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Expecting Multiples ~ # 92

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#126 jobstar

Posted 10 April 2010 - 07:56 AM

hhugs.gif Harrison at last  hhugs.gif Sorry to hear about your appointment. I really hope that you get some good news at your next scan. Try and stay positive (I know it is easier said then done).

#127 harrison~at~last

Posted 10 April 2010 - 09:34 AM

I know and had been told that she is a very honest Ob but not much fun hearing it! I will get our babies here safely and healthily! There is no other option original.gif

#128 harrison~at~last

Posted 10 April 2010 - 02:33 PM

Agh I am so sick of on/off spotting!!!  Had a nap today, woke up and more spotting!  Drives me crazy!

#129 collyspark

Posted 10 April 2010 - 07:31 PM

oh harrison~at~last that would be so scary and frustrating!! i hope it has gone away?


#130 harrison~at~last

Posted 10 April 2010 - 08:07 PM

Yeah it has, it usually only lasts a couple of hours.  But as soon as I see the spotting or blood I suddenly feel pain which I really think is in my head?  I am starting to wonder if as the babies get bigger it's Twin A irritating my cervix?  He/she is closest to it, and was quite active before I had the spotting?  This one is going to be our problem child, he/she was a bugger at the scan the other day LOL

#131 LemonMyrtle

Posted 10 April 2010 - 08:15 PM

H-A-L, sorry to hear about the scan. Can you go to a private one- I have been going to Dr Jones and co, at Ashford. My OB said they are both obstetricians and sonographers/radiographers so they are definite specialists and the only place he sends his multiple birth patients.

I am in pain, with all of this coughing, pain is around ribs etc on one side. DH is still on his way back from Melb. He should be here in the early hours.... I don't know what I can take to stop coughing

#132 flory

Posted 10 April 2010 - 08:54 PM

Hi all  waves.gif

Hope everyone is going well.

Harrison - I have spotting on off too - had it with DD pg too, it's so annoying and unsettling isn't it? Sorry to hear your appointment was rough.

Lemon - Hope your cough gets better soon. I have had the worst cold all week and my sinuses are soooo itchy right now

AFM I've been really up and down since the news about the twins. It's such a shock - I was just about coming to terms with the fact that I was going to have two so close together, and now there's three!!! The main thing is we don't have family here in Australia. My mum's coming over from England for a few months when the twins are born, but we are seriously considering moving back there next year to be closer to family. So all change now. We were going to buy a house this year too, but I can't see that happening in the near future.... so some serious adjustments happening around here  blush.gif

#133 bubby4and5

Posted 10 April 2010 - 11:02 PM

Hi all.... well they arrived at 34+2

well I have finally been allowed to escape from hospital... although both babies are in the special care nursery... i will make this a quicky just to let you all know we have had a few setbacks but so far all mostly ok ... I had a great labour of all up around 5 and a half hours, then my heart decided that it was going to be naughty hence the rather long stint in hospital. My condition has been called moderate pericardial effusion (fluid around the heart) and now need to see a cardiologist to find out why... but they are thinking along the lines of lupus

Baby 1 who is now named Cooper John was 4lb10 1/2oz and born at 5.09pm 1/4/10

here he is having his second bath

and Baby 2 whose been named Paige Elise was 4lb10oz and born at 6.41pm 1/4/10

Having first kangaroo cuddle with me

I will come back in here tomorrow and update on all the set backs we have had so far ...

Ok better start expressing if I am going to get to bed at a reasonable hour

be back tomorrow in the afternoon


Edited by bubby4and5, 10 April 2010 - 11:06 PM.

#134 Always amazed!

Posted 10 April 2010 - 11:27 PM

Brook CONGRATULATIONS they are so cute!\Hopefully there time in hospital is a short one.. Hope they figure out your heart as well!

Again Congrautlations!

AFM 36 weeks tomorrow still going strong!

