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#1 Sandra

Posted 11 March 2010 - 08:40 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 Titania

Posted 11 March 2010 - 09:04 AM


Karina/Lee how weird. Dunno why only one went through. Thanks anyway you guys. original.gif It's all been resolved satisfactorily.

#3 butterflies

Posted 11 March 2010 - 09:13 AM

ooh silver!!

T answer your facebook message

#4 Kay1

Posted 11 March 2010 - 11:36 AM

Hi girls,

T - No worries love, I'm over it. original.gif Hope you are feeling better about things now.

No, Nate's OT is about sensory issues not his leg. As you know the preschool has been raising issues about him since he started (although much improved now) and were telling us to have him assessed for ASD. I felt strongly that was not the problem and observation by an ASD professional agreed. Since then I have been reading up about Sensory Integration issues and feel very strongly that this applies to him. The OT session the other day (with a SI specialist OT) pretty much confirmed it which is great because I feel we are on the right track now. Everything 'unusual' about him can be explained by sensory issues. He is improving so much on his own but his flapping/jumping behaviour is getting worse so I wanted to get onto it now, before school. Apparently its not a stimming thing with him but a way of modulating his excitement. Its all fascinating and interesting but something I would like to live without IYKWIM? His low muscle tone (I believe) is because he is a "low arousal" kid - even as a toddler he would rather sit for ages and play with one toy or read books than run around like a "normal" toddler. He is way behind in motor skills both gross and fine because of this muscle weakness now. It is kind of nice to know he's not just being difficult in refusing to dress himself, draw, write etc, its actually hard for him. He also struggles in motor planning which is pretty obvious when you spend any time with him. The other day he took a step stool to the sink and got himself a glass of water and I was blown away. I know that's not exceptional for a 4 yo but it is for him LOL!! Anyway there is a lot of work to be done both in therapy and at home which is quite daunting frankly but I really want to do the best for him before he starts school because it affects everything, particularly socially.

Just need a quick vent. My MIL made me feel really crap this morning sad.gif She is usually really nice and doesn't get involved etc but today she basically told me that Leo being sick was my fault because I send him to daycare, that I shouldn't be sending him because he doesn't need it and that she never sent her kids that young. sad.gif It really bothers me that she thinks this, I'm not sure why. I think because I already feel like DH's family think I'm a lazy sod for being at home with the kids (although how I'm meant to get a job without putting them in childcare I don't know!). She pointed out the other day that Leo was the youngest of all her grandkids to go into care (which isn't true, Nate was younger, although it was shortlived). Plus I know SIL only pulled her youngest out of care because she was unhappy with the centre, not because she was too young. Now MIL looks after SIL's kids one day a week so she can study/work/do appointments etc and her in laws have them another day a week (well did, the older one is at school now). Just unlucky for me I don't have that and have to put them in care. I don't know why it has upset me so much except that I already feel guilty about it - even though I do know its the best thing for our family. Leo loves daycare, never cries except for 2 minutes at drop off and it allows me time to do things like appointments for me and Nate etc. With DH out of the house from 7.30am til 8pm every day it is what is working for us to make it through without me being miserable and therefore everyone stressed. Sigh....MILs huh?! sad.gif

Edited by Kay1, 11 March 2010 - 11:38 AM.

#5 Titania

Posted 11 March 2010 - 12:14 PM

Just quickly - cos I want to comment on the OT stuff more later (and I'm supposed to be working!) - and yes, sorry, I had read about the SI stuff earlier - and it does all make sense....

Try not to let what your MIL said get to you. Are you able to point out to her that maybe he doesn't 'need' it but he loves it - and it's such a short time anyway, and that YOU need it. And you would like to get some part time work or something and if her son wasn't gone such long hours, perhaps it wouldn't be so necessary? No probably not... lol. Seriously, you don't have to justify it to anyone. It's what works for you and DH and Leo himself. Gaaa. MILs.... Mine's the best. She lives in Europe. Hehehe

#6 Kay1

Posted 11 March 2010 - 12:27 PM

Yeah I am thinking all that stuff but it is SO not worth saying anything. DH will be livid when I tell him and she would probably be upset to know how much she has upset me. Her answer to everything is that she raised 4 kids were no help at all from her husband and no childcare. I won't point out that the moment her kids left home they divorced.

