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September 05 Parents # 390

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#51 Kay1

Posted 01 March 2010 - 11:38 AM

Hey girls,

Just quickly. Haven't caught up yet, not long in the door from NZ. Had a great time but am feeling quite exhausted now, been sick and had to get up at 3am to catch the flight.

Just on what I've read so far in the last page or so:

Would love to do a get together one weekend. Count me in. original.gif

Schools enrolling already? unsure.gif Are these private schools?

Belle - Hope you're feeling better soon and catch up on your work.

Kirsten - Well done on all the organising. Hope you aren't too sore.

Lynny - Hope your nose feels better soon, yikes!

T - OMG Leo is the naughtiest kid! rolleyes.gif Must be a second child thing. Griff does sound clever, although Nate was doing those things too at that age. He definitely knew his whole alphabet and counted to 10 before he turned two. Didn't talk much at all though, only one syllable words. He has never been a drawer though. Too perfectionist. While we were away he befriended these two little italian girls at a restaurant. When they left they came over and gave him two drawings they'd done for him. wub.gif . He said thank you but when they left he looked at me and said "But, but mummy, what, what is this?! This is just nonsense!" laughing2.gif

OK better go. Leo has been hell on legs this whole holiday. He had croup, chest infection, fever and cut three teeth while we were away. Shattering.

Have to get some order happening in this house. Thank GOD I can drop them both off at care tomorrow!!

#52 Titania

Posted 01 March 2010 - 11:52 AM

"Schools enrolling already?  Are these private schools?"

Nope - local Primary up the road. The parent's info night is the week after next, as is the open enrollment day...

#53 sotetno

Posted 01 March 2010 - 01:48 PM

The public school Nick goes to generally has a info session around Julyish and then transition to school is from Oct-Dec.  The other public school close to us has an info session in Sept and Transition to School course in Nov.  So it is best if you've at least contacted the schools and perhaps asked for a meeting/tour with the Principals by about midyear.  I think when I enrolled Nick I toured the schools we were interested in around July, filled in and handed in enrollment form in Aug.  But they are all different.  Email the schools and get them to send you an Annual Report (each school has to put one of these out each year and they give you info on what kind of things the school does etc -  like the My School site but more indepth) and find out when/if they are doing info sessions etc.

Eddie's christening is finally over, so I may (I won't promise wink.gif ) be in here more frequently now.  Will be getting some photos up on Facebook in the next few days of both the Christening and the garden that has been taking up every waking moment of my days (not already taken up by Eddie and Ernie).  The Christening party went off well.  If I had another 4 children I think I'd have the catering thing down pat for the last one Tounge1.gif  This time we had too many salads and not enough meat.  And way too much cake original.gif  Live and learn!

#54 Kay1

Posted 01 March 2010 - 02:11 PM

Glad to hear it all went well Mel original.gif And your new sig is GORGEOUS!!! Eddie is so cute!!

On the trains thing Sharon, they are all different apart from colour. Nate knew all the numbers and names up to 12 when he was 2 (ie "who is number 8?" "Duck" "what number is Donald?" etc....and can easily tell who they are by sillouhette or in black and white so he may be differentiating them by that. I have heard of kids (some twins on EB) who although they were great with everything else just couldn't get the colours thing until well after 3. I think it just depends on how your brain works. original.gif

#55 ~*Sharon*~

Posted 01 March 2010 - 09:14 PM

On the iPhone here, so please excuse the short response.

With toby and the trains, he can tell Percy and Thomas apart, who other than colour, are quite similar, but he gets olliver and Percy mixed up (as would I if I didn't know that Percy has the red stripes!) but they are more physically different. He does know pink, though! That is the one thing that he does usually recognise.

I think at this age it does not really matter, so it is just something that we will keep an eye on... But I am leaning towards it just being his brain not working that way. He has not even picked up that a banana is yellow, despite reading that a banana is yellow every night for the last month in the wiggles colour book... so it is not just the recognising of colours, but even really acknowledging them.

Schools - we have shortlisted some to look at, but there are a couple of things we need to work out in what we are doing next year before we make a decision, as both dh and I are looking at making some large changes in our respective work situations that will impact next year and beyond.

