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November 08 Parents # 12

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#1 Sandra

Posted 11 January 2010 - 09:21 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 insanemumofboyzx6

Posted 11 January 2010 - 05:35 PM

IT was just waiting just for me lol


Hi everyone hope you all had a fantastic new year.

We are all well and Wyatt is doing great we now finally have 2 teeth lol, and he has taken a couple of steps on his own, he eats pretty much everything we eat didnt stay on mushies for long at all and loves all his food!!! Eats like he couldnt beleive that he was missing out on it!

#3 razco

Posted 13 January 2010 - 08:24 PM


Anyone got any solutions for assisting little ones to sleep when it is hot?

We have a/c but council regs mean we should not use it after 10pm (Last night after 3 hours of unsettled-ness we turned it back on so we could all sleep.

Morgan has a fan in his room that we leave on when it is hot but I was thinking there must be some ideas I have not thought of!!

So if you have any suggestions I would welcome them!



#4 ~4LittleDucks~

Posted 13 January 2010 - 10:54 PM


Hi ladies,hope all is well...

Razco:No suggestions really,but I hear you on the hot nights...We have ducted air and we have it on heaps atm,as Ryley's room is just such a hot room and hes been waking which he normally doesn't do..We also have the fan and dress him really lightly..I am soo over the hot hot weather we are having.

Just Finshing off icing cakes for our Coopers 4th bday tomorrow,must be off though i hear my bed screaming for me,lol

Take care original.gif

#5 adnama

Posted 14 January 2010 - 06:42 AM

Amy - Hope Cooper has a great 4th Birthday

Corli-Anne - We usally have Eamon's fan on in his room and the really bad nights i leave the a/c on. He usally sleeps in a singlet and boxers or nappy cover over his nappy and a singlet on hot nights. He won't leave covers on either, cooler nights i will cover him but the hot ones i leave him uncovered.

Kelly - Yay to Wyatt's two teeth i thought Eamon was slow with 6. How do you pronouce Wyatt's name?
I always thought it was What but Amelia has pay tv on and there is character on a show who's name is spelt wyatt, but said y-att so i've been wondering have i been saying it in my head wrong

Hope everyone is well

#6 Kitty_2010

Posted 17 January 2010 - 06:21 PM

Hi everyone,

I hear you all on the heat, I am feeling it even worse being 28weeks already!!! Sahara is doing really well she has 10 teeth she cut 2 molars down the bottom but is missing 2 that I thought should have come before them??? Oh well will see what happens. She has starterd to become really clingy in the last couple of weeks but has her first day of FDC(family day care) on Monday, I am soo nervous and scared as well, I dont know what I will do with myself, maybe sleep the day away LOL. I have decided to enroll in the STEPS program at UNI so that I can decide what I want course line I am going to do. I want to become a MW but the uni here only offers it as a post grad so have to do the Nursing course first and that really does not interest me at all in fact turns me off wanting to do it at all! So will see how everything goes.

Corli-Anne: I have no other ideas either, I didnt know council could put restrictions on when you could run your air con??? that must be really difficult. Sahara air con goes on about 5:30pm to cool her room down and stays on till morning when she gets up. I wouldnt try and sleep in this heat so yeah, Good Luck

Amanda: I thought Wyatts name was pronounced like "why-att" like your second suggestion. When I was thinkng of using that name (if Sahara was a boy) that is how I was going to pronounce it. I only found out recently that you pronounce Eamons name A-mon I always thought it was EE-mon. LOL It is funny how we all have different pronounciations of names and how they come across differently to other people!!!

Wel I had better be off, Have to make dinner soon and get Sahara ready for bed.

#7 alilypad

Posted 17 January 2010 - 08:04 PM

Hello Ladies,

I got a bit lost and couldn't find the new thread....hmmm, I'll get the hang of this eventually!

