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#1 Sandra

Posted 21 January 2010 - 09:07 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 Starbuck

Posted 21 January 2010 - 10:09 AM

woo hoo

#3 BronR

Posted 21 January 2010 - 12:35 PM

O I thought I might be first.....LOL

Kay. No real insight from me into Nate but he sure sounds well advanced to me and I know nothing about the sensory thinggy. I believe Rory is clever (keep being told by people who should know) but he's nowhere at the reading of what you describe for Nate (more on this below 'cause I find it interesting). But the point about CC not noticing or commenting on it runs a bit true to Rory too. So Rory is very good a puzzles and always has been. At home he is doing lost of 49 and 60 piece puzzles unassisted when he can be bothered. But the comment on his end of year assessment from CC was something along the lines of "Rory is able to complete puzzles but usually requires the assistance of his peers or teachers".  Now clearly I know this means he is not interested, or using it as a social tool with his freinds or just plain lazy and can't be bothered. LOL

With Rory's reading, I've been wondering with those of you who have reading children how you can tell they are reading and not "remembering". Rory has an amazing memory. He will remember quite difficult books (eg almost all the the Beatrix Potter books), verbatim, after 2 or 3 reads (he got about 6 new bookd for CHristmas and by the end of Boxing Day could recite them all and believe me we weren't reading stories all day LOL) so when he "reads" a book I know he is remembering it and not reading however if I open a random page and ask him to point to a certain word out of context he can do it every time. More than likely he is looking for the sound of the first letter and chances are he'll be right but it's not always the only word starting with that letter that. He will remember books we haven't touched in months so it's not just a short term memory thing. So how do Nate/Kai anyone else read and not just remember??? How can you have enough books to allow for this.  huh.gif

#4 Kay1

Posted 21 January 2010 - 06:59 PM

Bron, I can tell because Nate has a crap memory LOL. He actually does, but seriously, it is a very good question and when I first saw him reading I wondered this exactly. First I bought some flashcards and he read them (most of them anyway by sounding out the words while I feigned that I was too busy to 'do it for him') So I went to the library and borrowed a whole bunch of first readers and when we got home I sat down with a magazine and just left the readers out. He picked them up and read them all with only the occasional request for help and my jaw was pretty much on the floor LOL. Also the Thomas books, he has about 25 and they have a lot of words. He points his finger at each word and works out the sounds as he is reading and will ask for help with the big ones. Some he knows as sight words obviously and reads those straight away. At the moment he is into reading this book that we have read a million times before.  He can't remember the words but will sound them out and obviously it helps that he does know because the beginning of the words jogs his memory.  I know what you mean about the puzzles at preschool thing, its such a different environment there with so many different competing factors.

On the other hand Nate can't wipe his own butt or do up/undo a button. blush.gif He has only just started putting his own shoes on and will ALWAYS put his undies and pants on backwards. Wont even attempt shirts. Absent minded professor in the making I reckon wub.gif .

#5 ~*Sharon*~

Posted 21 January 2010 - 08:55 PM

lol - Hannah is the opposite with jigsaws!  I keep getting told how good she is with them at kinder, but at home she is lazy!  I find it so hard to take a back seat, because she is a bright kid, and she shows it at kinder, but if she is at home with one of us she just wont think if she doesn't have to.

Toby is going in tomorrow morning for eye surgery to correct a turn. sad.gif  I have been kind of avoiding thinking about it, so it has come up quite suddenly. I will update on facebook as things pan out (I made sure I could access the internet from my phone in preparation. lol.

#6 Kay1

Posted 22 January 2010 - 07:14 AM

Good luck Toby!! Sharon that photo in your sig is gorgeous btw.

Does anyone else have a Wii? Dh bought me one for christmas. We don't use it much as we don't have wiifit or anything yet but DH got the package with Mariokart and Nate is OBSESSED. It is the most excited he gets about anything and almost jumps out of his skin. He is only allowed to play it for 20 minutes every few days but he lives for it....he is begging for it now. He's actually really good now and can win the whole grand prix. Ah well, I suppose if he can't be a fast runner he can win popularity by being good at computer games LOL.

#7 Titania

Posted 22 January 2010 - 11:20 AM

On the other hand Nate can't wipe his own butt or do up/undo a button.  He has only just started putting his own shoes on and will ALWAYS put his undies and pants on backwards. Wont even attempt shirts.