#135 harrison~at~last

Posted 11 April 2010 - 07:36 AM

Flory - I had a bleed with dd but it was a one off with associated spotting for a few days. This time nothing for a week or so then a tiny bit. They say it should settle in 2nd trimester but it prob won't! I forget that there is extra increased blood flow with 3! Of course cos I am woorried they won't move much. Little buggers!
Also I understand your worry about multiples + 1 but have you contacted multiple birth assoc? I know that beause we also have a toddler we get in home care for 12 hours a week and they suggested I call dial an angel because I can also get a nanny for 24hrs a week to help me out! Another person to contact to find out about extra support is the multiple coordinator at your or a big public hospital! Hope this helps xxx

Amanda thanks for that recommendation! If I need anymore private scans I will go there! This next scan will be done by an ob who is the only one who does amnio reduction at fmc. I had 12w scan at benson's the
guy was lovely but not super flash with triplets!

Brook - congrats on your beautiful twins! Nice weights too :-)

#136 jobstar

Posted 11 April 2010 - 10:02 AM

Congratulations Brook on the safe arrival of your boys - they are beautiful x

#137 00ruby00

Posted 11 April 2010 - 12:06 PM

heya everyone...

Just a quicky from me... not feeling "myself" today... my tummy is feeling a little off... achey.

Must remember to sit up straight.... otherwise I can't breathe properly lol. Shoulder's back LOL.... which isn't easy.. with these huge boobies!!! god knows what they are going to be like when my milk comes in  ohmy.gif

Nearly 31 weeks... and feeling like I am starting to get somewhere.. ie with getting stuff for hospital... and washing baby stuff. I really don't want to take the tag's off any new stuff.. just incase they got the sex wrong.. and I am having 2 boys.. or 2 girls LOL. I don't have another scan until 34 weeks.

Getting harder to roll from side to side in bed to sad.gif

We have dd2 in a cot still... she is 22 months old.. I am really not ready for her to be in a big bed yet.. or having to chase her to get her back in bed LOL. Dh...will let me get a new cot... for the twins to share... and then by the time they are needing separate cots.. dd2 should be in a bed. I am being silly... but I would like them to have matching cots  blush.gif  wub.gif and Dh just thinks I am being silly lol.. and it's a waste of money. They are going to be sharing a room... for god knows how long.... and I prefer it to all match.. iykwim.  Sorry... for the petti vent.. lol..

Still haven't gotten a car yet... having 5 in carseat's is friggen HARD to find one with enough points for seats.  We do have a Toyota 80 series Landcruiser.. which is an 8 seater.. but for the 2 that sit in the back... they will have to climb over from the boot.. and god knows how I will be able to do their seat's up.
We are looking at a Kia Grand Carnival.. or a Hydundai Imax.. but would need to get points installed into the Imax.

I am so sick of the comment's about how "busy" I am going to be etc.. and how I am going to have my hands full. It's like.. thanks for pointing out the obvious you idiots LOL. And.. I keep getting comment's about how "little" my bump is... wow your really bump is really little.. I thought you would be bigger" etc etc.

Wow.. that isn't a very "happy" me post LOL. Must be having a woe is me morning lol.

HAL- I had a massive bleed.. at 11weeks + 3.. when I thought I had miscarried... and had to wait nearly 24hrs for an ultrasound sad.gif
but they were fine. At my 12 week scan.. they found I had a 6.5cm x 1.5 or 3.5 cm (can't remember) blood clot.. that wasn't hurting the babies... and that I would continue to bleed.. until the clot bled out. I stopped bleeding about 18.5 weeks... and haven't had any since.. but I still have a small clot there.
It is very scarey...and I remember worrying everytime that I felt a gush or spotting...but in the back of my mind.. I knew they were fine. Doesn't stop your mind from playing tricks though.
YAY to stopping work. I stopped when I had my big bleed... as I had to be on bed rest.

Brooke- Congrats on the arrival of your twins!! aren't they CUTE! OMG.. I hope everything is ok with your heart...must be very scarey.
Hanging out to read your next post. Did you go into labour early?

Amanda- I hope you feel better soon!

