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Expecting after Stillbirth or Neonatal loss ~ # 28

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#1 LilyM

Posted 12 March 2010 - 03:01 PM

New thread time ladies original.gif

Link to previous thread

#2 Guest_purplemonkey_*

Posted 12 March 2010 - 03:16 PM


Pebbles- I think it's naturally going to be a really worrying time and i'm feeling it too. I think it would be really hard with a cord accident and 'reasons unknown', as there are no tests to get the all clear from.
And you lost Hamish at 38 weeks, so there wont be any magic number you will feel slightly reassured with after you clear that amount of weeks. But we'll all be here for you to help you through  hhugs.gif
I think sometimes we just have to have a little faith.

I too think in terms of if, not when! My mum text me yesterday to tell me they went and bought a heap of baby stuff for when the 2 grandbabies due come to stay at their house. My first thought was 'well my baby will probably die, but it'll still all get used by my brothers baby'.   ddown.gif  I can't believe i thought that.

#3 szj

Posted 12 March 2010 - 03:39 PM

silver!!!!! Go me!!! rolleyes.gif
Pm, I think it is called self preservation! It is so hard to have faith and to believe, and naturally so. I was in full labour and turned to Dh and told him I was not mentally prepared for labour, I just never thought I would get to thatr point!

I am soiooooooooooo much better.....actually I am munching on a lamb cutlet as I type this.......I am vegetarian LOL!!!!! ohmy.gif  ohmy.gif  ohmy.gif
Listening to my body I spose!!

#4 Guest_purplemonkey_*

Posted 12 March 2010 - 04:23 PM

I am munching on a lamb cutlet as I type this.......I am vegetarian LOL

roll2.gif  That's hilarious!! You must be feeling better szj... glad to hear it!
YEah i reckon it is self preservation... and i think the way i'm just getting through each day at a time i will be like you and not have thought beyond the pregnancy!!

#5 Nikki~Noo

Posted 12 March 2010 - 04:26 PM

Hi ladies...

I had a check up today.  Bean is doing well.  Got to have a quick squiz at her which was nice.  Little monkey is breach, and sitting along my left side, right along my hip... almost identical to how Oliver was laying.  The only difference is she has the fluid to move in.  OB said that if she doesn't turn by 36 weeks it's likely that she won't turn, but also that they would prefer her to turn by 32 weeks if we are to try for VBA2C.  Delivery mode is still undecided but they are asking that we decide by 32 weeks which is at the next appt.  So not as long as I thought we might have to decide.  unsure.gif  She has found my bladder to be something fun to kick too  ohmy.gif

szj ~ had a chuckle at you munching on your lamb cutlet   happy.gif

bbighug.gif and  hands.gif for all who need them today.  I totally understand the "if" the baby comes.  I still can't picture a new little one being here, I think it was Mandy who was talking about that in the last thread too?  I suppose we just have to take each day as it comes, like you said purple.  Sometimes that's all we can do to get through


#6 flyingfree

Posted 12 March 2010 - 05:26 PM

Afternoon Ladies

It must be a day for checkups, I also had one today and it was such a relief seeing bub on the ultrasound.  I have my NT sacn on Monday so DH will finally get to see bub, and it looks like we will be telling the kids this weekend about bub since DS has an audiololgy appt at 2pm and NT scan at 3.15 and probably have to take him with us.
Also my dates have changed I am a week ahead on my dates due on 19 Sept so hopefully meet bubs sooner but DS"S bithday on 21st and also my nepehew was born in 16th and passed on 19 Sept so if I can avoid these 3 dates it would be nice.

Szj- hope you enjoyed your lamb cutlet.

