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#51 tomkatsmum

Posted 02 December 2009 - 12:42 PM

hi everyone, i'm back.

Tracy I can't believe Declan is rolling already. He simply must stop growing up!!!!!!! I'm sure Skye will love celebrating her birthday at school today.

My OB appt went well. She really is lovely and i am glad i have decided to stay with her. She took ages to go through all my questions and explain so many things to myself and DH. Basically i wanted to know why i ended up with 2 c/s. She said that i have an unresponsive cervix which doesn't respond to any of the labor inducing hormones. She said that she thought i should be prepared for another c/s this time based on that history. She has penciled me in for 39 weeks (16th June) but she also said that if things started on their own or were looking goo she would be prepared to reevaluate and would try for as little intervention as possible if labor started on it's own. So that was really good to hear. she is very supportive but also very honest and to the point.

I had been slack and not had my last pap smear, so she did one this morning (fun fun) and also did an internal u/s. she was happy with the way things looked and gave a due date of 22nd of june. I have a slip for another u/s next week and then another appt to see her on Dec 30th.

Dh has decided her will ring his sister this afternoon and we will tell the kids tonight. they will be sooo excited.

Ok i am off to have a nap before we have to go into town for our last swimming lesson for the year.

Love to all.


#52 My3kiddies

Posted 02 December 2009 - 01:38 PM

Yayyy thats great Sharyn.  ddance.gif I am so glad things went so well. original.gif If your bub is a boy I have heaps of newborn clothes here like jeans, long sleeve tops that Declan hardly wore as he was so sick the first few months and I hardly went out with him. They are yours if you want them. wink.gif

Yep Declan is getting on the move. He keeps rolling in his cot now. Won't be long before he is up on his knee's I reckon. I am sure he will be a early crawler. Willow crawled at 8 months. :0

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes on Face-book.  grin.gif

Better go and check my cupcakes, they taste so yummy and I haven't even iced them yet.  yyes.gif

#53 ~cackleberry~

Posted 05 December 2009 - 09:10 AM

Hello! original.gif  Gosh, what a busy few weeks ahead we have.  This Tuesday Michael is off to orientation at his new high school.  Cameron and William also have a transition day at school, where they spend the morning with their new teachers/class for next year.  Hopefully next week they will be getting their reports.  Next Thursday night is Michael's Grade 6 Graduation.  He's having a dinner at a hotel at 6.30pm and then we join him at 7.30pm for presentations etc.  I am going to be a mess.  Can't believe my baby boy is finishing primary school!  The following Monday they have a presentation night at the school, it's usually a great night.  The kids do a few concert items and Santa arrives on the back of the fire truck.   happy.gif Then that Friday (18th Dec) they finish school for the year at 1.30pm.  Just can't believe another year is almost over.

I've almost finished Christmas shopping.  I have most of it on layby with just a few more to buy.  I have three out of the four kids bought for.  Just need to look out for a cheap Nintendo DS now for Cameron.  For Caitie, we got a Dora bike, she'll love!!  For Michael, we got some Night Vision Goggles.  Hoping they work ok, as his very excited about getting them.  For William, we got him a Transformer - Constructicon Devestator.  Just need to get some stocking fillers now.

I'm going out to lunch today with some friends, really looking forward to it!!  Adult conversation...yay!  William had a friend sleepover last night.  Lots of sillyness and an early morning for them.  Caitie fell asleep on the couch yesterday at around 4.30pm and woke up at around 9.30pm for a bite to eat.  Gosh, it was difficult to get her back into bed, as you can imagine.  She finally drifted off though around 11pm but woke up early.  DH has had a cough too, so his been coughing away most of the night.  A restless night for all last night.

Tracy, glad Skye ended up having a great b'day party.  original.gif  Do you have pics to share?  Yay for Declan rolling!  Loe the Xmas pics, so so cute.

Sharyn, so happy your OB appt went well.  How did your DH go with the phone call to his sister?

, how are you going hun?

Caitie sat on Santa's knee last week when I took mum out shopping.  She was sooo excited!!  She got a little teddy bear from him, which she absolutely treasures and takes to bed with her.  She said it's special cause she got it from Santa.   happy.gif

Hope everyone is well. xx

#54 natw

Posted 07 December 2009 - 08:54 PM

Hi everyone  original.gif

Karen I hope Michael has a great time at orientation tomorrow. What an exciting time for him! I'm sure it seems like yesterday that he was just starting big school. I hope you hold up (emotionaly) with all these milestones  hhugs.gif

Sharyn So glad to hear your appt went well. What was the kids reaction to having a new baby?? I bet they're so excited And SIL??

