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November 06 Parents # 134

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#1 Sandra

Posted 04 December 2009 - 07:59 PM

New thread time ladies


#2 Chelbean

Posted 05 December 2009 - 12:14 AM


Mindy, allison and ang - I am happy with meeting at Alisons, especially because shes only ten minutes away from me! Alison can you pm me your address? Do you want me to bring anything? Snacks for the kids etc?

Oh my god, have juts had the BEST day. Took Alice to Dreamworld and whitewater world. We only were in dreamworld for about an hour, did the rounds on the rides but it was SO hot we went back over to whitewater world. We were planning on going back to dreamworld after lunch but Alice was in her element! Wiggley bay was fantastic. Its built for under 5's. They have four water slides designed for toddlers. Alice would take herself up there, pick a slide and come down for us to catch her....pretty much all day. She went on the bigger water slides and we could hear her cracking up laughing before we saw her come around the corner. It was so great. They also have this massive treehouse thing that has water slides and a massive bucket of water that drops onto you, literally your climbing and just getting constantly wet from all the water things they have on it. Its waterslides were heaps bigger and Allie still loved them. She just had such a great day. All she was saying when we were doing other stuff (like eating!) was "i hop on slide, i hop on slide!"
They actually came and took photos of the kids going down the slides. They got one of Allie and its just so beautiful. She was so natural because she was just having fun not being made to pose so its gorgeous so of course we bought the biggest copy they had. She was so happy today, made me realise thats really all that matters.

Matts sister and brother in law and their daughter came with us as well so that was really fun. We actually got a take two pass, so when we leave we pay 10 each to come back within 14 days. We are going back next Saturday. Love living this close to the theme parks.

Meanwhile i havent been out in the sun since last year and ended up burning my back, it is SO painful, its why im up at this time of night, cant sleep. I put sunscreen on but its just my silly skin. All my freckles were out to say hello as well...as matt so lovely described it lol.

Anyway better try and sleep, gymboree and christmas shopping tomorrow. Also have to squeeze in a lot of study!!


#3 *Mindy*

Posted 05 December 2009 - 08:42 AM

Rach - we r going to www today for our playgroup xmas party, i have never seen the mtake photos there b4 so hopefully we might get some too!!!!

#4 boo boos mumma

Posted 05 December 2009 - 11:37 PM

Thanks so much for that Mindy, I'm rather dissapointed though that my big theory that Hugo was an undercover detective didn't actually pan out  tongue.gif  tongue.gif  but I'll live.....he he.

I'm going for a scan on Tuesday to make sure all is going ok, with the stress I've been under the past few weeks, I am giving myself a free pass to be extra careful  original.gif

I'm still shocked that I am having another bub, but very excited to be ohnest. Other times I get a little over whelmed especially with how tired I am feeling with this first trimester on top of everything else and Aiden wanting to have brekky anytime after 1am is doing my head in lol, I am lucky though that when he does get his 2 weetbix he does sleep really well generally and doesnt wake every 2hrs like he was only just 2months ago.....

But I did forget how exhausting the first trimester is.

Rach WOW that theme park sounds so fab, DH and I went to some sort of water world on our honey moon, cant recall what it was called?? It wasnt what u are talking about, the name is on the tip of my tounge.

OH & BRONZE FOR ME  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif

#5 Chelbean

Posted 06 December 2009 - 12:26 AM

Tam was it wet and wild? Thats up here as well, though whitewater world is so much better for younger kids. So to hear you are tired, hope all goes well at the ultrasound. Id love to be having another bub sad.gif

Mindy - how was your day? Did you get a pic?

