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July 07 Parents # 172

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#26 *Dory*

Posted 23 May 2010 - 10:11 PM

4th June huh? at Sams house? hmmmm...will let you know original.gif

Anna  bbighug.gif thinking of you mate.

Yo! how's everyone going? Not a lot happening here.  Xman is busy being a typical 2.5 year old. He comes out with the funniest things, as I'm sure all the other juju's do too original.gif

Congrats Emma on the birth of your boy!!!

Umm...I think that's it.  Have a good week everyone biggrin.gif

#27 lilmurfs

Posted 24 May 2010 - 07:00 PM

Hey Jujus!!

Thanks for all the congrats!! biggrin.gif

Well as you all know Lincoln was born on the 11th of May - weight was 6pd15oz, height 47.5cms, head 35cms... CS went well, was alot happier with this one than Ellies - only thing I dont like is I now have 2 ugly scars instead of one, lol...

Hes going really well, sleeps a lot, poos a lot, and drinks a lot lol... He wakes up twice every night, has a feed and straight back to sleep until 8.30 original.gif B/F is also going really well, havnt really had any dramas there which is good...

Ellies loving him - I was expecting a very jealous little girl but shes well and truly shocked me, lol, shes great with him, really loving and gentle and hasnt gotten jealous at all, so yeah original.gif I just finished feeding Linc and she sat next to me and 'fed' her doll lol...

And yeah, we've had a very busy (almost) 2 weeks - Linc was born on the Tuesday, and on the Thursday DP's boss decided to be a cow and sack him because he had had 2 days off work (which she knew about, and had said was fine). So that was great sad.gif - and then to make it even better, because the house we live in is owned by his boss, she has kicked us out - she wanted us out last Monday (so she gave us 4 days notice), but obviously thats impossible, so we've told her 2 weeks is the best we can do, and luckily we've managed to find a new job for DP and a new house already original.gif We move on the weekend, and yeah - just got to look forward to packing now! Oh JOY!! lol, I hate packing...
We've also spoken to the work ombudsman (or whatever the hell its called, lol), and the cow is now in trouble for unfair dismissal, and owes DP a lot of money because apparently shes been paying him a fair bit under the award wage and nothing extra for overtime, plus about 10 other little things she shouldve been doing - all of which we never even thought about, so yeah original.gif Wasnt the best timing but its all worked out good, best part being the new house is 50times better than what we're in at the moment and its the same amount of rent lol...

Anyway, its taken me about an hour just to write that short post so better go and put my dinner on finally lol... Will pop back in soon, hope everyone is going alright original.gif

#28 ~raindrops~on~roses~

Posted 25 May 2010 - 11:01 AM

OMG Emma!! What a lot to go through when you've just had a baby and major surgery! You shouldn't even be packing hun oomg.gif Make sure you get others to do the work and you can just say what goes where and maybe label the boxes biggrin.gif Glad it's all working out though yyes.gif

Carol - I can't really think of anywhere for your afterparty that wouldn't have room hire... unless you just went to Macquarie Park across from the church, they have picnic shelters and BBQ's...

Kath - Be awesome if you came!!! ddance.gif


#29 Supermum3

Posted 28 May 2010 - 12:30 PM

Hey girls

quick pass by, sorry for the last sobbing mess i was. I'm better today and gettiung on with it all. He is going ok.

I can't beleive juju's 3rd birthday are coming around. I have got Maddie all organised and even finished her main presents for christmas. We are thinking of having a 4th of July celebration as she is born on that day and get our friends to send over from the us a heap of decorations...

Well better get back to work


#30 ~gemma~

Posted 29 May 2010 - 11:45 AM

Just popping in to say hi


Gota go do lunch now

#31 ~raindrops~on~roses~

Posted 31 May 2010 - 04:29 PM

Oh Carol - I just thought of another place or two... there's Hogs Breath at Clarendon (if that's your style) or the Tavern underneath is a good place for kids and cheaper food than Hogs Breath. If the cafe style is more your thing, Sasafras in Kurrajong village is nice but might be too far out of your way... Hope that helps original.gif

#32 YosemiteSam

Posted 31 May 2010 - 08:23 PM

OMG Gemma!!!! Congrats gorgeous!! Oh did I not know this! I am so jealous, and SO excited for you!!