Lorcan can't do any of that. He can put on his crocs. And he can almost get his undies on. He can take all his clothes off (without buttons)... but that's it.

He can swim underwater now... so I guess that's something - and he can swing himself high on a swing with no help (just taught himself Weds).

He can't read or write anything - he can recognise a few letters and quite a lot of numbers - he's not especially keen on painting, but drawing is starting to improve. He can talk the leg off a table - is that a skill? lol

Good luck Toby for today - hope it goes smoothly!

#8 Kay1

Posted 22 January 2010 - 11:50 AM

T - Definitely a skill LOL, he might be a lawyer one day! laughing2.gif Oooh I am excited that Nate can swim underwater too - not far but its a huge improvement on before. original.gif He struggles with numbers over 40 although he's perfectly able and willing to tell me the speed limit on every road and lecture me about not going faster than it LOL.

#9 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 23 January 2010 - 12:54 PM


I have been trying to post for weeks but kept getting interrupted!

Nothing new or interesting to report over here really.. scan in a week woohoo!!

We are seriously thinking about moving back to the hills this year (if not next month! So double woohoo there.  We're waiting for some money to come in first - been owed thousands since before xmas - stinky construction industry rant.gif but once that happens we'll start looking at houses - I can't wait.  I would love to have this baby at Hornsby hospital where I had the other two - just because I'm familiar with how they do things there and I was happy enough with the service I got.  I'm really scared about going to Nepean hospital (which is just down the road from here) - they seem modern and nice enough but I dont know what to expect from them. unsure.gif

18 weeks today happy.gif can I just say that I am really really really happy that I'm not further along right now - this heat is a killer, 43 degrees today wacko.gif  Our lounge is open plan so all the cold air from the aircon is just flowing out into all the other rooms of the house - I did a naughty and nailed a couple of old duvet covers over the doorways and it's working a treat - just hope the inlaws dont come over soon because it's all the old horrid sheets/covers they gave us a couple of years ago biggrin.gif

Has anyone started looking at schools etc yet.  Theres a nice one just down the road from here and they start taking enrolments in April ffear.gif  I really want to be out and away from here by then - I dont want Damian to go to school here - even if it's a nice school unsure.gif I'm such a snob ninja.gif blush.gif

Anywho.. better go - just wanted to pop in and see how everyone's doing

talk soon!


Ps.  Sharon - how's Toby doing?

#10 Kay1

Posted 23 January 2010 - 02:19 PM

Lynny I am starting to fret about schools. All my friends have either enrolled their kids or at least done several school tours. unsure.gif Some have started going to church so they can send their kid to the Catholic school!

Our plan is just to send Nate to the little local Primary down the road. Its literally a 5 minute walk which I think is great and its meant to be a pretty good school. They are building a whole lot of classrooms and a new hall I think at the moment too.  I'm going to try and meet with someone to talk about Nate and unless that goes very badly we will be sending him there. I like the idea of him having friends from school living in the local area and also I like the fact I won't have to drive him anywhere! I kind of fell like I should be doing a lot more though.

SO EXCITED ddance.gif I ordered my new camera today with the idea that DH would pick it up (in city) on Monday - if I was lucky and the order went through quickly. Well 5 mins after I put it in (online) a guy from the shop rang me and said he noticed our address is only a block from him and would I like him to take it home with him and I can pick up tonight???? ddance.gif I wish now I'd included the 50mm lens as well but I bought the extended warranty etc and then kind of freaked at the price a bit and so I stopped LOL. Oh well, all in good time!

Edited by Kay1, 23 January 2010 - 02:22 PM.

#11 butterflies

Posted 23 January 2010 - 07:22 PM

Hello all

Well I have survived Paris slumber party, it all went well, some girls had a very late night 2am  ohmy.gif  but all in all it was good.

Sharon - I hope Toby is doing well!!

I had my laprascopy last Friday, no endo, so I am thinking pain is coming from the bowel, so back to the gyno on monday to see what next step is, I would say that he will send me off for a camera up the bum, he has spoken about divaticulitis (sp?) which is what my dad has, does anyone know anything about it?  I have looked it up briefly but they all say that mostly older people get it??? will wait and see what happens.

