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July 06 Parents # 159

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#26 whydoibother

Posted 22 April 2010 - 02:15 PM

Hi Peta,
I'm Cally mum to Amelia who is the July girl, Noah in April 2008 and one on the way due in August.
Feel free to pop in-we are here sometimes but usually on facebook now laughing2.gif
that sucks about your ex-what a loser!

#27 Lee~XOX

Posted 22 April 2010 - 03:19 PM


One of those days.  

How do you girls seriously do 6am (and earlier) starts??  Dom has decided 6/6.30 is good this last week and I'm already stuffed.  Give me 8am anyday!!  I'm sure he's being cheeky and getting up then just for us time, since no one else is awake glare.gif  He won't even drink more than half a bottle!

#28 mumofDDplusDDx2

Posted 22 April 2010 - 10:46 PM

Hi just wondering if I can join in with this group .  My DD1 born July 20 and DDX2 unidentical Oct 08. Looking for some great tips on almost 4y/o behaviours and wondering what your precious little numbers are up to?

#29 M2P

Posted 24 April 2010 - 05:04 PM

Hi everyone!!

Not sure if you remember us or not?!?  DD was born on the 17th July, 2006.  Have been MIA for a while now, we have been flat out with life in general and Facebook has taken over a little!!

To answer the questions that Wiggler posted -

1/ favourite colour??

Depends on the day but more often than not it is Purple or Pink!!

2/ favourite stories??

Loves reading Nursery Rhymes and the classics like Cinderella, Snow White and anything with princesses!!

3/ favourtie food??

Mashed potatoes, carrots and homemade chicken nuggets or Silverside with vegies

4/ what do they want to be when they grow up??

This is a classic!  I asked her just before and she said " I want to be just like you, Mummy!"

5/ things they like to play??

Hide and seek, her game Zingo and dress ups

6/ favourite security blanket/toy??

DD still loves her crocheted blankie and her doll Sally

7/ Mummy/Daddy Boy/Girl??

Definately Mummy's girl!!

8/ Toilet trained?

DD is day trained but not quite night trained.

Can I add a question??  What are you going to get your child for their 4th birthday??  I'm a little stumped and not sure on what to buy for DD.


#30 :)Helena

Posted 24 April 2010 - 10:01 PM

Welcome Peta, MumofDDplusDDx2 & welcome back M2P! (Robyn! I rememeber you original.gif )

Fraggles, I hope Ellie's feeling better xo

Lee, the early mornings are a killer.... still!! I'll hopefully get them back when they're teenagers needing to get to school wink.gif

Busy busy here, we had immense storms on Tuesday night, the heaviest rain I've ever experienced, pretty much constantly from just before 3pm -7ish. It eased over night but still rained lots, just not so sideways and haily! Part of our front eaves collapsed and scared the crap out of us! Our back room (off Scott's office downstairs) where we store EVERYTHING that doesn't fit in the house also flooded and lots of garden beds washed away! It was nuts!! Not too much stuff damaged downstairs, unfortunately a box of toys stashed as pressies, some tolkien prints I was given years ago, some board games, a couple of bags of kid's clothes (that Aedan is still to grow into). Fortunately my hand made Ashiko drum which was right by the door was ok & it's inspired me to get back into African Drumming again soon so the cleanout has been slightly positive!We've had to clear out furniture and other crates & boxes so we could dry out carpet and the drawers & cupboards that got soaked. A much bigger job than we first realised but not as bad as others up the street who were pumping out floodwater through the night and removing carpets etc the next morning! The 'tide' mark on our neighbour's garage was about 40cm high!!

The boys are doin well, tho Caelan's really pushing boundaries at the moment- being defiant & getting rough with Aedan (Tho Aedan's such a tough lil cookie and can handle it, I don't like it) & he's got the funniest scowly face when he gets told off, it's hard to keep a straight face!! It doesn't take long for him to turn around and be sweet and cuddly tho which can be so frustrating! He just gets sooo pi$$ed of when he doesn't get his way, even when he DOES get his way, he still fights for more!