Hi everyone!! xxxxx

#33 shezniy76

Posted 05 June 2010 - 04:17 PM

Hi everyone waves.gif

Wow another couple of babies. Congrats Gemma & Jen D. That's great news

Anna Really sorry to hear about your uncle  bbighug.gif

Emma I'd be guessing that your SIL has had her baby by now. Hope everything is going well for her.

EmmaM Congrats again on the birth of Lincoln

Ange, Carol, JenS, Katie, Beez, Sam & Kathi great to hear from you all.

Us: Where do I start? It's been quite hectic here. We had a friend here from NZ staying with us for 6 weeks and also quite a few changes taking place at work that were stressing me out. Work hasn't been going as well as I had expected it to so I've been searching around, looking at my options. At the moment it's creating a great deal of financial stress. DH and I are considering doing something completely different job wise and moving to far north QLD to get jobs in mining. At the moment we are researching the options and evaluating if it would be worth our while. I'm also looking at taking up part time study through distance education.

The boys are going well. Zachy is a real little chatterbox and makes us laugh with the little stories he comes out with. He is now in a single bed and loving it. If he does something he shouldn't do he comes and tells either me or DH " Zachy did ........"  laughing2.gif  At least he doesn't blame his brothers. I've had to make an appointment for Reuben to see a dentist, poor thing, he has a couple of issues with his teeth. Takes after DH, he had huge problems with his baby teeth. Gabie is going forward with school in leaps and bounds, which is a real relief, and he's really loving school now.

Speak soon

#34 ~raindrops~on~roses~

Posted 07 June 2010 - 01:32 PM

Wow Sherry! There's lots happening in your world! Hope Gabie's teeth are ok and aren't too painful for him sad.gif The move sounds exciting and scary all at once, hope you feel happy with the decision you make original.gif

Us: All going pretty well here. Bit of a sick household at the moment but I guess that's winter with two little ones! Both have colds with nasty coughs. Worst bit was last week Riley had a little bug which resulted in him throwing up about 8 times in just a few hours sad.gif After a nights sleep he was fine though yyes.gif So grateful there was no problems at the other end IYKWIM? Weather has been terrible here, so sick of the rain! We are finally on to our lovely 3rd day of sunshine now which was perfect timing as I had 40 people here for lunch yesterday following Lila's dedication service at church. Everything worked out beautifully but it was a little stressful getting ready, especially with the rain and DH working lots lately I did it all on my own sad.gif Actually, not true - my mum helped me heaps which was lovely biggrin.gif
Riley is a pretty good kid these days though a night with no wake ups is rare mad.gif During the day he's lovely with Lila (though sometimes too rough) and plays nicely with other kids too. He has a great imagination and does the role play type games on his own with toys, doing voices for everyone laughing2.gif He's a real talker!! He's 16.2kg... not sure on height, I should do that though. He's still having a day nap about 50% of the time. I put him down every day for one but he fights it some days... He's quite unpleasant by night time if he doesn't have one though so I'm stickign with trying to get him down each day for now.
Lila is growing so fast! She's crawling everywhere very quickly now and can pull herself to kneel up at things and has done the standing up at things a few times though she's not super efficient at that yet and can't figure out how to get down! She's a delight though, such a ray of sunshine. Always smiling and giggling. Loves Riley to bits! I'd say Riley and boob are her fav things laughing2.gif She also has two teeth now and I received my first nipple bite from her last night cry1.gif wasn't too bad but she better not make a habbit of it!

Oh and I've started playing netball on Monday mornings which is fun and also hilarious! I never was very good as a kid and suspect I'm worse now laughing2.gif I really need to get fitter which is why I'm doing it. It's fun and I've met some other lovely mums grin.gif

I think that's a pretty decent update from us.


