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#51 Nut

Posted 27 December 2009 - 12:20 PM

2000 - I was working at Mix 106.3 and FM104.7 at reception and doing occasional promotions work etc.

My goal at point was to work my way up the ranks and eventually get a full time paid job in radio doing.... Something.

2001 - My sister and I started a childrens party room together. Unfortunately after the first year we closed due to a disagreement with the owners of our premesis. I was still working at the station and also took on a casual job at the Woden Plaza carpark so I was a busy little bee working 2 jobs and trying to co-run a busines. I Met Paul on June 30. Friend invited me to this party being hosted by someone he went to school with. Party turned out to be Paul's and I was a sort of gate crasher I guess you could say. Three months later Paul moved to Gundagai.

2002 - I moved to Gundagai with Paul at the start of the year. I got a cert II in accounting and have never looked at it again.

2003 - I got my cert II in animal studies and Paul and I moved back to Canberra at the end of the year, just 3 weeks before christmas. Paul and I got engaged in September this year as well. We were at the gold coast and I had organised a one hour tiger walk at Dreamworld and Paul organised with the staff to propose to me during the walk. Was very romantic original.gif

2004 - Mostly wedding plans. I was working at a pet boarding kennel and organising the wedding. Our reception venue canceled out on us 3 months before the wedding and sent all the plans into a downward spiral that had me wanting to slap my MIL repeatedly and never see her again. Fortunately I was able to restrain myself but at great cost to my ever clenching jaw.

We were married in August 2004, went on a 12 day honeymoon to New Zealand and started trying for our first baby when we got back. Unfortunately this pregnancy lead to my first miscarriage which started 2005.

2005 - January saw my first miscarriage and the rest of the year was pretty much focused on trying to fall pregnant. We bought our house this year.

2006 - Much the same for most of the year but the big thing this year was our trip to Europe. One month... Italy, Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany. Cost a fortune but worth every cent and some fantastic memories. Truly you can't understand the magnificance of the Roman Forum until you see it. Breath taking. I also started moderating for EB.

2007 - February I found out I was pregnant, November I gave birth to our son.

2008 - I just spent this year being a mother and found out I was pregnant in December with our little heartbeat detected on ultrasound just 2 days before christmas.

2009 - I became the feature article coordinator for EB and in August had my little girlie who is now 4.5 months old. Her big brother still chooses the path of ignorance but is slowly coming around.

#52 Puggle

Posted 27 December 2009 - 12:37 PM

Oh hooray, people are playing. It is fascinating reading, keep them coming!

I just demolished two huge shrubs and half a plum tree with secateurs and loppers, I was like Edwards Scissorhands. DH had to tell me to stop as he can't keep up with the greenwaste trips laughing2.gif. We've made such a difference to the backyard this year in removing the overgrowth and undergrowth, but soon comes the part where we have to spend some serious money - two trees (one massive) to be removed, the backyard levelled (the previous owners did an extension and all the soil moved to accommodate it was just dumped in various places around the yard rolleyes.gif) and two new fences. Ouch.

Shelly, I am so relieved it was just heat rash!

7.16pm update:  we took to the plum tree with a saw in the end. I swear there is more of it hanging over into the neighbours yard than there is in ours.

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#53 beaglebabe

Posted 27 December 2009 - 08:44 PM

Hi girls,

We've had a lovely Christmas, but I'm still exhausted. Kids went down early tonight (both asleep before 8.30pm..... I long for winter nights when 7.30 was the norm), so I think I'm off for an early night too.

Anne - yay to Lauren standing!  Lucia also had an exciting Christmas Day milestone that I'm sure you will appreciate - she has enough hair to put up in a little pebbles-style ponytail with one of your button elastics  wub.gif  So I need some more little elastics now!  Have fun with the garden.

Sam and Nic - thanks for sharing - it's interesting reading everyone's stories.

Shelly - good luck for the trip home, and a return to better sleeping habits.

