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#1 Nut

Posted 22 December 2009 - 07:20 AM

New thread time!

Deanne - Nothing wrong with that. Alex still had bottles until he was about 18 months old. One in the morning and one before bed. I switched to cups at about that age mainly because I didn't want to be making bottles for two. And with settling issues you've got plenty of reason to do what ever needs to be done. Too much pressure put on parents to do things a certain way these days...

Peta - So sorry to see your update sad.gif.

Caro - Hope the scan goes well today original.gif

Shelly  - waves.gif

Anne - Is the play area at Rodneys enclosed? Might have to check it out. Could use a nice place to go with Alex. Have to admit I am a little turned off indoor play centres now. Last time Alex used one (the free one at Brand Depot) we ended up with a house full of gastro.

Sam - If you want to buy second hand I have 2 cots in the garage that need a good home.

Michelle - How's the night feeding elimination project going?

Nellie - Thanks again for that Woombie!! She's using it full time and I have ordered another one. It has ended up being the compromise we needed for the time being. Still bound but enough room to move so she doesn't get upset. She still is not completely impressed but it's a good middle ground for the both of us.

Us. Yeah we're good. Elena still has her funny days where she doesn't want to sleep much. Yesterday She had a series of cat naps and by the evening was so tired she was practically bouncing off the walls (the more tired she get, the happier she gets). But she had a bottle at 8 and slept a few hours and then at midnight and was asleep after that until around 6:30am. It's a short night for her (she averages at around 10 hours most of the time) but she's going through a growth spurt I think. She's having full bottles every 3 - 3.5 hours during the day so she must need the extra.

Otherwise, all is well. I am all but finished with my christmas shopping. Just need to get some cash for the teenagers and one more present from Santa which DH forgot to buy. And guess what!!! I even took the barrier down from around the christmas tree!! Alex was getting past it anyway and really not doing any harm to the tree so I figured why bother. He's been really good too. It's not such a taboo now so not as worthy of his efforts.

#2 beaglebabe

Posted 22 December 2009 - 07:29 AM

GOLD!!!  Nic locked the old thread as I was replying....

Morning girls,

Caro - have fun at your scan today (and your haircut too!).  Safe travels and a very Merry Christmas.

Shelly - I'm sending Jade lots of calm, quiet and sleepy vibes for your flight and car trip.  Hope they work!

Peta - Sorry to hear your news  sad.gif  And don't feel you can't be a sad sack.  Feeling sad doesn't mean that you don't appreciate James - sure he might be the best baby in the world, but it doesn't stop you from wanting to have the second best baby in the world too.

Anne - yay for presents!  My DH has managed to choose well for Toby on his overseas trips.  Although he seems to draw the line at buying girls clothes.  He went to Mexico when I was pregnant with Lucia and came back with a very cute, but definitely very boyish, Baby Gap outfit - apparently he hadn't considered that the baby might be a girl!

Deanne - at least you have written your Christmas cards.  I'm still yet to write in the cards I bought for last Christmas......

Lara - sounds like you are having some lovely drawn out Christmas celebrations.

Sam - I think you are doing all you can.  Offer her a good variety of foods to encourage her to try stuff, if she doesn't eat much then resort to the old favourites to get something into her, and she'll take what she needs.  You can't do much more than that really.  For every 95th percentile Toby, there needs to be a delicate tiny flower to balance him out!

Sleeping - Lucia woke once last night, at 3.30am, so I just fed her - we had been out late, and bedtime routines were thrown out, so I wasn't going to even bother resettling.  I think I'd be happy if she was only waking once a night.  It's twice that is killing me, as the second wake up is early morning (5/5.30am), and while she goes back to sleep, I often don't get to much more than doze before Toby is up for the day.  And I'm not an early morning person, so I'm struggling to get up (and struggling even more to not be short tempered with him).  Hence my breakfast websurfing on EB - it gives me time to wake up, while the kids are distracted with food.


#3 Ohnoyoudidnt!

