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Jan 05 Parents # 2
Jan 05 Parents # 2

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#26 char_andy

Posted 20 January 2005 - 07:45 AM

Morning Ladies,
Yayyyyyyyyy no more sleeps, just 2-1/2 hours till my DD comes home... oh my god I am so excited, I just cant wait to see her, I think I am going to pop.  

Re: Breastfeeding... for those of you who have switched to formula... I know how you feel with the guilt thing.  When I had my DD (8-1/2 yrs ago) I breast fed her... all was well.  Well me and DH tried to conceive 2 years later and for many years after.  Since we failed, I thought it wasnt meant to be.  Becuase I am a short pip only 5-1, with monsterous boobs I had always wanted a breast reduction (I was a EE Cup) and was getting serious back pain etc, so finally after 5 years of trying to conceieve and failing, I decided I would get my reduction.  It was awesome, went down to a c cup.  Now just a couple of years later I found myself pregnant... go figure.  I prayed all pregnancy that I would be able to breast feed, but knew deep down I wouldnt be able to.  After Coby was born, we tried, but nothing... so from the first ever feed he was on formula... I felt guilty for all of 5 minutes... because at the end of the day what mattered to me was that my baby was fed, clean bathed and loved... and thats exactly what he gets.  

Thanks for the info on how to work out the mls Mrs Blud... how are things going for you?

Well I am off to have a cup of coffee... woo hoo since writing this post I now only have 2 hours 20 minutes to go till my little Carly comes home.  Watch out Brisbane airport, here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take Care,
Char & Andy

Carly Julia - 18 APR 1996
Coby Jon - 28 DEC 2004

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#27 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 20 January 2005 - 08:01 AM

Morning ladies (or afternoon/evening where I'm from!).....

Commisserations to those of you with sore boobs!  My doctor caught my mastitis very early last time (before it actually became mastitis I think!) so I never got to the hellish point.

Re the guilts over f/f vs b/f - I think a lot of it is hormonal to begin with!  I'm not saying that lightly, I really mean it.  When I stopped b/f and went to formula full-time with Anna, I felt really bad for a week or so, then got used to it.  Funnily enough, I just thought it was "the guilts" (I had gone back to work, but pumping was becoming a PITA so it was a "selfish" decision to stop b/f), but my friend who weaned her DS much later (i.e. not onto formula, but onto cow's milk etc) said she had the same experience - almost like PND.  I guess that makes sense when you think about how b/f is supposed to induce feelings of well-being due to the hormones that are released.

Anyway, Grace had her 2-week check at the paed yesterday.  She is up to 9lb even (from 8lb 6oz at birth, and 7lb 15oz when we left hospital on day 2).  The doctor said she's doing really well (insert proud mummy emoticon!).  The doctor also said to expect a growth spurt around now, then at 6 weeks and again at 12 weeks.  Grace must have been listening because she's decided today to feed for half the day!!!  Oh well, gives me a chance to catch up on reading my library book which is due back on Monday!

Justin is back at work now, I still have my mum here though.  Then as off next Friday, it's just me and the girls during the week - watch me collapse into a heap!

I have started using cloth nappies full-time on Grace now, they just looked too big before (plus I didn't want them rubbing on her umbilical stump, but that fell off last weekend).  I shall forthwith be chained to the laundry.....

Janet & Justin

...and our two gorgeous girls...

Anna Linden - 27 Jan 2003
Grace Genevieve  - 4 Jan 2005

#28 Xaria

Posted 20 January 2005 - 09:28 AM

Janel - at least Aidan wasn't 4.3 kgs when he was born. I take my hat off to those ladies with large bubbas - how on earth did you get their shoulders out?! original.gif At only 3.5 kgs Charlotte must be TINY! My little munchkin got down that low for a few days before my milk came in, but it didn't last long.

We had a better night last night. I got a nap yesterday and Aidan settled easily between feeds so I'm not quite such a zombie. DH feels better too, but he'll need another couple of good nights before he'll be back to himself again. We've agreed that if Michael has work the next day I will take Aidan out of the room if he's unsettled. It's much nicer for me to have a happy husband, even if it does mean that I end up a little more sleepy since I can't feed in bed.

Me - Sarah
DH - Michael
DS - Aidan 03/01/2005
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#29 katmc

Posted 20 January 2005 - 09:45 AM

Hi everyone,

Even though i am technically not a Jan 2005 Parent just yet - thought i would crash the thread and keep up with what is going on as i should be here very shortly myself!