Flory- Congat's!!! As other's have said... It is very scarey feeling. I am going to have 5 under 5.5yrs... So I am sh*tting myself LOL. We are in the process of building... so couldn't add an extra room on etc... and it's a house we were hoping to be in for at least the next 10 years. So the twins will just have to share... which I guess isn't that bad. Back in the days... you might have had 4 siblings or more sharing a room.
I was also in the process of starting to portfolio build.. for my photography business... so my studio in the new house.. will now be the twins room sad.gif  But we can put two other's in together... and move them down where the other kids rooms are... and I will get my studio back lol.
We also need to buy a new car... and as I mentioned above...having 5 in anchored car seats is HARD!
But I am looking forward to being a parent to twins... isn't not something that everyone get's to experience... and it's going to be hard... but so worth it.
I am lucky and can get alot of help if needed...having both my parent's and dh's parent's.

Gotta run.. dh is calling

thinking of you all

#138 harrison~at~last

Posted 11 April 2010 - 06:32 PM

Kathreen - I saw the Hyundai iMax for the first time today!  So far it has been the best one I've seen for the number of seats we need plus having a decent storage/boot area!  I only saw it in a carpark, but will be hunting one down to have a good look at!  I'm not into climbing over seats to put capsules etc in!

Our triplets won't have matching anything LOL too much time, effort and expense for three babies original.gif

#139 bella87au

Posted 11 April 2010 - 06:53 PM

Hello, Hello!!!

I have been missing for the past few weeks, Had a few dramas, but everything seems to be on the way to sorting itself out......

Started with doc not being able to find one of bubba's heart beats, found bubba girls after about 8 min of trying (and me freaking out) but couldn't find bubba boy. He wasn't to concerned as I had just had an ultrasound a few days before hand and everything was normal, so he told me to come back and we would try again. So we did, still nothing, walking around fro 30 mins, then back and finally found it, nice and strong (162bpm) Silly little monster was hiding on his mumma!!!!!!!! So all good on the bubba front.

DP has gotten an infection in his chect, which is really bad news seeing he has a heart condition. After a few sleepless nights I put my foot down, called his heart clinic nurse, who told him to go into hospital to be assesed. No major dramas there, they fiddled around with his meds, and poped him on some awesome antibiotics and after him staying over night, he got to come home. I knwo he was a litttle cranky at me, but when i called his nurse, but i was at a point where i was not happy for him to be at home in his mum and my care, where there was nothing we could do for him. I much prefer him to be recovering in hospital and cranky, than be at home in pain and suffering......

So other than that, still at MIL's place, trying to save some $ before the twins arrive, but aiming to be in our own place by end june, begining july at the lastest, as i'm due mid august, but wil prob only make it to 36 weeks. Its not bad, MIL is great helping out with DP, which leaves me free to tend to DS.

Cant remember who asked, I will have 3 under 2 for a few weeks, then 3 under 3 After that.

Weight gain : Humm.... Was pretty happy with my gain, but then last week I gained 2kgs, so starting to wonder now if its going to keep on pilling on.... I put on close to 40 kgs with DS, so not too worried, but noticed yesterday i'm starting to look like a puffer fish again.... sigh.......

Was concidering changing hospitals at one point in the past few weeks, but have decided its more trouble than its worth, and was only based on distance, seeing we are pretty much in between gold coast hospital and brisbane at the moment, but we dont know where we are moving to, so figured..... why bother......

Will try to post more often now, Hope everyone else is progressing along well, and not to many sleepless nights!!


#140 bella87au

Posted 11 April 2010 - 06:56 PM

Oh we're also the same DS is staying in his cot till Christmas, then by then the twins will be big enoughj to be seperated. I'm not dealing with moving house, twins arriving and DS moving into a bed within a few weeks..... Sorry, I'm not superwoman, and even though I try, Even I couldn't pull that one off!!! another reason is cost, not buying another cot, to have to sell one in a few months, and replace it with a bed......

Ok enough raving.... Going to find something to eat (had a big lunch so only a litttle huingry... Maybe toasted ham and cheese.... ohhhhh I think i just talked me self into that)

Bye for now


Edited because I cant spell, and I typing way to fast with many, many mistakes!