Kristen - hope the sickies are better and that noone else has succumbed to the gastro.

My noughties:

2000 - After doing a graduate year in the public service in 1999, got an acting position in a great section with some lovely people who are still friends today. My first foray into share housing.  Supported then boyfriend (now DH) through family court with DSS, and a rather nasty broken leg. Bought my first house - an investment property in Belconnen.

2001 - Broke up with boyfriend (now DH), spent about six months of the year in a relationship with someone else.  A disasterous job - went running back to my old section after the six month transfer was up.  Lived in a fab share house with a friend, which was the highlight of an otherwise quite difficult year.

2002 - Back together with DH in March, after 18 months apart (although still friends during this time).  Things felt right this time - we had both done a lot of self-discovery and were much more sure of the relationship.  Bought my second house - this one for me to live in.

2003 - A good year - DH moved into my house in July, and we set about making it 'ours'.  Renovated the bathroom, rendered it, bulldozed the gardens and did a 'backyard blitz' style garden reno.  Got a promotion at work (after acting at that level for some time).  Decided to give a new job a try.

2004 - New job was a disater again, so back to my old familiar branch, although this time in a new role.

2005 - A big year.  Start TTC.  DH gets a job offer in Kiama, so we make the decision to move for at least a year (big thing for me, who has been in Canberra since I was a toddler, and am not usually keen on new things).  Convince work to let me work part-time, mostly from home in Kiama (so at least I don't have to find a new job!).  Rent out my beloved house - not knowing if we will ever come back.  A few days before we move out DH proposes - despite us having previously agreed that neither of us really cared about getting married, I am rather happy that we have now decided to.

2006 - An even bigger year.  Fall pregnant.  Get married.  Honeymoon in Eurpore. Toby born in November. A wonderful, amazing year.

2007 - Adjust to our new life with a baby.  Make some wonderful friends in Kiama.  Make the difficult decision to return to Canberra after two years in such an idyllic location.

2008 - Oops, pregnant again.  This wasn't my plan.  Struggling with toddler, lack of sleep, back at work in an under-staffed section.  Sell investment property, buy new house, move into new house, put old house on market (leaving most of our furniture there until it sells), sell old house.  DH starts new job the week after we move house. Lucia born in November.

2009 - This two kids thing isn't as bad as I thought it would be.  Can't imagine life without our little girl now.  DH's job change proves stessful, but things are improving and I think it has been the right decision.

2010 - No more babies!  At least not this year.  Possibly never?


#54 darnie

Posted 27 December 2009 - 11:23 PM

Hi All!

I hope you are all well! Arrived at Mum & Dad's yesterday. We were meant to go to lunch for Mum's birthday today but Mum was sick so we had to cancel. She loved her Military Tattoo tickets thought!

Ok, my noughties... You will be surprised to hear that I am quite wordy and verbose grin.gif sorry!

2000 - We bought a block of land to build our first house. Didin't start building this year though, because we wanted to pay a fair bit off it first. Changed jobs in October, from one IT otsourcer to another. Also in October, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We decided to stick to the traditional first anniversary gifts of paper, and DH gave me (us) tickets to Melbourne for the weekend. It was lovely. Oh and DH's work won a trip to Thailand, which was given to DH & myself. All expenses paid. Awesome.

2001 - Started building our house in May. We were so excited. Moved in on 8 September, which we didn't know at the time would be DD#1's birthday. My best friend from high school and her DH were  travelling through Canberra and they helped us to move. We moved in three days before the Sep 11 terrorist attack on the twin towers. My family, including my sister's new boyfriend (now husband) visited for Christmas.

2002 - In November, I changed jobs again, to my current employer. I can't remember much more. Our focus was on pumping money into the house.