His kinder teacher told me yesterday that another mum told her that he'd been poking her son with his finger at mat time, and he hasn't been wanting to go to kinder because of it!  ohmy.gif  The teacher was soo apologetic about telling me as she hasn't noticed Caelan doing this at all, but as we get along really well and knows my teaching background, she thought I'd like to know. She actually said, if it were anyone else, she wouldn't bother telling them... She has noticed this other kid being a bit of a loner and not joining in & so said she thinks Caelan's actually just trying to get his attention & getting him to join in but he doesn't like it! (I don't blame him tbh!) It doesn't seem like he's bullying as such, I certainly hope not!! but yeah, we've been trying to reinforce being kind & gentle, I keep getting a yo gabba gabba song in my head ' keep your hands to yourself, your hands to yourself, keep your hands to yourself....' lol! so have put that episode on a couple of times to help get the message through! I dunno what else to do really, I'm not going to tell him I know about this unless it continues as really, I feel it's a kinder issue.. What do you guys think? I don't want to blow it out of proportion & feel it would be better dealt with when it happens... I know if the situation were reversed I'd try & get Caelan to be assertive at the time and tell the kid to stop or tell the teacher then & there...

I'm doing well besides that, still going with this diet, about 13kgs down so far, hoping to lose about that again before we go on holiday in July, I need to sort out exercising more to help get there but dunno what to do, I've never liked gyms much & it's years since I've played sports. Chasing after my nutter boys seems like enough exercise to wear me out tbh!!

I'm realllllly hoping for a sleep in tomorrow (lol who am I kidding?!) Aedan is still breastfeeding in the mornings only now so it's me that has to get up when he wakes & Caelan still wakes early and if Scott gets up to him, they inevitably make too much noise & wake Aedan :S  (Whereas if I get up with Caelan, Aedan can sometimes sleep til close to 8!)  scott will usually sleep til 8 or 9 too *sigh*  I miss sleep!
Off to bed now then, (so lame for a Saturday night!)
Hope everyone's well n happy

original.gif hel xo

#31 SmallDarkHandsome

Posted 25 April 2010 - 08:48 AM

Hello ladies!

Been a while, although I keep up with most of you on FB these days. Just thought I'd pop in here to say hello! Seems like the thread moves rather more slowly than it used to....

Thought I'd answer the q's that Karen posted...

1/ favourite colour?

Marcus: Blue, definitely
Luca: Showing a distinct liking for his blue Lamaze horse...

2/ favourite stories?

Marcus: He has lots but he loves Babar, Winnie the Pooh, anything by Richard Scarry, Paddington Bear
Luca: Anything that Marcus likes!

3/ favourite food?

Marcus: ice cream, chocolate, spaghetti bolognaise, cheese, sugar snap peas (!), pizza
Luca: Boobie juice original.gif

4/ what do they want to be when they grow up?

Marcus: I just asked him and he said he didn't know!
Luca: Probably whatever his big brother wants to be as he already adores his big brother!

5/ things they like to play?

Marcus: Anything that involves causing maximum chaos - running around outside with sticks, pretending bits of play equipment are trains / cars / aeroplanes etc etc. Lots of pretend games
Luca: Fascinated with clasping and unclasping his hands together, sticking his hands in his mouth, grabbing onto his rings and toy horse

6/ favourite security blanket/toy?

Marcus: Inseparable from his Pooh Bear at night time
Luca: his rings

7/ Mummy/Daddy Boy/Girl?

Marcus: Daddy's boy - no question
Luca: Mummy's boy original.gif

8/ Toilet trained?

Marcus: Day trained for about a year, night trained for about 9 months. Has started having the odd accident again during the day though since Luca was born sad.gif
Luca: not a chance!

Take care all

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#32 lexi11

Posted 25 April 2010 - 01:07 PM

hi lades biggrin.gif Alex comes home from her dad's this afternoon. I hate it when she's away sad.gif makes me sad lol. im so used to having this small child around, it feels unnatural when she's not.

has anyone here got a child with special needs or development delay? Just wondering what all your almost 4 yr olds are up to lately.