Edited by bella87au, 11 April 2010 - 06:58 PM.

#141 Always amazed!

Posted 11 April 2010 - 07:14 PM

Heya Ladies! Bellang;ad you bubs are going wwell.. would of been scary not finding the heartbeats.
Hope your dh gets better soon.
We moved the boys in to there big beds in January. theyt were 18 mths and 2 1/2. was not fun but we got there in the end.

Someone mentioned weight. well i have put on 16kg so far with 11 days to go ! Mind you I was 102kg to start with...

Hears a belly pic from last week at 35 weeks ....

#142 LemonMyrtle

Posted 11 April 2010 - 09:41 PM

Flory, it is definitely an emotional time. Can you access a counsellor through your work (I know a lot of companies have Employee Assistance programs so you get 3 sessions for free)? Give you someone to talk to. We don't have any family here either- MIL is in NZ, and is retired so can come and help but with the twins' arrival it means she will sleep in the lounge... and I need my space. So she won;t be over for more than a month this time. My folks are in QLD but not retired so can't come down. As H-A-L said, talk with your Multiple Birth Coordinator at your hospital and see what support you can get.
We were also going to buy a house but have decided to extend our lease by a year. That way we will know in 12 months whether we want to stay in SA or move some closer to support.

Brooke, congrats on your new arrivals. Hope you can get some answers soon re your heart- must hvae been scary for you

Kathreen, I am looking at the Mitsubishi Delica (8 seater), or maybe the VW van thingy. They seem quite spacious inside and DH can easily get to the back row to clip kids in. I have done nothing yet for getting organised. I am hoping to make a list with DH this week as a lot relies on him- sorting out loungeroom so it can accomodate all furniture from spare room/study as well. Then moving cots into spare room so I can start putting clothes and nappies somewhere. We won't have matching things - too hard to match the cot we have had for the other 2 boys. But the one I am getting is also brown wood so it shouldnt look too odd.
We moved Dan into his bed a few weeks ago so he is sorted before the twins arrive. He has only got out twice. It has been great!

Bella, what a scare that lil one would have given you... and your DH! Glad the hospital helped. If you are 1/2 way between GC and Bris, just go with the hospital you feel most comfortable with.

Earthangle, looking good for 36 weeks!!

AFM, This coughing is really hurting still. I get into coughing fits and its such a fine line between being able to cough and the pain around my ribs/belly. It will be really interesting when I have a 3hr workshop to run tomorrow morning! DH came home today so that will help with things around the house. I am quite tired at the moment but it could just be the virus. Weight gain- lost some last week with being sick, so have gained about 400g since getting pg. I am 'topping' up with Up & Go to get extra calories without bulk of food, but still no change. And babies are right on 50%tile so I guess they are getting what they need.

Think I better get ready for bed, tomorrow will be a long day

#143 jobstar

Posted 12 April 2010 - 07:29 AM

bbabyflip.gif  bbabyflip.gif Expecting Multiples bbabyflip.gif  bbabyflip.gif



Username/Real name: tink1971 ( Melissa)
Location: Perth
Twins due: 17 April 2010
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal: fraternal - scan says boys
Hospital: dont know just yet
Other children: Connor 4 and Liam 2

Username/Real name: belyn/Belinda
Location: Victoria
Twins due: 23 April 2010
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal?: Boys/Fraternal
Hospital: Private
Other children: None

Username/Real name: Bilby1
Location: Alice Springs
Twins due: 27 April 2010 (full term)
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal: no idea
Hospital: no choice really - Alice Springs
Other children: DD 13/9/07


Username/Real name: earthangle/ Lisa
Location: McGraths hill NSW
Twins due: 9th May - due to be evicted on the 22nd April at 37w5d
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal: Fraternal
Hospital: The San
Other children: William nearly 3 and Richard nearly

Username/Real name:kateepops/Kate
Location: Ballarat
Twins due: May 13
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal?: Fraternal, no idea on sex
Hospital: St John's
Other children: nope