2003 - In September, we had a trip to Cairns, which was just wonderful, and we used the trip to Cairns to start TTC. I was disappointed when it didin't happen straight away. We went back to Tasmania for christmas, and I remember being disappointed when my period arrived while we were at Mum & Dad's. We arrived back in Canberra before the year ended. Also in 2003, we bougth our first non-aquarium pet together; a beautiful basset hound, whom we called George.

2004 - The decision not to go anywhere on New Year's eve turned out to be a good one. grin.gif blush.gif Mid-January, I felt really yuk for a number of days and decided that I couldn't wait anymore. Did a pregnancy test and was ecstatic to discover that I was pregnant, due around my birthday (end-Sep). Mum & Dad came up for Easter and we had a lvoely Good Friday lunch with Mum, Dad, a close friend and her Mum. It was great. Work was also going through some major change and as a result I opted to change roles. The role change took effect a few weeks before I went on mat leave in mid-August, but didn't really get into full swing then. Early September, I was admitted to hospital with pre-eclampsia and was induced at 37 weeks, resulting in our beautiful first daughter. We were proud, ecstatic, besotted, you name it. Our tribe of interstate visitors started arriving when Erin was about three weeks old. We had 1.5 days on our own from then until the day of my 6 week check, when the last of our visitors left. I don't know how I coped. We had Christmas in Tasmania, where we had Erin baptised and showed her off to everyone. wub.gif Oh and I made some wonderful friends through my Mother's Group. That would be the Mother's Group that DH had to beg and plead me to go to. There are three Mother's Group families with whom we are still very close.

2005- I was meant to be home for 12 months but after 6 months at home I was ready to go back and as luckwould have it, the girl acting in my role had resigned, so I went back in April. It was for 4 days at first, since Erin was having swimming lessons on Mondays. I continued 4 days per week until mid-August. I had a very tough time coping with my baby turning one in September. Mum, Dad & my brother came for Christmas that year, which wasn't so great. It resulted in my mother getting really annoyed with me, vowing she'd never come back and to this day, I still really don't know why.

2006 - It occurred to me literally overnight that I wasn't ready to share DD#1 with anyone yet, so we couldn't have another baby for a while. DH was pleased because he, too, wasn't ready. Career wise, this was my worst year ever. I struggled for the whole year. I was in a new area, with no support from management, and as I don't cope well with uncertainty, it all started to go badly. Basically, it ended in me having a breakdown, although it wasn't diagnosed. I was very lucky to have a great boss who helped me to look at life differently. I honestly do not know how the year would have ended if: a) he hadn't been my manager; and b) I hadn't had the courage to ask him for help. I was in a bad way. I think that part of it was wanting to be more than just a mum but also feeling really useless in my role at work. I changed the way that I look at things and developed a whole new attitude that year, so in hindsight I think it was the breakdown that had to happen. I am defintiely a better person for it. Oh and I also started acting in another role this year at work (before I had the breakdown).

2007 - A big year. Wanting to TTC. All year, we were going to start but things happened. firstly, a hjob came up elsewhere that I really wanted. The organisation dragged things on for months but I didn't get it. Once I found that out, we were ready to start TTC when I found out that the jobs in my area were being spilled and filled, so we put it off again. When I found out that I had been made permanent in the role that I had been acting in prior to the spill and fill. As soon as we found out that I had the role, we started TTC and basically succeeded first go. Literally. I was ecstatic. DH was also ecstatic but didn't show it when I rang him at 2:30am Las vegas time to tell him blush.gif We had Mum & Dad up for Christmas that year and I was very nervous about it after Mum threatening to never come back in 2005. It went well. Attended my 20 year, year 10 reunion back in Tasmania in November. Erin started three year old preschool and we met some very lovely families. (you know who you are wub.gif ) Oh and I started a writing for children course this year.