My god im still SO sore from sunburn! Its very red and since I decided to do housework tonight it seems to have broken into little blisters...whenever I get sunburnt I literally have to sit down until it goes away so i don't get blisters. Oh well, hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

Had a good day, went to gymboree, matt came with us, Allie was SO tired from whitewater world she wasn't exactly doing good listening today  rolleyes.gif but she had a good time. Then we decided to brave shopping centre close to the city (because thats where gymboree is) and go christmas shopping. Fluked a park right out front of the door. Inside was crazy but we had lunch and did some shopping. Spent $500 in a matter of half an hour....only a couple more presents to get then im done. Hate christmas shopping. I always try to get it done early but it never happens.

Put up the christmas tree tonight, got some great pics, will post them on facebook when i get a chance. Alice had such a good time. When matt was constructing the tree she was trying to decorate it. She was putting all her animals in there and putting tinsel on me and dancing to jingle bells. Shes so much more into it this year!

Okay better go, am up late doing study...never ends! Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


#6 hawkchick

Posted 06 December 2009 - 06:23 PM

Rach - glad you had a great time at the theme park.

I have finished my Christmas shopping - yay. I hate to think what I've spent. Scary.

We have a big week of firsts here...

Josh starts orientation week at the senior campus of his school (they have a 7-9 campus and a 10-12 campus).

James has orientation day at his new school for next year on Tuesday. He does not know ANYONE there, so he is very nervous.

Elora has her Playgroup Christmas concert on Thursday night - there will be hundreds of people there and her group have to get up on stage and sing "Rock a bye your Bear" and "If you're happy and you know it" and do the actions along to the music. She'll either stand there frozen in fear, or scream and refuse to go on stage...James did this too - I've never got lucky and had a child who loves to perform.

#7 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 06 December 2009 - 08:59 PM

Jordan does "Rock abye your bear" and "if you're happy and you know it".  Just started him on Hokey Pokey.

#8 boo boos mumma

Posted 07 December 2009 - 07:21 AM

Yup Rach it was Wet n' Wild.

Aiden not well, very unsettled so we are going to the docs this arvo poor mite, and poor me i am so tired lol.

Im also helping feed a puppy with a nursery bottle, she is 8 days old and very cute. She just seems so tiny the poor mite. So we will see if my help will help her.

#9 Stacymoo

Posted 07 December 2009 - 02:41 PM

Hi girls.

Just a fly by again....sorry. ssorry.gif We have been so busy with organising things for the holiday & staying at DHs cousins every Friday night has really put everything out of whack! Plus DH still doesn't have a job & is driving me MAD being at home!! wacko.gif

Tam - Congrats on your pregnancy. I must admit I was shocked to read it but am so happy for you. You know everything happens for a reason & maybe your mum has something to do with such a precious gift coming to you. wub.gif Best of luck for your scan & I hope all is well.

Blish - so sorry you have been so sick. Did you get my sms? My days have filled up so quickly, so you are right, we won't be able to catch up again until in the new year.  sad.gif I did 2 hours of ironing last Thursday night until 10pm & was not happy about it at all. glare.gif I hate ironing but had to give my lady the boot when DH lost his job.

Tracey - you poor thing. Hope your foot is ok. DH wants me to start tennis lessons with him in the new year as he loves it & I am so crap at it. laughing2.gif

Sorry girls will have to leave it there. Hi to everyone else I have missed. waves.gif

Can you believe we head off to Bali next FRIDAY!!! eexcite.gif I am so excited & can't wait to relax & leave all our worries behind. MIL is being a bother..........as usual mad.gif..........& refuses to stay at my BIL's & she can't stay here alone so DH is furious with her. I am staying right out of it as I am so sick to death with all her dramas this year but I feel for him as I don't know who is going to stay here with her. Maybe his 15yo nephew who is pretty reliable & his mum only lives around the corner so that would probably work out.

Jaiden is good. We are doing double swimming lessons this week & next to make up for 2 he missed this term. He has come a long way in these last couple of months & will be fine to go in on his own next year. He is going to love the private pool in our villa.  biggrin.gif

Got to run.

