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November 06 Parents # 133

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#1 Sandra

Posted 12 November 2009 - 08:05 AM

New thread time ladies.


#2 Chelbean

Posted 12 November 2009 - 09:16 AM


Why is it whenever i do post the thread gets locked!!!

Tam - If you can afford to just do casual work i would so do that! Preschool hours are a lot better then long day care hours as well!

Hope everyone else is well. Off to get organised for the day!


#3 k123

Posted 12 November 2009 - 01:50 PM

Sorry nothing exciting to add except SILVER!!!!

It has probably been a year or so!

Tam - I am 19 weeks now.  I think I will blink and be 39! It just seems to be going so fast!  I am jealous, I wish I didn't have to work.  However I think you need to stay home for longer.  Liam is now sleeping really well so I have no real excuses anymore! (oh and my job is super cruisy)

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#4 boo boos mumma

Posted 12 November 2009 - 03:16 PM

I am jealous, I wish I didn't have to work.

Oh gosh I hope I didn't sound like a snob, that was not my intentions.
We are far from rich. We were just fortunate enough that when I met DH he had alot of money saved up towards a home and so when we both moved in i spent two years in full time study at TAFE and we both worked full time whilst I did my Uni studies via correspondance, so we were both paying off everything before even getting married. So although we don't yet own our home, we owe very little so our payments and interest rates are very low, we were paying so much each week before our children but now we pay like $150 (maybe less) a week on our mortgage which I know is only a little bit of what sydney mortgages would be.
So because of this DH only needs to make a bit over one average wage. Due to the year we had with Aiden and how often he was sick, there was just no way I could accept any positions as it wouldn't be fair on me, Aiden or the employer so any offers I have politely turned down but Ive done casual work for a preschool as I would jump at the chance to get regular work there.
So we aren't rolling in money, we have to count each dollar but at least I know I can be with my children when they are sick, if Aiden didn't have such a bad year I prob would be back at work for sure by now.
So plz don't think for a moment that I have designer bags and designer shoes, hec I don't even have matching ear rings to any necklaces lol and I get my hair done once a year (my birthday) and cause im in a wedding next weekend i didnt get it done for my bday , ive waited til next week. So I dont get many luxurys but thats ok I can deal with that for now :-)
OH and Kat, OMG 19weeks already?? FAR OUT!! That sure has gone quick hey?


Had a good day today. Reanna and Aiden got pics done at daycare, boy what a task.

Then we went to maccas for lunch and went to big W for some things.  Then sorted out legal affairs including our Wills so next week it will be drafted up so im so glad thats sorted, haven't got the bill yet lol so I may not be so relieved come next week ha ha.

#5 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 13 November 2009 - 08:39 AM

Hi girls.

Tam - laughing2.gif you are far from a snob.  I am jealous too though, I would give anything not to have to work, but unfortunately I do.  You sound like me though, I get my hair done once in a blue moon, the only luxury I have is I get my nails done but that is because my real nails are crap and they look much nicer with an acrylic coating.

Kat - OMG 19 weeks already, that has flown.  Only seems like yesterday you were telling us you were pregnant.  How are you feeling atm love?

Rach - you are very busy atm.  I would give anything for a cleaner or someone to iron my clothes for me.  Oh that would be bliss!

Us - well had a sh*t week again.  I swear it is the year, I think the odd numbers in the years are the sh*t years (well they are for me anyway).

Just when I thought it was all going well, DH may be out of a job.  Not sure, but seriously it is doing my head in.  He has an interview this morning so fingers crossed that all goes well and they like him enough to hire him.  He definitely has all the qualifications for the position so who knows.  The agency he went through seems to think that he is a great candidate for it.

Anyway I have done nothing but cry for the last 2 days, then this morning Mum comes in and she has had a crap morning too.  Her washing machine died and the car needs something done to it.  So she was in tears too cause it is all too much for her atm.

We are all really waiting for 2010 to begin and hopefully we will have a better year.  The only good thing to come out of this year has been Hayley, so I am just holding on to that good thought.

I did a bit of a Dr Google and looked up depression and the symptoms of mild depression fit me atm, but I don't want to go to the doctor and have them think that I am a hypocondriac or something.  I just think that once things pick up and we have a holiday at the end of the year, that maybe I will feel better.  I will give myself till we come back from holidays and if I don't feel any better then I will take myself off to the doctors.

Otherwise not much else has been happening here.  Just working and stressing and that's about it.

Anyhoo, enough of the doom and gloom, it will get better as of today!!!!  I need to stay positive.

OK well have a good day girls waves.gif

#6 mrsdingo

Posted 13 November 2009 - 09:06 AM

Morning girls

Tracey oh no not more, you guys sure have had a sh*t year (other than Hayley). Bring on 2010!!

Tam You aren't snobbish at all! I wish I could work, DP is a traditionalist and wants me at home with the kids, so he works more hrs or what every is needed to make that happen rolleyes.gif . I've offered to do a role reversal with him, but I couldn't earn what he does so it's pointless. We need to do wills up too, got to ask our nominated guardian about having another child to care for first.

Kat WOW 19wks already!! It does just fly by though, my pgncy with Mitchell went soooo fast!

Rach geez you are a busy beaver aren't you! Yay on having your cleaner do your ironing too, I so want a cleaner (ironing lady is pointless, I avoid buying clothes for any of us that need ironing)!!

Can't remember anything from the last thread, sorry.

Nothing new to tell here. Chelsea is fine, David didn't even really get it and Jennifer is back at school!! Have had a pretty hard time with Mitchell though. He isn't as interested in the BFs now he's having a bottle, so it's taking some encouragement to get him on and then he isn't feeding as well. But his little eyes light up when he sees the bottle. It's getting to me a bit atm. He will be 12wks next Tues, so that's 3mnths of BFing, which for me is an achievement, so am concentrating on making it to then and then 4mnths etc, think that will be the only way to keep going atm.