2008 - We call 2008 the year of the challenge and I think we have good reason. It has probably been our hardest year to date. We started the year with yet another visit to the GP with Erin and a fluctuating temperature. GP ordered blood tests and suspected Lupus. We were referred to a rheumatologist who we couldn't see until March. We were beside ourselves. Also in January, our beloved basset, george, passed away. He was our first "child" and we felt as though our hearts had been ripped out. My Aunty was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I started volunteering with the red cross telecross service. In February, I was feeling "funny" and went to the GP who found my BP to be 150/100. BP Tablets for me. Again. Not liking the side-effects, either. In March, we the rheumatologist said that Erin most likely did not have lupus but that she wanted to see her regularly. I could have hugged that lady. Very hard. In April, I was found to have Gestational Diabetes. I tried very hard to manage it with diet but needed insulin. I found this tough, because I really felt like a pregnancy failure with my pregnancy woes. Stresses at work were also mounting up and I really hated my job. Not to mention my total feeling of incompetence. Oh and Erin started ballet. Mat leave in early May. Induced with DD#2 in early June, at 38 weeks. Some disappointment that my body would never support me enough to allow me to go into labour naturally but I also acknowledged that an induction did kind of suit my planned personality! laughing2.gif Absolutely ecstatic to have a second DD, although I have to admit that I was expecting a boy. Shocked by the quick arrival. The arrival of Alice would, without a doubt, be the highlight of our (very tough) year. The remainder of June & July were filled with interstate visitors. In August, my wonderful Dad had a stroke. It really shocked us and I was devastated. I travelled to Tasmania with an 11 week old Alice to see him. The day after I arrived back, my beloved Aunty finally lost her fight against breast cancer. Late September, we went to Tasmania to have Alice baptised. The girls and I stayed longer than DH. It was great. Two weeks after we arrived back (in October), Dad had a second stroke and this one impacted him a lot more than the first. Devastated. Especially since it turned out to be a result of the hospital doctor accidentally forgetting to prescribe some medication that Dad was meant to have mad.gif November, the lady that I had been calling in my volunteer work passed away cry1.gif Also in November, I had my very first meet up with a beautiful group of women that I had met online. They are wonderful, supportive women whose friendship I truly value. Man, if only those women knew what they had helped me through wub.gif Oh, and Erin had her first ever ballet performance. I do not know how I coped with DH overseas, and a catnapping baby during this time. I never knew how full on ballet would be! December, back to Tas for Christmas so that I can see my Dad.

2009: A real family year. I have loved 2009. January, I was ready to cotinue my volunteering with a new person. In my work life, I met with my manager and said that I could not possibly return to my old role. February, I returned to work, to a nw role in the group that I first worked with for this organisation. Best thing that ever happened, but although I see the years 2005-2009 somewhat as career failures i think that they provided me the grounding that I needed to do well in my current role. I have come back refreshed, enthusiastic, and with a whole new outlook on life so that is definitely a positive. April, first time away from Alice. June, Holiday to Tasmania because I needed to see Dad. Christmas, another trip to Tasmania. Many family trips away, and a true feeling of happiness and contenment. An extremely busy year, but a year of looking after the health of our family unit. I started going to live shows, which I love, and also introduced Erin to  live shows. Helped Erin through her second ballet performance. Watched Alice grow and develop, and marvelled over how beautifully our girls get on. A great year.

2010: Erin starts school. Other than that, I don't know. I guess we'll "get what we get and won't get upset", as Erin says! It definitely won't bring us more babies, unless the universe's plans are out of alignment with ours. Hopefully, it will bring us a trip to Malaysia later in the year.

Well, I must be off!

Take Care,

#55 darnie

Posted 28 December 2009 - 03:57 PM

ddoh.gif And Deanne kills the thread again ddoh.gif

I hoep you are all havign a great day. It is glorious weather here in country Tasmania. I have had an awesome day catching up with close friends and family wub.gif

#56 Marvel

Posted 28 December 2009 - 06:59 PM


I have been reading the noughties but might refrain from adding my own - in 2000 I was 15  ph34r.gif
Have achieved a lot though - House, husband, career, 2 beautiful boys and a third little being on the way... A lot to be thankful for! original.gif

#57 wrappedup

Posted 28 December 2009 - 08:19 PM

You just work fast Michelle original.gif

#58 Cantabile

Posted 28 December 2009 - 11:17 PM

Ah Michelle, you make me feel old!!