#56 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 02 March 2010 - 10:23 AM

On the iPhone here, so please excuse the short response.

rolleyes.gif  Show off  laughing2.gif  iPhones are so last month  rolleyes.gif Tounge1.gif

2yr old's and colors - I'm very blush.gif to say that I dont know where Emily is as far as recognising them goes.  She can point out certain shapes etc so I'm not too worried about her - she seems to be a bright bunny in other areas anyway..

Schools - I've enrolled Damian into two local public schools - I won't ever consider a private one unless we lived in a really dodgy area (oh hang on! lol).  I'm out of area for one school but will just scrape in for the other one yay original.gif  My only other option wouldve been a really feral one down the road from here  sick.gif sick.gif  

Mel - agree with Kay - gorgeous siggy.  Eddy looks so much like Ernie!  Glad to hear the Christening went well happy.gif

Kay - wow your trip to NZ is over already!  ohmy.gif Hope yr feeling better today.  Did you manage to take some nice shots of the boys while you were over there? LMAO @ Nate and the two girls - too cute happy.gif

T - yay on hippy shakes - sounds like it's really taken off tthumbs.gif

Belle - oh your poor mum - I hate going to the dentist ninja.gif Hope you're on the mend as well hhugs.gif

A shocking attempt at personals sorry blush.gif  Kids are a bit full on today - will have to try and post tomorrow when they're both in childcare.

AFM - almost 24 weeks! tthumbs.gif Starting to get some really strong kicks.  Had a check up yesterday and they are going to start monitoring the baby's size because he looks like a little boofa ninja.gif  I'm only measuring 2-3 weeks ahead and I dont think this wouldve been an issue at my last hospital but they want to keep an eye on it.  MW said that maybe he's just having a big growth spurt and the growing will slow down towards the end. shrug.gif

Nepean also runs a Midwifery at Home program which I'm going to sign up for.  I can go home 48 hours after the c/s provided everything is going well with me and bubs.  Then I'll get a nurse assigned to me for check ups at home.  DH said there is no hurry for me to come home but I know I'm going to be a worry wort and stress over the kids - has he fed them, are they playing out the front without supervision, is the front door locked, etc etc.. Tounge1.gif  So if I can be at home to verbally direct him I'll feel alot more at ease over the whole thing. original.gif

House hunting is proving to be a nightmare.  Just so many people out there fighting for the same property - I think I have given up.  And frankly I dont think I'm up to packing and unpacking at the moment  sad.gif   I'm happy enough with the 2 schools I have found up the road but def. dont want to be here when it's time for high school.  In the meantime we're just going to try and make this house a bit more bearable to live in.  

Current issues are:-

- steep driveway (taking bins down/up is terrible)

- cutting front lawn down bottom of driveway

- tall hedges that needs regular trimming/pruning

- small backyard / not big enough for the kids to run around or ride a bike

- no aircon in the kids bedrooms or office/study

We figure it would be cheaper to stay here and get someone to help cut the hedges and mow the front lawn than it would be to shift houses.  Will also buy a couple of air conditioners for the kids rooms and put up some decent block out curtains (blinds are useless IMO).  

Anywho.. gotta run and see what the kids are up to - too quiet all of a sudden  unsure.gif


#57 Starbuck

Posted 04 March 2010 - 09:45 PM

Wow, quiet in here...
Well, we have all had gastro the last couple of days. Fun.  sick.gif

Nothing much to add really...

I'll be back tomorrow with a better post, just wanted to end the silence.

#58 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 05 March 2010 - 06:24 AM

Kirsten - sorry to hear you're all sick - hope yr on the mend soon!

nothing new here..

did I tell you Damo started swimming lessons last week! He ran for the door as soon as he saw the size of the indoor pool laughing2.gif but his teacher asked me to just put him in the water - she stuck a couple of arm floaties on and pretty soon he was doing laps in the water all by himself cclap.gif tthumbs.gif  Another lesson today - think she might get him to try and paddle without floaties.. gulp


hope everyone's keeping well!!


#59 Kay1

Posted 05 March 2010 - 08:04 AM

I'm here, just busy.

Kirsten - Oh no! Gastro again!! sad.gif Hope you are all over it now.

Lynny - I think your plan to stay put and pay someone to do the gardens etc is a good idea. And great going on Damian's swimming. I'm sure he'll pick it up really quickly. How does he swim at home? A year ago Nate would not loosen his arms from around our necks in water but when we were in NZ we swam in some heated pools in the mountains (so nice) and he was bobbing under and showing off, doing spins underwater and having a ball, we just couldn't get over the difference. He could touch the bottom mind you but he can swim quite far without touching down. Leo swims with floaties and a bubble already so I am hoping he'll pick it up a lot earlier than Nate.