Ok gtg Chelsea has what is left of David's ice-cream cake from his b'day and is eating it with her fingers!
Hope everyone is well

#7 Stacymoo

Posted 13 November 2009 - 10:36 AM

Hi girls.

Sorry I have been MIA. More MIL issues which I won't bore you with. glare.gif I am with some of you other girls..........bring on 2010!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so over having to drive her to doc appointments & the dramas that she causes around us. I tell you I can't wait for our holiday next month!

Will be back after the weekend to catch up. We are staying at DH's cousins tonight & will be back tomorrow. I haven't had a chance to catch up properly yet so will definitely be back soon. Otherwise we are all good & busy. DH still doesn't have any work, which is worrying, but no use stressing over things out of our control. huh.gif

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Talk soon. waves.gif

#8 hawkchick

Posted 13 November 2009 - 01:34 PM

Stacy - I always love reading your posts. You always know just the right smiley to use to help express the emotion of what you're saying. Look forward to seeing you on 20th.

Tam - I'm with everyone else. You could NEVER come across as a snob...you're such a sweet sounding lady. I'm glad you don't have to rush back to work, as you've had a rough year with Aiden's illness and losing your Mum and it's probably for the best that you're home and able to care for your little man.

Kirsty - well done on continuing with the breast feeding. I hope David had a great birthday.

Tracey - are you OK hon? If you're feeling worse, perhaps a chat to your GP is the way to go...they're not going to think you're a hypochondriac. Don't leave depression untreated. My DH suffers with depression sometimes and once it got so bad he ended up unable to even get up and get dressed. This lasted for 3 months. It was awful. Depression can really spiral out of control, so remember to put yourself first and seek some help if you are feeling worse.  bbighug.gif

Kat - holy cow, that 19 weeks has really gone quickly. How are you feeling about everything these days?

Rach - thanks for your lovely comments on FB about Josh's band. Seriously, that song is just horrible!!!! But I'm proud that his drumming is improving - he used to be shocking at keeping the beat and he's gotten alot better. Anyway, he was really chuffed with your comments, you made his day!
How's Allie's speech coming along?

Us: I've had a cleaning day today. I'm waiting for the aircon guy to come and look at our unit. The house is spotless, but my feet are aching like hell - I should have worn my runners instead of these new thong slippers I bought the other day.

I bought my very first proper christmas tree yesterday. Being a religion other than Christian, I grew up not celebrating Christmas and used to get very jealous of my friends who got all these presents and we got a small token gift for "doing well at school". But it was nothing like what my friends got. Anyway, I didn't want my kids feeling left out so I bought a 7ft tree and can't wait to decorate it! I feel like I'm 7 years old.  biggrin.gif

DH has another job interview next week. I won't say too much about what the job is, but it sounds really good and the money is so much better than what he's currently getting. And the super is great too. So fingers crossed! (because I've already had to dip into our savings this month to the tune of $1,000 to cover the shortfall in salary that I'm used to living with). We don't go out, drink or smoke, but we spend a small fortune at the supermarket every week. I really need to budget more.

It's Elora's birthday next Tuesday. We're having a little party next Friday for a few friends - mainly siblings of James' school friends, so they're not exactly Elora's friends, but oh well, I thought she'd like to have a party. Jaiden's coming so that will be nice to have one little real friend there... original.gif

#9 boo boos mumma

Posted 13 November 2009 - 02:27 PM

OH shux girls you are so sweet, I'm so glad u dont think of me as a snob.

Blish you say such sweet things to me, I get all blushed  original.gif  original.gif I think the same about you too...infact our entire group is just fabulous  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif

Tracey oh hun I hope  your Dhs job is ok, it just breaks my heart that so many ppl are suffering with so many job losses, ill be really keeping up to date that you are all ok.  I wish I could say there was one good thing about this  year, but nope nothing comes to mind lol.

Blish i hope your Dh gets that job, my fingers are crossed. How are you coping with your house payments with everything??? i hope ok??

Stacy gosh your MIL sounds painful. I'd be tempted to removed a battery wire so she make her own way to appts  cool.gif  cool.gif  cool.gif shhhhh I didn't say that.
I hope it all looks up for your DH soon hunni

KIrsty, your partner sounds like a lovely man and obviously works so hard for his family, a real keeper like mine. Reanna on b/f till 3months too. Did you do a few comp feeds before he began fussing on the boob?? I did comp feeds when we were out or sometimes at night to try and give extra milk in her tummy for the night time and yeah as a result she began to favour the bottle and so eventually she would just cry when i tried to b/f her, it was hard to accept but I just went with it and yeah she just loved her bottles lol. So dont worry too much hunni, every day of b/f is just fabulous, you should be so proud of yourself for even trying, so many ppl choose not (which is a personal choice I certainly dont judge), but yeah you did what you could and thats just great  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif

Reanna is just loving her swim lessons and its great to see such improvements in her each week with her confidence, i just love watching so ill miss it since ill be working for the next two fridays and whole of next week, but itll be great to see her achievement after 2 weeks at least.

This arvo i took Reanna birth cert into the preschool that she got in to (i work casual there also) and when i came home i realised her birth date is wrong and i overlooked it when she was a baby, instead of the 28th Nov, its got it down at the 23rd Nov. Arrrghh now i have to sort that crap out, i know its not much but its just another chore I don't feel like doing iykwim?? Typical, its still 2009 isn't it so things are bound to p*ss me off i guess!!

BRING ON 2010!! one TWO three:  BRING ON 2010 lol.

#10 Chelbean

Posted 13 November 2009 - 03:33 PM

Hey girls,

Tam - Of course you arent a snob! I agree its so much better for you to be home after the year you've had and too be there for Aiden. Omg about the birth certificate! Did you write the date down wrong on the forms? Sounds like something that might be a bugger to change...goodluck!