#10 boo boos mumma

Posted 07 December 2009 - 03:49 PM

Thanks so much Stacy for your lovely wishes.....I really felt so terrible announcing with all what you have been through  sad.gif life can be so unfair. OH YEAH though to your Bali trip coming up, I so am jealous lol. YAy to Jaiden & his lessons.... Reanna went into the pool on her own this term and its been so fab LOL as lazy mum doesnt have to get into the water....not sure how she will go when she goes up a class next term as she can still be such a clown  wink.gif  wink.gif anyhow ill go with her instructors reccommendations i spose but it may be a circus  wink.gif
Pita to your MIL, gosh she sure does sound like high matenance hey??

Took Aiden to the docs. His ear is a little infected but not too much so it looks like its his molar tooth causing most of the dramas. he has lost weight and i have to feed him up, I told her that he already eats me out of the house so she said to give more fatty foods such as more of the savoury mince (as in lunch as well as dinner) and to try to get him to put on more weight, hmmm to look at him u wouldnt expect that one lol.

Looking forward to my scan tomorrow. Ive got to get my but wriggling as i invited my step dad for dinner and he will be here with bells on as i told him i was cooking beef strognoff from scratch not packet mix and yeah I would rather go have a nap as both kidlets are sleeping  happy.gif  happy.gif OMG im so close to cancellng but if i cancel god knows what he will eat for dinner  sad.gif  sad.gif  sad.gif

#11 hawkchick

Posted 08 December 2009 - 02:09 PM

Hi girls,

I have to vent.

James went to School A this year - it was close to my Mum's house (where we were living whilst our new house got built) and my older son went there for Primary school. James has had the BEST year there - he's in the advanced group for everything, is loving every second of it, the staff are fabulous - all their programs are well honed and I could not say a negative word about the school at all.

Today he had his orientation day at school B - the school we've enrolled him in for next year. It is just up the road from our new house so we figured it would be nice and close to home and any friends made would live locally.

I had nothing but bad vibes from the school though. When we got inside the hall, the kids were asked to sit on the floor. James was one of only about 5 new kids starting in Grade 1. He was one of only 2 new kids in his actual class. Nobody said a word to him. The school had done nothing about arranging a buddy for him. He sat there looking scared and lost. The Principal welcomed us all and then set about calling out names for each class. When your name was called you were supposed to stand up and then follow your teacher into the appropriate classroom. When each teacher's name was called all the kids either cheered out loud if they liked that teacher or groaned out really loudly if they didn't. How rude! Nothing was said by the staff. The kids all chatted very loudly, so loudly that we could barely hear the PRincpal reading out the names. No staff member asked the kids to be quiet. None. So the lack of discipline was already bugging me.

Then we got to the classroom and 1/2 the boys in the class looked like such feral hoodlums - you know those kids you take one look at and don't want your child playing with them. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but I couldn't help it.

James stood there with his bag on his back whilst all the other kids put their bags in the pigeon holes. I had to ask the teacher to show James where his bag should go as nobody else was going to. This teacher had no ****ing idea!!! He seemed to have no discipline either - one kid was literally swinging from his arm at one stage. I just got the "pushover" vibe from him.

He started marking the roll and the kids were calling out silly things. He didn't correct them or discipline them.

I have a really really bad vibe about this school. Now I'm all confused and worried. The school he already goes to this year is BRILLIANT. But it's a long drive away.

I'm off to pick him up in a few minutes. I pray he had a good day.

#12 boo boos mumma

Posted 08 December 2009 - 05:05 PM

Had a scan today,

There is no heart beat.

My dates are that I should be 7wks/1 day,   the sac size is suggesting im only 6weeks and the size of the bub (well that she thinks is the bub) is only measuring at 5wks/3days....and she said its usually the babies size thats more accurate....

She said that cause i had AF for first time in almost 2yrs just before i got a BFP, it could have meant that I O'd really late which could explain the later dates...and that when she used the internal probe the sac reacted to it which is a good sign...

She also said that she cant yet call it 'a viable preg'.