I can't remember what has been said on FB or on here??

On the other hand Nate can't wipe his own butt or do up/undo a button.

LOL Zahli can wipe her butt and do buttons but mostly chooses not too because 'but mum you do it better' yeah thanks!!  I think Zahli can do more dressing herself things because her sisters do it!!  Where I was still dressing Paris in Kindergarten for school.

Kay we have a wii (have a look at my FB photos, at paris' party they played Just dance, it's great)  It's fantastic!!  I am lucky I don't have a problem with them wanting to play it all the time, they are more out doors girls (tramp and pool)  We have wii fit but I don't get to use it because when I want a turn I get a line up of girls also wanting a turn.

As for swimming Zahli is a fish like her sisters, I or DH haven't had to get in the pool with her for over a year, she is a confident swimmer and is now doing forward flips into the pool.

Lynny yay move back!!! I bet your having a boy!!

as for schools Zahli is going to the local public schools with her sisters, and do you think it's a bit keen if I ask for an enrollment form on the first day back?? LOL!  

it's just high school that I am struggling with.  Paris is going into Year 4 this year so I have to do something soon.  Their names are down at a private school that is a bit far from here (would love to move closer to this school and live on property though) which is coed and non denominational.  But I have started looking into a coed anglican school (which I said I would never do but there aren't very many options) which is on the bus line and drops the kids at the top of our street 20m away.

righto I have chewed your ears off enough this evening, DH is clocing up down here so I think it's bed time...... night!!

#12 Starbuck

Posted 23 January 2010 - 09:57 PM

As you are all aware, we are looking for a car. Gah, arrggghh. I hate making decisions and DH hates being around me trying to make decisions laughing2.gif

Karina Looking at FB photos, your girls are all so different. I am glad to hear no endo. Camera up the bum, is abit yuck, but I have had it. I have at times very severe pain and bloating, plus other symptoms, it is put down to IBS, which is not as bad as Inflammed Bowel Disease, plus food intollerances. Is it possible it is something simple like that?

I spent 2 weeks in Nepean in the antenatal ward with Rosie at 32 weeks. It was very nice (esp compared to Bathurst at the time). I was well taken care of.

Kay Yay on the camera. I cannot really relate but yay.

We are currently half way through a tv show that we started at 9:30. A is just not going to sleep. I really feel angry and frustrated and cannot do anything about it. It is like this every night, and with everything else we are all going through, we just cannot deal. DH is super stressed about his PhD. He has 5 more months of being paid, but he won't be finished. He tries to work most nights and weekends now. After that, who knows what we will do financially... The only reason we can afford the car is the money we got when FIL died. We partly think, don't buy a good car - save the money, and partly think, just buy one while we can and need to and make it one that will last for ages. Our last car was a toyota camry stationwagon, 94 and was crappy- ish when we bought it. It lasted almost 8 years. So we figure if we buy one it can last a while.

Seriously, right now I just cannot stand A. I don't know how we are supposed to cope if we cannot ever relax at night and cannot ever get to bed at any reasonable hour. And I know that since she is so very sensitive emotionally that this is all affecting her mentally and will probably leave long lasting scars. Our appointment with her psych cannot come fast enough.

I am off to binge on nougat or something because I am so friggen stressed.

I may come in and wipe some of this but I was posting and it all came pouring out, sorry.

#13 Kay1

Posted 24 January 2010 - 07:23 AM

Wow Kirsten that sounds incredibly stressful. I hope the psych can help. What does the GP say? Has she got a paed? I am thinking that she sounds like a candidate for ....ah crap, gone blank. That medicine kids can take to help them get to sleep..... unsure.gif I know a little girl who cannot get to sleep without it.

I have had a few nights of insomnia and its awful. On Sat night I took two Valerian forte and I slept....OMG I could hardly wake up.

I do think its a good idea to buy a good car while you can. If you buy an old crappy one you'll constantly be spending money on fixing it. Good luck with it all. bbighug.gif

Karina - That's great that your girls love being outside. Nate doesn't. I have to tell him to go outside. Once I get him on the trampoline he loves it but he prefers to have someone there with him. He would watch tv/play computer/wii 24/7 if I let him. Leo's different, he loves to be outside and is much less interested in tv (although they are both watching now).