Blish - I really did like the song, it was so good...how old are the guys in his band? How old is Josh? I thought the song was really catchy and I  meant what I said - glad it made him feel good  original.gif
Thanks for asking about Allies speech....its going pretty well. Considering in April this year she was saying nothing coherent and shes now onto 5 word sentences. Her big thing is asking for what she wants, she still uses a lot of hand gestures and stamping of the feet to say what she wants. She also doesn't really answer yes/no questions...which seems to be the hardest thing to teach! She also doesnt protest, eg say no when someone hurts her so we are working on that. She is big on repeating so a conversation with her goes like:
me: What do you want?"
Alice: What do you want (pause) Watch mickey mouse!
So its really hard for other people to talk to her because they tend to talk over the top of her and not give her that wait time to think of the right word.
We are getting the hearing test done in December, her voice is quite deep at times which worries me. We also are getting a developmental pead assessment in Feb, just to make sure theres nothing else we need to worry about. She really has come a long in leaps and bounds though. A lot of it was actually me not giving her everything before she asked for it! She also has a very stubborn and independent personality. So if she doesnt want to say the word she wont, and she also wont ask for help because she is so determined to do it herself.
Oops sorry for that ramble! Bet you feel good after cleaning your house...i love the feeling after ive finished cleaning lol!

Stacy - Sorry about the MIL issues. Hope DH finds something soon and you guys enjoy your holiday. When are you leaving?

Kirsty - Glad the kids are okay now.  Breast feeding for any period of time is an acheievement, dont feel too bad if he ends up going on the bottle earlier then you wanted. Most of my clothes dont need ironing but matt wears business clothes to work every day, so basically ALL of his clothes needs ironing, thats why its actually his job but we've both been so tired lately i figured it was just easier to get the ironing done. I love having a cleaner though - i get so anxious when things in the house arent perfect that having a cleaner just helps keep me sane!

Tracey - Oh no! Hope your DH goes well at the interview, I can understand why you cant wait for 2009 to finish! End of the year is bad enough with everything going on to have all this stress. Have you looked into a cleaner? They arent too expensive actually, though it depends what suburb your are in. She only comes in every fortnight for three hours and its $66 and so worth it. It doesnt mean i never clean but she gets the big stuff done so i have time for all the little stuff that needs doing. Definitely see a doc if you don't feel better after you holiday, though i wouldnt feel worried about going in now either. I am one to talk though, I have major anxiety issues and really need to see the doctor about it but keep putting it off. Take care of yourself.

KAt - 19 Weeks already! Do you know what you are having yet?

Okay I think thats me!

I should be doing my assignment, but EB was much more tempting!

We are good. Had Gymboree today, Alice loved it. Her new thing is jumping, from anything she counts "5 4 3 2 1 BLAST OFF" then jumps, so pretty much did that the entire lesson! I put my resume in and then got home to an email from my current boss disucssing next year. She wants me to do two days there instead of one, which is fantastic as it means I dont need any extra work....though now I am not sure what to do about this other job if they ring me up! Oh well will have to wait and see.

Now im not sure whether to put alice in daycare for a day or not either....I was only putting her in there because I would only be working one day and though she needed more socialisation. What to do what to do!

Did I tell everyone what happened at my last dentist appointment? I got my tooth fixed and then I booked another appointment for a check up, its the first time in years ive been to the dentist without something hurting lol. He did a full check up, and of course now i need to go back for five more appointments to get 6 or so fillings. Argh! Not worried about the pain so much as the money - its so expensive, but i am so sick of getting massive toothaches and hopefully once they are fixed I can keep on top of them.
Felt like such an idiot though because he gave me a lesson on flossing....who here flosses? Every day? I hadn't and apparently thats where im getting decay. Anyway now im a bit anal about my flossing, my dentist would be proud. I just don't want anymore toothaches! So for the next 2 or so months I have an appointment every fortnight with my dentist...what fun! Tracey you'd understand  wink.gif

Oh Blish when you were talking about Eloras party you reminded me to ask everyone:

What is everyone doing for birthdays this year?
What presents has everyone got for their (nearly typed Bubs but they aren't anymore  cry1.gif ) 3yr olds?

I swear Alice's birthday celebrations last about a week. On the wednesday of her birthday my parents are coming up and we are having a little party in the park. Friday we are going to Dreamworld and Saturday is a party with matts parents. Going to be stuffed after it.

We have gotten her a swing set for her birthday and a bunch of other little stuff like clothes, cds, upsey daisy chase bed, books. My parents are getting her a trike....she still cannot pedal a trike!!!! She just sits there and shakes her head or uses her feet on the ground lol.

Anyway better go do some of this assignment....hmm or have a nap....

Take care girls


#11 hawkchick

Posted 13 November 2009 - 07:11 PM

Rach - don't worry, my son James was well over 4.5 before he learned to pedal on a bike...it just didn't click up until then. To answer your question, Josh is 16, he'll be 17 on Australia Day (Jan 26th). Because he started school at 6 and stayed down a year, he is a bit older than his classmates - who are all turning 14 or 15 this year and that's how old his fellow band members are. They've only rehearsed about 3 times together too.
Allie's speech sounds like it's coming along really well. Why are you concerned about a low voice? Is that typically a sign of something wrong? (just asking) I'm the same as you re having a clean house. I can't function in mess. My house is spotless right now, but my feet are aching like crazy!
As for your teeth - the same thing happened to me when I was about 22. I went to the dentist for the first time in years (since Mum and Dad stopped paying for my appointments)  blush.gif and had to have about 6 fillings and 2 teeth removed! My dentist let me put it all on a payment plan. I do floss my teeth daily, but only because I have a couple of teeth that have these annoying gaps and I get food stuck in them (like meat stuck between your teeth) and I can't stand it and have to floss. Do you know they say that people who floss their teeth actually live longer? I don't know why, but all those "calculate your real age" tests add several years if you say you floss.

