's only 8pm.  Plus he's being a pain in the butt when b/fing.  He bites me, pulls off and laughs - he is very aware of what he is doing.  Tonight I was so fed up I ended up giving him a bottle of formula as I wasn't in the mood to feed him again.  He doesn't like the bottle and only took 30ml.  Hopefully it's related to teething and he gets over it quickly.  I really don't like babies and them being so demanding, never again!!!


#47 ~cackleberry~

Posted 27 November 2009 - 08:49 AM

Tina, can't say i'm missing the baby stage.  They are so dependant on you and sometimes when we are run down and tired, we just want/need a break.  Hope Jarvis settles down for you soon and starts sleeping in longer.  Hoping it's teeth and they pop through soon.  Yes, we decided to go with the school with the accelerated learning program.  He has 2 friends from his class who are also in it, so makes it easier for him.  I am sooo looking forward to the holidays!  Getting quite sick of school runs, school lunches, washing school uniform, forms to hand in at school for this and that, etc etc etc.  I think the boys are looking forward to the holidays too, Michael looked so tired this morning with black rings around his eyes.  sad.gif  Didn't help that Caitie woke him up at 6am saying she was scared of dark, even though she had the hallway light on.   glare.gif  

, hope your sore throat doesn't form into anything worse.  Head colds seem to be doing the rounds lately, maybe it's the constant change in weather?  DH has the head cold now and Caitie still has the runny nose and slight cough too.  Elii sounds so cute saying how he feels.   happy.gif I know all about those rotton testosterone surges.   rolleyes.gif I think I had my thyroid checked but it was a few years ago.  The dr sent me off for blood tests around 4 months ago and all the test revealed was that I was low on Vit D.  Not sure whether the bloods checked for thyroid or not?  I'm assuming it did though, as I was complaining about being tired back then and that's why she sent me for blood tests.  So, nothing revealed which leaves me stumped.  I've been trying to take some vitamin/mineral tablets but they require you to take them twice a day and I keep on forgetting.  Will have to try harder to take them both and see if it makes a difference.

I pick up Cameron from his school camp today at 2.30pm.  He left on Weds.  I'm excited to hear all about his first school camp adventure.  I was a little worried about him yesterday afternoon as they predicted thunderstorms, large hail, strong winds etc and they are camping in tents!!  But, after a little bit of wild weather, it calmed down.  There were lots of flood damage etc around Melbourne though.  I didn't get a call to come and collect him, so i'm assuming everything was good.  original.gif

Well, i'm off to work out a routine that will work better around here.  With my lacking motivation, nothing seems to be getting done and i'm feeling really disorganised.  My mornings are just rush rush rush and afternoons don't seem to be any better after picking up the boys.  Knowing me, i'll come up with a great routine just before the holidays hit and then it will get thrown out the window during the holidays, always happens.  Ahh well.  Hope everyone enjoys their Friday! original.gif

#48 My3kiddies

Posted 27 November 2009 - 08:32 PM

Just popping in to say hi, finally got a bit of me time. Been working my ass off all day baking stuff for Skye's birthday party tomorrow. Declan was so good, sat in the high chair most of the time chewing on a cracker.  happy.gif

Not looking forward to tomorrow heat wise, its suppose to be 34 degree's and we are having Skye's party at the park.  ohmy.gif We can't really change it so will just have to hope it isn't a hot in the morning, party starts at 10am.

Declan has a cold but its not that bad. The last week or so his was waking up every 3-4 hours at night. We couldn't work out why but know we know he had a cold on the way. Last night he slept so much better and tonight he's gone down really good too. Lets hope it stays that way as we all need a good night sleep tonight.

We went to a Christmas thing last night at the shopping centre to see Santa arrive. The girls loved it. I meet up with a friend down there, (her dd is in Skye's class and are best of friends). The fireworks were great, went on for about 20mins.  biggrin.gif Declan wasn't fazed by them at all. He is all over the place atm, can't sit still for one minute. Won't be long until her gets on the go now.  unsure.gif

Here is a few pic's of the other night of girls and Dec.

The Girls and Declan.

I'v been a good girl Santa, I really have. (Willow) lol.

Declan (santa's little helper)

I am getting pretty sick of this hat on my head. (Declan).

Well I better go and make sure I have everything organised for tomorrow. Chris is doing the cake, Skye is having a jungle party so the cake should be pretty easy. We are going to put some little people animals on top.  wink.gif

Tracy original.gif

#49 tomkatsmum

Posted 02 December 2009 - 07:16 AM

WOW we all must be busy, either that or all over at facebook. original.gif

Wanted to pop in and say


Hope you both have a lovely day.

I have my first OB appt today at 10. I'm excited and very nervous at the same time. I told my bosses at work on Monday so that was a huge weight off my mind. I am planning to work until half way through term 2. They have changed my load for next year too so i wont have any practical classes. Will definitely make it easier in the last few weeks.

I taught my last classes for the year yesterday so just have the last day on Friday which is filed with assemblies etc, and then to finish off writing my reports which are due 9am Tuesday morning next week.

OK, hope you are all well. Will pop back in the arvo after i have seen the dr.

BTW- we still haven't made it public so please don't mention this on FB just yet. DH still has to decide when he is going to tell his sister. LOL.

Love to all.


#50 My3kiddies

Posted 02 December 2009 - 11:40 AM

All the best for today Sharyn. I am sure everything will be fine. Thankyou for the birthday wishes for Skye. She went to school with a cake a balloon with Happy 6th Birthday on it and as soon as she went in the classroom all the kids were saying happy birthday to her. So cute and she had the biggest smile.  biggrin.gif

Well not much happened in here since last time I posted so will leave it there.  rolleyes.gif

Best be off and cook some vegies up for Declan. I am going to start adding a bit of chicken to his vegies today. I am sure he will love it.

Oh yeah forgot to say he started rolling this week. From back to stomach. He keeps waking up on his tummy in his cot so he must be sleeping that way. Just like Willow did. We just got him out his wrap so that was just in time.

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