Argh, I picked up Nate to put him in the bath last night because he was being too slow and now my neck is SO sore....going to try and take it easy today but have both kids home.

#60 Kay1

Posted 05 March 2010 - 01:04 PM

Eeew! Just have to vent this somewhere. I took the kids to the GP today to get a referral for Nate to this Occupational Therapist we are seeing next week (saves us $$ if we have a referral). It was taking a while to convince her and then she had to write up a management plan thingo so we were there for a while. The kids were going nuts, Leo screamed til I got him out of the pram and was creating havoc. I had brought grapes for him which usually keeps him quiet but not today. There were no toys so they were climbing on things etc. I was watching them but also talking to the GP. I noticed a plastic sheet thing on a shelf and then later it was on the floor. I didn't see either of the kids actually touch it but later I went near there and there was a speculum and pap test stick. sick.gif . She had obviously just loosely wrapped it up in the plastic, left it there to dispose of later and not done it. sick.gif   . I didn't want to get her off side so I didn't say anything, just watched the kids like hawks to make sure they didn't touch it or their faces and then when we got out I washed our hands all three times with alcohol gel. YUUUUUUCKK!!!!  sick.gif sick.gif sick.gif

Edited by Kay1, 05 March 2010 - 01:04 PM.

#61 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 05 March 2010 - 01:20 PM

Holy Gross Kay!! sick.gif  sick.gif sick.gif

#62 Titania

Posted 05 March 2010 - 02:33 PM

I'm so upset and stressed... Need some help - it's about FDC - anyone around?

#63 mummy_to_b

Posted 05 March 2010 - 03:25 PM

T. I've pm'd you. I'm free if you need to talk.

Kay. OH YUCK. The DR really should have disposed of it before her next consultation.  Your photo's on Facebook are beautiful. Looks like you had a great time.

Kirsten. You poor things. I hope you are all feeling better. I think Brock's getting gastro. He's gone off his eating and has been having a nap through the day which is unheard of for him.

Us. We are plodding along. Brock is growing up way too quickly.  He loves to help cook, clean, paint and play firetrucks.  He keeps telling us when he grows up he wants to be a fireman.

Me. I'm getting there. Have been diagnosed with Graves disease again. Went to the specialist on Tuesday who said my levels are extremely high. She tripled the dose of medication that I was on in hopes to drop my thyroid level quickly. I will be on the medication for the next 2 years she said.  She did say that I should not get pregnant until the levels have dropped to a safe level because it can cause miscarriages.  

I have noticed that my hands have stopped shaking which is great because it became unsafe for me to carry a cup of tea around. Now I just need the sweating to stop and I'll be happy.

Feeling very anxious about next month because I would have been due with the babies. I hope April will pass very quickly.

Well thats it from me for now. I better go and make the muffins I promised Brock I would make him.


#64 Kay1

Posted 06 March 2010 - 06:35 AM

Leeane that is great that there are finally some positive developments for you. Let's hope the meds work quickly and you feel much better soon. I believe thyroid problems are just awful. I hope April isn't too hard for you either. How is your hubby unsure.gif

T - All ok?

All good here, going out for my birthday dinner tonight. original.gif Hope I am feeling better, my tummy was a bit iffy last night.

#65 bellemae

Posted 08 March 2010 - 08:22 PM

Hiya all  waves.gif

Leanne, thinking of you love, hope April isn't too hard for you bbighug.gif

T Are you ok???

Kay Hope you had a lovely birthday dinner original.gif My parents have offered to come over so Matt & I can go out to dinner for my birthday ...I'd love to, but can't decide if we've got the time...maybe we can postpone...

Thought I'd pop my head in....so tired...too busy...finding it hard to keep up with uni this semester...sigh...

Tien had his first ever dentist appt this arvo (he's very nearly 8!) I know, slack mummy, we just couldn't afford it (still can't, but there's only so long you can put things off...). Dentist was quite impressed, quick clean, no work needed, nothing of concern *phew* BIG relief!