Edited by ~raindrops~on~roses~, 07 June 2010 - 01:35 PM.

#35 Supermum3

Posted 09 June 2010 - 09:36 AM

Hi Girls

just a quick one for me (i'm on hold so thought I would pop in) We are all good.. We did a very quick trip up to Bris Vegas on Friday morning only found out Thursday Uncle Bill was having a operation on his heart so took Friday off and headed up north. But we did gt Maddie ears pieced she wanted them done so we finally gave in and got them done. We numbed her ears before and it worked she was fine. No crying got a fright from the noise but thats about it. She loves her new ears (what she tells people), so we spent most of the weekend at one hospital until Sunday morning all packed and ready to head home, I always go to the markets with my dad on a sunday morning and while t the markets I got a phone call from my mum who hadd my kids with her and Riley ran straight into a tree and broke his nose. He did a pretty good job at it too. His poor face his so swollen and bruise and his little nose is huge. But all is good, he hasn't complained and love telling his friends about it all so then Sunday was spent at Mater Childrens hospital as had to be set right then after that was the other hospital Uncle Bill is in.....So a quite weekend turned into a crazy one in 5 mins... But all is good I lefted bris Vegas at 4.30am on Monday drove home dropped the boys off at a friends house, Maddie went to daycare and well I went to work for the next 7.5hours to catch up and got home 9pm that night so still trying to catch up on sleep...

I all hope you are all good, i better keep going...\

#36 YosemiteSam

Posted 15 June 2010 - 10:13 AM

To our first born JuJu:

Happy Birthday Loralai!!

#37 YosemiteSam

Posted 15 June 2010 - 10:16 AM

Thought I would post this in here too:


15th June

Loralai Kristiana Stonne - 3385g
3littlemonkeys (Chris) – QLD - Harrison (04), Sebastyan (05)

22nd June

Madison Alana Rose - 7lb 12oz
~G-K-T-J-M~ (Gemma) – NSW – Tahlia (04), Jordan (06)

23rd June

Joseph Harry - 2920g
Elizabeth Malain - 3410g
Kellie (Kellie) – Qld – Grace (03), Eva (05)

Ryan Cameron - 7.12lbs
~Peahen~ (Karina) - Anna

26th June

Ashton - 8lb2oz
YosemiteSam (Sam) - NSW

28th June

Maddison Erica
Me-and_Maddi (Ali) – SA

Michael Lachlan – 2870g
mikeysmum (Kim) – SA

29th June

Elliott Thomas - 3765g
insanemumof5boyz (Kelly)

Jackson Heath James - 8lb9oz
KHJaT (Kim) – Vic – Thomas (05)

30th June

Claire Ellen - 7lb 10.5oz
Frankie79 (Frances) – NSW - Hannah (03), Erin (04)

1st July

Ashton John - 8lb13oz
Saskia3BeautifulBoys (Saskia) – Liam (01), Hayden (04)

2nd July

Chelsea Grace - 9lb
elle76 (Elle)

4th July

Elise Edna - 3400g
lilmurfs69 (Emma) - Vic

Zachary Tyler - 3920g
anthea8102 (Anthea)

Madeline - 3205g
countrymum3 (Anna) – NSW – Bailey (00), Riley (03)

6th July

Chelsea Anne - 7lb 1oz
Rugbratzmum (Kylie) – NSW
Tanayah(89), Kyralee(92), Amber(96), Mitchell(99), Joshua(04)

8th July

Madison – 3045g
Jennydd (Jenny) - NSW

Eleanor Margaret - 3490g
emma louise (Emma) – SA – James (05)

10th July

Rowan - 4050g
justjujus (Michelle) – SA - Krystian (01), Ethan (04)

11th July

Blake Thomas - 8lb 3oz
skeb (Katie) – Vic – Elli (02)