SO Im hopeful its just nothing and Ill get that heartbeat soon but my gut is telling me its just not to be.....and Im not surprised, Ive just buried my mother why not add a baby to it as well??? Apparently I havent suffered enough, if only i could piece together the mirror i must have smashed to make things improve...

Anyhows it may still be ok but yeah i dont wanna hope too much as its not good to expect things to be ok so Ill just keep a hope for a good result and hopefully this little fellow is just needing time to grow and hasnt stopped growing all together...

I have spent 2weeks getting excited about this preg and it sux to think it could be taken away.

#13 Chelbean

Posted 08 December 2009 - 05:54 PM

Tam - Im so so sorry. I really hope everything works out and you see a heartbeat soon. Are they doing your HCG blood tests? Perhaps you could ask your GP, if the pregnancy is progressing your HCG should be rising. Thats what i had to do each week for the first 12 weeks because i bled with Alice. Or are you going back for another scan. Its a horrible feeling, i remember feeling it when i was bleeding, you feel so hopeless. I really hope things are okay. Sending you big big hugs.

Blish - Whoa. I would not be impressed. Especially with the fact the teacher didn't even show him where to put his bag!!! I guess the main thing is what james thinks of it all. Is it possible to go back to his other school if he really hates it? Really hope things get better.

Just wanted to post that, we are all good here, SO hot! Stressed with study i have to get done before we got away for chrissy and camping! Have an assignment due this weekend and we have whitewater world and the wiggles concert as well. Feel like i dont have a chance to just stop lol.

Okay better go get dinner ready. Hope everyone is well.


#14 hawkchick

Posted 08 December 2009 - 07:04 PM

Tam - oh no!!!! I hope it all works out to be alright. You poor sweetie - as if you haven't had enough crap to put up with this year. {hugs}

James actually enjoyed his day at the school and after school the only other person I know there came up to me and said the teacher James has is fantastic and one of the best teachers her daughter's had so I'm putting today down to a bad day and hoping things improve next year...and Rach - yes he can always go back, but I don't want to keep chopping and changing things for him so we'll stick it out at the new school and see what happens. He did say one kid was mean to him, but the teacher made him say sorry. Other than that it all went OK apparently. This parenting caper is so hard sometimes

#15 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 09 December 2009 - 09:02 AM

Hi girls.

Tam - oh my god I am so sorry honey that you have to go through this.  I would also get an HCG test done to see if your levels are rising.  It may be that the heartbeat isn't loud enough.  I know my OB doesn't even listen until at least 12 weeks because she just can't pick it up on the doppler (and she is one of the best OBs around).  I know what you mean by piecing the mirror back together, it has been a sh*t year in so many ways, I am ready for it to be over with.

Blish - I wouldn't have been impressed either.  At least he had a good day but yes I agree this parenting caper is bloody hard.  We don't stop worrying from the time they are born and it just gets worse as they get older.

Rach - good luck with the study.  Sounds like you have a big weekend coming up too.

Stacy - oh wow, your trip is so close now.  How exciting.  Jaiden sounds like he is doing really well in swimming too.  As for your MIL, I think it is best you just let your DH deal with her.  I hope he finds a job soon too!

OK that's about my page I think.

Us - well Hayley is sick again.  She is on ventolin 3 times a day, she is on Fibritide or something like that twice a day and ABs 3 times a day.  The ventolin is an indefinite thing that we have to continue with unfortunately.  I have to take her back tomorrow to get her checked again to see if it is getting better.

Kaitlyn has had a cough for a few weeks that just doesn't seem to be getting better.  We got her checked out and there is no throat, ear or chest thing happening, so she thinks it is viral and that if she puts her on ABs then it will just make it worse and not better and it is just best to see what happens and hope it gets better.

My arms is SORE!!!!  I rehurt it last night and my god it is sore today.  I still can't straighten it, but that wouldn't bother me if it didn't hurt so much.  Sometimes I forget about it and then move it a certain way or go to do something that I would normally do and ouch.....just have to ride it out I suppose.