Username/Real name: melly13/Melissa
Location: Illawarra
Twins due: 29th May 2010
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal?: Boys/Fraternal I think
Hospital: Wollongong
Other children: DD 16mths

Username/Real name: Busy Bee Mama / Kate
Location: Gold Coast
Twins due: 1st May 2010
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal?: two little girls! Yay! most likely fraternal
Hospital: Gold Coast Hospital
Other children: Three boys: Connor 8, Griffynn 4, Brannigan 2 3/4


Username/Real name: Babylonging / Samantha
Location: Sydney
Twins due: 2 June full term so probably 2 weeks earlier ??
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal?: Don't know sex and won't be finding out / ID - separate sacs
Hospital: North Shore Private Hospital
Other children: Johnny 2

Username/Real name: ~kathreen~ (Kathreen)
Location: Perth
Twins due: 16th June 2010
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal: fraternal - scan boy/girl
Hospital: SJOG Subiaco... hopefulllllllllly.. don't want to go to KEMH
Other children: Xavier 5, Zahli 3 and Amaya 19 months old.

Username/Real name: madknitter / Jenelle
Location: ACT
Twins due: 11th June 2010
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal: ID boys
Hospital: Plans are for trying a VBAC at Canberra Hospital
Other children: DD 3 years.

Username/Real name: Colly
Location: Geelong, Victoria
Twins due: 6th June (40 weeks) but we have been told they will be here around 36 weeks
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal: ID sharing the one placenta
Hospital: Private SJOG
Other children: Jackson will be 3 in April


Username/Real name: nicdod77 / Nicole
Location: South East Melbourne
Twins due: 6 July 2010 (40 weeks)
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal?: Don't know yet / Separate saks
Hospital: Waverley Private or Jesse Mac
Other children: None

Username/Real name: Lemon Myrtle/ Amanda
Location: Adelaide
Twins due: 12 July
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal?: no idea on sex- hope to find out on 18th; probably fraternal
Hospital: not sure yet; private
Other children: DS1 (3), DS2 (1.5)

Username/Real name: Fertile Woman
Location: Brisbane
Twins due: 22 July 2010
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal: fraternal (Di/Di)
Hospital: unsure
Other children: None.

Username/Real name: katlc/Kate
Location: Melbourne
Twins due: Last week July/ first week August as they are still to confirm
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal?: Fraternal - Well that's the OB's guess at 9 weeks
Hospital: Frances Perry
Other children: DS3.5 yrs, DD 21 Mths


Username/Real name: Bella/Bella
Location: Gold Coast
Twins due: 16/08/10
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal: ?
Hospital: ?
Other children: William (18 months)

Username/Real name: Hayste/Hayley
Location: Tasmania
Twins due: 25/08/10
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal?: Not sure if we will find out yet/Fraternal
Hospital: Burnie Private
Other children: Step Daughter Tekeesha (8)


Username/Real name: GoldenChild/Elvy
Location: Nowra, NSW
Twins due: 40 weeks on 3/09/10
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal: don't know/don't know yet
Hospital: Shoalhaven Memorial District Hospital
Other children: Janarra 13 yo girl, Edan Angel boy born Feb 99, Coen 10 yo boy, Kylara 8 yo girl, Bindi 5 yo girl, Jirrah 2 yo girl.

Username/Real name: Rochelle
Location: Gold Coast
Twins due: 8/9/10
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal?: Fraternal but wont be finding out sex until birth...I suspect two boys!
Hospital: John Flynn
Other children: Dominic (4) and Manon (2)

Username : Greenthumbgirl
Location : Western Victoria
Twins Due : full term date 3rd Sept
Sex/ID etc : separate sacks
Hospital : Geelong Public (as a private patient)
Other children : nope, but one really big dog, 10 chooks & 2 sheep.