Hello ladies - I hope things are going well wherever you are, in Cbr or travelling like me original.gif Loving it here in Perth even if the weather was HORRID today (tooooooooo hoooooooot). DH and I had a picnic in Point Walter with the in-laws and managed to have a quick walk around with just us... v lovely as that was where we had our wedding reception. wub.gif

Anne - what a wonderful idea to have a memory trip of the noughties. Let's see...

2000 - I was in uni and had been with my bf (now DH) for 2 years. I think I changed degrees this year too. Still travelling between Perth and Geraldton heaps as that was where DH was working.

2001 - got engaged and went part-time with uni.

2002 - got married and finished my degree.

2003 - moved to Cbr and spent the rest of the year looking for work.

2004 - started my teaching degree and had a casual job.

2005 - finished my teaching degree and my casual job. Bought my Jemimah (my lavendar Suzuki Swift!) and went on our first road trip to WA.

2006 - started working as a teacher, casual and eventually on contract. A dark year for me personally but career wise was rewarding.

2007 - a much better year. We also went on 2 road trips - 2 weeks in Tassie (I could so live there!) and 3 weeks from Cbr to Darwin, over to Broome then down to Perth and then back to Cbr.

2008 - a phenomenal year for us. I finally gained permanency in my job, I worked in a HIGH SCHOOL and loved it, I found out I was moved to a new school but most surprisingly, I found out I was pregnant. Very unexpected, definitely not in 'the plans' but nonetheless, I was thrilled and so was our family. We made our last big road trip (for now!) over to Perth but spending more time in SA (Adelaide and Kangaroo Island) this time.

2009 - I started work in a new school and of course I had my gorgeous Felicity. Had lots of visitors and am now in Perth showing her off. DH is much better with her now and it's lovely to see her coo and giggle with her dad wub.gif Oh, and one of my closest friend FINALLY gets engaged!!

2010 - this will start off with Felicity's baptism and MIL's b'day, as well as my 30th. I really hope this will be a fantastic year. I'lll be heading back to work very reluctantly in April. I hope to travel overseas with DH and Felicity this year and maybe a quick trip to NZ to fulfil some pre-wedding chief bridesmaid duties biggrin.gif

#59 Puggle

Posted 29 December 2009 - 07:50 AM

Grace, when is Felicity's baptism? Oh, and Point Walter - very nice! I love it there.

Michelle, Lucia must look so cute wub.gif

There's baby news in the Pregnant Mums thread. Oh and Kristen, where are you ... ?

Edited by Puggle, 29 December 2009 - 07:51 AM.

#60 ~Sorceress~

Posted 29 December 2009 - 09:25 AM

laughing2.gif I'm still here, but totally exhausted by the whole gastro thing and still not nearly caught up on washing sad.gif .

Loving reading about the noughties but can't remember my dates well enough to contribute!

And Jessie has cut her hair again sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif. She was in trouble yesterday - I told her she couldn't have another playdate because when I'd offered her a playdate she didn't clean her room, and the offer wasn't an open one (I didn't want to blame the new baby sad.gif - but perhaps I should have been more explicit about it being hard timing to organise another 5yo in the house) and dh and I got cross with her last night because she had the little girl from next door over and they *filled* both sides of Andy's new sandpit with water so it's a sludgy mess now - she was sent to bed with no dessert sad.gif .

So I'm feeling nauseous, exhausted AND like a bad Mum sad.gif .

#61 Cantabile

Posted 29 December 2009 - 09:42 AM

bbighug.gif Kristen. Happy to lend a hand when I get back, let me know original.gif

Anne - I love Point Walter too, it'll always be special to me original.gif Would love a house somewhere around there!! Felicity's baptism is on this Sunday, crept up way too quickly for my liking.

