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October 05 Parents # 449

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#26 SimplySweet

Posted 13 May 2010 - 06:10 PM

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dead in here

#27 SimplySweet

Posted 13 May 2010 - 06:12 PM

Will bb to catch  up on last few posts

#28 SimplySweet

Posted 23 May 2010 - 03:48 PM

So dead in here
Thought I would say hi
Am home today. Dh is doing the one game that is on today, woohoo, nice to just have 1 game, very rare. Hiding inside today. Cold, wet day anyway and not feeling 100%. Have an extra kid here anyhow so house is far from quiet,lol
They are currently bowling in the hallway. B is at an AFL game with his gf, mad, too friggen cold,lol

Not much going on here really. Can't remember the last time I posted

Quick run down on us all.

Dh and I are good, keeping busy with kids, footy, etc.
I started work 2 weeks ago. Got a job at the kids cc. It's perfect hrs with the kids. 9-2.50 tues and 9-2.20 wed (extra 20mins are added on for break I use to take Lis to kindy)  Works great with everything else. Still do school and kindy runs, gymkids and cheerleading, footy trainings and games, Ryan's speech and ot appts.
Only thing we miss is a playgroup we went to. Unfortunately the lady that resigned the position has cancer in her lungs, liver and kidneys. So, so very sad. I am enjoying being back at work, they are all lovely, I was ready for sure. And bonus is I can see my kids in their room, it's just 10mins from home and I get half price cc bills. So very happy. All balancing out perfectly. Wont benefit heaps financially as CL takes their chunk back but still in front I hope.

Brett is busy with school, vet course and his umpiring which he loves. Only does 1 shift a week at Subway. Not really worth it but hanging on to position. He is enjoying his VET course and is hoping to secure an apprenticeship at the end of the year. Still with his gf, they go up and down, the dramas of teenage love hey. He has driven his required hrs and now passed his driving test so next month when his 6 mths is up from passing his L's test, he gets his P's.  ffear.gif

Jayden is doing alright. Bit tough at school but a lot more support than ever before. Great communication from the school when any issue arises, or if he is behind. We had him on ritalin as a trial but we have now stopped them. It did make a difference in his moods, but not in his learning which was the main point. And he was not able to remember to take them as he should. The school can not call them if he forgets to go take it at lunchtime so he missed a fair few of them. Loving playing footy.

Thomas is great. Doing fab at school and at footy. Loving both. All great with this little man, he is too easy,lol

Lis is great. Loves kindy but is ready for school. She loves the group stuff at kindy (eg songs, etc), but is very bored with the activities unless it's useful. Painting and gluing some bits on a box, etc, mean nothing to her and she won't even bother anymore. If it's beading, sewing, etc she will do it. She knows colours, shapes, numbers, letters, can write heaps. And is starting to read some words now also. She goes to cc 2 mornings when I am at work and is now being used as a helper more,lol. She wants to help the workers with their activities, etc. They have been doing a garden theme so have been planting seedlings, building a huge fairy garden, so she is loving being involved in all of that. She loves gymkids and cheerleading and looks forward to them sessions each week. She is a very flexible little girl and her confidence is shining through.

Ryan is doing well. His frustrations at lack of speech are very high, he gets angry and frustrated a lot. We do fortnightly speech and ot appts with private workers, they are both great. We are having some success with Ryan and his sensory issues. We are slowly overcoming some of his fears, in very small ways and usually he reverts back immediately but the fact he is showing signs of wanting to try now is awesome and can do a few more things than before. We won the battle with the white tiling so we can shop with Ryan again. We had a session at the hospital last week for physiotherapy. When he had his griffiths test done a referral was sent through due to his gross motor skills being delayed. It was not a very successful appt with Ryan losing the plot with them half way through and there was no coming back. But he co-operated enough for them to see and feel that if it is not physical but definitely sensory issues he has (which we knew) They will see him for a few weeks (also to help student that is working with him) Then he will be put on list to be seen later to see how he is going. He mainly just needs to stick with OT and speech and go from there.
Apart from that, he is a gorgeous, bright little man. Always keeping up with his siblings.

Celeste, Hope things are going well there with your 3 little boys. Hope the boobs have healed now and all is going well.

Mel, I hope your little man is doing well and passed that infection. Am thinking of you all always.

Mellae, I remember reading that you are back at work again. Is it a similiar job to last time? How is everyone?

Deb,  Sorry I never had early risers, mine love their sleep, still do. I hope the Christening went well.

