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#51 ~crackajac~

Posted 18 March 2010 - 01:26 PM

I would definitely go for the school a bit further away. Distance  and parking to me are nothing when it comes down to education standards. I know it isn't primary school but I chose Katie's preschool/kindy here because I had a way better feeling about this school than the closer one. Both are great schools but I felt more comfortable with this one. I went to primary school which was a couple of kms away and once older we walked or rode our bikes. You can always park 500m and walk the rest if parking is going to be an issue.

its just that this school is so lovely and they just seemed streets ahead in terms of organisation....I don't know I just would feel really confident that Nate would be in good hands there and not 'overlooked' IYKWIM (he tends to hide in a group)?

There is your answer there!  For Nate I think it is important to get him into a school that has a great program.

Also Kay if you already had an existing fence how come you have to pay for half of the new one? I also thought that if neighbours had to pay half of a fence there had to be three quotes obtained and the existing fence had to be useless pretty much. If they want a new one just because then they had to pay for whole thing???? Then again you have to live next door to these people and don't want to stir trouble

Just thought I would pop in and say hi. Haven't dropped off the face of the earth just busy, tired, homesick and quietly freaking out that a new baby will be joining us in less than 14 weeks  ohmy.gif . DH is busy working and studying. He is very much freaking out about the baby as he has his final  fellowship exams 10 weeks after baby arrives that go for a month.  Part of the exam is in NZ. He wanted to sit them before crazy life begins but because they were so short staffed at work and his horrendous hours he wasn't ready  sad.gif . I really feel for him as he wants to be a great Dad and husband but HAS to pass so therefore has to be absent. I am so exhausted and feel like I am falling apart sometimes. This pregnancy has been so much harder for me this time. Only stopped being sick at 20 weeks and the the hip pain settled in, I feel like I am 40+ weeks.        GOSH I am a whinger, I'll shut up now.

Lynny- Hope Emily is all better now. How scary for you with what they thought it was. Has her tongue redness gone? Hope you are feeling well pregnancy wise other than after your flu jab.

Belle- How is Kai's nose today. Poor little man.

Kirsten- Poor Rosie. How long does she have to continue with the splint thing or is it an indefinite treatment?

Karina- How is Zahli & Alannah?

Sharon- Wouldn't hurt to get her looked at. Better to know now idf there is something wrong then you can get something done about it rather than putting it down to typical 4 year old behaviour which I am sure a little of it is, not necessarily all. Oh and wow at her being allowed to have a treat for food at school. We aren't allowed ANYTHING at all of that sort which doesn't bother me. They aren't even allowed yoghurt as it gets too messy

Katie takes crackers with cheese/vegemite and some sort of fruit for morning tea and for lunch she has a bread wrap generally with cheese, mayo and some sort of meat with strawberries and grapes. They

It seems as though everyone's sicknesses have started. I have popped the girls on Echinasea, zinc and Vit c tabs.

Well i best get organised to pick the girl up from kindy.

Hope everyone else is well.

#52 ~crackajac~

Posted 18 March 2010 - 01:29 PM

T- just read your flu question. Apparently it is to hit GP's 1st April and will contain H1N1 vax. Some have already received the combined flu jab but until April you have to pay $25 for the combined one.

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#53 Kay1

Posted 18 March 2010 - 02:03 PM

Yep, I have heard same as Jac T. I am taking part in a study for Westmead regarding vaccination and the lady I spoke to told me end of March, beginning of April the new flu vax will be out and will include swine. I'm going to wait for it I think, but will talk to the GP first because tbh all those things in one shot scares me a little.

Thanks for your thoughts on the school Jac original.gif . Nice to see you again. I can't believe how busy your lives still are. Sorry to hear the pregnancy has been tough. I hope it settles down soon - you will get through it all! You are a tough cookie.

Food at preschool - because ours is long daycare as well they provide all food. They are pretty easy with the treats actually! They have fruit and raisin toast or crumpets for morning tea, a hot lunch and yoghurt for dessert but every now and then (like today apparently) ice cream! They also have cupcakes and cakes often when people bring them in and for celebrations, like if a teacher leaves etc they'll have icy poles. They do teach all the kids to rinse and swallow after all meals for dental hygiene reasons. I'm happy with their approach. They provide alternative treats for the kids who are allergic to stuff.

Better go, my babe is yelling.