I hope you get an answer to your issues without too many more tests....yucky. I have heard of diverticulitis but don't know anything about it sorry.

Your photos on FB are gorgeous. original.gif

Okay off to play with my new toy - I can't believe its raining and all I want to do is go out and take photos!!

#14 Starbuck

Posted 24 January 2010 - 11:14 AM

Thanks Kay. I know there is Melatonin that some kids need to take. We are seriously thinking of asking really seriously about it. The GP thinks it is mostly psychological, but she has never slept well, even as a baby. She has never been able to get herself to sleep. We think now especially with all the stress in this household, we may need her to be taking something, at least in the short term, or the stress on all of us will be too much.

Thankfully, FINALLY, I have got a pychologist who is at the Community health centre (=free) and will see me weekly. She heard about ALL my issues, mental, physical and all the things that go along with that, financial, Rosie's CF, Alyssia's sensitivity/sleep issues, stress of DH's PhD, etc and said even for one of those things I could do with  counselling/someone to talk to, not to mention all of them. It is such a relief knowing each week there is somone to talk to/nut it out with.

We are becoming more settled on the Honda Odyssey. We are looking at one in town tomorrow. We won't buy it cause it is way out of our price range due to only having 17,000kms on it. And it's from the dealer who sells 2nd hand cars dearer than new ones.  wacko.gif But that way we get to look really closely at it/even drive it. Then coming down to Sydney later in the week cause there are a few places that are looking to give us good prices, we just have to decide which exact car/deal. So excited, it is such a luxurius car for us.  ddance.gif

Off to do Pep mask with Ro as she has a cough. Damn it!!

#15 Kay1

Posted 24 January 2010 - 01:07 PM

That's it - melatonin. Definitely worth a try I'd say. Its pretty safe too I think, not addictive. I took some Valerian tablets the other night because I couldn't sleep the night before and wow it certainly helped.  Don't know if you can give it to kids though.

That is great you have a psych you can see regularly. Definitely helpful to have that support. Good luck with the car buying. The Odyssey is great, I really liked them but at the time were out of our budget. Our other car is a Honda though and its great. original.gif

#16 bellemae

Posted 24 January 2010 - 01:09 PM

Hiya all biggrin.gif

Skim read the last few days worth...at my parents and get minimal time on the computer. -trying- to get some site clearing happening...I think the world has decided this really isn't meant to happen sad.gif Thurs Matt got his leg with the machete and now has stitches, Friday he got jabbed in the eye with a stick, he was back at our house Friday night, hospital Sat morning, he's scratched his retina so they eye patched him and he had to leave it on for 24hrs and return Sun morning so we were stuck out here!! This morning they checked it and say it's ok to take the patch off so he has returned, but it looks horrid and it's still VERY blurry (he shouldn't have driven, but me and the kids were stuck out here alone and were running low on food & water!)...guess I'm driving home sad.gif   Through all this though we have managed a small amount of work, still feels nice to get something done.

Kay If they're the Thomas books I'm thinking of, that's REALLY impressive! Your question was 'how unusual is this?' The answer - VERY. Kai is advanced for his age, but he can't/wont read those Thomas books alone. I say can't/wont as I have my suspicions that if he didn't get so damn frustrated with himself that he'd be closer to being able to, but unfortunately (like his brother) he's a perfectionist and seems to get defeated easily when he can't do things, rather than getting determined to figure them out IYKWIM. But no, Kai's definitely not reading at that level yet. When you think about it, it's quite advanced. MOST kids aren't reading when they start school, and Nate isn't due to start school for another year. MOST kids who can read a bit when they start school can do just that 'read a bit', they still wouldn't be capable of some of the words you say Nate has figured out. So what I'm saying is VERY FEW kids start school reading at the level Nate is now, and he doesn't start for another year - so actually, VERY advanced! You should be proud biggrin.gif

Sorry, better go, Kai's had a meltdown of something.....sigh....

#17 Titania

Posted 24 January 2010 - 10:07 PM

Flip - so far behind - sorry...

Kirsten _ will email you in the next day or two (hopefully - that's the intent - email me and put a boot up my bum if I don't.... sorry, so flat out)...

Ummm now I've forgotten the rest....