Arghh.... now I am feeling even worse. After weeks last year of sorting out the rebate and millions of phone calls, then getting it and being assured it will all happen automatically, now they are telling me I have to fill in another form to get "current" and will have to now make a lump sum claim to get back what we have missed out on - GRRRRRRRRRRRR. DH is going to hit the roof. cry1.gif

#7 butterflies

Posted 11 March 2010 - 12:28 PM

Kay just tell her to pull her head in!! LOL! we are now living in 2010 not the 1950's wink.gif The kids enjoy daycare/preschool and if they don't get sick now they are just going to get sick at school. eh!!

Is she just saying these things because she wants to look after the kids?

arrrrggghhhh can't have more than 5 mins to myself these days, Zahli brought a chair into the toilet this morning just to sit with me while I got owith my business.  so loving!!

#8 Kay1

Posted 11 March 2010 - 04:02 PM

Hmmm...so temtping Karina. LOL. If he doesn't get sick from daycare he gets sick from his brother who goes to (the same place!) preschool and brings the germs home. What's the difference!? And no, she doesn't want to look after them! She does sometimes if we book her way in advance but mostly she is too tired from babysitting the other grandkids. I don't mind about that, I don't expect her to help us with childcare and am grateful when she does but I just don't want comments about decisions we make for our family. Sigh...anyway!! I shall bite my tongue like a good DIL does.

#9 Titania

Posted 11 March 2010 - 04:23 PM

You couldtell her that the exposure will do their immune systems good. I was telling Karina earlier - tat finaly the boys seem to be getting stronger. They've had a few viruses the last few months - but have fought them off and haven't been to the GP since last October - a big record for us!

Apparently I can't type any more today.  rolleyes.gif

#10 Kay1

Posted 12 March 2010 - 08:17 PM

Hi all,

Well I don't know if it was the stress or what but I ended up with the worst migraine this morning. Was up to the kids multiple times and Leo was power chucking again and I ended up with him in bed with me then woke up with the migraine. I managed to get him downstairs to Dh who was sleeping in the spare room, took some drugs and shut down. It was bad, haven't had one like that in years. Vomiting and all. DH called my mum and the next thing I knew I woke up at 8.30am and mum was downstairs with the kids. She stayed all day, I managed to have a sleep and then took Leo to the GP in the afternoon while she looked after Nate. I think Leo's regression was because I was letting him have milk because it was all he wanted and I also gave him a chocolate cup cake in desperation for him to eat something blush.gif. He's on lactose free formula and Hydrolyte now, not really eating at all. So far no vomit tonight....fingers crossed!!

Well I feel like a truck ran over my head so am off to bed again. Nighty night.

#11 bellemae

Posted 13 March 2010 - 10:55 AM

Hope you're feeling better this morning Kay original.gif

Quick question...My neighbours have some friends staying with them who have a tiny newborn  wub.gif  I would LOVE to get into doing newborn photography, but don't know anyone with bubs that I can practice on. Sooo, question is, would it seem really strange if I went and asked if I could do a shoot with their baby?  

Seee the thing is, I'm not an overly private person, so wouldn't think anything of it if someone asked this of me when I had a baby...but I know all people are different and was worried some people might feel like I was being invasive to even ask...so, if the neighbour of a friend asked this of you when you had a newborn, would you find it odd??

#12 Titania

Posted 13 March 2010 - 12:27 PM

No Belle - I'd do it. They can only say no right? original.gif Go for it.

Kay - hope you are better today! Migraine's suck. SO glad I haven't had one for some time. Not a migraine, but I had a terrible headache for about 48 hours, rotten tummy, and now I can't stop sneezing... gaaa...

#13 Kay1

Posted 13 March 2010 - 02:07 PM

If you know the neighbours then I would ask them Belle. I'd have been thrilled to be offered free photos when I had a newborn. Probably not from a total stranger, but if it was someone who knew my friends I'd be all for it.

#14 bellemae

Posted 14 March 2010 - 10:56 AM

....never mind....

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#15 Kay1

Posted 15 March 2010 - 09:49 PM

You ok Belle?

I feel like this thread is all about me LOL. Had the physio today, they tried this new machine thingo on Nate's leg but it was only partially successful. Also it had a battery pack and all these wires, so impractical for a small boy. There will hopefully be a wireless version soon though - I think I'd better start fundraising so the hospital can get one that we can trial. I don't really want to buy it if it just doesn't really work for him.