Sorry gtg, hope everyone is well

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#29 henno

Posted 28 May 2010 - 03:19 PM

Hi everyone,

Kristy, christening went well thanks. It is quite dead in here. I guess facebook has become the new conversation place. Glad to hear Ryan is getting something out of the help offered, and as you said if he is getting older and wants to change things so much more can hopefully be accomplished.

We are all well, apart from the usual colds and snotty noses. Xavier has two teeth, they both went pop so quickly. He is going well sleepwise now. Two sleeps a day of about 2 hours each. Still wakes once a night (around 3 or 4) for a feed but has started to go back to sleep and wake after 6.30am, which is sooooo much nicer. He is constantly chirpy, even with teeth and colds.

Charlotte is well. Like Lis, Kristy, she is getting a bit bored with the activities at school and goes more to play with her friends. She is reading all her books by herself, so at about a end of grade 1 level we think at the moment and absorbing more everyday. So we figure kindergarten will be about socialising and learning about other things apart from reading and writing and arithmetic.

Ciaran and i are going well. Heading off the to the Hunter for the June long weekend, which is sooooo nice. Going with the kids godparents so lots of time for them to play with other people. Then we have our 10th wedding anniversary in December, so we have booked 11 nights in Vanuatu for September (before i go back to work). Ciaran's parents are coming up to look after the kids so we are off by ourselves to reconnect and have some couple time. We havent had time away without kids since before charlotte was born, so 4.5years now!!

I am enjoying being off work but also starting to get a little bored now that Xavier is happy to play with his toys for a while without me. Have started to put together our photo album from when we went to Europe (in 2003!!!!!), so that is taking up some of my time.

Not much else is happening.

Hope everyone is well. I usually see the updates on facebook.


#30 Bloomer

Posted 29 May 2010 - 08:16 PM

Syl I was very sad to read Nics post on facebook, that is very sad news..

Deb our 10th anniversary in December as well.. I also have a milestone birthday this year and we are going to visit DH's family later in the year.. so a big year..  Heard DH making plans with my dad today.. he never leaves the room when my family ring so I wonder what it is..original.gif

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#31 SimplySweet

Posted 29 May 2010 - 09:40 PM

Syl, All our love and thoughts are with you all. Such sad, devastating news. I wish I knew the words to say.
Such a huge shock.
Just know I am here for you always hun...xxxx

Deb, Yes it has, Fb is where everyone connects.  Great to hear that Xavier is sleeping better now. Wow 11 days away kid free, how lovely.
The last time Dh and I were away kid free for 3 days was our honeymoon in 2001. DOn't expect it to happen again in a long time,lol

Cathy, Few big events for you guys this year. Hope you get a nice surprise with what Dh is planning.

#32 Bloomer

Posted 30 May 2010 - 02:05 PM

Kristy I am thinking maybe it will be  a weekend to the place in the hunter valley where he proposed..  I am writing this here so I cand keep track of my guesses.  probably will not be until December as it is strange my family are talking about coming to Sydn for xmas for a change..

Deb I think our anniversaries are ver close (or ours is close to your birthday)  we are the 28th..

again Syl.. words can not do justice to your sorrow..

#33 henno

Posted 31 May 2010 - 05:55 PM

Cathy, if its the 28th December it is my birthday!!! Ours is December 9th but we are going away early cause i start back at work term 4, October 11th i think.


#34 mellae

Posted 02 June 2010 - 10:01 PM

Hi Everyone!

I thought it was time that I posted an updated as well.  Thinking about it though, there is not much to tell!

I can't believe how quickly this year is going, I just wish it would slow down a bit.  I must say that quite a bit as Jack has started saying on a Friday how quickly the week has gone, lol.

Kids are all really good.  Jack is blitzing Grade 1, he loves school and is doing really well.  Meg has settled into kindy without any issues.  At the moment they are practising running for the school sports day on Monday and she is a running star (obviously takes after her father and not me)!  She is still shy, but is slowly coming out of her shell.  She is very comfortable playing with boys, especially Jack's school friends, she just adores them, but she finds it hard to play with other little girls.  I guess that comes from her only having boy cousins (apart from my sister's infant daughter) and most of my friends have boys too, and of course, Jack is her idol.  Lucy is 13 months now and is a gorgeous, happy little girl.  Not walking yet but she is quite good at standing up and is a speedy little crawler.