Oh yeah  - Belle - Machete???!!! OUchy - are you sure Matt's not accident prone... sounds risky.

Kay - See - won't listen to me, will ya (not that I've had fifteen odd years experience with kids - gifted, ADHD, hearing, speech and behavioural issues...) - GIFTED I say!! ;p
Honestly, would explain so much. original.gif

*oh and just about us - boys are doing great. My insomnia and tinnitus is currently dreadful - and I am considering going back on to sleeping pills. I really don't want to - as I've been this course before and it just screws me up - so I will bear with having three hours sleep a night as long as I can... Ha - at least this time it's not much to do with the kids (except when they wake me up and I can't get back to sleep - a common occurrence).
Also, I am getting so much work on (about to start a month long editing contract, as well as the Hippy Hippy Shakes Business), that I am either going to need to employ someone, or at least hire a cleaner lol... Just a bit flat out....

Edited by Titania, 24 January 2010 - 10:12 PM.

#18 Kay1

Posted 25 January 2010 - 06:17 AM

Belle - Oooh ouchy poor Matt! sad.gif Glad you got something done at least. They are the small Thomas collectible books. He reads about 80% I'd say. He is a perfectionist too so if I'm around he'll say "I can't read this word Mum" etc but if I leave him to it he just muddles through and only asks on the really hard ones. Last night he read the word costume with no trouble ohmy.gif

T - Its not that I don't believe you LOL. I just don't want to assume its so unusual. blush.gif

Well I have put some pics on FB. FB ruins the quality though, they are so clear and sharp on my computer but they are good anyway (for someone with little to no idea what she is doing LOL). Can't wait to do my course in March original.gif .

#19 mhjemma

Posted 25 January 2010 - 10:14 AM

In a hurry, about to do battle with the family assistance office yet again. Why is government bureaucracy so bloody useless?

Kay  - The fact that Nate worked out that the 'e' at the end of the word makes the vowel name (ie. long sound instead of short) is truly amazing! We call it the 'magic e' and it often takes prep - grade 1 children months of repetition to get this!!! For a 4 year old to work out such a rule on his own astounds me!! Be very proud biggrin.gif
As for talented vs. gifted, I don't know. If he is gifted, do some research on how best to support his learning as it can be a very tricky road for some.

T - Glad to hear that the business is working out so well for you biggrin.gif Looking forward to the bug repellent.

Belle - Wow, Matt has had a bad run of accidents! Poor man. Hope the clumsy, accident prone stage leaves him along soon! Great to hear that there is progress on your block biggrin.gif

Kirsten - Hope Rosie's cough goes away soon. Glad that you are able to access a psych on a regular basis. You are a strong woman to survive with all of the challenges in you and your family's life.

Karina - I have Wii fit too, but also don't get a chance to get on it thanks to a certain little boy that believes he can do everything better than me! Mind you, it's hilarious to watch him doing the running Tounge1.gif Hope the docs can find the cause of your pain soon (although the camera up the bum doesn't sound like fun!!)

Ok, really have to go and make that phone call.Grrrrrrrrr


#20 mirandarine

Posted 28 January 2010 - 09:24 AM

Boy its quiet in here!

Where is Mel with a quiz? wink.gif  rolleyes.gif

Z back at school yesterday, she has her first male teacher and was at first a little unsure- however by the end of the day, he had won her over and I think he may have found his class pet! LOL Very conscientious with the homework ( new books, new pencils etc make all the difference you see...) She came inside, changed her clothes, got a drink and got stuck into it straight away.

C was a different child yesterday... no whining like she has done for the past couple of weeks. She had me to herself and made the most out of it! She wanted to play "schools" so we did flash cards and printed some "homework" off of the net for her to complete.
She even had a nap, because I convinced her thats what they do on hot days at big school! hehehehe

I have had a perforated ear drum and have been on anti-b's since last fri.... I am still inncredibly deaf in the right ear- it feels glued shut. I think it may need to be flushed or something? Icky anyhoo.

Marty had an accident at work last evening, where gas bottles in the cellar at work fell from a shelf and pinned him down from behind. He has a bruised back and is sore, so off to the Dr this am.

Its hot up here today.... how I wish I lived in NSW again....

