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#126 Nut

Posted 12 February 2010 - 08:16 PM

Kristy - At the moment my mother looks after Elena while I take Alex to kidstart. It's our one on one time really, something special for just us.

but there are 2 others who bring their babies with them (both about the same age as El) and it works out. Other mothers help out, Kirsty the teacher helps a lot as well. The babies get given musical instruments to play as well if they wish when doing music time and as the babies get older they get included a bit more.

But it is much easier for me to just be able to focus on Alex, and nicer for him to have that time. I took her a few times and I find he tends to not participate in the group activities as much if I have her on my lap as well.

#127 *Moi*

Posted 12 February 2010 - 08:44 PM

Kristen - Harley's just growing out of the nb stage now I think.. but he is huge so prob has something to do with it!

#128 darnie

Posted 13 February 2010 - 09:33 AM

Hi Everyone! waves.gif

Kristen: Great to see you this morning! Thanks for coming up to us. J looked just gorgeous and so very happy! wub.gif I was going to suggest we get a coffee together but when I went back to look for you, the whole street was bedlam and I just wanted to get out. Oh, and how great that J is ok about the school pickup line. I look at our beautifully laminated surnames, stuck to the fridge, and feel like a bad mum because we will probably never get to use them. Erin will always be going to After School Care cry1.gif

Dads: How are all of the unwell Dads? Going well, I hope.

Must go. We need to get swimming stuff sorted out, and Erin has to be collected from ballet soon. After swimming, DH is meant to be going out to Goulborn to use his birthday present from last year - hot laps of Wakefield Park in a V8. He's got some laps with himself driving and some laps being driven by a racing car driver. We were going to go too, but it is looking a bit wet and Alice seems a bit off today. I don't really want to stand around with the girls in the rain waiting for him but I also do want to watch!

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#129 Cantabile

Posted 13 February 2010 - 02:19 PM

Who's loving this rain? biggrin.gif

Hope everyone's having a good weekend. It's been a bit quiet.

#130 darnie

Posted 13 February 2010 - 05:25 PM

I had a long sleep this afternoon, and so did Alice. I think Alice is cutting teeth because she just isn't quite right.

#131 *Caro*

Posted 13 February 2010 - 06:21 PM

A sleep Darnie? What is this thing you speak of, sleep? I am unfamiliar with the concept!  wink.gif

Nah, pleased to hear it.  It was the perfect afternoon for a snooze! I would have loved one myself, but friends of ours came over with their 2 very noisy, rambunctious sons, so 5 kids ran amok through our house, screaming at every turn  rolleyes.gif  Angus was in awe of the older boys, and I found him at one stage 'zooming' a car along the floor, which I have never seen him do before, so he obviously learnt something this afternoon original.gif  

Speaking of Angus, his speech has gone through the roof lately.  He now says mama, dadda, ta, a garbled goodbye, hello, banana, and last night in the bath, I counted 'one' and he answered 'two'.  I nearly fell over!  Not bad for a kid who wasn't talking a month ago!

I am intrigued to hear about schools that have a drop-off-and-pick-up spot.  Ours doesn't seem to have one, which is ok for now because I don't think Em and I are ready to use it, but boy it would be useful come July when its freezing cold and I will have a newborn, a toddler and jealous 4 yo to get in and out of the car  rolleyes.gif

I hope all the unwell Dads are doing ok.  

My parents have actually just booked a trip to Canberra in March, which is fab.  They will here for Em's swimming carnival, which is great timing.  And its on a Monday, so I'll be able to go too  biggrin.gif

Deanne, how did DH go with v8's? Would have been interesting, with all the rain on the tracks  wink.gif

Leonie, what happened to your computer? I would go mad without mine for a week!

Kirsten, I had a similar experience at Zeffs a little while ago.  It was weekend lunchtime and we thought we'd pop in for a quick, easy lunch. So much for that!  It wasn't very busy, but we were still hard pressed to get any attention or service.  They so weren't switched on to how dining with kids works wacko.gif  And the clearing of dirty plates left a LOT to be desired.  I won't be rushing back.

I would love to sneak out of work for coffee and cake on Tuesday morning - but I can't coz I'm going for my ultrasound instead ddance.gif  We are still trying to work out if we want to find out gender or not.  I'm not sure, DH thinks yes.  It just feels too early in the pregnancy to find out, for some reason.  I thought we might get them to write it down, and we can read it later when the aches and pains are getting to me and I need something to get me excited laughing2.gif

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#132 darnie

Posted 13 February 2010 - 06:42 PM

Deanne, how did DH go with v8's? Would have been interesting, with all the rain on the tracks
It was cancelled, hence the long naps this afternoon! Apparently we are now booked in for 21 March.