Hi to everyone have a great weekend


#7 *Chloe_Hayley*

Posted 12 March 2010 - 06:37 PM

Hi ladies,

Glad all is going well, and check up are fine original.gif

AFM- im only 4 weeks but tests are pretty dark now so im quite sure its a sticky, havnt had any more spotting or cramps which is good. will be calling my obs next week to let her know im preg, would of called as soon as i found out but as i had a chemical preg i wanted to wait a bit and make sure. My 1st scan will be at about 7 weeks to see how many babies there are, (hopefully theres only one, even though id love to have twins again i dont think i could handle it), which will most likely be the case, as ive been told that the likely hood of things going the way it did with my girls is pretty slim (PROM on Chloe's sac) and also having identical twins again are also pretty slim which is reassuring but wont stop me from thinking something may go wrong. I guess i just have try and keep thinking positive.

All the best everyone and have a great weekend original.gif

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#8 Nikki~Noo

Posted 12 March 2010 - 06:47 PM

Rose09 ~ thinking of you just now, and hoping that everything went well with your scan this week.

Mandy ~ yay for your scan next week original.gif

Purple ~ do you have a scan next week too?

#9 Guest_purplemonkey_*

Posted 12 March 2010 - 07:35 PM

Yay to Nikki & Mandy on successful appointments today and seeing the babies  tthumbs.gif
I have my NT scan on the 23rd.... so another 12 days.
I'm feeling a bit excited now.... My mum just emailed me details of the stuff she bought. She got a pram and a carseat and some linen and stuff. I looked it all up and now i think we might go over there for Xmas this year so my baby can use it all  biggrin.gif

#10 kh78

Posted 12 March 2010 - 09:31 PM

Hi Ladies

I was a frequent member here in 2008 and thankfully had my healthy DS at 39wks on 29/09/2008.

ANyways we're pg again and i'm snooping around the boards and red Chloe_Hayley's comment.  I was also pg with twin girls in 2007 and they were born at 22wk5days after a week in hospital after discovering an open cervix and bulging membrane.  DS pg was emotionaly hard and his first few weeks of life hard again as i grieved the times i missed out on them.  My girls were most likely non identical and though our chances of twins are high we are now 14wks into our 2nd single pg.  Though this time i think mentally i could of handled a twin pg!!

Atm i feel quite relaxed about this pg, maybe due to wroking part time and full time mummy already this child takes a back seat!!  However talk to me when i hit the 20's in gestation!!  I went into hospital with DS at 29wks so feel like i'm not a "normal" pg lady yet!!

I know the journey is hard but my DS has been the greastest joy to us and a huge healer of hurt.

So good luck ladies

#11 *Chloe_Hayley*

Posted 12 March 2010 - 10:20 PM

kh78- Congrats on being preg!!! Im sorry to read about your twins, im not sure how i will feel this preg as its only very early days 8 months to go. If it is twins i think i would be ok but very very scared and worried that something may happen, But i doubt that i will have twins again as both my GP and OBS said that it will be unlikely. Either way ill still be a bit scared this pregnancy, but i know someone who lost a baby in a similar situation and was scared when she was preg again but all went well and she has a 18month old.

#12 flyingfree

Posted 13 March 2010 - 09:46 AM

bbluestork.gif  EXPECTING   ppinkstork.gif

Username: 5ratbags
Name: Suzanne
Due Date: according to OB 29th April 2010
Angel Babies: Michael James 20 May 2009 - stillborn reasons unknown
Other Children: Jamie 11.5, Michelle 9.5, Elisaveta 7.5, Raynor 4, Zeke 3
Location: Gippsland, Victoria
Gender: Looks to be a Girl

Username: cashmere
Due Date: 20th May 2010
Angel Babies: missed m/c- 7weeks, DD 19w
Location: VIC
Gender: Ok i'll tell- it's a  babyboy.gif  

USERNAME - Nikki Noo
NAME- Nikki
DUE DATE - 29 May
ANGEL BABIES - Oliver 29 March 06 - Potters Sequence
LOCATION - Bacchus March VIC, delivering at Meribee Mercy
GENDER -   babygirl.gif

Username: Kristy77
Due Date: 4th June But induction 28th May
Angel Baby: Flynn Born at 19 weeks 1.07.09 due to placenta problems
Other children: Jordan 13, Ava 2.
Hospital: Newcastle Private
Gender: Its a surprise!