Keisha - I hear you on the day care front.  DS had 45 mins without me for the first time last Wednesday and I was beside myself!!!  When I picked him up I was so upset one of the carers started crying too!  It's so hard to let go...DS will only be in care 3 days (we are hoping to reduce to 2 days) and I am absolutely dreading it.

Welcome Mrs Brown - hope you are able to pop in occasionally and congratulations on your IVF miracle (we have one too and feel very very very lucky!!).

Does anyone have any tips on weaning.  I have started and now only bf twice a day - feeding first thing in the morning and before bedtime.  Any suggestions for the next best feed to drop.  I don't really want to stop....so keep putting it off..."one more day....one more day....one more day..."

DS now has 6 teeth, not walking and STILL hasn't cracked 8 kilos.  I think he's always going to be a little guy!

Lovely hearing tales of the children as they grow/learn and change...!  

#8 adnama

Posted 18 January 2010 - 07:20 AM

Keisha - when we were looking at boys name we thought it was ee-mon too i love the look of his name and i took it off the list becasue it rhymed with seamen wink.gif then i did more research and found the right way to say it and it went straight back on the list. Although i must amit when he was first born looking at his name on paper we would say it wrong but it only took a week to adjust our brains.
Have you got any boys names picked out yet? You will proberly find Sahara ok the first few times, then start cracking it. Eamon is super clingy and has been for months, and his first week at creche at the gym he'd cry when i came back, last week he knew i was going and would watch me leave then bawl his eyes out but the carers just gave him food and he is fine for the hour.

alilypad Sorry I forget your name. I stopped feeding DD at 18mths, at about 13mths I stopped all daytime feeds, and only gave her a feed before bed, and only when she wasn't herself i gave her a small feed. When she hit 18mths i told her that milk was all gone, and she never had any again.
Eamon though is only on one feed a day of a morning when he wakes up, and when his not himself he will have some as well. At the moment im happy to feed him longer then 18mths

Must go have appointments to sort out for Amelia and get the kids organised for gym/creche today

#9 alilypad

Posted 18 January 2010 - 02:46 PM

QUOTE (adnama @ 18/01/2010, 08:20 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
alilypad Sorry I forget your name. I stopped feeding DD at 18mths, at about 13mths I stopped all daytime feeds, and only gave her a feed before bed, and only when she wasn't herself i gave her a small feed. When she hit 18mths i told her that milk was all gone, and she never had any again.
Eamon though is only on one feed a day of a morning when he wakes up, and when his not himself he will have some as well. At the moment im happy to feed him longer then 18mths

Thanks, this helps.  It's always nice to compare with what others have done.  I guess I just have to make the call as to which feed will be easier to drop.  Sometimes I think the evening feed as he fluffs around a lot, but it's a good comfort feed before bed.  Then I think I'll drop the am feed but it's always a nice relaxed looooong feed which he really enjoys....

Had the little man in daycare for 2 hours today and he seemed to handle it - so did I surprisingly.  Still really don't want to leave him for the full days, but soon will have no choice!!

I think that life will now just be a series of letting go a little bit, letting go a little bit more etc,.  Guess it's all about making the most of every day and every moment.  They grow up so fast!!

So, all the November Mum's with first bubs - any plans for no. 2?

#10 Kitty_2010

Posted 18 January 2010 - 04:57 PM

Hi all,

Sahara had her first day and daycare today, she was happy to go!!!  ohmy.gif I couldnt believe it, she just went off and played and when I said bye she just waved and went back to playing rolleyes.gif Unfortunatly there was another little boy who also started today and the carer had not been told that he was a biter!!! So I got a phone call about an hour after I dropped her off to say that she was fine but did have a mark. Turns out 4 hours later there are still teeth marks and it look like it is going to bruise!!!  sad.gif

Alilypad: as for the BF, if you are still happy doing it then why not continue it? that is how I am about ti, although it is clouded as I am very jelous of all you girls that were able to BF!!!
No. 2 for me is on the way, I am 29weeks(almost) And the heat is absolutly horrendous.....
Daycare, was actually bearable, I think seeing her just go off and do her own thing was really reasuring, she only went for 4hours Wednesday is her next day and she has to be there by 8:30am as the carer is taking them to a big playgroup that the centre holds and I wont be able to pick her up till after lunch at the earliest. DH has decided that we are going to go fishing, and I will hopefully have my uni stuff I can also look over to try and waste some time! I hope it gets easier for you soon!