Alex has just started speaking, which is SO exciting, we've been working on it for soooo long. so out goes the sign language lol, she says heaps.

Alex is also in the independant stage grrrrrr. Alex needs to do it, Alex needs to touch it, Alex needs to yell lol. arrghh driving me nuts!! She loves the word 'no' at the moment too  huh.gif

#33 whydoibother

Posted 25 April 2010 - 07:53 PM

HEls: busy as usual i see wink.gif
Robyn: I don;t remember-laughing2.gif  blush.gif but then again I don't remember much these days...
lexi11: So glad to hear that Alex is talking! I don't think my kids have any delays-they are both good at their own things though, DD always has seemed more ahead socially and vocally whereas DS was more of a climber, motor skills boy-he walked later though he was climbing before walking  blink.gif he isn't as a good a talker as DD but yeah he can kick balls etc really well.  Amelia is into drawing atm and she has become interested in weather charts and reading them laughing2.gif

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#34 ~Perplexity~

Posted 25 April 2010 - 08:39 PM

Smalldarkhandsome - i didn't even realise you had another bub, Congratulations, i love the name Luca.

BBL - things have been crazy lately, have so much to do, so many things running through my mind, hopefully we will get back to some sense of normal soon.

#35 MamaCass

Posted 26 April 2010 - 11:01 AM

Hi everyone

Yay this thread is moving again. Although I know I will find it hard to keep up. How does everyone do everything when you have two or three kids, sigh. I guess you just don't!


Favourite colour? Dylan: Green
Adelita: Pink LOL!!!

Favourite stories? Charlie and Lola story book, The Big Red Bus, My Dad, Space stories, Cars and Trucks stories.

Favourite food? Dylan: Smoked salmon, toast, pasta, grapes, meat, chicken, roast tatas.
Adelita: Whatever I am having.

What does he want to be when he grows up? An astronaut, Dylan is obsessed with space and satellites and planets.

Things they like to play? Anything involving cars/trucks/trains, space blast off, building castles and houses, kicking a ball.

Favourite security blanket/toy? His winnie the pooh teddy bear which was called mimi poo now called teddy.

Mummy/Daddy/Boy/Girl? Although we now have Adelita and so my attention is mostly elsewhere Dylan is still a Mummy's boy but in saying that he is spending a lot more time with DH who stays in his room at night if he can't go to sleep and who helps him get dressed and who plays more daddy and Dylan games with him.

Toilet trained? Yes Dylan has been for nearly a year both day and night.

Oh well wanted to write more but my boobie mosnter is awake, cannot believe she is already 7 weeks old!


#36 wiggler

Posted 26 April 2010 - 09:16 PM

Need to make an alteration to my answers. We drove past my uni the other day adn I was telling James and Tom that is where mummy went to school to learn how to be a doctor. We asked James what he wanted to be and with out a seconds hesitation he said " a ninja turtle". Tom thought about it for a momnt and siad quite seriously that he was going to be a "crocidile". I think he likes the thought of eating his brother the turtle.

Simone - we have "Where's Stripey??" It is a lovely book. James wont let me skip words or pages thpough so can take a bit to read. How is study going??? Did that eassay go well??

Helena - I wouldnt worry to much with Calean. James can get a little rough. I think it may be a boy thing. I watch James sometimes and it is done to try and involve the child or invovle himself inthe play. He doesnt know what to say so he walks up and pokes or hits. (a bit like rough and tumble with Dad). I dont think he is bullying and we talk about it I just dont think he knows it is intrusive. I agree with leaving it to the kindy. We dont rise as early as you but are up by 7am most days. I had a morning to my slef todayand still woke at 715am. Suppose you could say that was a sleep in. We went camping last week and the boys where up with the birds. It was a delight lying in bed one morning listening to them exclaim with joy at the rainbow inthe sky. It was one of those golden morning sunrises where everything is orange and yellow and red and sparkly. Sounds like a great storm. We have just been to the coorong - the end point of the river murray and they are still desparate for water. All the jetties go out to sand. It was sad. Last time I went to the place was in 2002 and there was a lot more water.