Posted 22 December 2009 - 07:37 AM


I was wondering if I would be allowed to join in? I used to live in the ACT (some of you may remember me, but I doubt it!!) but moved to the UK in April. I am feeling quite homesick atm, and often pop in just to read about the goings on the ACT threads to make me feel like I am back home!! original.gif

We will move back to the ACT eventually (still have our house there in Amaroo) but not sure when.

Totally understand if this is solely ACT'ers and wont be offended at all if you say so!

Either way, Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

#4 Nut

Posted 22 December 2009 - 07:47 AM

Bubblemummy - Post away!! You're more than welcome to join in original.gif.

#5 It'sbeenawhile

Posted 22 December 2009 - 07:50 AM

Peta:   bbighug.gif

Anne: Hope DH doesnt feel too jetlagged! Have fun with your presents  biggrin.gif

Deanne: Am glad to hear that day 1 is going good! Hopefully the rest of the time is as good. Sounds like the boat ride was fun!

Michelle: Hope things get there with Lucia!

Bubblemummy: I think i remember you, you came to lollipops with Tania and you had a big for sale thread in the trading room, with like most of your house in it!! Hope you are enjoying the UK.

Well thats all i can remember from the last thread, will beback later!


#6 Ohnoyoudidnt!

Posted 22 December 2009 - 07:52 AM

QUOTE (boymakingmachine @ 22/12/2009, 07:50 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Bubblemummy: I think i remember you, you came to lollipops with Tania and you had a big for sale thread in the trading room, with like most of your house in it!! Hope you are enjoying the UK.

blush.gif Yup! That was me!! We left kinda quickly in the end!! I had to get rid of it all - was quite stressful!1 But we are here now! And we are back with DH which is obviously the important bit and worth the stress!! wub.gif

#7 Nut

Posted 22 December 2009 - 08:08 AM

That's right! I think my inlaws picked up a few things from you (play pen, toilet seat thingy etc.)

#8 Ohnoyoudidnt!

Posted 22 December 2009 - 08:12 AM

Nut - were they what you wanted? Were they alright? I know everything needed a good wipe down though!! blush.gif

#9 wrappedup

Posted 22 December 2009 - 08:18 AM

Welcome bubblemummy...

Just did a huge online shop so one more thing crossed off the list.  Now need to do a stocktake of the presents and worked out just how many I've forgotten to buy original.gif


#10 *Caro*

Posted 22 December 2009 - 12:39 PM


Just reporting in that the scan went well.  One bubba, and one only, doing well in there ddance.gif  DH came with me and it was so lovely to see him getting excited as well.  I think its starting to seem real for him now - we had to check out all the people movers in the carpark as we left laughing2.gif

#11 Marvel

Posted 22 December 2009 - 01:18 PM

Yay!!  bbaby.gif

We can race if you want... laughing2.gif You'll probably win though, both my boys were about 2 weeks late!!

Got the last few bits and pieces for Christmas today, like the last bit of wrapping paper and fiddly things like that... Bring on Santa!!

#12 laraq75

Posted 22 December 2009 - 01:35 PM

B - of course you are welcome in the thread.  It is nice to see you around.  Congrats on your pregnancy.  That is very exciting.

Caro - congrats on a good scan.  Are you going to find out what you are having?

#13 ~strawberry~

Posted 22 December 2009 - 02:27 PM

Caro - Yay to having only one bubba in there! I think going for #4 and finding #5 would've been a bit of a shock!

I bought the last of our Christmas presents today. All wrapped and done! Yay! I also finished the santa sacks last night and will try and blog them in a moment, if anyone wants a peek.

#14 wrappedup

Posted 22 December 2009 - 03:03 PM

Excellent news Caro!  I'm excited to watch your belly grow original.gif Have you told work yet or will you do that in January?  Probably be hard to hide by then hey?

Jo, I finished my shopping today too.  Mall wasn't even that crazy and it gave me some time with dd1.  She is being painful again atm so am trying to show her how grown up we know she is by letting her in on some presents people are getting.  We'll see if it works!  I've recorded a movie to watch tonight while I wrap pressies as it is dh's night at his Nannas with the kids for dinner.  Though he informs me he isn't taking Sylvie, so I'll have to watch out as I wrap as that kid is fast!