#16 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 16 March 2010 - 08:20 AM

No wonder I'm not getting any notifications - new thread! ddoh.gif !

Belle - You okay unsure.gif

Kay - tell your MIL to go jump! Tounge1.gif I know my inlaws think I'm lazy for being a SAHM because I dont bring money in or "work as hard as DH" *sigh* They've made remarks about the kids going to CC so early and can't see why I need it because I dont "work" - thankfully they havent said much to me about it.  DH initially whinged about the kids going to CC at such a young age and wanted to know if the baby has been booked in yet rolleyes.gif But he has come to his senses (somewhat) and now knows how much they enjoy it and how much they learn while they're there.. When Damian first started CC he was sick every week at one stage so that made the family hate CC even more - I stuck to my guns though and just kept sending him - 2 years later and he's one tough little cookie - hardly ever gets sick now wink.gif  Sorry for not replying about all the stuff regarding Nate - it is a little bit beyond my pea brain sorry blush.gif I do hope things improve for him soon though - it sounds awfully frustrating for both of you sad.gif

Karina -
Zahli brought a chair into the toilet this morning just to sit with me while I got owith my business. so loving!!

PSML! laughing2.gif

Sorry I can't post more - gotta get Emily ready for the doctors.. there was a sign on the CC door the other week for scarlet fever and yesterday she broke out in a red rash - sore tongue/mouth for a few days as well but no fever..  might just get her checked out to be sure..


#17 bellemae

Posted 16 March 2010 - 09:06 AM

Yeah, thanks, I'm fine, just struggling with self confidence, holding me back from things I'd like to do...but was waffling on a bit...so thought I'd remove.

#18 Kay1

Posted 16 March 2010 - 10:51 AM

Eek Lynny! Is Scarlet Fever a worry if you are pregnant?

Belle bbighug.gif I have been/am there. I wish I had the right words to make you feel more confident but I don't. You are one of the most awesome chicks I've ever met though and obviously one seriously smart cookie. Unfortunately there seems to be little relationship between how awesome someone actually is and how much self confidence they have. In my opinion it usually works the other way actually - those who have the least to be confident about are the most arrogant. And the frustrating thing is THOSE are the people who go places laughing2.gif

#19 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 16 March 2010 - 11:20 AM

Meh Dr couldnt pin point what it was without doing a blood test on her. She's got some of the symptoms for scarlet fever but she's not sick enough for it to be that. So he's thinking it might be Fifth disease (slapped cheek) even though she doesnt have it on her face.. and of course thats one of the worst things you can catch whilst pregnant! He insisted that I get the latest flu vaccine while I was there and also ordered a blood test on me to see if I'm immune to fifth disease just in case it's that. I get the results on thursday - meanwhile I have to pray and hope I dont break out in a rash sad.gif and no preschool for her or Damo till her skin clears up.  I'm terrified to say the least!  unsure.gif

#20 ~*Sharon*~

Posted 16 March 2010 - 04:49 PM

Oh heck, Lynny!!  I really hope that everything is OK!! ohmy.gif(

Kay - what does the machine thing do?  Like Lynny - I don't have much of a clue to comment about it...

We don't have issues from inlaws about child care - just husbands. lol.  DH is resistant about Toby moving from half a day at the creche he is in to a full day at long day care.  At the moment I have between his 9.30 drop off and Hannah's 12.30 pick up on a Monday kid free, and that is it... which would be fine if I was "just" a SAHM (I say just as in, not in conjunction with anything else... not putting down the SAHM thing) but I am trying to run a business as well... I am really getting sick of having to juggle kids and work all the time!

Speaking of... Belle - I missed your post, but you do know that if it is photography related I am more than happy to give feed back and advice/support!  Feel free to PM me.

Our medical news... lol
Toby has some mystery bug at the moment that had him spiking a 39+ degree fever last night.  Took him to the Dr today who told me that he "has a cold" despite the fact that the first thing I said when I walked in was that he is on the tail end of a cold that he has had for the past week.  I can't say I have ever known a cold to randomly spike a high fever after a week just as the child is getting better, but hey, I am not the trained professional, so what would I know.