I'm feeling really good lately. I hardly notice I'm pregnant (at 22 wks) and the only downside so far is that I have had 4 cold sores since being pg  glare.gif I hardly ever get them so it's a bit annoying. Am probably a bit more run down than I feel atm.

The kids are really good atm too. We put the Christmas tree up on Saturday and it has been knocked over numerous times already  rolleyes.gif I'm so sick of hanging stuff back on it. I think Tobias is slowly getting tired of pulling the balls off so I'm hoping it doesn't go over again.

We got our first ever pets the other day - two chooks named Elizabeth and Jody! Hannah named them. The kids love them except Hannah just stands and screams if they come anywhere near her whereas Joel and Tobias don't leave them alone. Joel stands at their coop calling "come out girls"  laugh.gif  

Better go and do the washing up. We have playgroup tomorrow and will be doing kris kringle presents for the kids so I have to wrap some presents too.

#55 Freyja

Posted 09 December 2009 - 06:47 AM

Hi everyone!

It's such a crazy time of year - been so busy with end of year/Christmas things! I'm looking forward to it all settling down again to be honest.

Tina - I just read your post about Jarvis  and totally hear you. I was up at 5.30am this morning after two night feeds during the night. I'm just SO tired and want a day to catch up on sleep but never get one.

Nat - Oh - chickens! Let me know how they go. It is something we are considering. How is your vege garden coming along?

Kaz - Well done to caitie sitting on santa's knee. Rose was also over her fear of santa this year too. They must be growing up!  biggrin.gif

Sharyn - glad to hear all is well and you've sorted out your work leave.

Tracey - HI! Declan is a clever boy original.gif

Sophie got an award yesterday at the presentation assembly - I was thinking it could be any from English/Maths/HSIE/Creative Arts. You could have knocked me over with a feather when they announced it was the PDHPE award!  biggrin.gif Dad is very proud considering he is  PDHPE teacher - obviously she doesn't take after Mummy, lol. My sister is also a PDHPE teacher so she must take after Aunty too. Just a proud moment for me - makes you think we must be doing something right original.gif  Argh - Owen is crying - I out him to sleep only 20 mins ago *sigh*

#56 ~cackleberry~

Posted 11 December 2009 - 09:45 AM

Well, my big boy has graduated Grade 6!!  He had his graduation dinner last night.  He is off to the pool today as part of the graduation celebration and then only has next week to go!!   ohmy.gif Can't believe my boy will be in high school next year!

He had a great day on Tuesday at his orientation day.  He's in a class with friends he met at his last orientation day, so he's happy.  original.gif  I had to get his booklist in and tomorrow i'm hoping to go have him fitted for his new uniform and put that on layby.  I pick the booklist and uniform up mid Jan.  So much to think about and do!!  Cameron is thrilled with his new teacher for next year.  She's a new teacher, fresh from uni and he thinks she's pretty, lol.  William has Cameron's teacher from this year, so he's happy too.

Kristy, well done on Sophie's award!  It's a proud moment seeing your little one go up and accept awards.   happy.gif What does PDHPE mean?   blush.gif

, so so glad to hear you are doing well!  I hear you on the cold sores, I have got around 4-5 in the past few months due to stress.  It's awful!  Do you have a recent belly shot you could share?  original.gif  Aww, congrats on your new chooks.  Sounds like the kids adore them.   happy.gif

We have a busy weekend coming up.  Trying to get this yard organised for visitors over Christmas.  Hoping to have Christmas lunch out on our verandah if it isn't raining.  We have to do a few tip runs and weeding more garden beds, mowing etc etc.  Have to get this house cleaned up too!

#57 Freyja

Posted 11 December 2009 - 11:49 AM

Karen - You sound so excited over high school! I guess it's a bit like kindy all over again, lol. PDHPE - Personal development, Health and Physical Education - pretty much the 'sporty' award  biggrin.gif

#58 scuttlebutt

Posted 13 December 2009 - 06:42 AM

hey everyone,   I am slack, and there is no denying it!  Most of you on FB will have seen our recent dramas with Austin putting his teeth through (and I mean THROUGH) his lip, ended up with three stitches, after a whole day at hospital, and a twilight sedation fun fun fun.  It looks like it's healing well.

we are so busy at the moment, looking forward to escaping to Brisbane and Noosa for Christmas/new years.  Then bring on the new decade!  Hoping 2010 brings less hospital visits for us!!!