#54 butterflies

Posted 18 March 2010 - 02:35 PM

Jac whinge away luv, the 3rd pregnancy for me was THE worst, the baby felt like it was going to fall out every move I made.  Is there any way family can help out when DH is finishing his fellowship?  good to hear form you

Zahli is better today though I think once it gets cool again she'll start coughing again

Alannah I have made an appointment with the allergist not sure she may have to have another skin prick test don't know, I just hope it goes away before the appointment.

T our school has 5 kindy classes each year

Kay of course what ever school is best for Nate is better but I just know about the stresses of the carparking issue around our school, have to get there 40 mins before the bell rings to get a park and soooo many people cannot park their cars properly or even drive properly.  Good luck with your decision.

#55 Kay1

Posted 18 March 2010 - 03:56 PM

Well the sage continues LOL. I drove to the school at 3.16pm (finishes at 3.15pm). I figured I'd see it at its worst. It actually wasn't bad surprisingly. I do know that there are two classes away on camp but still, there were quite a few parks a block away in different directions. It is very narrow and so tricky with turning around etc but there is a street that is joined by a walkway to the school's street which avoids that issue and there were spaces there - so its quite promising. I also realised we'd save a bit of time (distance) by cutting through the park behind us, not a lot but a bit of a difference. I didn't see that many kids walking or on bikes though so maybe I missed the real outpouring. Will go back tomorrow at drop off time.

#56 Titania

Posted 18 March 2010 - 05:55 PM

That sounds great - but go do a tour of the other school before you make any decision.

With the federal funding all the schools are doing up the classrooms etc - and there are big changes physically - happening at our local - but this is just a result of the govt injecting money.

It sounds great - but a web site is not a reason to judge a school as less great - maybe they are putting their money into other resources.

DH couldn't stop saying how impressed he was with the computer facilities at our school, today - but from the outside it's all very old fashioned, old buildings etc. The quality of the staff, and the programs they have though - are for me - the big issue - nothing to do with the buildings etc.
You may find the closer school is equally as good in those regards. Heh, good luck - so tricky when it looks like you are faced with two good schools - and fantastic that you can get into the further away one without a wait list - that's amazing - and somewhat strange now that I think of it - especially if they only have two kindy classes....??? Might be something to think about. Have you neighbours you can ask about the reputations? Local shops maybe? Always good to get community feedback in these situations - especially when you haven't been in the area that long..??

My gawd Karina - 5 kindy classes! Must be a big school!

Griff - out of nappies four days - one accident. Today - 4 poos on big loo - asking to go (no potty, not toilet insert)... w00t!!! biggrin.gif

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#57 Titania

Posted 18 March 2010 - 06:05 PM

Oh Jac - thanks for further info - yes I thought that was how it is. Silly woman. They're ususally so good down there. Tried to ring them back today - but phone was engaged constantly.

So sorry you and DH have so much on your plates - and that this pregnancy has been difficult so far. I sympathise. Last time was horrible enough for me - just that alone would put me off having another - so I imagine a third time must be hellish.
Hope you can get some help, and some reprieve soon. Not too long now and DH will be through the worst of this - and in years to come you'll be able to tell the grandkids how tough it was. wink.gif

Edited by Titania, 18 March 2010 - 06:07 PM.

#58 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 18 March 2010 - 06:11 PM

Doctor just called - my immunity to Fifth Disease/Slap Cheek is fantastic so I've got nothing to worry about tthumbs.gif (still have to make sure I dont get a rash or fever tho - not sure why) I asked about the sandpit and he said the rash def. looked viral and not something that could've been caused by a dirty sandpit. huh.gif

Will catch up in the morning - hectic day today, just put the last one to bed so I'm off to collapse on the couch!  xxx

Edited by ~~Lynny~~, 18 March 2010 - 06:11 PM.

#59 Titania

Posted 18 March 2010 - 07:31 PM

Yay Lynny! Good news.

Poor DH has just gone off in search of a doctor - after speaking to the health line. Our dear old 16.5 yo cat is on multuple medcations and accidentally bit him - with one of her few remaining teeth  - and quite punctured his thumb. Advised he should have a tetanus shot within 24 hours - and he has a v busy day tomorrow... I just wish I'd done it - as I usually do.

#60 Kay1

Posted 18 March 2010 - 10:33 PM

Ouchie T sad.gif - Hope DH is ok and finds a GP soon.

