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#126 Marvel

Posted 09 January 2010 - 08:39 PM

Hi all,

Just popping in - Have been struck down with a chest infection for the past week so the bedroom, laptop and some good DVDs have been my friend - and dad for taking the boys off my hands!!  wub.gif

Thankfully I am not in the world of contact yet - sounds.... fun.... laughing2.gif

Samantha - gorgeous photo! Got me clucky all over again!

So how is everyone going in this heat???

#127 Puggle

Posted 09 January 2010 - 08:40 PM

Sam, Lauren went through a stage recently where she had a funny latch that felt like biting but wasn't deliberate so far as I could tell. I just kept saying no and trying again. She also bites unintentionally if she falls asleep while feeding. But if Sylvie is biting deliberately she may have issues with the supply on that side I guess, or you might be right about your period returning - and how lucky are you to have it stay away for so long?! Are you still feeding Lulu too? Maybe try Kellymom or the ABA website for advice?

Caro, I'm glad you had a good trip away.

ETA: hope you are feeling better soon Mish. As for the heat, well, I'm very glad we aren't still in the place we were renting this time last year where it was at least 38 degrees in our loungeroom for a couple of days. We have ducted aircon here, and we rarely run it all day but it has had a good work out today since mid-morning.

Lauren has not been herself for the last few days, off her food and just wanting feeds from me. Two nights ago I was up at least seven times between the two girls. Lauren had one short nap yesterday, and finally went down for the night at 10.30pm. I'm knackered. Then with DH working late nights and over the weekend too I am finding it really hard to get some down time and time to do the things I want (and need) to do. Tonight Lauren ate a half decent meal though, so here's hoping we have a good night hands.gif.

We have an infestation of redbacks in our garage. The fattest most menacing looking redbacks I have ever seen. So I went out there today while Lauren was napping and sprayed half of one of those bulk outdoor packs of spider spray around. I really hope that works and I will be repeating it regularly! Yuck yuck yuck shudder.

Sorry that's it from me for the moment, so much to do, so little time yyawn.gif

Edited by Puggle, 09 January 2010 - 08:42 PM.

#128 ~Sorceress~

Posted 09 January 2010 - 10:11 PM

Quick one from me too.

Puggle: Sorry about the redbacks - I hate them, but sort of hate sprays worse so dither about them horribly sad.gif . I hope you get a good night sleep tonight - sounds as though you could all really do with it!

Leonie: I'm envious! I'd LOVE window tinting, and have been seriously considering it for our iMax. New cars are always fun! original.gif

Deanne: Hope you're having a wonderful romantic evening out! Thank you so much for my lovely day today! original.gif

I'm off to bed after a good night out with dh (so nice to have Mum here to babysit! biggrin.gif ) and hoping to find something to do with the kids tomorrow that won't totally exhaust us all in the heat! I am NOT liking this hot weather!

#129 darnie

Posted 09 January 2010 - 10:23 PM

Hey Deanne, I was about 8 when my mum started teaching me how to cover my own books with contact
I'm guessing Erin will be 5 dev (6).gif laughing2.gif

Leonie: Funny about the window tinting. Yep, it was N who did the birth notice. Congratulations on the car. That is great!

Mish: I hope you are feeling better soon.

Anne: I am a spray freak and homebrand surface spray actually works very well on just about everything, including redbacks. We actually find it better than some of the other ones. I hope things settle down for you soon. If I can help, let me know. I love your sig! I must get myself a new one...

Caro: It's great to have you back. I was going to try and be crafty if Erin needs her books contacted. I thought she could paint pictures and I would cover her books in those and contact them. We'll see.

Sam: I have no advice for you, but I hope that things work out hhugs.gif

Kristen: I am glad that you had a lovely day today. Any time you would like me to do the same, just let me know. J was an absolute dream. Such beautiful manners and the conversation between her and Erin was very entertaining. They are soooooo chatty when they get together! wub.gif They giggled and giggled but their serious chats were the ones that brought the biggest smiles to my face! wub.gif

Us: DH & I had a lovely dinner out tonight. I got excited when we got home because my instructor had replied to my assignment submission. Sadly, it was only to tell me that she received the email and it would be at least a week before I hear from her. A week is a pretty good turn around, but I still got excited when I saw her email! Erin is at a sleepover. Alice was well behaved for the babysitter. Oh, and exciting news - DH & I are now planning our family trip to Hong Kong/KL for later in the year. I am so excited!

Must go. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Oh yeah, I edited this because I hit the post button when I meant to hit the bold button wacko.gif

Edited by darnie, 09 January 2010 - 10:27 PM.