I wanted to say don't anyone feel bad about formula feeding. I feel very, very strongly about breastfeeding and thought i would do it for at least a year, but when i couldn't b/f i was so stubborn and expressed full time (took me 8-9 expresses and a total of about 5 hours a day to keep up). I was exhausted. Even if DS would sleep through a feed time at night i had to get up and express or I couldn't get enough for the day. I gave in (or should i say 'wised up') and gave my first formula feed at 4.5 months and within a few weeks i had completely stopped expressing. Yes I think what i did for him was good - but also a little ridiculous! He was so much happier on formula with a mum that had more time for him and wasn't stressed out about not getting enough milk all the time.
I will try my very hardest to b/f again this time (the thought of which i am far more worried about than the birth), but don't know that i will be so stubborn if things don't work out. It is very emotional to stop (I bawled for a few days) but you get over it fairly quickly.
After all, our generation was mostly brought up on formula and we all turned ok didn't we?
But if anyone wants any tips on expressing - ask away.

Karyn - with the expressing you can add fresh milk to already frozen expressed milk, but the new quantity you add should be less than the already frozen quantity ('they' recommend that it should be half the amount) and you should cool it in the fridge first.
I used to know the formula for figuring out how much to give, but can't for the life of me remember. I know that by around 6 weeks i needed to express around 1L a day to keep up - but he always drank more than the stats said he should.

And I too remember people being shocked at me being out and about with DS early last time. Once at 2 weeks someone asked how old he was and when i told them they looked at me in shock and said "what are you doing here, you should be at home?". I couldn't even respond i was so shocked.

Anyway - I had better go back to being a pregnant mummy to be.

Talk to you all again in here soon.

Kat (30)
DH (29)
DS 08/08/03

#30 Apricado

Posted 20 January 2005 - 01:38 PM

Good morning Mummies

I have to say, I love the pace that this thread moves at : ) it is so much easier to keep up with.

I also want to say that I love reading how everyone is going.  It makes me feel so much more normal when I read about how you're all going, how your babies are sleeping and feeding etc - or not sleeping and feeding : ) and all the stresses and problems.

Things here aren't too bad.  We manage to get in a nap in the afternoon when Oliver goes down, just in case we're in for a bad night - I like to be prepared : ) .

Are any of you having problems getting your babies down during the day?  Oliver is only sleeping for 1 to 1 1/2 hours when he sleeps - and then he can be awake for up to 2 hours.  It doesn't bother me too much as better to be like that during the day, then at night, I just thought at almost 3 weeks it was a bit early for so much "awake" time.

Well better go - the machine has stopped so there are nappies to hang out.

Sleeping vibes to everyone : )


Cassie (28)
DH - Gabe(37)
DS - Oliver (31/12/04)

#31 Pandora

Posted 20 January 2005 - 02:57 PM

i there Jan 05 Parents,

A very excited, happy, and slightly sleep depraved new mummy here!

So far Lucius has been a very good baby, I am also reluctent to say that in case it changes, but at the moment at least he is sleeping well, loves feeding and not crying very much so we are just able to enjoy him as much as possible right now.

Biggest hassles post birth for us was my nipples were very tender and senastive untill my milk came in when they settled down thank goodness. I really feel for those of you still having hassles with b/f, please don't feel bad about whatever path you have to go down there.

Karyn - Visitors, we moved about 500km away from many of our friends and family about a year ago, so have limited visitors here right now, but have quite a few who are coming up over the next few weeks. They will stay several days, although not with us except immediate families, but while it will be great to see them and I appreciate the trips they are making I am looking forward to getting into out own routine.

Rowena - Sorry that your mum is not involved, family have a bit to answer for sometimes huh. Lucius is also a bit harder to settle during the night than the day, the midwifes told me to make sure is slept a maximum of 4 hours only during the day to encourage him to sleep more at night, I am trying this although I also think it may actually be too quiet for him at night as the more noise around the better he sleeps during the day. Thats my next step to try to get him to improve there.

Janet - I am finding "baby love" very useful too, esp the stuff on common probs for the first week / six weeks etc.

Nicole - Hope William is feeding abit easier now. I got a feeding chair, a gliding/rocking one from a baby shop and while i wasn't sure at the time, it works so well (now I have it back from DH as an xbox chair).