Imogen Victoria – 9lb 4oz
beez82 (Belinda) – Vic - Cooper (05)

14th July

Emily Rebecca - 7lb 9oz
Juls72 (Julie) – NSW – Ryan (04)

16th July

Samuel Andrew - 8lb 12oz
CazgeM (Soph) - Qld - Megan (99), Zach (01), Ethan (04)

20th July

Miranda - 3860g
flowertot (Tanya)

21st July

shezniy76 (Sherry) – Vic – Gabriel (03), Reuben (05)

23rd July

Luke – 8lb 1oz
scrindee (Lynda)

26th July

Riley James – 3635g
~raindrops~on~roses~ (Jenny) - NSW

27th July

Toby Nathan – 3290g
NAHK (Amber) – Henry (05)

Eva Ruby – 4410g
kellymum2cnee (Kelly) – Vic - Caleb(98) Noah(01) and Ethan (05)

31st July

*Dory* (Kathi) – ACT – Izabella, Matthew

Matilda Lillian – 8lb 15.8oz
batnbub (Jodi)

2nd August

Jessica Joan – 3670g
rd01 (Ardie) - NT

3rd August

looselipslou (Cindy) – NT – Keyarna (96), Ronan (04)

#38 ~gemma~

Posted 15 June 2010 - 01:51 PM

Happy 3rd birthday to all the juju's

My baby girl is up next, 3, going on 13, such a bossy boots, seems so grown up the little miss!!

Thanx for posting the list Sam

Anna ~How is Riley's nose? And your uncle, how is he doing now? And how about you??

Sherry ~ We may possibly be moving to QLD too, but not that far out, probably around Toowoomba, Kevins mate has a couple of houses and we may end up renting one through him. K is over working with his boss and needs a change!

Jen ~ Madi got the spews on the Thurs night before the meet too, and then again the other day...

AFM ~ All going ok, as i just said to Sherry, we may be moving, either QLD or Tasmania(Tassie wouldnt be for a few more years though). Kevins mate has a few houses around Toowoomba so we may consider it if any of them come up for rent in the near future. I think a move would be good for us biggrin.gif

Im 12 weeks tomorrow and am yet to tell anyone but my niece and bestie, K has come around to the idea slowly.

#39 KHJaT

Posted 15 June 2010 - 05:50 PM

Happy 3rd Birthday Loralai!

#40 Supermum3

Posted 16 June 2010 - 01:07 PM

HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY LORALIA for yesterday.. WOW 3 allready

will be back later

#41 shezniy76

Posted 16 June 2010 - 09:36 PM

Happy 3rd Birthday Loralai

I can't believe our babies are turning 3 already.

Edited by shezniy76, 16 June 2010 - 09:38 PM.

#42 Supermum3

Posted 17 June 2010 - 10:26 AM

Gemma- Parcel is in the mail, you should see it either tomorrow or Monday. I have slipped a small present in their for Madi and put as many things that could fit in the bag as possible. So you can keep some and past what you like on...

Oh toowoomba...oh thats only 3 1/2 hours fom here and one of our closet shopping places.... if you move there........SHOPPING DAY! I'll come up and visit you, i usally go up about twice a year for a shopping day.

Thanks for asking about our crazy family. Rileys nose is healing quite fast he looks alot better now and looks out for tree's when running. Uncle Bill has had a pace maker put in (sorry can't remember if I told you all) and is now back home for 2 weeks R & R and then back up to the big smoke for a open heart surgry in 3 weeks time. OUr last chance of him getting some life back. Me- Well I feel like I am getting back to normal, I have accepted our life is going tjhis way and enjoy as much time I have with him. So besides those little things life has been great..

To everyone else.. HI! hope everyone is well


#43 insanemumofboyzx6

Posted 24 June 2010 - 11:37 PM

waves.gif hi everyone long time no see!!

All is well hope you are all doing well too.