#21 Kay1

Posted 29 January 2010 - 01:30 PM

Miranda I hope your ear is all better now. And Marty's back.

Mardi - Aw thanks. I actually don't think he worked it out all on his own, I think the Tag reader says it on one of his books. But he cottoned onto it immediately which I thought was pretty clever anyway. I did the Schonell test on him and his reading age worked out to be 7.3 years. Don't know how reliable that is though LOL.

Well I popped in here mainly because Mel mentioned on FB that she caught up on some neglected internet forums.....so of course I assumed she'd posted but NO!! She is cheating on us girls!! laughing2.gif

#22 bellemae

Posted 31 January 2010 - 09:34 AM

Tien started back at school Thursday, new class (yr 3! No idea where that time went), new teacher (a male teacher too - think it will be great for him original.gif ), very happy about it all so far. Kai starts Wednesday this week ohmy.gif He's got all his uniforms, new school bag etc...gosh I'm nervous for him - Kai on the other hand is just really excited!!! *fingers crossed* all goes smoothly.

#23 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 31 January 2010 - 10:01 AM

okay going to try and post while the kids are quiet - touch wood!

PC has been playing up and I've had a horrid cold for nearly a week so sorry for being MIA! ssorry.gif

I'm going well - next scan is tomorrow.  I am hoping to find out the sex, but as long as bub is healthy I'll be happy (I say that now, knowing that I'll be very annoyed if I have to walk out of there not knowing what sex it is! lol)

Kids have been keeping me very busy as well.  Em has entered the terrible two's in full force - omw she gets so grumpy at times!  If she's busy doing something that she shouldnt be doing and you tell her not to or you pick her up and take her somewhere else, she'll growl and give you a smack then runs away huh.gif

Wednesday I'm taking Damian to the zoo with one of our neighbours and her daughter.  I am looking forward to it but I'm a bit nervous about the drive into town from here - it's going to take a bit over an hour to get there provided that I dont get stuck in the wrong lane or take the wrong tunnel ninja.gif  Can take public transport but that involves two trains and a ferry - 2+ hours in total *shudder*

Just quickly though...

Kay - sounds like you've got one clever little boy there! Damian is just starting to recognise letters and wants to know what letter every second word starts with etc.  

Sharon - love looking at your piccies on FB happy.gif Toby is growing up so fast and Hannah is turning into one gorgeous little girl wub.gif

Karina - how are you holding up? Hope you manage to find out whats causing you all that pain and that they fix it soon!

Kirsten - thanks for the input RE: Nepean original.gif  They seem to be pretty good so far - I think I'm just being a snob lol Tounge1.gif  I would just have liked to have been familiar with how they do things and with the staff etc - everything is to new and strange.. okay I'll stop there - starting to sound like a 4 yr old now laughing2.gif  I hope you and hubby get a night off soon - sounds like you can really do with one now. sad.gif

Belle - OUCH! Hope your DH is on the mend - what a rough trot with the clearing ffear.gif have you got much left to do?

T - glad to hear the business is taking off so fast tthumbs.gif hope you can get some extra help in soon

Miranda - Hope your hubby is okay sad.gif  And that your ear feels better soon

Sorry that'll have to do for now - kids just wont leave me alone today aannoyed.gif It's wet and muggy too so I can't let them play outside cry1.gif

Big hello to everyone and those I've missed.  And to all the people who've posted piccies on FB, they're all gorgeous original.gif


#24 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 31 January 2010 - 10:02 AM

Belle - good luck for wednesday - I'm sure he'll be fine!  happy.gif

#25 mirandarine

Posted 31 January 2010 - 05:42 PM

Congrats Kirsten on the new car. Id love a new car! I have been driving my trusty station wagon for nearly 7 yrs and she hasnt missed a beat! Ill miss her when I have to replace original.gif

Belle- Ill be thinking of Mr K on wednesday. I hope you have planned a coffee morning with someone after ( to take your mind off of things/console you that you have no babies at home!)

Lynny- good luck with the scan tomorrow. My favourite scan of all, because you can get a good view etc original.gif

Im still deaf sad.gif Its making me batty. Second visit to the GP and he recommends sudofed and Vicks Sinex spray.... still deaf and still grumpy! I think maybe I need to go for a drive up a mountain or something- change the altitude lol!

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