USERNAME - Elly 041
NAME - Elly
DUE DATE - 10 June 2010
ANGEL BABIES - Kye James born 5th May
LOCATION - Mid North Coast NSW
GENDER - beautiful baby girl!   babygirl.gif



Username: Rose09
Name: Zoe
Due Date: 2nd August 2010
Angel Babies: Rose 17th July 2009 - stillborn spina bifida
Location: Adelaide
Gender:   babyboy.gif

USERNAME - Aimee 78
NAME - Aimee
DUE DATE - 19 August
ANGEL BABIES - Zachary Elias - 29/07/09 - stillborn at 22.3 weeks due to severe CHD
OTHER CHILDREN - Sophie Ella- 06/10/06 and Charlotte Elin - 5/11/07
GENDER - Don't care as long as bub is healthy

NAME - Sandra
DUE DATE - 22 Sept
ANGEL BABIES - Levi - Jan 07 @ 25 weeks reasons unknown
OTHER CHILDREN - Zarrah almost 5, Jarrahson 18 months

USERNAME - Mandycandy
NAME - Mandy
DUE DATE - 19 Sept
ANGEL BABIES - Ruby 9 Oct 09 @28 weeks reasons unknown
OTHER CHILDREN - Dylan 11, Becky 7. Tyler 5
GENDER - Prefer  babygirl.gif  but just want a healthy baby

USERNAME - DearlyLuvaBaby
DUE DATE - 28 September
ANGEL BABIES - Ella Sophia Stillborn 29/9/08
GENDER - Would love a  babyboy.gif  but suspect   babygirl.gif ; prefer a live, breathing, healthy bub...

Username: ihope82
Due Date: 26th September 2010
Angels babies: Hannah Jasmine, 21wks with Anencephaly 12-0-09 & M/C 7wks 22-12-09
Hospital: St George Birth Centre
Gender: Not fussy.. just want to bring my baby home!

USERNAME - Purple Monkey
DUE DATE - 1 October
ANGEL BABIES - Eden Matilda Nov 08
GENDER - Early feeling is  babygirl.gif  , but stokes with either

USERNAME - ~mrs84~
DUE DATE - 2 October
ANGEL BABIES - M/C 5wks Dec 07, DD Charlie 19.4wks Dec 08, M/C 7wks July 09,
GENDER - girl but will be happy either way :-)

username: Harrylewis
Due Date: 31 October
Other children: Harry 2 and a half, Lewis born 31st of Oct 09 died at ll days old.
Hospital: Calvary John James Hospital
Location - Canberra
Gender: Unsure


USERNAME - *Chloe_Hayley*
NAME - Brooke
DUE DATE - 16-11-2010
ANGEL BABIES - Chloe & Hayley born on the 12-10-09 at 23.3 weeks due to PROM.
LOCATION - Melbourne, VIC
GENDER - Too early to tell but as long as bub is healthy and comes home I dont care what gender bub is.


Username - Boy4me 2009
Due Date 1 December 2010
Angel Baby - Blake Michael stillborn 24.11.09 at 26 weeks.
Location - WA
Gender - Don't care as long as have a live, healthy, bring home baby.

hheart.gif  OUR PRECIOUS ANGELS   hheart.gif

Frangipani - Connor 23 Feb 2010
Puss cat


If anyone wants to add new details please let me know

Edited by mandycandy, 07 April 2010 - 10:46 AM.

#13 3cubs

Posted 14 March 2010 - 07:45 AM

Mandycandy: can u please change my due date to 31st of October had my 6 week scan last tues and my due date was lewis birthday. Tks

#14 ihope82

Posted 14 March 2010 - 07:48 AM

hi everyone...

doing a selfish post today - just want to see that ticker say 12 weeks. most ppl would be announcing to the world and breathing a huge sigh of relief today... oh how i wish it were so easy.

hope ur all well xoxo

#15 roni03

Posted 14 March 2010 - 07:52 AM

Congrats on 12 weeks ihope, looks good.  tthumbs.gif

#16 puss-cat

Posted 14 March 2010 - 09:09 AM

Well done ihope - it is an important milestone along the journey.