#59 tomkatsmum

Posted 17 December 2009 - 05:53 AM

HI girls,

gosh, do any of us come in here anymore? LOL

Hope you are all doing well in the lead up to Christmas. I am not a huge fan of Christmas in all its commercial glory, and all the family Issues it raises when you can't please everyone so i will be kind of glad by 4p christmas day when we are home by ourselves and it will be nearly over.

Things have finally started to Slow down here which is great. School finished last week and i have even been able to get my sewing machine out this week. I am oping to finally finish PIL's queen bed quilt which i have been working on for 18 months.

we have finally told almost everyone abut this pregnancy. SIL wasn't thrilled as we expected and her first comment was, sorry you can't have any of your baby things back i still need them.  ohmy.gif So needless to say i have been madly scouring ebay for some bargains. Managed to snag a cot for a good price and we pick that up Christmas eve when we are in melb next. Her and MIL have already shown that this is gong to be a bit of a competition for them, so i am hoping i can keep my distance as much as possible.

I am still not feeling great, but most of the nausea is almost gone and i am just waiting for the tiredness to pass. Hopefully not too much longer. I feel much bigger this time than with the other two i guess everything is just well and truely stretched.

Kate I hope Austins lip has healed up. You guys haven't had much luck with hospitals and injuries this year. Hopefully 2010 is better for you.

Kristy Yeah for Sophie's award. Sounds like she did really well. How is the gorgeous Owen going?

Kaz Hope things aren't too crazy at your place in the lead up to Chirstmas. Congrats to Michael on finishing primary school. It's a bit scary isn't it.  

Nat How are your chooks going? We love ours, there are two that are friendly enough to hold and two tat are not so friendly. They are becoming more and more trained now too. I call them from the back door and say bed time, and they scurry off towards the chook pen. original.gif Can't wait till we start getting eggs. I think hopefully 2 more weeks.

Tracy How are things going up there? I hope you are going well and that Declan is being a good boy for you.

ok, i had better go and get organised for the day. The kids have one last day of daycare tomorrow so we are going to make jars of rocky road for their teacers today. should be fun. I am just hoping i dont eat it all.  blush.gif

Love to everyone.


PS: Thomas had his graduation from Kinder and Christmas play last week. Photos are on the blog if anyone is interested.

#60 Freyja

Posted 17 December 2009 - 02:58 PM

Sharyn - I pop in regularly but there hasn't been anything to read for a few days, lol. (well, it feels like a few days). I am in shock over your SIL"s comment. Unbelievable! I guess there is no point in arguing over a few baby things, huh. You did well to ignore and move on. If there's anything you need you can have Owen's stuff once he's finished with it (the small stuff that can be posted anyway  wink.gif).

- I really hope your trips to hospital have been bad luck and not chalked up to 'boys' . I don't think I'd cope with it very well - you poor things!  

DH left at 7am this morning and won't be home til late as he has his Christmas party. A looooong day for me as Sophie is home on school holidays. So far they've all been good but i've had to be pretty strict with the girls - they are trying to push the boundaries a bit. I've been very quick to let them know it won't be tolerated. I feel like a mean mum (maybe tough is a better word?) but have to do it otherwise things get out of hand.  rolleyes.gif

Owen has his appointment with the dermatologist today and all is well -he has a normal haem that he expects will go away one day - so no plastic surgery for now!

Hehe, been listening to Owen having a kick on the floor while I type and he has passed a LOT of wind  tthumbs.gif That's my boy!

#61 ~cackleberry~

Posted 18 December 2009 - 10:51 AM

Hi original.gif waves.gif  I also pop in fairly regularly, but doesn't seem to many people posting anymore.  I hope everyone is well and getting organised for Christmas.  We've had such a huge few weeks here.  We've been desperately trying to get our house in order ready for visitors over Christmas.  Hoping to have Christmas lunch out on our extended verandah but that meant clearing our backyard dramatically.  Lots of weeding, moving, raking etc and i'm exhausted!  But, it is looking lovely now.  Still need to take a load of green waste to the tip early next year, but apart from that, it's looking great!  Worked a lot on the front yard as well, so it feels good to have a lovely garden for a change.  I was sick a couple of days ago, not sure what it was, some sort of virus I guess.  I got the chills, headache, aches and pains over the body and just couldn't be bothered doing anything but lay in bed.  Unfortunately I had to make choc truffles for the boy's class parties they had yesterday.  What an effort that was.

Michael finishes primary school forever today.  I know I go on about it, but I just can't believe he'll be in high school next year!!  Final assembly is at 12.45pm today and I think i'll have to bring along the tissues.  Most of his mates are going to the same school though, except one.  Not in the same class, but same school.  original.gif  Can't believe the year is coming to an end!