As for Elora's birthday...we're unwrapping her presents as a family (DH, me, Josh and James and Elora) on Monday night, otherwise DH will be on his way to work when she wakes on the actual day (Tuesday). On Thursday at playgroup we'll have cupcakes and sing happy birthday. Then we're having 8 friends over for a party on Friday from 10am until 11.30am - just a little get together - we're doing a craft activity and then eating some cake and that's about it. Saturday it's my parents and DH's parents coming over for a family cake session.

As for presents, we got her a Baby born doll (bargain at $29!!) - it comes with the food and bottle and potty and nappies and all that and I can't remember what else! Sorry, but I bought it AGES ago and wrapped it weeks ago so she wouldn't find it and now I can't even think for the life of me what I bought!  laugh.gif  I'll let you know in Tuesday... original.gif

Tam - we are lucky enough not to have a home loan. We paid cash for this house...long story, but I used to work for a very wealthy businessman who paid me well. Still, after paying for the house, we now live pay to pay and DH doesn't earn all that much. He's only been at this new job for 4 weeks and I'm having trouble adjusting to the new much lower income. His income has dropped over 10% from his last job, which is a big drop.  Oh, and you're more than welcome re me saying nice things about you. Honestly, you seem like such a lovely person!

DH has applied for GEERS so we should get his salary/annual leave/redundancy from the old job in about 4 months time which will be great. Looks like we have bombed out on the superannuation (the old company didn't pay us for super for 6 months and GEERS doesn't cover super).

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#12 boo boos mumma

Posted 14 November 2009 - 12:32 AM

DH has applied for GEERS so we should get his salary/annual leave/redundancy from the old job in about 4 months time which will be great.

Hun sorry to spoil it for you but don't hold your breath on recieving your $$ in 4months. It has been months and months that I applied for my redundancy through geers. I even called other ex colleagues who said that they too are waiting and the ex secretary said that anything for 6months you are just dreaming.....
Its been months, prob even 6months already and the other day I only just got a letter from GEERS saying that they haven't forgotten me, they are up to my section of claims and that they are needing more info from my past employees and I will be notified of a decision. When I called I was told it will take AT LEAST another 8weeks just for them to look at my claim.....see when ABC made so many redundant ALOT of ppl have made claims and alot of ppl have also lost their jobs due to the economy crisis sadly. I just dont want you to get your hopes up hunni.

#13 Chelbean

Posted 14 November 2009 - 10:37 AM

Blish - Only rehersed three times? Thats amazing then! Can't wait to hear what they sound like after a few more rehersals!
Thanks for the reassurance regarding the trike/bike riding and the teeth thing! Alice hasn't had much chance to practise on a trike so we're hoping the one she gets for her birthday will help her learn. Its the only gross motor skill she hasn't got yet.
With her talking low, it just worries me, not sure if its an actual sign on hearing loss though...of course I have had some comments from other parents who say she talks really low and thats probably a sign of her not being able to hear properly....I guess I'd just rather get it checked out, though she can hear, for example she was upstairs at the house i work at the other day and i called out "Alice come get dorothy shoes on we are going in the car" and she came running down saying "sit down shoes on" so she can hear me.....when she wants to that is! How is Elora going at gymboroo - is that what its called down there? Participating more?
Presents and birthday celebrations sound fun original.gif I WISH Alice was into dolls, but she has one doll and a pram and she chucks the doll out and puts mickey mouse, minnie mouse, dorothy and wags dog in...she much prefers them lol.

Tam (and Blish) - It might not be the case for Blish's DH. When I talked to GEERS about my annual leave payout they said there were so many cases for ABC that they were doing them in sections which isn't the normal way they do it. So I have a feeling the ABC cases were totally separate from other claims because there were so many.

When did you put your claim in Tam? I put mine in in Feb and got it about June so that was about 4 months. I kept calling to see where it was up to, but really I was just happy to get the money in the end!!

Not a busy day here, unless you count my assignment. Matt and I had a massive fight last night and when we finally sorted it out i felt so drained I just fell asleep on the lounge, so no assignment was done...oh well at least i got an early nights sleep.
Am so over fighting with him...its happening more and more lately, we just snap at each other and bam its on. The worst thing is that when we fight he just leaves and while I can see the reasoning behind that (cool down etc) but he always leaves and im always stuck here dealing with alice, cleaning the house and he doesn't pick up his mobile. I get so upset because I just have noone up here, i cant leave. So he comes back feeling better and I feel like a friggen wreck.

We are hoping its just end of the year syndrome, we never get any time a lone which is probably a big part of it.
We are going to stay at the coast the week before christmas so maybe that will help. Who knows.

Anyway better go, off to the library today.
Take care and have a good weekend.


#14 hawkchick

Posted 14 November 2009 - 01:59 PM

Tam - thanks for the warning..we do have some savings so we're not desperate for that money. As long as I know we're getting it one day. Our insolvency practitioner said it would take about 4 months, but if takes longer that's fine.

Rach - sorry to hear you and Matt have been fighting. Do you think you're just heading different ways? I got married to my first husband when I was very young and I found after a while that I was maturing and growing up into the adult I am now and was moving away from him - it wasn't his or my fault , I just didn't know who I was or what I wanted when we got together and once I decided that, it didn't really include him (if that makes sense). I hope you get it sorted out soon. Life's too short to be unhappy.

I'm so sleepy today. Elora had a high temperature during the night and didn't get much sleep. I'm so not used to waking at night!