Kai lost his first tooth on Saturday! Was a little wobbly, bit into an apple Friday arvo and made it REALLY wobbly (and he was devistated and hated it). Saturday morning he was totally fascinated by it, Matt told him it was only hanging on by a little bit a the front, he just went 'oh' and pulled it out!!! He's very chuffed! ohmy.gif I'm a bit in shock, can't quite believe he's losing teeth already!!!

...Better go, meant to be debugging code....

Edited by bellemae, 08 March 2010 - 08:25 PM.

#66 Kay1

Posted 08 March 2010 - 08:34 PM

Belle - I was just looking at you photos on FB and noticed the missing tooth. Wow, he really is ahead of himself that boy. How cute! I need to take Nate to the dentist soon - what a relief that Tien didn't need any work. My mum was slack about taking us as kids and I've been paying for it (in more ways than $$ ever since) but then I have inherited teeth with weak enamel. Which is why I need to get Nate there ASAP!

Gosh its quiet around here!! Anyone?????

#67 Titania

Posted 08 March 2010 - 09:11 PM

Sorry - no not really ok - trying to deal with a totally sh*t situation. Can't explain here.

#68 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 09 March 2010 - 09:32 AM

Sorry for being MIA - no energy at all yyawn.gif

Just quickly though while the kids are scoffing down some yoghurt in the lounge...

T - hope you're okay hhugs.gif

Belle - glad to hear the trip to the dentist went so well! tthumbs.gif and ffear.gif at Kai losing teeth already!

Kay - hope you had a lovely night out original.gif With the swimming..  At home Damian was happy enough with a tube floatie.  a Few months ago he would barely leave the steps though and since having his friend over and seeing her swim with a floatie he has improved dramatically.  At swimming lessons he has these funny arm floaties (thats not as bulky as normal ones) and a back thingy - at home he will do laps with the arm floaties or he'll just bob around but at swim school he will actually let his teacher take the floaties off so she can help him float/swim by himself - wont do it at home tho. Wow Nate and Leo sound like naturals! I should try Emily in the arm/back floaties - she's got a lot more confidence than Damian ever had at her age.. it's almost scary! ninja.gif

Leanne - Brock sounds like such a cutie wub.gif so sorry to hear about your diagnosis  sad.gif   Hope the medication helps to improve things for you. Sending you lots of love and hugs for next month, I hope it flies by  bbighug.gif

AFM - nothing new to report really.. DH has been put on diabetes medication (not surprised really) - he has been diagnosed as being pre-diabetic but with his sugar levels being so high all the time I can't see why he's not really diabetic? huh.gif  So yeah it's made meal times a bit tricky - no carbs at all, no breads (not even black bread or wholegrain) no pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots or sugary things.. wacko.gif

Kids are doing well - so is bub.  He is really putting some effort into his kicking - it hurts! ffear.gif My mum is annoying the @#$(*%& out of me.. hassling me for baby names and making silly suggestions like meshing DH's name and my name together.. WT..!?

Emily has been a little bum lately - beating Damian up and growling at him ninja.gif I was always a bit worried about Damian being a bit rough with her - never thought it would be the other way around  ddoh.gif  

Anywho.. gotta run!

#69 Starbuck

Posted 09 March 2010 - 01:48 PM

T I'm sorry that things are bad. I hope you can sort them out. If you ever to need chat and you see me on facebook, I'm always happy to. Good luck with whatever it is.

Kay Alyssia has weak enamel too. We have her at the dentist ALL the time. She has already had multiple fillings and she only got her first tooth at 15months. We are now adding an orthodontist too as she may need extra work. GAH. Thankfully the dentist is free, but the orthodontist is of course not.

So lucky with Tien. I agree, Kai is all around advanced.

T I'm sorry that things are bad. I hope you can sort them out. If you ever to need chat and you see me on facebook, I'm always happy to. Good luck with whatever it is.

Kay Alyssia has weak enamel too. We have her at the dentist ALL the time. She has already had multiple fillings and she only got her first tooth at 15months. We are now adding an orthodontist too as she may need extra work. GAH. Thankfully the dentist is free, but the orthodontist is of course not.

So lucky with Tien. I agree, Kai is all around advanced.

#70 Kay1

Posted 09 March 2010 - 03:18 PM

Hi girls,

Lynny - yep it is scary! The other day I let Leo fall in the pool in his pjs (Dh was there ready to scoop him out) to teach him that he can't just launch in. He didn't seem that upset, even though it was COLD! wacko.gif Nate has made huge strides lately but certainly wasn't a natural. This time last year he clung to us for dear life even with every flotation device known to man on him LOL.