I started a new job in early May.  I work on average 3 nights a week for about 3-4 hours for a company that processes cheques for most of the major banks.  It suits us at the moment and is an enjoyable, stress-free job.  DH is good, apart from being itchy at the moment.  We found out on the weekend that he is allergic to penicillin and he's still suffering the side-effects, hahaha!  At least the reaction wasn't serious so we can laugh about it now.

Cathy, what a great DH to remember your anniversary.  Our 10th one slipped by last year without my DH remembering....

Deb, enjoy your long weekend away, sounds like bliss!

Kristy, I'm glad you're enjoing your new job, it sounds just perfect for you.  Very sad about the lady that had it before you though.  On the whole it sounds like all your kids are doing pretty well, that's great to hear.

Syl, thinking of you at this time, so sorry for your loss.

Hi to everyone else!

Did anyone hit the sales today?  DH doesn't get paid until next week so I might check out some of them then.  Hopefully there'll still be some good stuff left.

Better go and get a few things done, bye for now....

#35 Purple_Gecko

Posted 05 July 2010 - 08:57 PM

sorry i havent been in here for a very long time.
I chat to most of you on facebook.

I am here to announce that Amanda has had a baby boy...born at 6.50 tonight...they have named him Jesse. I will post stats when i have them.

Congratulations Amanda, I cant wait to see photos...YAY

#36 Purple_Gecko

Posted 06 July 2010 - 07:24 AM

jesse is a healthy 8lb 14o and 54cm long...big bubby boy..i cant wait to see photos.

#37 mellae

Posted 06 July 2010 - 10:44 PM

Congrats on the arrival of Jesse Amanda, can't wait to see some pics!

#38 Bloomer

Posted 20 July 2010 - 01:45 PM

Just checking if any of you read this.. but have any of the OCT 05 bubs lost any teeth yet?  Bella lost her first tooth a couple of days ago.  grace was early and Bella is a few months earlier than Grace was.

#39 My Four Boys

Posted 04 October 2010 - 01:48 PM

Wow it's so dead in here....

I am just going to come in and say

Happy 5th Birthday to all our Oct05 boys and girls!!

I can't believe 5 years has gone by so fast and I am so lucky to have been part of this group.

#40 mellae

Posted 05 October 2010 - 12:21 PM

I'm sending out the same wishes as Fiona:


I know that I've missed some of their birthdays, I hope that those who have already turned 5 had a wonderful birthday.

Meg has her birthday on Sunday and is so excited.  She is counting down the sleeps, not long to go now.  We are having a party for her at a play cafe and she has invited some of her kindy friends.  


#41 cazeroona

Posted 10 October 2010 - 07:26 PM

Hey Everyone

Just popped into say a big Happy 5th Birthday to all the Oct 05 kiddies original.gif

They are all so big now and can't believe they are heading to school soon!

Love to all


#42 BaldBalls

Posted 19 October 2010 - 03:45 PM

I usually pop in at the begining of October to wish Oct 05 babies a happy Birthday

I am 19 days late this time.

So Happy 5th Birthday everyone!!!

Roman is 5 today - can not believe it time just flies by original.gif

#43 Purple_Gecko

Posted 10 February 2011 - 02:59 PM

hello everyone original.gif

#44 Mouth

Posted 20 February 2011 - 10:24 AM

Hello everyone!

Thought I'd quickly pop in and say hi!

How are all the Kindy kids going? Jess is going really well and I'm very happy with the school and her teacher so I guess I cant ask for more than that!

I have no idea what my signature is from so long ago, it'll be a surprise to me when I post.

We are going really well, still on the lookout for an acerage and just settling into new routines. The kids have both been sick in the last fortnight but are getting over it quickly enough.

Much love to you all
Nat xx

BAHAHAHAHAHA - should've known it'd be Mr Sexy and not our girls!

#45 KylieToo

Posted 20 February 2011 - 03:28 PM

Hi everyone, Feels like forever since I have been in here!

Oh I love that Sig Nat!!

Syl I cant believe it has been nearly 12 months already, it is so sad how quickly time goes.

Morgan is doing Ok at school, he doesnt like going and I assume that will get worse once the baby is here as he wants to be home with me. Hopefully it wont be too hard!

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#46 BaldBalls

Posted 06 October 2011 - 05:44 PM

Happy 6th Birthday October 05 Kids!

LOL its pretty quiet in here - My post from this time last year is on the same page  roll2.gif

ETA opps I opened a new page  blush.gif so my post from last year is on page 3

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