#15 Ohnoyoudidnt!

Posted 22 December 2009 - 05:54 PM

Thanks for letting me stay guys!!  cool.gif

Caro - Yay to your scan! I am jealous!! I was meant to have my scan yesterday, but we got gridocked in the snow, couldnt make it to the hospital and then had to abandon the car and walk the 2.5 miles home!!! Now it is rescheduled for the new year!! Sigh!!  laugh.gif at checking out the people movers!

Puzzle - Yay to online shopping! I managed to do all of my Xmas shopping online this year!! How did the stocktake go? Did you remember everyone? I like your idea of including DD1 and making her feel all grown up original.gif What movie are you going to watch?

Purple oj - You are doing really well to have wrapped the Christmas presents all already! Mine are all still hiding in the garage! Sorry if I missed it, did you make your own santa sacks? How cool!

Lara - Hello!!  waves.gif How are you and  your gorgeous bubbas? Hope all is going well with you.

AFM: Well woken up to yet more snow. M has decided to stay in bed for a lie-in as he cant make it to work. I will however send him out to retrieve the car at some stage today. Then I have to actually walk into a shop xmas_ohmy.gif and do some groceries as our Xmas dinner/weekly shopping was meant to arrive last night and of course the supermarket was snowed in and they called and said they couldnt! Not sure what we will do if the roads are still blocked today...M might have monkey arms from me sending him up to the shops on foot to get some food!!!! roll2.gif roll2.gif  

Hope everyone has  nice evening!

#16 Ohnoyoudidnt!

Posted 22 December 2009 - 06:57 PM

Just quick, M is off to get the car now. dev (6).gif

I was reading the news online, and they have added more pics of the snow around here...


Image 9 is what we walked home in yesterday after leaving the car. Appt was at 3.40 but it is almost pitch black by around 4ish here so we walked home in the dark. (we left the car after about an hour? of sitting in traffic ) The A329 is the main road leading to my village, which is where the pic was taken. ( the town Reading which keeps being mentioned is the biggest town close to us. I hate it!! LOL!! Oh! And the hospital shown is where I will have this bubba)

The snow pics are mainly of the roads, which have been gritted...our lane hasnt and it is literally about 6 or 7 inches thick of pure snow...no footprints or anything!! Gorgeous!!

#17 laraq75

Posted 22 December 2009 - 07:15 PM

from shelly's facebook status -
ps - (since I cant log onto EB and post ) the car and plane trip went really well - no screaming but it was hard work keeping her entertained for all that time.
34 seconds ago

Glad to hear the trip went well for Shelly.

#18 sot

Posted 22 December 2009 - 09:14 PM

Caro - that is great news on the scan.  Maybe you should just go for a mini bus to cater for the one after this....  Re your IVF friend, have you told her about the AC in the ACT thread, I was in there for awhile and they were great, I'm sure she will find some good support.

Bubblemummy - hi!  Just can't imagine getting snowed in, with the beautiful weather here at the moment

Thanks for everyone's thoughts, feeling better today.  I think I have nearly finished shopping just have to do DH so planning to drop in and get him a voucher for golf lessons.


Edited by sot, 22 December 2009 - 09:25 PM.

#19 Puggle

Posted 23 December 2009 - 09:01 AM

Hi B, I see 'reunion baby' is on the way biggrin.gif

Peta, I'm glad you are feeling a little better. Now, an important chocolate question. Have you seen the new chocolate in Coles with novelty wrappers? I love their 'Emergency' one and the marriage one that has "50% his 50% hers" written on it with the 'hers' being about 75% in actual fact laughing2.gif

Well, aside from the house still looking totally trashed, the fact I still need to wrap presents, put up the tree and do one last grocery shop, I'm starting to feel a little prepared for this thing called Christmas wacko.gif. I thought I'd missed my chance to order prawns, but I hadn't so ordered some yesterday - phew!