Caro: Angus' speech sounds like it is coming along swimmingly! I must start counting more with Alice unsure.gif Isn't it beautiful hearing them grasp new words? We have noticed Alice's speech zoom along in the last month or two also. Erin wasn't speaking nearly as much at the same age but she had glue ear and couldn't hear. I can't believe that you are 19 weeks! That has gone quickly! I didn't want to find out the gender with either of our girls. With Erin, we kept it a complete surprise, and with Alice Rob found out and I didn't. I found out when she was born wub.gif

We stil have kids running around, thanks to Alice & I sleeping until 5:30pm! Hopefully Alice will be ready in the next few minutes for bed, but that could be wishful thinking. Erin is watching Madagascar, so it will be a while before she is ready for the night time routine.

Better go. I am rambling.

#133 Marvel

Posted 13 February 2010 - 07:09 PM

Caro: Aw, JEALOUS! I don't have my ultrasound until Friday at 4!! sad.gif
I had to choose between a scan at 19 weeks and a scan at 21 weeks, and for some bizarre reason, my GP preferred 21 weeks...

I think I will find out gender and let my EB buddies know, but DH has requested I not tell him. Since as this is our last bub, I think he wants to have a surprise original.gif

Deanne: I wish I had a nap! Owen decided to forgo his, and is now overtired, cranky and whinging in bed!!

#134 *Caro*

Posted 13 February 2010 - 07:49 PM

Mishy, I love your new sig!  I too thought it was funny that I was having my scan before you  blush.gif It feels too soon for me; it's all going by way too fast!  hey, I forgot to say before - thank you for mentioning a while ago that you are trying to savour this last pregnancy.  That comment really resonated with me, and every time I feel like complaining, I try to remind myself to enjoy this last pregnancy, and make the most of feeling of a baby growing and kicking - and stretching me all out of shape Tounge1.gif

#135 *Caro*

Posted 13 February 2010 - 07:52 PM

Oh and Deanne, I wasn't 'counting' as such with Angus.  I was trying to get him to sit down in the bath, and he was refusing, so I automatically started to count to three like I do with the girls when they are about to get into trouble for being recalcitrant.  You know, the "one-two-three - do it before I confiscate your toys" drill!!  It seems he has heard that one a few times already laughing2.gif

#136 Cantabile

Posted 13 February 2010 - 08:04 PM

Mish & Caro - love hearing you girls talk about your pregnancy. Can't wait to hear how both go at the scan. original.gif

Is anyone doing anything for Valentine's tmrw?

#137 darnie

Posted 13 February 2010 - 08:08 PM

so I automatically started to count to three like I do with the girls when they are about to get into trouble for being recalcitrant. You know, the "one-two-three - do it before I confiscate your toys" drill!! It seems he has heard that one a few times already
Ah yes. Now that you mention it, Alice has "counted" to DH in the same context - finger pointing at him and all! roll2.gif

Mish: It worked well with us, DH knowing what we were having and me not knowing. I like surprises. Apart from the first couple of days of him knowing, we didn't mention it to each other. There came a point towards the end where I nearly gave in and asked him to tell me. I had high BP and gestational diabetes with Alice, and for the last few weeks, I was having ultrasounds every couple of weeks, CTGs in between, weekly appointments, I nearly made him tell me as part of my coping mechanisim but managed to hold off. It was fun.

Caro: I was adamant that I would savour my pregnancy with Alice, too, but I found it a bit of a struggle.

ETA Caro, in a similar vein to the couting, Alice has taken herself tot he tinking spot a few times. Obviously she has seen that happen a bit because we only have to say "If you keep doing that, we will have to put you in the thinking spot" and she takes herself off, even crying at the same stage of the exercise as what Erin would! laughing2.gif

Edited by darnie, 13 February 2010 - 08:11 PM.