Janel - So glad for you that Charlotte has FINALLY made it home!! I couldn't believe it walking in the door with the first time with Lucius, it realy struck that night that no one was taking him back when I went to bed and he was still there (we have the bassinet by our bed).

Mrs Blud - Impressive routine you have ther with the twins, sounds like they are sleeping well for you at the moment, hope they stay angels now DH is back at work.

Char - brilliant sleep by Coby there, I hope your DD enjoys her new room, I think it is today she comes home?

Lexie - I hear you on the amount of hospital staff! There were only 6 beds in my ward, and for half the time Iws there there were only about 3 of us in, which gave us a lot of attention from the nurses. This was both good and bad, when I mentioned I was having trouble with attachment, for the next two days I had a visitor for every feed. Still, they were very nice and we got it sorted in the end which was the main thing. Although I am missing the meals in bed and the daily room clean I have to say!

Sarah - My DH is the one that leaves the room if he needs sleep, but he is an ex shift worker so can sleep literally on anything at anytime. Although we have a spare double bed, he loves to sleep on the couch, and then comes in about 4am when he has got a decent sleep. It is less stress to not feel like you are waking him as well too.

Casee - I was reading last night that newborns can average between 9 and 18 hours sleep depending on the bubs, anything is ok so long as they are not over tired and feeding well etc.

Hi to everyone else, hope this still works as I have been typing away for a couple of hours on and off now!



DS born 13/1/05 - yipee!!

#32 klbseb

Posted 20 January 2005 - 06:21 PM

Hi all - been really busy with Sally and out and about sorting out Katelyn for school in 2 weeks so haven't had much time to post here. I've read the first thread, but haven't had time to read this one - will come back when I have read it.

Just thought I'd let you guys know that I've posted some photo's of Sally on the MSN site http://groups.msn.com/January2005Mums/jill...oto&PhotoID=136 if you want to have a look.

M/C 01/99
Katelyn - 15/03/2000
M/C 9/2/04
Sally- 8/01/2005

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#33 Xaria

Posted 21 January 2005 - 09:59 AM

I'm starting to think I should buy Baby Love. I have several books on parenting, but it really does seem to have the popular vote around here!

Caszee - I think it might be the heat. I have a lot of trouble getting Aidan down during the day, but he'll sleep quite happily (most nights) from 10pm until 10am, obviously with feeds in between. Between 10am and 10pm he doesn't take more than 1-2 hours at a time, and will often be awake several hours.

Last night Aidan was really unsettled. He was obviously overtired but wouldn't go down. We thought it was the heat and took him shopping in aircon. That didn't help any. Took him to bed with me and let him use my nipple as a dummy in the end. That seems to be happening a lot lately, and I'm wondering if I'm teaching him a bad habit. His attachment has been a bit dodgy the last couple of days.

Me - Sarah
DH - Michael
DS - Aidan 03/01/2005
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#34 Jorkierbri

Posted 21 January 2005 - 12:02 PM

Morning Girls,

This is my first post in the January parents group!!!

I to will say that Baby Love by Robin Baker is the Bible of all baby books out there.

I have popped into our msn site and looked at all of the photos there. Every one must be so proud of there perfect little bundles. They are all so beautiful.
http://groups.msn.com/January2005Mums/brie...ose.msnw?Page=1 That is the link to some of Brielles that I have posted so far.

Rowena Congrats on being first!!! I hope your mum has had contact with you by now sad.gif I want a good feedning chair, in hospital they had one of those leather reclining glider ones with the moving foot stool. I am very tempted, but I don't have anywhere to put it ATM and with the house up for sale It will clutter to much. Maybe I will wiat until we move.

Janet, I would go mad sitting inside the house until Brielle is 4 weeks old. I have already been out shopping with her when she was 4 days old. Things to be done. I have a 3 wheeler with Kieran in the toddler seat, so I know what you mean about protected. I don't blame you for not wanting to get out. Not long now until Anna's birthday!

Char we have the same camera! they are great. Well your Daughter should be home by now.

EBM I am expressing roughly 110ml to 125ml Brielle will have most or all of it. With EBM you need to havce a little more as they get it alot easier from a bottle where as on the breast they work harder and get tired more quickly.

MrsBlud I hope the brestfeeding is getting better for you. For something that we think should come so naturally is so hard to do. But well worth it if you can.

Sarah What a marothon sleep for Aiden!! 6pm-10pm is usually witching hour. We haven't hit that yet, but the boys were the same. I always found myself runningaround madly getting everything done so when they start you can hold them and keep them happy.