Sharyn, that is appaling what your SIL said!   ohmy.gif  How dare her take away the excitement of you having your third baby away from you. I love this time of year when things start to slow down a little (with regards to after school activities/school etc etc, not Christmas, lol).  Scouts/cubs and basketball have finished for the year now.  original.gif  I looked at your photos on your blog, they are gorgeous!!  Tom looks so handsome in his graduation outfit.   happy.gif And gosh, Katie has grown so much!  A real little girl.

Kristy, hope your day doesn't drag too much for you.  I know what you mean about having to get tough on the kids, it's the only way we can stay sane.  Caitie has been getting right into the computer lately (there is a colouring program on it) - thanks boys! lol and whenever I tell her that it's time to hop off, she totally cracks it!  But I don't want her to be on it for too long, as I worry it will affect her concentration etc.  I've had to also cut back on her tv time dramatically.  Great news about Owen not needing surgery!  biggrin.gif

Kate, aww poor Austin and his cut lip.  Gosh, was nasty hey.  What a year it's been for you!  Hope 2010 brings fewer trips to the hospital for you.

Hi to everyone else!  We have my brother coming down from QLD this Sat night until Monday, then they are off to see my SIL's parents until Xmas Eve, then back to visit us for the week from Xmas until New Year.  So, not sure how many times i'll be able to pop in, but i'll make sure I come in before Xmas Day to wish you all a very merry christmas.  original.gif

#62 LittleDCJ

Posted 18 December 2009 - 03:56 PM

Hi girls

I'm still around.  We're all doing well.  Deakin finished school last Friday. He got a really good report card so we're really happy.  He's also loving karate and got blue tips for his white belt at his class last week.  He was so excited.  Jarvis is doing well although he wakes every morning at 5.10am!!!  He wakes up grumpy so that makes it even worse.  I can't believe that I now think that 6am is a sleepin.  Carter is loving having Deakin at home and they are playing together really well.  They have been doing swimming lessons everyday this week and really enjoyed it.  Carter is so cheeky, wants to do everything Deakin and isn't too shy to speak his mind either.

I picked up my new car today.  It's so nice and I'm really happy that the 3 carseats I wanted to use all fit in.  It's going to take a bit of getting used to as it's bigger than our last car.

Karen - Congrats on Michael finishing primary school.  You must have been so proud.  I hope that the transition into high school goes well.

Sharyn - I can't believe your SIL.  You are a better person than me letting her keep YOUR baby stuff.  I would have demanded it all back and let her buy her own stuff.  I can't believe you are so far along already.  Glad to hear that the m/s is easing and you are feeling good.  How did the kids react when you told them?  Love the pics of the kids and especially Tom's tie fetish, too cute.

Kristy - Glad to hear Owen's appt went well.  Nothing wrong with being strict with the kids, at least they know your limits.  Loved your pics of the 3 kids on FB, precious.

Nat - How are the chooks?  I bet the kids are fascinated with them.  Over halfway, gee that has flown by.

Hi to everyone else, pop in and say hi!!!

Taking the kids to the beach tonight for fish n chips on the foreshore.

#63 ~Kirsten~

Posted 19 December 2009 - 04:15 PM

Hi Ladies,
I have been VERY slack and honestly can't even remember the last time I posted in here.  I have been keeping up with most news through FB.

I hope everyone is well and slowly getting organised for Christmas.

Congrats to the preggo ladies!!!!  Good on you!!

#64 Freyja

Posted 20 December 2009 - 08:01 PM

HI girls,  

Kirsten! Hey original.gif

Tina - New car! Yay  xmas_biggrin.gif Talking of cars - DH crashed his a bit over  a week ago  xmas_blink.gif That's great that the boys play well together. Soph and Rose can for short periods then I have to split them up for a bit (one watching tele, one on the computer etc) for a while otherwise they end up killing each other if they spend too much time together.

Karen - Rose has recently developed a love for the computer too! To combat the problem of her screaming to get on it, screaming when she's forced to get off it etc we have introduced a sticker chart. Every 5 stickers she gets computer time - boy is it working! Her behaviour had become challenging in recent weeks but the sticker chart is helping a lot. Timeout has not been very productive with Rose  xmas_glare.gif so we had to think of something else.

I'm just passing time on here as DH has taken Sophie to emergency  xmas_unsure.gif  It's nothing too major (I hope). She's been saying she has a sore tummy for weeks but other than that she was fine - eating, playing etc. Then on MOnday she came home from school early as she had a 'sore tummy' and a slight fever. Since then she has had a slight fever on and off but last night and throughout today her fever has really increased, she is completely off her food and looks terrible. THought we better get her checked out in case its her appendix. I have been SO tired (and grumpy) lately. Thankfully DH let me have an afternoon nap today as I'm doing the night solo with Owen while DH is at the hospital. I expect they'll be there for hours....