#11 Neonatal Diabetes

Posted 22 January 2010 - 04:30 PM

Hi All

Just wondering if I can join in here.

My DD2 was born on the 28th November, hard to believe she is over a year old already!

Anyway I am Kat and also have 3 other kidlets who are 10, 7 and 5.

Hope to get to know you all

#12 adnama

Posted 25 January 2010 - 07:23 AM

Welcome Kat

Keisha Hope Sahara has a better day today and doesn't get bitten today

alilypad DF and I would love to TTC again in about 18mths? I have the need for another child, but no need right now i'm so content with the two kids now, but with Millie i didn't feel the need for a second child until she was well over 2yrs

Not much happening here, I should enjoy this week since from next week i'll be out everyday, Millie starts preschool next week, 5 x 1/2 days a week, plus wednesday's she has two dancing classes with a break in between, its also my netball night. We brought her first set of tap shoes yesterday, she is so excited she's been asking to do tap for 2years now.

Eamon is climbing up onto the lounge to sit with me his such a mummy's boy.

I must run get these kids ready for creche today

#13 CoreysMummy

Posted 25 January 2010 - 08:02 PM

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great christmas and having a fantastic 2010 so far.

All is going good here.

Joshua still only has 4 teeth, NOT walking but crawling everywhere, chatting away.

He is starting daycare next week 3 days and I'm a bit nervous as he has only ever been with Myself, hubby and my mum & dad.
Corey is back to school on thursday (2nd class).

Does anyone else's little angel have tantrums if they don't get what they want.??
Also has anyone else's little one's become fussy with food.

#14 Kitty_2010

Posted 27 January 2010 - 10:15 PM

Hey everyone,

Kat yes you are welcome to join us, we are a quiet bunch but we all try to pop in pretty often. I have been reading a few post about you beautifull little Sarah. What a long but amazing journey you have been on.

Coreys mummy: OMG yes to the tantrums, we have quite a few each day. Although they never seem to happen when "Daddy" is home. I think that is because she has him wrapped around her little finger. Sahara simply goes up to him and raises her arms and says up and she is in his arms LOL. She is very much a Daddys girl. I hope Joshua goes well at daycare, and that he settles in easily for you and him. Sahara isnt fussy with her foods the majority of time, however she is cutting a molar down the bottom and I find that when that is really bothering her she only will eat cold things, I guess cause it helps sooth it.

Amanda: Wow to Amelia starting preschool. I didnt realise that anywhere still did the 5 1/2 days. I guess I dont really keep up with what is happening in other states anymore rolleyes.gif . I guess it will be nice for you to have some time with just you and Eamon. I am wondering how long those TAP shoes are going to last in your house LOL. I hope Amelia really enjoys her dance classes but doesnt drive you too batty with the tapping 24-7.

Well Sahara has settles into Daycare really well, this morning I got her out the car and she walked up to the gate went inside waved bye and went off to playing. Was sooo adorable and I couldnt believe how happy she was. Have been having some issues  with her teeth I just dont think she is getting good sleep at night as she is waking up at 7:30am and still seems tired. She gets her blanket off her bed and lays on the floor with her bottle??? The only reason we realise she is up is that DH goes and checks on her around that time and sometimes she is awake and sometimes she is asleep. She did end up getting a massive bruise on her face from being bitten but doesnt seem to phased by it and it has now a week later finally all gone.