#138 Marvel

Posted 13 February 2010 - 09:05 PM

Caro: My pleasure!! I can totally understand having to remind yourself, I am getting a fair bit of hip and back pain this time round and am actually fearing labour a little because of it, but I am still determined to take every day as it comes and ENJOY it! laughing2.gif
I actually felt a bit misty when I read what you wrote, how sappy am I getting LOL
Thanks for the comment on the sig, it is my first attempt at making them myself and I thought the photo was too good an opportunity to miss in making one biggrin.gif

Deanne - I am tempted to tell everyone IRL that I didn't get to see the gender because of crossed legs... With the boys my parents didn't want to know and both times well-meaning friends and family kept letting it slip! They have both said they want to know this time around, but I think it is so they aren't as disappointed when they find out anyway. There is something cool in just letting people in EB land know, and keeping the secret to myself  dev (6).gif

Cantabile: DH and I haven't really done anything for Valentine's Day for aaaages! I did hint that I wanted to do something this year, but DH is going to Sydney for 2 days late next week so I said that he can buy me something nice up there instead lol!

Ok, early night for me I think... 'Night all!!

#139 beaglebabe

Posted 14 February 2010 - 09:55 AM

Hi girls,

Lovely weather for..... shovelling soil?  DH shovelled four cubic metres of it yesterday in the rain, as well as finishing off building four raised veggie beds.  For once I was glad to be inside entertaining kids.  This morning we braved the rain and went to Bunnings for seeds for the new garden beds, and I had to change a dirty nappy in the boot of the car - needless to say I got rather wet!  Am now home wearing snuggly warm tracksuit pants and comtemplating putting ugh boots on.  To think that a few days ago I was sweating away and mourning the loss of our aircon....

Mishy - I'm hopeless at secrets, so I reckon I'd spill the beans at some point.  I think it is pretty cool if you can manage to stay quiet.

Caro and Deanne - it's amazing what they learn from watching the older kids.  I reckon Lucia will have plenty of practice with the naughty corner when her time comes.  She's started hitting a bit lately, and I've noticed Toby is very quick to discipline her.  He clearly understands the rules, even if he refuses to obey them himself!

Grace - DH doesn't 'believe' in Valentine's Day, so we never do anything (apart from conceiving a baby four years ago  ph34r.gif )

Why does it feel like mid-afternoon when it isn't even 11am?

I'm going to start working three days a week from this week.  I've only been doing two, and I'm finding it really hard to get my head into the work space, and maintain any momentum at work.  So hopefully three days will help on that front.  Although I suspect it will mean that I will be constantly chasing my tail with the housework.

Hope everyone is managing to entertain kids in this weather - Toby wants to go for a bike ride..... hmmm , perhaps not!


#140 It'sbeenawhile

Posted 14 February 2010 - 01:45 PM

HI girls,
Dad has let us borrow one of his computers, which was working fine at his house but since being plugged in at our house is super loud!! Dad even came out to 'check' on it and says its still fine to use!

I have spent the moring watching home DVDs with the boys and it bought back so many memories! They were so cute. There wasa little 2.5yr old Blake who couldnt say L's and Jack already throwing tantrums at 18months. It was funny when the boys 'remembered'things that had happened 4 years ago!! but couldnt remember our old house, which we moved out of in august!!
Dh has spent the weekend finishing Max;s bedroom and i have to say i am massively impressed and quite happy that i married a painter! Anne, you kinda saw Max's room before i think? (in the dark maybe?) well i will put before and after pics on facebook, such a trasformation. His old colours were top  half of walls YELLOwW bottom half of walls BLUE, blue skirting boards, doorframes etc. AND a wallpaper boarder inbetween the 2 colours which was very hard to remove. He did good. Next room will be Blakes, then ours which will be a big job as there is a old build in roe that needs to pulled down and modernised!

Caro: Thats cute about the vroom with the cars, Max does that with everything, and pretents that anything circular (including pikelets) is a sterring wheel. So i definitly thinh\k it was the influence of older boys!
I actually had a dream about you and Emmeline last night!!/Odd canmt really remember much of itbut it was a gfood dream. I have dreamt of Lara before aswell!

Michelle: Good on your DH! At least he didnt have to get all hot and swetty! What 3 days will you be working dnow? Is Lucia in care those days now or do your parents mind her?

Jo: How is William liking daycare? I am starting Max next thursday for 2 hours a morning on thursdays at the occasional care in tuggeranong. I used to have Jack to amuse him when i cleaned houses and sometimes Dad but so farsince Jack has started school dad hasnt been able to help out and its not far taking him with me there, i let him play around with me while i vacum large areas and dust etc, but i alswyas have to puthim in his pram with morning tea while i do bathrooms and mop etccand its not fair for him. So this daycare sounds liuke the best bet and as its only 2 hous it wont cost me much.  Hopefully hewill enjoy it.