He also looks like needing another operation on his eye/s - they are turning in again.  He is really bad at actually wearing his glasses, though (despite just spending $400 on a pair that supposedly fit him better) so I am not sure if the ophthalmologist will want to wait until he is doing better with the glasses first.

I was picking Hannah up from kinder today, and her teacher asked if we had noticed any issues with Hannah's hearing.  This is something that we have had issues with for a while now, and she was actually at the Audiologist last week (DH works for Audiologists) and her hearing was perfect.  She was tested down to 5dB (anything under 20 is considered normal) and she was perfect across the whole range.

So after the test the Audiologist suggested that we should look at auditory processing issues, but we were a little 50/50 on whether it was just that, or that she is just 4.  She has a lot of trouble following instructions, which sounds like a 4 year old thing, but it does not fit with her general nature to start, and also the way it happens... I can ask her to go and put her shoes on, and she will get up, then go and do something completely different (usually go and watch TV, or start playing with her toys).  When I then go and turn off the TV/take away the toy, and ask her what she is supposed to be doing, most of the time she won't know.

I know that really does just sound quite 4, which is why we are unsure of whether it is a genuine issue or not, but now that her kinder teacher is saying the same thing (and Hannah is an absolute angel in all other ways at kinder - it is REALLY not like her to ignore her kinder teachers) it is giving a bit more credit to the idea that she isn't just being disobedient.

Anyway, I think I have babbled enough - I am heading out to a client shortly, and I need to get everything ready!

Edited by ~*Sharon*~, 16 March 2010 - 04:50 PM.

#21 Kay1

Posted 16 March 2010 - 07:05 PM

Eek Lynny, I hope its nothing sinister! I'm sure its not.

Sharon - OMG Nate is exactly the same. I have to say everything ten times and then end up raising my voice and then he gets cross with me. What I put it down to with him is that he is so distracted by other things (either because of his sensory issues, or just because he is that sort of kid) that he doesn't take it in. I mean a lot of the time (shoes are a classic example) its him tuning me out. I'm quite sure if I said "come here and I'll give you a chocolate" for example he'd get it in one!! Nate gets extremely involved in things and focussed on them. He can also only do one thing at a time to the extent that he can't walk in crowded areas where there is a lot going on, he has to hold my hand and I have to drag him - so frustrating. Maybe that's just a male thing though LOL.

I hope Toby is better soon sad.gif

The machine was an electronic device that stimulates the muscles in the front of the lower leg to contract to lift the toes/ball of the foot. Nate is actually quite fast at running once he gets going but he falls so often he can never win a race. The foot drop is causing his falls. Its also a worry because he's so competitive he puts his heart and soul into it with the result that he stacks all the time and is at risk of head injury issues. He hasn't had any for a while though which is good. It was so sad yesterday when the physio was fitting the machine he piped up in a shy little voice "Excuse me, can you make me run faster than Hunter (fastest kid at preschool)?" cry1.gif  Arrgh....sorry, making it all about me again.....

Us: Well I stayed home today on my day off sad.gif Had a dodgy tummy and still not feeling well. Oh well at least I could laze around all day instead of running after kids.

I need advice please hands.gif . Leo is absolutely refusing to eat dinner. He eats a tiny bit of brekkie, toast or something and some milk, he will eat fruit and a sandwich for lunch (and at daycare has a hot meal which he eats) but the second I put him in his highchair for dinner he starts to scream. He has not eaten a mouthful of dinner for days. He screams for nana which means fruit or yoghurt. Usually I make him wait til Nate is finished eating dinner and then they both have yoghurt (or fruit) and then milk and bed. Tonight I refused to give him fruit and kept reoffering the dinner. He screamed himself purple. In the end he went to be with only a cup of milk and no doubt will be awake during the night now. sad.gif Any suggestions? Its not that he doesn't like the food (well maybe sometimes it is) because he won't even put it in his mouth and it doesn't matter what it is.

Edited by Kay1, 16 March 2010 - 07:06 PM.

#22 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 16 March 2010 - 07:21 PM

Just quickly for Kay - I'll catch up in the morning on other posts..