Well I am off to bed, am really tired and need more sleep.
Night all

#15 Neonatal Diabetes

Posted 28 January 2010 - 10:17 AM

Thanks for the welcome

Teeth - Sarah has her 2 bottom teeth and is cutting the top ones at the moment so is abit irritable!

Tantrums - None here yet, but I bet they are not to far away

No walking here yet either, she has only just starting sitting up on her own and manages to roll around everywhere! She has a facination of putting everything in her mouth so is always chewing on something.

Eating - She hates apple, but she has to have a medication before every feed (food and milk) and it can only be mixed in apple so we just have to perserve, Im pretty sure she associates the apple with the medication and hence her dislike of it! Other than that she is a pretty good eater, she has Diabetes so we have to be careful with her foods and try to stick with Lo GI foods.

She is a Daddy's little girl, can be grumpy all day then daddy comes home and she is all smiles, its so funny to watch.

I cant wait for her to start crawling and walking, will look so cute. She was born tiny and is still tiny.

School goes back on Monday here, so the older kids are looking forward to it and so is there mum! Its was DS2's 5th bday yesterday and he is headed to pre-school this year, then school next year.

#16 adnama

Posted 28 January 2010 - 06:44 PM

Kat - Happy belated 5th birthday to your son. Can I ask why can Sarah's meds can only be fed with apple is it because of her diabetes? Not trying to be rude so feel free not to answer if you don't feel like you want to. Daily medication really sucks esp for a newborn, but gosh your family has gone through so much.

Keisha - Yay to only having 10wks to go and you'll find a boys name soon and will fall in love with something. Well done Sahara to settling in so well at daycare still. I didn't know anywhere did 5 x 1/2 days either the town i grew up in only had full days, so i was quite shocked and not keen on the idea, but i had to weigh up our options and it was best option for us.

Michelle - Goodluck with Josh starting daycare, hopefully he takes it well. Maybe he could throw a tanty on them.

Tantrums - Eamon isn't a tantrum thrower he will screech when his sick of Amelia and she won't leave him alone, his just started crossing his arms and dropping his head. His has had a couple of little tanty's (pics i have put on FB so he has had them) but now he only gets like that when ready for sleep.

Eating - No fussiness here from my boy and he still eats and eat and eats.

Us - Amelia had to go back to the drs today she does have a UTI (after tests came back clear first time) she needs a renal u/s but we couldn't get in until Wednesday arvo an hour before her first dance class starts, so i took a thursday appointment instead, won't be so rushy.
Eamon has a purple egg on his forehead that came up instantly this arvo running into the door his always falling over and bumping himself. One of the carers at creche asked if he was an early walker (which he was) because every early walker she's known fall over a bit.

I got to keep moving and tidy up getting the accelorator pedal replaced in my car tomorrow and having some friends over before school starts back.

Hope everyone is well

#17 Neonatal Diabetes

Posted 28 January 2010 - 09:04 PM

Adnama - Sarah needs to take creon which they use for Cystic Fibrosis patients, Sarah doesnt have a Pancreas which produces both Insulin (hence the Diabetes) and also digestive juices that allow our bodies to absorb the nutrients we need to survive. Until they can swallow capsules it needs to be given with something with a slighly acidic base so the gut doesnt destroy the granules.

Her daily meds are alot better now. She is now only on Insulin, Creon, Losec and vitamins A,E,D & K

So she has been having solid food since she was about 1.2kgs  tongue.gif

Sarah had a UTI last week, so we need to take her for a Renal Ultrasound aswell, am going to try and get around to it next week sometime.

We got some Video of her eating a chicken nugget today, was very cute!