Username/Real name: Jobsar / Kathy
Location: Northern beaches - Sydney
Twins due: 5 September
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal: Fraternal
Hospital: The Mater - North Sydney
Other children: These will be our first little mircles

Username: Janiaa Real Name: Nicolle
Location: Central Coast
Twins Due: 30th September LMP 5th October Ultrasound
Hospital: Gosford Public
Other Children: Jasmyn 4.5 years


Username/Real name: harrison~at~last/Kelly
Location: Adelaide
Triplets due: Officially 22nd October but will be earlier than that (obviously)
Sex of triplets/ID or Fraternal: fraternal - No idea of sex, they are identical twins & singleton
Hospital: Flinders Medical Centre
Other children: 2yo DD

Username/Real name: babyblessedxo/ Amanda
Location: Mackay
Twins due: 26/10/10
Sex of triplets/ ID or Fraternal:
Hospital: Mackay Mater Hospital
Other children: DS Angel Jack, DD Amelia


Username/Real name: kitty*kat/Kathleen (Kat)
Location: Newcastle NSW
Twins due: 11th November 2010
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal: Fraternal
Hospital: Plans are for Newcastle Private Hospital (NPH)
Other children: These are our first bubbas

Username/Real name: Flory / Amy
Location: Byron Bay
Twins due: Early-Mid Nov
Sex of twins/ID or Fraternal: Fraternal (2 girls I think!)
Hospital: Tweed Heads
Other children: Poppy (June 09)


Cath220 - Christian Joseph (5 pds) and Lauren Claire (6 pds) on August 3rd, 2009.
Pawwots - Maks Austin (2.7kg) and Finn Josef (2.2kg) on AUgust 4th, 2009.
BMT - B/G Twins - September 4th, 2009.
RebelYell - Natalia (3.19kg) and Tamara (3.08kg)
Whitelion - Sarah Grace (3.05kgs) and Jessica Ava (2.88kg) on October 12th
waitingforapositivehpt-Cam & Zane-Oct 16th  hheart.gif  in our thoughts & hearts  hheart.gif
kiwim2b - Jayden 2.8kg and Tahlia 2.4kg on 24th of October 2009
Steggles - Isla Maree (2.47kgs) & Scarlett Audrey (2.63kgs) on 11 November
Tara99 - 2 little girls c/s at 35 weeks - further details secret squirrel
Becsj – 2 boys 37+2 Kobe Jai (3.2kgs) and Marley Chase (3.1kgs) on 1 February
Zooey - Maya Violet (3lb 8oz) and Ava Rose (3lb 11oz) 32 weeks at 9/2/10
Zola_d - William Bryce Alexander (6lb 7oz) and Maxwell Hugo Wolfgang (6lb 4 oz) 20/3/10
Miaandme – Juliet Angelina (2.44kg) and Poppy Josephine (2.57kgs) 24/3/10
Kirstjoy - Jameson William (1.8kg) and Mischa Claire (2.2kg) 14/3/10
Bubby4and5 - Cooper John was (4lb10 1/2oz) and Paige Elise (4lb10oz)  1/4/10
bbabyflip.gif  bbabyflip.gif

#144 jobstar

Posted 12 April 2010 - 07:30 AM

Hi folks - I have updated the list but don't know the how to create a new thread?? Any ideas??? I have PM the moderator to see how it all works so hopefully a new thread will be created soon.

Have a great day x

#145 harrison~at~last

Posted 12 April 2010 - 05:34 PM

Amanda - My cousin has the Delica, same as most vans, it has NO storage/boot/luggage space unless you fold down a seat or two!  Why do they do that with vans?

AFM - have had some more spotting again today, not getting too stressed but it sh*ts me off!  Doesn't help that I'm highly emotional and hormonal and everything else!  I guess with multiples/triplets the blood flow is increased everywhere so you're more likely to bleed right?  Does anyone know the stats on likelihood of miscarriage/heart stopping (when previously all good) at 12+ weeks?  Yes, I know I worry too much but I haven't done this before with 3 LOL

Sorry for the short post, am in the middle of making Murtabak for dinner (Malaysian meal - absolutely delish but VERY fiddly and time consuming).

DD is at baby school tomorrow and DH starts night shift tonight so LOTS of quiet rest time for me tomorrow original.gif

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