AFM - I am still having hcg levels monitored after my scan last week.  I have another scan next Thursday.  My hcg went from 3720 on Wednesday afternoon to 4220 on Friday morning and I have no idea whether that is a good rate of increase or not - I am only taking comfort that it is still going upwards.  I am really hoping that my dates are wrong and that this nightmare will sort itself out soon.  It's so hard waiting.

#17 RandTsMummy

Posted 14 March 2010 - 07:39 PM

Mandy - i just checked out the names in the sand website and they are taking requests tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to put my request in.
szj - congrats on the great 12 week scan and your beautiful bump. Another milestone original.gif
Can't believe you're eating meat. I'm a vegie too and DH keeps teasing that I'll get cravings for meat but I just can't see it happening for me....I hope not anyway. Don't think I could do it even if I had cravings.
Pebbles - I totally think about "if this baby survives" all the time. I find especially when people that don't understand how precautious we are about this pregnancy get all excited etc I find myself saying "well we don't even know if we'll get that far". But that's ok because it's normal for us to feel like that. After everything we've been through we are protecting ourselves by being realistic about things. We just won't know until it happens.
Kh78 - Welcome and congrats. We lost our first baby Rose last year and I'm finding this preg very stressful. For all the girls with living children does it get easier when you know you 'can' bring home a live baby? For DH and I right now we know we can make babies but not sure if we will ever bring any home.
ihope - congrats on 12 weeks, only 28 to go wink.gif

All to everyone and thank you for thinking of us on Thursday for our 19 week scan.

Well, I started crying as soon as we walked in. Of course we had to have the same room that we got the heartbreaking news about Rose at our 19 week scan in. The lady doing the scan was fantastic. The scan went really well. No signs of spina bifida and baby is definately a healthy boy. I have a very low placenta so they will monitor that again at 32 weeks. Also at our 8wk scan baby was measuring 6 days ahead, 8days ahead at 16wks and now 15days ahead at 19 wks. So I am a bit worried. I asked my OB about it at our last appointment and he said "stallions bread stallions". DH and I are both tall so OB said he's just going to be a tall baby but I'm still worried that there's something wrong. Especially as he keeps getting further ahead and by over 2 weeks now. Based on the measurements from our scan he is due the day after Rose's first birthday. I knew their birthdays would be close but I guess I need to start preparing myself for the reality that they might be only a few days apart. Anyway have an OB appointment on Tuesday so will talk to him more about it then. So for now things are looking good.

#18 szj

Posted 15 March 2010 - 08:56 AM

IHOPE - 12 weeks is a wonderful milestone, but I do also understand where you are coming form with the reservations you are feeling, hugs sweet girl xxxx
PUSSCAT - a rise of that degree sounds very positive indeed! Looking forward to n=more happy rises, thinking of you
KH78- YEAH!!!!!!!!!! COngrats, what lovely news, hoping you have a boring, text book pregnancy!
ROSE - CONGRATS!!! What a beautiful scan result, another happy milestone. I remember when preg with our 1st son after losing Levi, I almost 'searched' for possible things that could be a problem, at one point I was measuring small, then I was measuring big and both extremes put me in a spin. It is so hard to have faith and believe in the miracle that is a healthy growing baby. All I can pffer is that you are not feeling content with the scan results ask for more scans. Whatever it takes for you to get through this. Do you have trust in your Ob??
AFM - I am feeling a little seedy today, and am scared itis all going to come back on me again! I am just tired, after my SIL and BIL staying the weekend, even though I did not move off the coach, just having to be mentally alert has drained me!

To share and remember some of the name we have been tossing around are
NO IDEA for middle names, I really like Esther, but my SIL who is yet to start a family mentioned she loves it, I think we should leave it for her??
For boys it is hard!
I really like
Hendrix.....DH says no to all of them! LOL!!
And for the middle name I like Wilson, my Mums maiden name, DH says no!! MAN!!! He can be a pain in the butt!!!