My Dad got the all clear at the heart specialist.  The specialist said that his heart is back in sync and he took him off all the medication he was on and just put him on a different blood thinner and a different blood pressure medication.  So that is about the best news we have had for a while.

Otherwise nothing much else happening.  We are closing the office next Friday, so only 8 days of work left and then we go away on 28 December and I can't wait!!!!!

Simon starts his new job on Monday and is looking forward to it I think.  His current boss started begging him to stay the other day and he told him absolutely not!  laughing2.gif  typical his boss now knows that he is an asset to the office and that he needs him to do the work because no one else knows how to do it.  Oh well too bad, he should have thought of that when he was treating him so badly.

This weekend is hectic.  Rubiann is coming to Sydney for the weekend ddance.gif and I am meeting up with her I hope for brunch on Saturday.  Saturday afternoon Simon has his bowling Christmas party and Sunday we have d/c Christmas party and then trying to get Kaitlyn's hair trimmed by my cousin and then Carols at the school Sunday night.  I am going to be buggered by the end of the weekend laughing2.gif

Anyhoo, best go.  Have a good day girls waves.gif

#16 boo boos mumma

Posted 09 December 2009 - 06:57 PM

I know my OB doesn't even listen until at least 12 weeks because she just can't pick it up on the doppler

It wasn't a doppler darl, it was a dating U/S  original.gif

Thanks everyone for all your support and advice...

I went to my GP and explained. So she arranged referral for a BT so I went down and got it done. ive held my breath all day but Doc rang a while ago and my HCG count 18,000 which indicates my preg to be at 7-8weeks so SPOT ON to my dates.  She said that the U/S stating bubs was much less in gestation may have been that bubs a little small at this stage which is nothing at this stage.

So I'll get another BT next week and a scan again on 21st of Dec.

SO Its not over yet girls, that HCG level was just music to my ears, everything is indicating a healthy preg so fingers crossed hey??

Tracey oh poor Hayley and Kaitlyn, i hope they are better for xmas. So glad your dad is doing well darl. im so jealous of your holiday lol.

#17 Stacymoo

Posted 09 December 2009 - 09:41 PM

Hi girls.

Tam - oh my heart skipped a beat when I read your first post. sad.gif But the HCG levels are looking fantastic so I am sure it will all be ok. hhugs.gif

Blish - so glad James ended up having a good day.

Rach - busy weekend for you! biggrin.gif Have fun camping. I remember how much Alice loves it.

Tracey - oh your poor girls. They have had such awful luck this year with their health. sad.gif And you too. Hope your arm get's better. That is good news about your dad. Must be a relief for you. hhugs.gif Say hi to Rubes for me. Hope you have a great weekend.

We missed swimming today. Jaiden just was not interested in going so I didn't see the point in forcing him. I went for a 4km run this morning so I wasn't fazed about going either. laughing2.gif I have increased my exercise to 4 cardio sessions a week & walk or do a 4km run whenever I have the energy in between. I was getting a bit obsessive about this extra 5kgs I have put on since starting the IVF meds but now have decided to forget about the scales & just want to get my fitness back up. Mind you it will all probably go out the window while on holiday! laughing2.gif

We looked at a 11acre property today to buy & develop next year. It is a big step up but DH is really keen to get out of IT & do property development as a fulltime job. The permits for our subdivision will be in next week & once stage 1 is finished, which is 6 blocks, we will have the capital to purchase the next place. All very exciting but very scary too. unsure.gif

Here are some pics from his birthday/

Birthday boy

Singing Happy birthday

Jaiden & Will

Check this out:

Jaiden giving my sister a brown eye as she was leaving! laughing2.gif Can you believe that! ohmy.gif He just did it out of the blue, never before have I seen him do that, but it cracked us all up. laughing2.gif I told DH I blame him as he is always showing us his bum rolleyes.gif

OK that's about if for me. Catch you all soon. waves.gif

#18 mrsdingo

Posted 10 December 2009 - 12:05 PM

Hi all

Brissie girls Will have to give next weeks meet a miss sorry. Will have all 4 kids and no way to get there blush.gif !