#15 Stacymoo

Posted 14 November 2009 - 05:50 PM

Hi girls.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAYS TO SAM, SIENNA, DAVID & CAILEIGH. Hope they all had great days. biggrin.gif

Tracey – so sorry you had a dodgey haircut. There is nothing worse. That’s what happened to me about 4 mths ago. The girl went way too short & cut too much off into the layers & made a layer the same length as my fringe which is not what I wanted at all!  mad.gif It wouldn’t even stay in a ponytail & I specifically said I workout & it MUST reach a ponytail. Anyway since then it has grown & I went to another lady in Sept who redefined my fringe & it is more how I like it now. But it is such a pain isn’t it? So sorry DH may be out of a job. It is a tough time for alot of people ATM. Try to get some time in for yourself chickey. You are sounding a little down. hhugs.gif I know it must be hard with 2 little ones but you really do need to look after yourself.

Kat – wow I can’t believe you are nearly halfway already. The time really is going by so quickly. Did you move into your mums already? Sorry I might have missed it somewhere along the line.

Tam – no way do you ever come across as a snob! I would do what suits you regarding work. As you know I am a stay at home mum but often wish I could at least do some part time work as I feel like my brain is going to mush sometimes.  rolleyes.gif We can afford for me to stay home (well a little longer as long as DH finds work soon! laughing2.gif) so I am fortunate that I can give Jaiden the time that we like one on one. I have mentioned a few times now that DH can take the rest of the year off & stay home with Jaiden & I will get some temp work but for some reason he has not taken me up on the offer. I think he knows he would be more run off his feet at home.  laugh.gif

Kirsty – hope Mitchell stays interested in the boob for you. It can get a little rough when they like the quickness of a bottle. You should be very proud though.

Blish – I do love using those little emotion thingys. wink.gif  So sorry I had to cancel on you again. Glad you got my sms. I didn’t realise these bloody Bali vaccinations had to be done in stages. Can’t wait for Elora’s party. Hope DH has some luck with the job interview. I hear you on the poor budgeting for groceries. I always think $150 is enough & seem to go over it most weeks lately. huh.gif  We haven’t had to dip into our savings just yet but it will be coming very soon.

Rach – so good to hear that Allie’s speech is coming along. She is doing so well. I find when Jaiden is trying to get something out that he pauses as he is trying to find the words too & people will try to interpret what he is saying & he get’s all huffy. I gently tell them to let him finish & then he is happy. blush.gif We leave for Bali on the 18th of December for 14 blissful days. I can’t wait!! Yuk to the fillings..............I HATE the dentist with a passion. I floss probably every 2 days but try to do it everyday if I have the time & remember. Don’t worry Jaiden still doesn’t pedal either. He uses his feet to propel around the verandah at 100 kms per hour! ohmy.gif

3 YEAR BIRTHDAY – we still haven’t decided. Jaiden’s is on a Sunday so I was thinking something low key with just family for a BBQ for lunch but then DH mentioned a jumping castle the other day & I said “what for 3 kids?”.  huh.gif So we are still out on what to do. I asked him what he wanted & he said “CAKE”.  rolleyes.gif We bought  just 1 gift this year – a play hardware tool set with a table. He has sooooooo many toys & with us going to Bali I will probably buy some clothes over there. And he will get thoroughly spoilt by our families.

OK think that's me caught up. We have had alot on. We got 2 of our Bali shots on Monday & Jaiden got 1 & he must have had a bug already & had high temps & vomited that night. We took him back to the docs the next day incase it was a reaction to the shot (junior hep A) but he had been off all weekend & she said he had a slight rash which indicated a viral infection. Anyway he was fine again from then on. Resilient aren't they. original.gif DH & I got the swine flu shot & hep A & B package & have to go back for a tetanus etc on Monday & then Typhoid 2 weeks after that. Jaiden did ok with this one, he cried but not for long. He just has to get 1 other on Monday & the rest he is covered for in his immunisations from birth. I feel a bit guilty though as I didn't think of all this when we booked.

DH ended up getting 5 days consulting work back with his old company to finish up some doco work so we are expecting that money in a fortnight. Which is good as we are running out & would need to use some of our savings very soon. He got another 2 rejections last week & is feeling so bad & wondering what the hell is going on. huh.gif There is 1 more role up this week but it is in Sydney & he really doesn't want to have to work interstate again but we might just have to take it if push comes to shove. He is hoping the market picks up in the new year so he can stay in Melb.

Jaiden is going well. He is loving swimming & doing so well. He now floats for 10 seconds on his back all by himself which the instructor is really happy with seeing as he missed lessons all over winter. I think he is going to really love the pool at our villa in Bali. biggrin.gif He is talking so much & is a real fizz gig & wants to know who phoned me & what they said. It is hilarious. laughing2.gif He is over a metre tall now & basically in size 3 to 4 clothes with absolutely no waist the skinny minny. rolleyes.gif We had his 3yo kinder orientation this week & it is $300 a term for 6 hours a week. Is this normal? Does anyone know if you get anything back from the government for 3 yo kinder? It seems a little pricey I thought. We thought 1 session of 3 hrs a week was pointless but at $150 for 1 session we are thinking maybe we should just do the 1 session for term 1. Any suggestions?

OK better leave it there. This is a mega post. Hi to anyone I have missed. I will try to catch up more often again.

#16 boo boos mumma

Posted 15 November 2009 - 12:18 AM

I think he knows he would be more run off his feet at home

LOL Stacy our Dhs don't really know what hard work it is to have little ones hey?? MY DH has to look after the kiddies this Friday and the whole of the next week as I have to work. ONly he gets it easy cause Reanna will be at daycare on tues/thursday, and Aiden on the two Fridays so it'll be only be the MOnday and Weds that he'll have both children together which is going to test him big time. He has done it before months ago but Aiden is alot more full on now, into everything lol. I'm also the sucker that has to get a child ready for daycare and drop them off and be at work by 8:30am....DH never knew what thats like other than when I was in hospital when preggers with Aiden and Reanna just turned up at daycare in her PJs and her hair all fuzzed up, used to make the director (my boss) and my colleagues crack up at Reanna's appearance. Good thing mum was only out of action for a little while lol.