Samantha - how are things going? And mishy? How many pg ladies do we have now?

#62 Marvel

Posted 29 December 2009 - 10:39 AM

So that's Kristen, Caro, Samantha and me... 4 soon to be 3!

I'm nearing up to 14 weeks now, and I'm already flexing my nesting muscles!! I have decided that this house has to be PERFECT for bub so the boys have been booted outside with the dog and I am going over everything... It's such a nice day anyway, and the boys were going stir crazy.

Back to it - I plan to get as much de-cluttering done as I can before going back to work next Monday!


#63 darnie

Posted 29 December 2009 - 06:20 PM

So I'm feeling nauseous, exhausted AND like a bad Mum
hhugs.gif If I was at home, I'd come around and do something to help. But, I'm not, so please know that I am sending you happy, healthy, sleeping vibes. Also know that I only leave my children with fabulous mums; therefore you are a fabulous mum, not a bad mum. grin.gif hhugs.gif I will be in touch after I get back to see what I can do. Happy to help with meals, but please warn your family that Deanne's cooking is more of a friendship thing than a culinary delight thing blush.gif

I was so excited about the baby news in the pg mums thread! yyes.gif wub.gif

Gotta go.

Take care all,

Edited by darnie, 29 December 2009 - 06:21 PM.

#64 samagard

Posted 29 December 2009 - 07:02 PM

Mishy- Can't believe you are 14 weeks. You didn't even look pregnant when I saw you. Mind you, I am sure I do though. I have a little belly, but it isn't from the pregnancy, more from the pies I was eating at my old job.  wacko.gif

Are we having a gtg again soon?
Nic any more tupperware parties planned? am dying to go to another one, if only to get out of the house.

#65 beaglebabe

Posted 31 December 2009 - 12:11 PM

So quiet in here...... Anne and Deanne must both be away  laughing2.gif

Not one, but BOTH, my children have suddenly learnt the art of falling asleep in the car and transfering to bed.  Not sure how long it will last, but I'm enjoying it while it does.  We had a lovely morning at the zoo - a bit hot for me, but the kids didn't seem too phased by the heat - and they are now both asleep.  Kitchen is clean (DH and my New Years Resolution), washing up to date, floors vacuumed.  What's a mummy to do?  Have a cup of tea and then do some sewing I think.  I have a whole pile of nappies that need elastic replacing and I've been procrastinating on them for some time now.

Get together - I took the kids to Glebe Park the other day.  It is so cool and shady in amongst the trees.  The play equipment is nothing exciting, but my two spent most of their time climbing on rocks and running around on the grass.  I was thinking it would be a nice spot for a school holiday get together.  For those with a couple of kids you practically need a weeks wages to get into playcentres and buy food, so this would be a cheaper option.  We could set up picnic rugs and some toys for the babies, and the older kids could play on the equipment, or bring balls and scooters.  Leaving us Mums to sip takeaway coffees and eat morning tea.  Okay, so perhaps it won't be quite that easy, but we can always hope!  Maybe one day later in January? Monday 18th or Thursday 21st???

I hope everyone has a nice New Years Eve tonight.  Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2010 - here's hoping it is a good year for all of us.


#66 laraq75

Posted 31 December 2009 - 03:33 PM

Michelle - I would be keen to have a gtg in the park. I am pretty sure either of the dates are good for me.  DH will be back at work by then and I have DD now on Mondays.  We have changed daycare to Tuesday.  I am sure she would love to run around with the other kids.

Happy new years to everybody I hope good things come to everybody in 2010.

Big hugs


#67 ~Sorceress~

Posted 31 December 2009 - 03:57 PM

A park GTG sounds just lovely, though I won't be committing to anything until I know what sort of baby we've ended up with original.gif , but in theory, I'd love to come along original.gif .