#130 It'sbeenawhile

Posted 09 January 2010 - 11:28 PM

Deanne: WOW thats going to be an impressive holiday! Im glad you enjoyed your night out! Roughly how much doyou pay babysitters, we had a girl(my old science teachers daughter!) babysit a few times before Max was born but i never really knew how much to pay her.

Anne: I hate spiders ALL spiders and i spray BUT if they are inside i dont because they start crawling and they scare the absoulute crap out of me, i usually call Dad all panicked! And i have actually got a strange man walking past to get rid of one that was on my front door once  wink.gif  YUCK YUCK YUCK!
Hopefully you can get some 'me' time soon.

Narelle: Hi!  waves.gif  You must lurk a fair it to reply so quickly before  original.gif  

Sam: I am sorry i have no advice to offer, i see you as the breastfeeding champ! And i have been meaning to say thankyou for sharing your tips about the girls helping out etc. I have come up with a rewards chart type thing for the boys and it has been working really well. I think i will be able to start pocketmoney going from it shortly.

Mishymilo: Thats no good about the chest infection, good thing your Dad was able to help you out. Nothing worse than when we mothers are so sick but still have to go on dealing with everything.

Caro: It was kinda quick i guess, we'd been talking about it for awhile and the car i had/have was needing new tyres and we didnt want to spend the $$ on them when that moneycould go towards a new car. We had been planning on going to sydney on monday but this one came up this morning and we jumped at it! The money from our redraw account had only just hit our normal account this moring so everything timed in well!

Oh and the new cinemas at Tuggeranong is really cheap, and id like to see that new movie 'its complicated' would anyone be interested in coming with me on one of my nights off or a weekend?
Its about that lady in her 50s who starts having an affair with her exhusband, looks quiet funny!

Anyway really must sleep, tonight is one of my nights off and here i am still up way too late!

Kristen: thinking of you!

#131 jomicabi

Posted 10 January 2010 - 06:34 AM

Narelle: Hi! waves.gif You must lurk a fair it to reply so quickly before original.gif

Don't you know I'm Deanne's stalker

Not really. I hardly come to EB these days just when I'm bored and it is lovely to read what you lovely ladies that I have met a couple of times are up to biggrin.gif

#132 darnie

Posted 10 January 2010 - 06:46 AM

Im glad you enjoyed your night out! Roughly how much doyou pay babysitters
If we have to pay a babysitter, it is usually about $10-$15 per hour. We've had a couple of teenagers - 16-18yrs babysit, and they usually charge $10 but we have also had some childcare workers, and they charge about $15. That seems to be regardless of the number of children, so depending on what they have had to do, we sometimes round it up to make up for there being two kids but we don't have to. Having said that, we don't normally have to pay anyone. We have a friend, about Mum's age, who I worked with about 10 years ago. She has insisted on becoming the girls' surrogate grandmother, right from the moment that Erin was born. Anyway, she insists on being first choice for babysitting, so we usually call on her. She spoils the girls rotten and won't take anything for babysitting, so we usually just give her a really good Christmas present. However, we don't like to take too much advantage of her, so if we are going to need a couple of babysitters in a short time and I don't want to ask her twice, my first port of call would be some friends. We have a few friends who we have an unwritten agreement with that we will call on them when we need to if they call on us when they need us. That works well. If that option doesn't work, then we have wonderful neighbours and also friends (including an EB friend) with teenagers, and we also have a lady who used to be Erin's carer at childcare.  When we get to the teenagers and the childcare workers, that's when we pay. We kind of tailor it a bit to suit the night. So if it was a quick trip to school for an info night, then a neighbour or one of their kids. If it was from 5pm so that we could go to a wedding, then their surrogate grandmother would most likely do it. If Erin has been pining after the ex-childcare worker, then we get her. Sorry - verbose as usual! rolleyes.gif Actually, now that I think of it, we are very lucky considering that we have no family here!

WOW thats going to be an impressive holiday!
We've been saving for a couple of years for it. Some friends have been posted to KL for three years and we promised to visit them on their first posting. Our plan is to spend some time in KL with them, then we are all going to head to Hong Kong for a few nights before heading back to our respective homes. When we looked earlier in the week, we could do Cbr -> HKG -> Cbr completely on Frequent Flyer points; however it seems that they have since disappeared. As well as that, the FF flights back are really cr@p. So, we are now looking at other options and are considering going to Singapore as well. Flights into Singapore from here are better times and are cheaper. I was checking Flights from Singapore to KL on Air Asia last night and, I kid you not, it was going to cost us $132 SGD (ie about $102 AUD) for the four of us! oomg.gif Yep, I typed it correctly - $102 AUD in total - and most of that is taxes; the flights were $5 each. Anyway, still very much in the planning phase. Looking at going towards the end of the year.