SDH - congratulations. Luca is beautiful and I love the name. How is Marcus going with being a big brother??

Welcome Lexi and Alex. The ladies in here are lovely and with a few new people perhaps things will get moving again. FB has "stolen" everyone. I have two boys  - James who is 3. Is was due in july but born in June. I stayed inthe group as I new the girls.  I also have tom who is 2. There is 15 months between my boys. I thought I was brave but Lee is even braver. I dont think either of mine have any delay. Fine motor skills leave a little to desire but they are busy boys whose gross motor skill is very good. Both are good little tyalkers. Tom is probaly better than James every was. James i have now noticed has a tendency to be a little shy. Is Alex's delay a global delay or just certain areas?? What was she in ICU for?? That would have been so scarey.

James is going through a real clingy stage. Is anyones elses child?? It is all mummy must do it. Dad is not good enough. And very emotional. Small things really set him off but he can also be amazingly happy and sweet. We frequently now get "i'm not your friend" "I dont care about you" ....we have even had an "I hate you". We never say these things to him and I dont think he really knows what they mean. I just reply with "that's okay, I am your mummy and love you regardless" and move on. Nearly 4 year olds present a whole new range of challenges.

#37 JoRiCo

Posted 27 April 2010 - 11:46 AM

Wow I haven't been in here for so long  blush.gif

Welcome to the newbies  original.gif
I'm Dannii, mummy to 3 boys! Josh (11), Riley (3) and Cohen (14mths).

Answers to Karen's questions:
Favourite colour?
Riley seems to like blue or red.

Favourite stories?
At the moment Riley loves books that have things you need to find and is happy to sit there for ages looking. Cohen likes anything that Josh will read to him including Skateboard Magazines  biggrin.gif

Favourite food?
Riley is starting to eat well again. His favourites are pasta, butter chicken and tomatoes. He had pappadums last night with his butter chicken and thought they were the best thing lol.
Cohen eats anything and everything.

What does he want to be when he grows up?
Riley just told me he wants to be Spiderman when he grows up  roll2.gif

Things they like to play?
Riley loves being outside running around or riding his scooter but also likes playing Xbox (he beats me all the time)
Cohen likes whatever Riley or Josh has.

Favourite security blanket/toy?
Riley has a puppy he takes to bed.
Cohen is in love with his dummy.

All my boys are mummy boys! Josh is not so much now and is starting to ask me to drop him off around the corner  blink.gif  Oh no teenage years here we come.

Toilet trained?
Riley is fully toilet trained and has been for quiet a while. He was still wearing night pull ups but about 7 months ago told me he was a big boy and didn't need them original.gif
Cohen is no where near it and I'm happy to say Josh is fully trained too  wink.gif

Riley is still a small fry! I weighed him this morning and he is 14.7kg.

AFU- Things are hectic around here now that Cohen is on the move. Riley is going great and is such a little character. Most days he is 3 going on 13 but having a big brother around will do that.
Oh Cohen is awake.

Will make sure I pop in more often.

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#38 winterbaby

Posted 29 April 2010 - 11:54 PM

Hello all - boy oh boy, I go on holiday for 3 weeks & look what happens LMAO.

Welcome Peta & MumofDDplusDDx2 - I'm Nikki & I have Benjamin who's 3 & Emily who's 16 months.

To answer the questions:

Favourite colour?
Ben: Red, Green or Yellow depending on the day & his mood.  But mostly red.
Emily: Not sure, Pink I think.

Favourite stories?
Ben: Tootle (golden book), little rabbit's new baby, Little rabbit goes to school, my train, Oh the places you'll go (Dr Seuss).
Emily: anything that's noisy, my train (I can read this book word for word without opening it these days LMAO).

Favourite food?
Ben: Sushi, carrots, peas, potato, tinned manderins (wont touch fresh ones), chocolate.
Emily: Bananas, chocolate, sweetcorn, peas, dried apricots, apples, sushi.