Thanks for not thinking of me as a snob too Stacy, gosh I've come from an interesting background so I don't have much to gloat about only what my family and I have achieved since my mother made a new life for us in our still current home town :-)

Oh and Stacy yup $300 per term sounds right. I think mine here in the country is like $260 per term (1 day per week 9am-3pm) and you are in the city so that price sounds right. It works out at about approx $30 per day. Daycare is $50 or something, ill have to enquire. If you have a low earning income you can can a discount but if not you wont.....BUT look into it but remember on your u get that rebate on what you have paid?? Im sure you would be entitled to that???? Ask the preschool but you may be able to get so much back each quarterly or 6monthly?????  WHATS IT CALLED THAT IM THINKING??? espcially since you are paying full price u should get some back.

Rach thanks for the heads up about the GEERS, ill be so excited when I get mine. How much were u entitled to??? I wasnt entitled to much cause i was part time and had no annual leave left but because of years of service I think from memory I was offered $6,000 which i thought was better than a kick in the pants...thats if i get my money of course lol.
So sorry u and Matt are fighting. Dh and I went through a bad time of fighting after my mum died, he was on egg shells big time. We are usually good but yeah if we do fight its always over the children....silly things like discipline an issue cause Dh lets Reanna run all over him so im always the big bad wolf and cause she wont listen to him Im always called in to deal with her, gosh its making me angry now just typing it lol.

Blish as Rach has said u may get that GEERS money in the specified time, I hope so. I hope Elora is feeling better.

Not bad.

I have a question though: Does your kiddies drive u nuts??

Reanna is like always on the prowl for trouble. She has to touch things, make a mess, and be silly. She really isnt that bad but i dont know she just seems so destructive and so bored all the time. I change her toys, she watches very limited tv as she finds it boring and she always wants to be outside which lately has been so hot. If she is doing something fun and it has to end OMG the biggest tanty she puts on is just embarrassing as all the neighbours im sure must think she is being abused.

She never hits me or anything like that and doesnt usually throw things, she isnt really bad and usually really good at daycare but she is so sneaky. It seems like its just my child and sometimes I wonder if I should get her assessed for AD/HD but not sure of what the symptoms are and her ones are mostly on the go constantly. My aunty branded her DYNAMITE!

To top it off when DH decides to work from in the office rather than his shed its just so stressful as the office is leads into the entertaining room so Reanna is constantly bugging him and so he is constantly bugging me..... It drives me totally nuts that he stresses when she isnt doing what he wants (such as leaving him alone) and i find he behavour worse when he is inside....sometimes I wish he never worked from home. YES its been more helpful than not because I often duck out when the kiddies are sleeping and I do my errons in peace and quiet so its mostly great but when DH is working in the office and Reanna is bored its a really really bad combination and I'm constantly frazzled dealing with Reanna's behaviour and Dhs whinging cause of her behaviour....its frustrating.

Hmmm dont know where those vents came from lol.

OH and i forgot tonight out of the blue whilst Reanna and Aiden were eating Reanna said not once but twice

"**** off Aiden"

I was gobsmacked, I certainly don't tell Aiden or anybody to **** off so not sure where that one came from.

#17 hawkchick

Posted 15 November 2009 - 12:02 PM

We had his 3yo kinder orientation this week & it is $300 a term for 6 hours a week. Is this normal? Does anyone know if you get anything back from the government for 3 yo kinder?

Stacy - that sounds about right. Elora's is 4 hours a week and $250 per term, so I think you're doing well. 3 yo is not subsidised by the government, but 4 year old is - so you'll find 4 yo kinder will have about the same or cheaper then 3yo but many more hours as it's government funded.

You cannot get your money back, BUT you if your kindergarten is an approved childcare facility (even McLeans Road where James went was), you can apply for a particular rebate. I will find the forms and email to you. You don't get very much back, but it's better than nothing.

#18 *Mindy*

Posted 16 November 2009 - 07:47 AM

Hello All,

Its been a while, being awa and getting back into the swing of things.

Thanks for those birthday wishes for Sienna here and facebook, she had a nice day when we were away and had a little party when we got back!

We had a lovely holiday, relaxing and enjoyable a shame really that we had to come home!

Blish - there is something through the tax dept website where u can put in details of super owed to you and the tax dept chases it up. I know in this situation it may be different due to the companies money issues but probably worth a shot... if u can'rt find it et me know and i'll check with my firend as she used it successfully.

Stace - sorry things did not happen this year but how exciting for your holiday and bring on 2010!! Hope your husband gets a job quickly. wow on Jaydens height he is soooo tall!!

Tam - wow wrong date, how odd is that, i agree what a PITA to fix!

Tracey - hope your hubby gets his job sorted out. Ihope u feel better soon. I don't think your dr would think you r a hypercondriac. I sort of felt the same way but i still went and it has done me wonders. i was medicated for a while but am dealing with it now without it. PM me if u want to discuss it more.

Things have been crazy here. First of all I have become a tupperware demonstrator. I am really excited about it. I need a nother few parties to get me going but otherwise all good. I did my 1st one on the weekend and was really pleased with myself considering the limited training etc i have done.

I need to get enrolement forms for Ryan for school and i also need to sort out daycare for Sienna, she really wants to go to school too!! I think i will put her in for one day a week and see how it goes!

Too all the bubs having birthdays hugs and kisses to you all.

Conrats Liz, Ang and Alison on your new bubs too!