Edited for typo (only fixed one, I am sure there are more! laughing2.gif ) and also to add:

Don't you know I'm Deanne's stalker
laughing2.gif I must be lucky - I am sure that there are not many people out there who get to say that they have a lovely stalker. grin.gif But then, I guess there are not many people who openly admit to being a stalker, either! roll2.gif

Edited by darnie, 10 January 2010 - 06:50 AM.

#133 Puggle

Posted 10 January 2010 - 09:13 AM

Your holiday plans sounds wonderful Deanne.

DH took Claire to the park a little while ago. He was going to take Lauren too but she seems to have a temperature and should go down for a nap soon so I kept her here. She got very upset when DH and C went out the door and was crying, as she just adores being outside and even got as far as having her hat put on before I decided against it sad.gif.

But get this. To further demonstrate her disgust at the situation, she shouted in my face and then grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked it. Hard. oomg.gif is this stuff just genetically programmed? Because I am sure no one has done that to her in anger (we all know hair pulling is a universal greeting with the under 1's) What a fiesty wee thing she is! I've been telling Claire for ages that one day Lauren would give her as good as she gets - looks like that day is not too far off laughing2.gif  ohmy.gif.

Edited by Puggle, 10 January 2010 - 09:42 AM.

#134 darnie

Posted 10 January 2010 - 09:25 AM

Hehehehe Anne. Alice has yelled back a few times, but the hair pulling has mostly been limited to being a sign of affection for her big sister. Unfortunatley, her big sister doesn't see it as such. I guess, rather than being learned, it is how they express themselves when they don't have the words to do so. Having said that, I have seen Alice, a few times now, get so frustrated that her whole body stiffens and shakes. My sister all over. laughing2.gif

Edited by darnie, 10 January 2010 - 09:25 AM.

#135 *Caro*

Posted 10 January 2010 - 10:03 AM

Oh Anne, she is going to be feisty!! Tounge1.gif  When Angus gets angry (usually about being thwarted from going outside - he is such an outside boy!) he throws himself around in my arms so vigourously that it hurts!  I dread what it is going to be like when I have a really big fat belly for him to kick  huh.gif  wacko.gif

Speaking of the belly, and to answer Sam's question, it is certainly getting bigger!  It still looks more like a beer belly when I'm in bathers than a proper preg belly, but in the right outfit, I can make it look like a nice rounded baby belly, which is nice original.gif Definitely in maternity clothes - bottoms anyway.  

we've found a few redbacks around our place lately too, horrible things  glare.gif

#136 Puggle

Posted 10 January 2010 - 10:20 AM

You are ticking along nicely there Caro. Any feelings on the sex of the baby?

Oh yeah, re the redbacks. I hate sprays too. But these were BIG buggers, with loads of eggsacks and teeny baby ones around so I pretty much had to hit them hard or be faced with Aragog and his family living in my garage (apologies to those who have not read Harry Potter). Redbacks are just so insidious the way they tuck themselves under bike seats and outdoor toys etc. I plan to spray the clothesline too when I get a break in the washing routine and get the line clear. laughing2.gif I think I will write that marvellous event down on the calendar when if I achieve it!

#137 shelly1

Posted 10 January 2010 - 10:32 AM

I have been so slack lately but have been reading and keeping up  biggrin.gif

Anne - I forgot to mention and thank you again but the Flutterby Fairy was a huge hit - her favourite present and a hit with all the other little girls(and little boys) that come over for a play

Michelle - I am glad your kitten returned. I bet it had a great adventure LOL

Spiders - We have alot of them here too. I will spray redbacks but the non-redbacks I come accross in the house I chuck outside.

- Just for you   biggrin.gif  waves.gif

Leonie - Enjoy the new car. We will be upgrading my car soon. Maybe to a Kia Carnival as my Foster Sister and her daughter are coming to live with us for a while and establish themselves in Canberra (its a very long story which I will explain later). The movie previews I have seen for It's Complicated look good. I havent been to the movies for ages (unless Kung Fu Panda counts). I am making an effort for Sex in the City 2 (I love the series)

Mishy - I hope you feel better soon

Sam - Could just be plain old teething or as Anne said maybe she is trying to speed up your flow.

Caro - I am glad you had a good holiday. Are you going to have some maternity shots done? Do you think there will be number 5? With both my girls I wasnt too bothered about pregnancy shots and now they are here and older I wish I had some.

Jade is feisty and definately lets me know when she is unhappy about something. She is also obsessed with going outside and I often have my morning coffee outside with her happily playing trying to eat dog biscuits  oomg2.gif She starts daycare in 2 weeks - I am nervous and sad yet some days happy that I will get a break (does that sound awful?). It is only 2 days a week.