Lynny - Yay, good news. original.gif

Well I just got back from the preschool mums' dinner. So I'm sitting there listening to all the mums talk about how fabulous the close school (school A) is, many of their older kids are there and about how all Nate's classmates will be going there next year. I'm getting all convinced that I'm being silly for considering School B. Then I point out that the entire restaurant is full of mother's group tables LOL. My good friend being an extrovert and sticky beak goes and susses them out and finds a huge table of School B kindergarten mothers! So I go and talk to a couple of them. They are SO nice and just gush on and on about the school and tell me I will never regret it, honestly they just love every single thing about it. They have kids of different ages there too and are completely in awe of the headmistress it seems. They also said the parking is not a problem at all. SOOOOO......still no decision laughing2.gif. I will definitely tour school A but at the moment I can't help but feel like we are headed to school B. One thing these mums said was "its so small that no child goes unnoticed" struck a cord with me. Also they raved on about what a great community the school was.

Sorry for rabbiting on about this guys!! blush.gif

T -
and somewhat strange now that I think of it - especially if they only have two kindy classes....???
It is weird. All I can think of is that it is really out of the way, deep in the suburb. I have heard of kids from several suburbs away going there, but its location makes it not a good option traffic wise if you are travelling from far, there are only two main roads to the area and both are pretty bad for traffic. Also there is a high proportion of private school kids in this area which takes away a lot of the kids - add to that it is a suburb with a lot of older people, it kind of makes sense. There is also a massive primary school a couple of suburb away that absorbs a lot of kids, a couple of Catholic and private schools within blocks too. Apparently it is growing now because they use some phonics program that is sought after. shrug.gif Actually I met a mum tonight who lives closer to School B than School A and she'd not even considered it, she was just sending her daughter to School A because that's where her friends were going. shrug.gif

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#61 ~*Sharon*~

Posted 18 March 2010 - 10:38 PM

Far out!  Can people please stop talking?!?!

Jac - My pregnancy with Toby was absolutely horrible, but I only had one other to run around after!  sad.gif  I really hope that things ease up a little!  Do you have family around who can help out while your DH is away - even just running the others to kinder and/or childcare and that kind of thing?

T - Way to go, Griff!!  I am not even thinking of training T yet - in one way he is more verbally aware of when he needs to poo than Hannah was, but he has no interest in doing it, and I just can't be bothered!  I feel a little bad that Hannah was well and truly trained by this age, but the only thing I am aiming for with Toby is to have him trained by the time he is due to start kinder, which is still 10 months away.

Lynny - that is fantastic news!  That must be a huge weight off!!  So are the kids allowed back at childcare yet?  How is Em today?

Karina - good to hear that Zahli has improved a bit today.  I think I missed what was wrong with Alannah, but I hope it does clear up soon!

Kay - I would probably be going with the one further away - I generally figure for a fairly run-of-the-mill kid who fits most of your stereotypes (if that makes sense) then the closest school is fine so long as it is not crap (which ours is and I would never send my kids there... lol... but even our closest is not really walking distance).  But when you have a kid that is going to need a bit more "something" be it a more understanding environment, a good accelerated program, or whatever, then it is worth going out of your way to find it.

One of the near-ish schools to us has just been added back to the list... it is a PITA to get to from here, as it involved driving through a really busy area (although the back way might work better) but it is really close to my mothers house, so I can park there and walk the kids, and they can walk home to her place in a few years time... and in more recent years (like sometime in the last 15 years since myself and my brothers were there) they have started a deaf facility, and have things like basically surround sound classrooms, and specialist who work both within and outside the classrooms with kids with hearing related issues. (It is still a "normal" school, and most of their classes are made up of hearing students).

It will depend on how things go when we have Hannah looked at, and what kind of additional support she may need, if any.  If the AP specialist thinks she will do fine without any real support (I am hoping that if it is an actual issue it can just be managed by awareness in us and her teachers, and perhaps helping her learn some coping mechanisms).

On a side note - I just found this:


The symptoms from about 3 minutes 20 seconds fit Hannah perfectly - this is the first time I have heard about asking "pardon?" as being a symptom, but that is what had us taking Hannah to an Audiologist in the first place!  You can stand there and talk directly to her, and she will say "pardon?" ALL the time!