I have returned to full time work now, definantly no more babies here as i have had something 'done' seeing as he was too 'scared' you could say to have it done so now its time for me to go back to work. =(

Love my job though so that makes it a little easier

take care and im sure ill see you around its been ages since i popped my head in but im on facebook too every now and then when i get a chance.

#44 helenn82

Posted 01 July 2010 - 08:40 PM

Happy 3rd Birthday to all the beautiful 3 year olds!  Hope all the kiddies had/have a great birthday!!

We are doing well.  Micah is getting very excited about his birthday coming up in a week.  I still can't believe it's 3 years!!!  Time has flown.  He is a real character.  He is the comedian of the family and really enjoys doing things and saying things to make you laugh.  


Hope all the mummies are well original.gif

#45 ~raindrops~on~roses~

Posted 16 July 2010 - 02:19 PM

Happy birthday Juju's!!

I've been trying to get a nice pic of my two together but they just won't co-operate! I'll post a pic soon though...

Helen - I couldn't see your pic sad.gif But your sig is cute!! How old is your baby girl now? Mine is 10 months already! I really need a new sig!

Kelly - Bit cheeky DH couldn't get the snip! Like you haven't been through enough invasion having had 6 babies!! But I guess that's why you weren't scared  rolleyes.gif My DH knows he's getting the snip in a few years. We're pretty sure we don't want any more kids but doubt he'd get the referral at just 27 years old...

Gem - Moving to QLD sounds fun, do you know many people up there?

Nice to see a few of you in here waves.gif Glad everyone is doing ok!

AFM - We're doing well too. Lila is 10 months, crawling and cruising the furniture like crazy and she's just mastered the walker that you stand and push along (not one you sit in). She's a delight almost all the time. Not 100% sleeping through but we manage... Riley is hilarious and I think past the worst of the terrible two's... just as well coz he's nearly 3!!! Still not TT'd... just won't do it so I hope it's not too long til he decides it would be a good idea! Love listening to his 'role play' type games though. He's really funny with what he says and even argues with himself and snatches toys from himself! laughing2.gif


#46 Supermum3

Posted 23 July 2010 - 10:22 PM

Hey girls

How is everyone going?

Jen - OMG !!!!! 10 months old. It only feels like yesterday when you and gemma had your babies....

I'm good, family good we are off to Bris Vegas for 9 days R&R, not really but a break is really needed.Maddie is having her big hip appiontment and we should find out in 10 days if her hips are fine or will need futher medical treatment and well I am freaking out. If she needs any treatment it ill destroy her, she is just so happy ALL the time. So well I am drinking tonight so I might get a good night sleeps tonight.... and also casuing trouble of Eb I think I am the worst parent on EB, really I think I am with everyhting I do... But I thought this night might be quite........

So I really feel like I am hering a echo.... So  better go

So I would love for everyone to pop n and let us know how everyone is... I miss our talks...

Love ya Anna

#47 Supermum3

Posted 24 July 2010 - 09:23 AM

sorry girls, wil get dh to ban me from computers when i have one too many drinks..... I even got a thread i started closed....opps

#48 Lady Door

Posted 29 July 2010 - 07:41 PM

Hi girls, sorry I rarely check in here any more cos I feel like I see you all on FB! Will be back for a proper catch up soon. Just heading out for a kinder meeting right now. But just wanted to say Anna, good luck with Maddie's appointment, I've got everything crossed that it's all good news. And you are certainly NOT a bad parent!!

#49 Supermum3

Posted 30 July 2010 - 12:56 PM

beez82- Thanks, I do think I am a good parent. Also thanks for the fingers cross. I'm more postive as I check her x-rays allreay and compared to last year... Thinking it looks better...

Also girls i hope Chris doesn't mind me telling. Chris and I are catching up on Monday so Maddie & Loriala are having a play date.. Or destroing chris's house...lol I'm very excited to finally meet a juju...


#50 3littlemonkeys

Posted 07 September 2010 - 05:04 PM

Hello All, finally managed to get my login to work. I can't believe all our babies are 3 and starting Kindy next year  ohmy.gif

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