Lexie Comgratulations on the birth of Addison What a great name! What a size. Jordan call Brielle his baby to!

Karyn Don't feel bad about not feeding, you have done a marvelous job trying. And as you said as long as he is getting fed that is the main thing. I am glad he is more contented for you now.

Kylie glad to here that your feeding is all under control now. I haven't yet experienced mastitis but by the sounds of it I don't want to.

Jill your photo's of Sally are beautiful.

Brielle has settled in very well, sleeping 7 hours most nights. Don't ask me why but she sleeps like a trooper. Last night she went 5 hours which is still great. The clinic nurse came out this morning and weighed her, she lost quite a bit of weight after she was born she dropped from 3230gm to 2900gm but she is now back up to 3100gm dressed weight which is good to see a gain. she measured in at 49cm so she has shrunk since birth!! When they measure at birth they say that thay are a little log=nger from the way that they measure them the clinic nurse said?

The boy are loving her and dote on her for every second she is awake (not often) But it is good to see that they care for her.

Apart from that life is as normal. Although Josh is at home I still am running around like a maniac doing the washing ironig and everything else. He is so slow at doing things so I just get them done and out of the way so we can spend som quality time together before he goes back to work. He still has one more week at home.

well got to fly BP calling again

[color=red]Jennie 28 [color=blue]DH Josh 28
[color=green]DS Jordan 22/08/2000
[color=teal]DS Kieran 10/05/03

[color=pink]DD Brielle 14/01/05

#35 Jorkierbri

Posted 21 January 2005 - 12:12 PM


[color=red]Jennie 28 [color=blue]DH Josh 28
[color=green]DS Jordan 22/08/2000
[color=teal]DS Kieran 10/05/03
[color=pink]DD Brielle 14/01/05

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#36 Bel

Posted 21 January 2005 - 07:11 PM

Bump through locked threads original.gif

#37 Hiprowy

Posted 21 January 2005 - 08:42 PM

Thanks Bel. original.gif Not exactly the chatty group we were when due, are we? Tounge1.gif

I posted a few more pics on MSN as well.

Thought I would check in even though I have no news. The chair I am getting sounds like the one you described Jennie. Looking forward to it arriving! I just tried BF at the computer and it didn't work well at all - it was on the right side! Mousing with the left just didn't work for me!

Oh and still no word from my mother.  :mad:

I have a copy of Baby Love but haven't read it since the arrival. I did read it cover to cover when pregnant! I have used it to convert some birth weights, but that is all.

Lexie, that's a hairy story with the stitches. Makes me cringe just thinking about it.

Sarah, I fall asleep at 80% of night feeds, and I'm sure she is using me as a dummy for most of it, because I'm usually out for an hour or so! As far as I'm concerned, at this young age, whatever works is great!

Kylie, saw your thread about taking bub out into the world. I am glad to see that I am not a "bad mother" for getting out and about. We were in hospital for 6 days so I didn't have any really early opportunities anyway.

At 3 weeks of age she is still getting heaps of looks and clucks and "oh you forget how small they are"'s. In Lincraft today I was just another customer until DH came along and deposited Caitlin into my arms, at which point the 2 sales staff started acting very clucky! It was quite funny really.

Hope you're all well and getting enough rest, and there isn't too much b/f guilt going on. B/f is working here, but took a few more days than the norm to establish which was harrowing.

I'm looking into buying a manual breast pump: what did you use and would you recommend it?

Talk to you all later!

Me Rowena 30
DH 50
SD Mel 5-1-88
DD Samantha 28-12-98
DD Caitlin 31-12-04

Three Capricorn daughters!

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#38 mrsgg

Posted 21 January 2005 - 10:42 PM

Can't beat the Avent breast pump,

I have used a few in my time!!!!

It is definately the best


PS  I think Charlotte is bursting the bubble, nothing but little whinges every time we put her down tonight, never mind hopefully she just has a pain in her tum or something.

#39 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 22 January 2005 - 12:37 AM

I use the Avent too.  It works well for me (although the first time I used it - with Anna - I didn't have it set up properly so there was no suction and obviously it didn't work, but since I'd never used one before, I just thought I had crap boobs!).  For serious pumpers (who go electric), everyone seems to love the Medela Pump-in-Style - don't know if it's available in Australia though.  I would love to splurge, but US$250 seems a little excessive just so I can go out to dinner once in a blue moon!