Meanwhile, I am so sick of ologists/ometrists at the moment!  We had Toby at the Ophthalmologist this morning (he is going back to patches), Hannah is at the Optometrist tomorrow morning, then I am there on Monday week.  I spoke to Hannahs Audiologist this afternoon, and then made an appointment with the Auditory Processing specialist (another Audiologist) and she is going to see them in June, because that was the next available appointment...  We also need to get Toby back to see his Dr to review his asthma treatment... but that can wait until after easter, I think!  And this is with them mostly being healthy!  Really not looking forward to when the winter bugs start to roll in!

I also managed to get suckered into going on Hannah's kinder committee last night in a "official" position rather than just as a general member.  Apparently the previous assistant secretary resigned.  The secretary is lovely, though, and it is a fairly simple role.

OK - I am going to stop babbling and get some work done!

#62 Kay1

Posted 18 March 2010 - 10:40 PM

Oh yes and T, you are right. School A has just had new classrooms built which will be open by next year so hopefully once they are complete I can do a school tour and see them.

#63 Kay1

Posted 18 March 2010 - 10:45 PM

OMG Sharon, I hate to say "me too" all the time but Nate does that ALL THE TIME!! He says "what" no matter what I say.  He will say "Mum, can I have a drink?" I'll say "yep sure" and he'll say "what?!". I think its just a total habit. Hmmmmm....Nate also asks me all the time if I'm laughing....as if he can't tell from my voice how I feel.

Hmmm....great, one more thing to worry about rolleyes.gif

The OT talked about something they do there called the listening program for issues like this.

Oh yeah, T - great going Griff!!

Okay I will go - have been drinking wine and am a little chatty LOL.

#64 ~*Sharon*~

Posted 19 March 2010 - 12:25 AM

Kay - watching that was the first time that I really went - Ummm... that is REALLY Hannah!  I knew that it kind of fit, but almost every time we talk to her she will say "pardon" (although she does go through some times that are worse than others, I think depending on whether she is a bit tired or under the weather).  When Nate does that, if you ask him what he thinks you said, can he repeat it?  When Hannah does it, she can't.

I have spent the last 12 months just thinking that Hannah was a lazy thinker, could not be bothered doing anything, but this explains so much.  Meanwhile tonight instead we were doing a Where's Wally book together - it is the first time we have ever done anything like that (they are all dressing up as Wally the weekend after next in the parade for the local festival - I used to do it when I was a kid, and I think I am more excited than Hannah! lol).  Anyway, she was REALLY good - I mean there were times that she found him before I did!  This really surprised me because normally her attention is really short, and I expected her to struggle with it... but I think because it was very much a visual game she had no problems with it.

I don't think that in Hannah's case it is overly serious, as her language is fine, and once you really have her attention she does follow most things reasonably well - although I do wonder sometimes how much she actually takes in...  She does not seem to have issues with mood, although lately she has been saying things like "your not smiling" or getting upset with us for yelling at her when we aren't (like we speak to her firmly, but without a raised voice) so maybe there is something there that we have not noticed...

It does present itself very differently in different cases, though.  From what Hannah's audiologist said it could be more an issue when there are other distractions, or when there is background noise, or it can just be some sounds or volumes they have issues with... I am not sure exactly - I don't entirely understand that part.  I just know that it did still fit Hannah even though she does not display the symptoms 100% of the time, or if she is fully engaged (for Hannah it is more gaining her attention, or accepting instructions when it involves changing tasks/focus, etc).

It does seem to often go with other sensory issues, though, so it could be something to at least consider with Nate.

OK - tired and rambling (again).  Going now.

#65 Kay1

Posted 19 March 2010 - 07:10 AM

Yeah I think with Nate its part of other sensory issues. He is hyper aware of sounds in the environment and will pick up a phrase on the tv on very low volume when I think he is involved in something else on the other side of the room (not a kids show either, the news for example). He always asks "what's that noise?" even if it is a sound very far away. So sometimes I think he finds it hard to concentrate on what people are saying because he is hearing all these different sounds too well. This is why he does poorly in group situations and when asked will say the other children are too noisy. He gets grumpy and non compliant and sometimes defensive, ie will push etc. If I ask him what I just said he will always say no. He has never repeated back to me what I have said.  DH and I have always laughed and called him the absent minded professor because we often have to say everything several different ways for him and he'll keep saying "what?".

Oh poop, he's reading this over my shoulder now - better go.....

"Why does it say poop mummy?"