Sorry guys have kind of read but not really iykwim blush.gif ? Things don't seem to sink in to well in this heat!

Things are ok here. Today is Jennifer's last day of Grade 4, I can't believe she's in Grade 5 nest year ohmy.gif . Am already starting to think of things we can do to celebrate her 10th birthday next March, double figures is a big milestone apparently ffear.gif . We had her presentation night last night. I left Mitchell at home with DP for the first time, it was soooo nice to go out with just Jennifer and Chelsea. The kids presentations were, ummm, interesting laughing2.gif . Jennifer was so proud of the songs and dances they had learnt and performed. They actually performed a dance for the QLD premier last week at a seniors Christmas function she hosted. It was hard to be too excited bout that one when you're not real keen on the premier tongue.gif .

Chelsea and David are doing well considering they are cooped up inside a lot because of the heat aannoyed.gif . They are driving me crazy, but I have come to the realisation I'm not likely to find my sanity until they are all grown and moved out of home rolleyes.gif . David has become quite a cheeky little bugger lately. He seems to think that he is funny, even when I don't. Doesn't help he has his sister to laugh at his stupidity making him think that everyone else will find it funny too aannoyed.gif .

Mitchell is doing well. I had to put him up to 2 bottles of formula a day as he was waking earlier for a feed of a morning. So now with an extra FF at night we're back to sleeping through till 5am. He is getting so big so quick cry1.gif .

DP is going to do a bit more work on our car today, hoping to have it sorted and a decision made about whether or not we're keeping it by the end of the weekend, about time rant.gif . Fingers crossed it's all good and I get to keep my V8.

Ok ladies I need to feed the chubby little man again. Will try to catch up on personals soon.
Hope everyone is well

#19 ♥RUBES♥

Posted 10 December 2009 - 12:10 PM

Hi girls.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all I have missed.

Tam I shall keep my fingers crossed that things keep on the positive side for you.

Sorry to have been MIA for so long have had lots to deal with but we are slowly getting there.

Have spent the last 4-5 days doing customs orders as Jamie & I are off to Syd in the morning for our WA so wanted them out before we left...don't think I will do that again rofl.

In case I don't get back in before I wish you all a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS filled with laughter, joy & love.

Cheers Rubes original.gif

PS.....SEE YOU SAT TRACEY, will send you a txt when we land in the AM xox

#20 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 10 December 2009 - 01:32 PM

H all.

Really hope it works out for you Tam.

I'm trying to sort my life out here.  I'm trying to work out if I can swing doing this course next year.  DH is known for being a tight a*se (thanks to his ex wife) so I'm trying to make everything go smooth.

I have to go back to work end next year and I hate my old profession, but the funding system is ssooooo bloody complicated, and they all say "apply, then we will tell you" which means putting in a lot of work for possibly no gain (been knocked back twice so far) and having a lot of 'ifs'.  So I will enrol IF I get funding, but I can't do the application until after I'm enroled.  SUX.

Which means I have no answers for DH.  I wish my mum would retire.  I wish we lived in Wang.

And another whinge:  looking at all the disability bloody books and they tell you how important it is to take time for yourself and to establish a good network of supports.  What, am I just supposed to pull that out of my a*se?? (are you allowed to say that on EB??)

DH asked how much the course fees were:  $1,000, I said.  He cracked it.  Well, your golf bag will cost $300 and membership fees are $400.  He says "well that shut me up, didn't it".  But this was before I found out the the CC fees funding probably, maybe might not apply to us, but we won't really know until after I enrol.  Grump Grump

DD awake now, sorry no personals

#21 Chelbean

Posted 10 December 2009 - 07:24 PM

Just a quick post, we've had a big day here!