We took the girls out to see some Christmas lights last night and they were so excited wub.gif. Lauren was copying Claire so we had two little girls oohing and ahhing in the back seat. As we were driving betweeb suburbs Lauren was saying "Wow! Wow! Wowwww!" and giggling to herself. So cute.

ETA: I cannot type for peanuts this morning (have edited this about 6 times and have probably still missed things) which is a good indicator a migraine is on the way. Blah.

Edited by Puggle, 23 December 2009 - 09:10 AM.

#20 darnie

Posted 23 December 2009 - 09:49 AM

Hi All! waves.gif

BubbleMummy: Welcome! And congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope that chatting with us helps your homesickness hhugs.gif Oh a white Christmas, how lovely! Before I forget - my name is Deanne. I have two daughters, Erin (5 years) and Alice (18 months). We are currently holidaying in Tasmania.

Shelly: Glad to hear that the trip went well. (Thanks for passing that on, Lara)

Caro: So glad to hear that the scan went well. Two girls from my June 08 DIG are pregnant, and both with twins! For one, it will be babies 3 & 4, and for the other it will be babies 4 & 5.

Lara: I haven't read through the thread(s) properly but I hope that things are picking up for you and that the busy-ness is calming down.

Anne: It is so beautiful when they copy each other wub.gif Alice is also copying everything that Erin says and does. We were joking that we would just give her Polly Pockets and Barbies for Christmas because she plays with Erin's toys more than her own anyway! laughing2.gif

Michelle: How is the cutting down of night feeds going? (Sorry, haven't read back properly).

Peta: Thinking of you. hhugs.gif

Everyone else: Hi! I hope that you are surviving the Christmas madness!

Me: Day three with the inlaws and all is ok so far. I am, however, very much looking forward to getting to my Mum & Dad's on Boxing Day. It is so much easier there with the girls and my Mum & Dad are very good with them. It's Mum's 60th on Sunday, so we are going out to lunch at a restaurant. That will also be when we give her the Millitary Tattoo tickets. I can't wait to see her face. My sister, brother & I now have everything organised for it, even down to arranging for my Aunty to manage the post office for the day, and another friend to do their mail run for the entire weekend. I can't believe how excited I am about this Christmas (and Mum's Birthday)! I feel like a child - so excited that I could burst! Erin is counting down the sleeps until Christmas Day. It is the first Christmas that she has really got into it. Previously, there were so many rules for Santa - "Yes, he can bring presents. Yes he can come to the house. No he CAN'T come anywhere near me whether I am asleep or not" rolleyes.gif - this year, though, she is really caught up in the moment. wub.gif

Well, I must go and try to organise DH for the day rolleyes.gif Oh, and if I hear "Are you Pa's girl?" one more freaking time... rant.gif I am thinking of teaching my girls to say: "I am my own person. No one owns me. So, no. I am not Pa's girl. I am not anyone's girl" dev (6).gif I thought that might be a bit pretentious though and that perhaps I was over-reacting slightly unsure.gif

Have a great day, everyone!

Edited because obviously my typing skills went on holiday to a different destination... laughing2.gif Not sure whether I got all the typos, but the intention was there. yyes.gif

Edited by darnie, 23 December 2009 - 09:54 AM.

#21 ~strawberry~

Posted 23 December 2009 - 04:16 PM

Peta - I forgot to say how sorry I am for your m/c. I hope that 2010 is the year for you.

BM - Yep, I made the santa sacks. The snow you are in now is amazing! Such a stark contrast to our weather here right now!

Deanne - Erin is so cute! Nice to hear that you are all so into it this year. Ella has been learning some Christmas carols, and it's so cute to see her getting all excited about Santa. Jingle Bells ~*~ jingle bells ~*~ jingle all the way~*~*~

Anne - busy night tonight after the kids are in bed? Or did you manage to get some things wrapped today?

Sam - I like the idea of trying to make your DD1 feel more grown up and included. Has it helped so far?

I have had a very slack day here. The kids slept in til 8am, so Ella didn't get to cc until 9,30  ohmy.gif Oh well, nothing that can't be put off til tomorrow...