What do they want to be when they grow up?
Ben: All I hear is "when I'm a big daddy man..." LOL, it's so cute. I've asked him before what he wants to be & he just looks at me & says I dunno.
Emily: Destructor extrordinair!

Things they like to play?
Ben: trains, trampoline, cars, chess, Thomas laptop.
Emily: Cars, destroying anything Ben is playing with, horsey rides (on mummy or daddy's tummy generally).

Favourite security blanket/toy?
Ben: Cookie monster
Emily: Charlie (toy Zebra)

Ben: Mummy's boy
Emily: it's still up for contention but Brent has claimed her LOL.

Toilet trained?
Ben: Has been fully day trained for over 12months now (except for the odd poo in his pants when he is too busy playing) & has been night trained for about 4-5 months now I guess.
Emily: decided a month ago that she wanted to be toilet trained, so is in the process & doing quite well.

Not sure about either of them...
Ben: about 14.5kg I think
Emily: was about 9.6kg before we left for holidays 3 weeks ago.

OMG - I had to laugh at Emily yesterday... I left half a bar of chocolate (family block size) on the dresser (my chest height) at my grandmothers house in NZ.  Realised Emily had disappeared & went to investigate.  I found her sitting on the bed with evidence spread all over her face & hands & an empty wrapper (save the piece she dropped on the floor) on her lap roll2.gif.
She was like a deer in the headlights when I walked in - wish I'd got a photo.  Was good chocolate too & stuff I can't buy in Aus damn it!
Made me laugh because at about the same age & was caught sitting on the same bed with a pair of scissors in my hand cutting up my sheepskin & I had the same look on my face LOL. rolleyes.gif

Peta - don't do away with the sign language, it is still useful.  My 2 don't have any developmental delays but I have used auslan with both of them & find it fantastic, Ben still signs occasionally if he's really tired or if it's noisy & he is helping teach Emily - I also sign a lot to them if it's noisy as I hate having to yell.  Do you use makaton or auslan?

Emily is coming along great guns - she is growing up SO fast.  she is starting to speak really well & is much more advanced than ben in physical terms (she runs & climbs much better than him), still having regular concussions though - I swear that girl just wont learn!  I held my breath & made the switch to cows milk with her a few months ago - thankfully she didn't have any reaction.  

Makes it that little bit harder for Ben though now having to watch his sister drink milk & eat "real" ice cream. sad.gif  I'm hoping to try him on cows milk again after he turns 4... I really hope he doesn't react, it's so hard having to tell him no to dairy.

Ben is doing really well too, he's learning to read atm & doing well with it.  Is also learning how to play chess.  He is great to have a conversation with, it's like talking to a mini adult LOL.  His favourite word atm it "apparently" the other day I got "I don't want kfc for lunch today apparently" as we walked past it.  He is a strange little boy though - VERY sensitive but su  per strong willed & gets frustrated easily (like not being able to do his zipper will make the world end). He can get very feisty too & when he's cranky he can become a nasty little boy - I've cuaght him with his hands around Emily's neck once or twice ohmy.gif.

Anyway, it's almost pumkin hour!  I'm off to bed.

#39 If You Say So

Posted 30 April 2010 - 11:26 AM

Hi all, after Dannii (JoRiCo) told me this thread was moving a bit, I thought I had better pop in. Nice to see some new girls joining in original.gif I am Tracey - I have 2 girls - Soph who is a July 02 girl, and Priya is my July 06 girl.

I'll try to answer the Qs. Only doing P as I CBA'd.

Favourite colour?
Pink. Shes a girly girl.

Favourite stories?
Anything i'm willing to read to her. Shes really not fussy.

Favourite food?
Tacos (usually minus the torilla), lasagne, bananas and pretty much any junk food.

What do they want to be when they grow up?
Not sure yet, but she does want hair like mine (shes the only blonde in a family of brunettes)

Things they like to play?
Trampoline, scooter, mums & dads with the dolls, general mucking about with any other "kiddies"

Favourite security blanket/toy?
Doesnt have one. Fave toy changes regularly. ATM its an iCarly doll (as its the newest)

Def a mummy's girl. Regularly tells DH (and my dad) that she doesnt love them, and refuses to give them goodbye kisses.