Had allies hearing test and it went really well. Her hearing is in the normal range, no fluid behind her ear drums or anything like that. On one hand im so glad on the other I am not because now I have to wait till Feb to worry myself sick.

She was SO GOOD at the hearing test though. She sat on matts lap, they had a window and speaker to the right of her. A noise would play and alice would look over and a puppet would appear in the window as a reward. The lady that did it would be distracting her with toys and making alice look at her so that when she did turn it was an indication that she could hear the noise.

She loved it lol. The puppets were all animals and when they came up she was all excited saying "Look sheep/dog/pretty bird/ etc etc" then making the noise then saying "Bye sheep/dog/pretty bird etc etc) when the puppet went down.
We did this for 40 minutes! After just using the speaker they put on two types of headphones, really thought she crack it but she was really good, when we told her to leave them on she just left them alone. She LOVED the lady and was talking to her. The best was when they used the wiggle character puppets, she was so excited and practically squealing with delight, except she kept saying to the lady "see captain feather sword!" the poor lady kept saying she was sorry they didn't have that one!

So on the one hand I had of wished it was a slight hearing problem to ease my worries and to get it fixed straight away, while on the other hand her performance, communication, eye contact, general easygoing nature today eased my worries about autism.
Now to wait till Feb to see what the paed (spelling?) says.

I also went to the doctor to talk about my anxiety. He has referred me to a counsellor so hopefully I can summon the courage to actually go. Am really sick of being worried and anxious all the time. He actually wrote on my form "OCD" from what I described to him, though it doesn't surprise me i have some compulsive tendencies when it comes to cleaning.

Feeling so drained.

Tracey - Hope the girls are better soon sad.gif and you elbow. Bet you are looking forward to your holidays, hopefully things will look up in 2010.

Tam - That hcg level is really positive, my fingers are crossed very tightly for you.

Blish - Really glad to hear james had a good day!

Sorry thats all i can muster. Off to do an assignment.....though all i really want is to sleep for a couple of weeks.

Talk soon,


#22 *Mindy*

Posted 13 December 2009 - 05:20 PM

Hello All,

Tam - my fingers r crossed for you.

Rubiann - hope you r having a lovely time in sydney!

Blish - goodluck with the decision on where to send James to school, i found it such a hard decision and with knowing he is already at a good school makes it hard.

Brooke - i hope u get to do your course.

Rach - gosh how good was she sitting there so well. I doubt my 2 would be so good!

Kirsty - what a shame you can't make it, let us know when is a good time for you it has been ages since we have caught up!

Stacy - he is a gorgeous man. Have a great holiday and goodluck wit hthe property development!! how exciting!

Busy with all our normal things here plus we r going away on the 19th for a week. My big sis is coming to stay after xmas now with her 5 kiddies so we will be busy for a while!!

Otherwise we r all good, Ryan can't wait to get to school and neither can Sienna, she already tells whoever will listen that she is going to the local ABC, i have not even enquired yet, nor am i sure i even want to send her!!!

Please all have a safe and happy holiday and may the new year be wonderful for you all!

#23 Stacymoo

Posted 13 December 2009 - 06:32 PM

Hi girls.

Rach - so glad the hearing test went so well. Hope the wait until Feb for the paed doesn't stress you out too much. I say go to the councelling.....it can't do any harm. hhugs.gif It must be hard feeling anxious all the time.

Melinda - I hope you have a great time away & have fun with all your family. Have a great Xmas & talk to you in the new year.

OMG MIL is seriously trying to sabotage our holiday. mad.gif She tells us yesterday that my FIL had a heart attack & was in hospital & she was all stressed & drama drama as usual. Then today she says he is in surgery as he had fluid on his lungs. So DH calls the hospital to find out the truth as he is ready to send me to Bali on my own  ohmy.gif & it turns out he hasn't had a heart attack & he is there with mild bronchitus & is fine! aannoyed.gif I swear she is trying to ruin my life this year!  rant.gif So now DH is over talking to her & trying to find out why the f*ck she told us that & what is her problem.