#22 sot

Posted 23 December 2009 - 07:10 PM

Deanne - Sending some patience your way.  Your mum will love her present, and to organise everything, I can understand why you are so excited.

Anne - i haven't seen those chocolates but they sound very appropriate!

Leonie - any news on your test results yet.

We are off to Wagga tomorrow after work so this is probably my last chance to say Merry Christmas to you all.  I hope you all have a wonderful day with lots of special memories.


#23 shelly1

Posted 23 December 2009 - 07:46 PM

from shelly's facebook status -
ps - (since I cant log onto EB and post ) the car and plane trip went really well - no screaming but it was hard work keeping her entertained for all that time.
34 seconds ago

Glad to hear the trip went well for Shelly.

Thanks Lara  biggrin.gif I managed to dig up my password but dont have much time to post. The car trip did go well - there were a few minor hiccups but all my stressing (and I was stressed) amounted to nothing - though I was exhausted from keeping Jade entertained and being squashed in the back of a hatchback between 2 carseats LOL (lucky I have lost abit of weight xmas_laugh.gif ).

I hope everyone has a great christmas.

#24 ~Sorceress~

Posted 23 December 2009 - 10:39 PM

Wow this thread can move fast!

Peta - I'm so sorry, and hope 2010 is a better year for you. Have a safe trip to Wagga original.gif.

Deanne - Glad Erin's enjoying the Christmas lead up as much as Jessie! Though Jessie's enthusiasm may be waning as she seems to have developed gastro about 90 minutes ago. sad.gif Ugh! Your mother's present sounds lovely - bet she can't wait to get you there either.

Anne - the girls sound so sweet oohing at the Christmas lights! We think we'll drive around a bit tomorrow night.

Sam - one on one shopping time sounds like a great idea for some bonding original.gif.

AFM - I'm thinking this baby might arrive between Xmas and New Year, but who knows - I could still be this huge late January!  rolleyes.gif DS has been told if he can't keep his arm pretty much untouched for another 4 weeks, we're facing *really* complicated surgery AND his surgeon will be away, so we're all being very very careful - and he's getting really really bored and cabin feverish sad.gif .

Must go as the 5yo is making retching noises again sad.gif .

#25 Ohnoyoudidnt!

Posted 24 December 2009 - 05:06 AM

Anne - was a journey, but yes, reunion baby is on its way!! That so lovely to hear about the girls and the Xmas lights!! Mmmm Chocolate!!

Peta - sorry for your loss sad.gif And yes, people on FB keep reminding me how nice the weather is over there!! Enjoy your trip to Wagga.

Deanne - sounds like you have an exciting few days over Christmas!!

Purple - I am impressed re the sacks!! And there is nothing wrong with a lazy day!! wink.gif  Isnt it cute when they learn Xmas songs? A had one for his pre-school concert about Santa being stuck up the chimney..which are the only words J can recall of it so keeps on telling me to get Santa out!!

Shelly - glad the trip went well.

Sorceress - Goodness!! A broken arm, sickness and heavily pregnant? You are one busy woman!! Sorry to hear about your Ds's arm - it is horrible having a cast on. I hope he doesnt need surgery sad.gif A had surgery for his broken arm and they just wake up in so much pain!

AFM - well MIL arrives tonight, when her train eventually gets here. Has been delayed twice due to the weather, poor thing. M took an hour to get the car out of the driveway this morning as it was so snowed in  - what a nightmare! I think once we have gotten MIL from the station we wont be moving it again until we travel down to Wales on the 27th. All done for Xmas. There was a few hiccups as the shopping couldnt be delivered so I sent DH out to get it!   laugh.gif Still finding it hard to move after my slip on the snow the other day. Have been ordered to rest as much as poss by the mdwife but that isnt happening with a 4 and 2 yr old!!!  roll2.gif Oh well, at least the presents are wrapped and we have food so that is all that  matters original.gif I must say though, It was lovely doing the present wrapping with DH this year wub.gif I really missed him last year!

Hope everyone has  a relaxing Christmas Eve!

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