#65 LittleDCJ

Posted 21 December 2009 - 06:53 AM

Kristy, how is Sophie today?  Any results or diagnosis from the hospital trip?  I hope she is feeling better really soon.

#66 Freyja

Posted 22 December 2009 - 06:10 AM

Well, turns out Sophie has a virus - phew! It's a pretty bad one though - she was vomiting all yesterday and still has a high temp this morning. Hopefully it will pass for Christmas Eve celebrations.

DH is getting his wisdom teeth removed today. He is booked into day surgery and is probably going in as I type. I will go and pick him up at lunch time, then I will have 4 kids to look after, lol.

#67 ~cackleberry~

Posted 22 December 2009 - 09:25 AM

Gosh, hoping everyone is well by Christmas in your house Kristy! xx  Good luck to your DH.

Hi Kirsten!  waves.gif

Tina, yay for a new car!  I hope Jarvis's christmas pressie to you is longer sleep ins.  Caitie has only just started sleeping until 8am!  It's been fabulous for a change, as her and William are usually early wakers.  I think it's just because we've been so busy lately though, but I can only hope these sleep ins stay around.

I'm finally starting to feel excited about Christmas!  I have all the kid's pressies including santa sack stuff now and I only have to buy 2 more pressies.  My MIL is coming tomorrow morning to look after the kids for me while I do a christmas food shop for Friday.  Just trying desperately to keep on top of this housework, so it stays tidy for christmas.  I can't believe it's meant to be 20 and possible thunderstorm on Christmas Day now!!!  Grrrr, i'm wanting to have lunch out on our new verandah extension.  Every other day for the next week is meant to be mid to high 20's and sunny!!  Always the way!  Ahhh well, we can always move tables etc indoors if needed and I guess it makes it better for having a hot roast lunch.  original.gif

If i'm not back before Friday, hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!  xo

#68 My3kiddies

Posted 23 December 2009 - 07:59 PM

Just popping in to say

Merry Christmas to everyone, hope you all have a great day!!!!

Just realised we didn't do secret santa this yr.  cry1.gif Will have to make sure we don't forget it next year. wink.gif

Sharyn:- How rude of your SIL :0 Damm if only you lived closer I could had given you all my baby stuff. Not like I am going to need it again. I still have a those newborn boys clothes if you want them, they are your, I don't expect any money for them. Will have to wait and see weather your bub is a boy or girl, are you going to find out at 20weeks. wink.gif

Tina:- Yayy for new car too, it must be so nice to drive, saw your video of your 3 boys playing the keyboard. It was so cute, did the keyboard survive the fall at the end. LOL.

Freyja:- A friend of mine her dd had the same virus as Sophie has by the sound of it, she was throwing up and very high temps. Took a lot out of her dd. sad.gif

Karen:- Hope that storm doesn't come on Friday for you. The weather is changing all the time. I saw the pics of your big boy graduating from primary school. :0 I bet he is looking forward to high school. original.gif

Hi to everyone else. I really do have to go and finish wrapping the rest of the girls xmas presents.

Tracy original.gif

#69 tomkatsmum

Posted 23 December 2009 - 08:07 PM


we are off to Melb tomorrow morning so might not get a chance to get back in and wish you all a merry Christmas.

I also wanted to say a big thank you to everyone in here. This year has been particularly tough at times and you girls have been such a wonderful support. I send you all much love and thanks this Christmas.

Love to all, and Merry Christmas.


#70 LittleDCJ

Posted 24 December 2009 - 07:16 PM

We have put some reindeer food (oats and glitter) outside and left Santa some M&M cookies, mini christmas puddings and a stubby of Asahi beer. Just waiting for the boys to fall asleep so we can head out and finish erecting the trampoline.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.  I hope that you all have a fantastic day with your loved ones.  Thanks for all your friendship and support this year and here's to many more years of laughter and good times.

#71 natw

Posted 24 December 2009 - 11:15 PM

A very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all

Have had such a busy week. DH just got home from work at 9.45pm and we've been outside putting a swing set together. Had a joke that this is the most we've seen each other all week lol. He has to work afternoon shift tomorrow too.

Gotta go, still have some presents to wrap. Hope you all have a lovely day today. I almost wrote tomorrow and just realised it's already past midnight  rolleyes.gif

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