Do you let Leo feed himself? Em went through a stage where she would not let anyone feed her but if you gave her a spoon of her own she would quite happily sit there and feed herself.  I'm also struggling with dinner and the kids atm.. what does work is if I give them a plate with lots of nibblies on it..  grapes/fruit cut up, slices of cheese, slices of lean ham (or baked & crumbed chicken breast, cut into bite size pieces), Emily also likes beans so I buy her some of those small tins of salt reduced baked beans to add to the plate, small tub of yoghurt or half a toasted sarnie with ham/cheese etc..  literally lots of little bits of things that I know they like.. When Damian was younger he would only eat his food with a fancy toothpick ddoh.gif He loved 'jabbing' at his food and eating it.. (the ones with cellophane on the end..) but Leo might be too small for that..  When they're being really fussy I get vege juice to give to them on the side (the red V8 one) dev (6).gif

Edited by ~~Lynny~~, 16 March 2010 - 07:22 PM.

#23 Starbuck

Posted 16 March 2010 - 08:10 PM

Kay Poor Nate, that must be so frustrating for him.
I can relate to the not eating thing for Leo. Rosie is like that. In order to get her to eat most dinners I need to spoon feed her. The Paed wasn't to impressed with that yesterday, but since I have had long duiscussions with the dietician about it I don't care what he thinks. The dietician and I have a plan for the next few years and that's what I'll do.

Rosie is also not liking her night splints which is a pain. She wakes up saying they hurt her. The problem is, the splints are the right size, she just doesn't like the pressure of the strap holding her foot in. Not sure what to do there. If she doesn't wear them, she will eventually need casting again.

Lynny I hope you don't catch anything nasty!!

Sorry, that's all I have the energy for, I am pooped. We have some friends visiting for a few days and I wore myself out trying to get the house clean for them. They have a crawling baby so I thought the floors should be clean.

#24 bellemae

Posted 16 March 2010 - 08:46 PM

OMG had a scare this arvo, Tien & Kai playing a game in the driveway. Tien kicked the soccer ball and it got Kais ankle, knocked his legs out from under him. It all happened so fast he didn't react and break his fall at all, landed face first on the concrete sad.gif straight on his nose. Lots of blood. He's got a very fat lip and his nose is all swollen, quite possibly broken, gonna give it till the morning and see how it's looking. He REALLY didn't want to go to the dr tonight and I didn't want to stress him out more, good night sleep will do him good. *fingers crossed* it doesn't look so bad in the morning....sorry, no personals...feeling rather drained by it all...got to get some sleep.

#25 Titania

Posted 16 March 2010 - 09:22 PM

Gaa... I came in here to reply to some stuff - but I really can't reply to too much now, late and so little time, and still work to do...

"I can't say I have ever known a cold to randomly spike a high fever after a week just as the child is getting better"

Sharon- ear infection - other seconday infection? That's how it's often happened for us - spiking a high temp when we thought they were getting better.

Yes - I'm with you and Kay on the four year old inattention/selective hearing thing. Lor is exactly like that - and we went through a month or two wondering if there was something wrong with his hearing. Now I'm sure it's the selective issue.
He has more problems with border OCD - apparently a result of being emotionally more mature than most boys his age - because of his lack of early movement - and his early speech - creates sensitive children (boys especially) apparently. Very different to his brother who is opposite in the physical/speech side of things - and also the sensitivity stuff - very obvious. Griff is nowhere near as emotionally mature as Lor was at this age - still a baby more or less (but poo-ing on the toilet w00t!!!)... Sorry OT - just been learning about it lately. Lorcan becomes fairly devastated, for instance, if he can't put his bag on 'his' particular hook at kindy, because it's already taken etc...

Kay - Just try and give Leo a main meal at lunchtime to get enough good stuff into him when you can - then it doesn't matter what he has at dinner. Griff has been through this 'stage' heaps of times. I think it's partially a growth, development thing (and sometimes teeth - definitely a big contributor here). If you can get enough good things in during the rest of the day - it will ease your mind about dinner.

Lynny - how scarey, I really hope you are fine and everything works out ok. I'm sure you will be - maybe take some extra vitamins or something (garlic/C pills?). I won't relay some sad news I heard today, because it's not appropriate under the circumstances.

Belle - I read your post. I hope to send you a message - I'm just so flat out. You really, really, don't need to feel that way. You are bright, gifted and talented. You are also a very lovely person - and anyone would be thrilled to have you do photos, or anything else for them. You have masses to offer. xxx

Sorry, can't do more... under the hammer.


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