#19 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 16 November 2009 - 08:36 AM

Morning girls

Melinda - so glad you had a great holiday.  How cute Sienna wants to go to school too.  You will find she will love it and will make heaps of friends.  Kaitlyn loves school, to the point it can be used as a tool to make her behave laughing2.gif

Tam - OMG where on earth did Reanna learn that????? laughing2.gif  I had to have a little giggle though.  To answer your question about the kids driving your crazy - yes Kaitlyn is doing my head in lately!  She is being a little sh*t and has had some serious attitude lately.  Yesterday afternoon was a prime example.....told me "Stop it stupid" and then when I would tell her to do something she would blow raspberries at me.  In the end she got a little smack on her nappy 0 not that it would hurt her, but even then she still laughed at me.  She was even like it with Simon....we were both over it well and truly by about 8.30 last night when she was still continuing with it.  So you aren't the only one.

Stacy - we pay $80 a week for 2 days in long day care.  We get the CCB which is a 50% rebate every quarter, which helps out a bit.  I don't know about 3 year old kinder or how that works but maybe ring Centrelink and ask them if there is any sort of rebate for it.  Your holiday sounds like it is going to be awesome!

OK sorry that's all on my page so waves.gif to everyone else.

Us - well I am feeling a bit better after the weekend.  Thanks to everyone for your kind words, I just feel so bleh and feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders atm.

Good news is DH is back at work today.  Long story but he stuffed up at work and got told to go home and his boss was going to think about what was going to happen.  Basically they spoke on Friday and they have decided to put it behind them and to get on with it.

Better news DH went for an interview on Friday and he has a second interview tomorrow, so fingers crossed.  I just told him to stick it out at his current work until he finds something and to stick it out till we go away on a holiday at the end of the year.

Otherwise everything seems to have settled down a bit.  I was a lot more cheerful on the weekend which was a good thing and I think a bit of sleep has helped me out a bit.

Hayley is nearly crawling!!!  Can you believe it???  She is 5 months old today and is soooo big compared to what Kaitlyn was.  Hayley weighs more than what Kaitlyn did at 6 months old laughing2.gif  She is such a chubba bubba but sooo cute.  She is so happy and smiley, even at 6.00am!!!

Anyhoo, that's about all from me.  Best go do some work.  Have a good day girls waves.gif

#20 mrsdingo

Posted 16 November 2009 - 10:52 AM

Morning girls

Tracey Glad to hear you're feeling better!! Sorry but I had to  laughing2.gif atyour DH's work, it was like a naughty child being told to go home and think about what he had done iykwim?! Wow 5mnths already it has gone sooo quick!

Melinda Glad you guys had a nice holiday!! Tupperware, would you come out my way for a party? I might know a few ppl who would be interested in having one, will have a chat to them and let you know, if you want to come this way that is!

Tam Yep, my kids drive me nuts constantly aannoyed.gif !! I feel like I spend most of my days telling Chelsea and David not to do things, stop it, don't play with that etc. Oh and then I get frustrated at having to repeat myself 100 times before Jennifer "hears" me,  rant.gif !!  laughing2.gif  at Reanna saying that to Aiden. I asked David to do something the other day he turns around and yells "no way butthead",  huh.gif ?!!!

Stacy  laughing2.gif  at Jaiden wanting cake for his b'day. When we asked David he would tell us presents, and a shark cake!! Glad your DH has gotten a little bit of work, hope he finds something permanent soon!!

Rach Bugger about you and Matt fighting. It's hard sometimes!! DP and I haven't had any alone time in almost 12mnths sad.gif !! We have it pretty down pat though, if he knows I'm struggling he will try to pick up the slack or take Chelsea and David out to give me a break and vice versa, if he's tired etc then I make sure he has some space. It works for us, prob'ly not for everyone though! We do fight from time to time though and that's when I know we need a break from each other so I'll send him out with his bros and relax at home when the kids are asleep smile1.gif !

3 YR B'DAY David got some clothes, Transformers stuff and the new movie on DVD and some hot wheels. We just had close family here for cake, that's all we've done for each of the kids this year, I didn't want to do too much with having Mitchell I've been too tired blush.gif .

Ok girls that's my page waves.gif to anyone I have missed!

I have a terrible head cold atm, it's a PITA!! I decided to skip Mitchell's bottle on Saturday, he was fine all day but was up at 1:30amfor a feed. So have decided that we'll keep the one bottle a day that way I get a full nights sleep! But this BFing on 30 degree+ days is shocking. He is naturally warm and that skin to skin contact is making both of sweat and it's horrible! Oh well good excuse to get air con!!

David and Chelsea are good, trying but good rolleyes.gif ! Chelsea is facinated with Crocodiles so we had to sit through a few hrs of a Steve Irwin marathon on fox yesterday, there are only so many times you can hear him say "CRIKEY" before it starts to drive you crazy ddoh.gif !!

Oh well I'm off to enjoy some peace and quiet, DP has David and Chelsea out with him and Mitchell is asleep grin.gif .
Hope everyone is well

#21 boo boos mumma

Posted 16 November 2009 - 11:02 PM


Hey girls not sure if this link will work but did anybody know this EB member??

Her DD turned 3yrs old yesterday (15th Nov) and her baby boy wouldn't even be 4months old.
I didn't know her but I am shocked to hear and devastated for her little children and her DH.

I am always so fearful of passing away and leaving my darling children behind.

This girl Angie presented to the ER on the weekend with shortness of breath. She had a clot to the lung. She ended up being in an induced coma and died today (16th Nov). She never made it to her DD's bday as she was in hospital so she never got to see her 3yr old.
So devastating. Rest in peace Angie xxoo

#22 hawkchick

Posted 17 November 2009 - 09:17 AM

Oh Tam, that is just heartbreaking.

Does anyone have a link to our Nov 06 babies birthday list? I know it's Lara and Elora's birthday today but I know there's another 3 year old I'm missing and I feel awful for not knowing it off the top of my head....