Is Glebe Park the one in the city?

I hope everybody's looking forward to New Years Eve. Going to be a very quiet one for us - still not sure if we're even going out wink.gif .

#68 shelly1

Posted 31 December 2009 - 09:04 PM

Sounds great Michelle. Count us in  xmas_biggrin.gif

#69 Marvel

Posted 01 January 2010 - 03:21 PM

I'll have to see how work looks first  rolleyes.gif

#70 Cantabile

Posted 01 January 2010 - 10:22 PM

Hi all again - hope we've had a pretty nice New Years. Mine was spoilt by MIL; sometimes I wonder why I try!


Michelle - the gtg dates sounds good. I don't think we have anything on for those dates.

I can't believe it's 2010 already. This time last year DH and I were on our final big car trip!

Hope 2010 will bring everyone much great things! xx

#71 It'sbeenawhile

Posted 03 January 2010 - 07:23 AM

Hi girls!
We are home and totally exhausted! I was gone for over a week and only had 3 pages to catch up on! Sometimes i dont come in for 2 days and theres a whole new thread! Max woke at 6 this morning and i was just so tired but i got up with him, then decided that he should still be sleepy so i put him back in bed with a bottle but didnt expect him to go to sleep so i did washing and went and had a jump on the trampoline  biggrin.gif !! And sure enough he is still asleep, 2 hours later, so i SHOULD have tried to go back to sleep!

I hope everyone has been having a great Christmas and New Year break, we had a nice time down the coast and Max is just developing so fast. I was very happy that he was walking for this holiday so he could enjoy the beach and Nans soft grass! He is trying to run at the moment and puts his head forward and leans forward its so cute/funny! He is coming out with more and more words, shoes (he is addicted to his little crocs!),hat, woof, Blake, Jack, mum, dad, mine, cuddle, dont, no are the most common. And he understands what you tell him which is lovely.  wub.gif  Anyway i could ramble about him for ages but should stop  wink.gif !

Michelle: A gtg in the park sounds lovely, i think either of those dates should be fine.

Allright off to see if i can shower before he wakes up!

#72 darnie

Posted 03 January 2010 - 03:26 PM

Gee it's been quiet in here. Anyone would think some of the key chatterboxes have been away! grin.gif roll2.gif

Anyway, we're back! Tired, fragile and not believing that we have committed to going to work tomorrow! wacko.gif

BBL to catch up!


#73 ~Sorceress~

Posted 03 January 2010 - 06:49 PM

Welcome back, Leonie and Deanne! original.gif

Hope it's a quiet day at work for you tomorrow, Deanne - I think you're very brave heading back so soon! biggrin.gif

#74 ~strawberry~

Posted 03 January 2010 - 09:58 PM

Welcome back Leonie and Deanne!

Michelle - I am in for a gtg original.gif

Things have been very busy here. My family were here for a week, I've been really busy sewing, and we've been trying to take the kids out each day while DH has been off work. They love the new playground in Bonython!

Some sad news. Our Boder Collie, Jazz isn't well and we had to take her to the after hours vet last night. We were expecting the worst. She has either a tumor in her brain, or an aneurysm. Now it's a waiting game to see if she will start eating again and regain her balance, and if not then we may have to put her down. I've had her since she was 8 weeks old, she's now 13 1/2. She is such an amazing dog, so intelligent. I've never met a better soccer goalie, she would put one tennis ball in her mouth and then hit another with her nose, and if you tried to roll it passed her, she would block it with either her nose or paw. I've never seen another dog do that...

And on that sad note, I'm off to bed.

#75 darnie

Posted 03 January 2010 - 10:26 PM

Jo: hhugs.gif I've been there (although our beloved dog was only 4), and I know that there is nothing that I can say to make it better. These jolly animals work their way into our hearts and if anything happens to them, well... they are family. Sending you the strength to make whatever decisions you need to make. Please know that I am thinking of you. hhugs.gif

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