Toilet trained?
Yep, day and night for a fair while now (since just after she turned 3 I think). I still discourage her to wipe her bum tho - I'm not ready for the consequences of that.

Not too sure, but I think around 16-17kg. But then she is very tall.

I do try to keep up with FB, but I'm pretty slow & slack. Please feel free to add me if I'm not already your friend on FB. I'm in the July 06 mums group on there with most of you.

#40 Lee~XOX

Posted 01 May 2010 - 09:57 PM

Nice to see some more movement.  

Nic ~ How'd last night go?  You're right, the boys are very close in age - only a week or two at most.  I finally have Dom going to the ECN in a week to see how he is going.  I've been super super slack this time around.  No time I guess.  

The add-on to Karen's questions (and thanks Karen for calling me brave original.gif)  Admittedly I commonly refer to it as insanity roll2.gif

C was 14.4 last time he was weighed.  I wouldn't expect he's gone up much.  He has always been on the small side but I think he's finally gone up on the growth chart. Born @ 10% and I believe he is 25% now.  

G is a chubber.  I really adore her pot belly, dimply bum and thunder thighs.  She just looks so innocent wandering around wub.gif  She was close to 10kg @ 12 months which was a little while ago now.  

Dom I have no idea shrug.gif  He's filling out and has lost that NB look now.  He has little creases on his legs now and a roll between his tummy and boobs biggrin.gif

Nothing new here.  One day ends and the other starts.  Sleep dep is starting to build up unfortunately.  G is going through a stage I think with teeth so it's often been her until 12/1 and then Dom from 5/6.  

Speaking of sleep, better go kick DH out so I can go (he's heading to work)

#41 Ducky*Fuzz

Posted 02 May 2010 - 09:42 AM

Hi how is everyone?

I'll just do Em because Scott's older...

Favourite colour?
Emily: Used to be yellow, orange and red, but now loves pink and purple because of The Fairies.

Favourite stories?
Emily: Anything Grug, Miffy and the Ghost, I want my Mum, various fairy stories.

Favourite food?
Emily: Lasagne, chocolate, icecream, yoghurt, prawns, bananas, chocolate, corn, peas, dried apricots, apples, chocolate milkshakes

What do they want to be when they grow up?
Emily: A girl driver. Whatever that is.  Then she said Just like mumma. Probably a singer. She is forever making up songs.  She is making one up right now. "Night time, poo time, go to McDonalds".  ph34r.gif Don't ask...

Things they like to play?
Emily: Fairies, Cosmic Family (Wii), Snap, trampoline, hide and seek, singing, dancing

Favourite security blanket/toy?
Emily: Doesn't really have one. Various puppies and Rhapsody doll. A microphone.

Emily: me during the day, S at night (haha)

Toilet trained?
Emily: Day and night for around a year.

Emily: 14kg - just

Ben sounds a lot like Scott, just 2 years younger.  He enjoys puzzles and chess.  He used big words like "actually" and "apparently" and oh I can't remember but he used to say some really clever things for his age. I have them written down somewhere.

He can get very cranky and frustrated too when he can't do something. He's never really been a physical kid in terms of hitting or hurting, but he smacked the neighbours kid the other day.  It's the first time I've had to take him home. I was not impressed.

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#42 ~Perplexity~

Posted 02 May 2010 - 09:57 AM


Weight - I should weigh both of mine again soon, H is probably about 9.5kg not sure about E though she is stick thin.

Clothing - Does anyone elses kids dictate what they want to wear?  E won't put on anything i pick it has to be her choice, i am about to head to the shops to try and find some skirts and leggings and winter dresses because she will not wear her pants at all, she picks her tshirts out, her headbands, how she wants her hair.

E gets cranky with H sometimes as well although i had never seen her lash out towards him until last week when she slapped him across the face.