T - Gosh, sounds serious. sad.gif Hope you are all ok.

Well I had Nate's assessment at the OT today. She agrees he definitely has sensory processing issues and low muscle tone/general low arousal also. Hopefully the therapy will help with that but of course its so exxy. sad.gif Then I had the neurologist - have a funky foot issue which I now need to have all these expensive tests done on. Then next week Nate has physio, OT therapy and an appointment with a new paed and I have my nerve conduction test - gah, appointment overload!! wacko.gif I need a job to pay for all this but I don't have time to get one LOL.

Better go and get the monsters, just waiting for this shocking headache to go away, its been lurking all day sigh....wish DH was one of those guys home at 5pm......rolleyes.gif

Edited by Kay1, 09 March 2010 - 03:20 PM.

#71 Titania

Posted 10 March 2010 - 09:06 AM

Lee and Karina - thank you both - I did pm you both, did you get it?

Belle - I can't believe he's losing his baby teeth already! Isn't he like... four??? Lol.

Lee - I hope April passes quickly for you too. sad.gif  Sorry to hear of the diagnoses for Graves again. Yes stopping sweating would be nice - I do too. Think I might be getting early menopause  ohmy.gif

Kay - Happy belated birthday! Sorry, I missed that. I know I've already said it - but really sorry re email again - I didn't mean to imply what you thought. I was astounded that their's wasn't - given the circumstances. You're right, it does all seem sorted and fixed so I am trying to not think about it - only had four hours sleep because of that...

"She agrees he definitely has sensory processing issues and low muscle tone/general low arousal also. Hopefully the therapy will help with that but of course its so exxy."
Is this still to do with his leg? Lor still has poor muscle tone - it is getting better though. But his ligamentous laxity is the real issue - his knees hurt a lot after activity - and it's only going to get worse as he gets older - apparently nothing can be done...
Can you get some of it back on medicare - of have it through the public hospital or anything? When Lor was having physio - it was free... Likewise with Griff's speech therapy... What's up with the funky foot? (sounds like a kind of dance wink.gif )

Lynny - I reckon that sounds like a good idea to stay put. You've moved a lot the last few years... Have you got the CSIRO well being diet book? It's full of high protein recipes. We've been doing the high protein thing for a while - I'll try and put some ideas together for you if it's of any use...

Teeth - mmm, shame orthodontic cover is so crappy. Given how extremely crooked both mine and DH's teeth are I imagine both boys will need a lot of work. I must take a picture of Griff's teeth at some point - honestly - with his canines he could easiy pass for a vampire. Or a wolf. lol.

Swimming Kay/Lynny- Yes amazing the difference between the kids. Lorcan now swims with no aides - jumps in from the side and swims under water with goggles on etc - super fast like a fish, he is. But not a year ago. Griff on the other hand - is jumping in, going underwater already. He swims really well with three layers of bubble on - but without it, he sinks cos he's just too darn heavy. I'll be much more comfortable when he can swim unaided too. I think we can reduce his bubble to two soon. We too, have let him jump in twice without bubble - to try and teach him he needs it. Seems to have worked

Us - yes, had a crises over the last week. Been really stressful - but it's all been dealt with. I was supposed to be in QLD with close girl friend tonight and tomorrow night (was going to be my first break away from the boys ever) - but had to cancel because of this. Not sure when I can reschedule as this has been the first week I haven't had heaps of work on for ages.

Griff's finished his group speech sessions - and will be going back to one on one. He's still not finishing words with a consonant - but he's doing really well - lots of three word sentences etc.. So not worried.

Edited by Titania, 10 March 2010 - 09:11 AM.

#72 mummy_to_b

Posted 10 March 2010 - 03:12 PM

T. Just quickly to let you know I didn't get your PM.  

Will be back a little later for personals.


#73 butterflies

Posted 10 March 2010 - 10:03 PM

T I did get your pm, such a slack friend I have been so busy, but if you are around tomorrow I might give you a call!!

hi to everyone else

I did canteen today, then two hours of sitting in the freezing cold watching Paris and Alannah train for netball then to the preschool meeting which I am president of AGAIN!!! my last year woo hoo!!


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