Grace: We dont really celebrate valentines day here, but i did take Blake to his girlfriends house with some flowers from our garden and a handmade card, it was so sweet, they were both so embarrased!

Yikes, we live on a very busy road and 3 police cars a fire truck and an ambulkane just screamed past so something bad must have happened in this rain. I hope everyone ends up okay ...more are still going past now.

Okay must go and fold a mountain of washing! I can also see some sunlight coming in!

#141 Puggle

Posted 14 February 2010 - 01:50 PM

Leonie, you can always leave Max with me on a Thursday if you ever need to original.gif

Hi all, nice weather for ducks huh? waves.gif

#142 Cantabile

Posted 14 February 2010 - 08:58 PM

Anne - do you want Filly too lol!

Well we don't usually celebrate Valentine's day but today's the first day of Chinese New Year too so we headed out for yum cha.

Here's a pic of my little miss just after we got home during her best ROAAARRRRRRR impression lol! You might be able to see her toothy peg cutting through if you zoom in original.gif

Have good night everyone original.gif

Edited by Cantabile, 14 February 2010 - 09:02 PM.

#143 Puggle

Posted 14 February 2010 - 09:09 PM

Another lovely photo Grace. You wouldn't want to leave Filly here with Lauren and Max on the rampage, they'd teach her all sorts of tricks laughing2.gif

Caro and Mich, how exciting about your scans! Caro, should I hold off on selling the GF's I bought from you in case you want them back? wink.gif I'm hoping to list a stack of nappy stuff in the next few days, just have to get some photos taken and uploaded rolleyes.gif

#144 *Caro*

Posted 14 February 2010 - 09:15 PM

oh, now that is tempting Anne!  I am really looking forward to doing cloth on this bub.  I just bought up big on some AOI ittis for Angus - 3 days before they announced a 20% off sale ddoh.gif  

Felicity looks like such a little munchkin in that photo!

Valentine's Day disappeared in a fug of chores.  I did about 7 loads of washing which was ridiculous in this weather, but what can you do.  Its my only chance all week to get on top of it.  We have washing strung all over the house, and at one point I had to use an umbrella to get things to and from the dryer - as the dryer is outside in the shed rolleyes.gif  And people ask me why I want to move!

#145 Puggle

Posted 14 February 2010 - 09:20 PM

I hardly used them for some reason Caro  ddoh.gif. I'd love to get some more ittis but I'm on a strict budget at the moment (hence deciding now is a good time to do a cull and raise some funds) Our dryer is out in the shed too rolleyes.gif but when I get a new exhaust fan installed in the laundry I will think about bringing it inside. It is just that our laundry is off our living room and I'm worried about the condensation/steam and the noise. I've got our swimming towels in the dryer at the moment, off to the pool for a make-up lesson tomorrow.

ETA: oooooooooooooooh they do layby dev (6).gif. I have some sewn in AIO but I do worry they will get tangled and damaged in the wash. Maybe I should try some snap-ins. Hmm - decisions, decisions.

Edited by Puggle, 14 February 2010 - 09:29 PM.

#146 beaglebabe

Posted 15 February 2010 - 06:58 AM

The snap-ins are great Anne - Shelly gave me a couple, and I really like them.  I was very restrained though, and ignored the email I got about the 20% off sale.

Caro - bummer about just having bought some before the sale!  Would you believe that Lucia is still fitting into that dalmation print Berry Plush I bought from you?  It's a tad low in the rise now, but I love it so much that I still put it on her occassionally.  Good luck for your scan tomorrow - I like the idea of writing down the gender for later.  Although I know I would probably only last a day before opening it.

Grace - cute photo - she's looking so grown up now.

Leonie - I have a couple of video clips of Toby on the computer, and I love looking back at them.  I wish I had more.  Too cute on Blake and his valentines day flowers and card!  How is Jack settling into school?  I'll be working Tues, Wed and Fri.  My parents will have both kids on Tuesdays, and they are in childcare the other two days.

Us - swimming lessons this morning.  Lucia has started this term too, so I'm in the pool with her, and I miss being able to watch Toby's class.  Then we are off to a birthday celebration at Kid City.  Hopefully that might tire the kids out enough that they both have a sleep this afternoon.

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