#18 adnama

Posted 29 January 2010 - 07:15 AM

Kat - Thanks for explaining, Amelia was on tablets (phenobarb) as a newborn until 2 1/2 we had to crush hers and dissolve it in milk but once she hit 1 i gave it to her to chew and swallow.
Sounds like she is still on a lot lol

#19 adnama

Posted 03 March 2010 - 08:42 AM

did i scare everyone away

#20 nswsharlene

Posted 09 March 2010 - 10:53 AM

thought i better pop my head in here again  original.gif  slacko i am  sad.gif

welcome Kat & Sarah  original.gif  pretty sure i've seen you around EB before  wink.gif

anyone else have a child still not sleeping through? Lucas has slept through maybe 5 nights since birth.not having enough sleep is killing me.
he's a fussy bugger eating too & would rather feed his meals to the dogs.he thinks it's funny  rolleyes.gif

#21 annodam

Posted 16 March 2010 - 11:13 AM


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#22 CoreysMummy

Posted 17 March 2010 - 10:58 AM

Hi everyone,

Haven't been on here much now I'm back to work 5 days. Leave home Mon & Fri at 6 to get to work by 7.30am. Tues/Wed/Thur we leave home just before 7 drop Joshua to daycare then off to work I go.

Joshua has been in daycare 7 weeks now and is settling in ok. Cries when I leave him in the morning but they say once I am gone he stops.

Still having tantrums - hates having his nappy changed and will cry, scream and try to roll over which is frustrating at times sad.gif

He still wakes between 12-2am but most nights will resettle himself otherwise we go in and just give him a llittle pat

#23 alilypad

Posted 19 March 2010 - 07:46 AM

QUOTE (nswsharlene @ 09/03/2010, 11:53 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
thought i better pop my head in here again  original.gif  slacko i am  sad.gif

welcome Kat & Sarah  original.gif  pretty sure i've seen you around EB before  wink.gif

anyone else have a child still not sleeping through? Lucas has slept through maybe 5 nights since birth.not having enough sleep is killing me.
he's a fussy bugger eating too & would rather feed his meals to the dogs.he thinks it's funny  rolleyes.gif

Sharlene, I was in your shoes until only recently.  Was still up feeding once in the middle of the night.  I was going insane with lack of sleep...does Lucas still have two sleeps a day?  I've found that changing to only one sleep has made a huge difference.  Joseph still sometimes wakes, but no longer needs a feed, just a little pat and he settles.  Most nights we can get him through until 5.30am.
Also, he's in cloth nappies, but I find he'll sleep a bit longer if he's in a disposable.
Just some ideas?
Good luck with the eating too.  Joseph wasn't fussy per se, but it was a battle to get him to eat anything significant (an eighth of a weetbix and 2 slices of banana were a good day!).  Just recently, he's improved out of sight - all by himself, we changed nothing.  Sometimes I think they just do it themselves when they're ready.  (he does feed bits a pieces to the dogs too...it's hard to get cross because he looks so cute when he raises his hands in the air as if to say "how did that happen?").

Kat, I hope that Sarah is continuing to go well.  I feel for what you've all been through and wish you a lighter road ahead!

CoreysMummy, glad Corey's settled into Daycare.  Joseph loves it!  We still have tears in the morning, but same as you , it's only until I'm out of sight.  He has become very clingy with me and he cries everytime I leave him even for just a moment.

E'thing is going ok here for us although DH and I both had gastro last weekend - thank goodness DS hasn't caught it.  I thought it was meant to happen the other way around?  How is e'one going with illness since starting daycare?  DS had a slight infection but recovered pretty quickly - it's awful when they are sick, I just feel so helpless!!!

Hope all are happy and healthy!

#24 nswsharlene

Posted 22 March 2010 - 02:28 PM

alilypad(sorry can't remember your name)Linda i think?
Lucas only has 1 day sleep & it's usually only 20mins-half hour  sad.gif  so there's no way he's getting too much sleep.After then he usually wakes screaming cause of the little amount of sleep.He wears disposables to bed & cloth in the day as well.

Hi to everyone else  original.gif  Hope you're all soldiering on  wink.gif

#25 annodam

Posted 09 April 2010 - 08:03 AM


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