#43 wiggler

Posted 02 May 2010 - 02:17 PM

James can get funny about his clothes too - not as bad as my niece who is a similar age does. I bought him a lovely shirt the other day. He wont wear it as he says it is for girls. He is also very fussy with shoes. It must be sneakers and sneakers only. Thankfully we have found a nice pair of brown boots he likes so will wear them. Sneakers can look a little scruffy if we are going somewhere nice.

Tom is more of an issue as I want him to wear stuff that James has grown out of. I only keep the nice stuff that isnt stained but he is adamant that they are James' clothes so wont wear some things. I have James on side convincing him it is okay.

James and Tom get cranky with each other. I think I have mentioned they go each other like rugby tackles at times. Tom is just as fiesty.

I have started a "lego money jar" - I have to say it is working a treat. James let me cut his hair today as long as some coins go in the jar. Money also comes out if they are naughty. I little bit of peer group pressure on my behalf as they share the jar so James gets annoyed if money is taken out when Tom is naughty. It is helping me as James makes more of an effort not to annoy his brother.

Did a 6 km run this am and it felt really good. We are going to reward ourselves by making choc chip cookies

#44 whydoibother

Posted 04 May 2010 - 01:32 PM

oh Karen the clothes thing sh*ts me with Amelia-she hates certain clothes esp shorts.
SO now i ask her before I buy it will she wear it! grrr to that!  The coin jar sounds great original.gif

will bbl

#45 wiggler

Posted 04 May 2010 - 11:16 PM

I ask James too. I am brave sometimes and let him pick but cant do that all the time or all he would wear is spiderman tops and ben 10 stuff. He has never seen either.

I am back into study. Kind of feels good, kind of doesnt. I hate the time it can take away from family. I like the knowldge but hate that time. So is life.

The chocolate chip cookies we made where great.

What has everyone got planned for mothers day??? Anything exciting??

I have already had my present. I got a day to myself last week and went and got fitted properly for bras (and bought 3 - darn expensive things), I got a proper makeover and bought new make up (also expensive but has been 10 yrs since I bought any - I am sure they are suppose to be replaced yearly.) I got fitted for a new pair of runners and bought them. Wandered the shops (after my lovely makeup so looked pretty) and bought some winter clothes and then to top it all off I bought a sewing machine. I was very spoilt. I sat and had a lovely "quiet " lunch. I still want dinner cooked for me sunday!! I have put in orders for a seafood chowder.

#46 ~Perplexity~

Posted 05 May 2010 - 07:48 PM

Karen, sounds like you did a wonderful job of spoiling yourself.

We are not doing much for mothers day.  I will be having tea at my mums house otherwise i think that will be it.  I got a handmade gift from both of my kids made a creche, E made me open them already as she was so excited, otherwise i think that is all i will get because my birthday is only 2 weeks after mothers day.

#47 Ducky*Fuzz

Posted 09 May 2010 - 12:15 AM

Happy Mothers Day! Hope everyone has a fabulous day.

#48 whydoibother

Posted 09 May 2010 - 09:45 AM

Happy Mother's Day xo

#49 If You Say So

Posted 12 May 2010 - 07:33 PM

Clothes - Priya sends me absolutely crazy with clothes. Usually she wants a dress on, but she wants to change her clohtes continually througout the day. About 10 times some days. IT makes for an awful lot of washing. I just want to be able to put a lock on her wardrobe and only leave her 2 outfits out, but maybe once we are in our new house I wil be able to do it.

#50 JoRiCo

Posted 24 May 2010 - 09:13 PM

ohmy.gif Quiet in here again!

Can you all believe how fast the kids birthday's have come around? I don't know where the last 4 years have gone sad.gif.

Riley is great but is very sensitive at the moment. He tells me he is sad when something upsets him sad.gif
He and Cohen are so funny to watch, one minute they are playing nicely then next Riley is yelling out "Cohen your naughty" and it's on  laughing2.gif .
Riley goes to preschool 1 day a week (wish I could afford to send him for 2) and he is learning so much, came home the other day and sang the whole alphabet to me and he can also count to 20.

Clothes- Yes Riley is another that is picky with clothes. I thought being a boy I wouldn't have this problem. We have many fights about what he is going to wear.

Take Care

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