I also heard "unofficially" that I got the job I interviewed for but am waiting for my letter of offer. DH got the APS 6 (as I mentioned before his contract finished so it was a good time for him to join the public service). I need to apply for discharge from the Army (which can take a couple of months) so will go back to work 2 days a week in uniform (since Jade is in daycare) until my discharge date and then start my new job doing 3 days  a week. I was also very shocked to be informed the other day that my leave application had been misplaced and I had techinically been AWOL for 2 weeks (which is very serious and could have seen me end up in military prison  oomg2.gif and facing a charge and hefty fine). Lucky my boss sorted it out and I had an email trail to prove it had been approved and it was admins fault it wasnt entered into the system) but honestly I could have done without the stress especially with the situation with my foster sister and the pay issues I have been having.

Well I better go - there is a basket of washing that needs to be hung out. Have a good and hopefully cool day everyone.

#138 samagard

Posted 10 January 2010 - 01:22 PM

Aragog and his family living in my garage

roll2.gif roll2.gif roll2.gif roll2.gif

#139 Marvel

Posted 10 January 2010 - 01:32 PM

Aragog sent shivers down my spine... I know he was nice to Hagrid, but.... Eeeewww!

We have a few redbacks around here as well. It is good to hear that the homebrand spray works well Deanne, I will have to give it a go. HATE spiders!!

One night I was home alone and there was a spider on the floor between me and the TV and the light switch - so when DH got home at 3am the light was still on, the TV was still going and I was curled up in bed with the bug spray in case it came in after me  ph34r.gif

#140 sot

Posted 10 January 2010 - 07:17 PM

HI, I'm back and have done a quick read of about 10 pages so I can get in and say hello to you all.

Michelle - Glebe Park is the one in town isn't it?  I will be working but will come down and say hello to everyone.  glad the kitten came back

Leonie - yay for your new car, I will check out the photos

Samantha - that is a gorgeous photo of your DD

Jo - Hope Jazz is improved

Deanne - you lucky thing, I love planning holidays

Shelly - I don't think it is awful at all, being a mum is so busy you don't get much time for yourself - if any, unless like me your house is trashed.  A break is good so that you have the patience to be the best mum when you are with them.

Anne - spiders and cockroaches have invaded our house and yard, have noticed the pest man in the surrounding houses so I think they have moved in here instead!

Kristen - any news yet?

Hello to everyone else I missed, have to go and clean out where the cat lives to try and reduce our pest infestation


#141 ~Sorceress~

Posted 10 January 2010 - 08:29 PM

Welcome back, Peta original.gif .

Deanne, the holiday plans sound great - and I'm going to get you to find me airfares in future because those are amazing! original.gif

Congrats on the job, Shelly original.gif .

Spiders - they seem to be going crazy around our house so despite my spray phobia, I think we're going to have to sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif . I found cobwebs in the top of the wardrobe in the baby's room sad.gif  ohmy.gif .

As for me, nothing happening here sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif . I think I'd feel much less stressed about it if I hadn't been so certain I was having this baby at Christmas!!!

#142 ~strawberry~

Posted 10 January 2010 - 09:27 PM

All this talking about spiders is making my skin crawl. I can't stand them, but we also get a lot of redbacks here.

Jazz is doing really well. She is finally eating better, and walking with a lot more control. We even got her to catch a ball yesterday! Ella's been very sweet and gentle with her, and constantly asking if Jazzies still sick.

Leonie - I am in for the movie if DH isn't working. I haven't seen a movie since Ella was about 6 months old  blush.gif

Deanne - I am so jealous, that holiday sounds fabulous! We are planning on QLD again later in the year, but it's very much done on a tight budget. I want to move in a couple of years so we are trying to save every penny we can in the mean time.

Michelle - Is your DH back yet? The peace and quiet sounds very appealing, I think a few toddler-free days could really do me good! Ella is such hard work at the moment, so defiant! Have you been busy sewing? I am having problems with my new machine, so back to A2F in the morning to find out where I'm going wrong.

Shelly - Congrats on the (unofficial) job offer!

Hi to every one else, I hope you're all coping with the heat!

#143 wrappedup

Posted 11 January 2010 - 06:00 AM

Hi everyone! Hope you all have a lovely day, I'm just about about to catch the bus to work (dh better pick me up, a bus in 38 degree weather is not my idea of fun!). BB tonight.

#144 darnie

Posted 11 January 2010 - 06:47 AM

We are planning on QLD again later in the year, but it's very much done on a tight budget.
We were hoping this would be done on a fairly tight budget, too. We were planning on using FF points for the flights to/from Hong Kong, and flights internally in Asia are mostly really cheap (except Singapore to Hong Kong). Not sure now if we can use FF points but flights in/out of Singapore seem much cheaper than HK, so we might try and save some money there and keep the FF points for another time. We'll only have about a week of accommodation to pay for because our friends are insisting that we stay with them in KL.

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