Sorry had to blurt all that out. I am just so worried that she is going to manipulate DH into cancelling the trip just because she doesn't want to be here on her own. We leave on Friday for godsake. sad.gif Will be back with an update...........

#24 ~*~Tracey~*~

Posted 14 December 2009 - 08:40 AM

Morning girls

Stacy - OMG your MIL is a seriously a cow....WTF is she on about.  Honestly I would have gone off my face by now.  You are a better woman than I.  I hope she doesn't sabotage your trip to Bali - that would suck big time!

Melinda - wow you are a busy girl laughing2.gif  I hope you have a great week away and have a wonderful Christmas, sounds like it is going to be a busy one!

Tam - how are you going?  Sorry my whoops about the scan (my head is all over the place atm).  Any more news for you?

Rach - wow Allie is such a good girl sitting there for all of that.  Well done to her.  I would have a hard time getting Kaitlyn to sit still for that long!

Kirsty - I hope you can keep your car.  I know what it is like to love your car laughing2.gif  I love mine and it is just a Hyundai - nothing special but I love it.

waves.gif to everyone else.

Us - well we had a busy busy weekend.  Rubiann and her DH came to Sydney and they came to our place for a BBQ.  It was so nice to see them and finally meet her.  She is such a lovely kind person and so is her DH.  It was finally great to put a face to the name.

Yesterday was crazy.  We had day care Christmas Party and then we got Kaitlyn's hair cut at my cousins house.  I was so proud of her, she just sat there patiently and got it done.  She didn't move a muscle.  Her hair is so much nicer now that it has had a trim.  It isn't so all over the place and is actually a lot more tidier, if her hair can be tidy!

Then last night we went to a Carols thing at the local school but we came home fairly quickly as the kids there were feral (one punched me in face deliberately oomg.gif)  So we sat at Mums for a while cause we parked at their house and walked up.

Kaitlyn then had a meltdown last night - a massive meltdown.  It was that bad that DH had to walk away and deal with Hayley cause he couldn't deal with Kaitlyn she was that bad.  And it was all over her having a shower and because she was so tired she was just horrible.

Need a weekend to recover from my weekend it was that busy.  We have this week left of work and then we are closing for 3 weeks.  I so can't wait.  I can't wait for Monday week when we go away.  So looking forward to it.  I am hoping that the change in climate might help the girls get over their coughs and illnesses.

My arm is still sore and I still can't straighten it but it is a lot better than it was.  I am no longer on the Nurofen and am just taking Panadol Rapid for it, which seems to help as well.  It doesn't help that I am using it all the time and then forget that I have hurt it and then go to do something and hurt it again.  But it is a lot better.

Anyhoo best go and do some work.  Have a good day girls waves.gif

#25 boo boos mumma

Posted 14 December 2009 - 04:39 PM

Hi Girls,

Thanks soooo much for all your support (& thanks Katy for all your PMs  original.gif )

I'm coping surprisingly well, Im kinda confident all will be ok for some reason though it all could go either way I suppose.

Today I went down for another BT since the doc wont be there yesterday. SO I guess I will get a call this evening hopefully and I will know more than.

I've been so crazily busy as u can all relate so I guess I dont have much time really to think about it although I do many times a day lol.

Its out of my hands now so I'll just let nature do its thing, its not gonna change things I just have to be patient.

Reanna went to the carols by candlelight last night, her first ever OMG she just loved the concert and she just danced and danced it was so beautiful to see how happy she was, makes being a mummy all so much more special when you have such a happy child :-)

Sorry my mind is blank but Stacey that pic of Jaiden totally cracked me up, how bloody hilarious.

& Tracey WTF with the kid punching u in the face??? HOw old was this little sh*t?? Did u not see where their parents were?? I so would have told them what their little brat did grrrr....

Ok talk to u soon girls xxoo

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