Not much to write about here apart from Grace having a cold.  Talk about snuffly, poor little thing.  And of course I woke up last night with an ear ache, headache and sore throat, so we're all feeling mighty crappy today.  Grace is still asleep now though, so she's not been too difficult to handle!

Janet & Justin

...and our two gorgeous girls...

Anna Linden - 27 Jan 2003
Grace Genevieve  - 4 Jan 2005

#40 ~Supernova~

Posted 22 January 2005 - 09:25 AM

Ok I am going to attempt a proper post today original.gif

I think this thread will no doubt pick up once everyone has had their bubs, dont forget there is quite a fair whack of ladies due towards the end of the month!

Baby Love- I dont know what I would do without this book at the moment, it is my bible, quite literally!  Ive got a few other books also but nothing can beat the sensible info in Babylove!

I have been continually looking on the msn group to check out all the bubbas and must say, what a gorgeous group of babies original.gif  

Sleep - Looks like we have quite a few sleepy babies around here!  Tylah sleeps pretty much non stop (she has jaundice) and we have to wake her up 4 hourly for feeds, so I am making the most of the quiet times while they last,lol.

Rowena - Its funny how you are suddenly interesting when you have a baby isnt it?  

Janel - Sorry to hear Charlotte is bursting the bubble..lol,its bound to happen to us all very soon though I suppose original.gif

Janet -AWWW poor little Grace sad.gif  I am not looking forward to Tylah being sick for the first time.  I think I would be sooo paranoid and worry myself sick!
I hope she gets better soon!

Well all is going quite well here, Tylahs jaundice seems to be getting better, she woke herself up for 2 feeds yesterday and we have been able to increase her daily milk intake by about 90ml so thats great!
She is still VERY sleepy though and slept for about 6 hours last night, but at least we are getting more fluid into her to flush it out.  She is going FANTASTIC on the formula and still remains puke free original.gif

Unfortunately I have apparently been overdoing things though and have lost a large clot and had some fresh bleeding, sorry for the TMI! I have been told to stop doing the housework...lol.

Does anyone else actually ever get time to eat?  I am lucky if I remember 2 meals a day and have lost 9 kilos aleady!

Ok I have a really daft question, is it normal to be having a poo with EVERY wet nappy?  In the last 2 days we have seen so much poo it isnt funny, maybe its the change from breast to bottle?

Ok I better go for now, take care all you mummies and hopefully there will be some more action when all the other stubborn bubs decide to come into the world original.gif

Oh and is anyone experience EXTREME forgetfulness?  I have been shocking, very vague and spacy...lol.  I have to write everything down or I forget to do it all!

DH Michael

#41 Pandora

Posted 22 January 2005 - 10:59 AM

Hi There,

Lucius is becoming more awake and active now, he also had mild jaundice which should be wearing off now he is just over a week old. He had a bit of a grizzley day yesterday too, but is sleeping, well, like a baby!right now, so hopefully feels better today.

Sarah - Lucius seems to like the nipple as a dummy here too, I figure so long as its just hear and there and not constant it should be ok. But he falls asleep during most feeds too at the moment, I have to change his nappy to wake him for the other side.

Lexie - Ouch with those stiches!! Mine are supposed to disolve too, don't they pinch when they start to tighten up!

Jennie - I know what you mena about DH being slower around the house. My DH has decided he should cook dinner when he comes home from work, which is great, but I could have it on the table in 15min vs the hour it takes for him doing one bit at a time. I get so hungrey waiting for it, but he takes it so seriously I havn't the heart to say just let me do it.

Rowena - I still havn't taken Lucius anywhere, we do live semi rural and are pretty self contained and have 10ha to walk around on, but I am not sure I feel up to a shopping centre type trip right now. I don't think my head is together enough to cope with the buttons on my carseat even (spot the new mum!!)

Kylie - I am finding it hard to eat properly as well, instead of eating when I have 5min, I am still waiting till I am hungrey which of course is then when I am in the middle of a feed etc. I have been jumping on the scales every morning just because I have discovered I am currently loosing about half a kilo a day, although the large pizza I had to myself for dinner last night will probably halt that trend!

Ok, better grab some food while i have the chance. My MIL arrives for a few days tomorrow, she isn't as bad as many, but is already freaking that we don't have a baby bath (DH takes Lucius in the shower and we have oval spaed basins too). Will be interested to see her reaction to my white vinegar as fabric softener rather than "proper" stuff!



DS born 13/1/05 - yipee!!

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