Happy Birthday to all our Nov 06 "babies"

#23 mrsdingo

Posted 17 November 2009 - 09:39 AM

Morning all

Tam that is sooo sad cry1.gif . Those poor kids and her DH! This is something that really scares me. I know DP would have heaps of support if anything did happen, but the thought of not being there for my kids is terrifying!

Blish sorry no help with the list. Happy Birthday to Elora eexcite.gif !!

Happy Birthday to Lara as well!!

Melinda Have replied to your PM!!

Nothing new to tell here. I think DP is leaning towards wanting to wean Mitchell as he is soo grumpy and not feeding very well in the heat that we are having atm. It's a hard decision. I know even if I go to 2 bottles of formula a day it will affect my supply and there will be no turning back, what to do???? I know atm another FF would prob'ly help him as he is really fussy on the boob and not getting what he needs, but it's so hard to give up iykwim! It is so easy to say just do what is best for bub but I am really struggling with that this time as he is DEFINATELY my last and I was hoping to get to at least 4mnths (Christmas day), but at the same time it is so hard watching him not feed properly and be upset and grumpy alot because of it cry1.gif .  

Sorry guys just trying to get my head around a decision that I have never stuggled with before. With the other 3 it was always if that was the best thing then so be it, Chelsea I had no choice I lost my milk after only 5.5wks, David just needed more then I could give him and Jennifer I was uncomfortable with the whole BFing thing. But with Mitchell I so want to succeed and am struggling with my own want to do it against what is possibly best for him. Why is it that as mothers we have such high expectations of ourselves and basically set ourselves up to feel guilty when we fall short?!  

Oh well have rambled on enough, have to tend to a crying baby again!
Hope everyone is well

#24 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 17 November 2009 - 12:02 PM

Hi girls

Tam - that is so sad, and yes it is one of my worst fears as well.  I couldn't imagine not being here for my girls and not seeing them grow up.  So very very sad.

Kirsty - sorry love I can't give you any advice cause I have never been in that situation.  I bottle fed from about Day 3 with Kaitlyn and from Day 1 with Hayley.  Never really had the inclination to b/f and to be honest my experience with Kaitlyn put me off it totally.  laughing2.gif I had a laugh at DH's situation too at being sent home.  I even said to him, "what so you have been suspended like you would from school"  and he said "pretty much".

Blish - Kaitlyn's birthday is Saturday otherwise I am not sure who else there is.

Us - not much going on here.  I was so p*ssed off this morning when I got to work though.  Usually I park out the back of work and I have been told by my boss that I get the parking spot over our junior, so basically it is my boss, his secretary and me that park out the back and then if there is any spots left our junior gets it.  Well I drive down the back lane this morning and there are no spaces for me!!!!  The junior has parked in the last space and I have to get back down onto the highway and then go and find somewhere to park for the day.  I was so annoyed!

Oh and Kaitlyn has lost a brand new pair of shoes.  I got them for her last Tuesday so she could wear them on Wednesday and one of the other kids took them on Wednesday and she ended up with the other shoes that the other kid had.  Only realised yesterday when I went to pick her up because we couldn't work out if they were her shoes or not because one of the other kids had put them on during the day.

The shoes that she has ended up with are almost the same except the shape of the flowers on the front.  Kaitlyn's are pointy star shaped flowers and the ones that she has atm are regular shaped flowers.  If we hadn't been having a debate about them when I went to pick her up yesterday I would never have picked it!!!!!

So we now have to ask the mother of the girl who we think has them whether she has them anywhere at home.  Honestly....  I have now ordered some shoe labels that go on the sole of the shoe so that we know which shoes are hers.

Oh Hayley has just cut a tooth as well and was up on hands and knees yesterday but didn't quite know what to do so just collapsed again laughing2.gif

Anyway best go.  I have work to do but I can't do it because there is no toner in the photocopier and we have to wait for it to be delivered rant.gif  Seriously the day isn't going very well is it???? laughing2.gif

Have a good day girls waves.gif

#25 Stacymoo

Posted 17 November 2009 - 08:30 PM

Hi girls.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ELORA, LARA & TRISTAN!!! Hope they all had great days.

Tam – OMG it must be the time of year cos Jaiden is driving me nuts too!  rolleyes.gif He is not listening at all & getting into everything & anything. I am just putting it down to a phase as he normally isn’t like that either. Sorry had to laugh with Reanna’s comment. Jaiden told my MIL that she was a pain in the a*se yesterday!! laughing2.gif But that’s my fault as I say that to DH all the time! blush.gif

Blish – thanks for the kinder forms. Can’t wait for Friday. biggrin.gif

Melinda – welcome back. Glad you had a great holiday. Congrats on your new career. Hope it is very successful for you. Next year is sure to be different for you with Ryan at school hey?

Tracey – glad you are feeling better chickey. hhugs.gif And that is great that DH’s job is ok. You never know maybe he will get this new job & be happier anyway. I can’t believe Hayley is nearly crawling already. Bugger about the shoes. Hope you get them back.

Kirsty – ohhh I remember those sweaty breastfeeding days all too well. Very yukky I agree. sad.gif  It is a hard decision anytime with BF. When to stop, when to reduce feeds, when to comp feed etc, etc.  I am sure you will come to the right decision that works for all of you.....otherwise Mitchell may make your mind up for you. wink.gif

Thanks for all the feedback on the kinder fees. Seems our kinder fees are reasonable after all. We are still debating on whether to do 1 session of kinder (Mon) & leave him in occasional care for 4 hrs the other day (Thurs). That would suit me better TBH as I will hate having no free days at all between kinder, swimming & my cardio classses if he does kinder Mon & Fri. blush.gif

Nothing much happening here. Went shopping yesterday & bought a pressie for my nephew Will's birthday tomorrow. My sister is having a BBQ at her place on Saturday. Emily is going well & back over her birth weight & BF happily which is great. She had a little jaundice but it is nearly gone now.

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