Lots of time to argue I spose@!

#19 kristy77

Posted 15 March 2010 - 10:10 AM

Hi Girls!

Just a quick one as I am off to the doc at 1145 - was a bit sick last night and have woken with a couple of blisters on my belly - I had a staff infection back in 2004 so just ruling out that as it can re-occur! But the baby seems fine - moving and wiggling lots and lots so that's making me feel better. SO having a day off work as I'm jadded after being up from 11pm - 3am not well!

Rose09 - Congrats on your beautiful boy! You have one very healthy bubba in there! My friend is tall and her bub was 3 weeks early and measured the same as Ava full term! Are you having bub at 40 weeks?

szj What beautiful baby names! Ava's middle name is Pearl and I wish I hadn't used it as a middle name as I now would love to use it for a first name! We have picked out (this week anyway!)
- Amelia
- Blair
- Lilah
middle name will be Lilian.
- Max
- Ari
no middle name as yet but leaning towards Ben or Benjamin (its a family name).

puss-cat - When I was having my HCG my ob was looking for an increase. I had some bleeding and at 5 weeks it was 495 and 5 weeks 2 days 800 and now I'm 28 weeks! Will be thinking of you on Thursday!

ihope82 Congrats to you on 12 weeks!

Tomorrow will be hard - it will 12 months since I got my first BFP with Flynn sad.gif I remember the excitment and joy and how naive I was to think I would ever lose my baby - I had already had 1 m/c so surly this thing didn't happen to people twice :-( How wrong I was sad.gif OK enough of the sad post I will be back later to update on doc's appointment

Waves to those I didn't get to do personals for...
Love Kristy xo

#20 kristy77

Posted 15 March 2010 - 03:48 PM

Back from doctors. He popped one and took a sample - should be back in 3 days but has put me on Bactroban until we get results. Even if it is stafe infection they will just put me on antibotics. Also had a 2 hour sleep and feel back to my old self wink.gif

#21 Nikki~Noo

Posted 15 March 2010 - 03:53 PM

I hope everything is ok Kristy, and glad you had that sleep.  Will be thinking of you tomorrow hhugs.gif

I had a lay down this arvo and woke feeling sick sad.gif  I'm loving the sunshine, but not the heat... where has autumn gone?

Edited by Nikki~Noo, 15 March 2010 - 03:53 PM.

#22 RandTsMummy

Posted 15 March 2010 - 05:20 PM

szj - Thank you for your reply. Yes I do trust our OB. I was laying in bed last night wondering if I was just looking for something to be wrong. I guess it feels crazy to worry when everything is fine so I look for something to wrong to make it ok to worry. Was very tired and emotional yesterday but feeling much better today. PS: my name vote is for Ivy original.gif
Kristy77 - Hope you're feeling better and the blisters are easying. A day off sounds good. As for having bubs early, I'm going to talk to OB tomorrow. I'm kind of hoping we can go 3 weeks early. That way his birthday will be the week before Rose's. In years to come we can have his party and then everything can be about Rose rather than thinking about planning his party when Rose's birthday comes around. We'll see. Thanks for telling me about your friend, it's reassuring to hear of other people with big babies too. I was worried that he had some giant disorder or something...my mind just goes crazy. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Also a hard day for us as it's 20wks 1 day which is when we lost Rose.

AFM just feeling a bit emotionally drained. I think I need a nana nap.

#23 puss-cat

Posted 15 March 2010 - 05:23 PM

Hi everyone

Unfortunately I will have to leave this group.  I had a miscarriage today.  I wish you all the best and hope to be back in this group soon.


#24 3cubs

Posted 15 March 2010 - 05:59 PM

Puss-cat: Im so sorry to hear of this. YOu poor thing. I dont know what else to say.

Kristy: Hoping the spots are okay and doesnt effect u or bub.

#25 Nikki~Noo

Posted 15 March 2010 - 06:19 PM

I'm so sorry puss-cat sad.gif

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