#66 ~*Sharon*~

Posted 19 March 2010 - 09:26 AM

lol Kay - I had never thought about that side of having an early reader!!!

That does fit really well with some of what I have read (although in some ways different to Hannah, as she does not really have the group issues that I am aware of - I must ask her kinder teacher about that - or the hyper-sensitivity). But inability/struggling to function in group environments and hypersensitivity to noise are two of the big indicators...

It is so damn frustrating, because she is so "normal" most of the time, so half the time I feel like I am imagining things! But I think that Hannah's natural "need to please" personality is hiding some of it.

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#67 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 19 March 2010 - 09:35 AM

Kids are quiet so I'll try and post...wish me luck lol Tounge1.gif

Just got back from the doctors - both kids are well enough for preschool on monday WOOHOO!  Doctors' still not sure what Emily had, just said that there's so many different types of viral skin infections out there that it's becoming harder and harder to give a proper diagnosis without doing a blood test.  

Damian got given a good once over so good in fact that he found a mild heart murmur  sad.gif  I know it's nothing serious and I feel terrible for even mentioning it considering how rough some of you guys have it atm but I couldnt help but have a little sob while I was sitting there.  Then I started thinking back to when he was first born, how little he was etc and all those emotions came pouring back.. maybe a few pregnancy hormones as well! Anyway.. got told it's nothing serious, a lot of kids have them - he just wants me to go and have it looked at at Westmead sometime - no hurry apparently.  unsure.gif  DH just rang up and made an appointment with the specialist - 6 weeks away!  wacko.gif He got measured and weighed today as well - Dr said I can expect him to reach 6ft if not a bit more ffear.gif the fact that he is thriving and not skinny etc are all good signs with regards to the murmur as well original.gif

What else..  ooh I scored some blockout curtains on ebay! laugh.gif I placed a bid on them a couple of weeks ago and the price skyrocketed so I gave up and let someone else win them but then I got a second chance offer at $153.  I ummed and ah'ed.. decided stuff it I'd much rather go and get new ones at that price.  So the girl relisted the curtains - I kept an eye on them. They finished yesterday at lunch and DH placed a bid on them - we got them for $44 roll2.gif I didnt tell the girl that I placed a bid on them when they were first listed because she might not have been too happy about the price she got second time round  ph34r.gif

Kay - I'm still amazed at how well your boy can read!
"Why does it say poop mummy?"

He says "what" no matter what I say. He will say "Mum, can I have a drink?" I'll say "yep sure" and he'll say "what?!". I think its just a total habit. Hmmmmm....Nate also asks me all the time if I'm laughing....as if he can't tell from my voice how I feel.

Exactly like Damian!
Meanwhile, I am so sick of ologists/ometrists at the moment!

I can imagine! I get tired just reading about all your check ups and visits to the doctors  wacko.gif I hope it eases off soon or gets easier as the kids get older hhugs.gif  

T - ouch your poor DH! Tet shots hurt!  ph34r.gif

Jac - you have my sympathies.  It's been pretty full on over here too (though probably not as bad as you've got it).  Childcare has been my saving grace so far - if they werent in care 2 days a week I think I wouldve lost the plot by now

Gah sorry guys that'll have to do for now - DH got some work in and I need to help, kids are at each others throats - oh joy!

Talk a bit later when they're in bed!

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#68 ~*Sharon*~

Posted 19 March 2010 - 12:02 PM

I swear I am the biggest idiot. Say something about being sick of Drs, so naturally Toby broke out in a rash today, and apparently ($75 later!  Stoopid last minute appointments!) has Roseola.  *slaps forehead*

Edited by ~*Sharon*~, 19 March 2010 - 12:03 PM.

#69 Kay1

Posted 19 March 2010 - 12:18 PM

Oh no Sharon!! sad.gif

Lynny - Glad the kids are well but sorry to hear about Damian's heart murmur. I can imagine how it would upset you, even though it is probably not going to cause any problems. bbighug.gif

LOL, it is really annoying because he can read as fast as I can type so if I am typing something about him I have to get him to leave the room or he stands there reading it aloud as I type it! glare.gif

Just back from paed. He was pretty good. He feels that Nate's non physical "issues" are just his personality, with possibly a sensory aspect. He was in favour of the OT which is good because DH is still a bit ohmy.gif at the cost. About the tiredness, lethargy and gross motor skill delay he said this could all be an after effect of his illness (but is not necessarily). He said not to push him, just keep encouraging him etc. Its a bummer though when your 4 year old can't walk around the block and flakes out on the floor at the shops all the time. sad.gif

Re the vaccination he is going to have someone call me to discuss. She is an expert on the question of kids with prior illnesses and vaccinations - he was not sure if there might be some added risk for Nate.

That's about it I guess. He asked about where we were sending him to school. I mentioned we were deciding between two schools and he said they are both good but he thinks the smaller the better for a kid like Nate.

We'll see him again in June and see what's doing then. In the meantime we're going to see a new neurologist. I'm 95% sure there's nothing further we can do about his leg but I just want to know for sure, I'd hate to think there's something out there that could help and we didn't know. On the big plus side it turned out this paed is public so we didn't have to pay!

Better go and get stuff done.....so tired, was up late and then Nate woke me up twice last night.

#70 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 21 March 2010 - 01:33 PM

hellooooo!? lol

nothing new to report here..  seriously thinking about asking CC if I can swap the kids days around so that I only have one to deal with at a time - god they just wont leave each other alone atm wacko.gif are the other septemberries the same or am I doing something wrong??!! huh.gif

anywho - can't sit here - need to go and keep an eye on them *sigh* roll on tomorrow, I desperately need to catch up on some sleep yyawn.gif

#71 Kay1

Posted 21 March 2010 - 06:59 PM

Sympathy Lynny. Its usually an all out love fest with my two but today Nate has pushed and hit Leo so many times he's wearing a dent in the naughty step. This evening I was in the walk in robe (right next to bathroom) while they were in there and heard a noise and ran in and poor Leo had gone right under the water. He was standing up again by the time I got there (about 1 sec) but Nate confessed and Leo was very upset.

Not as upset as I was shortly afterwards rolleyes.gif, had them both playing in Leo's room and I got distracted by getting Nate's old winter clothes to wash for Leo and then DH came home, both kids ran to him and its then that I see POOOOOO. sick.gif It was horrendous, sloppy poo and it was all over the carpet in Leo's room, streaks down the hall to DH and on the wall. I was freaking out and then DH says "at least you're not holding his bum in your hand" laughing2.gif So straight in the shower for them and 20 minutes of shampooing the floor from me. Hopefully it won't stain too much hands.gif .

Ah its been a long weekend, DH had his semis so they had to play Sat and Sun and they won so they have to play both days next weekend. glare.gif Oh well, I took the kids down to watch the last hour yesterday and today and they loved it so that was ok.

#72 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 22 March 2010 - 06:19 AM

Kay - holy gross sick.gif reminds me of the time(s) Damian used to take his nappy off in the cot so he could paint ffear.gif sick.gif Hope the carpet doesnt stain!  All I can say is, thank god for showers - imagine cleaning them up without one ninja.gif

I think my main issue with Damian is just sheer boredom blush.gif I dont really sit down and do activities with him mainly because it's so hard to find something that both kids can do together that doesnt end up in tears.  Having said that, they played with some playdoh for hours the other day.  He also enjoys winding Emily up and getting a reaction out of her rolleyes.gif   I'm really hands.gif that the CC can change their days around so that they're not in at the same time - that way it would be easier for me to take Damian places and spend some time with him before baby comes.  I'm not doing anything with him atm because I never know what to do with Emily - she's such a handful to take anywhere..

gotta run, bbl!

#73 Kay1

Posted 22 March 2010 - 07:18 AM

Good luck changing the childcare days Lynny. I must say I am loving my time with the kids one on one. Obviously its not as much  time for myself as if I had them both in but I can do things that they each enjoy rather than fobbing one off while I deal with the other.

#74 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 22 March 2010 - 08:14 AM

Obviously its not as much time for myself as if I had them both in but I can do things that they each enjoy rather than fobbing one off while I deal with the other.

yyes.gif exactly right..  I'm looking forward to having some alone time with Damian.  Poor boy has been neglected a bit because Emily is just such a hand full atm - she wants your attention ALL the time and often wont let Damian come near me sad.gif  He's pretty easy to look after too so I wont really be losing out on my "me" time, he wont mind if I wanted to go upstairs for a lie down or something.. original.gif

Just spoke to the CC manager and they managed to keep Damian's days the same (mondays and wednesdays) and as of next week Emily will be going tuesdays and fridays tthumbs.gif  Might take Damian out somewhere for a treat next week wub.gif

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